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Just Another Day In Prohibition Megatokyo



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Just Another Day In Prohibition Megatokyo

*Intro partially stolen from the BozoCat and DarkTan

Megatokyo, The Clans

Megatokyo, the Clans is what happens when you take the city portrayed in the MegaTokyo comic, make all the main characters gods, and give control of the city to their worshippers. Of course, you also have to add in a certain smattering of evil corporations battling for world domination, alien conspiracies, zombie rampages, holy and unholy interventions, and general popular culture and anime influenced zaniness.

There are two important resources for getting oriented to the world of Megatokyo, the Clans.

1. . This is a world-editable archive of as many characters, groups, plots, places, items, and more. In short, it aims to be a complete reference to the game. How complete it is depends on how much stuff the players add. Go players! Add stuff! The should feature a relatively up-to-date summary of what the world is like.

2. . This is the best way to get yourself up-to-speed in an active, real-time manner where you can communicate with players in real time. irc.irchighway.net is the server, and the channel is rpgclans. Don't be frightened by the outlandish and sometimes frightening topics that sometimes are posted there. We're all nice people. Mostly nice people. People who aren't nice to new players will be hit in the head with a bright green duck.


This new setting will not rely on the comic as much as previous plotlines have. It will not be as grandiose as previous stories.

Shortly after the Megatokyo Demon Invasion, Megatokyo passed a law banning certain types of anime and manga. At its core, the law was targeted at the more violent hentai productions; however, some government-employed legal hack saw the potential it had, and worded it vaguely enough that any "violent" or "adult themed" material could be targeted. A large otaku demonstration protesting the new law was met with riot gear, tear gas, and rubber bullets. Things quickly went downhill from there as more and more "violent" and "suggestive" manga and anime were pulled from the shelves, until the final blow was struck with Megatokyo's signing of the "Wasteful Materials Prohibition Act," effectively banning all anime, manga, and video games. The Big Three relocated within the six months before the law went into effect, as well as the larger of the anime production companies; those who could not afford to relocate closed their doors. Many of them, however, went underground and continued to produce.

Though the local law enforcement did not consider the factionists an active threat, the city's large population of super powered individuals gave the police enough of a pause that it kept them from really enforcing the law. Thus, the task fell to the Tokyo Police: Cataclysm Division. Research began in earnest to find ways to neutralize the perceived threat. This effort lead to the invention of the Anime Nullification Field Generator, or ANFG. Preliminary testing showed great success, and they began to research the possibilities of mass producing the devices. An overzealous Inspector Sonoda seized this moment to finally rid his city of the factionists who had plagued them with meaningless skirmishes, fractures in reality, demon invasions, and hellish mutations of culinary madness.

Although not completely successful in removing them, Sonoda was able to keep the factions under control. There were, however, three major thorns in his side:

1. Erika Multinational, the largest corporation the city had ever seen, and owner of the patents for the ANFGs. They are, by and large, uninvolved in the situation, so Sonada gives them their space.

2. Followers of Great Teacher Largo (FGTL), the one faction that is almost 100% weapons based and has enough fire power to take on the whole country, or so the reports led one to believe.

3. The last and strangest of all was one man: DarkTan Canto. He had become an international icon by way of a tentacle monster on the "Oprah" show. Sonoda didn't dare overtly move against him, for fear of a massive public and international outcry.

Currently, anime and manga are still being moved underground. The two largest movers of anime and manga are the FGTL and the Order of the Rent-a-Zilla (ORAZ).

The TPCD is lead by Inspector Sonoda. However, as of late he has taken a turn to the darker side. He does this to protect his city, of course. In his mind, the factions have caused no end of trouble for his city. He has particular animosity towards those who follow Largo and Piro, those two being the source of his problems.

Anime Nullification Field Generators:
These devices were created to reverse or block the effects of the Laws of Anime, and Magic. There are three different versions of the generators.

First Generation: The first generation ANFGs were large devices that required a building to house them and a tower to project the field. They are not unlike radio towers in appearance or operation. They are heavily guarded with Patlabors, ground troops, and anti-aircraft gun emplacements. These are the most common generators in the city, and they are used to cover the more "high class" areas.

