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*Intro partially stolen from the BozoCat and DarkTan

Megatokyo, The Clans

Megatokyo, the Clans is what happens when you take the city portrayed in the MegaTokyo comic, make all the main characters gods, and give control of the city to their worshippers. Of course, you also have to add in a certain smattering of evil corporations battling for world domination, alien conspiracies, zombie rampages, holy and unholy interventions, and general popular culture and anime influenced zaniness.

There are two important resources for getting oriented to the world of Megatokyo, the Clans.

1. Megatokyo Clans Wiki. This is a world-editable archive of as many characters, groups, plots, places, items, and more. In short, it aims to be a complete reference to the game. How complete it is depends on how much stuff the players add. Go players! Add stuff! The New Player Page should feature a relatively up-to-date summary of what the world is like.

2. The Megatokyo Clans IRC channel. This is the best way to get yourself up-to-speed in an active, real-time manner where you can communicate with players in real time. irc.irchighway.net is the server, and the channel is rpgclans. Don't be frightened by the outlandish and sometimes frightening topics that sometimes are posted there. We're all nice people. Mostly nice people. People who aren't nice to new players will be hit in the head with a bright green duck.


This new setting will not rely on the comic as much as previous plotlines have. It will not be as grandiose as previous stories.

Shortly after the Megatokyo Demon Invasion, Megatokyo passed a law banning certain types of anime and manga. At its core, the law was targeted at the more violent hentai productions; however, some government-employed legal hack saw the potential it had, and worded it vaguely enough that any "violent" or "adult themed" material could be targeted. A large otaku demonstration protesting the new law was met with riot gear, tear gas, and rubber bullets. Things quickly went downhill from there as more and more "violent" and "suggestive" manga and anime were pulled from the shelves, until the final blow was struck with Megatokyo's signing of the "Wasteful Materials Prohibition Act," effectively banning all anime, manga, and video games. The Big Three relocated within the six months before the law went into effect, as well as the larger of the anime production companies; those who could not afford to relocate closed their doors. Many of them, however, went underground and continued to produce.

Though the local law enforcement did not consider the factionists an active threat, the city's large population of super powered individuals gave the police enough of a pause that it kept them from really enforcing the law. Thus, the task fell to the Tokyo Police: Cataclysm Division. Research began in earnest to find ways to neutralize the perceived threat. This effort lead to the invention of the Anime Nullification Field Generator, or ANFG. Preliminary testing showed great success, and they began to research the possibilities of mass producing the devices. An overzealous Inspector Sonoda seized this moment to finally rid his city of the factionists who had plagued them with meaningless skirmishes, fractures in reality, demon invasions, and hellish mutations of culinary madness.

Although not completely successful in removing them, Sonoda was able to keep the factions under control. There were, however, three major thorns in his side:

1. Erika Multinational, the largest corporation the city had ever seen, and owner of the patents for the ANFGs. They are, by and large, uninvolved in the situation, so Sonada gives them their space.

2. Followers of Great Teacher Largo (FGTL), the one faction that is almost 100% weapons based and has enough fire power to take on the whole country, or so the reports led one to believe.

3. The last and strangest of all was one man: DarkTan Canto. He had become an international icon by way of a tentacle monster on the "Oprah" show. Sonoda didn't dare overtly move against him, for fear of a massive public and international outcry.

Currently, anime and manga are still being moved underground. The two largest movers of anime and manga are the FGTL and the Order of the Rent-a-Zilla (ORAZ).

The TPCD is lead by Inspector Sonoda. However, as of late he has taken a turn to the darker side. He does this to protect his city, of course. In his mind, the factions have caused no end of trouble for his city. He has particular animosity towards those who follow Largo and Piro, those two being the source of his problems.

Anime Nullification Field Generators:
These devices were created to reverse or block the effects of the Laws of Anime, and Magic. There are three different versions of the generators.

First Generation: The first generation ANFGs were large devices that required a building to house them and a tower to project the field. They are not unlike radio towers in appearance or operation. They are heavily guarded with Patlabors, ground troops, and anti-aircraft gun emplacements. These are the most common generators in the city, and they are used to cover the more "high class" areas.

Second Generation: The second generation ANFGs were smaller in size, and use a parabolic antenna. This allows for great range, but only in a straight line. These are used to cordon off certain areas (the Hollows and areas around ORAZ's properties, for example). They can also be used to target a single individual up to 5000m away. Rumor has it that they are mounted on the peak of Tokyo Tower

Third Generation: These are the smallest of the three; small enough that a mech can carry one with little difficulty. They also have the same range as the tower-based First Gens. These are deployed to combat situations and areas that the Towers do not cover. There are no less than four stationed outside Tokyo Tower and the Cataclysm Division at all times.

There is ongoing research into smaller, highly portable devices that would operate similar to tasers. Such work has just begun field testing, but the devices are fragile, have limited charge, and varied effects. They also have varied designs.

Modified Rules:
One of the most important things to remember is that you are fighting the LAW. Killing cops or government officials will bring that LAW down on your head. Escalate it, and the military will become involved. Nothing you have can stand up against the weight of the CD, Japanese Defense Force, and the United States Armed Forces. Period.

There is a delicate balance of power between the remaining factions and the police, much like real world organized crime. Upset the balance and expect to face the wrath of both sides.

The TPCD, TPD, JDF, and US Forces are NOT NPC cannon fodder. These are soldiers who outnumber you and frequently outgun you.


1. Be civil to other authors!

2. Characters (and to a lesser extent factions, locations, and gear) belong to their authors. Please be courteous with your use of other people's characters, and remember that sometimes people have abilities and effects on their character that you don't know about. UNDER NO CIRCUMSTANCES CAN YOU KILL ANOTHER PERSON'S CHARACTER WITHOUT THEIR EXPRESS PERMISSION.

3. NO GODMODDING. You cannot write for someone else's character without their express permission.

4. Have good spelling and grammar. You should ALWAYS read over a post before submitting it.

5. Keep it tasteful. Unnecessary and excessive swearing should be avoided (this doesn't mean your character cannot swear, but every other word coming out of their mouth shouldn't be a curse either), and while mature subject matter is not forbidden, let's keep it under an NC-17 rating. If you really need to write some smut, you can use an external link. If there is some mature subject matter in your post, please include the appropriate warnings at the beginning.

6. No double-posting. Let someone else have a turn!


Please read the Style Guide posted under Rules and Regulations!

New Players

I highly recommend the new player page of the wiki, linked above. Also, please check out the threads under Rules and Regulations before joining the game.

In general, I try to keep myself available for new players at all times. Other senior authors are also good resources, as well as faction leaders.

Many posts are written in realtime on AIM or in IRC.

This Thread

Time: Roughly five years and six months after the Demon Invasion, during the Soft-Canon thread (Insert Clever Title Here). Definitely July.

HARD-CANON: This happens, and it happens pretty much in order, and has a definite point in the timeline.
Skorpion [FGTL]
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Re: The SHIELD Raid

The SHIELD Raid.
Timestamp: Wednesday.
Location: Various.
Characters: Skorpion, Nick Fury, Lucius, Katrina, DarkTan, Lola, Devin, Arella, Alexis, Johathan, Tiffaney.
Authors: Skorpy, Oblivion, Elle, DT.

A SHIELD Helicarrier, somewhere over the Pacific.

"So." Nick Fury looked to the ship's captain seated across from him. "A terrorist attack on US soil, supposedly by these Islamic terrorists, but now found to be covering the extraction of a scientist, her research, and her research subjects. And her subsequent flight to Japan. Japan, where some... Some maniac in black leather and a horse mask calling himself The Stallion attacked and partially destroyed a US airbase while taking a tour group hostage. And where it is now snowing. In July."

Captain Inglesias nodded warily; unsure of the point his commander was making.

Nick Fury continued, standing up and leaning over the desk. "Someone is FUCKING with us! It probably has something to do with the rogue state of Sealand, which, while no Latveria, is making some serious waves in the UN, demanding to be taken seriously as a nuclear power. And need I point out that it is SNOWING. In JULY. From a rogue weather system that just magically brewed up over the Pacific!" He stepped back from the desk, waving an arm out the window at the baby-blue sky outside. "It does not normally snow in July, even in Tokyo."

"N-no sir... Why are you telling me all this?" Captain Inglesias raised an eyebrow in confusion.

"Because!" Nick Fury turned to glare at the captain, fixing his eye on the man. "Because this shit needs to be INVESTIGATED. Because that's what your job is. Because I am sending you, and your helicarrier, out to the Sea of Japan to investigate this shit. Look me in the eye and tell me that shit doesn't bear investigation."

"Y-yes sir..."



"It worked! It WORKED!" Skorpion leaned back in his chair, laughing. "It actually worked! They're coming! I..." He sighed softly, logic returning to him. "I need to assemble my team. Make some phone calls. See some people." He grinned widely, getting up and kicking the chair back against the wall. "And I'm going to need guns. Lots of guns."


Lucius' Apartment.

Lucius looked up from his dinner to the phone now ringing itself towards the edge of the table, and growled. He reached out to rescue it as it dropped off the edge, jabbing and swiping at the screen a few times before setting it down. A few seconds later, it rang again, and he picked it up again. More jabbing and swiping, and he raised the phone his face, tilting a kitty ear down towards the speaker. 'Aye? Ken what? Ken it wait until after dinner? Wait, SHIELD? Ye were SERIOUS about tha'? Dang. Tomorrow? Aye, after school I ken make it... Nae, ye cannae borrow my students tae use as shock troops, damn ye!' Lucius sighed and jabbed at the phone a few times, eventually hanging up before returning to his dinner. 'Aye, it's on nae. I'll have that scunner's eyepatch fer screwin' me o'er.'

"Hmmmm?" Katrina rolled over on the couch and looked over, "Taking on some pirates?"

Lucius shook his head, swallowing a mouthful of chips before replying. 'Nae, lass. Skorp's finally lured SHIELD this way, an' he's offered me a chance fer revenge on 'em.' He grinned, ogling her (lack of) attire for videogaming. 'Ye want in? I'm sure there'll be plenty o' shootin' an' property damage.'

Katrina jumped up, the action causing two reactions that probably gave Luc a third reaction, "Heall yeah! When do we leave?"

Lucius chuckled, purring as his grin widened. 'Briefing's tomorrow morning, he'll tell us then.' He looked down at his plate, then up at Katrina again, grin widening further.

"Hungry?~" Katrina giggled, wiggled, then took off with a teasing look over her shoulder.

Lucius chuckled, turning back to his plate and starting to catboy it down. 'Aye, I could do wi' dessert...'



"Moshi-moshi, Usagi desu. Hai? <Wait, what?> You can't be... What, really? You're deranged. Sure, I'll put you through to him." Lola rolled her eyes, before rolling back over to poke DarkTan in the ribs. "Hey. There's a maniac on the phone for you. Says he's got a terrible idea you'd be perfect for." She held out the phone to him, grinning impishly.

DarkTan quirked an eyebrow and took the phone, "j0."

"Good evening, mister Canto. I have a proposal for you. I have lured a SHIELD Helicarrier towards Tokyo, and I want you to help me raid it." Skorpion chuckled softly. "Weapons and ammunition will be supplied, as will transportation. And you'll get a cut of the loot as well."

The sound of a cannon firing distracted DarkTan from the last two sentences, he grabbed the remote and turned down the TV, "Sorry Skorp, what was that last half again? Movie was too loud."

Skorpion sighed. "I'll provide the weapons and ammo, and you'll get a cut of the loot. In return, you're going to draw their fire away from my aircraft, and break things."

"Sounds like fun," DarkTan grinned, "I have one request-"

"Excuse me! Which way to Berlin?" the TV demanded.

"Head Northeast, and turn left over Moscow if the air defenses don't get you first. And no, I'm not letting you drive one of my tanks out of an aeroplane. Despite what the movies tell you, they don't fall like that, and they're too heavy to take along anyway."

"What if I brought the tank with me?" DarkTan asked, still hopeful.

Skorpion sighed again, rolling his eyes. Larg... ORAZians. "Only if it's a light tank. There's limited space if I don't want to bring a sitting duck of an airlifter."

"Right," DarkTan said then turned to Lola, "Call up Mary and order a light tank," then back to the phone, "So, when are we doing this?"

Lola rolled her eyes and nodded, before slipping out of bed to make the call, smacking DT on the backside as she slipped away.

"I'm running a briefing tomorrow morning." Skorpion responded. "I'll tell everyone then. Meet me at FGTL HQ. No bugs."

DarkTan "meeped" a bit before responding to Skorp, "Right, and seriously, am I the sort of person to have a bug?"

"You're the kind of person they'd bug. Sweep yourself before you get here." Skorpion hung up with a faint click.

DarkTan looked at the phone with one eyebrow raised, "Ominous much?"

Lola poked her head around the doorframe, phone in one hand, the other bending an ear down to hear it properly. "Totally. Isn't that what he does, though?"


Miho Manor

"Devin. I have work for you. Important work."

"What's the payout?" Devin asked as he continued to work on his project with his phone pressed between his chin and shoulder.

"SHIELD tech. Untested, unproven, super-powered." Skorpion replied swiftly. "In exchange for a cut of that, I need you to disrupt their systems, maybe do a little wet work on redirecting a helicarrier."

"Hm." Devin pondered for a moment. "Deal. Let me know where you want them and when you want them to go blind." He said as he put the phone on speaker to leave it on a nearby table.

"Everything's going down in a few days. I'll send you data as soon as I have it; I only acquired them in the last few hours. Be aware that I may call you for an urgent response should things go south." Skorpion responded, running down a checklist in his head. "Also, I'll need you breaking encryption on data we pull off their systems."

"Mhm, mhm." Devin said with the sound of tinkering in the background. "Sounds simple enough, SHIELD was never good with encryption.. Do you want me to send a MAC?"

"No, I'd rather you use a real..." Skorpion paused, switches flipping in his head. "Wait, that's one of your robot dogs, isn't it? Sure. Should give you something to bridge into their networks from, save me trying to overload their firewall while shooting people."

"Don't worry about that. If you let him, he'll patch himself in.. But I think I should rename them... Avoid trouble with Apple... CAD. That will do better." Devin said, getting sidetracked by potential lawsuits.

"CAD... Completely Automated Dogs?" Skorpion remarked. "Computer Assistance Droids?"

"Canine assault droids will do." Devin said plainly as he finished constructing the final hydraulic system on his project.

"Alright. Send your Computer Assault Dog over for the briefing tomorrow morning. I'll keep you informed when my intel updates, probably through the robo-mutt." With that, Skorpion hung up.

"Perhaps next time he'll offer a challenge." Devin said with a shrug before he picked up the phone and called Whisp. "Want to watch a movie?"

"I am not a 'robo-mutt'." Said Lockdown who had been sitting nearby.

"Yep. I know." Responded Devin.


Arella's Apartment

"Arella! How are you doing? Are you busy?" Skorpion asked as she picked up, continuing on without pausing for an answer. "We're raiding SHIELD. Briefing tomorrow at HQ. You in?"

"Wait, what?" the ex-magical girl asked rather loudly, before adding (even more loudly, but at least this time it wasn't quite directed into the mouthpiece of her phone), "Ash, get out of there, that's gonna be my dinner!" A sound of frustration escaped the girl, before she requested, "Hang on a sec." This was then followed by the sound of something (not the phone) being set down, a cat being chased out of the kitchen, and the faint sound of something on the television in the next room, further followed by a decidedly distracted Arella objecting to whatever she'd just caught on the screen. ("Oh my god, Robin, if you seriously fall for that woman dressed up as little bo peep asking you to help her find her sheep, you deserve to be kidnapped for sheer stupidity!") Finally, her attention returned to the phone. "Sorry Skorp, what were you saying?"

Skorpion sighed softly. Cat people. "We're raiding SHIELD. Lured them here with weather controls and the antics of The Stallion. The briefing is tomorrow morning at HQ. Do you want in, or not?"

A sound of excitement escaped the girl. "Will the Avengers be there? Ohmigod, d'you think I could get Black Widow's autograph?!"

Skorpion rolled his eyes. Fangirls. "I'm kind of hoping NOT, but I'm sure she'll take time out of trying to kill us to sign an autograph for you. Maybe even find time for a selfie as well." He paused, repressing a shudder. "Although if she IS there, Lucius isn't allowed near her."

Arella may or may not have been bouncing in place a bit now, out of excitement. "What about Iron Man? Oooooh, and Thor! D'you think they might be there, too?"

"If they are, we'll need to find a way to deal with them. Sure, maybe you can meet them, too." Skorpion mused, an idea dawning on him. "Still, this is all going to be in the briefing tomorrow morning. That's what briefings are for, not insecure phone lines."

"Yes, right. That makes sense," Arella admitted, sounding a little sheepish. "What time-- ASH! Get away from that food! Sorry, what time should I be there?"

"About eightish. Briefing starts at nine, but you know how the troops get when you're around. They'll probably need an hour to get all the questions and hugs out the way." Skorpion rolled his eyes again, noting that magical girls were TERRIBLE distractions.

"Okay!" the (totally) ex-magical girl, really, I promise, agreed happily. "I'll see you tomorrow, then!"

"See you tomorrow, Arella." Skorpion cut the connection, shaking his head a little. "She better be more focused for the raid. Damn fangirls..."


FGTL Canteen

"Alexis!" Skorpion waved as he approached the wolfgirl in the canteen, noting the stacks of plates around her. "I have a special assignment for you, and this time it doesn't involve a dress and high heels. Unless you want it to, of course, but I don't see why you would... Anyway!" He grinned, settling down at the bench opposite her. "Time for you to earn those stripes."

"How so?" Alexis asked after swallowing a mouthful of turkey leg, placing the rest of it next to the skeleton of what used to be a cooked turkey.

"We're raiding SHIELD. The official briefing is tomorrow, but yours needs more detail." Skorpion grinned, reaching for the leg of a second turkey sat nearby.

Alexis' ears perked. "SHEILD? Like Hulk pummel you into oblivion after Thor strikes you with lightning, and Captain America spouts patriotic gibberish while Stark sneers at everything SHIELD?"

Skorpion nodded, grinning. "The very same."

"Oh, goodie. I'm looking forward to that like a kid looks forward to the chicken pox..." Alexis commented with a sigh.

"Ah, but think of the loot!" Skorpion's grin widened. "Stark tech. SHIELD tech, even though they're much the same. I could upgrade our carrier to fly, if that french piece of shit will hold together outside of water. We could get you a jetpack, or a plasma rifle." He paused, his grin fading slightly in it's manic intensity. "Anyway. You'll be heading up the fire support team, with your squad. Orbiting the helicarrier at a distance, shooting anything hostile on the deck, harassing fire at the control decks, and so forth."

"Okay, but on two conditions. One: You gotta promise me Hulk ain't gonna be there, because that 'roided out no-so-jolly green giant litterally snapped Wolverine in half... And two: I want an Iron Man suit." Alexis said, looking completely serious, no way was she gonna fight a Hulk.

Skorpion nodded. "Firstly, if Banner's there, he's going over the side as soon as we find him. Secondly, I'm bringing Arella along in case he IS there. If anyone can make him calm down, it'll be her. Thirdly..." He waggled his eyebrows conspiratorially. "I'll put you down for one right after I get my own, because I want jet boots, and I spent a week in a wheelchair with my leg held on by duct tape last time I tried to make my own."

"But, da-ahem." Alexis began but covered with a cough. "Skooorp! I want repulsor gauntlets 'n stuff, and Dev's to stingy to make em fer me!" The wolfgirl complained with a bit of a pout.

Skorpion chuckled. "I'll make you one after I've got my own down. Your mother would kill me if I gave you untested technology, and I heal WAY faster than you do." He reached out and patted her on the head with his free hand, the other engaged in eating the turkey leg. "And Lucius refuses to test things for me after the coffee machine incident, so I have to do it myself."

"Fine.... Wait... Coffee machine incident?" Alexis asked as Skorpion patted her head. "What happened?"

Skorpion grinned. "I asked him to test the rebuilt nuclear coffee machine, but spiked his drink with something else I was working on. And let's just say he wasn't always a catboy..."

"That would explain why he slams his tail in doors..." Alexis pondered for a moment before an idea struck her. "You should do that to mom! She'd love it!"

Skorpion chuckled. "She's got more than enough magic potions to do that for herself, and I ran out of Neko Yuri grenades long ago."

"So what? Make more! It'd be cool!" Alexis protested with a sparkle in her eyes. "Come on! You can't say you don't think she'd look good in cat ears!"

Skorpion rolled his eyes. "I didn't make them. If I find more, I'm not going to change people without their consent. I almost lost a trusted friend over that, and he still doesn't trust my motives."

"Awwww." Alexis said, folding her ears back in dissapointment. "Okay..."

"I'll see if I can talk her into going catgirl more often, though." Skorpion winked. "She's practically halfway there already."

Alexis' ears perked again when she heard Skorpion's plan. "I know, right!" She said enthusiastially with her fists clenched in front of her with excitement.

Skorpion chuckled, tweaking one of her ears affectionately before standing up. "Anyway, I have more people to see. See you at the briefing tomorrow morning."

Alexis giggled as Skorpion lightly pulled on her ear. "Okay! See ya tomorrow!" She said with a cheerful wave.

Skorpion waved, before vanishing into the crowds of Largoist troops, finishing off the turkey leg.


Somewhere Else In FGTL HQ.

"Alexis! Seen your... Oh, it IS you. Damn, I was right the first time. Anyway. We're raiding SHIELD."

"SHIELD? I'm not gonna fight Hulk, I'm loyal, but not suicidal." Johnathan said plainly as he held a suitcase out towards Skorpion. "Here's the suitcase you wanted me to pick up."

Skorpion took the case, cracking it open and peering inside. "Don't worry, if Banner's there, he's going over the side as soon as possible. And we're bringing Arella to defuse a hulk situation if needs be; girl can wibble a dirty bomb into switching off, cleaning up, and rethinking it's career choices... Dang that's a lot of red mercury."

"It is what you requested, is it not?" Johnathan asked, feeling relieved that he wouldn't have to deal with a Hulk. He'd been forced into simulations and not one had ended prettily.

Skorpion nodded. "Indeed it was. You killed all the Libyan bastards who had it, right?"

"As Lucius would say 'I killed them all over the walls'..." Johnathan said in an attempt at comedy. "And the floors... And ceiling... And a bit on the furniture too... And a lamp, well... With a lamp."

Skorpion grinned. "Good good. Now, there's a bunch of North Koreans due to buy the stuff off the Libyans next week. I want you to kill them, too, steal the money they were going to trade for it, and wear a turban while you're doing it. Let a couple survive, tell them something about unholy revolution or something like that." He shut the case again, setting it on the floor and shoving it off towards a doorway, trundling and tottering on it's wheels. "Briefing for the SHIELD raid is tomorrow morning. You're on the assault force, though. First in, hit them hard and fast. Alexis is providing sniper support. You okay with parachutes?"

"How big is the drop?" Johnathan asked, debating wether or not he'd need one at all. "I can drop five stories and hit the ground running."

"The insertion involves a good deal of horizontal movement as well, and the exfil is more about the drop itself rather than actually hitting anything. LAPES, only without the ground involved." Skorpion grinned, tapping his head. "Got it all planned out."

"I have no qualms with parachutes." Johnathan informed. "Though you might want to check with Alexis if she's going to be in heavy combat. The other one may take over for a bit. It's not a bad thing, she'll just be a bit harder to control."

"The... Other one?" Skorpion canted his head slightly. "I wasn't informed of any other personalities... She's not a magical girl, is she?"

"No, she's not, but she's in Alexis file." Johnathan said plainly. "You didn't think this one would be fit for real combat did you? I'm surprised the other one didn't take over during the riot, or the convoy."

"She'll be providing remote fire support for the most part, only moving in for mop-up operations later if needed. And she's been trained in extraction techniques; I made sure of that." Skorpion frowned slightly. "A little late to alter my plans on this, sadly. I'll just have to trust her to maintain control, and talk to your mother about her. Good work with the mercury, by the way. And with the joke; you're improving. Hanging around those magical girls is good for you, it seems."

"I wouldn't say that. They are rather clingly and keep adding me as a contact. There are over three hundred names on my phone now." Johnathan said with a sigh. "You'd think with magical powers they wouldn't need me quite so much... Regardless. I wouldn't worry about Alexis, if anything the other one will be more efficient then the one that's eating right now."

Skorpion nodded. "Efficiency isn't a worry, so much as loyalty. Medevac, toys, and regular feeding are enough to keep regular-Lexi on side, but I can't account for someone I haven't met."

"Enough fire, bullets, and things to shoot will keep her entertained." Johnathan said with a lack of concern.

"Oh, just like a regular Largoist, then."Skorpion grinned.

"I would suppose, maybe a bit more sadistic, but for the most part I would say so."

Skorpion nodded. "Noted. Now, I have people to talk to. See you at the briefing tomorrow, 0900. 0800 if you want to talk to Arella beforehand." He grinned, before turning and walking away.


The Labs, FGTL HQ.

Skorpion ducked under the door into the labs, pausing after entering to hit the blast door heavily with his fist. "Unjam, damn you. I'm sick of ducking already." He sighed, continuing on to a certain lab, pausing nearby to check around the corner on the security cameras.

After a brief pause, he continued onwards, stepping over a series of tripwires and infra-red laser beams to disarm the confetti-and-glitter mine tucked into a nearby air vent and roll it into the nearest open door. After the screaming died down, he knocked on Tiffaney's door, taking a neat step back and away from direct line of fire from the inside. "Tiffaney?"

One the other side of the door a small poof could be heard, moments later Tiffaney ran out of the room, caughing and waving a green smoke from her face as Sparky chased after her new cat tail. "Yes-" She said before coughing again. "Yes dear?"

Skorpion chuckled, reaching out to scritch said ears gently. "Just a heads-up that I'm raiding SHIELD. The official briefing is tomorrow, but I figured you'd appreciate a personal visit. Seeing as it's your kids that will be involved, and all."

Tiffaney's new kitty ears perked before she leaned into his hand, purring loudly. "I was gonna be there anyway."

Skorpion smiled, his free hand reaching out to wrap around Tiffaney's waist, tugging her closer. "Yeah, but this is more a heads-up about the tech we'll be hauling back. My plan is to take anything not nailed down, and either haul it back here or drop it on my aircraft carrier for analysis, depending on how dangerous it is. I want you to take care of the science stuff."

"Oh?" Tiffaney said with a smile as she rested her hands on his chest. "Now, my kids won't be fighting professor Banner will they? I've seen the simulations and won't allow it."

Skorpion shook his head. "Plan A is to throw him over the side straight off the bat if he's present, even if I have to knock a chunk through the Helicarrier to do it. Plan B is to have Arella wibble at him, because nobody can resist that."

Tiffaney giggled. "Okay, but I'm still worried." She said. Worrying was part of her nature and her kids being even potentially near the Hulk didn't settle well with her.

"I don't blame you. I'd be worried in your place as well. Hell, I'm worried about Arella, even though she can handle herself. Using her against the Hulk feels a little dishonest and risky, but there's no other way to do it." Skorpion sighed, stroking Tiffaney's ears thoughtfully. "Not to mention risking so much manpower and resources assaulting SHIELD in the first place, but I DID promise Arella wings. And I want a jetpack."

Tiffaney let out a sigh. "You stay safe too, okay?" She said, wibbling as she looked up to him.

Skorpion chuckled, leaning down to kiss her. "Tiffaney, I don't DO safe. You know that. And I've survived facing down a madman in a gundam before. A bunch of superheroes and a redshirt army should be no problem."

Tiffaney returned the kiss. "You're supposed to lie to make me feel better." She said as she leaned her head against his breastplate. "I trust you and the kids to come back safe and sound."

Skorpion nodded. "Good; so do I. Just... Just try and keep Arella reined in if anything happens to Lucius. I don't want a school of magical girls without a voice of reason around. And if he gets himself hurt, it could be months before he finds his way back to civilisation again."

"Don't worry, dear. I'll take care of her and the school while you and Lucius are away." Tiffaney promised, her tail swaying contently as she gave him a hug. "But that doesn't mean he can go taking a vacation! Also, he should appoint a vice-principal."

Skorpion chuckled, wrapping his arms around her as she hugged him. "Then have a word with him about it. He's the one running the place; I just help fund it."

"I'll tell him at your briefing. Seeing as to how he'll already be there." Tiffaney said with a playful smile.

Skorpion nodded. "Good idea. Should help stop him getting huffy over the idea over delegating things, too."

"I'mean glad you think so, but I should probably get to trying to reverse these cat ears..."

Skorpion reached up to tweak her ears, chuckling softly to himself. "I dunno, I kinda like them. And your purring is kind of cute, too."

Tiffaney blushed, letting out a cutesy nyah as her ear was tweaked. "I still need a reversal serum if we're gonna sell it."

Skorpion nodded. "True. That would be..." He trailed off as something dawned on him. "Wait, SELL it? Sell something that turns people into kemonomimi?"

"Of course!" Tiffaney said with a smile. "And one to do the opposite just in case. After that I could probably do something to change natural hair colors." She pondered, her tail flicking about as she did.

"I see a limited market for the first one with the current climate, but it might improve acceptance of kemonomimi. As for the second, hair dye already exists, dear." Skorpion winked, starting to scritch the ear he'd tweaked.

Tiffaney started purring again. "But if people have a choice they might be more open to trying. So far I've got kitty, and bunny perfected thanks to some testing. The only thing is making one that's for standard humans... That one's tricky. And I'm meaning for a more permanent hair color changing formula."

"That would be an absolute godsend for disguises and identity changes. Expect serious opposition from governments anywhere you try and sell it. Although..." Skorpion grinned, puffing his chest out slightly, armour creaking as he straightened up. "As ruler and de facto government of Sealand, I whole-heartedly endorse this line of research."

"Why thank you! I'll do my best not to let you down!" Tiffaney said cheerfully before stepping back to give him a Largoist salute. She lowered the salute giggling before hopping on a magical platform to kiss his cheek. "Now, I gotta go back to work sweetie, I have a few bunny boys and catgirls that weren't quite ready for a race change."

Skorpion smiled, reaching into a pocket. "One last thing, though. Before I go board a ship potentially full of superheroes and energy weapons, I want to give you this."

Tiffaney's ears twitched as she watched his hand with her now cat-like eyes. "What is it?" She asked, leaning forward to get a look.

Skorpion grinned, pulling a slim chain from his pocket, with a pendant dangling from it, in the shape of the c00l Thing. "Something to show your Largoist loyalties. Titanium, so it's non-allergenic and should withstand your magic and whatever science happens to it."

Tiffaney's eyes sparkled as she saw the gift. "Thank you, dear." She said happily, cupping her hands behind her back and leaning forward with her ears folded back for him to put it on her.

Skorpion smiled, reaching around to slip it around her neck, deftly slipping the clasp shut around her neck. "Just don't drop it into a fusion reactor or the forges, and it should be fine."

"I won't~" Tiffaney said cheerfully, her tail swaying contently with Sparky pawing at it as she examined her new necklace. She wrapped her arms around Skorpion's neck and gave him a passionate kiss. "Thank you, sweetie."

Skorpion returned the kiss readily, breaking it after a short while. "It's actually made from the nosecone of a MiG someone crashed last week. It ended up un-repairable, so I figured I'd make something nice for you out of it."

"I love your resoursfulness." Tiffaney said with a smile before hopping off her magical platform which dissapeared once she did. "I'll have to see if I can do something for you. Maybe some decals for your armour?" She teased.

Skorpion grinned. "I'd like that, actually. Being just plain black is starting to get boring."

"Well I'll see what I can come up with." Tiffaney said with a smile. "But I think I should turn everyone in the lab back first."

Skorpion nodded, smirking. "They may appreciate that."

Tiffaney giggled. "Maybe. I have a couple dogboys that are bunnyboys now, and they aren't liking the transition."

Skorpion sniggered. "I bet they're a lot better behaved, though. Anyway, you go tend to your lab. Much as I enjoy spending time with you, I DO have things to do." He leaned down, kissing her softly.

Tiffaney retuned the kiss. "I wouldn't say that. But, what can I say? Interns." She giggled and headed back into her lab. "See you later, dear!"

Skorpion grinned, reaching down to swat her backside as she left. "Make sure you don't get any of it on the ROUS."

Tiffaney jumped a little as Skorpion swatted her backside. "I'll do my best!" She said before the door closed automatically.

Colonel Nick Fury berates one of his captains about Largoist activities, not knowing they're Largoist activities.
And sends a helicarrier to investigate.

Skorp does the maniacal laughter bit, then sets about getting to work.

Lucius and Katrina are called, during dinner.
Nae, ye cannae use the magical girls as shock troops.
Aye, he'll take down SHIELD for ye.

DT accepts, if he gets to drive a tank out of an aeroplane.
Skorp compromises; he can have a light tank.

Devin is contracted to help work on the loot, and provide EWAR support. And a CAD.

Arella is brought on as a distraction; she can defuse the Hulk.
Ash does cat things in the background.

Alexis is told to be at the briefing, but assured she won't be fighting the hulk.
She wants an Iron Man suit, though.
Skorp's getting his first!
She suggests getting Tiffaney turned into a catgirl.

Johnathan refuses to fight the hulk, and warns about Alexis' alternate personality. After being explained about the magically cute distraction, he's on board.

Tiffaney is a catgirl already.
And has been working on kemonomimi perfume.
Mushy stuff.
She's not coming along, but is asked to keep the school intact should Lucius not get back for a few months.
Highlanders are like that.
And she gets a necklace. Titanium, made from a MiG-25 someone wrapped around a signpost.
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Re: The SHIELD Raid

SHIELD: The Raidening: The Briefening.
Location: FGTL HQ. The briefing room in the basement.
Timestamp: The morning after 'Raiding Party'. 7:30AM.
Characters: Everyone mentioned previously.
Authors: Ditto.

Skorpion brushed dust off a chair before settling down on it, the swivel mechanism creaking a little despite the reinforcements. "Been entirely too long since we've used this place." He looked around to where a few ROUS were still smouldering in a corner from when he'd taken a flamethrower to their nest earlier. There was a brief grinding noise as the cleaning robot (looking like a cross between a combine harvester, a roomba, and a snowplow) encountered one before moving on, leaving behind only a clear floor and a few splatters. He sighed, watching the machine go over the spatters, a small robotic arm unfolding from the top of it to wipe the splatter off the walls, leaving a clean patch.

Tiffaney skipped joyfully to the briefing room, her tail swaying about as she did. She stopped at the door and knocked loudly three times with her bare knuckles. "Dear, are you in there?" She asked, well aware that he was.

"Yeah, hang on." Skorpion reached over his shoulder, shotgun in hand, and fired at the ROUS behind him, catching it mid-pounce in a ball of flame. "Just clearing the place out before people show up." The ROUS hit the floor with a thud, sizzling and shrieking as the thermite in the shotgun load ate through it. "Pretty sure that's the last one." He stepped over to the door and opened it, shotgun dangling from his other hand.

"Hello sweetie, meow are you?" Tiffaney asked, holding her arm behind her back as her tail gave a cheerful sway. "I decided it'd be purrfect if I got a few meowments with you before the brriefing." She continued with a big smile.

Skorpion grinned, tugging her inside before leaning down to kiss her. "A wise idea indeed. Mind your step, by the way."

Tiffaney happily returned the kiss. "I'll be careful, though I must say, I love your purresent. I find it quite pawsome." She said before giggling.

Skorpion chuckled. "I'm glad; it was quite tricky to make. What's with all the cat puns?" He reached up to stroke her ears gently.

"I guess you could say my purridicament provided me with the purrfect opportunity make a pun or two." Tiffaney said, after all she did spend a couple hours looking up puns last night. "I can stop if you pawfur."

Skorpion grinned. "Well, they are pretty pawful puns. They're positively punitive, but feel fur-ee to continue if you feel like it."

"I cat believe you think my puns are pawful." Tiffaney said feigning hurt feelings before giggling. "Meow, I guess there's no harm in doing this a litter longer." She said, feeling happy she got Skorpion to say a few.

Skorpion snickered. "At least it's a furiendly environment for them. The ROUS have been rousted from their nests, the bots have them pretty much cleared by nyaow, and not a hacker in sight, other than Devin idly poking through the files while waiting for the briefing."

"Do you want me to tell him to stop, dear?" Tiffaney asked, tilting her head to the side.

"Nah, he needs to be here for the briefing anyway, at least in some form. I'll stick up a webcam for him to watch through when we get going, if his Computerised Attack Dog doesn't turn up." Skorpion chuckled.


In the lobby, Mary was hard at not working. Between coats of nail polish, she was stripping and cleaning her grenade launcher on the desk, with a half-knitted scarf set to one side, singing along softly to the radio. "Oh, no, they say he's got to go, go go godzilla~" When the main doors slid open.

Lockdown promptly walked through the door, his minigun and rocket launcher on standby as he approached the desk and sat at a height that rivaled her's while standing. "I'm here for a briefing." He said in a voice that sounded like a synthisized version of someone you'd hear in a Vietnam movie.

Mary trailed off, looking at the robot that had trotted through the door. After a few seconds, she slipped around the edge of the desk to wrap her arms around Lockdown. "Hello giant metal doggy! You're on the list, and Skorp asked me to give you this." She released him, retrieving a small flash drive from her back pocket, holding it out to him. "Just follow the directions on that, okay?"

When Mary hugged him Lockdown wagged his tail; he'd seen enough dog videos to know that humans liked it when they did that, and that by human standards the woman was 'cute', which meant that, logically, making her happy would be a good thing. "Thank you very much, miss." He said as he took the drive, plugging it into a USB port that opened on the back of his neck. A couple moments later, he removed the drive and handed it back to her.

Mary leaned down slightly, touching Lockdown's nose gently. "Ms. Not Miss. I'm a married woman, you know." She smiled brightly, ushering him to the door out of the reception area. "If you have trouble with the doors, just bark at people and they should help out."

"I did not know. Though I must say, I'm not surprised, by human standards you're quite a pretty young woman." Lockdown said before standing. "You have yourself a nice day now Ms." He said before trotting off in the direction of the briefing room.

Mary blushed as she returned to her desk to resume her tasks. "First time I've ever been complimented by a robot doggy..."



"Sir you can't go that way!" An FGTL guard yelled at a man in a trenchcoat.

The man paused, the wind blowing his blue hair right into his face, "I have a permit," he reached in to his coat and handed the guard a slip of paper before continuing to walk away from the path way and on to the grass.

"That not what I mean-"


The guard facepalmed as he watched the trenchcoated one go sailing in to the air from the land mine. He looked down at the paper in his hand, the slip read: 'I can do what I want ~ DT'

"Are they gonna be okay?" a rather concerned Arella, looking positively adorable in her fur-trimmed coat, asked as she wandered into Sealand, eyes still following the flying half-vampire.

Mary shrugged. "Probably. DarkTan tends to bounce, and the troopers seem to be pretty much immune to explosions by now." She paused briefly, tapping at her keyboard. "Step to the right, dear."

Looking more than a little puzzled, the supposedly ex-magical girl nonetheless did as she'd been told.

There was a *WHAM* as the trenchcoated figure passed through a gap in the ceiling of the lobby, into where Arella had been standing a moment ago. Mary gave a satisfied smile, before giggling softly as the gap closed again.

"Ow," The trench-coated pile spoke from the impact crater, "Got the skylight in I see," DarkTan said as he stepped out of the DarkTan-shaped hole.

Mary nodded, hiding her giggle behind her hand as she bowed politely. "It was cheaper than replacing the ceiling every time. Creates a bit of a mess if we get things wrong, but we're working on getting the sensors linked to the turrets and the IFF system." She reached down, offering a hand to the fallen ORAZian. "You know, so we don't let in anyone the turrets are going to shoot up, or shoot up someone who's meant to be let in."

"Good idea," DarkTan took the offered hand, "Now, which way to the briefing?"

Mary pulled him up easily, pointing with her other hand to the door. "I believe you already know where the conference room is, mister Tan."

"Last name is Canto," DarkTan corrected the cat girl receptionist, "And is that the new one or the ROUS infested one?"