Second Generation: The second generation ANFGs were smaller in size, and use a parabolic antenna. This allows for great range, but only in a straight line. These are used to cordon off certain areas (the Hollows and areas around ORAZ's properties, for example). They can also be used to target a single individual up to 5000m away. Rumor has it that they are mounted on the peak of Tokyo Tower

Third Generation: These are the smallest of the three; small enough that a mech can carry one with little difficulty. They also have the same range as the tower-based First Gens. These are deployed to combat situations and areas that the Towers do not cover. There are no less than four stationed outside Tokyo Tower and the Cataclysm Division at all times.

There is ongoing research into smaller, highly portable devices that would operate similar to tasers. Such work has just begun field testing, but the devices are fragile, have limited charge, and varied effects. They also have varied designs.

Modified Rules:
One of the most important things to remember is that you are fighting the LAW. Killing cops or government officials will bring that LAW down on your head. Escalate it, and the military will become involved. Nothing you have can stand up against the weight of the CD, Japanese Defense Force, and the United States Armed Forces. Period.

There is a delicate balance of power between the remaining factions and the police, much like real world organized crime. Upset the balance and expect to face the wrath of both sides.

The TPCD, TPD, JDF, and US Forces are NOT NPC cannon fodder. These are soldiers who outnumber you and frequently outgun you.


1. Be civil to other authors!

2. Characters (and to a lesser extent factions, locations, and gear) belong to their authors. Please be courteous with your use of other people's characters, and remember that sometimes people have abilities and effects on their character that you don't know about. UNDER NO CIRCUMSTANCES CAN YOU KILL ANOTHER PERSON'S CHARACTER WITHOUT THEIR EXPRESS PERMISSION.

3. NO GODMODDING. You cannot write for someone else's character without their express permission.

4. Have good spelling and grammar. You should ALWAYS read over a post before submitting it.

5. Keep it tasteful. Unnecessary and excessive swearing should be avoided (this doesn't mean your character cannot swear, but every other word coming out of their mouth shouldn't be a curse either), and while mature subject matter is not forbidden, let's keep it under an NC-17 rating. If you really need to write some smut, you can use an external link. If there is some mature subject matter in your post, please include the appropriate warnings at the beginning.

6. No double-posting. Let someone else have a turn!


Please read the posted under !

New Players

I highly recommend the new player page of the wiki, linked above. Also, please check out the threads under before joining the game.

In general, I try to keep myself available for new players at all times. Other senior authors are also good resources, as well as faction leaders.

Many posts are written in realtime on AIM or in IRC.

This Thread

Old characters are coming back together, and new ones are being introduced, in the brand new Prohibition setting. Let's take this opportunity to get a feel for our characters and the setting, and just get everyone interacting again - this is soft-canon for a reason!

Time: Roughly five years after the Demon Invasion.

Soft-Canon: The events in this thread have definitely happened, but the order they happened in or the way they happened is not necessarily what actually happened. This is intended to make posting less work in this thread, and enable people to spontaneously jump in wherever and whenever they find things interesting. Events of world-shattering importance typically don't happen in soft-canon threads, but sometimes we get surprised by what we write.


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Death And Condiments

Location: The Catacombs
Time: Not Terribly Relevant or Observed There, Sometime before Night.
Author: Me
Characters: Nearly All of Em
Music: Infected Mushroom -

The seething mass of humanity swayed with the pounding bass. The fact that the sound traveled no further than the floor it originated on was a marvel of modern technology. The dark beats hammering out their tempo as the dancers seemed possessed by the music. Graffiti adorned nearly every surface not occupied by feet and some that were. The DJ flipped and mixed tracks like a sorcerer of sound, speeding up the dance then bring it down again. The constantly changing tempo increasing the overall energy of the rave, for that is what it truly was this night. A rave in its purest form. Every dancer feeding from the energy given off from their fellows. It was always like this. Not always a rave, but always a party. There were always new faces and those who ever left. They danced, they moshed, they were one with the music.

DarkTan Canto looked out over the scene from his office/suite above the dance floor. He leaned against the wall with one hand, the other wrapped around a certain bunny girl. He stepped away from the double paned Lexan window and took a sip of his drink. It was a rather fancy looking alcoholic beverage type glass with a glowing green liquid in it, Mt. Dew of course. He turned as he heard foot steps coming towards his office.