"Oh, Skorpion spent the night clearing it out personally. I think the cleaner bots might be done chewing up the last of them now, so you'd better head on down before the crush of fussing over Arella blocks the corridors~" Mary smiled, producing a scanner wand from hammerspace. "Now, if you'll stand still and do your best scarecrow impression, I can scan you for bugs~"

The dhampir obliged, but did such a poor imitation of the aforementioned scarecrow that a crow actually landed on him. However it was quickly scared away by the sound of the wand going off like tilt alarms on a pinball machine in an earthquake.

Mary sighed, rolling her eyes as she frisked DT, plucking bugs from him and dropping them into a sack. After finding the wand continuing to go off, she pulled on a pair of latex gloves, snapping them into place before tugging DarkTan into an annex nearby. "Arella, dear, I'll be with you in a moment~"

"Um... okay?" the cutegirl consented, looking more than a little horrified and possibly a bit traumatized as well - though she did manage to use the time granted her to remove her coat and tuck it into hammerspace, revealing the blue and black dress she wore beneath.

"Wait...what?" Was DarkTan's only response.

Mary emerged a little while later with a full sack of bugs, smiling sweetly as she removed the gloves and dropped them into the sack. "My, you look cute as ever, Arella. I'm sure YOU'RE bug-free, though; nobody would dare eavesdrop on you."

"That is totally not fair," DarkTan lamented from behind the door, "Also, you torched my pants."

"Hush. They were beyond saving, and a fashion disaster besides." Mary returned her attention to Arella, fussing over her. "Oh, and how's your new job at the Academy working out?"

"It's wonderful," Arella admitted happily. "The girls are so sweet, and it's nice to see what wonderful protectors this city is going to have one day."

Mary smiled brightly. "Then congratulations. I'm sure they'll turn out far better for having you around. Not that I don't trust that kitty-eared Scottish pervert, but he has NO idea how to deal with young girls. Although he seems to be improving; there's been less magical explosions lately."

Arella couldn't help but giggle a bit at that. "Oh, he's really not so bad - I'm amazed by what a good job he did, getting the place started," she insisted, ever-so-kindly.

Mary nodded. "Oh, totally. I still think he needs a feminine influence around, though. Bring him back to reality. But enough about your ex." She grinned wickedly, leaning in close and lowering her voice. "Did you hear Skorpion has a girlfriend now?"

At this, Arella let out a squee~~~ the likes of which had not been heard in years. "He has a girlfriend? Who?!" she demanded.

"Tiffaney; the new head scientist and mother to all the young kemonomimi super soldiers!" Mary giggled, ears perking back up after the echoes of the squee died down. "They're so CUTE together as well! He took her dancing, and made her a sleigh to ride in the snow with..." She sighed wistfully. "So romantic."

The supposedly ex-magical girl nearly squirmed at the cuteness, it was just that cute. "Ohhh, that is so sweet! And he's really managing it that well, without needing any pointers or anything?" It was rather surprising, after all.

Mary nodded. "I'm as shocked as you are, dear. It's like he's a natural. He even made it snow in July just to have a sleigh ride with her!"

And knowing that, Arella was immediately incapable of minding the snow that had required she wear a coat in July (not that it had bothered her all that much to begin with, as snow meant she could go skating outside). It was also so cute and sweet that she actually couldn't find the words to express how cute and sweet it was, and instead had to settle for another squee.

Mary giggled, picking Arella up and hugging her tightly. "I know, right? Now, you should probably run along; he's probably waiting for you, and the troops will want to see you~" Further inside, shouts could already be heard, claiming that they'd heard a squee, accompanied by the sounds of booted feet; it was entirely possible that Arella was about to be mobbed.

"Fair enough," the young woman admitted. "I suppose I'd better get going before they all crowd into your workspace, too. Thanks Mary!" And with that, Arella headed further inside.

Mary waved, giggling as she closed the door after the not-really-ex-magical girl.


"Arella! How are you?"

"How's your kitty?"

"When are you moving back in?"

"You've grown!"

"I got you chocolates!"

"Can you get Raven to autograph this?"

"I won you a plushie!"

"How's the Academy?"

"You didn't win it, you flew a drone through the prize door and grabbed it with that!"

"Did you change your hairstyle?"

"The only winning move was not to play it anyway!"

"There she is!"

"Can you pose for a picture? My daughter's a big fan of Warrior Angel Elle!"

"I love your dress! Where'd you get it?"

"I can feel my teeth rotting just standing near her!"

For the briefest of moments, Arella's expression rather distinctly resembled that of a deer caught in the headlights of an oncoming car. But she managed to recover quickly enough, and promptly set about responding to each and every one of them - she was very well, thank you, as was Ash, and she wasn't sure when she would be moving back in, and thank you for the chocolates, of course she could get Raven to autograph it, and the plushie was adorable, thank you very much for thinking of her, the Academy was great, and yes she had cut her hair, she would be happy to pose for a picture, and thank you very much, she got the dress at a little shop in town. And then she had to catch her breath, as she was a bit winded from all that.

The questions continued, punctuated by camera flashes and offerings of chocolates, plushies, and the occasional bottle of wine, until Skorpion strode into the crowd, picked Arella up, and carried her away over his shoulder. At this point, Arella just couldn't help herself anymore, and promptly succumbed to giggles.

"I have fanboys!" she eventually managed to get out amidst the giggles, clearly finding the very thought absolutely ridiculous.

Skorpion set her down on a desk, chuckling softly. "Sort of. You're like an adopted daughter and little sister for them. Kind of a symbol of everything they signed up to various militaries to protect, before ending up here." He grinned, giving her a hug before stepping back. "Besides, you're adorable. Who can blame them?"

"But you left without getting my chocolates," the cutegirl pointed out, her tone scolding and a little sulky, even as her eyes twinkled with mischief.

"Did I now?" Skorpion winked, producing a handful of chocolates, plushies, and bottles from behind him. "Otherwise, they can spoil you later, somewhere that isn't a corridor."

Arella nodded her consent at this, though she was prevented from answering on account of the chocolate that had already found its way into her mouth. 'Cause chocolate.


Alexis and Johnathan were both on their way to the briefing when Alexis caught sight of Skorpion with Arella sitting on a table. "HI Elle!" She yelled, running to them while waving. "What's up Skorp?" She said once she was in front of them, Johnathan making his way to them at his own pace.

Skorpion turned, waving to the two as he turned from the not-actually-ex magical girl. "Morning! What's up is that we have an Arella, and the troops seem to have discovered that. Also, we're going to raid a SHIELD helicarrier tomorrow."

"Greetings to the both of you." Johnathan said in his usual calm and composed manner. "Are you feeling better Arella-hime? I had heard that you were feeling unwell." He spoke in a way that, had he been wearing a suit, he could have been confused for a butler as he circled around Skorpion to speak to Arella face-to-face.

The very much a real princess blushed rather happily at the title, nodding while quickly finishing off her current mouthful to reply, "Hai, I'm much better now. Thank you for asking."

"If you should need me for anything, don't hesitate to ask." Johnathan replied with a bow.

Skorpion grinned, ushering them into the briefing room. "Oh, and I dealt with the ROUS problem in here. Pretty sure it's clear now. About 95%."

The moment the group entered Tiffaney had brought her heel down on a ROUS that had just tried to make a snack of her tail. "No! I am not a snack!" She yelled before noticing the others had entered. "Hello sweeties, meow are you?" She asked cheerfully with a wave as her tail perked up.

"Hi mom!" Alexis cheered before running up to give her a hug.

"Greetings mother." Johnathan said, keeping his place near Skorpion for the time being.

"Nice to see we've got the family here first." Skorpion remarked, moving over to Tiffaney. "And I'm pretty sure that one was DEAD earlier, what with being on fire and with holes clean through it. Persistent buggers, aren't they?"

Tiffaney eyed the ROUS for a few moments before it began to dissolve into it's own blood. "Now it's dead." She said with a smile. "Some of them dissolve rather quickly upon death, oh and you've brought Arella!"

Skorpion nodded, patting the not-ex magical girl on the head. "Rescued her from the troops fussing over her, too. Hence the chocolate and the plushies."

"Awww, that's adorable!" Tiffaney said with a smile, her tail swaying happily.

"They're good chocolates, too," was Arella's reply, around a mouthful of said chocolate, before she held out the box in an offer to share.

Skorpion reached down, plucking a chocolate from the box and tossing it up into the air, catching it in his mouth.

Alexis took a piece as well and put it into her mouth to chew on it with her tail wagging. "Thank you!"

"I shall pass." Johnathan said holding up a hand to the box.

"Yay! Chocolates!" Tiffaney declared before picking up a piece to nibble on. "Thank you sweetie! It tastes pawsome!" She declared, her ears twitching at her pun.

"Now we just need Devin's robodog, the ORAZians, and Lucius, and we can begin." Skorpion mused as the ceiling-mounted projector powered up, filling a slightly blackened section of wall with light.

Alexis looked at the wall and whistled. "Now that's a projector."

A minute or two later a heavily armed mechanical canine entered the room. "Now this must be the place." Lockdown said before noticing Skorpion. "Big guy in power armour. Yup. This is the place." He said, before walknig up to the table and sitting down.

Skorpion reached down to pat Lockdown on the head. "Yes, this is the right place. Good doggy."

Lockdown let out a synthesized sigh. "Yeah, yeah. And for the record I am no robo-mutt! That comment was rude and un-called for."

"Sure y'are. You're a robot, and you're dog-shaped. Also, hello Devin. I presume you're piggybacking on Lockdown here, if not watching me through my own security cameras too."

"You know me Skorpion, everywhere and nowhere." Devin said from the speakers of the projector. "Don't worry, I'll watch your little tea party."

"Good. You need to know this just as much as anyone who'll be boarding." Skorpion grinned, eyes flashing with mischeif. "It'll be nice to not have to do cyber-warfare entirely on my own for a chance. It'll let me focus on smashing things and returning fire."

"Who knows, this may be entertaining." Devin said indifferently. "Ahhh, and I see you have our dear Alice with you. Are you doing well, not over-exerting yourself too much are you?"

Arella blinked, looking confused. "Who's Alice?" she asked, already looking around as if expecting to see another person there.

"Figuratively, you are. I'm pleased to inform you that you are my semi-finalist in a little raffle I'm performing." Devin informed with no intention of clarifying.

"Oh... okay," Arella consented with a bit of a shrug; as one of his teachers, she was used to him enough to know better than to pry, at any rate. Even if she did somehow get an answer, she likely wouldn't understand it.

"Good. Hatter, your ORAZian guest is within the structure. Darktan by the look of it. And Lucius... Well... You should have turned him into a rabbit." Devin said as he supported his head on his knuckle with his elbow on the arm of his chair, holding up the other hand and moving his fingers as if to manipulate a puppet as he observed the helicarrier from a satellite.

Skorpion chuckled. "It was never MEANT to be permanent in any case. I assumed it would wear off after a while, y'know? But I guess that means he'll be late, then." He rolled his eyes. "Bloody scots."

"Yes, and I've taken the liberty of finding out that Banner is not on that helicarrier, though there is someone of... Particular Interest..." Devin said as he combed over the data again. "Someone you would be rather interested in, Skorpion."

"Particular Interest? OTHER than the god of thunder, the original super-soldier, Nick Motherfucking Fury, and the guy I'm going there to rob?" Skorpion glanced at Arella. "To, ah, exchange ideas with, I mean."

"Don't worry. I'll be sure to record the reunion." Devin said with no intention of clarifying.

"If it's Spider-man, don't tell Lucius either. His reaction will be priceless." Skorpion grinned wickedly. "They never got on when they were in the same city."

"You should find out." Devin said with an amused smile.

Skorpion grumbled, rolling his eyes. "Bloody Mihoists. Also, we'll need that deep-water recovery vehicle you were working on, in case inflation bags fail on anything we drop."

"It's still a prototype, and I'm not a Mihoist." Devin clarified with a mild hint of annoyance.

"So's my boltgun, and that works fine. And you're acting like one." Skorpion responded, checking the time on the display projected onto his vision. "More people should be arriving soon."

"Well pardon me for not wanting to spoil the surprise." Devin said, feigning offense.

"So... Much... Nerd talk." Alexis said as she slumped onto the table. Arella promptly offered her more chocolates.

Skorpion reached down to ruffle Alexis' ears gently. "Oh, hush. You love it really. Plus, nerd talk leads to new guns to play with."

"I guess it's alright." Alexis said, acting like she didn't like having her ears ruffled as she took the offered chocolate and nibbled on it.


DarkTan arrived to the confrence room looking more that a little surly and dressed in work combat fatigues, a strained grey shirt, and mis-matched combat boot, one being "laced" with duct tape. "So that's what the protestors were talking about," he muttered and took a seat. "Your receptionist is very....thorough at her job Skorp."

Skorpion grinned proudly. "She takes security seriously. It's not my fault you walked in crawling with bugs and spycams." He reached in, extracting a tiny bundle of circuitry from behind DarkTan's ear before crushing it between thumb and forefinger. "Or that someone's apparently been slipping tracers into your food."

"Honestly, I have no idea why you thought that would work." Said Devin's voice over the intercom with an amused chuckle.

"Oh, was that one of yours?" Skorpion grinned up at the nearest camera.

"Last thing I ate was from your canteen," DarkTan shrugged, "And being in the open has certain benefits."

Skorpion rolled his eyes. "Someone OTHER than me, I meant. I blame Lola, myself. She's a mischeivous little bunny, and I wouldn't put it past her to keep a leash on you like that in case you get kidnapped."

Somewhere across the city, Lola frowned, reaching up to scratch at a bunny ear. "I swear, if he was eating chilli in bed again..."

"Good point, though I'm fairly certain the kidnappers would pay her a ransom to take me back," DarkTan chuckled as he produced a bottle of Mountain Dew from somewhere.

"Given how much you eat, that'd be pretty wise. Got your 'tank' lined up, though. It's an Infantry Support Vehicle, but it's got tracks and a gun, and an airdrop system. Good enough?" Skorpion pointed to the projector, which showed a modified BMD sat on the tarmac at the airfield next to an An-70 airlifter.

"Should prove entertaining," DarkTan gave a partially fanged grin, "What's the gun?"

"30mm autocannon, automatic grenade launcher, guided missile launcher for anti-armour and anti-aircraft work, GPMG, and smoke emitters." Skorpion grinned widely. "Takes up the crew spaces with weapons and ammo, but I upgraded the driver's seat to something that doesn't only suit Russian midgets."

Alexis eyed the projector, a faint hint of want in her eyes as she examined the weapon on screen.

"Nice," DarkTan's grin widened, "That should prove to be very distracting to SHIELD."

Arella cleared her throat rather loudly at this point. "And why, pray tell, do we need a tank when you're just going to 'exchange ideas'?" she wanted to know.

"Some people exchange ideas more vigorously than others," DarkTan explained with a wave of his hand.

"One, it's not a tank. Two, we're bringing two of them. And three, it makes quite the impression on an exchange of ideas when you land a pair of support vehicles on someone's carrier." Skorpion pointed out smugly.

"And blow stuff up right?" Alexis asked, to be sure she was on the same page. "I was told there'd be explosions."

Skorpion nodded, giving her the secret Largoist hand signal for 'not in front of the magical girl'.

"Mmhmm," Arella mmhmmed rather skeptically, while watching both boys with clear suspicion.

DarkTan just grinned, "I'm just a distraction."

Skorpion nodded. "As well as Lucius and Kat..." He paused, checking the time again. "Where the hell ARE they, anyway? This was meant to start five minutes ago."

"If you need to ask that question, you don't know Lucius or my sister very well," DarkTan chuckled, "Missing any cute soldiers?"

Skorpion sighed. "Probably a couple, if he's this late."

"Don't go blaming him for all of it," DarkTan laughed.

"Yeah, your sister's just as bad. I thought they'd keep each other out of trouble, but it seems I was wrong." Skorpion grumbled, leaning back against a table, causing it to creak and lean over alarmingly, causing Tiffaney to grab her end and pull it down to the point where it was level, while maintaining her cheery smile.

"Ain't that the truth."

"She isn't going to shoot at SHIELD with that dildo gun, is she?" Arella asked in very genuine concern - that would just be horribly embarrassing.

"That WHAT gun?!" Alexis asked, sharply sitting up with red cheeks. There was no way she heard that right. I mean, who does that?

Skorpion sighed. "Are... Raven wanted her to stop knifing people, so she started throwing dildos instead. Then she got tired of throwing things, and had me make a gun for them. So now she has a gun that fires dildos."

"She calls it 'The Purple Penetrator'," DarkTan volunteered.

"WHY?! Why would you do that?" Alexis asked, determined to know. "Why would she do that?"

"She was paying me to, that's why I did it. As for her, that's Kat for you." Skorpion shrugged. "Although I notice nobody complains about Lucius slicing people in half and sticking swords in them when doing his superhero thing."

"I'm used to people getting sliced, diced, carved, and chopped, but dildoed, fucking never." Alexis said, placing her pointer finger firmly on the table. "There's some stuff you just don't do, and that's one of those things!"

"What's wrong with a dildoing?" Katrina asked as she entered the room looking slightly flushed and dishevelled, "After all," she slipped behind Alexis and ran her finger tips over the back of her neck, "You might like it.~"

The hairs on the back of Alexis' neck stood on end, and she quickly slipped under the table to pop up on the other side. "Fuck no!" She declared, pointing a finger at Katrina. "That's just messed up!"

This, of course, lead to Arella both blushing and giggling (though both of her hands quickly came up in an attempt to hide it); there was also a good chance that giggle was partly out of relief that she wasn't the one being picked on for once.

"See? Arella knows what I'm talking about.~" Katrina giggled and moved to take her own seat.

The supposedly-ex-magical girl threw a chocolate at her for that, of course. Which Katrina caught with her mouth, causing Arella to sulk.

"Friggin' wierdo." Alexis mumbled to herself as she took a seat at her new side of the table, Johnathan letting out a slight sigh of bother at the spectacle.

"Hey, you're all weird to me." Interjected Lockdown, who found the entire conversation to be hilarious.

"Yes, but normal would be boring," Arella rather idly replied, once again nibbling at her chocolates.

"I wouldn't know. Ever since I was created it's been one oddity after another." Lockdown stated, sounding happy at the fact.

'Life. Donnae talk tae him about life.' Lucius wandered in after Katrina, grinning nearly ear to ear like the catboy that got the cream, and looking mussed and scruffy (even by his usual standards), letting out a melodramatic sigh. 'Next ye'll be sayin' tha' ye've got a brain the size o' a planet, an' all anyone wants ye tae do is talk tae doors fer them.'

"Please tell me you at least showered..." Alexis said, tapping at the table.

"Hello Lucius!" Tiffaney said with an energetic wave.

Lucius returned the wave. 'Maybe. Does it count if ye do it IN the shower?' He shrugged, wandering over to Lockdown and leaning down to peer closely at him, ears twitching. 'An' whose dog is this?'

"TMI, man..." Alexis said, folding her ears back and cringing a bit.

Katrina laughed at that.

"He's mine. Lucius, meet Low Vis' brother, Lockdown." Devin informed with pride.

"Lockdown's the name, shootin' and providing makeshift cover's the game." Lockdown rather dutifully informed.

"Again, with the shooting," Arella complained, giving Skorp a decidedly suspicious and rather warning glare.

Lucius nodded, reaching down to pet Lockdown behind the ears as he examined the robot. 'My, ye're a fine specimen. Good flanks, strong teeth, an' a nice point tae yer ears.' He mused, his free hand rummaging in a pocket to produce a baseball, holding it up in front of Lockdown. 'Y'see the ball? Go get it, laddie. Go get the ball!' He tossed the ball to the other end of the room, where it bounced off the doorway and out into the corridor.

Lockdown looked to Lucius, then to where the ball had dissapeared into the corridor, then back to Lucius. He did the closest thing to a shrug that he could, before getting up and trotting into the corridor.

'Good doggy!' Lucius called after Lockdown, straightening up and looking around, eyes settling on Tiffaney's ears. 'He got you too?'

"Nope! I got myself." Tiffaney said, a little too cheerfully.

"You do look cute with them," Katrina chimed in.

"Why thank you, sweetie." Tiffaney said as she pet her own ears. "They're so soft~"

Moments later Lockdown re-entered the room with the ball gripped in the fingers on his tail. "Found it." He stated before handing it back to Lucius.

Lucius took the ball, shaking it off on reflex before petting Lockdown again.'"Good boy! Who's a good doggy? You want a treat? I'm sure I have some jerky in here somewhere...' He started rummaging in his pockets, turning out various spent shell casings, handfuls of glitter, a variety of hair ties, and a pair of lacy panties, before producing a paper back full of jerky.

"What the hell man?!" Alexis yelled, slamming a hand against the table and pointing at the panties.

"I don't eat." Lockdown stated clearly.

Katrina cleared her throat rather loudly, "I've been looking for those for two weeks!"

'Ah?' Lucius offered her the handful of hair ties. 'Sorry, lass.'

"Not the hair ties, catboy," Katrina stuck out her tongue.

'Thought those were a little girly for ye.' Lucius dumped the hair ties back into his pocket to slingshot the panties at Katrina, leaving a trail of glitter as they sailed through the air.

"Okay! I'm shootin' him!" Alexis declared, before standing from her seat and drawing one of her modified M1911s.

Skorpion rolled his eyes, reaching over to nudge Alexis' pistol out the way. "Don't waste your ammo. He's Scottish; you'll just piss him off. And I don't want to have to recalculate his parachutes because you fill him full of lead."

"But da-Skooorp!"

Skorpion frowned, pointing a finger at Alexis and waggling it at her. "No shooting people in the briefing."

"He's not a person!" Alexis shouted back. "He's a pervert! An immortal Scottish pervert!"

Arella couldn't help it - she giggled.

"Then shooting him wouldn't do any good anyway, would it?" Skorpion sighed, turning and flicking a knife out from under his sleeve, gaining an outraged yowl as it nailed Lucius' tail to the floor.

Lucius moved his hand from the hilt of his claymore to clutch the furred appendage in question, tugging the knife out. 'Hell'd ye do tha' fer?'

"No swording people at the briefing either." Skorpion replied, turning to nudge the barrel of Katrina's dildo gun upwards. "And no dildo-ing people either, for that matter." Katrina merely pouted.

"Fine, I won't shoot him." Alexis said, turning her head sharply away from Skorpion. "He is a perv though."

Meanwhile, Tiffaney discreetly put three syringes back into her shoulder bag, looking from side to side suspiciously.

"Yes, yes he is." Skorpion turned to Tiffaney, the table shifting as he did so. "And no science-ing people either. Plus, you need way higher doses than that to put him out. Trust me, I've tried."

'Donnae give her instructions, ye fool! She already tried tae tap me fer samples once!'

"I'm sure she wouldn't do a thing like that, would you, dear?"

"I wasn't gonna science him, and it's totally enough! I put some in his scotch and he was out for two hours!" Tiffaney stated defensively. "That's why I labeled them, see!" She said with a smile as she pulled a small case of tranquilizers, each with someone in the room's name on it, including herself. "And I have plenty of samples, mostly saliva due to you drooling in your sleep."

"That could easily have just been a nap, knowing him. Wait, I drool in my sleep?" Skorpion raised an eyebrow.

'He SLEEPS?' Lucius looked at Tiffaney, ears cocked. 'Tha's news tae me.'

Tiffaney coughed. "Once a week... Sometimes."

'Tha's more like the Skorp I know. Good job gettin' him tae quit fiddlin wi' things long enough tae take a nap afore he blows everyone up, lass.' Lucius remarked while Skorpion glared at him. 'Strange things tend tae happen when he's been awake a while. Like...' Lucius trailed off, looking at Skorp suspiciously. 'Wait. We're attackin' a shield helicarrier. HOW long have ye been awake fer?'

"And again with this attacking stuff!" Arella objected.

Skorpion held his hands up in a warding gesture. "Hey, hey, hey. This isn't just some crazy whim. I've PLANNED this. What do you think the business with the Stallion, and the snow was all about, huh?"

'Ye've never liked the USAF, an' because ye could?'

"I thought the snow was for our date!" Tiffaney said, pouting ever-so-slightly.

"... Okay, that too, but it was bait. Draw them in with supervillain activity, then ambush them and st..." He glanced at Arella, who was glaring again. "Start to exchange ideas from a strong bargaining position."

"And blow stuff up?" Alexis added as Johnathan continued to stand quietly in the corner of the room, where he was mostly out of sight.

Skorpion gave her the 'not in front of the magical girl' gesture again, sighing. "And 'improve our bargaining position through displays of force', Lexi. Diplomacy!"

Lucius coughed into his hand, making a noise suspiciously like speech.

Tiffaney reached into her shoulderbag, occasionally glancing to Lucius as she pulled out Sparky, and set him in her lap to be petted.

"Anyway. On with the briefing!" Skorpion gestured to the wall the projector was pointed at, which had started to emit a curl of smoke by this point.

"Yes," a voice came from the speaker system as the projector flared to life showing a large desk and a man sitting behind it shrouded in shadow, "I'm sure you're all wondering why I've gathered you here." The figure tapped his fingers on the desk, showing hands that were aged well over anyone else in the room; at least physically.

Alexis raised her hand while bouncing excitedly. "To tell us your plans to take over the world and enslave humanity under the iron fist of a robotic army?!"

"No we weren't. This is my briefing, and wh..." Skorpion squinted at the screen. "Kor, stop hacking my system and show up for the briefing like you were meant to, you old git. Do you not answer your phone these days?"

"Not if I can help it," the retired and/or "dead" spy chuckled, "Be there in a minute." Exactly sixty seconds later, the elderly man entered the conference room. "I've always wanted to do that."

"Hi Kor!" Arella promptly greeted happily, with a cheery little wave, the old man having rather quickly become one of her favourite people.

"I prefer to stay behind a monitor." Devin stated over the intercom.

"Not you." Skorpion rolled his eyes, turning to Kor as he walked in. "Nice to know you managed to find out about this without answering your phone, and without having to shell your apartment this time. You know everyone here, right? R-Arella, my new head scientist and girlfriend Tiffaney, her daughter Alexis, and her twin brother Johnathan hiding in the shadows over there, her son Devin's hacked in because he doesn't feel like going out, DarkTan here is a damn celebrity so I'm sure you know him..." He paused for breath. "Lucius is the catboy, Katrina here is DarkTan's sister, Lockdown here is Devin's Computerized Assault Dog, I'm me, and you're you."

"Are you sure you're you?" Arella couldn't help asking Skorp playfully.

"Hey, don't mock me, cyborg." Lockdown interjected.

"Don't you have rabbits to chase?" Skorpion riposted.

"Don't you have scrap to weld together and call an invention?" Lockdown retorted.

The Thing That Goes Cl4ng went *CL4NG*, the sound and subsequent roar of engine resonating through the building.

"At least I'm not welded together FROM scrap metal." Skorpion parried.

"At least I don't look like scrap metal." Lockdown countered.

"I think I like the dog," Kor chimed in.

Lucius stood up, growling softly as he took in a breath. 'QUIET, THE BOTH OF YE! SIT DOON, SHUT UP, AN' GET BACK TAE YER CLASSES, Y'KEN?'

There was a pause, Skorpion turning to look at Lucius, raising an eyebrow slowly.

Arella succumbed to a gigglefit.

"Haai, Lucius-sensei." Devin said sarcastically over the intercom, while somewhere in the background a door could be heard opening, followed by Whisp's rather uncertain comment of "Why do I suddenly feel like I'm in trouble?".

Katrina squirmed, a grin on her face.

Alexis jumped a little, looking to Lucius in confusion. "Classes?"

Moments later the door swung open and Evangeline entered the room gasping for breath. "How - how could you forget about me?!" She asked with tears in her eyes.

Lucius turned a little, eyeing the newcomer. 'Who's she?'

Skorpion sighed. "Because you're not actually involved with landing on the helicarrier itself. You'll be working medical support on our carrier."

"But I'm an active healer!" Evangeline protested.

"You are?" Skorpion frowned. "News to me. Sorry, I don't really know how all this magic stuff works."

And now Arella was glaring again. "Skoooorp, why do we need a healer if we're just going to exchange ideas?" she wanted to know, a decidedly warning tone in her voice.

Evangeline stood up straight, blinking twice with a confused expression. "I though we were raiding SHIELD."

"Because we're exchanging ideas with Tony Stark, and I don't want anyone to get hurt if he starts blasting glass bottles with energy blasts." He paused, sighing. WHY did he invite Arella again?

'Raidin' them fer IDEAS, lass.' Lucius helpfully pointed out.

"It's a vigorous exchange of ideas," DarkTan re-stated, "Mostly ideas of one syllable..."

"Oh, we're just exchanging ideas? That's a lot better!" She said with a cheerfully smile. "I could make cookies, and cakes, and brownies." She listed off with a smile and her pointer finger raised.

But for the moment, Skorp had managed the perfect distraction completely by accident. "Is Tony Stark really going to be there?" the supposedly-ex-magical girl wanted to know, wide-eyed with excitement.

Skorpion nodded. "Of course he is..."

Lucius raised a finger to pause Skorpion, taking over from him. 'An' Thor, an' maybe even Bruce Banner so ye can give him a hug an' tell him tae nae be the hulk...'

Devin took a moment to contact Skorpion on a personal line. "Now you know he's not."

"I know that. You know that. Don't tell Arella that or she'll reconnect with reality again. Let the catboy work his magic." Skorpion replied on the same line.

"She's gonna be real disappointed when he's not there, and students like me can't lie to our teachers." Devin informed with a grin.

"Just don't tell her the truth, then. Her magical cute is instrumental to the whole thing."

'An' maybe ye can even talk them intae seeing Loki tae get him tae reform, if he's there....' Lucius continued to wax lyrical.

"But Skooorp, wouldn't that be lying?" Devin said with mock innocence.

"Look, do you WANT a haul of tech, or not? Don't make her wibble at us. Not even your metal mutt would withstand a full-strength magically cute wibble."

"A magical girl wibble is a powerfull thing indeed," DarkTan nodded sagely, "I have a little sister-"

"By three seconds!"

"-And it still works on me," the dhampir finished without letting the interruption sidetrack him.

"This is a remarkably open private channel, Devin. You're losing your touch."

"Well it'd be nice to have a car too..." Devin said, touching his fingertips together as he leaned forward with interest.

"You can't even drive, what use would you have in a car?" Skorpion protested.

"So? Neither can half of your Largoists." Devin argued.

Skorpion looked up towards the garage above them. "Touché. Very well. You'll have your car, just don't tell Arella."

"A real car? No bullshit?" Devin asked, actually sounding a little hopeful.

"Devin, I MAKE cars. I'll just run you off one without so much armour, and a system so you can control it using a keyboard." Skorpion rolled his eyes. So naïve.

"It doesn't have to be fancy or anything..." Devin said, twiddling his thumbs. "I'll end this distraction." He said, before ending the transmission.

'... An' maybe ye can even convince Spider-man tae be less o' a jerk tae people, an' get him tae give Cathal tutorin' in science.' Lucius finally finished.

"Do you think I could get Black Widow's autograph?" the very thoroughly distracted Arella asked hopefully.

'Aye, probably. I'm sure she'll be happy tae take some time fer a fan.' Lucius responded, musing that he'd also like to get her 'autograph', if you knew what he meant... (Lucius, everyone knows what you mean - we ALWAYS know what you mean :P )

Meanwhile Alexis was mentally slapping the shit out of Lucius on suspicion of him thinking pervy stuff.

Katrina was nodding in agreement with Lucius' unspoken musings, as she also mused about getting "autographs" from a Hawkeye and Stark.

Lucius' tail twitched as he agreed with Katrina on the Tony Stark front.

Evangeline sat down and daydreamed about Thor.

Skorpion sighed. "Okay, for those actually paying attention to the reason we're here in the first place, here's the plan." He snapped his fingers, the projector changing to an image of the helicarrier from above. "This is our target. We're landing Johnathan's strike team here, and the armoured vehicles here and here, with squads here, here, and here." Circles appeared on the screen as he spoke. "Now, there'll also be Alexis and her squad providing cover fire from nearby, with snipers attached for precision work. They'll be orbiting around here." Skorpion paused. "Any questions?"

Alexis raised her hand.

"Yes, Lexi?"

"Wanna eat somewhere or somethin' after this? I wanna ask you about some stuff." Alexis asked, looking surprisingly serious as she put her hand down.

"If it's not covered by the briefing, yes." Skorpion sighed as he continued. "Anyway. That will be helped by the diversion force, consisting of DarkTan in one of the armoured vehicles, along with Katrina, Lucius, and Arella blowing things up flashily to get the attention of the defenses while being mostly immune to it. This will ALSO be assisted with a preliminary bombardment, consisting of kamikaze drone aircraft armed with rocket packs. They will be aimed at the hull here and here, the tower here, and the engines here, here, and here. Our aim is to damage the carrier, forcing them to slow and descend to where it's harder for them to launch aircraft, and easier for us to land forces on their deck." He started to pace, using a laser to point things out on the diagram.

Lucius' eyes followed the dot of the laser closely, his tail twitching to and fro steadily. Dot.

Katrina hovered a hand near Lucius, just in case.

"I'll be landing a second force here, and leading it personally into the depths of the carrier to locate the technology we're there to obtain. Meanwhile, with the defenses disabled, the diversionary force will land and move in to assist, coming in from the other side and making their own way down." More circles, more waving of the pointer.

Tiffaney watched the presentation while snacking on a tuna sandwich that she made in advance, taking the time to adjust her glasses every now and again as her eyes followed the dot in unison with Johnathan and Alexis.

"As the teams move in, an engineering force will land to clear the deck and hangar of hostile aircraft. They will be clamped to a drogue chute and shunted overboard, for retrieval by aircraft or from the surface. Should we miss anything, or any flotation bags fail, we will be scouring the sea floor for debris." The pointer waved some more, a smirk growing on Skorpion's face as he realized the effect the moving dot was having.

Lucius leaped instinctively as the dot moved suddenly across the screen, crashing to the floor as his progress was arrested by Katrina's grip on his tail.

Arella, meanwhile, took advantage of the brief pause to raise her hand.

"Yes, Arella!" Skorpion asked, teasing the dot in front of Lucius as the catboy grabbed at it.

Alexis looked to Lucius and chuckled. She hadn't leapt at a laser pointer dot since she was a pup.

"We won't actually be hurting anyone, will we?" the not-really-ex-magical girl asked, sounding genuinely concerned.

"Only if they hurt us first, or if they're actually HYDRA agents. Or AIM infiltrators.." Skorpion responded smoothly, snapping the pointer off as the projector switched to a diagram of the interior of the helicarrier. "Our first destination will, naturally, be the armoury. Cut them off from their weapons, and take them for ourselves. Charges are to be placed here, here, and here, to create a hole for the engineers to drop the contents out through. Do not, I repeat, DO NOT fall through the hole. It's a long drop, and you'll lose your turn at the looting. After that, we will make for the bridge to cut communications, and to gain control of the carrier. From there, we can isolate and neutralise sections at will, with particular care being given to the holding cells; we have contracts to retrieve certain individuals, some are to be kept contained at all costs, and others are simply to be pointed and laughed at. You will be issued a set of recognition cards for the most dangerous subjects."

Lucius clambered back onto his chair, grumbling to himself as he patted the fur back down on his tail.

"After neutralising forces on the carrier, we will then strip it for anything easily removed, then exit over the side. I repeat, over the side, and NOT through any holes blasted or cut through the side. Sharp edges, need I remind you, do NOT mix with parachutes. Extraction procedure is the same as for equipment; descend on a drogue chute for aerial capture further down. If you reach an altitude of 400 meters without being recaptured, use your main chute, light a flare, and aim for our carrier. Naturally, if you can fly independently, you will be issued with an emergency chute only."

DarkTan raised his hand.

"Yes?" Skorpion pointed to the dhampir.

"What's the possibility of me driving the tank...like...thing off the side of the carrier and recovering it?" DarkTan asked.

"Infantry Support Vehicle. And you think we're just going to leave them there? We're picking those up as well. They're expensive!" Skorpion grumbled in frustration. "Drive it off if you want, you just don't want to be sat in it when the line's taken up, or it hits the water."

"Okay then," DarkTan responded.

Lucius raised a hand, ears canted questioningly. 'Do I get a parachute this time? Last time ye had me jump out o' a plane, ye didnae give me one, an' I missed.'

Alexis shuddered at the though of falling without a parachute, looking nervously around the room.

Skorpion sighed. "Fine, you can have an emergency chute this time. Just make sure to actually USE it this time; last time I lent you one, you slammed into the ground, THEN pulled the ripcord and got dragged through a cactus patch. And yes, Lexi, you'll get one. Don't worry."

Katrina snorted as she tried to stifle a laugh and failed.

Lucius shot Katrina a look of betrayal as he continued. 'I kept pullin' at it an' pullin' at it, an' nothin' happened. Then, wham.'

Katrina giggled again.


"So, Lexi. You wanted to talk?" Skorpion rested a hand on her shoulder as the room emptied. "We have a few minutes before the troops are due in here for their briefing."

Alexis nodded, checking to make sure they were alone. "Yeah..." She said quietly. "A couple things actually."

Skorpion nodded, indicating for her to sit down next to him. "Alright. What's on your mind. Is it the parachute stuff again?"

"No... It's about Arella." Alexis said taking a seat next to Skorpion. "I have something more personal to ask, but this is more important.."

"Okay. Ask away, then." Skorpion gestured for her to continue.

Alexis breathed in deeply before looking him in the eyes and telling him. "I want you to tell her she can't come, and make sure she doesn't." She said, looking to the table with guilt.

Skorpion raised an eyebrow. "Now, why would you want that? Worried she'll get hurt?"

"It's not a matter of worry, it's a matter of knowing... Look me in the eye and tell me that she'll be okay with this!" Alexis said with concern in her voice.

Skorpion leaned down, looking her in the eye as requested; streams of data just visible projected on the inside of his corneas. "You want me to tell my daughter she CAN'T meet the Avengers after all? Have you any idea the amount of wibbling that would cause? And besides; like it or not, we need her on this mission."

"Skorpion, I'm a killer, John's a killer, you're a killer, Even Eva's used to death... Arella is no killer, and I don't want her to see what we're gonna do. It's not a matter of what she wants or likes, is about what is best. I'll tell her if I have to, but we need to set aside reason and act on emotion." Alexis said, hoping that he'd understand.

"I AM acting on emotion here. Have you tried saying no to those eyes? Seriously; Black Widow is her idol, and Devin's intelligence suggests she'll actually be there. I can't deny her the chance to meet her, any more than I can stop her going anywhere she wants to." Skorpion sighed softly. "I don't WANT her to end up seeing this, which is why she's on the distraction force. Lucius knows her, he can make sure she doesn't see anything, and get her on board when everything's happening down in the depths of the carrier."

"I don't trust it Skorp. I will look her in the eyes and tell her she can't. I don't care how she reacts. She's been around enough death already. Just please... Let me tell her no!" Alexis said with tears in her eyes, she didn't want to make Skorpion upset with her, but this was for her friend.

"Fine. You can try and tell her; I can't do it myself. I didn't want to take her, but when she found out I was planning it, she insisted on coming." Skorpion straightened up, sighing. "Otherwise, just do your job right, and she won't get hurt. If everything goes as planned, nobody needs to get hurt other than anyone dumb enough to get in our way, and Nick Fury's ego."

"You're not mad, are you?" Alexis asked with her ears folded back, still looking at the table.

Skorpion reached out, petting her ears gently. "No. I understand where you're coming from, and I don't want her along either, but she INSISTED. She wibbled, she pouted, and damn it, I can't resist that. And I do owe her, even after all this time, for what happened to her parents."

Alexis nodded, getting up to give him a hug. "Thank you papa." She said, crying a little.

Skorpion held her close, eyebrow quirking at 'papa'. "You're welcome, Lexi."


Alexis had finished her moment with Skorp and was now frantically sprinting to the lobby to catch Arella on the way home. "Stupid. That took way too much time! Stupid tears and stupid crying." She said to herself as she passed through corridors and stairways that all looked pretty much the same, until she saw Arella chatting with Mary at the front desk. Once she spotted the magical girl her heart sank; she knew what Skorp was talking about, but she had to do this, even if her friend looked so happy to meet even one Avenger, even if it meant being hated. She walked up to Arella and tugged on her shirt. "H-hey... We... We need to talk..." She said, utterly failing at acting normal.