Aleksander Stone was quick to stop the intruder, nearly cloths lining the man as blocked the door with his arm. "Hold it right there," Stone said with a slight eastern European accent, "This party is private."

"I know," the man said, "I'm looking for DarkTan."

"I know," DarkTan replied, "Go back downstairs and enjoy the party before you do something foolish." DarkTan waved dismissively.

Katrina Canto, DarkTan's sister, turned slowing in her chair, eying the new comer and humming softly to her self in thought.

"Guess you'd rather keep the cops around huh?" the guy called out as Stone was shoving him out the door.

"Bring him here," DarkTan said, motioning for the man to join him at the window. "That cop there?" He asked and pointed. "Or that one?" He pointed again. Katrina chuckled and moved over to whisper something to Stone as DarkTan continued to point out five more officers. "Which cop exactly did you plan on ratting out again, Fredrick Clark?"

"I hate that name!" Fred said.

Lola out right giggled at that one.

"Told ya~" Katrina gloated as she accepted twenty dollars from Stone.

"Wait, you know me?" Fred asked.

"Of course I do, Lead Sled Fred," DarkTan smirked at him. "I knew you were going to be here today before you did. You see, I've seen this movie. Send in the bad boy, wrong side of the law, internet star to make friend with the international criminal. Now, there is a few way's we can do this." DarkTan drew and old Tokarev pistol, "I can shoot you and use you in my show tonight, orrrrr I can do what I did with the other 87 agents that came here. You're choice."

Fred turned white, he didn't expect to succeed, but he didn't think he would be staring at death and condiments right at the start. "Well seeing as I really don't want to end up on a menu, I guess option B is the only good one?" Fred asked more that stated.

"Good choice," DarkTan said, "Its easy, tonight we party. Tomorrow you get on the boat with Ahab and no one ever sees you again." Fred's eyes went wide and DarkTan continued his explination, "You get to pick anywhere in South America. New IDs, money, house and car. You work for me now."

There is a rave at the Catacombs.
Blatant rip off of a Vin Diesel movie.
Important contraband Mt Dew
Really old Russian firearms.
That was supposed to say "Imported" up there, but I like important better.
This summary makes no sense because my head is going to explode, but you understand it anyway.
There's a reference to this being stolen from a movie too.
New employee! Granted, he's only doing it not to get shot in he face.
9 out of 10 would agree getting shot in the face ranks pretty high on the Unpleasant-o-Meter.
Not really sure why I keep adding to the Summary
I keep this up it will be a whole new post.
Summaries are SO Embarassing
DarTan: The Unspeakable Cook.
Katrina: Bitch, She Eats People
Mimi: Varying Shades of Gray and A Concerning Amount of Red.
Ahab: Hail, Huntsmaster.
Stone: His Rap Sheet Is Better Than Wrapping Papper.


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Re: Just Another Day In Prohibition Megatokyo


Timestamp: It's definitely a Monday. Or is it Tuesday?
Location: Arella's apartment, the nearby ballet studio, and Lackey's
Authors: Arella

It was the same thing every night - every time she closed her eyes. Demons, death, destruction... light. A terrible light, wielded by her own two hands. Being forced to watch, helpless, as her body wreaked havoc upon the world, killing demons, innocents, and friends alike.

Tonight she was killing Aneko, again; shooting a beam of light through her okaasan's stomach, and there was nothing she could do to stop it. There was never anything she could do to stop it - it had already happened.

Arella woke already crying, the sobs wracking her body; her pillow was wet with her tears. For several minutes, it was all she could do just to let herself cry, holding herself as though afraid she might come apart at the seams.

It was eventually the concerned meowing of her young, grey cat as she tried to get closer to comfort her that brought Arella back to herself, and she immediately made room for the precious creature within the circle of her arms.

"Thanks, Ash," she whispered. Ash proceeded to clean her tear-streaked face in place of a 'you're welcome,' and Arella found that she didn't want to leave the safety and warmth of her bed just yet, even if further sleep (and the nightmares that came with it) was out of the question. She didn't need to be up for a few more hours, anyway...

* * *

By the time Arella stepped out of her apartment later that day, wearing a pair of jeans over her leotard and tights and her dance bag slung over her shoulder, no one could have guessed anything was wrong. Sure, her expression seemed a bit guarded, perhaps even a touch cold, but that was how she always looked to her neighbours - or to anyone who saw her, these days. And it wasn't as if she let anyone get close enough to her to be able to guess at the pain and fear that lay underneath.