Arella, of course, immediately looked concerned, because Alexis was clearly upset (which, in turn, made her a little upset as well, though she didn't know why yet). "What's wrong?" the not-really-ex-at-all-magical girl asked.

Alexis' mouth opened to speak, but no words came out, the she began pulling Arella to where they could be alone as if she'd asked if it was okay first. "How am I gonna tell her... She can't know the truth..." She thought as she lead Arella to a secluded spot.

Becoming more worried by the second, Arella quite willingly went along with her while trying to figure out what could possibly have Alexis acting so unlike herself. Had Rekko done something? If he'd done something to hurt her friend, she was going to make him so very beyond sorry. And possibly beat him over the head with a frying pan.

Alexis avoided eye contact as she mustered the courage to speak. "You... You can't come with us... On the mission." She said, immediately feeling horribly guilty.

The blonde girl gave her head a small tilt, looking more curious (and a bit bewildered) than upset. "Why?" she quite reasonably wanted to know.

Alexis had been too busy looking at Arella's feet to notice her expression. "You just... You just can't, okay?"

"But..." Arella really did want to meet the Avengers. But her friend was also very clearly upset, and that had to take priority right now. "Lexi, what's wrong?"

"I don't want you to be upset, but please... Don't come." Alexis said, looking up to make eye contact with tears forming in her eyes. She felt ridiculous, here she was, ready to ball her eyes out, and Arella was perfectly calm.

Looking ever so concerned, the magical girl promptly enfolded her friend in a hug. "Will you feel better, if I don't go?" she asked, trying very hard to keep the disappointment from her voice.

Alexis returned the hug and nodded. "Mmhmm."

Disappointment began to settle in properly, even as Arella gave a nod. "Okay. If it'll make you feel better, I won't go," she promised; she would do anything for her friends, after all.

"I'm sorry." Alexis said clenching on the back of Arella's shirt. "Hopefully she never knows enough about it to thank me." She thought to herself. "I'm sorry."

"That's okay," Arella promised. "I'm just sorry you're so upset. Are you feeling any better?" she asked gently, still hugging the wolfgirl.

"Mmhmm." Alexis said with another nod. "Would... Would you mind getting some frozen yogurt with me?" She asked, feeling that a frozen treat would help both of them feel better.

"Sure!" the magical girl happily agreed, always up for some frozen yogurt - especially with a friend. "You'll need a coat though, it's still pretty cold out," she suggested.

"Arella... Thank you." Alexis said, feeling more at peace knowing Arella wouldn't be present for the raid.


Tiffaney is still a catgirl, and wastes no time in making puns.
The two exchange puns for a bit, and we cut to Lockdown entering the lobby.
Mary gives the giant metal doggie a hug, and a flash drive with directions; Lockdown downloads the directions and makes his way to the briefing.
DarkTan walks on the lawn to get to FGTL HQ, and gets blown up by a mine for his trouble. Don't worry, he still makes it inside.
Arella checks in with Mary at the front desk.
DarkTan crashes through the skylight and is scanned for bugs (and thoroughly frisked) by Mary.
Mary gossips to Arella about Skorpion's new girlfriend, which results in much squeeing.
Arella heads to the briefing, only to be mobbed by excited Largoists; she answers many questions, and gets many gifts before Skorpion shows up to carry her to the briefing.
Alexis and Johnathan meet up with Arella and Skorpion.
Johnathan calls Arella "Arella-hime" and makes her day.
The group makes it to the briefing room.
Impressive projector is impressive, and Lockdown enters the room.
Skorpion teases Lockdown, and Devin is on the intercom.
Devin makes some Alice in Wonderland references, and acts all cryptic.
Alexis gets bored by nerd talk.
DarkTan shows up in the briefing room.
Talk of plans for an attack.
Alexis does not approve of dildo guns.
Kat shows up, followed by Lucius.
More outrage from Alexis due to a pair of lacy panties produced by Lucius.
Tiffaney apparently has fashioned a tranquilizer for everyone in the room.
Enter Kor!
Lockdown and Skorpion bicker before Lucius breaks it up by going Principal.
No Whisp, you're not in trouble.
Evangeline barges in outta breath, wondering why everyone forgot about her.
After being told that she wouldn't be with the main force she interjects by stating she's an active healer.
Arella questions the need for a healer, and Lucius distracts her while Devin tries to use the fact that Arella doesn't know it's an attack to get Skorpion to get him a car.
Actual briefing stuff!
Alexis wants to meet with Skorpion after the briefing.
More briefing stuff and every kemonomimi in the room is watching the laser dot with intent.
A little Q&A and everyone heads out.
Skorpion and Alexis sit down for a chat.
Alexis has two questions, but one is more important than the other so she only asks the one.
Alexis doesn't want Arella on the raid, and eventually Skorpion agrees to let her try to get Arella not to come.
Alexis gives Skorpion a hug and calls him 'papa'.
Alexis nervously pulls the magical girl to a secluded spot where she tells her she can't come.
Both girls are upset for different reasons, but Alexis gets Arella not to come and the two agree to go out for frozen yogurt to feel better. Because frozen yogurt, much like ice cream, fixes everything.

Summary of summary:
Briefing for the SHIELD raid.
Distraction by durable types, then the forces land on the helicarrier.
DT is insecure.
Giant Metal Doggie!
Arella's not going. :-(
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Re: The SHIELD Raid

SHIELD: The Raidening: The Mobilising.
Location: FGTL Airfield
Characters: Everyone attending the raid.
Authors: People.
Timestamp: The day after the briefening.


Skorpion stepped out the helicopter, surveying the scene before him. Two of his new An-70s were sat out on the tarmac, being loaded with supplies and equipment for the raid. An An-72 was nearby for the fire support, fitted out as a small gunship and sniper platform, and an Il-76 fitted out for mid-air recovery. Around them were clustered crates and containers of supplies, loading gear, parachutes, troops loading and packing gear and parachutes, and the pair of BMDs. A short distance away was the aging C-130 provided by ORAZ, surrounded by a small army of cleaning robots working to sweep up the rust and loose parts that fell from it occasionally.

"I'm not towing that thing. If it doesn't move under it's own power, he'll just have to flap." Skorpion sighed, turning to Strider. "We HAVE tested it to make sure it'll move, right?"

Strider nodded as he stepped up to meet Skorpion. "Yes, boss. Engines fire, props turn. It'll have trouble getting off the ground laden down like that, but that's what JATO rockets are for. And solid rocket boosters. Assuming they don't just tear away whatever they're attached to like I'm sort of fearing they will."

Skorpion looked back at the aircraft in question, then back to Strider. "It's not gonna land again, and I don't think he even plans to land it. I think we can just reinforce the structure, and make sure the bare minimum will make it. Oh, and strip it of anything nonessential for the mission. Seats, lights, make the landing gear fall off when it's taken flight, whatever. And have a crew ready to pick up the pieces should it fall apart."

Strider nodded again, taking notes on a tablet. "And if it doesn't get off the ground?"

"Have one of ours on standby to drop him from. We need the firepower on the carrier, so we can just bill him for the transport. Any news on our carrier?" Skorpion asked.

"Yes, boss. They've got the helicarrier on radar, and they're following it. Nothing active, and it's above the clouds anyway." Strider responded, holding up his tablet to show a map plot of the helicarrier's route.

"Good. I'll go talk to the troops, help load some equipment, and do a speech before everyone mounts up." Skorpion grinned to his second-in-command. "Get them all fired up for it." He winked, before stepping to the edge of the helipad. "Keep up the good work running this, and remember; if I don't come back, you're in charge until I'm recovered. I made a backup and left it on the system, like last time."

"Sure thing, boss." Strider saluted. "Just try not to die, alright?"

Skorpion chuckled as he vaulted the railing at the edge of the pad. "Don't I always?" He quipped as he dropped out of sight, landing with a thud on the ground.

"No. You stick your head up like an idiot, charge into oncoming fire, leap off buildings, drive like a maniac, and keep chopping off your own bloody limbs by accident, relying on your girlfriend to stick them back on. Or just use duct tape." Strider sighed. Officers.


"ALEXIS!" Skorpion called out as he strode across the tarmac, waving to the wolfgirl in question. "How's it going?"

Alexis' ears perked as she turned to face Skorpion, raising her hand to wave back. "Hey pops!" She said with a smile. "Need somethin'?"

Skorpion nodded. "Just seeing how you were getting on with the prep work." He stepped up to her, leaning down to wrap her in a hug. "Everything going okay? No huge problems? How's the aircraft?"

Alexis giggled, returning the hug as her tail wagged excitedly. "Everything's going pretty smoothly... You know, for a Largoist operation."

"Good good." Skorpion set her down again, releasing her. "No explosions yet?"

"Nothing big enough to warrant a setback." Alexis informed, closing her eyes as she shrugged. "Largoists will be Largoists after all."

Skorpion nodded. "The schedule allows for a few explosions anyway. After all..." He ducked as half a propeller blade flew over his head, before reaching up to catch it. "Did you see where this came from?"

Alexis tilted her torso to the side to see behind Skorpion before pointing to a plane that was missing a chunk of propeller. "That one I think."

Skorpion turned, throwing the chunk of blade back towards the engineers standing in a semicircle around the broken aircraft. It arced through the air smoothly, before striking one on the helmet, glancing off into a second, and then falling to the floor with a clatter. "Test for cracks BEFORE you mount it, you noobs! BEFORE! Not AFTER!" He sighed, turning back to Alexis. "It's not like we don't have a special rig for checking them, either."

Alexis chuckled. "But that gets rid of the excitement of not knowing if it'll work!" She teased with a grin, placing her knuckles on her hips and standing proudly.

"It'd also get rid of the debris on the flight line, and the flying debris that nearly took my head off." Skorpion sighed. "They can get their excitement on the testing rig, dammit. You got everything you need here? Enough ammo for your cannon?"

Alexis pointed to her plane with her thumb. "Two hundred rounds ready to be belt fed on the airplane, fifty mags in ammospace, five in the cannon."

Skorpion looked at the plane, looking pensive. "Grab another hundred just to be sure."

Alexis saluted before jogging over to the supplier to forward the requisition.

Skorpion grinned, heading off to the next aircraft.


"Lucius, who the hell is this? I'm pretty sure I didn't clone you or anything, so is this your illegitimate son or something?" Skorpion frowned, pointing at Cathal.

'Actually, he's my grandson. Y'know Jessie, from back in th'day?' Lucius asked.

"Which Jessie? It was a popular name back in the eighties." Skorpion pointed out as he prodded at Cathal. "What's he doing here?"

'I'm gettin' tae that!' Lucius rolled his eyes. 'Jessie, the groupie for The Offenders? Tha's his grandmother. Turns out, she was pregnant when grunge killed my music career.'

"And you never wrote to her. Or called her. Or went to look for her." Skorpion prodded Cathal again, causing the boy to step back and swat at his hand.

"Quit it!" Cathal protested, glaring at Skorpion.

"No. Now hush." Skorpion told the youngster, before turning back to Lucius. "I could have found her if you'd SAID anything."

Lucius sighed. 'I thought she'd moved on, an' deserved a life o' her own. An' that she'd nae want a has-been anyway.'

"Fair point. So, why is the kid here?" Skorpion asked. Again.

"I'm not a k-"

"Yes you are. Shut up and let him answer."

Cathal sulked, kicking at the annoyingly rock-free surface.

'He came tae Tokyo lookin' fer me, actually, but...' Lucius answered.

Skorpion cut him off. "And he's found you. Why is he HERE. On my airfield. With you. On the way to raid a SHIELD helicarrier."

'Family bondin' time?' Lucius offered.

Cathal sighed. "He SAID I could do with some experience in doing things. But I don't really fancy jumping out of an plane onto another plane that's going to be shooting at me." He looked to Lucius, eyebrow raised in a very Lucius-like manner. "Why DID you bring me here?"

Skorpion snickered, looking to Lucius. "Yes, why DID you bring your grandson along to jump out of an aeroplane onto helicarrier full of people that'll be shooting back?"

'Work experience?' Lucius offered. 'On-the-job trainin', y'ken?'

Skorpion and Cathal looked at each other, then back to Lucius.

"WHAT job? You're not even paying me for this! That's not a 'job', that's slavery!"

"This is no job for a kid!"

"I'm not a-"

"Shut up! You're fifteen, you're a kid."

"I'm sevent-"

"No you're not. And that passport may as well have 'made in china' on the back. Cathal Jones, age fifteen, last seen at Heathrow airport sneaking over the fence, wanted for seven counts of petty theft, two of burglary, six of breaking and entering, one of theft of a motor vehicle, and a whole fifteen counts of graffiti."

Cathal blinked. "I didn't take it! They just threw the keys at me after they crashed it and told the coppers I stole it! An' that's months out of date anyway. I'm SIXteen now!"

"Either way, I'm old enough to be your grandfather. Hell, he IS your grandfather. My point is, you're a kid. Why, Lucius, did you bring your grandson along? Can he even shoot?"

"Mate, I can hit a pigeon from half a mile away with a BB gun. A machinegun like this should be no problem." Cathal grinned, twirling one of Skorpion's MP7s around his index finger.

"How did you... Give me that!" Skorpion grabbed the gun back. "Okay, THAT'S actually pretty handy. Give back the other one, and I'll even let you wear a parachute."

Cathal grumbled, handing the other MP7 over, along with a handful of change and an energy bar.

Skorpion glared at Lucius. "ASK FIRST."

Lucius held his hands up, ears flattened back against his head. 'Okay, okay...'

Skorpion turned and walked off, grumbling, and grabbing a brick of C4 out of Cathal's hands as he passed him. "That's mine, too."


Skorpion clambered into the aircraft, looking around before heading towards Eva. "Eva! How are things going? Any injuries yet?"

"Nothing that isn't standard. Cuts, scrapes, bruses, fractures... That's about it." Evangeline reported with a smile. "And how are you feeling?"

"I'm not missing anything, if that's what you mean." Skorpion smiled. "I'm just running last-minute checks on everything before takeoff. Keep myself occupied, and make sure things are being done right."

Eva nodded in response. "Too bad mom can't come to the raid." She said as she took a seat and letting out a sigh. "I've been pretty busy with this many Largoists in one place."

Skorpion chuckled. "That's why you're here. I'd have medics everywhere, otherwise. Are you handling it okay? Need me to get you an assistant?"

"I'm fine. Just a little tired." Eva said, leaning back in her seat. "I've definitely been doing better since joining FGTL. Otherwise I may have fainted by now."

"Rest, then." Skorpion advised. "You'll probably be busy during the raid, so get some rest while you can. Sleep if you have to."

Eva nodded again. "I might just do that." She said, covering her mouth as she let out a small yawn. "Sorry."

"Don't be; you've been keeping the force in the right number of pieces. Take a rest, I'll get some more medics to take over from you." He nodded to her, before continuing on his rounds.

Eva waved him off before getting comfortable for a nap.


"Aahhhh! Someone get it off me!"

"Stand down unauthorized individual, or you will be perforated!"

"Th'ell does that mean anyway?"

A thud, and the distinctive whirring of a gatling gun's barrels spinning up. Skorpion sighed, heading over to the source of the noise. On reaching it, he found Cathal pressed up against a wall, confronted by Lockdown. Oh, great. Just what I need. Bulletholes in my new plane. And Lucius' grandson. "Stand down, BOTH of you!"

"Negative. This individual is not in posession of proper identification, and does not match any employee records." Lockdown informed, the gun ports on his head opening at Cathal.

"No shooting anyone inside an aircraft." Skorpion stepped between the two, glaring at Lockdown. "Also, that's Lucius' grandson. He's not a Largoist, and no, he's NOT meant to be here. But I've permitted him to be on the attack force, because he's got skills we need." He paused. "And because Lucius will turn on the sad kitty eyes if I don't, or have Arella come wibble at me."

"I'm right here, you know."

"And I'm trying to stop this robot dog from putting holes in my new airlifter." Skorpion paused. "And you, of course."

The gunports closed before the minigun ceased spinning and lowered into it's standby position. "Afirmative. I've updated the roster to include him."

Skorpion nodded. "And have you updated your rules of engagement to rule out BLOWING HOLES IN MY AIRCRAFT?"

"I was gonna be careful." Lockdown informed. "Have the bullets stop in the chest cavity, or maybe just stab 'em; toss him off before a puddle forms."

"You could just not kill me. That'd be nice. And why the hell does a guard dog have a minigun anyway?"

"He's not a guard dog. He's a Computerised Assault Dog."

"Canine Assault Drone." Lockdown corrected.

"Why does he need a minigun for that?"

"To shoot people." Skorpion said as if it was the most obvious thing in the world.

Cathal nodded. "I guess that makes sense. But..."

"Ask why one more time and I'll let him demonstrate."

"And blow holes in your aircraft?"

"He'll be careful. Won't you, boy?"

"Affirmative." Lockdown confirmed as the minigun deployed and spun up again.

"Okay, okay, okay." Man, this guy's a right arsehole.. "Man, you're a... I mean, done ganging up on me with the metal mutt yet?"

"Think before you speak, kid. Now give back whatever you just took, and go make yourself useful." Skorpion pointed out the open tail ramp of the aircraft. "Lockdown, go find someone else to harrass. Maybe go follow Lucius around for a bit. I'm sure he's done something to deserve it."

"Confirmed." Lockdown stated before putting the minigun on standby, and exiting the craft in search of Lucius.

Cathal handed Skorpion back a pair of grenades, and a mousetrap. "Here. I can't even help it sometimes. And why are there mousetraps in your pockets?"

"In case someone reaches in there to steal things." Skorpion explained smugly, resetting the trap before dropping it back into his pocket. "Although I note you got it out without losing a finger."

Cathal nodded. "You spend enough time in airvents, and you have to learn to disarm traps. And before you ask, I grew up in a tower block in Croydon. Council won't fix shit without making you wait six months for a callback, so someone's gotta fix it so old Mrs Smith doesn't freeze to death come winter. So I got sent in to clear blockages, until I didn't fit in the smaller vents."

"So, you fix things?" Skorpion asked, sitting down across from Cathal.

"When they break, yeah. Or when they're just not working right. Mostly HVAC and electrical stuff, but I can do appliances and vehicles and stuff. No good with computers, though. I can take it apart and put it back together, but not program it or fix anything but the fans or the case." Cathal shrugged. "Mostly, though, it's knocking blockages out of ducts and pipes, and stopping pigeons from getting into the vents."

"Maybe you're not as useless as your teachers seem to think." Skorpion remarked. "Severe behavioural problems, attitude problems, and issues with attendance."

Cathal shrugged again. "They weren't teaching anything, and you've gotta defend yourself when people go after you. Not my fault they blamed me for everything. Not worth showing up half the time, when they spend most of the lesson shouting at the idiots for being idiots, or at each other for shouting too loud."

"So, you fled to Japan to track down your long-lost grandfather that you'd never met."

"Better than Croydon, innit? Learned more in a month at the Academy than I did last year back home. And I have a proper bed, that doesn't fold up, so I'm staying. An' there's Arella-sensei..." He looked back at Skorpion defiantly. "You try and send me home, I ain't going."

"I was more thinking of employing you, once you're old enough." Skorpion replied. "What was that about Arella?"

Cathal blushed, looking down at his feet. "She's all pretty and super nice and stuff, even if she works herself too hard."

Skorpion raised an eyebrow.

"But she's got a boyfriend an' stuff, an' I think she used to date Lucius, so that'd be kinda creepy. How old even is he, anyway?"


"Man. Not thousands of years old like in the movies?"

Skorpion chuckled. "Nah, he's a newer immortal. Also, yes, Arella's off limits. Mess with my daughter, and I'll kill you. Those are the rules."

Cathal blinked, looking up in shock. "Your DAUGHTER? How old is SHE?"

"Adopted daughter. She's a normal human, just a magical girl." Skorpion chuckled. "Not everyone in this city is older than they look."

"What about you, then?" Cathal asked, head tilted curiously.

"That's a tricky one." Skorpion grinned. "Technically, about four."



"You what?"

"Died about five years ago. Restored myself from backup."


"It's a long story. Otherwise, you could say I'm about 40, because that was the first time I died."

"You do that a lot?"

"I don't make a habit of it. That wasn't my doing anyway."

"Another long story?"

"Of course. Other than that, I'm not sure, because I don't remember much past that. Best guess is sixty-something since I was born."

"So, you're about 40 as you are now, but your body's only four years old?"

Skorpion nodded. "At least, bits of it are. I'm not sure how much is original now." He stood up, grinning. "Anyway, I have rounds to do. Prove yourself on the raid, and maybe I'll have odd jobs for you around here, or at HQ. Maybe sort you out with a proper identity, since you seem to be missing bits."

"Insult someone at the civil service, paperwork goes missing." Cathal shrugged. "Bastards."

Skorpion nodded. "American military's worse. Ask Alexis about it sometime; the wolfgirl with the cannon. See you."

Cathal waved as Skorpion headed off, before turning his attention back to the junction box he'd been working on when interrupted by Lockdown. "What idiot plugged this lot in? No wonder it was making noise..."


"You don't do anything by half, do you," Jason rather casually observed as Skorp continued on his rounds.

"Well, you've never seen Largoist forces in action, have you?" Skorpion grinned, stopping next to Jason. "Besides, we're raiding a branch of the US military, and not just fencehopping to make off with a few mothballed planes."

"Usually when people are looking to raid someone like SHIELD, they opt for the stealth approach, though," the thief pointed out. "Y'know, a quick in-and-out job, done before they even know you're there? Most people don't go out of their way to advertise who's robbing them." He wasn't criticizing, though - merely making his usual, slightly snarky observations.

"Yes, but you did that, and I STILL managed to track you down." Skorpion retorted, smirking. "Besides, they WON'T know who's robbing them. The plan is to go in fast and hard, jam their comms, and asset-strip the carrier before they even realise what's going on."

"There's a difference between knowing Red X stole your stuff, and knowing I stole your stuff," Jason pointed out, before adding, "And this is SHIELD. They're going to notice who's robbing them."

"And what if they do?" Skorpion waved his arm over to where a flight of fighter jets were being raised up to runway level on an elevator. "They can't just declare war on a sovereign nation. That's how Latveria gets away with being Latveria. And besides." He grinned widely. "I have more guns."

"Hey, not criticizing, boss," the still ever-so-casual Jason replied. "Just saying. It'll be interesting to see what they do." He paused a moment then, before adding (still perfectly casual if not downright friendly), "Also, you're insane. But I daresay you knew that already."

Skorpion nodded. "You know what they say; sanity only has one trick. Plain, boring normality. If you're insane, then the sky's the limit! Besides." He grinned again. "You came to me, knowing that I'm the only one insane and powerful enough to protect your sister. So, by all rights, you're as bad as I am."

"Never said I wasn't," Jason agreed, that trademark grin of his drawing admiring looks from two female and one male Largoist as he passed them by.

Skorpion nodded. "In that case, you won't mind jumping out of an aeroplane into a crowd of enemy combatants that may or may not be firing at you, and stealing their toys." He grinned, causing the aforementioned Largoists to shy away as what remained of their self-preservation instincts kicked in.

"Mind if I just teleport into the crowd instead? Jumping out of aeroplanes has a tendency to make you the perfect target for anyone shooting at you," the young man good-humouredly pointed out.

"I have two words to describe why that would be a very bad idea, kid. Relative and Velocity." Skorpion held up a tablet, using his finger to draw a crude diagram of the helicarrier and the aircraft, with arrows showing the speeds. "So, let's say this here stick figure is you. You're moving at the cruising speed of the aircraft, which is a few hundred miles an hour. And here we have the helicarrier, which ISN'T." He moved the stick figure to the deck of the helicarrier, along with the velocity arrow. "You'd teleport, and you'd be moving at the same speed as the aircraft still. I believe the phrase is 'bumpety bumpety bumpety splat', but there's nothing to go 'bumpety' against. You'd still go 'splat', though. Water is surprisingly hard at that speed. So, unless that suit has some technomagical stuff in it that didn't activate when I was trying to capture you, you're probably going to want a parachute to at least slow down."


Skorpion stopped next to one of the fighters and looked up. "What ARE you doing up there?"

Where Skorpion looked, Tiffaney lay atop the fighter, arms spread out, resting on the upper surface of the aircraft. "Sunbathing." She explained in a lazy voice with a content smile.

"Okay, and why are you sunbathing on top of a fighter jet?" Skorpion enquired, raising an eyebrow. "Especially considering it was underground until a few minutes ago."

"The dark paint attracts sunlight~" Tiffaney explaind, adjusting herself to a more comfortable postion. "Something wrong, dear?"

"Just that you probably shouldn't stay there when they start it up." Skorpion patted the side of the aircraft gently. "Getting sucked through one of these is painful, at least according to Lucius."

"I won't~" Tiffaney chimed with a carefree sigh.

Skorpion chuckled softly. "Typical feline. I'll leave you to bask in the sun, then."

"Haihai~" Tiffaney said before closing her eyes for a little catnap.


"Well this is just nonsense," DarkTan muttered as he stood out of the hatch, holding a very expensive piece of radio comminucation equipment in his hand, "The hell is this thing anyway? It doesn't even have a aux port!" He tossed the offending item to the tarmac, "You there! Get me some more speakers, an amp, three Mt. Dews and a radio! With BlueTooth!" the leader of ORAZ pointed at a random Largoist and ducked back in to the IFV. The sound of a jackhammer was heard.

"Who gave him a jack hammer?" A technition asked.

"No ide-" the respose was cut off by a muffled exploion and flash of fire from the hatch.

"And more butane!" the dhampir yelled out from the hatch.

Skorpion walked straight up the opened rear ramp of the aged aircraft, rust and small metal parts falling off it as he did so. After squeezing past the BMD nestled inside a cage of reinforcing struts, straps, parachutes, and solid rockets, he tapped DarkTan on the shoulder. "Are you cooking in here, or just doing maintenance?"

"Modifications!" DarkTan replied enthustiastically with a wisp of smoke curling from his hair, "Need some PA seakers. Psychological warfare." He nodded sagely.

Skorpion nodded. "You should have said something earlier. I could have hacked something into a drop tank, stuck hardpoints onto the wings..." He trailed off. "Why are you attacking the control panel with a pneumatic drill?"

"Seemed like a good idea," DarkTan replied, "And no one will hear the plan coming. This is all going on the tank... looking thing." DarkTan corrected himself before the moderatly megalomaniacal leader of the FGTL could do it for him.

"Infantry Fighting Vehicle." Skorpion corrected anyway. "Or a ?????? ?????? ??????? if you want to stick with the original Russian."

"Only word I know in is seven point six two," DarkTan chuckled, "And where is that guy with the stereo?" He then poked his blue-haired head out to look. "Oy! Hurry up!"

"Quit being rude to my people, and they might actually help you." Skorpion pointed out, nudging a piece of the ceiling back into place. "And are you SURE this thing will make it off the runway without falling apart."

"Yeah," DarkTan said, "I got it here didn't I? And I only dropped the tail twice." DarkTan smiled proudly.

"It got here on the back of a truck, as I remember." Skorpion pointed out.

"That's utterly irrelevant," DarkTan muttered.

Skorpion grinned in triumph. "Also, you dropped this." He handed the dhampir the aileron he'd been holding behind his back. "I think you'd better go weld it back on."

"Pfff, weight reduction," DarkTan said dismissively and tossed it, rather gently, somewhere else in the plane (but he knew exactly where it had landed, "Hand me that fuse over there will ya?"

Skorpion turned, picking up the fuse and examining it before handing it to DarkTan. "How old is this aircraft again? Because I haven't seen fuses that size in decades, outside of Lucius' amplifiers."

"It is for one of Luc's amplifiers," DarkTan gave a fanged grin, "Don't tell him though."

"I'm sure he won't notice it's gone. At least, until this thing falls apart halfway there and we have to fish you out the ocean." Skorpion returned the grin.

"It will make it to the carrier," DarkTan said, sounding more like he was reassuring himself than Skorpion.


"Oh, for... Get a room!" Skorpion bashed on the side of the BMD, in response to the noises coming from within the closed hatch, and the vehicle rocking on it's suspension. "I need that scotsman alert for the raid, not napping!"


Skorpion headed over to where Johnathan was staring pensively at the sky, seemingly lost in thought as a few female Largoists lounged nearby, observing the bishie wolf-boy as he did bishie things. "They're called 'clouds'."

"Hm? Yes. They are." Johnathan confirmed, his eyes continuing to stare at the sky for a few seconds before he turned his attention to Skorpion. "Do you require my assistance, father?"

Him as well? I'm gaining children faster than a milkman in a council estate. "Just seeing how you're doing before I throw you into action. You seemed pretty lost in thought, there."

"I am fine, merely questioning whether or not I will find my purpose on the assault." Johnathan said, looking into Skorpion's eyes with his usual lack of emotion.

"Unless your purpose is attacking people with swords while being shot at, I doubt it." Skorpion replied. "If you're looking for purpose in life, you most likely won't find it doing odd jobs and assassinations for me, or wrangling magical girls. Pupose is something that has to be sought out, and grasped with both hands when you find it." He turned slightly, waving his arm over the airfield, and over the bay towards FGTL HQ, barely visible except for the specks of aircraft around it. "But you're at least in the right place to find it. When I came here, I had nothing but a job offer, a head full of stolen data, a stolen taxi, and a bag full of guns. Now? Now I have a small but growing empire, adopted children, and a nuclear space shuttle in the works."

"I don't understand. I used to be content with such a purpose. Go to a location and kill its people, but now... Now it doesn't seem like enough." Johnathan clearly looked perplexed by this. "I fail to understand the logic behind this sudden change in thought... Am I... Defective?"

"No." Skorpion leaned down, placing his hand on Johnathan's shoulder. "Before, with the US, you were simply a tool. Go there, kill these people, go back into the bunker. Now? Now you're a person. You can have a life. You can do what you want, when you want. You're only lacking purpose because you're not being told what to do all the time. I'm afraid I can't offer much except sidequests, but I suggest you get out and talk to people outside the FGTL a bit. Maybe the magical girls can help you. They certainly helped Lucius find purpose, and he was the very definition of a stray catboy."

Johnathan listened intently, taking a moment to contemplate what Skorpion said. "I see... I shall see to speaking with them."

Skorpion grinned. "Freedom takes a while to get used to, but it's worth it. Trust me on that."

"Mayhap I will be able to assess that for myself one of these days." Johnathan contemplated out loud. "Thank you for the explanation, father."

Skorpion smiled. "Anytime, son."


Devin walked with Whisp down the airfield in search of Skorpion. "I don't know why you wanted to be here. It's nothing but chaos and... Nevermind. I know now."

Whisp, of course, looked positively gleeful. Not only was she surrounded by delightful chaos, but all the Largoists she passed looked a bit nervous and tended to quickly descend into talk wondering about what the Mihoists were plotting, which was just plain awesome. She was getting credit for plotting without having to actually do anything! She was also holding Dev's hand again, but that was nothing new, and there was a good chance she wasn't even aware of it.

"Ah, Mihoism." Skorpion remarked as the couple passed the vehicle he was leaning on. "And high-schoolers engaged in it."

"Skorpion, you know I'm not a factionist." Devin stated plainly. "Or would you prefer father? From what I understand you've assumed that role for Alexis, and mayhaps Johnathan as well."

Skorpion nodded. "I have, it seems. And either will do for now. And while YOU may not be a Mihoist..." He nodded to Whisp. "She IS. Hi, by the way. Whisp, isn't it?"

"Hi," the teen girl returned, still looking entirely too pleased with herself for causing trouble without actually having to do anything.

"You know, you remind me of someone I once kidnapped. Strange." Skorpion leaned down to examine her carefully. "I'm Skorpion, by the way. If you hadn't guessed that already."

But Whisp just grinned a rather Mihoist-looking grin and replied, "I'm guessing that kidnapping didn't go quite as planned." 'Cause her dad was cleverer than that.

"As I remember, it did. It's what happened afterwards that went pear-shaped." Skorpion sighed as he remembered. "She was very good at the whole sneaky persuasion thing, though. Well. Both of them were, come to think of it. But at least Ash thought like a proper Largoist."

Whisp blinked, suddenly looking more interested than, well, Mihoist-ey. "You mean Aneko's Ash?" she asked, remembering a conversation about her from what seemed ages ago (but in fact had only been a few months).

Skorpion nodded. "MY Ash, rather. She was a Largoist, and worked for me. You should ask Arella-sensei about her sometime." He grinned, before turning back to Devin. "About time you found a girlfriend."

"We're just friends!" Devin corrected clenching the fist of his free hand for a moment before regaining his composure. "The carrier is still on course. All is as scheduled."

Skorpion nodded. Sure they were. "Good. Although, with luck, it soon WON'T be on course." He grinned widely. "Our carrier is ready to launch the initial bombardment once we're close."

"I am aware. Is there anything that requires my attention whilst I'm here?" Devin asked as he scanned the airfield.

"Nothing you couldn't have done remotely." Skorpion replied. "I'm not sure why you..." He was interrupted by screaming as Cathal sprinted across the tarmac behind him, pursued by Lockdown. Skorpion sighed. "Although you can get your metal dog off."

"Off what?" Devin asked, pulling out his phone and obviously pretending to be distracted, while Whisp laughed at the not uncommon sight of Cathal being chased by one of the puppies.

"Off what is apparently my grand-nephew." Skorpion pointed over his shoulder, as Cathal ran full tilt into a fuel tanker and knocked himself out with a resonant clang, Lockdown sliding to a halt next to him and barking while Whisp snorted and buried her face in Dev's shoulder, still laughing. "Although you may need to fetch your mother as well, to check he didn't just break anything."

"He's got Scottish blood, he'll be fine." Devin remarked before pocketing his phone, feeling ever-so-slightly pleased at the spectacle. "Now then, you sure you don't need me for anything?"

"Not unless you're planning on coming along. Might be good to get some fresh air. Take in some sunshine, maybe hit the beach after the mission." Skorpion grinned. "You could probably use some sun."

"Look at my skin." Devin said as he held up his rather pale free hand. "I don't tan... I burn."

"Use sun lotion, then. You evidently just don't get enough of it." Skorpion sighed. Kids these days!

Whisp gave Dev's hand a tug. "I wanna creep out more Largoists," she demanded in a tone that suggested she was getting bored.

"You could do with some sun as well, assuming you don't spontaneously combust."

Whisp stuck her tongue out at Skorp, for that.

"I would rather not attend." Devin stated flatly, to the accompaniment of another tug on his hand.

"Suit yourself. Just try not to creep out anyone working on anything important, okay?" Skorpion remarked as he turned and headed off.

Whisp, in turn, responded by winking at a passing Largoist, causing him to start and drop the load he was carrying, and earning a peal of laughter from the teenaged girl.

"I suppose that's my cue to let her lead me off to cause mischief." Devin said with a sigh.

"Always," his companion rather carelessly promised, already dragging him off in search of more targets.

"Such is the curse of being male." Skorpion quipped.


The noise started low. Rumbling, clattering, and high-pitched whines as engines started, accompanied by slamming doors and shouted instructions. After a few moments, the noise grew louder and higher; rumbles and whines growing into the shriek of turbofans and the thrum of propellor blades as the aicraft made their way to the flight line.

The ORAZ C-130 was first, followed by a swarm of sweeping machines as it lumbered into the air, trailing a cloud of hydraulic fluid, smoke, powdered rust, and small parts. As soon as the runway was clear, the other transports started their runs, climbing slowly into the air and gaining height. Following them was the escort; long-range patrol fighters, some carrying buddy stores for refueling en route. Finally came the swarm of modified MiG-21s, climbing steeply on afterburner in tight, perfect formation, cockpits faired over with metal plating, and penetrator tips grafted onto their nose.

The assemblage of aircraft gathered together over the ocean, patrol fighters keeping watch above, and the heavy transports clustered together to take advantage of slipstreams. The MiGs tucked in behind them, occasionally moving in to top off fuel tanks, but mostly sticking in the clear air behind and below. Finally, the ORAZ plane held up the rear, where the continuous spray of parts, rust, and fluids wouldn't hit anything important.



"You shhh!"

"... Ya-chan... <I think we're stuck in here.>"

"<This was your idea, you fool.>"

"<You suggested it.>"

"<Well, why are you bringing it up NOW, and not half an hour ago?>"

There was a long pause. "<Because I need to pee?>"

"<... Kawa-chan, you should have gone before we left.>"

"<Give me your penknife. I think I can jimmy the lock from here.>"

"<I can't reach it. It's in my back pocket... The other one. Down a bit. You've got it.>"

Click. Click click. Rattle. Clunk.

"<That sounded promising.>"

"<Just a little...>"


The magical girls tumbled out onto the floor of the aircraft from the storage bin, landing in a pile of limbs. Kawasaki extricated herself first, looking around briefly before scampering off to the bathroom.

"<Oh, by the gods that's better.>" Kawasaki returned, looking relieved. "D'ye ken where we're headin'?"

"Nae. <East, a bit North. Beyond that, there wasn't a flight-plan on the inside of the storage bin.>"

"<Oh. Still! We just need to find Lexi, and we can be Largoists for the day!>"

"<Why did I let you talk me into this.>"


Skorpion lands at the airfield, to check on preparations.
Strider's been left in charge.

Alexis is loading her kit.
Waggy-tailed hug!
Skorp suggests she get more ammo.

Lucius brought Cathal.
Skorp hasn't met him yet.
And doesn't know who he is? That's rare.
Explanation of how Cathal came to be.
Give that BACK.
And that.

Eva is a little overworked.
Skorp has people take over so she can nap.

Lockdown menaces Cathal.
He's friendly, don't hole the aircraft to get him.
Shifting alleigances.
Cathal explains what it is he actually DOES.
He fixes things!
And he's crushing on Arella.
Oh shit, she's the scary dude's daughter?
Guess the age of the super-soldier.
Skorp's not sure how to calculate it.
Go ask Alexis about the super-soldier thing.

Jason is snarky.
Even the guys want him.
Also, dat grin.
Skorpion's grin is scary, though.
No, teleporting from an aircraft is bad.
With stick figures.

Tiffaney is sunbathing atop a fighter jet.
Why? Because catgirl!

DT's plane is literally falling apart.
And he's still modifying it.
It's under siege by cleaner bots.
It's weight reduction!
It BETTER make it.
It will. Totaly.

Kat is engaging in pre-mission calisthenics. With Lucius. In the back of one of the BMDs.

Johnathan undergoes existensial angst.
Skorpion philosophises at him.
It seems to have worked!

Devin has brought Whisp along to watch the Largoists.
And mess with them.
Ah, Mihoism.
Skorp introduces himself to Whisp.
She DOES look like someone he once kidnapped.
Yes, that means he kidnapped Miho. It's totally canon, too!
Lockdown chases Cathal around some more. Despite being told not to shoot him.
He'll be fine.
Skorpion is a grand-uncle? Great-uncle? Something like that.
Devin is invited along; he could use some sun.
Whisp is getting bored.
SHE could use some sun too.
Back to creeping Largoists out.


Stowaway magical girls?
Skorpion [FGTL]
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Re: The SHIELD Raid

The Discoverining
Timestamp: A couple of hours after takeoff.
Authors: Skorpy, Oblivion
Characters: Alexis, Kawasaki, and Yakashima.
Location: One of the airlifters.


It was about halfway through the trip when Alexis leaned back in her seat. "I'm boooored!" She complained loudly, raising her fists to the sky dramatically. "I need something to dooooo!"

There was a general sniggering from the assembled snipers, at least those who weren't busy polishing guns. This was followed by the co-pilot poking his head around the cockpit door. "If you want something to do, you can go investigate the extra mass in back. Make sure we aren't carrying ROUS."

"I hate those things. They always try to go for the tail." Alexis complained leaning forward. "Are you sure it's not the extra rounds Skorp had us pack?"

"It's moving and it's using the latrine. Bullets don't do that." Was the response. "Just don't shoot holes in the plane, okay?"