It was at the ballet studio not far from her apartment that she released all her pent up energy and emotions, allowing her body to express what her face and voice could not. She was there at least three times a week, but it still didn't seem like enough. If she exhausted herself enough, worked her body hard enough, would the nightmares stop? Even just for one night? She was so tired, she just wanted it all to stop...

* * *

Back home, Arella showered and forced herself to eat something for lunch, even as the rest of the country was sitting down to dinner; she worked nights, so her schedule tended to be a bit backwards these days. It was a work day, so once she was finished eating and had cleaned and put away the dishes, she threw on her favorite and the she wore just about everywhere, put on some make-up, slung her purse over her shoulder, and headed right back out the door again.

The bar she worked at was only a ten minute walk away, so she didn't bother with the bus; walking tended to help keep her head clear, anyway. Lackey's was a small place, dimly lit and rather rundown, and frequented almost exclusively by regulars. Arella never could figure out why they kept coming back - at best, she wasn't particularly nice to them (most of the time, she was downright rude) - but come back they did.

"<What do you want?>" the ex-magical girl asked her first customer of the night, her tone making it abundantly clear that she didn't particularly care.

"<Whiskey neat, if you please, Arella,>" the middle-aged man replied; she saw him several times a week, but that didn't mean she was about to learn his name.

Pouring his drink with the motions of one who is well-practiced, she slid it down the bar, where it came to a perfect stop directly in front of him.

"<Cheers!>" the man thanked her with a smile, raising the glass to her; Arella just turned her attention to the next person to take a seat at the bar.

-Arella is having daily nightmares about what Elle did, and she knows what she's seeing actually happened.
-She has a young, grey cat named Ash, after her late best friend.
-She still dances ballet at least three times a week.
-Arella is pretty severely depressed, not to mention terrified of herself/Elle.
-She also works in a small bar called Lackey's, where she tends to be rather rude to her customers.


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Re: Just Another Day In Prohibition Megatokyo

Just Another Day In Tokyo
Author: Skorpy
Location: Tokyo (various)

Lucius yawned, and reached over to turn off the alarm clock.

A few minutes later, he woke up and turned it off again. Grumbling to himself, he untangled himself from the sleeping form next to him and climbed out of bed, stretching as he headed for the bathroom.

A hot shower later, he snagged the clothes warming by the heater and tugged them on, shaking his hair out from the neck of the shirt and guiding his tail through the hole in the back of the jeans. Yawning again, he grabbed his jacket and keys, and stepped out into the chill air of the early morning, the pre-dawn glow turning the sky orange.

A brief walk got him to where Nicole was parked, sheltered under a lean-to, the light reflecting off her paintwork giving her a subtle glow. Lucius smiled, running a hand over her lines, before tugging on a pair of fingerless leather gloves and mounting up.

The roar of Nicole's exhaust bounced off the buildings and scenery as he made his way up the winding mountain roads, the sun slowly rising behind him and filling the world with light. His ears perked up as he approached the school, slowing down gently as the gate opened enough to let him through. He pulled up into a small garage, squeezing past the parked minibus before dismounting and securing her with a chain. Another stretch, and he shrugged his jacket off, hanging it on a hook before stepping outside.

The sun was settling into it's own morning routine when Lucius stepped into the staff room, adjusting his jacket and marking off the checklist pinned to the wall. 'Fence, still, bus, classrooms, and I think that's everything.' He picked up the folder from the desk below the list, and set off for his office.

As he arrived, his eyes settled on the picture of Arella in the frame on his desk. He sighed, remembering the day it had been taken, her smile, the yukata she was wearing (expensive, but worth it), and her hands full of a bag of goldfish and a stick of candyfloss. A shake of the head, and he tore his eyes from it. He had work to do, rather than getting lost in the past again. After a while, he set down the last of the papers, flattening his ears back just before the bells rang out to mark the start of the day.