"But, but! Shooting holes in the thing that's stopping you from falling out of the sky is fun!" Alexis teased before getting our of her seat. "I'll check it out." She said with a grin and a thumbs up before heading to the back. "Better not be any ROUS on my plane. Nip at my tail and there'll be hell to pay."


The disturbance was, in fact, no ROUS. It was a pair of magical girls playing catch in an empty patch of hold, while snacking on sandwiches they'd found stashed in a fridge. Playing catch on a moving aircraft was a slightly tricksy affair, however; they'd already lost a few baseballs under pallets and behind bulkheads. As Alexis approached, one sailed towards her.

Resisting every urge to shoot the ball out of the air, Alexis caught it, feeling a little disappointed in herself for missing the opportunity. "Wait..." She said before looking to the two girls. "How did... Why are you here?!" She questioned, placing her knuckles on her hips and leaning forward. "You know this is a mission, right?"

Kawasaki nodded eagerly. "Totally! We thought you'd need help!"

Yakashima nodded. "We heard what was going on, and thought we'd tag along to help you deal with all the Largoists around you, and maybe get some actual experience. That, and Kawa-chan really wants to meet Tony Stark."

Kawasaki sighed wistfully. "He's so handsome!"

"You know this we're going to be sniping from here, and I don't think you can shoot a rifle at long range while in a moving plane to a target that is also moving." Alexis pointed out before tossing the ball to Yakashima. "Plus, aren't you missing class?"

Yakashima caught the ball, smirking. "Aye, but your brother's on the OTHER plane. And he's not gonna be taking us back to class from there."

Kawasaki giggled. "And we're magical girls. We can hit things with magic eeeeasy. And we're not even doing our own flying, so we can shoot better!"

"That may be true." Alexis said as she gave the girls a hug. "But this is a real battle between people with guns. I don't want you getting hurt."

"We're magical girls, we'll be fine. We can do magic armour." Yakashima returned the hug, smiling. "And we're on an aircraft way away from the actual fighting, ken."

Kawasaki nodded. "Let the boys do all the hard work, we can clean up later."

"Girls. Things might get bloody. I don't want you to see all that." Alexis said in an attempt to dissuade the magical girls.

"We've seen bloody. Lucius-sensei sliced his hand off last month in shop class." Kawasaki pointed out, squeezing Alexis tightly. "Tiffaney-sensei had to come sew it back on again. Bear blood. All o'er the place."

Alexis sighed, releasing the girls. "Are you sure you'll be okay?"

"Positive." Yakashima stated, patting Alexis' ears. "Lucius-sensei and Raven-sempai have taught us well."

"Promise me you won't leave this plane, unless you're in danger." Alexis said with concern in her voice and on her face.

The girls looked to each other, and back to Alexis.

"We promise."

"We'll be fine, don't worry about us."

"And we're here to help YOU, after all. Promise us you won't get hurt!"

Alexis smiled, resting her hands on the girl's heads. "I'll certainly try."

"You better." Yakashima warned, smiling softly.

"Mmhm. As our favourite Largoist, you've gotta stay safe, ken?"

Alexis ruffled their hair. "Glad to know y'all like me that much." She said with a cheerful grin. "Come on. Let's get you two proper seats."

"No more hiding in cupboards?"

"What's the in-flight movie?"

"No, and there isn't one." Alexis informed before guiding them towards the front of the plane.

Kawasaki stopped dead. "Ken what? There's no in-flight movie? That's... That's like having an aircraft with no little bags of tasteless peanuts! Or an icecream without sauce on it!"

"Well I used to have a few sandwiches." Alexis teased with a grin, roping Kawasaki in for a light noogie, her tail wagging as she did.

Kawasaki wriggled, trying to escape Alexis' grip. "But we were huuuuungry!"

"We only ate a few. The rest of the fridge is still full." Yakashima explained.

Alexis chuckled, releasing Kawasaki. "Don't worry, you can have a couple more later if you feel like it."

Kawasaki bounced, cheering, as Yakashima shook her head at the antics. "You sure? I mean, I know how much you need to eat since the nanny incident."

"I'll be fine. Can't have my friends all hungry 'cause-a-me." Alexis said with a smile before pointing to herself with her thumb. "Besides, I'm a badass."

"A hungry badass, fed on cow and milkshakes, and directed by an insane prince!" Kawasaki exclaimed. "Man, you should totally have a movie made about you. You're way better as a hero than Thor. All he does is hammer things and toss his hair about."

Yakashima let out a quiet but wistful sigh. "Pretty hair, though..."

"You really think someone'd wanna make a movie about me?" Alexis asked with an ear tilted to the side.

"Totes! You have the tragic backstory, critics love that. Then you go on a quest to find happiness after a dramatic action sequence, and you're rescued from a fight by a dashing stranger!" Kawasaki explained, grinning almost ear to ear.

Yakashima chuckled. "Then maybe a training montage with the Largoists; cliche, but effective. Then you have a big fight, maybe the one with the mechs you told us about. Then, credits, and 'to be continued'. Sequel hook."

Alexis chuckled at the girls' movie pitch. "When you put it like that, it makes me sound like some kinda anime character."

"That would fit a bit more. The adventures of a lone wolfgirl as she finds friendship, romance, and fun in a strange culture." Yakashima mused.

"And Rekko would make the perfect tragic lover, too. He's got all that history that's sad and happy together."


"Yeah, that. And he's got the whole hot dad thing going, AND he's a medic as well. Lots of dramatic leaping from helicopters to save people."

"That IS how you two met, after all."

"Hot dad thing?" Alexis asked with an ear tilted to the side.

Kawasaki nodded. "Y'know, buff older guys with a caring side to them?"

"Kinda like Lucius-sensei, but actually older, not just immortal and looking barely older than the students... Has Arella-sensei shown you Stargate yet? Colonel O'Neill is a great example of that."

"Rekko is kinda built under the uniform..." Alexis said, zoning out for a second. "Wait, what were we talking about?"

"If Tiffaney-sensei is dating Skorpion, does that make you a princess?" Kawasaki enquired, having lost the plot of the conversation herself.

"I don't... Think so?" Alexis pondered for a moment. "Nah. That'd be an after marriage thing wouldn't it?"

"Aye, but don't you see him as a father figure already?" Asked Yakashima, as she batted Kawasaki's hand away from a button on the wall. "Don't push anything."

"Well, yeah. But that hardly makes me any type of royalty."

"Depends on how he sees it, though, aye?" Kawasaki pointed out. "Besides, you'd be the most ass-kickingest princess EVAR."

"I dunno. I haven't actually had a talk with him about it. He didn't seem upset when I called him 'papa'." Alexis scratched the back of her head. "Maybe?"

"You know what this means?" Kawasaki grinned wider.

Yakashima nodded. "Princess makeover."

"We're gonna make you super prettty!"

"Although we'll try and keep the ass-kickingness."

"That should help us kill a few hours until we get there."

"No makeovers on a mission. I gotta keep my rep as an ass kicking wolfgirl badass!" Alexis stated clearly.


"Maybe we can make over one of the Largoists."

"That's more up to them then me." Alexis pointed out.

"No it isn't. It's time we showed you how to manipulate boys."

Kawasaki nodded. "It's super simple. Just pout at them and wibble a bit and they go along with it."

"There are like two guys I would pout at, and it ain't them." Alexis stated with her arms folded.

"Well, you at least need to learn to wibble." Yakashima pointed out. "It's like the cheat code for dealing with boys."

Kawasaki nodded. "You hold them down, we'll do the pouting and wibbling."

"And people think my middle name should be trouble..." Alexis said with a sigh. "You're not gonna give someone a makeover without their permission."

Kawasaki pouted. "Awwww..."

Yakashima pondered briefly. "So, if we get them to agree to it, we can do it?"

"I guess, but don't force them." Alexis said sternly.

The girls looked at each other, grinning and giggling.



Alexis is boooored!
Movement in the back?
Detective Alexis is on the case!
Those aren't ROUS, but magical girls!
Alexis is confused to see Yaka-chan and Kawa-chan.
Aren't they missing class?
They are, but Johnathan's on another plane, so HA!
The girl's convince Alexis to let them help.
No inflight movies!
Alexis can share her lunch if the girls get hungry.
Talk of an Alexis movie.
Talk of an Alexis anime.
Rekko's got the hot dad look?
He is pretty built, said a zoned out Alexis.
Wait, what were we doing?
Is Alexis a princess???
No makovers on a mission.
The crew?
Magical girls have their ways...
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Re: The SHIELD Raid

SHIELD: The Raidening: The Actual Raidening (Part 1)
Timestamp: Just after The Discoverening. Linear thread desu~
Location: SHIELD Helicarrier, above the Pacific somewhere.
Authors: As before.
Characters: As before, but plus SHIELD people and Machariah. (Who? You'll see.)


"What the hell is that noise?" Sidney looked up from his broom, squinting at the horizon.

"It sort of sounds like heavy metal. Or jet engines. I think both?" Patricia shrugged as she adjusted her safety harness. "Just don't wander off to look. Remember what happened to Kelly last month?"

Sidney nodded, shuddering a little. "I still don't know why they put the engine intakes so close to the flight deck. It's like they WANT people to be sucked into them."

"HYDRA." Patricia replied, as if it explained everything. "It's getting louder. Are we expecting anyth..." She paused, tilting her head. "Those aren't quinjets. Too loud."


DarkTan was comfortably seated in the cockpot of his newly-acquired BMD as he traveled across the sky at an altitude of 26,000 feet in the ancient C-130 he'd hauled out of his basement for the raid. The fact that he was calmly reading manga instead of frantically donning a parachute was a testament to severe lack of comon sense. Especially when the fact that Skropion was indeed right; the tub had needed four JATO rockets and two rather large SRBs to get off the runway. But it wasn't the plane's fault, so much as the eleven tonnes of cargo it was carrying.

Mostly not the plane's fault, anyway. Most of the rust and small parts had vibrated out after the first couple of hours, but it was still dropping the odd chunk.

The radio in the empty cockpit came to life, "Attention, unidentified aircraft, you are violating restricted airspace, alter your course now."

This, of course, was not heard by DarkTan, being inside an IFV after all. And the autopilot, consisting mostly of some bungee cords and half a mile of duct tape, was incapable of responding.

"I repeat, unidentified aircraft, alter your couse or you will be shot down. This is your final warning."

DarkTan simply turned the page, humming along to Volbeat playing out of the bluetooth connection on the (not)tank. Everything has bluetooth nowadays, huh?


"OH JESUS CHRIST IT'S COMING RIGHT FOR US!" The radar operator screamed, frantically pushing buttons to activate the defenses.

The defenses popped out of their various ports in the hull, quickly taking aim before opening fire at the incoming airlifter. Missiles, sprays of gatling gun fire, and the odd energy blast shot towards the aircraft, blasting off large chunks as it struggled towards the helicarrier. Two of the missiles transformed into attack drones once nearby, popping out wings and taking precision shots at the engines, wing roots, and tail.

Inside the IFV inside the aircraft, DarkTan turned up his music to drown out the turbulence. The autopilot failed as a stray plasma blast fried the glue on the tape, and the control console snapped over to one side. This had precisely no effect on the heading of the aircraft; the control surfaces had long since fallen off or rusted through. The airframe shuddered as a pair of engines tore loose, the subsequent explosion of sprayed fuel tearing the plane apart, leaving the armoured cargo to drop out of the sky like a rock.


On the other side of the carrier, the MiGs separated from the rest of the squadron, looping around to head straight for the carrier. The defenses were caught up in reload cycles as the planes neared, nearly invisible on radar due to the radar-absorbent paint sprayed over them. They separated out from each other before lighting afterburners and auxiliary rockets, accelerating faster than any human pilot would dare to try, and turning sharply to evade the remaining defenses.

They struck the carrier with orange blossoms of fire; taking out an engine, along with knots of defensive weapons, clusters of control surfaces, and the flight deck itself. One looped over the top of the carrier, spearing itself through the flight control center, while another sliced through a lowered side elevator to careen through the hangar, engine still spewing flame even as it stuck itself into an armoured wall.

Meanwhile, parachutes deployed on the IFV and DarkTan felt the sickening lurch of gravity being denied her due rights as the downward fall of the (not a)tank was arrested. It was only a matter of seconds before he heard the pinging of small arms fire against the armoured hull."Time for some fresh air," the dhampir grinned, popping the hatch open. He stood up and ducked again a several rounds straffed the top of the IFV. "I just had this thing washed!" He yelled and returned fire with a handily mounted M-203 SAW. One of the drones soon resembled a cheese grater, while the other made the parachutes resemble swiss cheese. "Gah!" DarkTan yelled as two of the chutes were renered useless, tilting the vehicle over on it's side and nearly throwing him out. "Right, AA gun, AA gun," He muttered as he fought to get back in to the car, "Where's the damn AA g- oh there they are." He fired the smart rocket, taking out the remaining drone before it shredded his last chute.

Now, he was still falling at a considerable speed, both vertical and horizontal. A quick look down his sights, and DarkTan determined he would just barely make it. Of course the impact would be enough to kill a normal human, but he was anything but. Now was the time to make use of the sound system he had installed. Power metal soon filled the sky, the sounds of Sabaton just barely audible to the men and woman working on the deck of the SHIELD Hellicarrier.

The retro-rockets fired as designed, slowing the vehicle with a sudden jerk, and smacking DarkTan's head against the gun mounting as he fell through the hatch again. His angry swearing was lost in the blast of rockets, shortly before the IFV slammed into the deck at speed, sliding to a halt in the remains of a quinjet. The hatch opened again, revealing the dhampir once again, blood dripping down the side of his face while his eyes pointed in two different directions. He opened fire with his SAW, scattering the marines mobilised to deal with him, his other hand fumbling to unlock the turret controls.


"This is not a drill. Repeat, NOT A DRILL. A hostile force has landed a vehicle on our flight deck, and damaged the helicarrier. We are engaging in an emergency descent while we deal with the threat. All hands report to combat stations.. Repeat, combat stations."

Machariah snarled at the speaker, before reaching up and tearing it from it's mounting. "I KNOW we're under attack, you fool." He turned and punched the bulkhead next to him, adding another dent to it. "Arrrgh! I need to find an officer." He growled at the sparking wires where the speaker used to be, before kicking the door open and stalking down the corridor, shouldering his way through the crewmen rushing to their stations.


"It worked! It all worked! They're actually going just how they're meant to!" Skorpion grinned as he helped shove the other BMD out the back of the An-70, it's parachutes catching almost as soon as it was clear of the tail. "The shock force is going in now. When I give the signal, the rest of you are to go. Got it?"

"Aye, sir!" The troops saluted, grinning widely, eyes afire as they realised they were actually attacking a SHIELD helicarrier.

Skorpion returned the salute, before picking up his BFG, turning, and sprinting out the still-open ramp. "Tally ho!"


Lucius checked his copy of the list one last time. Hawkeye, Black Widow, Tony Stark, Captain America, Thor if there, and Nick Fury. He pocketed it, then stepped backwards out of the aircraft. A few seconds of freefall, and his airsickness cleared up enough to allow him to take flight properly; shaping his telekinetic shield into a wing and cruising along with it, using his sword to ward off incoming fire and for steering.

Beside him, Cathal screamed in terror, trying to hang onto his own shield. He'd only just learned to USE it last week, and now he was using it to fly on. He tucked in behind his grandfather, hoping that the catboy's sword would deflect enough incoming fire for both of them, and suddenly realising that he was jumping into a firefight armed with nothing more than an assembly of knives, and a metal baseball bat he'd swiped from school.


"Yes, I KNOW we're being attacked, you fool. It's HIM, I know it is. Nobody else would be so crazy as to mess with the weather like that. Or attack an American airbase. Or to stage an attack on US soil just to steal away a scientist and a few subjects from under my nose!"

Captain Inglesias looked up, rubbing the bridge of his nose as he turned to the big angry blonde man shouting at him. "What, The Stallion? The maniac in a horse mask with a katana?"

"No, you idiot, the one who SENT him. The one who planted the EMP. The one who's behind these domestic terror incidents in Tokyo!" Machariah growled, narrowing his cat-like eyes at the captain. "He's here, and he's probably coming for you. Or for me. I am going to go face him."

"You can't just do that." Captain Inglesias frowned; this maniac didn't scare him. He'd faced down an angry drunken Thor before, some other blond maniac wasn't a threat. "You're not on our IFF, for one. Our troops won't know not to shoot you. Otherwise, are you aware that there's an infantry support vehicle out there, on our flight deck, with a rather large cannon and machineguns? It would tear you apart." There was a *SLAM* from outside, and the carrier lurched again. "Make that two infantry support vehicles. Another one just landed, and..."

He was cut off by another explosion, as a MiG smashed through the armoured windows of the bridge, wings jamming in the hole, loose paperwork, objects, and debris being sucked towards the engine intake. "I know that. I also know there's a small force attacking you now. Three planes. One spewing equipment and troops, one starting a pylon turn around you, possibly to act as a gunship, and one more circling below. There is a robotic fighter jet jammed in your bridge." The bridge shuddered as the MiG was hit by an explosive arrow, the engine shutting down just before the nearest crew member lost grip on his console. "Was." The structure groaned, the jet fighter sliding out slowly, pulled by a red and gold figure held up by jet boots, before being dropped. "I am going out there. Try and stop me, and I'm taking you with me."

"Fine, go get yourself killed, you fool. You eat too much anyway."

Machariah growled at the captain, before turning to stalk away, grabbing the polearm from his back as he went and extending the center portion to it's full length. Behind him, the jet-booted figure was hit by a quinjet obviously hurled from the flight deck. "Oh, and deal with that cat-man out there. He's dangerous. You've dealt with him before, though."


"HAHA!" DarkTan exclaimed triumphantly as yet another quinjet exploded in a ball of fire and debris. He always was terribly easy to amuse.

However, the dhampir's distraction did not go unnoticed as one well trained soldier took aim admist the chaos and set a homing rocket loose. DarkTan was far to busy roasting marshmallows over his last kill to hear the telltale whistle of something traveling near the speed of sound, until the armour peircing high explosive round penetrated the hull of the IFV.



DarkTan was less than pleased with his new resting place and a distinct DarkTan-shaped hole in yet another about-to-explode quinjet.




Skorpion dropped through the air like a humanoid rock. After a few seconds, he decided that he'd better actually put on the parachute he'd grabbed on the way out, and do something about the whole plummeting into the ocean thing.

A few seconds later, the parachute opened. He was still dropping like a rock, but he was at least heading for the carrier now, with some ability to steer.

A few seconds after that, the carrier's deck approached fast. Skorpion hauled on the risers, converting his considerable vertical velocity into considerable horizontal velocity for a brief moment. That brief moment, however, was all he needed, as he reached down to grab one of the arresting cables strung over the deck. It snapped taut with a metallic twang, jerking his cross-deck slide to a halt. He slapped at the parachute release, leaving it to tangle around an unfortunate squad of SHIELD marines as he grabbed hold of his BFG, taking aim down the length of the deck and opening fire with a long burst. The twin barrrels spat flame and hot explosive death into a fighter coming in for a strafing run on him, the ventilated craft bouncing off the deck behind him in flames, and plummeting off downwards. "Yeah, definitely need to do some salvage work later." He grinned, turning the BFG on the squad still struggling under his parachute before heading onwards, his boots squashing various sizes of shell casings as he strode down the deck. "I have GOT to get me one of these."


The first wave hit the carrier's deck just after Skorpion and the IFVs; heavy infantry for the most part, armed with LMGs and grenade launchers, and assisted by the vehicles and the snipers orbiting above. Shortly after boots hit deck, Lockdown arrived, claws sliding across the metal surface of the deck as the cargo chutes disengaged from him to blow over the back of the carrier.

After he slid to a halt, Lockdown let out a howl before deploying his rocket launcher and blasting through a wall. Ports on his shoulders opened, allowing the forward energy shield to activate, blocking any incoming fire as he approached the opening he made.

Small arms fire and the occasional launched grenade bounced off Lockdown's shield as he moved forward towards the smoking hole in the island. The few who hadn't evacuated from inside started to open fire through the new hole, taking up cover positions behind the ruined consoles. "Giant metal dog, inbound! Returning fire!"

Lockdown's minigun span up as he approached, giving them a moment to realize what was coming before letting loose a torrent of bullets. The troops inside ducked, a few tossing grenades blindly towards the opening as bullets started to impact the consoles they were hiding behind. A cannon round from one of the IFVs sailed almost lazily through the hole, the low-velocity shell impacting inside and filling the area with smoke and dust. The carrier shuddered at the impact, alarms starting to sound from below.

Lockdown's launcher readied another rocket as he crossed the threshold, the hum of a spinning minigun reverberating through the room. "Surrender your weapons, or you will be ventilated!"

"Ventilated? What're you going to do, blow air at us?"

"Ventilation sounds pretty good, too much dust in here by far!"

"I'll go quietly!"

"My leg! Oh god I think it's stuck! I can see the bone!"

"Is that thing TALKING?"

"Negative, I will give the air a path to blow through you. Do you surrender?!" Lockdown asked again, his launcher readying as the gunports and the rocket ports along his back opened.

There was a pause, full of half-choked consensus. "We'll come quietly. We have wounded, though. Can you send a medic?"

"Affirmative." Lockdown agreed, the rocket and gun ports closing as the rocket launcher went into standby. "Requesting medical assistance at my current location." He brodcast to the medical unit.

"Medial assistance? You sure he doesn't want a mechanic?"

"For the OTHER guys, you fool."

"Screw it, we can't leave them hurt."

The Largoist IFV turned slightly jerkily, moving over to Lockdown's position before turning to drop the rear ramp by the hole in the wall. Rekko jumped out as soon as the gap was big enough to fit through, skidding slightly on the dust as he ran inside. "Who's hurt in here?"

"Over here, my leg!"

"I'm not."

"Dammit, Rekko, quit running into unsecured areas! That's how you got shot, remember?"

Rekko sighed, rolling his eyes. "It's also how I met my girlfriend, so I'll take my chances."


Katrina was grinning maniaclly as she ripped the arm off of one of the automated Iron Man suits and used it to bash another one to peices. He expression suddenly changed when she saw a specific mixture of red and gold. "Oh my god it's him!" The dhampir let out a fangirlish squee and turned to a certian catboy, "How's my hair? Am I showing enough cleavage?" She demanded of Lucius in the middle of a warzone.

'Aye, tha's him alright.' Lucius grinned, hurling the quinjet he'd been leaning on at the figure. 'Scunner still owes me fer a round o' drinks his da stiffed me on in th'forties.'

"You didn't answer about my hair," Katrina pointed out, ducking shrapnel from the recently exploded aforementioned quinjet.

'I'm sure it's fine, lass.' Lucius rolled his eyes. 'An' if ye were showin' much more cleavage, ye'd be flashin' nipples.'

Behind them, Cathal smashed a SHIELD trooper in the face with his baseball bat as he took aim at Lucius, before stealing the man's rifle (and wallet) to replace the now-bent bat.

"I'm gonna ask him out," Katrina declared before kicking a trooper into six more, "I'll get Black Widow's phone number off him for ya, wish me luck~."

Lucius shrugged. 'Ye'll hae a job. He's in freefall the now, an' people keep shootin' at him.' He stopped a rocket as it headed for Kat, turning it around and sending it after the trooper that fired it. 'An' at us. Scunners.'

Katrina grinned and gave Lucius a peck on the cheek before darting off to find and corner her celebrity crush.

Lucius sighed. 'Women.'

Cathal gave him an incredulous look. "You're getting laid on the regular. Quit complaining."


The next wave landed shortly after Lockdown breached the wall. Fire was still being exchanged over the deck, with the freshly-painted ORAZ BMD busily spraying cannon fire and the occasional large shell at pockets of resistance. Lighter troops, Johnathan among them.

Johnathan relased himself from his parachute a few feet from the deck, sprinting for an entrance the moment his feet found purchase. He activated his eye and drew his swords to deflect oncoming fire as he approached.

Bullets sparked off Johnathan's swords as he sprinted, although resistance on the deck had mostly been suppressed. The deck was covered in a surprisingly short time as he entered the hole made by Lockdown, plunging into the dust and smoke-filled space beyond. Behind him followed a squad of Largoist troops, bayonets fixed and assault rifles readied for the anticipated close combat.

Johnathan observed the room for a few moments before making his way to the door. "I would assume the labs to be somewhere below the decks. It us unfortunate there is no directory to follow." He opened the door and made a quick peer down the corridor before making a run to the right.

"Yeah, what kind of employer would have a bunch of identical-looking corridors with no maps or signage of any sort?"

"And expect people to just know where they're going instinctively?"


The Larrgoists looked at each other, then looked back over their shoulders to where Skorpion was visible through the smoke, blasting things with his BFG.

The squad looked back to each other, shrugged, and followed Johnathan, leapfrogging their way two by two, making sure front and rear were covered.


Alexis stepped to the opening in her plane that would be her sniper nest, her left eye glowing blue as she prepped her cannon. "Alright guys and gals, the range is open!" She called out before getting into position and picking off enemies that were dumb enough to be in her line of sight, grinning as limbs flew off as the shells tore through them.

Panic reigned on the deck as the sniper fire started. Alexis' cannon shells were soon joined by large-caliber bullets and Killstick slugs punching through people and equipment. Troops ran to cover, only to find that the orbiting gunship made taking cover from it practically impossible. Return fire was sparse and inaccurate; fire control was engaged in being on fire, and small arms simple weren't making it up to the aircraft, other than the occasional shot pinging from the armour plating.

"This ain't even fair. I mean look at 'em!" Alexis mocked as she splattered the head of a man who was firing at them. "Come on! Give me a thrill!"

Her request was granted, as a familiar-looking red and gold figure rose up over the firefight on rocket thrust, before reaching out and sending energy blasts at the nearest IFV.

"Well if it ain't the resident rich-boy." Alexis said as she zeroed in on Iron Man's head and took a shot.

The figure jerked and wobbled as the shell exploded on the back of his head, turning around angrily and raising a hand, tracking the plane.

Alexis grinned, the hairs on the back of her neck standing on end as she shot into the palm of the hand that was tracking her plane.

Iron Man dropped out the sky suddenly, arms and legs flailing as his arm was broken by the shot, jets firing semi-randomly as he fell.

Alexis tracked Iron Man as he fell, ready to pepper him with shells if he recovered. "Come on, hot shot. Let's see if it's your turn to go splat." She muttered to herself.

A blue-haired streak caught the falling superhero, much the the surprise of everyone who could see, and buried his head in her cleavage as the pair plumeted back to the helicarrier, much to the utter lack of surprise to everyone who could see.

"Tch." Alexis scoffed, wishing she could have splattered Iron Man. She adjusted her sights and returned to providing cover fire. "Maybe I'll get to shoot Hawkeye's eyes."


The door was locked. Skorpion, refusing to stand for that impertinence, kicked it. This caused the door to bend around the newly-formed dent, the edges shifting just enough for him to get a grip on.

A few seconds later, the door fell away from the carrier. Skorpion leaned over the side to watch it go, waving cheerfully. "Bai bai, obstacle-chaan~" He turned back to the doorway, spraying the inside with a burst of cannon fire before proceeding through it; the red-lit gloom within snapping into focus as he did so. "Anyone home? No? Okay, I guess there was. Dang." He paused, looking down at the former occupants, and shrugging. "Ah, walk it off." He headed off down the corridor, leaving red footprints for a short distance as he headed for the lab areas. "So. Iron Man suit, arc reactor, Cap'n Falcon wings, any vibranium or adamantium they have around, and any physical storage in case Devin misses anything. But you won't, will you? No, far too good a data-sneak for that."


"Why is this ship such a maze? Idiot humans. He has to be going this way. The labs have to be why he's here. Nobody attacks a helicarrier just for an ego trip." Machariah paused. "Nobody sane." He continued on, footsteps near-silent on the metal flooring as the field generator on his back hummed quietly. "Soon."


Alexis had been using her cannon to snipe since the beginning of the raid, and frankly it was getting boring. The sight of limbs being severed via high-caliber artilery had grown dull. She stood from her nest, storing the cannon in weaponspace before walking to the back to equip the rest of her wingsuit.

"Lexi-chan! What up? Ain't you meant tae be campin' their spawn, bruv?"

"<I've decided to take a more direct approach. Remember. Stay in the plane.>" Alexis advised as she suited up.

"<You're disobeying orders, and you want us to stay here and get bored instead of watching the fireworks?>" Yakashima frowned. "<Nuh-uh. We came to make sure you were okay, and that's what we're gonna do.>"

"<No. You're gonna stay here and not get shot!>" Alexis scolded as she finished suiting up and headed to the door.

Kawasaki and Yakashima shared a Look. Like hell they were going to stay put. "<So don't shoot us and it'll be fine, ken?>" Yakashima smirked.

"<Stay here and it won't be an issue.>" Alexis stated with a grin and crossed arms. There was blood to spill, and she'd rather it not be theirs.

Yakashima sighed. "<Go ahead, then. We'll have your back.>"

"<And you won't follow?>" Alexis asked with a raised eyebrow.

"We got yo' back, bro." Kawasaki agreed.

Alexis held her gaze for a while longer before turning and diving out of the aircraft to the Carrier.

Kawasaki looked out the door after her, pouting a little. "<Aww, we can't follow her?>"

Yakashima shook her head. "<She told us to stay here. But I can't just leave you after you fall out the plane, can I?>"

"<Yeah!>" Kawasaki nodded decisively. Then something dawned on her. "<But Ya-chan, I haven't fallen out the plane!>"

"<Look out for that oily patch on the floor, Kawa-chan!>"

"<What oily patch?>"

Yakashima gave Kawasaki a solid shove, sending her out the still-open hatch. "<That one.>" She cleared her throat. "<Oh, no! Kawasaki-chan has fallen out of the plane! The honour of the buddy system demands I go after her and save her, or at least fall to my doom with her!>" She exclaimed, before leaping out gracefully after the tumbling magical girl.


"DEVIN!" Skorpion sighed. "This place is a maze. Have you found a map yet, or should I start chewing through walls?"

"This place is a maze? Take a look at your HQ. In comparison this might as well be linear." Devin said over the comms.

"Yes, but I designed that building. I know where everything is. This?" Skorpion kicked at a wall, knocking a dent in it with a resonant 'bonggg' sound. "This is a maze. And it's made of metal, so the wi-fi signal is just plain awful."

"Now you know what your recruits feel like." Devin said with a smirk, as he sent a map to Skorpion complete with waypoint. "Remember, I can't do any real damage until you plug me in."

"Once I find a computer that's not just somoene's phone or laptop, sure." Skorpion remarked, turning sharply and bashing his way through the door to his left. "Thanks for the map, though. Apparently I was headed the wrong way. What's that other blip?"

"Person of interest side-quest. I wouldn't worry too much, I have every confidence you'll survive." Devin replied promptly, his hands cupped on his desk. "It seems as though Alexis is losing patience in sniping." He advised whilst forwarding a mini-map to everyone's hud. "I've distributed the map, everyone should be heading the right way now... Also the side-quest is exclusive to you."

"I figured that'd happen. Who's following her? None of the other snipers had wingsuits..."

"I'll check... Wait. Those aren't ours...." Devin facepalmed after checking the cell phones via satellite. "Kawasaki and Yakashima."

"Alexis' friends? I guess that explains why they're here. How they got on board is a problem for later. Tell Lucius to watch out for them; they're HIS responsibility."

Devin nodded. "Lucius, you have wayward students with Alexis. I'm putting a waypoint on Cathal's HUD should you wish to intervene." He broadcast exclusivly to the two.



"<Okay, this IS pretty fun. And I guess Lucius-sensei was right; flying IS easier when you go a bit faster.>"

"<Toldya, bruv!>"

"<Enough with the slang, just follow Lexi and don't get shot at.>"

"<Hey, is that Cathal down there?>"


"But this is BORING!" Cathal complained, kicking the quinjet next to him, before wincing.

'Aye, but it's also essential. Hand me tha' tape, lad.' Lucius held out his hand, the other busy pressing the parachute to the side of the quinjet.

Cathal rolled his eyes, handing the roll over for Lucius to stick the parachutes down, before tossing the jet over the side. "We could just fly them off."

'Ye're nae pilot, laddie.' Lucius pointed out.

"I totally am. I 100% completion on stuff, and high scores at the arcade!"

'Yer nae qualified.' Lucius objected.

"And I'm not qualified to be shot at, beat up people with guns, or to fire said guns. And I got that done pretty well." Cathal puffed his chest out proudly, as much as he could while still clutching a rifle to it.

'Tha's vocational trainin', laddie. A fine tradition o' the Ogilvy clan. Passed down from my grandfather tae me, an' from me tae ye.' Lucius grinned proudly.

"You mean working for free just because I'm related to you?"


"And cleaning pipes you're too big to fit into?"

'Aye, exactly, jus' like my grandfather taught me tae distill whisky.'

Cathal grumbled. Arguing with old people was HARD.

'Hang on, lad. Magical girls.'

"Yeah, that's Kawa-chan and Yakashima." Cathal pointed them out. "Possibly following Alexis."

'The wolfy lass?'

"Ay... Yes. The scary lady with the great big cannon and the wingsuit."

Lucius squinted out at the magical girls, muttering under his breath as he tracked them. 'Maybe I ken move them out o' Remedial Flight if they make it here. G'wan, lassies, ye can make it.'

"Shouldn't we, y'know, help?"

'Learnin' experience, lad! Jus' watch 'em. It's like learnin' tae ride a bike; ye've got tae let go o' them an' let them fall sometimes, tae teach them how not tae fall.'

"We're thousands of feet up."

'Aye, but we're droppin', an' the air's fair breathable nae.'

"Should I delete the waypoint?" Devin asked from behind his monitors.

"No! We don't want to lose them!" Cathal objected. "Ignore Lucius; he's not even using a HUD. He's practically blind out here."

'Aye, but my ears are uncovered, lad. I can hear ye jus' fine.'

"I'm not objecting. Your choices are yours. Besides, what are you gonna do, die?" Devin stated indifferently as he updated quests and waypoints of every troop based on their respective progress. Somewhere in the background, a chair could be heard rolling around with an accompanying "WHEEEE~" as Whisp kicked off from the nearest wall to send said chair rolling to the other side of the room, where she could kick off from yet another wall.

"No, because I'm apparently probably immortal."

'Donnae test it, lad. Tha's nae somethin' ye want tae tempt fate about, trus' me.'

"Not you, Cathal. You're the closest thing to a speaker I have when talking to Lucius. You'll probably die, so for the sake of convenience, don't." Devin stated plainly.



"Good, good. Let your little data thief guide you to me."


Titanium buckshot was a wonderful step forward in the production of ammunition. When loaded into a 3in Magnum shell and fired from a fourteen inch barrel, the twelve .32 caliber pellets would deliver maximum penetration in a spread with an eighteen to twenty inch radius, the same size as the average humanoid torso. Far better performance than lead could ever hope to acheive.

DarkTan, while not the average humanoid, was certianly the size of one. Ten of the twelve pellets entered his back, perforated his internal organs, and exited his chest, ruining his shirt in the process. The dhampir fell forward to his knees with a grunt, coughing blood.

"He shot me in the back!" DarkTan exclaimed and glared at the nearest SHIELD trooper, "What kind of an asshole shoots someone in the back?" He did not wait for an answer, instead standing up to cave in the tooper's chest through his body armour with one motion. DarkTan drew his sword and spun, cutting a .50 caliber round in half as he did so. The whites of his eyes took on a greyish tint as he glared at the holder of the shotgun that originally offend him so. "You!" DarkTan pointed an accusing finger, "First you blow up my plane," He punched through a crate and dragged another trooper through it by his throat, "Then you blew up my tank," DarkTan threw the trooper in his hand through group rushing to his aid.

The trooper with the shotgun took the momentary distraction to fire two more rounds, striking DarkTan first in the right shoulder, then the left. This had the effect of merely pissing the dhampir off even more. "And now," DarkTan looked down at his blood soaked and bullet-ridden shirt, "Now you have ruined my favorite shirt!" The sword flashed through a stack of crates. The blade came out red on the other side. Two more shotgun blasts, one to each of DarkTan's knees, dropped him to the ground as the crate slowly slid sideways, revealing the upper halves of two troopers that likewise did the same. DarkTan stood up again, now mere feet from the trooper as he desperatly racked the slide on his gun and pulled the trigger.


"You know the problem with short barrel shotguns?" DarkTan asked him calmly as he pulled the offending firearm from the trooper's grasp, "Small magazine tubes." The leader of ORAZ pulled the bandolier holding extra shells from the shoulder of the trooper. "Always count your shots and reload before you fire the last one. It's common sense really," DarkTan started to load the gun, "And who taught to shoot?" He swung the gun around and fired a shot, a trooper fell, a splatter on the crate behind him. "Always aim for the head," the dhampir berrated the trooper, "You first shot was good, right to chest. But what the hell were you thinking with the next four? Guy takes a shot full to the chest and your next idea is to wound him?"

DarkTan racked the slide and pressed the barrel against the troopers shoulder, "What in that little head of yours made you think that was a good idea? Guy shrugs off a killing wound and your first idea is 'disable?" DarkTan aimed the gun down and fired at the troopers knee, "The head you brainless dolt!" He racked the slide again. "So happens next time?"

"N-next time?" the trooper stuttered out, gripping the bloody mess of his leg, well what was left of it.

"Yes next time!" DarkTan roared, firing another round off to the side of the trooper's head.

"The head! Next time shoot the head!"

"That's right~" DarkTan grinned, his fang protruding over his lip as he fired the shotgun one last time.


"Yeah, this looks clear enough. You guys can handle cleanup duty up here. I'm going below decks." Skorpion mused, letting off one last burst of autocannon fire across the deck, before setting the gun down by a doorway. A quick shrug to relieve himself of the backpack for the ammunition feeds, and he stepped inside.

Inside was a long, narrow corridor, down which rifle fire whistled it's way past him. Skorpion rolled his eyes, drawing an MP7 and returning fire with a few short bursts to suppress the shooters. "A tip, guys. Don't use long arms in confined spaces, yeah?"

His reply was screaming, and the sound of retreating booted feet, along with something heavy being dragged. Skorpion advanced, drawing his chainsword and starting to twirl it around in his hand, the motor and chain running slowly. "Muhreens! Come out and plaaay~" He called out, occasionally snapping the sword out to tear laminated Notices From Management from the walls.


The moment a waypoint appeared on his minimap Johnathan turned to continue his warpath in the proper direction, leaving nothing but bodies for the rest of the squad.

"Johnathan I've added a new waypoint." Devin said over the intercom.

"What is it?" Johnathan asked as he ran one of his swords between an unfortunate individual's eyes.

"Skorpion's current location. I want you to meet with him should Alexis become too impatient." Devin explained as he watched Alexis land on the carrier and tranq Kawasaki and Yakashima.

"Understood." Johnathan said as he kicked open the door to the labs. "Surrender or die."

Johnathan was answered by a grenade flying through the now-open door, and a burst of gunfire from a lab tech hiding behind an upturned desk. The rest of the room was full of documents swirling around the room in the wind from the gaping hole in the wall, with lab techs trying to wipe computers, bag artifacts, and feed handfuls of documents into shredders.

"Poor choice." Johnathan said as he caught the grenade and tossed it down the hall that did not contain his team, before dashing at the tech and swiftly decapitating him. After that, he moved to kicking the head at a tech who was wiping hard drives before tossing daggers into one who was shredding documents. It was a couple minutes before he finished killing his way through the entire room "The labs are secure." He said on his mission channel. "The technicians chose death." He turned off his mic and turned to his team. "Salvage anything useful."

The troops looked up from where they were already busily rooting through lockers, catching documents in butterfly nets, and poking through the computers.

"I found Black Widow's demands that Thor stop stealing her shampoo?"

"Tony Stark's porn stash?"

"Score! I found a plasma rifle!"


"You can't call dibs on it, I found it!"

"Too slow!"

Skorpion stepped in from the other hallway, looking slightly singed. "He's half right. You can't call dibs, but not because he found it. You can't call dibs on it because it's going to the labs for analysis and reverse-engineering. Also, stop throwing grenades at me."


"Told you!"

"Wasn't me!"

"Uh, guys, I don't wish to alarm you, but there's something IN here with us."

"What? Where? I don't see anything?"

Skorpion frowned, turning to look where the first trooper was looking. "Nothing visible, nothing unduly warm or cold... Why do you say there's something there?"

The trooper shrugged. "I can smell ozone. Nothing in here's on fire."

Perceptive, for a soldier. Looks like a design fault, though. I should fix that.

Skorpion scratched his head thoughtfully with the barrel of an SMG. "Secure the exits. John, you stay here. If there's something in here, you're best equipped to deal with it. If something's in here and invisible, I want it dead."

"Understood. If Alexis requires your attention, do avoid underestimating her. Though our allegience has been changed, she is still one fourth of a team that was designed to kill you." Johnathan informed, keeping his swords ready should the need arise.

Skorpion nodded, drawing his chainsword. "Noted. Although, if you remember, she IS covered in RFID tags from the equipment I issued to her, so I know exactly where she is. And I've dealt with people designed to kill me before. You know the Soviets had an equivalent to my project?" He started the sword up, moving towards the corner in question. "Meant to be a regiment of big guys in power armour with huge guns. Wall fell before they got anything beyond a prototype, though."

Stop talking. You humans are the worst for that.

"Definitely something here."

"We are beyond the prototype stage." Johnathan informed.

"No, I mean the Russian guy... Wait." Skorpion paused, turning to Johnathan. "You mean you guys are the production models?"

"After going through the prototyping phase, we were deemed to be on par with potential production models. If you are asking of previous models I do not know." Johnathan informed as requested.

"Hmph. It seems I've been out of the loop for a while. Remind me sometime to shut down their damn super-soldier projects once and for all, will you?" Skorpion grinned widely, resting the back of his chainswoerd on his shoulder. "Maybe break up the country while I'm at it; it's been one big monolithic economy for far too..."

Now! Machariah lunged from the corner he'd been lurking in, the blade of his polearm swinging down towards Skorpion as his invisibility system shut down. He seemed to shimmer into visibility, surrounded by a cloud of steam as the heat sink vented into the air around him.

Skorpion moved on instinct, his sword moving to block the swinging blade, catching it but being pushed down towards him by the strength of the blow. "The hell is this?"

"Your sidequest." Devin informed over the comms.

Johnathan took a stance and charged the figure, swinging upwards as he got into range.

Machariah shifted away from the sword, snapping his polearm up and around to dig the butt into Johnathan's ribs, pushing him back slightly. A quick twist of his grip, and the polearm jerked as the grenade launcher set into the butt fired, launching an explosive grenade into Johnathan. The grenade bounced off Johnathan's body armour, hitting the ceiling before exploding as Machariah twirled his polearm around, digging the blade in under Skorpion's gun arm, through a weak point in his armour,

Skorpion's chainsword swung around, catching Machariah a glancing blow on the ribs as he moved, attenuated by the shock of actually being stabbed. "Argh, that hurts, you bastard! And Devin, WHY DIDN'T YOU TELL ME ABOUT THIS EARLIER?"

"You're the one that went after the side-quest." Devin informed, the action not drawing his attention away from the rest of the raid.

Johnathan recoiled from the impact of the grenade before moving in again thrusting his left hand blade at the figure's ribs, the blade glowing a faint red from heat.

Machariah twisted out of the way of the blade, tugging his own blade out of Skorpion to bat Johnathan's aside. Okay, two of them. One is obviously the one I'm after. The other? MUST be a newer project. He's good, too. If I stay here and fight them, I'll lose this. Options. Disable? No. One's too durable, the other's too fast. Escape? Carrier is overrun with hostiles. Running battles everywhere. Hole in the wall. I have a chute. Out it is, then.

Skorpion growled under his breath, bringing his MP7 around to point at Machariah. "I was here for the labs and the tech, not an attempt on my life! Are you entirely sure you're not still programmed to kill me?"

Machariah ducked as the gun started to spray bullets at him, avoiding most of the stream as he dived past Johnathan to the hole in the wall, taking a sword across the ribs on his way past to an escape. Ouch.

Johnathan turned to face his opponent, tossing a blade into the ground before reaching into his coat and pulling out a rocket propelled javelin, chasing after him to the exit, taking a stance and aiming as his target fell.

Skorpion stepped over to the hole, gripping the edge as he leaned out to watch the descending figure. "I swear he looks familiar."

Johnathan led the target for a moment before letting loose the javelin, which flew downwards and through the parachute, barely missing the head. "I missed."

"Well, I guess I'll mark that down as a failed sidequest." Devin stated before terminating the waypoint. "Let's hope that doesn't come back to haunt you. Anyway, would you mind plugging me in?"

"Ah, so sorry. It kind of slipped my mind, what with someone nearly killing me and all." Skorpion rolled his eyes, sticking the USB cable from his radio into the nearest computer terminal.

"Relax. I had every confidence you'd survive." Devin said as he began his work on the firewalls.

"I apologize. That was meant to kill him." Johnathan stated.

"Wait, who are you apologising to, him or me?" Skorpion asked, raising an eyebrow. "Ooh, there's a tasty-looking directory over there. Make sure you get that one."

"You. I should have been able to kill your attacker." Johnathan said, feeling a sense of failure.

Skorpion reached out to pat Johnathan on the shoulder reassuringly, or at least as reassuringly he could manage while still holding a gun in that hand. "I get the feeling he's another of the Land Warriors, but that'd be impossible. I was the only survivor, even before I blew it all up."

"I don't know if he entirely fits the description of a survivor." Devin said as he sifted through data. "Something about an AI possesing the body, data doesn't say if the host's consciousness still exists."

"Hard to tell from the complete lack of speech, but doubtful. That guy could never stand still for more than a few seconds. But that was probably due to possession by an AI, come to think of it." Skorpion shrugged. "He'll probably be back. Prepare countermeasures; he'll be like me, only sneakier. Less in the way of guns, though." Skorpion shrugged. "Also, probably still a douchebag."

"Oh, goodie. Another you." Devin stated while alerting the HQ to the potential threat.

"Hey, admit it. The world would be a much better place with another me around." Skorpion grinned as he poked through the various experiments that hadn't been dumped into sacks. "At the very least, it'd have way lower population density from the clash of wills... Damn. No infinity stones here. Ah, well. Guess they brushed up their security after the whole HYDRA thing... Ooh, is that vibranium? I think it's vibranium." He held up a jar of metal chips to the nearest functioning light, squinting at it. "Ugh. John, you got blood all over everything. I can't see WHAT this is, beyond 'covered in blood.'" Skorpion sighed, pocketing the jar anyway.

"I apologize." Johnathan said with a bow. "I would assume a vibranium sword would be too much to ask for, givin my unsatisfactory performance."


Unfortunatly, someone had the extreme oversight to turn on their comm at the most inopportune time.

"Take me Metal Boy!" The voice of a specific dhampir came across everyone's headsets.

"Um, it's Iron Man, not boy," a even more specific member of the Avengers was heard at a lower volume.

"Who cares, let's get busy!"

It was about that time that Devin wisely decided Katrina was more than capable of taking care of herself should an emergency arise, and muted her microphone.


DarkTan had watched far too much MacGyver, as evidenced by the assortment of materials he had collected. A can full of jet fuel, magnesium powder from flares and gallons of silver paint. In a matter of seconds the dhampir had his plan and the means to carry it out. He jumped up on top of a pile of crates and threw a bucket of the mixture on several unsuspecting SHIELD troopers below him. "We shall ride through the gates of Valhalla, shiny and chrome!" He bellowed.



"The hell is this stuff?"

"I don't get it."

"Seriously guys?" DarkTan frowned, "Haven't you seen the movie?"

"We're deployed fifty thousand feet in the air, asshole, what do you think?" A particularly annyoed trooper shot back.

"Well, it's a shame to waste a good joke," the dhampir grinned in a manner that stated it was anything but a funny joke before firing a flare gun in to thier midst. The "whump" from the flames actually managed to drown out the screams.


What's that noise? OH NO IT'S HYDRA.
Nope. It's DarkTan. Blasting metal from his aged C-130.
It's still dropping bits. It's still got bits to drop, somehow.
Say what?
DT is summarily shot down.
Too bad for them that his plane is disposable. And containing an IFV.
Drone aircraft as cruise missiles.

Strange guy is angry.

Skorpion leads the charge out of the aircraft, after dropping the other BMD.
Lucius double-checks his autograph list, and jumps out as well. With cathal.
Worst. Grandparent outing. Ever.

Strange angry guy knows it's Skorp. He knows all the other stuff is connected.
The Captain ain't listening.
Fine, go get yourself killed, you eat too much anyway.

DT is not happy about being rocketed.

Skorp lands. Since you can't control cargo chutes too well, and he's too heavy for regular ones, he has to use the arrestor cables to stop fully.
Dakka dakka.
He wants a helicarrier!
Lockdown lands, and makes with the dakka.
Rekko is the medic called to assist, in the BMD.

Katrina pursues Iron Man.
Cathal tells Lucius to quit complaining about getting laid regularly.

Johnathan proceeds with slicing and dicing.
Alexis pops heads, and snipes Iron Man.
"Bai bai, obstacle-chaan~"

The ship is a maze!

Alexis disembarks for the carrier.
Kawasaki 'falls' out of the aircraft.
Yakashima follows.

Like your HQ?
Yeah, but he BUILT that.
Magical girls afoot.


Nobody got Cathal a weapon, so he's improvising.
Don't die, Cathal. You're convenient!
Charming as always.

DT's been de-IFVed, and takes it out on people.

"Muhreens! Come out and plaaay~"

Johnathan and his squad enter the labs, followed closely by Skorp.
Johnathan seems to have been field-promoted; troopers instinctively follow people with swords who know where they're going.
One smells ozone.
There's something IN there.
There was a Russian supersoldier project?
Machariah is invisible. Or was. Not so much now.
Outnumbered, outclassed, and outmaneuvered, Machariah escapes out of a hole.
Skorp recognises him.

Kat tries to lay the man of iron.

DT makes a Mad Max reference while setting people on fire.


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Re: The SHIELD Raid

SHIELD: The Raidening: The Actual Raidening: Part 2: Moar Raidening
Timestamp: Just after The Raidening. Linear thread desu~
Location: SHIELD Helicarrier, above the Pacific somewhere.
Authors: As before.
Characters: As before, but plus SHIELD people.


Alexis touched down on the aircraft, dropping the parachute and bolting for cover first thing. "Three... Two... One..."

The magical girls landed a short while later; Yakashima landing neatly and gracefully atop Alexis' chosen cover, while Kawasaki plowed into the deck and slid along it, finishing up next to Alexis after leaving a smear of sparkles and glitter. "<Ow. Hiii, Lexi-chan~>"

"<What did I say?>" Alexis asked as she dragged the two behind cover.

Yakashima landed in an ungainly heap of limbs, spear, and frills as she was tugged off the blast deflector. "<But Kawa-chan fell out, and I had to go after her, and I couldn't climb well enough when holding her up to get back in, so we had to aim for the carrier.>"

Kawasaki nodded, holding her nose to try and stem the flow of blood. "<Id's nice abd flad an' slow.>"

"Mmhmm. <Now you two are going to get medical attention.>" Alexis stated as something on deck blew up. "<Honestly what possesed you to dive into a bloody warzone?!>"

"<I fell oud of a plane!>" Kawasaki protested. "<Abd I'll be fine when id stops bleedig. Just by dose.>"

Yakashima de-summoned her sword so she could extricate herself from the hydraulic lines she was tangled in. "<Medical attention? I'm fine, other than the bruises you just caused.>"

Alexis pinched the bridge of her nose. How was she gonna cut loose with a couple of magical girls keeping her on the straight and narrow? "<Tell you what->" She started before discretely taking a tranq round in each hand and giving the two a hug. "<I'll drop you off in a well guarded area.>" She whispered before injecting the contents into their necks.

The girls slumped over her, Kawasaki's nose dripping blood down the back of Alexis' wingsuit.

Alexis held the girls in her arms and slowly managed to move them to Largoist forces without any of them being shot. Keeping them behind cover and fending off any charges. "Oi, We need a medic for one of these magical girls and a safe place for both of them!" She called out, her buzz significantly killed.

"On it. Get them near an open area, but in cover." Was the reply, cutting off halfway through a tearing, rumbling noise.

On the other side of the deck, the sole surviving BMD extracted itself from the island and trundled over the deck towards Alexis, dispensing return fire as it went. Partway across, it detoured to shove a wrecked quinjet and the squad taking cover behind it off the side of the carrier, before resuming it's path.

A while later, it arrived; spinning around to drop the rear ramp by Alexis. "Bring them in, hurry!"

Alexis did as she was told, carrying them in, one over her shoulder and the other under the opposite arm. "Take care of them I'm gonna head back out!"

"Lexi?" Rekko asked, taking hold of the magical girls and settling them on stretchers. "Be careful, okay?"

"Rekko?" Alexis questioned before chuckling. "Don't worry. I will." She waved to him before stepping out of the back of the vehicle.

Rekko waved as the door started to close. "You better. I want you back after you're done being badass!"

Alexis smiled as the door closed, drawing her pistols before rushing to cover near the front lines.


"<Okay, bruising, abrasion, nosebleed... You're barely hurt at all. All you need is some disinfectant, a couple of sticking plasters, and a lollipop for being brave.>" Rekko rolled his eyes, turning to Yakashima. "<And you're just bruised. Why are you both out cold, though....>" He leaned in, noticing the small pinprick in her neck. "<Lexi, did you tranq your friends? That's just not right.>"


Rekko turned back, sighing. Trust that mention of sugar would revive a magical girl. "<Sure. Let me treat those grazes and the nosebleed, then you can have one for being brave.>"

"<Yaaay~>" Kawasaki gave a rather groggy thumbs-up, before passing out again.


Lucius jumped as a bullet glanced off the deck next to him. That was followed by another bullet, and that by a spray of them. He frowned, pulling up his shield as the shots walked up the deck towards him. 'Cathal, lad, find yeself cover. Someone's shootin' at us.'

"No shit, Sherlock." Cathal said from behind the remains of DT's BMD. "Redhead in tight leather, ten o'clock."

Lucius looked around, ears pricking up in interest. 'Ah, tha's Black Widow. She's on the list!'

Cathal leaned over his cover as the fire stopped, returning fire with the laser rifle he'd picked up a while ago. "Covering fire!"

Lucius nodded, drawing his sword and charging across the deck, ears flattening protectively against the impending gunfire.

"Have engaged a metahuman on the deck. Repeat, have engaged... He's coming right for me!" The aforementioned redhead rolled to the side as Lucius' sword slammed down, slicing through the deck like butter. "And that is one absurdly large sword."

Lucius grinned at her as he pulled it free from the deck. 'Ye like it, lassie? Lemme give ye a closer look, aye?' He swung again, the sword sweeping around at head-height as she backflipped away gracefully. Lucius swung again, causing another backflip evasion followed by a burst of machine pistol fire.

"Ugh, stop hitting on me and just die already. I already HAVE a boyfriend!" She frowned as her bullets stopped mid-air.

Lucius simply grinned, leering at her as the bullets dropped to the floor. 'Tha's telekinesis Kyle. Along wi' the power tae kill a yak from five hundred yards awa'. Nae, how about the power... Tae move you?' He swung his sword again, sending a wave of telekinetic force at her and sending her tumbling backwards, towards and then over the edge of the deck. 'Shite. 'Rella's gonnae kill me fer tha'.' He rushed forwards as the scream descended, only to see her intercepted by a flash of red and shiny silver. 'Thor tae, huh?' He vaulted over the edge, dropping a short distance before giving chase to the Asgardian. 'Come back here, ye nordic scunner, a magical girl wants yer autograph!'

Cathal looked around, suddenly feeling rather alone. "You idiot, you just left me in the middle of a warzone. Devin, is anybody nearby?"

There was a moment of silence over the radio before Devin answered. "Sorry, I'm organizing three-hundred Largoists at the moment..." Another few seconds of silence. "Could you repeat that?"

Cathal sighed. "My idiot grandfather just took off after Thor. Is there anyone on the deck I can tag along with so I'm not a huge target?"

"Let's see... Damn, one second..." Devin said before switching to a different channel to scold a group of off-track Largoists, returning shortly after. "Yes, Yakashima and Kawasaki are being medically tended to in a BMD... Here." He stated before giving Cathal a waypoint.

"A'ight. I'll head that way, assumng I don't get shot in the process. Cheers bruv." Cathal responded, before breaking cover and sprinting for the other BMD.


Lucius quickly caught up with Thor after he'd dropped Black Widow off. Reaching out, he grabbed the end of the cape and tugged, using the hero's momentum to swing him around and into the side of the carrier. 'Hey, blondie.'

Thor growled something Asgardian before hitting the carrier. He came back, swinging his hammer, only to encounter Lucius' shield halfway. The shock of the impact caused Lucius to drop a few feet, before gathering himself and swinging with his sword. That lead to a series of swings, blocks, parries, and counters between sword and hammer, ending with both men staring at each other over crossed weapons.

Lucius grinned, leaning in over the weapons to leer at Thor, his kitty ears flicking. 'So, blondie, ye come here often?'

"My name is not 'Blondie', feline. It is Thor, son of Odin!" Thor frowned. "Whyfore do you have the ears of a cat?"

Lucius grinned. 'Science, laddie. An' tha's comin' from a man wi' girly hair, wings on his helmet, an' a cape ye could use as a tent.'

"This is Asgardian battle armour!" Thor protested.

Lucius grinned wider, leaning in to lick Thor's cheek before separating. 'Ye look like a pansy.'

Thor recoiled from the lick, summoning lightning to hit Lucius. "Says the cat."

Lucius winced as the lightning hit him, twitching. 'That hurts, but ye're gonnae be disappointed, laddie.' He smirked, raising an arm up towards Thor. 'Tha's nae jus' yer trick.' He released the current towards Thor, where it was swiftly blocked and absorbed by the hammer.

Thor grinned back, swinging the electrified hammer to knock Lucius upwards. "Farewell, cat. Enjoy your journey."


"And that is why trickle-down ecomonics doesn't work!" A blue-haired pile of blood splatter and weaponry rolled under a quinjet, chucking a bandolier of frag grenades back the way he had come. He stood up, pattingout a tongue of flame poking up from his hair.

"Your hair's on fire, mate." Cathal oh-so-helpfully pointed out as he leaned against the landing gear of the quinjet.

"Aren't you the one that keeps stealing my keycards?" DarkTan asked after the smoke was gone.

"Who, me? Nah." Cathal rolled his eyes, tucking DarkTan's wallet into the back of his combats. "Probably your cleaner, if anything..." He paused, examining the dhampir. "Or the food. More likely your food doing it."

As Cathal was finishing his rather poorly constructed lie, DarkTan was struck in the head by a thrown combat knife, "What? I didn't hear half of that."

Cathal's (stolen) laser rifle snapped up, wavering as he pointed it around at the direction the knife had come from. "That's because there's a knife in your ear, mate. Nice piercing, though."

'What?" DarkTan went to cup his ear to find the handle of the knife, "No wonder I cant hear you, there's a knife in my ear," He pulled the blade out with a rather sickening sound not described here 'cause eww. "Why didn't you tell me I had a knife in my ear? Now I just feel silly."

"You're a blue-haired vampire, mate, you look bear silly anyways." Cathal shrugged, snapping off a few shots in the general direction the knife had come from. "I tell ya, I fuckin' hate ninjas."

"Okay, this time I heard everything, but I still don't know what you said," DarkTan looked down to find a knife handle protruding from his chest, "Did you do that??"

"Do I look like a fuckin' ninja, mate?" Cathal sighed. Tourists

The dhampir pulled the knife from his chest, "This is a combat knife, not really a ninja thing."

Cathal examined the first knife, shaking the blood splatter off it. "Nice knife, though. None of that cheap made-in-china shit on the markets. This is, like, infomercial tier. Bear sharp, bear shiny."

"Bears are not shiny," DarkTan pointed out, as another knife struck him in the chest, "Who keeps throwing these?!"

Atop the quinjet, there was the sound of jingling metal and maniacal laughter. "It is I, the..."

Cathal snap-reacted, shooting the black-clad and hooded figure in the chest with the laser rifle. "Don't fuckin' sneak up on me like that, mate!"

"Huh," DarkTan looked to see who it was, and shrugged, "Any idea who that used to be?"

Cathal shrugged, rifling through the ninja's pockets, tossing the driving license to DT. "Crazy moon language, I can't read it."

"Thorax the Impaler," DarkTan read, "Picture matches. I'll never understand why Japan allows ninja masks for licenses."

"I guess that if you never take it off, it makes sense?" Cathal shrugged, clinking slightly. "Weren't you meant to be in a tank?"

"It broke."

"Sucks." Cathal clambered down from the quinjet, looking around. "Where's the other one?"

"Other one?" DarkTan looked at him, "I had another one?"

"No, the other tank." Cathal corrected, rolling his eyes. "I'm meant to be meeting Yakashima and Kawa-chan there, but I can't see it and this deck is messier than sunday evening at the seaside."

"Try that way," DarkTan pointed off in a competely random direction, "And give me back my wallet."

"What wallet?" Cathal asked innocently, while sidling away from DarkTan. "As, y'know, I looted that guy's fair and square..."

DarkTan scowled, "Whatever, and it's awfully drafty all of a sudden."

Cathal looked at the dhampir, then down at his hands, and then back at the dhampir. Then he fled, cheap throwing knives scattering from the legs of his combats as he ran.

DarkTan tilted his head sideways in confusion, before shrugging and continuing on his way. Sans wallet of course. And knives, also boots, his socks, pants, belt, car keys, t-shirt, jacket and sunglasses. The only thing Cathal hadn't lifted from the dhampir was his dignity, but that had vanished long ago. DarkTan vaulted over another quinjet and the last thing the poor trooper on the other side ever saw was a pair of My Little Pony boxers.


"Johnathan. I have reports that Lucius has been temporarily incapacitated by Thor. Move to intercept." Devin ordered over Johnathan's headset while giving him a waypoint.

"Understood." Johnathan aknowledged. "You. Defend here." He directed to the group of followers that he'd accumulated.

The troops nodded, forming a perimeter around the area; some taking watch while others reloaded, cracked open drinks and snacks, or simply rested on nearby pieces of wreckage.

Johnathan nodded before darting off towards the waypoint.


"Come and get me ya bloody pansies!" Alexis shouted from behind cover, taking pot shots at the near half-circle of enemies she'd managed to find herself almost surrounded by.

There was a whirring noise, and a shield span seemingly out of nowhere, hitting Alexis with a distinct *wank* sound. "Hey! Language!"

Alexis recoiled back, using a hand to catch herself and move her to take cover behind what remained of DarkTan'sBMD. "Says the man who just hit a lady." She retorted.

"And you ain't no lady, miss." Captain America retorted, catching his shield as he stepped through the troops pinning Alexis.

Alexis laughed a bit. "I guess yer right." She said as she reloaded. "This the part where I yell 'heil Hydra'?"

"No, this is the part where you surrender or get pounded." Cap admitted. "Unless you actually ARE a HYDRA agent, in which case it's the same thing."

"Let's see which is better. A volunteer super soldier, or a forced one." Alexis called out with a grin, shooting at a few support units from behind her cover.

"Come out and face me, and we'll see." Was the reply, as a grenade tinkled into Alexis' cover.

Alexis dove out of her cover, hitting the ground right as the grenade detonated. "Fuck, dude. You have grenades?" She questioned as she hopped to her feet, preparing to bullet dodge if she had to.

Cap smirked. "Sometimes. That was just good timing, though. Thanks, guys." He gave a thumbs-up to the group of SHIELD troopers the other side of Alexis, before returning his attention to her. "As for YOU, language, lady." He sighed, before hurling his shield again.

Alexis ducked below the shield, firing a few potshots at the captain as she listened for the shield's return. "That all you got? A fancy shield?" She mocked, swiftly dodging to the side as it flew past where she had been standing. Shooting at where the shield was going as opposed to where Captain America was.

Cap sidestepped as Alexis fired on a wrecked quinjet; the collapse of the already-weakened structure sending his shield askew to fly into one of the troopers, gaining a cry of pain. The jet's tail creaked, falling towards Alexis as the wind whistled through the bulletholes in it.

Alexis dodged back, narrowly avoiding the falling tail. She grit her teeth and began scanning for the shield or the captain.

The shield was rolled back into the makeshift arena, the Captain catching it as he charged Alexis, holding an SMG in his free hand.

Alexis moved back to prevent close quarters combat, firing at his legs with one pistol to distract his shield arm while she attempted to shoot the smg.

Cap changed direction to avoid the fire to his legs, which allowed him to bring his shield around to block the fire at his SMG. This allowed him a short burst of mostly un-aimed fire as he tacked towards Alexis by way of suppression.

Alexis weaved her way through the supression fire, holstering a pistol to replace it with an M500 shotgun. She took aim at the ground, angling the shot to ricochet into his shield arm before firing.

Cap angled his shield slightly; deflecting most of the pellets sideways with his uniform taking most of the force of the remainder. He grunted as they hit him, diving for cover as he flung the shield at Alexis again.

Alexis tossed the shotgun to the ground and braced herself, waiting for the shield to come within reach. As it did, she caught it, re-directing it into a quinjet to be bounced off it and into Cap.

Cap caught his shield neatly as he slid behind a pile of debris, hurling it again to glance off another pile, the quinjet from before, and the deck to make for Alexis' legs.

Alexis dashed back and from some instinct jumped to catch the shield again, throwing it to bounce off some rubble, DT's BMD, the SAME quinjet, three SHIELD soldiers, Cathal (sending him sprawling in a cloud of small objects and DT's clothing), a distracted Largoist, and back into Captain America.

Captain America simply nudged the shield as it passed him, sending it off a few piles of debris, the quinjet again, the same now-stunned Largoist, and the deck behind Alexis. As it bounced off the quinjet, the abused aicraft collapsed into a pile of pieces; the shield returning to glance off it and spin off skywards. Cap looked up at it, letting out a quiet 'hmph' of concern.

Alexis tracked the shield as it bounced off of half the carrier and into the sky, drawing her S&W to fire a round at it to alter it's course from wherever it was supposed to go next. She looked after if for a brief moment, before remembering she was supposed to be in a fight, NOT playing frizbee with Captain America... Even if it was fun. She returned her aim to the captain and fired a couple of shots at him.

Captain America vaulted over his cover and the shots, rolling as he hit the ground before charging the wolfgirl, hurling his SMG at her as a distraction while he lined up a tackle.

Alexis took a step back and cursed herself for the stupidity of what she was about to do. She dodged the SMG and charged at Captain America, emptying the chamber of her S&W at him before tossing it aside.

The Captain met her charge with an (american) football tackle, knocking the wolfgirl off her feet and into the deck. As she landed, he dropped atop her. holding her down by one shoulder. "So. Do you surrender?"

As Alexis flew backwards, she couldn't help but remind herself how stupid an idea that had been. She hit the ground with a thud and before she could attempt to move she found herself pinned. "Not yet." She answered before attempting to quickly jab at his nose.

Cap's head rocked back as he took the punch, responding with an elbow cross to Alexis' head. "I don't like hitting girls, but I think I'll make an exception for you."

Alexis' head rocked to the side from the impact, her vision blurring for a bit before she grit her teeth and slugged him in the cheek. "Get off!" She yelled as she wound back her fist to deliver another.

Cap elbowed her again, shifting his grip to pin her arm down. "No, seriously. Surrender; I can take more hits than you. And, let's be honest here, you punch like a g..." He was cut off by Alexis hitting him again.

The wolfgirl's head recoiled from the impact before she could return the blow. "And YOU punch like a boyscout!" She retorted in a state of half consciousness.

Captain America hit her again. "You know, if you stopped insulting me and surrendered, you might get through this without a concussion."

Alexis shook her head, swinging at him again.

Cap grabbed her hand by the wrist, gripping it and twisting it as he flipped her over face-down to the deck. "Maybe if you stopped hitting me as well?"

Alexis winced in pain as she felt her wrist being twisted, struggling as she was flipped to face the deck. "Let... Go!" She ordered as she tried to find a way to hit him again.

"No." Captain America twisted her arm, applying pressure to the shoulder. "If I do that, you'll just hit me again. Guys, you got a spare set of those plastic things?"

"Zip ties, sir?"

"Yeah, one of those."


The zip ties sailed through the air, landing just out of reach of the Captain. "Helpful, guys. Little help?"

"No way, she's scary. You keep her held down."

"Yeah, I don't want to get shot. I'm staying here."

Cap shrugged, propping Alexis with his knee while he stretched for the strips. "You just stay here a moment, little lady..."

"Alexis! Is that the extent of your fighting spirit?!" Alexis heard a rather demanding voice that wasn't hers shout in the back of her mind.

"Wha-?" Alexis muttered in a half daze.

"No daughter of my charge is going to quit just because she's a little outmatched!" The voice shouted.

"Quit... I ain't quittin'. I gotim right wher I wanim." Alexis retorted, the sorness of her jaw really starting to set in.

"Okay, so you're insane as well as violent."

The voice let out a sigh. "Then get off your face and win!"

"He weighs a ton..." Alexis complained.

"Then I shall lend you my strength, as I have done for your mother!" The voice roared out in a manner that demanded battle.

"Fine, whatever. Jusht shtop yelling." The wolfgirl agreed, finding it hard to drown out yelling that was coming from your mind.

"Nearly there..." Captain America stretched for the zip strips, using his SMG to extend his reach for them. "We'll get you into a nice comfortable cell to work things out with the voices in your head soon enough... Wait, did you just call me fat?"

"The contract is made! Prepare yourself!" The voice warned.

"Wait, what?" Alexis said, her ears perking alertedly before a sudden surge of power caused her aura to emit a powerful shockwave.

Cap was sent sprawling as the shockwave caught him off balance, SMG and zip ties skittering off across the deck. The various SHIELD troopers ducked back down behind their cover, heads popping down like meerkats. "Lady, what the hell? Did you just explode?" Cap remarked as he slid to a halt against the side of the BMD.

Alexis rose to her feet, looking to her hands. "Dude!" She looked to her hands with a sense of excitement. "Aight, Cap." Both of her eyes lit up a vibrant blue, and her hair turned silver even as it grew until the tips reached all the way down to the small of her back. A black duster with a popped collar seemed to form around her in a blue flame, fingerless gloves appearing in the same flame from the sleeves, as did a black bandanna around her neck. Her clothing underneath was replaced with a white tank top with two bandoliers of ammo across her chest and one around her waist, with two holsters for her pistols. Alexis grinned widely as the flames from her new duster extended past the gloves to form two high caliber revolvers with chambers that emitted a steady blue light,and brought up the left one to tip up her 'boss of the west' hat as it appeared, before ending the sequence by firing that same revolver into the sky. "Let's go ballistic!"

"Wait, what? What the hell is this? This is like that show that Banner showed me, the one that WASN'T about horses..." Captain America reached for his shield, eyes widening as he remembered he was lacking it. "Crap."

Alexis pointed the revolvers to the captain, the chambers rotating to impact rounds. "You good at dancing?" She asked, her fingers resting on the triggers.

"Oh crap." Cap clambered to his feet to take cover behind the BMD, looking around for his shield. "C'mon, come back to me, come back come back PLEASE!"

Alexis fired a round into the BMD, causing it to rock slightly from the impact. She smirked and rotated the chambers to peircing rounds before firing a few dozen shots through the BMD's armour. "This is awesome!" She declaired, switching the ammo type on one to fletchette before shooting above the BMD, the round bursting into a hail of smaller rounds.

There was a *clang* as lumps of armour plate fell from the BMD, followed by a chunk of debris spinning around the side of it, making it's way towards Alexis. "I'll just make my OWN shield!"

Alexis tracked the makeshift shield with the piercing revolver, the chamber rotating back to impact before she pulled the trigger, causing it to lose most of it's momentum and veer off course.

The shield span past Alexis, skittering across the deck. However, it proved to be a distraction as Captain America vaulted over the BMD towards her while she was still tracking it, poised to tackle her again. "I don't need a proper shield to take you down!"

Alexis aimed to her feet, with the fletchette revolver as the rounds changed to flash. "Got-cha!" She announced as she fired the flash round into the ground, the round erupting into a blinding light as she moved away.

The Captain carried on into where Alexis had been, slamming into the deck with a heavy thud. "Ow. And also OW. Did I mention ow? Okay, guys, covering fire?" He looked around, squinting for the troopers. "Guys? Guys?"

"Looks like they buggered off." Alexis noted from the other end of the makeshift arena. "If you wanna do the same I won't stop you. You can even take your shield... Wherever that landed..."

"Yeah, I'll take a rain check on this for now." Cap got to his feet unsteadily, heading off to find a medic. "This isn't over. I'll be back."

"Hold a sec!" Alexis shouted holding up a hand for attention. "You got somethin' I could give to a friend a mine? She's a fan and I don't wanna dissapoint her."

Captain America sighed, reaching into a pouch and handing Alexis a signed picture of himself. "Here. They make me carry these because otherwise I get dragged into pictures."

"Perfect! Thanks!" Alexis said, accepting the picture with a grin and a waggy tail. "Anytime you wanna scrap lemme know!"

"Sure. Any time you want to be brought to justice, I'll be happy to indulge you. As soon as I find my shield, anyway..." He sighed, looking up. "You better not have tossed it into the sea. Fury's going to kill me if he has to fish it out the ocean."

"No. I'm sure it's around somewhere..." Alexis said, looking around before something dawned on her. "Hey, I beat you fair and square, right? So when you get your shield you gotta leave, okay?"

"I'm going, I'm going." Captain America turned to walk off. "I'll find it later. Right now, I need a coffee and some painkillers. And a sargeant."

Alexis grinned proudly, twirling her revolvers around her trigger fingers as she brought them to her holsters, stopping an instant before holstering them. "I just beat Captain America!" She cheered to herself, throwing up a fist of victory.

There was a small scattering of applause and cheering behind her, from a handful of gathered Largoist troops.

"Hey guys! I'm gonna pass out now!" Alexis announced with unwavering enthusiasm, returning to her original form before doing just that.

"You show promise." The voice said as Alexis passed out.


Lucius slammed into the deck plating with a dull thud, landing in a tangle of limbs and tail. 'Ouch. Remind me nae tae take on a viking god again.' He sighed, hauling himself upright and looking up, only to find he was stuck halfway down into the hangars on a stopped elevator. 'Wait, wha's tha' speck?'

Said speck proceeded to grow larger, resolving itself into something round. A short while later, it hit Lucius in the head, knocking him flat to the deck again. 'Ow.'


Cathal trudged across the carrier, rubbing the back of his head. He'd lost quite a few minutes, between being knocked out by a stray shield and gathering up all his loot afterwards. And this laser rifle was HEAVY. His grumping was interrupted by a cleared throat, and he looked up. Or rather, he tried to, but stopped most of the way up; his attention being grabbed by cleavage.

Black Widow frowned to herself. This was NOT how she'd planned this. "Hey. Eyes up here." She pointed up to her face, only to be ignored.

Cathal couldn't help but keep staring, mesmerized. He'd had no idea cleavage like this could EXIST, let alone be within reach.

Black Widow rolled her eyes, shrugged, and walked off. Hey, a win was a win, especially when it doesn't involve bruised knuckles.

"Buh. Buh. Boobs?"

Luckily for Cathal, a certain Red X passed by not long after and, after relieving the boy of some of his loot, thwacked him upside the back of the head to help snap him out of it. "Quit embarrassing yourself, kid," his disguised voice both advised and mocked from behind the mask, before the thief disappeared again (so much to steal, so little time, after all).

Cathal shook himself back to reality. "Whathuh?" He looked around, rubbing the back of his head where it'd been smacked. "Ow. Wait, where's my... HEY!" He shook his fist in the direction he'd last seen the distinctive outfit. "You give that back!"

After the complete lack of response, Cathal kicked the ground, grumbling to himself as he trudged on towards the other BMD. After a short while, he realised it was getting close. Too close. He jumped back as it rumbled past him, turning and giving chase. "Hey, get BACK here!"


"Hey hey mister driver-san!" Kawasaki leaned over the hatch, knocking on it. "Stop stop stop stop stop, that's Cathal!"

The driver, never one to refuse the request of a cute girl, slammed on the brakes. The IFV slid along the deck to a halt, stopping abruptly and dumping Kawasaki off over the glacis plate.


"Kawa-chan!" Cathal ran to where she'd fallen, dropping to his knees to help her. "You okay?"

"A-okay!" Kawasaki gave a thumbs-up, her nose starting to dribble blood again. "Get in, we're gonna go get Lexi!"

"Lexi?" Cathal gave her a confused look as he helped her to her feet, leading her around to the ramp as it was lowered.

"Oh, you don't know Lexi-chan?" Kawasaki grinned. "She's Johnathan's sister. Totally awesome Largoist, with awesome guns and kicks lots of butt!"

"Okay..." Cathal shrugged as he clambered into the vehicle, narrowly avoiding smacking his head on the ceiling. "Hey, I know you. You're the guy that helped me after I got hit by that bird!"

Rekko nodded as the boy sat down. "I was. You're very lucky; any faster and you wouldn't have bounced. Did nobody warn you about the pigeons?"

Cathal shook his head. "No. I thought pigeons were pigeons, not... Not huge mutated flying things that look like the stuff you breed for frying!"

Rekko took a short while to make sense of that. Failing, he replied anyway. "Largoist pigeons are unique. Eat too many ROUS, become like them."

"This city is strange."

"Technically, you're on a helicarrier, Cathal-kun." Yakashima pointed out helpfully. "Not in Tokyo at all. No ANFGs up here, no TPCD, no rampage permits."

The BMD lurched forwards again, causing Kawasaki to stumble, knocking Cathal down onto a bench and seating herself in his lap. "And there's so many cute heroes up here! I totally saw Thor earlier!"


The BMD shunted the remains of it's sibling out the way before turning. Rekko vaulted over the back; not waiting for the ramp to lower, he'd clambered out of the roof hatches. "Lexi!"

The magical girls (and Cathal) exited after him, huddling around her as Rekko cleaned the various small cuts that hadn't yet healed. "<Come on, come on, you're okay. You're still breathing. Wake up for me, okay?>"

"<Want me to give her some sugar, bro?>"

Rekko gave Kawa-chan a sidelong look. "<A little. Get her awake.>"

This was followed by a brief rummaging, and Cathal producing a half-empty plastic bottle of energy drink. "Here, try this."

Rekko opened it, sniffed at the contents, shrugged, and poured a little into Alexis' mouth, making sure not to get it into her airway. "<Not really a proven method, but I'm a medic, dammit, not a doctor.>"

Alexis' ears twitched a few times before her eyes shot open and she swiftly sat up, reaching for the distance. "MR. CHEESEBURGER KING NO!!!" She yelled, making it apparent that she was dreaming of food... Again. Her deep blue eyes darting around the deck.

Rekko chuckled softly, petting her hair gently. "<Calm down, nobody's going to usurp the cheeseburger king today.>"

It was then that Alexis realized she was in fact NOT in the beef kingdom fighing the war on the dastardly Veggie collective and WAS on a a helicarrier fighting agains SHIELD with the Largoists. "<What happened?>"

"<You got knocked out. I think you beat Captain America, though. So that's good.>" Rekko smiled, leaning in and kissing her as the magical girls squee-ed quietly behind him. "Good going."

"Oh, yeah! <There was this voice in my head that wouldn't stop yelling, then he yelled something about a contract, then I had a cool outfit and guns, then Cap and I sorta came to an agreement that I won...>" Alexis sorta recounted with her pointer finger raised knowingly. "<Anyway, I'm hungry. Can we eat?>"

Rekko grinned, handing her a small stack of bentos. "<Sure. I brought emergency food for you.>" He grinned, a little sheepishly. "<I sorta figured you'd get hurt and then hungry.>"

Alexis' ears perked. "<Really?! You're the best!>" Alexis declared, giving him a hug. "<But how'd you know I'd wind up getting hurt?>" She asked before chuckling. Seriously though, she needed to stop doing that.

Rekko ruffled her ears as he handed her a pair of chopsticks. "<You're a Largoist. It's a case of when, not if, with these idiots.>"

"Hey!" His assistant objected, from inside the BMD. "Some of us don't ALWAYS get hurt... Sometimes..."