His homeroom class was as chaotic as ever as he walked in. Clumps of girls in uniform, some eating, some discussing homework, others simply gossiping. Scarves bounced, skirts swirled, and the odd burst of magic floated across the room. As usual, nobody noticed his arrival until he rapped on the desk, the hubbub dying down as the girls took their seats. A quick scan of the room showed everyone present and accounted for, but he ran through the register anyway; some of them had taken to sending illusions in in their place, so they could grab a few precious minutes of extra sleep. Few had managed to get them to respond to questions, and those that had were in other classes and not his problem. Currently, at least.

After homeroom, the day ran quickly. English, where the girls were quickly getting the hang of proper pronunciation, and he was picking up Japanese fairly quickly himself. After that, it was out onto the playing fields for the first of his flight classes; getting the girls used to holding patterns and proper landings. Then, it was into PE; teaching the girls and the few boys in the class cricket, and using his telekinesis to rescue balls from roofs and beyond fences.

Then came lunch, with the usual queue management before he could eat anything himself. The lunch itself was spaghetti and meatballs, in plentiful servings to make sure the students had calories to burn on classes, magic, and being teenagers.

After lunch, Remedial Flight. Girls sprinting down the runway, trying to focus on taking off. Others, having managed that, had to be kept from landing badly or plowing into walls or other students. Uncontrolled animal companions were a constant struggle, including stopping Yakashima's weasel from devouring Kawasaki's snake, or any of the smaller furred companions.

Finally, English Literature. Shakespeare, with the students nursing bruises from their non-magical self defense class the period before. Excess energy burned off, they were mostly able to concentrate on the material, even if they had to have every other word translated.

After school, a brief meeting with the other teachers, supervising the students cleaning the classrooms and hallways, then off back into Tokyo. His route took him through the nullified areas that were starting to circle the city; the aching in his ears and tail growing stronger the closer he got to the generators themselves. The sun was low in the sky again as he headed down the hill, and his stomach seemed to be growling louder than Nicole's engine.

A stop for dinner took him to his favourite takeaway; a little place in a slightly run-down district, far from FGTL HQ and ORAZ. After collecting his habitually large order, he set it in Nicole's luggage box, now merely a mundane box under the nullifier fields, and a flick of a switch would prevent the magical effect from swallowing up his food when the suppression ended. Mounting Nicole again, he headed off, riding slower and easier than usual to preserve the aforementioned takeaway meal.

A few blocks later, he spotted a blonde head among the pedestrians. That in itself was unusual for the area; blondes were rare outside Westernised areas. A few seconds later, he noticed the rest of the blonde; short, slim, and petite, with a figure-hugging black dress and red boots. His purr rose up unbidden as he passed her, eyes roaming over her figure from behind. A blip of the throttle turned her head towards him, and they locked eyes for a brief moment. He grinned to himself as he accelerated away, chuckling softly. 'Oh, yeah. She was into me. Girls still love the kitty ears.'

A few blocks later, Nicole wobbled as he had a flash of insight. Bringing her under control, he continued on his path to the OCSB, the aches lessening as he slipped out from under the nullifier fields, slowing briefly to sneer at the fallen ruins of a generator as he weaved around the crater they were resting in. The TPCD hadn't bothered replacing it; their contractors knew this was faction territory, even if commanders refused to acknowledge it. A short while later, he arrived at the cathedral, parking Nicole around the rear entrance, snagging his dinner from the luggage case and being waved through into a basement entrance by the security guard. The familiar environment of the CATastrophe club surrounded him as he stepped inside. Empty, but friendly nonetheless as he settled down at the bar to unpack his dinner. He paused before he started, the memory of the blonde coming back to him.

'It couldn't have been... Impossible...' He shook the memories off, and lowered his head to the arranged containers.

By the time he'd finished eating, the rest of the band had arrived and started setting up on stage. He gathered the empty containers, depositing them by the door to the kitchens before heading up to the stage himself, catching his guitar as it was thrown to him. "Aye, lads, ye got the setlist for tonight?"

The drummer nodded, pointing to the printed sheets taped to the microphone stands, his reply muffled by a mouthful of takoyaki-on-a-stick from the kitchens as he checked his kit over. "Mmrph. <It's over there, you blind idiot.>"

Lucius shrugged, and gave the dogboy the finger. "Just checking ye can still read. I know how hard it is for you drummers tae ken written languages sometimes, aye?."