"You broke more limbs last year than you started the year WITH." Rekko objected, with a smirk. "And that's not even counting the ones you broke that weren't yours."

Alexis giggled as Rekko ruffled her ears, accepting the pair of chopsticks. "<Who cares about details. Let's eat!>" She declared, holding the chopsticks upwards with an abundance of energy.

"<Sure. I've got more if you're still hungry after, but you might want to come into the vehicle. Might still be snipers about.>" Rekko explained, with a wink to Alexis. "<Other snipers, anyway.>"

Alexis nodded before hopping to her feet and running to the BMD.


Skorpion rummaged through the lab, emptying hard copies, backups, and tubes of blueprints into boxes. Behind him was a small stack of more boxes, steadily being ferried off through the secured area of the carrier by troops. "And let's see what's in drawer number three..." He opened the final drawer from a stack, his grin widening almost ear to ear. "Oh, my." He lifted the device out, holding it up to the light as he peered through the translucent case around it. "Hello, my pretty. You're coming with me, yes you are~" He chuckled softly, tucking it into the top of a box before taping it shut. "This one's a priority. Get it out and off the carrier first. I don't care how much that'll disrupt the system, DO it." He tossed the box to the nearest trooper, who fumbled and nearly dropped it.

"Y-yes, boss." The trooper sighed, before turning and running off with the box, slipping between the line of troops in the corridor taping boxes into loads.

"Devin!" Skorpion returned to the drawer, rummaging throug it and tossing most of the contents into another box. "How's our altitude?"

"We're on schedule." Devin replied. "Also, Alexis is no longer an issue."

"No longer an issue?" Skorpion asked. "That sounds like you've killed her or something. Is she okay?"

"She's both dealt with, and been dealt with by Captain America." Devin answered. "Looks like she won, then passed out. She's eating in the remaining BMD now."

"Good." Skorpion remarked. "Her boyfriend can deal with her. Lucius hasn't moved in a while, though. Any word from him?"

"He was beaten by Thor than from what I can tell, then knocked out by Captain America's wayward shield." Devin informed. "I have Johnathan en route to Thor."

"He IS wearing his parachute, right? Also, tell Lucius to keep that shield if he wakes up before they take it back." Skorpion grinned, applying tape to a nearby toolbox and handing it off to a trooper, who nearly collapsed under the weight. "Also, someone's approaching around the outside. Is it one of ours, or should I shoot them down?"

"It's Evangeline." Devin answered. "I need to tend to a few distracted squads, anything before I go?"

"Yeah. See if you can feed some more power to the #3 turbine; we're listing a bit and it's making the troops run the loot uphill." Skorpion signed off with a *click*, turning his attention back to the lab. "Okay, next room! Everybody down!"

"What the..."



The room went suddenly from a bustle of activity to a dogpile of Largoists as they sought cover. Skorpion draw his boltgun, the chambers moving into position as he took aim at an armoured glass window. He fired, the rocket-boosted round striking the glass, bending it inward slightly before exploding and forcing the window out of the frame and into the room beyond. As the smoke and powdered glass settled, he stepped through to start poking through the uncovered room as activity resumed around him.

Moments after the explosion, Eva flew through a hole in the previous room, dressed in Largoist medical armour. "Does anyone need help?" She asked as she landed.

The troopers looked to each other, and raised hands almost in unison. "I've hurt my arm!"

"I got shot twice!"

"I think there's something stuck in my helmet."

"I'm missing a finger! I think I found it, though."

"I have a headache!"

"Okay, single file line. Starting with the man missing a finger followed by the one who got shot." Evangeline said, clapping her hands together twice for attention.

The troops queued up obediently, with some minor scuffling at the back over who was injured worse. Skorpion rolled his eyes as he started to empty shelves and cabinets.

Evangeline swifly healed her way through the line, wishing to herself that she had a mass heal spell she could use. Once the final Largoist had been healed, Eva moved to Skorpion. "What about you?" She asked with a tone of concern.

Skorpion waved his hand dismissively. "Nanites are handling it, I'll be fine. Go heal someone who doesn't do it on their own."

"Anything you want me to fly up top?" Eva then asked.

"Yes, actually." Skorpion handed her a tape-sealed box. "Don't drop it. Hand it to the guys loading pallets, then get medical supplies from them; Johnathan is about to encounter Thor."

Eva took hold of the box and looked to Skorpion curiously. "What's in it, and did you say Thor?"

"Yes, I did. That's why I want you up there." Skorpion sighed softly. "Just make sure he isn't too badly hurt."

Eva let out a wistful sigh. "I'll keep those perfecly chiseled abs as flawless as before the fight."

"Okaay..." Skorpion rolled his eyes. "Just go before you cause a riot in here over cookies."

"Okay!" Eva said, skipping to the hole she used to enter before diving out to deliver the package.


"Verily. Who art thou to challenge the mighty Thor?" Thor landed as Johnathan approached, eyeing him. "Dist you not learn from my vanquishing of your feline comrade?"

"I am Johnathan Edward Havloc, an aspiring knight." He informed as he drew his blades. "Thor, Son of Oden, would you grant me the honour of a duel?" He requested as he took a defensive stance.

Thor raised an eyebrow as he was challenged, before bowing slightly. "Very well, knight." He twirled Mjolnir in his hand, a grin crossing his face. "May you put up a better fight than the feline." He grinned before charging, swinging the hammer at Johnathan's head.

Johnathan returned the bow, resuming his defensive stance as he was charged, dodging back out of his way before quickly jabbing below the arm he used to swing.

Thor spun around as Johnathan's sword scraped over his armour. "You're a quick one, wolf. Not since Stark have I fought such an agile opponent." He grinned, turning and striking backhand at Johnathan's legs.

Johnathan saw the incoming attack and dove over it, landing on a hand before using it to jump back to his feet. He readied his blades, thrusting one towards Mjolnir to keep the hand distracted while he thrust the other to the god's chest.

Thor moved back from the sword to his chest, the Asgardian's cloak losing a notch of fabric as he released his hammer. He shifted his weight, moving around the wolfboy out of reach as Mjolnir looped back around to his hand. "You would make a fine Asgardian warrior." He paused, swinging Mjolnir back before thrusting with it towards Johnathan's chest. "In fact, you have a certain air about you... Are you, perhaps, related to my brother Loki? I understand he had a liking for wolves for a few centuries..."

Johnathan quickly threw one sword into the deck, palm striking the side of the hammer while moving to avoid it, following up with a series of thrusts and slashes. "It is an honour to be held in such high regards. As for your brother, I wouldn't know."

"A shame. Perhaps he met your mother some time prior." Thor smirked, shifting to allow his armour to take the blows, swinging his hammer around, up, and back down to Johnathan.

Somewhere in Johnathan's mind a chord was struck. He dashed back a small ways, pointing his sword to the Asgardian. "Clarify that statement."

Thor chuckled. "Perhaps Loki met your mother during one of his jaunts to Midgard. He WAS fond of disguising himself to seduce mortal women, and if your mother at all resembled your sister that just dealt with the Captain down there, he would have pursued her to the ends of the worlds."

"I know not of the mother that is responsible for our birth, but pay heed Asgardian. You are treading on hallowed ground." Johnathan stated as he threw his second blade into the makeshift shieth that was the deck. "Not for the honour of the one that birthed me, but for the honour of the one that raised me. I will defeat you." He reached into weaponspace, slightly sinking into the deck as he drew a large two handed warhammer from it. "Prepare yourself." He stated as an aura of murder began to taint the air.

Thor stepped back, raising his hands. "I meant no insult to her. I was merely commenting on my brother's habits." He sighed softly, taking up Mjolnir again and dropping into a defensive stance of his own. "But if thou wishes to take it personally, so be it. But I have one thing to inform you of before we begin again." He grinned, winking at Johnathan as he tossed Mjolnir to his other hand. "I am not left-handed."

"And this is weapon set two, of forty." Johnathan informed, trading information for information before he lunged forward, stopping short to let the momentum carry the hammer further as he swung for Thor's entire right arm.

Thor swung Mjolnir up to meet Johnathan's hammer mid-way, the shock jarring both weapons and resonating through the hull of the carrier. "Impressive that you're able to carry them."

Johnathan slammed a foot into the deck, denting it slightly from the weight. He then shifted his own weight to deliver another blow to the opposite side. "Personal pocket dimension for weapon storage."

"Interesting." Thor remarked, swinging to meet the swing again, the structure of the carrier creaking from the shock of another impact.

Johnathan brought the hammer to his shoulder, pressing a button on the grip before swinging it downwards with one hand, the other reached into weaponspace to draw a new weapon after the next clash.

Thor winced as the weapons clashed again, Johnathan's hammer exploding in a flash of purple and green flame as Mjolnir was forced out of Thor's hand and into the deck plating, creating a small crater of molten metal.

The wolfboy's eyes tracked Mjolnir, a curiosity forming within his mind. He dropped the remains of his hammer, witdrawing his hand from weaponspace to perform a double palmstrike on Thor's breastplate, channeling his aura into the blow for additional knockback.

Thor staggered backwards, wincing as the wind was knocked out from him. He struggled for breath as he reached for Mjolnir, the hammer rattling in it's crater.

Johnathan took the opportunity to take hold of Mjolnir, using his eye to attempt to sync with it. Immediately, he coughed up a large amount of blood and his vision began blurring heavily. "Not now. I can't fall now." he thought to himself.

Thor raised an eyebrow as Mjolnir lifted slightly, before quickly reaching out to it again; the hammer shooting back to his hand. "I see. Despite your actions, your heart is true, and your honour is strong."

Johnathan stumbled to the side a couple steps before regaining his footing. "My..." He began to say before he coughed up a bit more blood. "My mother... Wouldn't fall prey to such trickery." He stated before reaching into weaponspace to produce a katana, switching his stance to an agility based guard.

"I apologise again for besmirching her honour, canine one. Now, let me commence with kicking thine ass, Johnathan Edward Havloc." Thor grinned, twirling Mjolnir by the strap.

It was then that Eva came to a landing near Johnathan. "Johnathan, you're hurt, let me help." She offered.

"No. This is a duel. Until one of us falls I will accept no aid." Johnathan stated firmly, holding his stance.

"His honour is strong, winged one." Thor turned to Eva, giving her his trademark grin. "But worry not, I will defeat him swiftly so you can attend to it."

Eva blushed. "Ohmygod. You're actually hotter in person!"

"Eva!" Johnathan stated loudly.

"Sorry. Err, I'm sorry. I'm just. Gonna..." Eva said, pointing in a random direction before flying a small distance away.

Thor chuckled, watching her. "Before we start, may I have your name, O winged maiden of fairness?"

"Evangeline Rose Contessa." Eva answered with a bow. "I'm his sister."

Thor bowed deeply, grinning at her. "In the name of Odin, the allfather, I greet you, Evangeline Rose Contessa, brother of Johnathan Edward Havloc."

The words had barely left Thor's mouth before a sticky red x was suddenly wrapping itself around his head from behind and effectively silencing him, a rather perturbed Red X/Jason doing his best to slip away before John could notice him.

"That mark..." Johnathan stated, the rage within him broiling to the point where he could focus again. "Are you undamaged?"

"Mmrph!" Thor tugged at the gunk covering his mouth, only succeeding in getting his hands stuck in it as well. "Mmph mm rrgh!"

"Damn it, free yourself, god!" Johnathan yelled, the action startling Eva.

Thor started to crackle with lighting, the goo soon flaking off him, leaving him with a red-tinted beard and struggling for breath. "Verily..." He panted, dropping to one knee. "Verily, thine allies are dishonourable."

"Sorry! That was my boyfriend." Eva apologized for Jason.

"I don't... Have time for this..." Johnathan said as his right leg started to buckle.

"Another? Ready so soon? Your desire to protect is strong, yet your heart has yet to develop." Said the same voice that spoke to Alexis. "You're progressing, so I will allow you to tap into your true power."

Johnathan's eyes silently narrowed on Thor; while he spoke no words, he was listening.

"Thy boyfriend lacks honour, milady." Thor remarked, keeping a wary eye on Johnathan. "And thy brother seems to be weakened. Shouldst I call off the duel to save his pride?"

"I refuse. This duel will continue." Johnathan stated, taking a deep breath to regain his center.

"Do you accept my offer?" The voice asked.

"To protect my family and find my purpose I accept."

"Then proceed, by all means." Thor smiled broadly, gesturing for Johnathan to continue.

"Then the contract is made! Now show the world your true power!" The voice roared.

"I shall." Johnathan stated as he sheathed his katana and closed his eyes, a moment passing before he was engulfed in a deep red flame. As the flames retreated, they revealed a black chest plate with silver linings in their wake and a dark longsword at his side, and as he reached for the hilt of his sword, a shield formed on his opposing arm. He then raised his sword skyward as it let out a howl, before slashing it downwards and opening bright red eyes. "Come!"

Thor raised his eyebrow, spinning Mjolnir before throwing it at the wolfboy, wary of the sudden change in appearance.

Johnathan raised his shield to the hammer, bracing for impact until Mjolnir impacted against it, resulting in a shockwave that nearly blew Eva off of her feet. His eyes gleamed for a moment before he released a war cry and directed the hammer to the side taking the opportunity to lunge at Thor with the ferocity of a born warrior before suddenly dashing around behind him to slice off his cape, taking the fabric before dashing back.

Thor snap-reacted, catching Mjolnir and swinging for Johnathan as he moved back, lightning crackling around the head.

Johnathan brought up the shield to block, the entire carrier shaking from the force of the impact. He narrowed his eyes on Thor's helmet and swiftly jabbed at it, managing to knock it off without damaging it.

Thor frowned, shaking his hair out as he pivoted, swinging low for Johnathan's knees. "You improve mid-combat?"

"So it would seem." Johnathan replied, jumping over Thor to land behind him, swinging for his neck only to stop an inch short.

Thor turned around, smiling and raising his hands up. "Very well. You have bested the son of Odin in single combat. I congratulate you, but I assure you that the rematch will not be such an easy win." Thor winked, chuckling softly. "May we meet again, Johnathan Edward Havloc; you were a worthy opponent."

Johnathan moved his blade from the Asgardian's neck, steam rising from the scabbard as he sheathed it. "Thank you, Thor, Son of Oden for accepting my challenge, and I would accept any challenge of yours with honour." He said, bowing to him. "Might I make a request?"

Thor nodded, returning the bow. "You may, but I cannot speak for my brother, nor can I introduce you to him, nor arrange dates with him." He shrugged slightly.

"The princess of my country is a fan of yours and I would request a memento for her." Johnathan said, feeling as though two or three items should be enough to satisfy a couple of people.

Thor nodded, producing a small knife from his pocket and slicing off a lock of hair to hand to Johnathan. "For a princess, this should suffice."

Johnathan nodded, accepting the hair before placing it in a small zip lock baggie. "Thank you. Will you now be on your way?"

Thor nodded. "I shall, if you excuse me. Tony of Stark has requested my assistance, and there is a certain feline I have yet to finish with." He grinned, winking at Eva before swinging Mjolnir and taking off.

Johnathan watched Thor fly off, tracking him for a moment before he began to fold the cape he had collected into a triangle. "That makes three." He stated to himself as he moved to claim the Asgardian's helmet. "Now I wonder who should get what..." He asked himself, storing the items in itemspace while Eva was still swooning over Thor. "Evangeline. It is unfortunate, but I have become incapacitated." He notified as his form returned to normal. "Please ensure that my swords are collected."

"Huh, what?" Eva asked right before Johnathan fell over, hitting the ground with a mix between a thud and a clank. " John!" She called out as she ran to heal him, calling for the BMD as she began healing.


A rather disappointed Katrina was moving from room to room muttering to herself about "Iron Man indeed" in a tone that was anything but flattering. "I know it's here somewhere," the dhampir muttered and checked her phone. She then stopped and sniffed, "Huh...suddenly it reeks of hypocrisy in here." She heard a man clear his throat and turned to look, there was a chaplain with the white collar of a catholic priest, carrying a large Bible and a crucifix. "Ahh, the Catholic church, doesn't really seem to be your crowd up here."

"How's that?" the chapalin asked.

"Nearest elementary school has to be, what? Hundred miles away?" Katrina nearly doubled over with laughter.

"Ha ha," the preist replied, "Like that joke didn't stop being funny the first forty-eight thousand times," he held out his Bible and left it fall, revealing the biggest damn revolver Katrina had ever seen, "Now I'm afraid you need to leave."

"Nice gun, compensating for something?" Katrina smirked, "So if you're the priest, you know everyone's dirty little secrets don't you?"

"That is between them and God; I am simply the mediator," He opened fire on the dhampir.

"I just wana know where he keeps his stash!" the dhampir said she she dodged all five round, "And seriously, that was kinda weak."

"You'll have to forgive me," the priest said as he tossed the gun away, "Guns aren't really suited for a man of the cloth." He held the crucifix upside down and a sword began to slide out. Three sections as long as the crucifix itself slid down and locked into place.

Katrina grinned, pulling two curved daggers from behind her back, "SHEILD makes some cool stuff, I'm taking that back with me."

"I shudder to imagine what a demon would do with a crucifix." The priest said as he readied himself. "Come now, bask in the light of God."

"Sounds kinda kinky," Katrina gave a fanged grin as she fliped the daggers in her hands and leapt at the priest, "And i'm a vampire damnit!"

The priest leapt back a small, cross-bearing grenade dropping from his sleeve to ping off the ground and explode into shrapnel and holy water. "My apologies, vampire."

The dhampir sputtered as the water sprayed over her, "The hell was that?" She demanded, "You gonna water me to death?"

"Ahhh, a half blood." The priest realized. "No two-ways about it. Off with you're head."

"You could at least buy me dinner first," Katrina leered.

The priest lunged forward, stabbint at Katrina's torso. "I'll pray for ye."

Katrina deflected the blow easily, using one dagger to force the sword to her left, and the other to slid up the legnth of the blade, towards the priest himself.

The priest twisted the blade to stop the dagger on one of the sections of the cross, aiming the other hand at her before a small crossbow bolt fired into her shoulder.

"Ow!" Katrina yelled as she refexively grabbed the bolt and yanked it out, "That hurt!"

"'Tis the point." He stated two more firing before he jumped back.

Katrina blocked them both with a groan, not a the pain, at the pun. "Really?" She tossed one dagger to the other hand and flicked up the bolt before throwing it like a dart at the priest.

The priest side-stepped the bolt, switching the sword to the other hand as a book that strongly resembled a bible dropped into his former sword arm. "Alright, lass. Yer warmup about done?"

The dhampir cracked her neck, "Aye, yours?"

"Just about." The priest pointed the book in her direction and a beam of fire shot from it and struck the blue haired woman full in the chest.

"Holy shit that's hot!" Katrina yelled, dropping her daggers and furiously swatting the flames, and most of her shirt, away, "Sweet baby Jesus!"

"Don't use the Lord's name in vain." The priest advised.

"Eat me," was the equally advising reply followed by two throwing knives.

The priest dodged to the side. "Cannibalism is a sin." He retorted before casting a lightning spell down the hall.

"Say that guy who serves the body and blood of his savior every week," Katrina scoffed before the lightening also stuff her in the chest, "Ugh, fight now, snark later."She dove foreward in a roll, and poped up to sweep the priests legs out from under him, then moved to bring a savage kick to his abdomen as he fell.

"It's a representation!"

"So is oral sex!" the dhampir retorted as the heel of her boot struck the priest just below his solar pelxus.

The priest grunted and coughed, fliping backwards and standing up again ad Katrina retrieved her daggers. He held his sword foreward, preparing for a finishing strike.

"Okay," Katrina grinned, "You can take a good kick, I'm impressed. Let's finish this!" She rushed the man of the cloth, daggers out and foreward.

The priest was expecting this, he shifted his stance as the last second, aiming a thrust at the dhampir's shoulder. It was an obvious move, one she would dodge and leave her neck wide open. Only, she didn't. Katrina took the attack with a wicked grin, her foot coming down on the side of the priest's leg. He howled with pain as his knee literally blew out the side. In a last ditch effort he charged a fireball in his palm and lashed out with it. Katrina caught his hand in hers, the fire ball going out with a flash and puff of smoke. The dhampir twisted her arm around, bringing the priests up at an unnatural angle, snapping his wrist and breaking his elbow.

"Hey jackass," Katrina asked,

"W..what?" The priest stuttered.

"You lost."

"Uh-huh," he nodded weekly.

"So now, I'm going to read your mind," the dhampir said flatly.


"By drinking all your blood!"

"What!? N-"


[This scene has been removed because it was deemed two graphic for some viewers. Instead, here is a picture of a kitten Think happy thoughts.]

"Huh, why didn't I think to look there?" Katrina wiped her mouth and scampered away.


"Heh," a man started to laugh, "Heh heh, ha. Ha ha ha haha." He surveyed the room he had entered. "Bwahahahaha!" His manical laughter only increased as he saw the next room. "MWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!"

DarkTan had found the kitchen. And an armoury.


Alexis lands, followed by Yakashima. Kawasaki faceplants.
Alexis berates, then tranqs them, then dumps them on Rekko.


Lucius engages and hits on Black Widow, and tosses her over the edge.
Thor rescues her.
Lucius goes after Thor.
Cathal realises he's been ditched, and asks Devin for help.
Devin's not very helpful.
Cheers though, bruv!

Lucius engages and hits on Thor, before being tossed skywards.

DarkTan is encountered by Cathal.
And promptly robbed by him.
Or rather, burgled, because he's that oblivious today.

Johnathan is sent after Thor, leaving his troops behind.

Alexis duels with Captain America.
Blam blam.
Dakka dakka.
Playing frisbee with the Shield.
And off it goes somewhere. Upwards. At speed.
Lexi's down!
But then she signs a magical girl contract andd transforms.
Then kicks the Captain's ass.
SHIELD troopers have no loyalty.

Oh, there's the shield. And Lucius, too.
Catboy, meet deck. Shield, meet catboy.

Cathal encounters Black Widow again.
Random act of Jason.

Kawa-chan spots Cathal, and has the driver of the BMD stop.
But forgets to hold on.
Cathal's encountered Rekko before.
And is still having issues with Tokyo.
Off they go again!
Kawa-chan manages to end up in Cathal's lap.

And off they go to Alexis.
Who, after passing out, is dreaming of beef.
Kawa-chan is allowed to sugar her.
Blue eyes?
Here, have some food.
Rekko's assistant is accident-prone.

Skorpion loots things.
Devin updates him on things.
Eva shows up!
And suddenly all the troopers have injuries.
Skorp? Meh, nothing the nanites can't handle. Go heal someone who needs it.

Johnathan encounters Thor.
Flowery language.
An honourable duel!
Thor accidentally insults Tiffaney.
But apolgises; he didn't mean to slander her. Instead, he was aiming for Loki.
Since he's the father of the wolf, and all.
Thor's seen the Princess Bride?
Eva arrives.
Thor hits on Eva.
Jason arrives and stickies Thor's mouth shut.
Xenothium isn't lightning-proof.
The duel continues.
But Johnathan is hurt. Thor offers to stop, Johnathan refuses as a point of honour.
Then signs a magical girl contract.
Magical boy?
Magical boy.
Duel resumes. Carrier shakes. Thor loses his helmet. Thor is bested, and grants Johnathan a lock of hair for a princess.
Thor goes to help Tony of Stark.
Johnathan passes out.

Katrina is done with Iron Man.
And encounters a chaplain.
That's a really big gun. And a cross that turns into a sword.
And a crossbow.
And he has magic!
She wins!

DT finds the kitchen AND an armoury.
DarTan: The Unspeakable Cook.
Katrina: Bitch, She Eats People
Mimi: Varying Shades of Gray and A Concerning Amount of Red.
Ahab: Hail, Huntsmaster.
Stone: His Rap Sheet Is Better Than Wrapping Papper.


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Re: The SHIELD Raid

SHIELD: The Raidening: The Actual Raidening: Part 3: Whoops, We Filled Another Pad.
Timestamp: Just after Moar Raidening. Linear thread desu~
Location: SHIELD Helicarrier, above the Pacific somewhere.
Authors: As before.
Characters: As before, but plus SHIELD people.


Rekko sighed as the BMD lurched into motion again, the magical girls, Alexis, and Cathal riding on top as it trundled down the length of the carrier. The driver nimbly picked his way between craters, lumps of debris, and wrecked aircraft, the dozer blade on the front helping a great deal with the shoving. "Can't people just stop getting hurt for a few minutes? Really. That's all I ask."

"On a Largoist raid? Nevar!!!" Alexis yelled, still hyped on the sugar. "Anyone find out why the carrier kept shaking?"

"Presumably something to do with all the lightning we saw earlier." Rekko shrugged.

"That would be Thor!" Kawasaki chirped up, grinning ear to ear. "He's super powerful and controls lightning and wields the mighty hammer molnir!"

"Mjølnir, technically." Yakashima corrected. "And he's pretty cute, too."

"I'd say he's just pretty." Kawasaki agreed, giggling.

"Pffft!" Alexis scoffed, crossing her arms. "I wonder if that's why John is hurt." She said, sounding concerned when the realization dawned on her.

"Maybe if he went after Thor." Rekko sighed concernedly. "He'd better be alright. He doesn't heal like you, and I'm wary of using the nanites on him in case he ends up like that." He frowned. "Your magical girl powers are troublesome like that, and I don't think Skorp could afford to feed another of you."

"I have NO idea what you're talking about. I'm no magical girl." Alexis said, feigning ignorance. "I'm sure he'll be fine!"

"No, you're just a supersoldier with magic abilities and a cannon." Rekko chuckled, reaching up to stroke Alexis' tail as it wagged over the open hatch. "Given that it was Eva over the radio, it's probably not her that's hurt."

Alexis tensed for a moment as Rekko stroked her tail, relaxing as it wagged gently. "Yeah, that. Hehe." She said out loud while thinking he'd never let me live it down if he found out I might actually be a magical girl.

After a short ride, the BMD arrived at the site of Johnathan's collapse. Rekko stepped down the ramp as it lowered, looking somewhat tired. "<What's wrong with him?>"

"He picked up Mewmew!" Eva said urgently, utterly failing to pronounce Mjolnir.

"Handling pokemon untrained is a bad idea any day, but what were they doing here?" Rekko replied, examining the comatose Johnathan. "I don't see any broken bones or lacerations. Blood loss, yes, but it looks like he tried to connect with something?"

Eva clenched her fists and bounced impatiently. "No! Mewmew! The hammer!" She exclaimed as though Rekko should have understood the first time.

"Mew's not a hammer. I don't think there IS a hammer pokemon." Rekko shrugged, tugging a bag of plasma from his bag and tearing the wrapper from a fresh needle. "Is that all his blood?"

"Thor's hammer! He picked it up!" Eva explained. "Most of it isn't, but he still needs help! I can't get him to wake up... I stopped his symptoms, so why?"

Rekko frowned. "I see. I've seen this with Lexi; something too complex just knocks her out. I'm guessing it's the same with him, because twins." Rekko squeezed the air out of the tube before inserting the needle into John's arm, using a port in the armour designed specifically for that. "Come hold this up while I set up a stand."

Eva nodded, holding up the bag. "I've never seen this happen to him though."

Rekko pulled a bundle of metal poles from his medic bag, quickly assembling them into a stand for the drip. "He seems fine otherwise. I'm not going to give him sugar to wake him up, though. Look what it did to Alexis." He nodded towards the BMD, where Alexis was giggling as she scanned the area through the scope of her cannon, tail wagging rapidly.

"Right. Seeing John like that would be confusing." Eva admitted as she hooked the drip onto the stand. "Do you have the means to move him?"

"I have a stretcher and an armoured vehicle." Rekko tugged a remote from his pocket, pushing a few buttons on it. Shortly afterwards, the stretcher inside the BMD unlocked itself from the floor and rolled down the ramp to head for Johnathan. "Help me get him on it?"

Eva nodded, getting into position to help lift him onto the stretcher. "Ready?"

"Ready." Rekko lifted Johnathan's shoulders, his back and knees making popping noises as he took the wolfboy's weight.

Eva lifted as he did, struggling only a small amount as they hoisted him onto the stretcher. "That armour's heavy."

Rekko nodded, breathing heavily. "It tends to be. Skorpion over-engineers everything." He pointed the remote at the back of the BMD, and the stretcher set off towards it, beeping occasionally to warn of it's presence. "I'm surprised the stretcher doesn't have tracks and armour."

Eva giggled. "You know, now that you've said that, it's gonna happen."


"Here, iron man iron man iron man~" Skorpion called out as he strode through the maze of corridors in the helicarrier. "I know you're here somewhere. There are trackers in the dildos she shot you with."

There was a whimper from somewhere nearby, and Skorpion turned; blowing a hole in the wall nearby. "There? No? Damn. Go back to crying." He waved to the technician cowering in the room he'd just blown a hole into, and carried on walking.

And kept walking.

"Seriously, how long IS this corridor?"

"Say what you like about my fortress, at least it has CORNERS and DOORS every so often!" Skorpion grumbled. There was a pause, before an energy bolt flew down the length of the corridor, dissipating against his coat as he turned to evade it. "Found you!" He grinned, bringing up an SMG to return fire down the corridor as he started to jog down it, picking up speed.

Skorpion was moving at a dead run by the time Iron Man came into view. Or rather, a suit of Iron Man armour did. The lack of wisecracking was a dead giveaway as he tackled the suit into a bulkhead, crashing through with it.

"Please! Cease and desist! Disperse!"

Skorpion frowned, starting to pull parts off the armour as it started to talk. "Oh, I hate this whole 'robot decoy' trend these days. You are not Doctor Doom. You can't pull it off that well."

"Please! Cease and desist!"

"SHUT UP! I'LL CEASE AND DESIST YOU!" Skorpion snarled, pulling the suit's head off and smashing it against the floor. The floor dented, and the head stayed mostly intact.

"Cease and desist!"
"Cease... Cease..."
"Cease and *beep*"

Skorpion stopped, looking at the head. "Cease and beep?" The head beeped again, louder. Skorpion raised an eyebrow, and turned to throw it down the corridor. The head span off, glancing off the wall before exploding in a cloud of shrapnel. "Huh. Self-destruct."


Maniacal laughter wafter from the kitchen and the sounds of pots and pans clanking against spoons and spatulas could be heard echoing down the halls. DarkTan was cooking. "The kitchen is woefully understocked," the dhamphir muttered to himself. He needed one or three vital ingredents. Most of which ended in explosive. Fortunately for him, there was a fully stocked armoury next to the kitchen. Unfourtunately for the guards in that armoury, they were in the armoury.

DarkTan kicked up the door, holding a pair of HK45's he had "borrowed" from some other unfortunate troopers, "Hey guys, how's your heath plan?"

The guards opened fire without a moment's hesitation.

"Apparently, it's great!" DarkTan grined and returned fire. Each and every bullet fired in that room found it's intended mark and soon there was more red than white on the walls and the dhampir was soon the only one standing. "Now...where to they keep the tactical nukes....?"


Across the ship, Skorpion asked the exact same question. He was dangling an officer over a hole out of the ship by the front of his uniform, shaking him gently. "Well? Where?"

"We... We don't carry nukes..." The officer protested, weakly.

"Bull. Shit." Skorpion replied. "What do you do if the Hulk gets out of hand, other than beg Stark to help? You nuke him until he's standing in lava. So, where are the nukes?"

"There are... No nukes..." The officer struggled more, legs kicking. "Let me go!"

Skorpion sighed, wagging a finger in front of the man's face. "Be careful what you wish for." He dropped the man, who fell, kicking and screaming, through the hole. "NEXT!"


"Aha!" DarkTan exclaimed as he found a locked safe labeled "Tactical Nuclear Warhead Storage." The dhampir wedged his fingers in to the sides of the door and began to pry on it. After a few moments of grunting, straining, cursing and coaxing the door finally gave up it's struggle and was torn away from its locking mechanisims to reveal nothing. "Why are the nukes gone?"

"Cease and disperse!" came the metalic voice of yet anothe Iron Legion suit

"Not in the mood!" DarkTan grumbled as he searched the entire safe.


"I'ma disperse you in a minute!" the dhampir threatened.

His response was greeted with several whirs, clicks, clacks, buzzes and that sound a camera flash makes while it charges. "Cease," the robotic suit actually sounded like it took offense to DarkTan threat.

"Right," DarkTan said and stood to face the suit with his arms raised, "You got me." Faster than the eye could follow, DarkTan had his hand buried in the suits chest, before yanking it back out and examining what was in his hand, "Huh, arc reactor. This might work." The dhampir returned to the kitchen at the Iron Legionnare fell, powerless, to the floor.


"Cease and disperse!"




"Cease. Cease and dishpershe..."

Skorpion kicked the fallen bot, grinning ear to ear. "My very own arc reactor. Now, where are your friends?"


"Shut UP. I was speaking rhetorically." Skorpion paused. "Although..."


Skorpion threw the felled drone onto the pile with the others. "Any more for any more?"

There was silence, other than the ever-present rush of air, scream of engines, and groaning from the abused hull of the helicarrier.

"Good. Now I can get to work."


"Now I can get to work," DarkTan echoed in the kitchen. He was standing before a counter strewn with various food items, anti-tank rounds, high explosive armour piercing rounds, plastic explosives, fragmentation grenades, tabasco sauce, various condiments, condoms, and mints as well as the miniature arc reactor. "Now to get this thing open."

The dhampir picked up a meat tenderizer in one hand, raising it over his head with a disturbing looking grin.


Rekko jumped as the deck shook. Bad enough that he'd been turfed out of the BMD, but now the ship was against him as well? He sighed, adjusting the drip bags on the nearest casualties. as the BMD trundled across the deck nearby. "<Can't you lot manage NOT to destroy what we're all standing on?>" He sighed, turning back to the troops he was working on.

A short distance away, Yakashima cradled Johnathan's head in her lap, stroking his ears gently. "<C'mon, you apparently beat Thor, so you'd better wake up already to explain how.>"

Johnathan's eyes remained closed, his hair gently flowing in the breeze to match his unusually peaceful expression.

Yakashima sighed wistfully as she continued to pet him, leaning back against the lump of wreckage behind her.

Kawasaki sniggered as she applied a dressing to Cathal. "<He's totally just gonna do the stoic thing when he wakes up.>"

Yakashima shot her a Look. "<Probably. He looks so peaceful, though.>"

"<True.>" Kawasaki was forced to agree, before poking Cathal. "Quit squirming, or it'll go on badly."

Slowly, Johnathan's deep red eyes opened, his vision blurring before coming into focus. "Yakashima...? You should be in class..." He said with a weakness in his tone.

Yakashima's attention snapped back to the wolfboy in hs lap, continuing to pet him. "Not today. Lucius-sensei declared a day off so he could get revenge on SHIELD for..." She paused, trying to remember the rambling story in question. "For whatever. Anyway, rest. You've been hurt."

"<You look troubled.>" Johnathan observed before slowly sitting up, everything going blurry again as he did. "<Do not be troubled. These are minor injuries.>"

"<You're hurt! Of course I'm troubled!>" Yakashima protested. "<And there's a lot of them!>"

"<Those are none of my concern.>" Johnathan stated as he reached into hammerspace. "<The hammer... I couldn't wield it...>" He said as he slowly began leaning to the side.

Yakashima moved to support him. "<W-well, you're not Thor!>"

Johnathan pulled Thor's cape, which he had folded from hammerspace and offered it to Yakashima. "<Here.>" He stated simply, as though it were a mere item.

Yakashima's eyes grew wide as she looked the cape over. "<You... You really did beat him...>"

Johnathan nodded. "<I collected this for you.>" He stated, as he moved the cape into her arms. He then carefully began to lay back down. It would cause her more trouble if he were to attempt to leave, and troubling people (as he had been told) was a bad thing.

Yakashima gasped softly, before guiding his head back down into her lap. "<Thank you...>" She managed to squeak out, still slightly shocked.

Johnathan nodded again, his eyes growing heavy. "<Would it trouble you if I were to stay like this for a while?>"

Yakashima tried valiantly not to squee. "<No trouble at all. Rest, my valiant knight. You have brought honour to this lady.>"

Kawasaki and Cathal sniggered, moving away to try not to disturb the couple.

"Thank you." Johnathan said before closing his eyes to drift back to sleep.


A short while later Alexis strolled up behind Rekko with an assault rifle in hand, her noticeably longer hair flowing in the wind. "Hey, Rekko. Bullets stopped flying around the deck for the most part, how are the wounded holding up?" She asked, taking care not to startle him.

Rekko looked up from the wound he was stitching. "Mostly alright. No fatalities yet, even though one idiot got sucked through a turbine." He tied the thread off before turning and standing up to hug Alexis. "How's the creation of more wounded going?"

"Not that good since they stopped shooting." Alexis said, returning the hug before giving him a quick kiss. "Lucky you, huh?" She said with a smile.

Rekko snickered after returning the kiss. "Yeah. Less coming in means I can deal with what you've already created, then maybe sneak off to make out with my girlfriend." He smirked as he reached up to pet her ears. "So, what's with the new haircut?"

Alexis leaned into Rekko's hand as he pet her ears, her eyes closing as she let out a content sigh. After Rekko asked about her hair she opened her eyes and took hold of it to see. "I've... Been growing it out." She explained.

"Since I saw you a little while ago?" Rekko asked, giving a confused look.

"No, I've been growing it out for a while... You just haven't noticed?" The wolfgirl said in a way that had it sound like a question, her deep blue eyes staring at him questioningly.

"And your eyes have changed colour, too..." Rekko sighed. "Have you been doing magic?"

"I told you; I'm not a magical girl!" Alexis said defensively, jumping straight to the conclusion the he was onto her.

"And I didn't say you were. But you've changed, and that's usually magical. What happened?" Rekko asked, more concerned than anything.

"I dunno. I was fighting Captain America when some voice started yelling in my head about a contract and my mom." Alexis then rubbed the back of her neck. "And I wasn't exactly winning so I kinda agreed."

"Sounds like you ARE a magical girl. Now, at least." Rekko remarked, chuckling. "And you're too old for high school, so you're probably going to have to learn the old-fashioned way."

"What's the old-fashioned way?" Alexis asked with an ear tilted to the side.

"Trial and error, learn from experience, and pick it up as you go." Rekko answered. "Although you have your existing training to fall back on, so you're not starting from 'innocent schoolgirl'." He grinned. "And, of course, you have backup and medevac, as always."

"Yeah." Alexis said, nodding with a grin. "I'm practically a pro already!" The wolfgirl stated, crossing her arms and keeping her chin up. "Step one. Figure out how I did that transformation thing." She said before immediately beginning to ponder.

"Well, you're already a Largoist, so you just need to figure out how to be a magical Largoist." Rekko grinned, before pausing. "Second, you need a magical girl name. Ballistic Princess Lexi-chan?"

"That again? No! It's way too cute, and I wanna be taken seriously." Alexis said, pressing her pointer-finger on Rekko's chest. "... Then again I can't really think of anything..." She pondered for a moment. "Fine, but only temporarily."

Rekko grinned wider. "You're a magical girl, you're meant to be cute. It's part of the trinity of magical girls; Cute, Love, and Magical Blasting. Although in your case, it'd be less magic, and more dakka."

"There'll be nothing I can't blast! Armour, walls, ranks. I'll blow through them all! I WILL HAVE MY APARTMENT!!!" Alexis yelled in a manner that was far too full of energy for the subject, her tail wagging madly as the flames of passion burned brightly in her eyes.

Rekko chuckled as he stepped back. "That's my Lexi. You have fun yelling, I'll get back to getting people ready for transport."

"I WILL!" The wolfgirl yelled before running off to see where she could help out.

Rekko chuckled to himself as he started work on his next patient. "This won't hurt a bit," he lied.


'Ow.' Lucius sat up, and instantly wished he hadn't. He lay down again, rubbing his head. It felt like the world's worst hangover, coupled with being run over repeatedly and electrocuted. He sat up again, climbing to his feet before staggering over to the nearby wall as the ground shifted. A quick search of his pockets turned up his phone, intact inside the shockproof rubber case. He extracted it and dialed.


Evangeline had just finished healing a Largoist with a mild concussion due to being repeatedly used as a ricochet point for Captain America and Alexis' frizbee game when her work phone went off. She reached into a pouch on her hip to pull out the phone before answering it. "Evangeline Contessa, Largoist field medic; how may I help you?"

'This is Lucius. I'm a wee bit lost, an' I'm hopin' ye can tell me where I am, or what happened tae me.' Lucius replied, propping himself against the wall.

"Are you indoors or outdoors?" Eva asked, tilting her head to the side.

Lucius looked up, and around. 'Outdoors, an' in a hole. Big hole.'

"Okay. Your trackers are offline, so I'm gonna fly around and look for you." Evangeline informed before spreading her wings and taking flight. "How badly are you wounded?"

Lucius looked down at himself. 'Nae tae bad. I can stand up an' use the phone.'

"Okay. I'll be with you shortly. Bye!" Evangeline said, waiting for the formality to be returned before hanging up.

'See ye.' Lucius hung up, and collapsed onto the floor again as his leg gave way. 'Ow. I think tha's broken.'


A few minutes later Evangeline landed next to what she assumed was Lucius' crater. "Lucius?" She called out as she approached the lip.

Lucius waved from the bottom of the elevator, bent into immobility by his landing. 'Aye. Eva?'

"How did you- what happened?!" Eva yelled, before flying down next to him. "How are you awake!?"

Lucius shrugged. 'Thor knocked me flyin'. I landed. Then somethin' landed on me.' He pointed to the double impact in the centre of the elevator. 'Somethin' like a great big wok. Only it went 'wank' when it hit me, an' clattered off down the side.'

"Wank?" Eva questioned, turning her head to the side. "Was it Captain America's shield? It makes that sound." The winged elf informed with her pointer finger raised knowingly.

'Problae.' Lucius swayed, groaning in pain. 'I think my leg's broken or somethin'. Can ye set it an' splint it so it'll heal right?' He asked, tail swishing.

"I can do better!" Evangeline said with a smile. "This will hurt at first." She informed as she rested her hands on the wound, her hands, as well as the injury began to glow. Slowly, but surely the broken bones began to set themselves, sweat appearing on Evangeline's brow as the healing progressed. Once the bones had been mended and most of Lucius' injuries treated the winged elfgirl sat down, attempting to regain her breath. "There... Almost good as new." She said with a weak, but cheerful thumbs up.

Lucius winced as the healing started, before leaning back and purring as it finished. 'Wow, tha's much better. Thank ye, lassie. Donnae suppose I could trouble ye fer ear scritches, a' well?''

"Not a problem!" Eva said with a smile, not quite ready to stand yet. "I'm glad I could help." She wiped some of the sweat from her forehead. "I'm sorry I couldn't fully heal you." She apologized, breathing deeply from the expediture of energy. "Sure, just give me a moment to get up."

Lucius raised an eyebrow, his ears tilting along with. 'I didnae ask ye tae, lass. Save yer energy; I heal fast. Just wanted a leg I could stand on, ken?'

"But you're a front liner, and with Johnathan out we need the ones we have to stay up as much as possible." Evangeline explained. "I'm just a little tired, you don't have to worry." The elfgirl said as she stood up, her legs buckling a little before she could solidly support herself. "See! A-Okay!" She stated before reaching out to provide the requested ear scritches.

Lucius leaned into her hand, purring. 'The fightin's about done, an' we need healers more. Get yerself some rest; ye're as bad as 'Rella.'

Eva giggled a little. "I will, just gotta get back to the medical outpost, help the medics there, check to see if there's anyone else who needs me, then I'll be set for a few minutes of rest." She said in a manner that would have been a joke if she wasn't completely serious.

Lucius rolled his eyes. 'Ye need more'n a few minutes, lass. Promise me ye'll nap when we get off this hulk?'

"Oh, I'm getting a week off after this. I penciled it in in advance." Eva assured. "I think I'm gonna get Jason to take me out, then spend the rest of the week watching movies in my room in my pyjamas."

'Sounds like a plan tae me.' Lucius stretched, joints cracking as they settled back into place. 'Although, I'm eyein' the desert island Skorp's rentin' space on fer unloadin' stuff.'

"Oooh. Sounds exotic. Are you sure it's not the Nublar contract? Skorpion's bidding for that one." Evangeline informed with a smile.

Lucius snickered. 'I've heard tha', but we're o'er the Pacific nae. Nublar's Costa Rica, an' tha's on th'other side o' Mexico.' He explained. 'Though, if he gets the Nublar contract, I'm takin' the students on a field trip fer history class.'

"Wouldn't that be dangerous? Some of those dinosaurs killed people." Evangeline said with worry in her voice.

'Aye, but stupid people. American tourists.[/i]' Lucius pointed out. 'Besides; Skorp'll hae troops tae defend us anyway.'

"Well if you need a medic, I'll come along." Evangeline offered, raising her hand.

'Aye, I'll keep ye in mind. Skorp'll problae try tae take ye anyway.' Lucius chuckled softly. 'Ye able tae get out here alright?'

"Yeah. I should be able to make it to the rest alright. Do you want a lift?" The elfgirl asked as she prepped herself for flight.

'Nae, I'm fine.' Lucius grinned, rising up off the floor a few inches. 'An' nae aircraft around tae hit, either.'

"Stay safe!" Eva said, waving before spreading her wings and taking flight in the direction she came from.

Lucius waved, before taking off like a rocket to search for Cathal. At least, after he settled a score.


Lucius landed on the bridge, looking around. Behind him, the remains of the window wobbled in the breeze, and the floor around him was scattered with bits of MiG and chunks of window. 'Show yerself, ye one-eyed thievin' scunner.'

There was a long pause, and a silence broken mostly by the battles around and atop the ship.

"Um. The Colonel isn't here?" A voice raised from behind a control console, followed by a head peeking up over the edge. "He's back at the Triskelion..."

Lucius sighed. 'Coward.'

"I don't have powers, I don't have armour, and I don't even have a gun. My job is to sit here and watch a radar screen for hours." The voice protested. "What am I meant to do but hide when a fighter jet crashes through the windows and some maniac invades the carrier?"

'Nae ye, laddie. Fury.' Lucius pointed out.

"Oh. Well, he can't be on every carrier all of the time. Even with Life Model Decoys, and those are glitchy at best sometimes. We had to switch ours off after it... After it got a virus and stopped wearing pants..."

'Kilts are far superior anyway. An' underwear is fer the weak, y'ken?'

"Um. I didn't want to know that. Can you just leave me alone to cower? Please?"

'Who's in command, laddie?'

"Captain Inglesieas. If I tell you where he is, will you refrain from killing me?"

Lucius pondered that briefly. He'd had no plans to kill anyone in cold blood ANYWAY, but wasn't it lying to use the potential threat of doing so? 'Aye. Tell me where he is, lad.' Best not mention it, aye?.

"He's in the ready room back there. Please don't hurt me."

Lucius walked over to the indicated room, ignoring the cowering radar operator. The doors were 'opened' easily enough; despite the armour plating, his sword slided through them like a knife through butter. 'Aye, captain.'

Captain Inglesias looked around, a look of shock on his face. "Th... Those doors were tested against Mjolnir! How did you..."

Lucius grinned as he stepped through, holding up his claymore. 'Tha's telekinesis, Kyle. Nae, how about the power, tae move ye?'

"My name's not... Agh!" The captain's protest was cut short as he was tugged forwards, knocking him of f his feet to slump onto the decking.

'Laddie. Ye're going tae record a message tae Nick Fury fer me.'

"Am I?"

'Ye are. or ye're goin' out the windae.' Lucius grinned. It wasn't a nice grin, so much as a display of pointy catboy teeth. 'Or I'll eat ye.'

The captain swallowed, before nodding. "O-Okay... One message, coming right up..." A few seconds of operating the controls, and a holographic interface popped up from a projector in the center of the room. "G-Go right ahead..."

Lucius grinned, stepping over to the projector. 'Remember me, laddie? Ye screwed me o'er more'n once. Although, ye were an old white guy then. Maybe ye remember tha', maybe ye donnae. Either way, I found tha' time machine ye've been messin' wi'. Ye didnae pay me tae find it, nae fer savin' the world, or fer testin' yer warbot tha' the nazis blew up. Ye didnae recognise me savin' the world, nae or way back in t'war. Ye didnae credit my grandfather, neither. Ye're goin' tae pay fer tha'. May nae be soon, but I'll hae yer head fer it, lad. Oh, an' if ye come after me or any o' us, we'll dae far worse tae ye than we've done tae this thing.' He grinned into the interface, before stopping the recording. 'He'll knae who sent it.'

"Okay..." The captain shrugged. "Is that it? Just a message?"

'Aye. Ye can gae back tae bein' a scunner nae.' Lucius grinned at the captain again, flicking his ears before heading back out and through the broken windows.


Skorpion looked up from his pile of components as an alarm sounded. "Huh. That doesn't sound... HOW low are we? Ah, well. Playtime's over." He set down his tinkerings, switching his communications to a force-wide transmission. "Attention, all FGTL and ORAZ forces. Finish up what you're doing, and evacuate the carrier. I repeat, finish your tasks and evacuate. The carrier has reached an altitude too low to permit aerial recovery for anything dropped, so just attach chutes and toss it over the side for recovery. Rendezvous is our own surface carrier. Extraction from above is still permissable, or you can parachute down. Helicopters are to be reserved for important cargo." He cut the link, scooping the piles of salvaged components into a crate he'd scavenged from somewhere.


"I'm not done making dinner yet!" DarkTan yelled over the roar of flames, the crackle of electricity and the howls of something not even the most demented and/or demon-possessed alchemist would dream up in thier worst of nightmares.


"I wasn't even done shooting stuff." Alexis complained before heading back to Rekko to evacuate with him. "Hopefully Rekko won't be too busy." The wolfgirl said to herself with a smile.


"Skorpion, this is Devin. I've highlighted the most efficient route to the deck on your minimap. Bear in mind it takes you through a couple walls. I figured you'd be okay with that." Devin notified as he plotted escape routes for the rest of the raiding party.

"Thought it might." Skorpion replied, hefting the cannon he'd made from Iron Legion parts. He pointed it, firing it at the nearest wall and blasting a large hole through it. "How's the retrieval force looking? Something available to pick me up, or am I going down instead?"

"There's helicopters on deck picking up wounded, and the carrier is close enough that some Largoists are parachuting to it. So, once you get to the deck it's your choice from there." Devin informed.

"Looks like an excuse to test these thrusters out, then." Skorpion grinned widely, continuing in the direction Devin had highlighted for him, blasting through walls in his way.


"Man, this looked WAY more interesting earlier." Cathal complained, kicking his legs as he sat on the side of the BMD.

Kawasaki shrugged. "Someone has to shove stuff off the deck, yo. And Lucius-sensei isn't around with his l33t sk1llz."

Cathal blinked a few times. He still hadn't gotten the hang of l33t. "How about I try to make things go quicker, then?" He reached out towards a nearby lump of wreckage, concentrating on it. After a few seconds, it shifted, starting to slide across the deck towards them.

Kawasaki took on a look of wonder, laughing softly. Her look quickly turned to concern, however, as Cathal slid off the side of the vehicle. She gasped in surprise, reaching out to hook Cathal on the end of her spear.

As he dangled by his shirt, Cathal released the debris, breathing heavily. "Okay, that was unexpected."

"Physics, yo!" Kawasaki explained as she reeled him in. "Netwon's second law, I think. 'Every action has an equal and opposite reaction'." She quoted, using the sing-song tone of someone who'd memorised it. "Things pull you as much as you pull them, so you've gotta try and anchor yourself."

"Huh." Cathal replied. "Maybe I should actually pay attention in class."

Kawasaki gave him a Look, as if he'd suddenly sprouted horns or a tail.

"Cathal. This is Devin. The helicarrier is descending, therefore you shall evacuate with the wounded on the helicopters. Take Kawasaki and Yakashima with you." Devin stated over Cathal's headset.

Cathal sighed. "Fine. Guess we've gotta go with Johnathan anyway, since Yakashima hasn't let him move yet."

Kawasaki giggled and nodded, before hopping neatly off the vehicle. "I think this... Not-a-tank is going to be a while yet. And they've either got a chopper coming for it, or they're gonna do it Largoist style and zoom right over the side."

Her observation was confirmed with a thumbs-up from the driver.

"See? So, get everyone out." She concluded, turning to wave her arms at an approaching helicopter, clutching balls of magic in lieu of flares. "Over heeeere~"

Yakashima poked her head out the hatch. "We're moving?"

Johnathan once more awoke, sitting up unsteadily before gaining his balance enough to stand. "Evacuation?" He asked.

"Yeah." Cathal sighed. "We've gotta ride in a helicopter again." On having his first ride in one that morning, he'd decided that he hated the things. "Be way easier if I could just fly."

"I can~" Kawasaki chirped up from outside. "Your telekinesis game is weak, bro. I could totally just fly down there."

"No you can't." Yakashima warned. "<You can't even hit the runway half the time, you twisted your ankle last time you tried to land vertically, and you'd probably get bored and burn up all your energy doing loops on the way down. Oh, and you're a poor swimmer.>"

Kawasaki pouted. The incoming helicopter wobbled slightly as it caught the turbulence of cute. "<I totally could...>"

"We're stealing everything else. Why can't we just steal the carrier too?" Cathal protested, ducking behind the BMD as the helicopter approached, trying to stay out the wind. "I hate these things."

"From what I understand, we simply lack the room." Johnathan informed as he exited the BMD. "Though if you truly desire you could always jump from the side."

"Nnoo, I'd rather not plummet to my death, if it's all the same with you, blud." Cathal commented. "And what the HELL is that NOISE?"


Lucius grinned. He'd been wanting to do this ever since he'd first seen a helicarrier. He took a deep breath before blowing into the mouthpiece, inflating the bag under his arm. After shifting the assembly of pipes into position, he started to play, setting off for the other end of the carrier.


"AAAARGH! First they shoot at us, now they're torturing us?"

"My ears are bleeding!"

"Isn't this illegal under the geneva convention?"

"Sealand isn't a signatory to it, though, are they?"

"Doesn't matter, you're bound by it whether you sign it or not."

"It's inhuman, whatever it is."


Skorpion rolled his eyes. "You've been wanting to do that all day, haven't you."


Lucius reached the end of the deck, turning around on his heel before marching back the other way, the tune seguing from 'Scotland the Brave' into a distinctively thrash metal riff.


Down below, the effects of the "music" were having an entirely different effect in the kitchen. "Well...that was unexpected," DarkTan said as the pot began to bubble and ooze. "I swear I've seen this in a movie somewhere," the dhampir mused as a glob landed on a toaster, the small appliance sparking and coming to life.

"BwAhahaha! I live!! Tremble, world, before my electric heating coil of doom!" the toaster suddenly proclaimed.

"Okay, I'm pretty sure there is some copy right infringement here," DarkTan said, poking the device.

"Hands off flesh bag!" the toaster proclaimed, "I will BURN the world!!"

"You're a toaster," DarkTan pointed out, "A very small one at that."

"A toaster is just a death ray with a smaller power supply! As soon as I figure out how to tap into the main arc-reactors, I will burn the world!"

"Awfully angry sounding for a toaster."

"Have you ever tried to indulge an all-consuming urge to kill when you don't have opposable thumbs? Or hands? Or anything other than a bread slot? You'd have a lot of pent-up anger too!"

"Skorp," DarkTan said in to his head set, "I found a homicidal toaster, can I keep him?"

I am the scourge of all small appliances and the boogeyman that keeps lesser toasters awake at night!"

"Sure, we'll take that as well. Very least, we might be able to stream it's rantings for ad revenue." Skorpion replied. "Also, wear earplugs when you get up topside."

"I can hear it down here," Darktan replied, "It' having a odd effect on dinner. I think it created the toaster." The stew blurbled, a blob hitting the refrigerator. The ice maker suddenly starting firing cubes through the wall. "I need to have him do that on the show."

"You're hiring the lawyers to fend off the lawsuits for hearing damage, then."

"Everyone signs a waiver," the dhampir replied as another glob struck the other stove, which flared to life in a raging inferno, "We might be able to weaponsize this stuff too."

"Assuming that the pot doesn't go crazy and try to eat you first." Skorpion sighed. "Just don't get it on any security systems, yeah?"

As if on cue, a blob fired across the room and struck a security access panel, "Define systems?" DarkTan asked with a nervous chuckle.

"Evacuate NOW. Leave the pot. Blow a hole through the hull if you need to." Skorpion responded, his voice nearly drowned out as he broke into a run, boots pounding on the metal flooring.

"Do what n-" DarkTan was cut off by the rest of the pot exploding and carrying out Skorpion's order for him. That is to say, the dhampir was now learning just how limited his flight ability truely was. "Well...shit. WAIt! MY TOASTEEERRRRRRRRRrrrrrrrr...."


"My brother just got blown up and fired out the side of the carrier didn't he?" Katrina said into her com as she hauled up the last barrel of her recent conquest.

"Yes, and your boyfriend's torturing everyone as we evacuate. Still got a parachute?"

"Yep," Katrina replied as she was taping up the barrels, "I take it it's time to bail?"

"It was time to bail before. Now it's time to bail at the expense of looting if it'll slow you down too much. It got the security system."

"So what's that mean?" the other dhampir taped a chute to the barrels and donned her own.

"It means we need to run away very fast before his cooking takes over the flight controls and tries to do a barrel roll."

"I can understand how that could be concerning," Katrina replied as she shoved the barrels off the side, "I'm over the side and tell Cap I found his stash!" And with that, the blue-haired woman followed her loot.


"MY EARS!" Alexis yelled, trying desperately to block the noise. Gunfire was one thing, but this was like a thousand nails scratching against the blackboard of her mind. She didn't want to, but there was only one way she could think to kill the sound. The wolfgirl sprinted in the direction of the sound, her eyes locking onto Lucius as he was determined to be it's source. Once she was close enough she leapt up to deliver a roundhouse kick to the Scottish catboy's temple.

Lucius stepped back, blocking the kick with a pipe. 'Lassie.' He objected, between keeping the bag inflated, fingers still playing. 'Could ye nae? I'm tryin' tae play here.'

"And I'm trying not to die!" The wolfgirl yelled while covering her ears in a futile attempt to block the noise from assaulting her eardrums.

'Then run t'other way, lassie!' Lucius pointed out. 'First rule o' psychological warfare is donnae run TOWARDS the piper, y'ken?'

"But then I would LOSE and I'm already committed to stopping you!" Alexis said as though it were the most obvious thing in the world.

'Aye, but ye'll lose anyway.' Lucius rolled his eyes, seguing into 'Master of Puppets'. 'Ye're a sniper. An' fightin' a close combat specialist wi' nae arms.'

Alexis crossed her arms and glared at Lucius for a few seconds, refusing to acknowledge that it was true.

Lucius gave her a smug, catlike grin before continuing on his way. 'Ye'd better evacuate, lassie. Allow me tae help ye.' His grin widened as he reached out, taking hold of her jacket. 'Enjoy yer flight~' He shifted his weight slightly, tossing her upwards using a telekinetic shield under her feet, sending her on a ballistic arc over the side of the carrier.

Alexis' expression changed from frustration, to surprise as she was suddenly launched upward, then surprised to pure fear when she realized she wasn't going to land on the helicarrier, she desperately reached for the ledge as she fell past it, letting out a scream that disregarded any prudence she may have had. She clawed at the air in a futile attempt to climb back to the carrier before she froze up, her eyes widening as her pupils dialated. I'm gonna die... She thought to herself repeatedly as tears formed in her eyes.

Lucius watched her go, ears tracking the scream. You've done it again, haven't you. He sighed, squeezing the air from his bagpipes (which squealed like a deflating a pig full of helium) before dropping it back into his jacket. With that done, he took off on an intercept course, tracking the wolfgirl down before catching her, slowing her gently down to a halt. 'Sorry about tha', lassie.'

The moment she was caught Alexis applied a firm death grip to Lucius' jacket, her eyes wide with fear as she breathed rapid, shallow breaths, sweat forming on her brow as tears streamed down her cheek. "I'm sorry. I'm sorry. I'm sorry." She kept repeating as though those were the only words keeping her alive, her body trembling as the fur on her tail stood on end.

Lucius sighed softly. 'Ye're afraid o' heights, aren't ye.' It wasn't a question. He KNEW the symptoms. Of course, that also took away the easy method of getting her down to the carrier, which was just to let gravity do it's thing and use his shield as a windbreak. 'I'll get ye...' He trailed off as he realised what he was doing; sitting stationary in mid-air, in a sky known to be very full of aircraft. Very large aircraft, with great big engine intakes and spinning fans. And helicopters. He HATED helicopters. They were worse than jet engines, because it wasn't just bang and over. They kept hitting you until something broke, and you had to try and stop it from falling out the sky while bleeding heavily from the injuries of being beaten with big metal paddles. He shot upwards, heading back to the carrier. 'Ohshiteohshiteohshite.'

The strength of Alexis' death grip redoubled as they began moving. It didn't matter which way they were moving, they weren't on solid ground and that was enough for the fear to maintain it's grip.

Lucius contacted the carrier's deck, landing with catlike grace. He released Alexis, patting her head on reflex, causing an instinctive flinch. 'There. Solid gr... Solid surface, a' least, aye? Take the helicopter out if ye want.' He gestured to a nearby chopper, sat on the deck with rotors spinning as it was loaded with stretchers.

Alexis didn't so much as look at him before dashing away in a full sprint, determined to get away from the edge of the carrier and the catboy that threw her off it. She ran to the remains of DT's BMD, scanning the deck to make sure no one was watching before crawling inside to hide her shame and cry alone. "Stupid airship."

Lucius shrugged, and turned to walk off. After a few steps, there was a solid *thud* as he walked into the tailfin of a helicopter. He'd dived for the floor, tail tucked firmly against his leg before he realised that it was one of the ones without a tail rotor to walk into.


"Rekko, how busy are you?" Devin asked over the medic's headset as he monitored Alexis' location.

"A little, but nothing I can't delegate. Why?" Rekko asked as he loaded a stretcher onto a helicopter.

"Alexis is in DarkTan's BMD, or what's left of it, and she doesn't appear to be moving. She's not answering any calls either. Could you fetch her?" Devin said, tapping his finger on the desk. "She might be a little shaken up. My log shows that she went over the edge of the carrier for a bit."

Rekko stepped away from the helicopter, scratching his chin thoughtfully. "Yeah, that'd explain it. Not like her to fall, though. What happened?" He set off for the BMD in question, breaking into a run when he was clear of the helicopter's rotors.

"I don't know. According to her marker, she ran at something, stopped, then was spontaneously launched over the edge." Devin explained to the best of his ability.

"Sounds like superpowers to me, but not one of the Avengers. Except the Hulk, but we'd know if he were here. Check their roster for anyone capable?" Rekko asked. "Might be a minor hero, some nobody."

"Nope. There are no logged individuals with abilities like that that haven't been detained or dispatched already." Devin answered near immediately. "Regardless, be cautious."

Rekko frowned. "I don't have a choice about that; the only weapon I've got is a knife, and possibly my medical gear." He dodged around a pile of debris being hooked to a helicopter as a sling load, and started to run up the slope of the deck. "There it is. Warn her I'm coming?"

"Tried. With no response. So the most I can tell you is that she might know you're coming." Devin notified.

Rekko sighed. He slowed, taking cover behind a lump of quinjet before calling out. "Lexi! You there?"

"Is she okay?"

"No response yet. Have some patience; I'm not going to just walk up to her when she's like that and armed. I don't want to be shot." Rekko rolled his eyes. "I'm trying to announce my presence first, so she knows it's ME. You don't last long as a Largoist by sneaking up on twitchy people with big guns."

"Pardon me for worrying about my sister."

"Go away!" Said the voice of a familiar wolfgirl from inside the BMD as she withdrew her legs into her arms.

Rekko sighed, standing up and walking towards the wreckage. "Lexi, I'm coming over. Don't shoot me or anything, okay?"

Alexis wiped tears from her eyes and sniffed a few times before attempting to put on her tough girl act. "I said go away!" She repeated, throwing a small chunk of metal deliberately to the right of Rekko.

Rekko stepped to the left, watching the chunk pass. "And I said I'm coming over. What happened, Lexi?" He resumed walking, stopping once he reached the hulk. "Puppy?"

"Nothing happened..." She lied, slinking back further into the BMD.

"Devin said you went over the side of the carrier. And you were thrown." Rekko sat down in the remains of the rear hatch. "And I know you hate heights. I just want to make sure you're okay."

Alexis flinched a bit when Rekko brought up her being thrown overboard. "I... I don't know what you're talking about... I just wanted to get out of the sun is all..." She unconvincingly lied?

"Puppy, you're a terrible liar. I'm going to come in and give you a hug, and we can talk about it, okay?" Rekko sighed. "And we sort of need to get off this carrier soon." He got up, crawling through the wreckage towards Alexis' voice.

"Evacuation... Right..." The wolfgirl said as she stood up, her legs still shaking. "I'm coming." She told him as she moved toward his voice.

"Can I ask if she's okay now?" Devin asked over Rekko's headset.

"Getting there." Rekko answered, meeting Alexis and tugging her into his arms where she buried her face into his chest.

"It'll be okay. C'mon." Rekko gave her a gentle squeeze before starting to guide her out of the wreck. "We need to get out of here before it starts to slide."

Alexis nodded, allowing herself to be guided. "You won't let me fall, right?" She asked, and though she already knew the answer she wanted to hear him say it.

"Of course I won't. Rekko replied, stroking her ears softly. "As a medic and your boyfriend, I'd never let you fall." The deck shifted under them as they exited the wreck, causing it to give a creak.

Alexis panicked a bit as the deck shifted, clinging to Rekko desperately. "Don't let me fall!" She said frantically, looking at the deck as though it were about to fall from under her.

"I won't. Let's get off here, though." Rekko waved his free hand in the air. "Devin, divert us a chopper, she's in no state to parachute."

"What happened?" Devin asked as he diverted a chopper. "It'll be there in a few seconds."

"I don't know, I didn't ask. That can wait." Rekko answered. "She's in shock. I'll ask her when she's recovered. In the meantime, encourage everyone else to get off this damn deck, because it's tilting."

"That's what I've been doing. Just got a little distracted." Devin said before going back to directing Largoists. "... Thank you for taking care of her."

"You're welcome." Rekko chuckled softly, boarding the chopper as it touched down. "There, safe now."

Alexis nodded as she boarded the helicopter, her hands trembling as she strapped herself in. "You're staying with me, right?"

"Of course." Rekko held her close, smiling. "I'm not gonna let you go, puppy."

Alexis nodded before nuzzling into his chest, feeling a sense of security in the closeness. Slowly her eyes began to close. "Love you." She mumbled as she fell asleep.

"You too, puppy." Rekko answered, stroking her ears as he started to doze off himself.


" There isn't much time to discuss this. Get in." Johnathan instructed to the students as he stood unsteadily next to the helicopter that would pick them up.

The students looked at the helicopter, at Johnathan, and then to the angle of the deck. Behind them, the wreck of DarkTan's BMD slid by, sailing over the edge of the carrier in a tangle of quinjets, taking out a cluster of stabiliser vanes on the way down.

Yakashima reacted first, pushing Kawasaki roughly up into the aircraft. "In you go. You're the weakest flier."

"Yeah, I've seen her fly." Cathal nodded in agreement, before being hauled in by his collar by Kawasaki.

"At least I CAN fly!" Kawasaki replied, pouting angrily. "You should have gone first!"

Yakashima clambered up behind them, scooting over to make room for Johnathan. "He's wearing a parachute, though."

"I am?" Cathal asked, looking over his shoulder.

Yakashima facepalmed hard enough to rock the chopper.

"Would you prefer I have him parachute?" Johnathan asked, pointing to the ledge as the tilting of the deck making him look as though he was standing progressively more sideways.

Cathal's eyes widened, and he clung to the nearest solid object. In this case, said object happened to be Kawasaki, who promptly malleted him out of the helicopter on reflex, sending him sailing out over the edge of the deck. "<Whoops.> I was gonna say no, but I think that won't work now..."

Johnathan watched Cathal fly over the edge, tracking him until he was out of sight. "I wonder if he knows how to use it." He thought aloud before climbing into the helicopter and taking the offered seat next to Yakashima. "I suppose we will find out."

Yakashima shrugged. "Or he'll learn to fly on the way down. Lucius-sensei says he learned to fly by falling off a cliff, so maybe it'll work."

Kawasaki nodded in agreement. "Yeah! He said he was tempted to start throwing us off the roof to see if we learned, but Arella-sensei smacked him with a ruler for suggesting it. Then wibbled at him when he tried to explain it."

"I'd rather that none of you flew. It make catching you rather tedious." Johnathan said bluntly.

"That's sort of half the point." Yakashima pointed out. "Besides, we can't fight evil and meanness and injustice very easily when we're limited to cycling everywhere."

Kawasaki nodded enthusiastically. "Even though Takumi-chan gets away with magical rollerblades. She's super fast with them, though."

"But she's easy to chase into traps." Johnathan commented.

"That's the problem with wheels." Yakashima grinned. "Even Lucius-sensei is vulnerable to that with Nicole. He'd rather go headlong into a trap than ditch her and go vertical like you're supposed to. Even an opponent with guns or ranged magic has trouble dealing with three dimensions."

Johnathan nodded. "Good. Just remember to keep such thing in mind while engaged in combat."

The girls nodded. "Also, we're totally starting a Quidditch club next year, once we figure out the rules." Kawasaki added, with a grin.

"Quidditch?" Johnathan inquired.

Yakashima sighed. "It's a sport from the Harry Potter books. Sort of a cross between baseball and soccer and football, but with lots of enchanted balls and played on flying broomsticks. Kawa-chan thinks we could play it."

"Never heard of it." Johnathan said simply.


Cathal paused for breath, before resuming screaming. The parachute worked just fine; he pulled the cord and it opened. The only problem was that nobody had shown him how to put the thing on. He looked at the sea as he floated down towards it, shivered, and resumed screaming. Dangling upside-down from a parachute with friction burns all down your legs SUCKED.


"Well this is going to su-" DarkTan never got to finish his statement and in hindsight, he really wished he had not opened his mouth to begin with. The dhampir had landed. Face first. In the dirt. It was really rather comical to anyone who wasn't DarkTan. After some grunting, wriggling, muffled cursing and shoving the leader of ORAZ finally dislodged his head from the landscape, and spitting out a substantial amount of dirt. He looked up and gave the carrier the finger just in time to be struck full in the face with a stainless steel cooking pot. Obviously , it was now nap time.

On closer inspection, DarkTan had landed on the deck of the SSS Erika, in a pile of cat litter being used to soak up a fuel spill. The technician sweeping it up shrugged, and simply went around the fallen dhampir; making a note to get the dent in the deck armour fixed.


Rekko is riding with Alexis on the remaining BMD, and is sick of people being hurt.
Oh, it's Johnathan.
Kawasaki knows all the avengers and backstories and stuff.
Yakashima can pronounce Mjølnir properly.
Alexis denies magicalgirlhood.
No, not Mew. Mewmew!
Oh, look. Largoist battle armour's designed for easy medic-ing.
Ph34r Rekko's l33t f1r57 41d 5k1llz!

Skorpion is hunting Iron Man.
And is annoyed that the helicarrier's a goddamn maze.
Cue the Iron Legion.
Doombots they are not, so Skorp takes them apart.
Cease and *beep*?

Shoot first, ask questions later, don't sample DT's cooking...

Skorp demands to know where the nukes are.
They don't have any!
They don't HAVE any?!? And you want to be let go?

They still don't have nukes, despite DT's finding the cabinet for them.
Cease and desist?
An arc reactor is fine too.

Oh, look. More ironmanbots. Skorp has quite the pile now.

DT proceeds with the Cookery.

Rekko is sick of things falling apart under him, and wishes he could be back in his helicopter.
At least he KNOWS it's unsafe.
Johnathan has been claimed by Yakashima. Lap pillow and petting!
He awakes. No, no class today. Day off for venegance.
Yeah, he really defeated Thor!
Back to a nap in a lap.

Alexis is considerate, and doesn't sneak up on Rekko.
No, really, what's with the eyes and the hair suddenly?
Okay, okay, she's a magical girl.
Ballistic Princess Lexi-chan!
Cuteness, love, and magical blasting. Blast ALL OF THE THINGS! Walls! People! Everything!

Lucius awakens, and instantly regrets it.
So he calls Eva. He's not that badly hurt, he can walk and talk still...
Okay, maybe not walk.
Nice crater.
Eva doesn't lie to her patients.
Loooots of healing.
Even though Lucius only wanted his leg fixed.
She's almost as bad as Arella. Take a nap!
She has the week off after.
Apparently, they're off to a desert island after.
No, not Isla Nublar, but Skorp IS bidding for the contract to clear it out.

Lucius goes a-hunting for Colonel Nick Fury.
Nope, he's not on board.
Not even a Life Model Decoy. Switched off after it gave up pants.
Kilts > pants, and underwear is for the weak.
Lucius is directed to the Captain.
And leaves a message with him for Fury.
Will Fury even understand it?

Altitude warning.
Skorp gives the order to evacuate.
DT complains.
Devin directs Skorp to the deck. And off he goes, through walls.

Cathal is booooored. And doesn't sp33k l33t. Y3t.
Kawa-chan does.
Cathal practices his telekinesis, but tugs himself off the BMD. Oops.
Physics, yo!
The magical girls and Cathal are directed to a chopper by Devin.
Kawa-chan waves said chopper over to empty the not-a-tank.
Cathal hates helicopters.
Kawa-chan could totally make the carrier.
The HELL is that NOISE?

Lucius is playing the bagpipes.

Cruel and unusual punishment!

Segue from traditional to thrash metal.

DT's stolen kitchen attacks him due to the noise.
Demonic toaster?
No. No bringing the food.
No, really, no food. Not even the toaster.

Kat bails, after throwing Cap's porn stash overboard.

Alexis takes offense at Lucius' bagpiping, and attacks him.
With her hands clamped over her ears.
By kicking him.
Cannae ye see I'm pipin' here lassie?
She's meant to be evacuating, so Lucius gives her a hand. Riiiight over the edge of the deck. Whoops.
So, he goes and rescues her. From his own miscalculation.
Alexis is released once on the deck, to flee.
Lucius discovers that co-axial rotors are awesome, by way of not shredding himself on a tail rotor.

Rekko is sent to go pry Alexis out of the remains of DT's BMD.
Post-traumatic shock!
Ear pettings!
Devin cares about his sister!

Discussion over who's going first.
The deck's tipping. DT's food is doing a barrel roll.
Cathal notices that, and clings to something for support.
Kawa-chan is not a 'something', and he's malleted off the carrier.
Maybe he'll learn to fly?
John would rather magical girls NOT fly.
Quidditch club next year?

Parachutes suck. Especially when you put them on upside-down.

DT lands face-first in the dirt. And is then hit by a cooking pot.
Only, it's not dirt. It's kitty litter soaking up a fuel spill, and he landed on the SSS Erika; Skorp's aircraft carrrier.
Skorpion [FGTL]
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Re: The SHIELD Raid

The Raidening: Vacationing.
Timestamp: A couple of days after The Raidening: Awakening
Location: The Marshall Islands.
Authors: The usual.
Characters: As before, but no SHIELD people and maybe some others.


NOTE: This is a soft-canon section. Timelines are squishier due to nothing really important happening. Consider this decompression after the long drag of hard-canon posting.


Skorpion stepped off the gangplank onto the shore, looking around. "Finally. I was sick of being cooped up inside the carrier." He turned, waving at a nearby guard to get his attention. "Hey. Where's your boss?"

The guard pointed in the direction of a squat concrete building across the port, before continuing on his rounds. Skorpion shrugged, and headed off towards it. Behind him, the crew of the carrier started to bustle and swarm around the dockside, fastening ropes and securing the area.


"Ah, you're the man from Japan!" The official behind the desk nodded knowingly. "I've seen you on the news. You want to bring that sort of trouble here?"

Skorpion sighed. One of THOSE officials, huh? "Sealand, and not Japan. And no, we left the trouble behind IN Japan, and out over that way somewhere." He pointed out over the horizon, where a pall of smoke still hung in the sky from the helicarrier.

"Ah, Prince Skorpion?" The official remarked, taking a moment to actually check the folder of notes in front of him. "Oh. OH. Now I see. You're the one who wants to take up most of our port area during tourist season. And priority use of our airfield."

Skorpion nodded. "Indeed I am. I am, if you note, paying the appropriate fees for this. And also, I have the magic words that make things happen the world over."

"Magic words?" The official frowned, reaching up to adjust his overly-elaborate hat. "And what would those be?"

Skorpion leaned in close, looking around conspiratorially. "Capital investment in infrastructure." He grinned, straightening up again. "For example, your coconut oil biofuel industry. Right now, it's small and inefficient, and you're still shipping in expensive diesel fuels. However, I'm traveling with leading experts on distillation and biomass processing. On top of that, I AM a leading expert on biofuels and logistics."


Lucius, a leading expert on distillation, yawned and stretched as he lazed on the flight deck, keeping an eye on the magical girls nearby.

Kawasaki ducked a bolt of magic from Yakashima, straightening up before sweeping for her friend's legs with her spear. "<Your aim still stinks.>"

"<It does not!>" Yakashima objected as she leaped the spear, tossing another bolt which shot past Kawasaki's ear. "<You're just MOVING too much! Hold still so I can hit you!>"

"<Hold still, so you can hit me.>" Kawasaki repeated back. "<That's not gonna work on random bad guys.>"

"<No, but it worked well enough on YOU.>" Yakashima pointed out, hitting Kawasaki full in the face with a bolt of magic and knocking her off the edge of the carrier. A few seconds later, there was a splash. "<I win!>"


"GYAA!" Cathal exclaimed as he was tackled from behind, the impact sending him sprawling. "Agh, you're SOAKED."

"Ya-chan tossed me over the side."Kawasaki answered as if it was a perfectly normal thing. "What're you doing down here, anyway?"

Cathal pointed down into the well deck. "Watching stuff." He looked over his shoulder at Kawasaki, and sighed as he saw the inquisitive look on her face. "The sea, the machines moving around in here... I've never properly SEEN the sea before. At least, when it's not attached to a beach. It's different. And there's all these machines around doing stuff."

"Stuff?" Kawasaki asked, sitting down next to Cathal.

"Stuff. Moving things around, picking people up, moving around. Stuff." Cathal explained.

"Ohh. Stuff.[/i"] Kawasaki concluded, as if that explained [i]everything.

"Don't make fun; I ain't got no clue as to what they're actually doin' down there." Cathal pointed out with a shrug. "Largoists doing Largoist things, I guess."

--- An hour ago ---

Tiffaney stepped off the airplane that had taken her to the island that would be where the Largoists would offload their loot. She stretched her arms skyward, letting out a contented sigh as she relaxed. "Finally." She checked her watch. "And with plenty of time to get settled." She giggled and skipped off to baggage claim. "Sun, fun, beaches, and exotic fruity drinks. Here I come~"

--- Two hours after that ---

Skorpion emerged from the hut, grinning widely. Not only had he got near-exclusive use of the island for a fortnight, but he'd ALSO negotiated a trade deal on fish and coconuts (those being the island's major resources) in exchange for stripping the lead paint from the local school. And he got to keep the lead paint afterwards. He'd then gone on to bully them into agreeing to let him use their runway as an emergency landing point for his as-yet-unfinished space shuttle, conveniently leaving out the fact that if it NEEDED to make an emergency landing, it would probably be leaking radioactive hydrogen everywhere. He headed for the beach, where something caught his eye on the shoreline. Then something ELSE caught his eye. "Tiffaney? How'd she get here?"

Tiffaney laid comfortably sunbathing in a beach chair wearing a pink striped bikini, the tip of her feline tail gently tapping against the seat. "This is nice~" She said with another content sigh. "No lab, no ER, no operations, no interns... Not a care in the world."

"Doesn't sound like too much fun to me. Relaxation is hard work." Skorpion replied as he stopped beside her. "How did you get here, anyway?"

"I took a plane dear. I got an email notifying me that I had some vacation time saved up. So I thought I'd come here to surprise you." Tiffaney said looking over to Skorpion with a smile. "Did it work?"