The drummer swallowed, growling softly. "<I can read just fine. It's not like I'm a bassist or anything.>"

The bassist, for his part, looked up from the magazine he was reading and grunted something in Russian. "<Not my fault I can't read the stupid language they use here. Pictures aren't writing, y'know?>" He sneered, and brushed his long rabbit ears back over his shoulders, before turning back to his magazine. The magazine itself unidentifiable; the cryllic characters of the title combining with the pictures of scantily-clad catgirls draped over guitars to confuse the issue of whether it was pornography or simply a guitar magazine.

Lucius and the drummer looked at each other, shrugged, and went back to preparing their equipment. "Not like there's a difference between them for him."

A while later, the club started to fill, and the set kicked off, the band mostly sticking to the setlist of classic rock covers while the girls danced and performed on the stage and the poles set among the tables. Mostly songs about girls, longing, and being far from home, with a few about heavy drinking. As the set finished, the band headed backstage to change and flirt with the girls waiting for their cue to go out.

Lucius stepped outside, giving a farewell squeeze to the doggirl who'd been occupying his lap for the last while. Heading back out to Nicole, his breath misted in the cool air before he mounted up to head home, Nicole's engine sounding out loud and clear as she started up. A grin spread across his face as he set off, twisting the throttle to get there faster, eager to see the one awaiting him there.

Lucius gets up, and heads off to his job.
As principal and janitor, he arrives first to check and maintain things.
A reminder of the past, then paperwork.
Homeroom, and the rigours of teaching magical girls.
Lunch! Then more teaching!
End of the day, and he heads off to his other job, playing at the CATastrophe club.
He grabs dinner on the way, and spots a distinctive head in the crowds.
After a shock, he heads off.
Dinner, bantering with his band-mates, then performing.
He's not matured THAT much.
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Re: Just Another Day In Prohibition Megatokyo

Timestamp: The recent past.
Location: The outskirts of Kyoto.
Authors: Sareth

The miko had noticed her from the first moment. Her knee length hair was just brown enough to set her apart from full Japanese, yet so close to black that it would not have been dyed that shade. Similarly her skin was just a touch too pale, a porcelain look that many women tried to achieve through cosmetics, but which was clearly natural for her. Then there were her eyes. Even the darkest brown of eyes did not appear so black, nor the sclera so grey.

She looked thin and underfed, her bones more prominent than seemed healthy, her hair slightly knotted. Her clothing, somewhat gothic appeared worn and a bit threadbare for the season.
Thus it was that there was great relief amongst the miko when they first were able to get a close look at the infant she had with her, though no one spoke of it. The child, at least, looked perfectly ordinary, with hair, skin, and eyes that stood out in no way at all.

She had shown up at the little known shrine in the outskirts of Kyoto on a quiet evening, the child in a simple cloth sling hanging in front of her. She had approached no one, and no one had approached her. Rather, the miko had gone about their duties cleaning the shrine and performing simple ceremonies in preparation for the night. By the time darkness had enclosed the shrine, the odd woman had seemed to have disappeared.

When the first miko rose and began preparing for the day, however, they immediately noticed their impression to have been mistaken. The fox statues had all been carefully cleaned, their red votive bibs washed and pressed. The floors that had been so well cleaned the night before now shone as they hadn’t since they first had been laid down three hundred years earlier. And in the kamidana…

“Shinshoku!” One of the miko had hurried to the head of the shrine after their discovery. Her voice was not raised, not in the shrine, but she certainly spoke with a certain urgency. The elderly man pondered her with a slightly disapproving expression. “<The mirror, megatama, and sword look as though they had been made yesterday.>”

Wordlessly the priest walked into the principle building of the shrine, looking at it through heavy lidded eyes. After a moment he gave a small harumf sound, then pointed to the massive wooden beams high above the floor. “<Her work, I expect.>”

The miko who had gathered together gave squeaks of surprise as they realized the strange woman was dozing atop one, her child cradled to her breast, suckling. At the sounds of surprise she opened one eye, looked down at the miko, then went back to her nap.

No cajoling had convinced her to come down. She had quietly spent the morning there, dozing, tending to her child, or watching visitors. In time the miko had mostly given up, with a token one or two keeping an eye on her while tending to the shrine. Around noon she suddenly dropped to the floor, landing gracefully in spite of the shrieks and gasps of the onlookers, and quite casually left the shrine, ignoring any attempts to engage her in conversation.