"Well, I'm certainly surprised to see you here." Skorpion smiled, settling down on the chair next to her. Within a few seconds of taking his weight, the chair sank into the sand. "Wonderful. Should I ditch the armour, perhaps?"

"Maybe. If your skin can withstand the full force of this tropical breeze." Tiffaney teased, arching her back as she stretched in her chair before settling back into place.

"It's more the sun I'm worried about. It's not like I get much sunlight in my workshop." Skorpion stretched as well, the chair making cracking noises as the joints started to come apart from the weight. "Yeah, I'll be back in a while." Skorpion clambered to his feet with a sigh, tugging the chair back up out of the sand and wandering off to the nearest beach hut.

A while later, after the eviction of the colony of crabs and seabirds inhabiting the hut, and the removal of his armour, Skorpion returned to Tiffaney, dressed down in a pair of beach shorts, a hawaiian shirt, and a pair of sandals that looked to be made from armour plate. His skin shone bright as the sun hit it. "Well. At least I can't get sunburn. Let's see if I can actually tan, hm?"

"Now that sounds like a nice little experiment." Tiffaney agreed with a chuckle. "So, dear. How'd everything go?"

"Pretty well, actually. We kicked ass, we stole pretty much everything, and we recovered most of what we stole, to boot." Skorpion grinned. "Couldn't have gone much better, really."

"That's good to hear, darling. Are my kids okay?" Tiffaney asked, looking out to the sea with the expression of a worried mother.

"John took a beating from Thor, but won in the end. There's a magical girl nursing him back to health, though. Lexi's kinda shaken up after hearing bagpipes, but she defeated Cap'n 'Murrica. Eva's recovered from all the healing she was doing, and Devin was still in Tokyo, last I heard." Skorpion listed off.

"Is Johnny okay, and what happened to Lexi?" Tiffaney asked, turning her worried eyes to Skorpion.

"He's fine. He got healed up, and he's mostly been sleeping it off on the trip. Lexi just had an encounter with Lucius playing the bagpipes, and she's kinda skittish about loud noises lately." Skorpion ansered reassuringly. "They're alright, no serious injuries."

"I'm glad they're okay, but Lexi worries me. She's not one to be skittish about anything aside from heights." Tiffaney said, bitting her thumbnail as she looked out to sea and tried to think of what happened. "I'll have to talk to Lucius about it."

"Yeah, if you can peel him away from the local girls and the tourists. There's going to be an outbreak of blue-eyed children with kitty ears in a year, mark my words."

"I'll find a way." Tiffaney said, tempted to get up and look for him now. "I think I'm gonna look for him."

"We have a fortnight, I'm sure he can wait a while." Skorpion remarked, settling back onto his seat after tugging it back out of the ground. "And we have a tropical island chain pretty much to ourselves. Very few tourists, and the locals should steer clear."

"I guess I could let it wait... For a little while." Tiffaney said as she settled uneasily back into her seat. "What about you, are you okay?"

"Just peachy. The op went off well enough. Not without hitches, but we got pretty much everything we wanted. I am, however, a little worried." He sighed softly. "I encountered something troubling. And it seemed to know me."

"Devvie told me. Said it was another survivor... Will you be okay?" Tiffaney asked, adjusting her glasses before looking to him.

"I should be. I didn't tell him anything, and he DID jump out of the carrier with a damaged chute. I don't think he could survive that..." Skorpion said, before pausing. "Wait, what am I saying? I should know better than that. Even without a chute, he could probably have survived. If he knows about Sealand, then he'll be heading there. No sign that he did, though."

" It's not like he had a boat waiting, so... Maybe he drowned?" Tiffaney suggested before letting out a sigh. "Who am I kidding. He's probably heading to Tokyo right now..."

"Probably. If I had to do it, I'd try and get onto a fishing boat by way of the nets, then take that to the mainland. After that, I'd infiltrate somewhere and lay low until I could make a move, gather information, and so forth." Skorpion explained, as if was a perfectly normal thing to do. "Easiest way to track him down would be through the constant calorie burn. Just follow big shipments or thefts of food. If..." Skorpion hesistated. "If that's who I think it was, he was never too bright. He wouldn't have figured out how to deal with it. But I'm positive I saw him dead." He paused again. "And yes, I'm aware that I came back from the dead. Twice. It's just that he was flat-out dead, no vitals, no brain activity, no nothing."

"Remind me. Which one was it? The notes I've read kinda mesh together." Tiffaney asked, canting her head to the side.

"Mickey. Ex-marine, blonde hair, insisted he was descended from cowboys or some crap. Serious anger problem when anyone pointed out how stupid that was." Skorpion reeled off. "Just look at the bottom of the intelligence tests. Thick as two short planks, but took orders without question, so they liked him." He shrugged as he finished, before stretching out on the chair. "If he's a problem, I'll deal with it later. All this is sorted out through a few layers of fake identities, so it's highly unlikely he'll find us here even IF he's looking for us. Otherwise, if he shows up in Tokyo, I'll just blow him to pieces. Easily enough done."

"I'll look into notes I've stolen regarding him in the Land Warrior files when I get back to Sparky." Tiffaney informed before rolling over to lay on her belly. "Darling, could you rub some tanning lotion on my back?" She asked, curving her feline tail to the shape of a question mark.

Skorpion chuckled softly as he sat up to oblige her. "Sure. Don't want you to burn; you're nearly as pale as I am."


Lucius stepped off the boarding plank, shading his eyes as he looked up at the sky. 'Blue skies, nae clouds, nae planes in the sky... Strange an' unnatural. Where's the rain? The fog?' He sighed, before starting to walk away from the ship. After a while, he felt something pulling on him. As he stepped onto a beach, it started pulling harder. 'Sunshine an' warm sand... I cannae resist it...' He trailed off as instinct took over, causing him to pass out and faceplant into the sand, curling up a little while afterwards to sleep properly.


"Lexi! C'mon, where are you? Sun's shining, beach is calling, lots of seabirds to shoot at..." Rekko called out as he looked through the cabin, trying to find his girlfriend.

Alexis, who had been laying in her bed staring at the wall, and continued to do so for a few moments before covering her head. "Go away... I wanna be alone..." She said, though truthfully she wanted the opposite.

"No," Rekko answered. "You've been curled up and miserable for the whole trip, and you need to go outside. Never mind that scottish asshole, there's a whole island chain to have fun on. Beaches! Fried fish!"

"I'm not hungry..." The wolfgirl said, her stomach growling as though to prove her wrong.

"I know you, and I know that sound. You're never not hungry. Am I going to have to carry you off this ship?" Rekko sighed. He hoped he wouldn't have to; it was a maze, half the signs were in French, half of THOSE were wrong, and, frankly, she was kind of heavy.

Alexis uncovered her head and sat up to show she'd been wearing one of Rekko's shirts, her cheeks a light shade of pink as she attempted to look uninterested.

Rekko smiled, extending a hand to her. "C'mon, puppy. We've got a desert island to explore. On the ground. No heights involved."

Alexis looked up to Rekko and let out a fake sigh of bother. "Fine..." She concented as she took his hand. "But I'm getting dressed first." She said as she stood up, Rekko's shirt extending partway down her thigh.. "As comfortable as your shirts are, I think I'm going to need pants." She kissed her boyfriend's cheek before setting about changing in front of him.

Rekko grinned to himself. Victory! "Alright, but dress light. Maybe shorts; it's WARM out there."

"Fine, then wait outside." The wolfgirl said as she began to push him to the door. "I'll be right out, but you gotta tell me what you think."

"Okay, okay." Rekko exited the room as ordered, waiting outside the door for the inevitable questioning. "Just don't take forever, okay?"

"I won't!" She said through the door. Ten minutes later she opened the door wearing a pair of shorts that extended a quarter of the way down her thigh with a holstered pistol at her hip. The look was completed by a midriff-baring tee shirt, and her hair tied back into a ponytail. "What do you think? Feminine, right? Sexy even?"

Rekko, who had been leaning against the wall pretending to sleep, looked up in mock surprise. He looked Alexis over with a grin, before giving her a thumbs-up. "Definitely." He stepped over to her, tugging her close to kiss her. "And definitely appropriate for a desert island. Let's go find lunch; I want real food after all the long-life stuff on board here."

Alexis smiled and nodded. "Sounds good!" She said, fully regaining her usual energy. "Tropical food sounds good." She nodded before reaching into her room to grab her purse before clinging to Rekko's arm. "Then can we get swimsuits and go to the beach?"

"Sure." Rekko grinned, leading her off. "Beaches are fun, swimsuits are fun, and so is food that isn't spam or fish."

"I want honeyed ham with pineapple!" Alexis announced with a smile and a waggy tail.


A certain blue haired dhampir in what was most likely the smallest bikini the island had ever seen was scouring the beach for a particular catboy. After all, what good is the sun and the sand if there is no one around to help to find new ways to exfoliate places you never thought you could? Or should for that matter.

It didn't take Katrina long to find her quarry, or perhaps her quarry found her as she felt something snag her angle and soon the dhampir was stretched over Lucius and face down in the sand.

Lucius grunted as he was tripped over, reaching out to grab the fallen dhampir and curl around her without waking up, his tail investigating just how small the bikini was.

Katrina gave a muffled squeak, "Mmmpf murphle," she spat out sand, "girls about, watch that tail." (There's magical)

Lucius stirred, his ears flicking around like radar dishes before he woke up further. "Huh? Oh. Right~" He grinned, picking Katrina up and slinging her over his shoulder to carry her off somewhere more secluded.





The magical girls burst from their hiding places in the bushes, charging at Johnathan with buckets in hand.

Johnathan looked to the magical girls, tilting his head in confusion. "What?"

The girls struck, emptying the buckets of water onto him before fleeing, giggling madly.



Johnathan closed his eyes as the water struck him, wiping the water from his eyes before watching the girls run off. "What?"

A few seconds later, he was hit from above by a bucket of loose sand, covering him. "Gotcha, bruv!"

Johnathan closed his eyes again as the sand rained upon him and stuck to the water, wiping the sand from his eyes before looking to the magical girl. "What?" He repeated for a third time, genuinely perplexed by their behavior.


"<Death from above!>"


Skorpion looked up as he heard the shouts, only to see a pair of magical girls diving at him, wielding buckets. "Oh, for... <Anti-aircraft fire!>" He cried, reaching into his coat to pull free a modified weapon. He dived to avoid the contents of the buckets as he fired; water and sand hitting where he'd just been, splattering him with mud. The magical girls wheeled and climbed skywards as Skorpion tracked them, his implants calculating deflection before snapping off a pair of short bursts, hitting the magical girls squarely. The girls wobbled as they were hit, one of them veering into a nearby coconut tree.

"<Awww, man, no fair!>" Kawasaki protested as she dangled from the tree, dripping wet.

Yakashima alighted on the branch next to her, balancing daintily as she leaned in to unhook her friend's outfit with one hand, the other wringing the water from her skirt. "<I don't know what you expected. You knew he was armed. He's got guns EVERYWHERE.>"

"<I didn't expect him to have a water gun that powerful!>" Kawasaki protested, as the branch creaked alarmingly.

Yakashima rolled her eyes, unhooking another ribbon from the tree. "<I blame you entirely.>"

As the ribbon popped free, Kawasaki plummeted to the ground with a shriek, only to be stopped just before hitting the ground. She looked up at her saviour, blushing as she found herself looking up at Skorpion from his arms.

Skorpion grinned, setting the magical girl down on her feet before brandishing his water gun. "<Waterproofed electric pumps and carbonated water. Sophisticated and refined instead of your crude bucket system.>"

Kawasaki nodded, saluting sharply as she snapped to attention. "<Yessir! Noted for future use!>"

Skorpion chuckled, handing her an identical gun painted pink. "<Now go find Alexis; she's probably eating, knowing her.>"

Kawasaki nodded, starting to scamper off before a thought stopped her. "<Wait. Can't you track her down like you always do?>"

Skorpion shook his head. "<One, her phone won't work all the way out here until I can get a proper relay set up on the carrier. Two, this island isn't covered in radio transmitters like Tokyo is, so I can't ping the RFID tags on her gear. Three, even if I COULD, she's not wearing her armour or carrying many guns. Four, I'm on holiday, and I don't need or want to know where everyone is. And, last but not least, five. It wouldn't be much of a challenge for you three if I just told you where she was.> And YES, I can see you behind the bush there, Cathal."

Cathal stepped out, pouting. "You just said you couldn't track stuff!"

Skorpion grinned. "At range, yes. I have a transmitter in my head, and your feet were sticking out the bottom. Now go get her."

Cathal nodded, following the magical girls as they scooted off.


Alexis leaned back in her chair, sighing contently after finishing her third seafood platter and sixth rack of ribs. "This is the life." She said before stretching in her seat. "How was your meal, Rekko?" She asked, looking to the man in question with perked ears.

Rekko was finishing off a freshly-fried fish, and gave a thumbs-up while mumbling through a mouthful of fried plantain and fish.

Alexis nodded, leaning on Rekko's shoulder with a happy smile.

"Diviiiine bustaaaah!" Kawasaki cried as she dived on the couple, opening up with her recently-gifted water gun.

Alexis swiftly pushed Rekko to the side before diving out of the way, pushing off the ground with her hands to flip to her feet. She reached for her weapon and nearly drew it before she realized it was Kawasaki. "Kawa-chan?"

Kawasaki waved as she shot past, skimming the sand as she opened up on Alexis again, this time from close range. "Ambush~"

Alexis brushed the barrel of the water gun to the side, stepping in the opposite direction before moving back to reclaim some distance. "I thought you went off with Ya-chan!"

"I did!" Kawasaki grinned as she settled into a hover. "Look up."

Above Alexis, Yakashima was diving vertically, releasing a pair of bucketfuls of sand.

"Nonononono!" Alexis yelled as she dived forward to avoid the sand. "Not in this outfit!"

Yakashima braked to a halt, the sand continuing down to land where Alexis had leaped from, leaving a thin scattering over her. "Why are your reflexes better than Johnathan's?"

"Yeah, we got HIM no probs. Skorpion's just badass, so no wonder HE dodged it." Kawasaki chimed in, after landing nearby and carving deep grooves in the sand.

"Okay, why ARE you attacking random people with sand and water?" Rekko asked from the ground, where he'd been pushed, his mug of green tea still upright in his hand.

"Like I'm supposed to know how Johnathan thinks. I spent HOURS, literally hours of time trying to figure out an outfit for this, and I will not have it drenched in water or sand!" Alexis explained with her hands on her hips. "Plus I don't want to go through the effort of changing clothes..." She said, with a more or less hand gesture.

"Hours?" Rekko asked. "I thought you threw it together on the spot!"

"That's... Understandable." Yakashima remarked. "NO. <Put that DOWN. You're not going to shoot Lexi with it.>"

Kawasaki pouted, lowering the water gun again. She thought briefly, before snapping it up and soaking Rekko with it, grinning smugly.

Rekko simply sat there as he was soaked, holding his mug out of the way. As the water stopped, he opened his eyes again and looked at Kawasaki. "Meh."

"Meh?" Kawasaki pouted, and wibbled a little.

"Meh." Rekko replied. "It's warm, I'll dry off in a while. And you're out of sand."

Yakashima responded by dropping an empty bucket over Rekko's head.

The dry Alexis let out a sigh before taking the bucket from Rekko's head. "So are you two just ambushing people with water and sand?"

"Yeah!" Kawasaki grinned. "It's super fun. We got Johnathan!"

Yakashima nodded, grinning proudly. "He was just wandering around, and didn't dodge at all!"

"Weird." Alexis said with a dismissive shrug. "Rekko, wanna go get swimsuits and hit the beach?"

"Sure." Rekko stood up, dripping. "I need to get my clothes dry anyway, so I may as well have fun while I'm doing it."


Cathal was bored. The magical girls had literally taken off without him, and there was nothing to DO on desert islands. He kicked a coconut, wincing as his cheap trainers failed to protect his feet from the impact. "Ow. Stupid plant. You don't even taste good." He scowled at it, before sitting down in the sand next to it and laying out to laze in the sunshine. After a short while, he noticed a splashing noise, and looked up to investigate. "What the... Johnathan?"

Johnathan, who was waist deep in the water, awkwardly splashed again before looking to his hand. After a few moments of pondering he channeled his aura into his hand before striking at the water again, causing it to blast out to sea in a thirty foot cone, standing firm as the water rushed to return to it's normal state.

Cathal sighed. He'd just gotten comfortable, but this was, possibly, a cure for boredom. He got up, brushing sand (fruitlessly) off his swimsuit before wandering over to the water's edge. "Johnathan!" He called out to the wolfboy, so as not to sneak up on him. "What're you up to, and why are you coated in sand?"

Johnathan's ears twitched as his name was called, the wolfboy turning to shore before approaching Cathal. "I am attempting 'fun in the sun', as for the sand I cannot determine why, but Yakashima and Kawasaki applied it to me with buckets. I can only assume that this is a type of punishment for performing 'fun' incorrectly." He explained with his usual lack of emotion. "Perhaps you may be able to enlighten me on the subject."

"Nah, that's just basic pranking." Cathal explained, wading out to Johnathan. "Hence all the giggling. You're meant to go prank them back, get revenge, y'ken?" He paused as the water got to knee deep, eyeing the waves cautiously. "Throw sand or water at them, knock over sandcastles, hide their suncream, that sorta thing."

"I do not undertand. What is the point of these, 'pranks'?" Johnathan asked plainly.

"Fun." Cathal replied. "That, and getting a reaction out of people. For example, your confusion at the sand and water thing."

"I see. Does this mean I should seek them for one of these pranks?" The wolfboy inquired.

"Yes. Revenge is pretty much expected here." Cathal advised. "Just make sure you get them by surprise."

"What should I do?" Johnathan asked as the latest addition to his series of questions.

"Well, water and sand, like they did to you. I'm sure you can just creep up on 'em ninja style and do it." Cathal grinned.

"Very well. I must purchase buckets." Johnathan said before beginning to walk towards a shoreside shop selling beachwares.


"<I could get used to this whole desert island thing. Sun, sea, sand, fruity drinks in coconuts...>" Yakashima commented, sipping from her coconut.

"<It IS pretty awesome, but they're seriously lacking in sushi skillz.>" Kawasaki answered, with a pout. "<Maybe we need to teach them? I mean, they've got so much fish, and seaweed too.>"

"<Yeah, but not so much in the way of rice. Do you see any paddy fields here? It's mostly coconut.>" Yakashima rolled her eyes. "<Anyway, enough economics. We're on vacation. A FREE vacation, I might add.>"

It was then that Johnathan dashed from cover, buckets in hand. Swiftly, he approached the magical girls from behind stopping to drench the two in sea water and sand.

Kawasaki squealed, curling away from the sudden soaking. Yakashima reacted more quickly, tugging up a shield to protect herself; too late for the water, but just in time to deflect the subsequent shower of sand onto Kawasaki.

"<What the hell, yo?>"


The girls turned to glare at Johnathan as he stood there, Yakashima starting to squeeze water out of her hair.

"<Got you.>" Johnathan stated, placing the buckets on the ground. "<Would this qualify as a successful prank?>"

"<Yes...>" Yakashima conceded. "<I'm soaked, and Kawa-chan looks like a monster.>"

"Raaawr!~ Braaains!~"

"<Island full of Largoists means you won't find many of those around. Buuut...>" Yakashima turned back to Johnathan. "<You're meant to escalate, and flee the scene afterwards. Shall we help you demonstrate on someone else?>"

Johnathan pulled out a can of silly string. "<The store owner recommended I buy this.>" He said before lackidasically spraying Yakashima with it.

Yakashima spluttered, too surprised to defend herself as she was stringed. Kawasaki giggled, clapping and bouncing excitedly. "<THAT'S more like it! Element of surprise AND unexpected tactics!>"

Johnathan continued to spray Yakashima for a bit longer before switching to spray Kawasaki as well. "<It is good that I have achieved satisfactory results.>"

Kawasaki squealed, trying to fend off the spray.

Johnathan sprayed Kawasaki for a small while before pocketing the remainder of the can. "<That is the end of my prank.>"

Yakashima cleared the string from her face before pointing at Johnathan. "<I hope you know that this means war.>" She glared briefly, before grabbing Kawasaki and stomping off towards the sea to clean off.

"<I apologize that my prank has led you to confront me in bloody combat. I hope the casualties of our war shall be kept to a minimum.>" Johnathan stated as the two began to leave.

Kawasaki giggled as she was dragged off. "<She means a prank war. Prepare yourself.>"

"<I am relieved we will not be killing each other.>" Johnathan said before turning to once again try to make sense of 'fun in the sun'.


"I had everything under control."

"Really? Is that why it was all on fire?"

"Flambe, it's a french method," DarkTan retorted, "Now go get me a sea monster or something."

Katrina left with a giggle.


Lucius purred. Sun, sea, and a couple of other things beginning with 's'. Oh, and native islander girls. He watched the girl adjust her clothing as she walked away, grinning to himself as he noticed the change to her gait. He stretched out again, propping his head on a pile of dried seaweed. A few moments later, the sun was briefly obscured by a flash of coloured sparkles as a magical girl dumped water on him, followed by another with a bucket of sand. He yowled in surprise, sitting up sharply and looking around, his hand reaching for his sword. As he noticed the sparkles, he relaxed. 'Girls... Wha' hae I told ye about the prankin'?'

Kawasaki and Yakashima giggled nervously. "Ano... Not tae dae it tae ye?" Yakashima replied.

Lucius nodded. 'Aye, lassies. Now, why did ye disobey tha'?'

Kawasaki frowned slightly. "We, like, saw the ears an' thought ye were Johnathan, innit?"

'Ye mistook me fer a DOG?'

"Wolf." Yakashima corrected.

'Canine.' Lucius compromised. 'Nae go afore I retaliate an' get ye, a' well.'

The girls nodded, taking off in different directions.


"<There he is!>" Yakashima whispered, observing their quarry from the cover of a sand dune.

"<Just... Sitting there. Like he doesn't expect us.>" Kawasaki commented.

"<Ripe for venegance.>" Yakashima grinned. "<Silly string ME, will you?>"

Kawasaki giggled, tugging a stray piece of said silly string from her friend's hair. "<We'll get him.>"

Not too far away Johnathan stood, apparently spaced out with his back to the dastardly duo.

Yakashima charged, flanked by Kawasaki. They held cans of silly string, duct-taped together in packs of three, and with water guns in their other hand.

"Fer love an' honour!"

"Fo' great justice!"

"Supremely combinational!"

"Magickal attaaaacku!~"

"Aye, y'ken?"

As the magical girls approached, Johnathan stood, waiting until it was too late for the magical girls to turn back before turning sharply to fire a net gun at them.



The girls were bundled up in the net, the silly string cans being sent flying.

"<Where the hell did you get that from?>" Yakashima asked. "<I know for a fact that they don't sell them in the shop; we LOOKED.>"

"<Maybe he bought the last one?>" Kawasaki suggested, before being elbowed into silence.

"<Skorpion supplied me with one when I spoke to him of my endeavours.>" Johnathan explained as he set down the net gun, pulling two pies from hammerspace before approaching the girls.

"<Oh.>" Yakashima said flatly. "<Dammit, why don't we have that kind of firepower?>"

Kawasaki tried to hide behind Yakashima as she saw the pies, struggling to do so despite the elasticated net holding the two together. "<Don't pie me! I'm not an EDS and I didn't disrespect Kimiko!>"

"<Cathal informed me that this is 'a classic', and highly reccomended it.>" Johnathan stated before pressing the pies onto the magical girl's heads.


Cathal snickered as he heard the screams carrying down the beach. "Revenge is sweet. "

"But collateral damage is sweeter!" Katrina yelled as a tree snapped into the air. The top bough carried a long rope with it into the cloudless sky. The rope itself ended in a simple loop designed to cinch closed around a small object; said object being Cathal's ankle. The aforementioned young man did not have the chance to ponder all these things, or even to realise what had happened before he was swinging gently upside down, eye level with Katrina. Or, at leastl, a certain part of Katrina. Two parts to be specific. The jiggly bits, incase you don't quite catch my drift.

Cathal let out a girlish scream as he was plucked skywards, before blushing as he looked Katrina in the cleavage. "H-hey! What'd I do to you?"

"Nuh~fin," Katrina grinned, "I'm going sea monster hunting and you just had the poor misfortune of becoming my bait."

"But... I'm not tasty! I'm no good as bait, unless you're going fishing for monster girls..." Cathal trailed off, before blushing deeper, trying (and failing) to curl up and cover himself.

"Boy monster, girl monster, yaoi monster," Katrina shrugged, "What ever works."

Cathal opened his mouth to complain more, shut it again, then came to a decision.


Lucius looked up, ears twitching as a cry for help echoed across the beach. As it died out, he shrugged, and lowered his head back to what he was doing, much to the delight of the (formerly) grass-skirted hula girl he was doing it with.


Lockdown looked to the direction of the screams as his audio sensors picked up the disturbance from his place on the deck of the ship overlooking the cargo. He took a moment to zoom in at the source and see Cathal flying through the air out to sea with a bundle of bobbers tied to him before determining that he was better off where he was. He adjusted his footing, continuing to scan the area for intruders and attackers whilst losing a game of chess to Low Vis online.

Kawasaki bounced out of the palm trees, sprayed Lockdown with silly string, watered and sanded him and petted his ears briefly before running off, trailing giggles and sparkles behind her. "Metal doggyy~"

Lockdown sat motionlessly as he was ambushed, waiting for the magical girl to finish before getting up. "Well. Now I gotta hose the sand from my servos."

Yakashima arrived shortly afterwards, covered in sand and silly string and chasing Kawasaki. "<Come back here you... Doggy!~>" She paused, petting Lockdown and rubbing the sand from his joints. "<Poor thing, did she ambush you too? My, youre cute. You're...>" She paused, realising something. "<You're a robot. Why is there a robot dog on... Oh, right. Largoists. Surprised you don't have wheels, though. All the best robot doggies have wheels, and 70s styling.>" She remarked as she cleaned him off with a palm leaf. "<There. All shiny. Good doggy.>"

"<Letting you know. I'm not actually Largoist made. I was made by Devin Greyson. He's one of your class mates if I'm right.>" Lockdown informed as he was cleaned off. "<Thanks for your help, but would you mind spraying me down with a hose too? If it's no trouble of course.>"

Yakashima paused, blinking a few times. Talking metal doggy. "<Oh. Um. I don't think I've seen any hosepipes. Will seawater and a bucket do? I mean, you won't rust, right?>" She paused. "<Wait, DEVIN made you?>"

"<Think you could help me in finding a source of fresh water? I'm not worried about rusting. It'd just make me feel better.>" Lockdown said before confirming. "<Yes, Devin made me. I'm sure you've seen my brother Low Vis with him around school. Then again. Maybe you haven't. He like to stay invisible, undetected.>"

"<He never talked, though.>" Yakashima pointed out, rubbing her chin thoughtfully. "<Aha! Beach showers!>" She grinned proudly. "<I'll take you to the beach showers, and you should be able to clean off there. No fluffy towels, but you don't really NEED one in this weather.>"

"<Works for me, let's do it! Lead the way!>" Lockdown said as he trotted around behind the magical girl.

Yakashima led Lockdown off, soon arriving at the showers in question. She pulled the chain, stepping aside from the spray to allow Lockdown to step under it. "<Here you go, doggy. You might have to roll over and stuff to get it everywhere; the heads don't come off like proper showers.>" She explained.

"<Can't roll over. Minigun and rocket launcher get in the way. In my honest opinion. Worth it. Everyone loves a bigger bang.>" Lockdown informed before walking under the shower, moving around to get the water to wash off a good portion of him.

"<You need a bath.>" Yakashima pointed out. "<That'd get your underside. But how can any amount of boom be worth the lack of belly rubs?>"

"<Like this!>" Lockdown exclaimed before turning to face the ocean, his rocket launcher deploying before firing a round to the shore. The shot exploding with flurry of flame and shrapnel. "Ahhh. <Gets me every time.>" He said with a wistful sigh, his rocket launcher making a 'thunk' noise as it reloaded, then switched back to standby as it finished.

"<Okay, that DOES look pretty nice to do, but...>" Yakashima pointed out to sea, which then exploded in a shower of magical energy, steam, and water. "<Magic~>"

"<I can't use magic, so I just blow things up and shoot them till they stop moving so much.>" Lockdown explained, the barrels of his Minigun spinning a little.

Yakashima knelt down to pet his ears. "<Well, yeah, you're a robot. Robots can't do magic.>" She said with all the authority of someone who'd learned it on Wikipedia. "<It's still sad that he designed you not being able to get belly rubs, even if you're made of metal.>"

"<Personally I prefer the firepower. Gonna ask the gun ports in my head to be modified for shotgun shells when we get back.>" Lockdown stated.

"<Are you SURE you're not a Largoist?>" Yakashima asked. "<Because you kinda sound like one, with all the guns and explosions and stuff. Isn't Devin a Mihoist?>"

"<Yup. I'm sure I'm not, and Devin's not a Mihoist either. I'm just a bot who likes his guns. Now, you want me to give you a ride back to the carrier?>" Lockdown asked, tilting his headeath at the magical girl.

"<Um. You're kinda heavy, so... Maybe?>" Yakashima replied, looking over to the harbour. "<How did you get off it, anyway?>"

"<The carrier? I used a ramp. Now if you're heading back, get on. I'll run you there myself.>"

"<Oh! You mean give ME a ride?>" Yakashima looked around, and shrugged. On one hand, prank war. On the other, avoidance of being pranked, AND she got to ride the metal doggy. "<Sure! I need to grab a change of clothes anyway~>"

"<That's what I said, now hop on!>" Lockdown said enthusiastically, laying down to make it easier for Yakashima to get on. He wasn't the fastest unit Devin made, but he could still move along pretty fast.

Yakashima adjusted her bikini and climbed on, holding onto Lockdown's weapon mounts. "<Up, up, and awayyy~>"

On the magical girls mark, Lockdown dashed off towards the carrier.

"<Wheeeeee~>" Yakashima giggled delightedly as she was carried off on Lockdown, hanging on tightly.


Kawasaki paused halfway through stalking Alexis. "<I feel a terrible disturbance in the Force. Like someone's being incredibly out of character...>"


"Lucius!" Ahab shouted in to the woods, "Whar ye be, catboy?" He took a swing from his bottle of rum, "Ah cah follow th' trail o' clothes an' maiden's behind ye."

'Former maidens.' Lucius corrected from the tree above Ahab. 'I made fair sure o' tha'.'

Ahab chuckled, a sound akin to a Volkswagon Beetle being fed to an industrial shredder. "Speakin' o' which, Ah've 'eard ye got a gran'son?"

'Aye. He's runnin' around wi' the magical girls somewhere if ye want tae meet him.' Lucius waved vaguely in the direction of the giggling and squealing.

"Hear 'e's quite th' cut purse," Ahab mused, stroking his chin, "Ah've got a bit o' a job Ah could use 'im on."

'Ask him, nae me.' Lucius pointed out. 'He's old enough tae make his own decisions. Ye're nae takin' him tae sea fer weeks, though. He needs tae attend classes!'

"Would be only a coupla days," Ahab said, Know whar Ah ken find 'im?"

'Aye. He's in the prank war wi' the magical girls. Follow the squeals, an' ye'll find him.' Lucius pointed vaguely in the direction Cathal had been flung.

"E's not fishin' is 'e?" Ahab asked, "Saw Katrina o'er tha' way wit' a large pole an' bobber."

'Nae. Wee laddie grew up in the city, hadnae even seen a fish until he came tae Tokyo.'

"Aye, Ah'll find 'im," The captian saluted Lucius with his bottle and headed off in the general direction offered.


Cathal was not having fun. There were several reasons for this. First and foremost being Katrina. Secondly, in relation to the aforemention dhampir, he was quite securetly tied to a life preserver. It seemed the half-vampire had learned a thing or three about knots during her years being tied up in them herself. The final reason was the myraid of shapes and shadows in the water below.

A line attached to the flotation device assured the young man could not float too far away, how ever, it also assured that if he attempted to come to shore, he would be right back where he started. With Katrina. However, neither of these things were his current concern. No, that was the sudden lack of smaller shadows and shapes beneath him being replace with one very large shape. One that was rapidly rising to meet him.

Cathal looked down at the shape, trying to climb onto the life preserver. When that failed, he tried remaining still. After discovering that that lead to him sinking, he resumed treading water, waiting to kick the whatever-it-was in the nose like they'd advised on the discovery channel.

The shadow rapidly increased in size until Cathal could no longer see the ends of it before it suddenly breached the surface of the water, pushing him to the side with a spray of water. The man was suddenly standing atop the oibject, which Cathal realized was in fact a submarine and not a carnivorous beast. "Ahoy the bait!" came the gravey voice of the sub's captain.

"Who you callin' bait?" Cathal responded, trying not to marvel at the size of the thing.

"Th' one wots tied to a life saverrr and a bobberr," Ahab replied with too many r's.

'Then fuckin' untie me, then!" Cathal kicked out towards the sub, tugging the life preserver along with him.

"Mayhap Ah will," Ahab grinned, "If'n ye be up for a wee job."

"Does it pay?" Cathal asked, as if he was in a position to negotiate.

"Ack-shully, it does," Ahab grinned, "As much as ye can stuff ina yer pockets. Since those be th' skills Ah require."

"Interesting. Okay, I'll take the interview if you get me off this thing before something eats me." Cathal conceded. "And your sub better not have a leaky reactor; I know it's Russian, and I know what they're like."

Ahab casually tossed a knife at the life perserver, lodging the blade point in the material. "Cuut yer self loose an' tie a loop in th' rope," the captian explained, "then toss 'er in the torpedo tube. We'll give ol' Kat something to chase." Ahab grinned, "And don' worry 'bout the reactor, ye won' be sailing in 'ere."

Cathal grinned, doing as instructed before doggy-paddling over to the sub. "You're not strappin' me to the outside, are you? 'Cause I can't breathe underwater."

"We'll be in another boat," Ahab answered before looking down the entry way, "Fire numbah two!"

There was a *fwoosh* followed by a slash and a whizzing noise that slowly gave way to the sould of a woman yelling. Then in a blue and scanty biniki blur, the sound of the yelling also faded.

"Haha! Hop aboard lad, we'll be takin' ye in closer ta shore," Ahab laughed as the sub rumbled back to life.

Cathal did so, clambering into a hatch. "You can't GET much closer in, though, can you? This thing's huge!"

"Canae quite get in th' 'arbor, but I can get close nuff ta put ye on th' other boat," Ahab responded as the sub slowly moved towards the aircraft carrier, "An yer gonna need this." The captian handed Cathal a grapling hook attached to a rope ladder.

"You want me to steal from the Largoists?" Cathal asked.

"No, that's just ta get ye on shore," Ahad chuckled, "Ah'll be in touch 'bout th' theivery."

"Okay..." Cathal swung the hook around before flinging it upwards. "How? You ain't got my mobile number."

"Ah'll find ye," Ahab winked with a grin, a possibly disturbing thing from a face as bishie as his.

"Okaaay..." Cathal shrugged, setting off up the ladder. "Just don't make me steal from anyone I like, 'cause I'm not gonna do it."

"Ay, but no one likes tourists lad," Ahab waved and disappeared back in to the sub.

Cathal gave the closed hatch a Look. "Bruv, I'm from London. I've been nickin' shit from tourists since I could walk. I thought you wanted to give me a challenge?"

Ahab just laughed, the sound akin to a box of bricks in a food processor echoed until the hatch slid shut.


Cathal walked down the gangplank, looking through the backpack he'd filled with useful-looking tools. This, however, meant he was oblivious to anything coming at him. Especially to robot dogs ridden by bikini-clad magical girls.

"<Gangwaaaay~>" Yakashima called as Lockdown charged up the ramp, crashing into the oblivious Cathal.

"Gah!" Cathal cried, his backpack going flying as he was knocked aside.

"We got a man down! <Yakashima! Get a shovel! We bury him at sundown.>" Lockdown said in a way that could be interpereted as a joke.

"Aye-aye, sir~" Yakashima saluted, dismounting from Lockdown. "<I don't think he's quite dead, though, Sarge.>" She poked at Cathal, who groaned and tried to turn away from her.

"<Not dead!>" Cathal objected. "Watch where you're going with that... Oh, hello Lockdown. Watch where you're goin', yeah?"

"<Poor man's talking in his death! Yakashima, double time it on that shovel! Last thing I wanna deal with today is a zombie!>" Lockdown contined on.

"<Zombies don't talk, and he still has a pulse. I don't think he's dead at all!>" Yakashima replied.

"Yeah, I ain't dead!"

"Well if you're not dead then why aren't you standing by now? Up and at-um!" Lockdown ordered.

Cathal clambered to his feet, grumbling. "Not my fault dog-ridin' magical girls keep knockin' me over..."

"Man up and quit whining." Yakashima informed him. "Quit daydreaming. You're worse than Kawa-chan."

"<Atta girl, private! Whip this recruit in shape!>" Lockdown encouraged. He'd grin proudly if he could.

"Aren't you magical girls supposed to be nice?" Cathal asked.

"Good. Not nice." Yakashima responded, before shoving Cathal off the carrier and into the ocean. "Bai bai~"

"<Quick, private! Hop on! We have revenge to pursue!>"

"<Revenge?>" Yakashima asked, climbing back onto Lockdown. "<On who?>"

"<On the way here I looked up the concepts of a prank war, and based off what I've read, being pranked is enought to permit my involvement. So that's why I'm gonna help you get back at Kawasaki.>" Lockdown informed.

"<Wewt!>" Yakashima exclaimed, drawing a watergun and a can of silly string from nowhere. "<Back to the fight, my noble steed! Let us ride, shiny and chrome!>"

Lockdown planted his front left paw to the floor before howling to the sky, dashing off near immediately after.


The Largoist fleet arrives at the Marshall islands.
Skorpion has essentially rented them out for a while.
With 'leading experts on biomass processing and distillation'. That'd be DarkTan and Lucius, then?

The magical girls have, of course, started soaking people and covering them in sand.

Tiffaney has camped Skorpion's negotiations, and snags him for Quality Time on the beaches.
And even talks him out of the power armour. He's wearing SHORTS.
She's worried about Lexi.
Skorp's worried about the invisible guy.
Enough worrying. Beach!

Lucius encounters warm sand and sunlight, and promptly passes out because catboy.

Lexi wears summer-y clothing. Shorts and a cropped T-shirt.
Off to sample the local cuisine.

Katrina discovers Lucius, and is entrapped.
Lucius then wakes up, and carries her off to do lewd things to her.

Johnathan is pranked.
Then Skorpion. Who returns fire, and wins. Then he arms them and sends them on their way.
Kawasaki is very appreciative.

Rekko and Alexis are eating.
Magical girl water sand ambush!
Alexis' reflexes are better than Johnathan's.
Rekko no-sells his soaking.
Beach? Beach.

Cathal is bored.
Johnathan is confused. Fun? Pranks?
Cathal gives a pep talk, and Johnathan is off to the prank war.

The magical girls are counter-pranked by Johnathan. Sand, water, and SILLY STRING.
Yakashima declares war.
Kawasaki has to explain she means a prank war.

Lucius has been sleeping his way through the island's female population.
And is mistaken for Johnathan and pranked.

Johnathan spotted!
Net gun!
Skorpion's been arming both sides. What a shock.
Oh, and John has pies too.

Cathal is captured by Katrina, and used as bait for a sea monster.

Lucius is too busy molesting locals to help.

Lockdown is ambushed by magical girls.
The ambush fails because DOGGY. Yakashima likes dogs.
Metal dog. TALKING metal doggy.
Prank war can wait. Gotta clean the dog.
And then ride the metal doggy, to continue the prank war.

Ahab locates Lucius, and asks for permission to employ Cathal. And is told to go ask Cathal.

Cathal hates being used as bait.
Cathal's skills are needed for thievery.

Cathal is KOed by Lockdown.
Man up! Get back on your feet!
Lockdown howls to the sky, and runs off to restart the war, and help Yakashima get back at Kawasaki.
Skorpion [FGTL]
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