She was back before long, looking slightly healthier than when she had left. The miko never saw her return, but only noticed when she emerged around a corner sweeping leaves from a walkway. A senior miko addressed her, asking her name, what she thought she was doing, why she had spent the night in the shrine, and why she thought it was acceptable to risk her child amongst the rafters. She had politely attended the lecture and giving the miko her full attention, but never said a word. As soon as it was clear the elder woman had run out of steam, she went back to sweeping, pausing only to play with, clean, and feed her child when the infant squalled. Whenever anyone spoke to her they received the same treatment. Polite quietness, but never answers.

She was still sweeping the grounds when the last of the Miko went off for the night.

In the morning she was in the rafters again, looking ever so slightly more healthy. The day went off more or less as the last had. And the day after.

By the time a week had passed, the miko were offering her a bed in one of the outbuildings with some of the younger miko. The woman still said nothing, but in the early morning the child crying woke the miko. Soft murmurings proved the woman could speak, but not a sound was loud enough to be understood by the curious women.

For a time the woman was a great curiosity, and traffic to the shrine increased as people attempted to puzzle her out or draw her into conversation. She always responded the same, with silent attention and with a strong work ethic that no one required of her.

Eventually people grew bored with their failures. The traffic returned to normal, and the woman became just another miko, following orders but never speaking. The women of the shrine took turns caring for her daughter as though she was a child they all had borne, naming her Yuki.

For four years this went on. Life was quiet. Worshippers came and went. The woman tended to the shrine. Yuki grew into and then out of onesies, kimono, and other clothing that was donated. Her growth seemed to be the only thing to change at the shrine other than the seasons.

Then came the day that Kyoto decided to experiment with nullification fields. Certainly they hadn’t had the extent of troubles that Tokyo had endured, but Kyoto was an old, spiritual city. There were always moments. At noon on a late winter day, they threw the switch for the system.

Inside the shrine they had realized the moment the switch was thrown. Yuki, a quiet four year old had immediately began crying. The miko quickly were distracted from this when they saw the strange, nameless woman at the very center of the shrine.

Her face, so much healthier than it had first been, looked as stunned as though the main pillar had struck her on the skull. The broom in her hand struck the floor with a loud clattering of wood on wood. She wavered on her feet, as though on the edge of collapse, then hunched down in a ball on the floor.

Several miko hurried toward her. Before they could reach her though a thing happened. The woman jerked back unto her feet, arching backward further than most could even dream to achieve. A bloodcurdling shriek ripped free of her throat, more animal like than anything humans could produce. A sudden ripping of cloth bared her from the waist up, and giant blue-black wings stretched out from her shoulders as she straitened back up.

For a moment even Yuki was struck silent, until a young man dropped the doujinshi he had been holding. Wide eyed he pointed to the central figure of the tableau. “Saeko…”

In an instant the woman was gone, and Yuki with her.

Saeko has been hiding in Kyoto for the past few years.
She has a child with her.
The moment she's revealed, she splits headed for parts unknown.


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Re: Just Another Day In Prohibition Megatokyo

Magical Girls and Broken Things

Timestamp: the same evening as the last Arella post, beginning around 7/8pm
Location: the bar and Lackey's
Authors: Arella and Sareth

Saeko glowered at the abused chunk of wood she was leaning against. It purported to be a bar. Her bar, in fact. In truth it looked more like a cast off from a particularly bad shipwreck. At least it matched the decor of the rest of the bar.

The dark magical girl tapped her finger on top of the banged up surface, then glanced down at her customer. He was one of her regulars. One of her only regulars. the bar was little known, hidden away in a corner of Kamata, and didn't advertise. In fact, it seemed purpose-built to avoid being known.

"Mama-san," the man muttered, not looking at Saeko any more than Saeko was looking at him. "Rum and coke."

Saeko bent under the bar without a word. She fished up a glass, then scooped several cubes of ice into it. A quick spin turned her to the stacked bottles in front of a scratched and dingy mirror. She picked up one of the bottles full of brown liquid and poured it into the glass before setting it back down. The fridge popped open, and Saeko paused.


She slapped the glass down onto the bar, then slid it down.

"Summimassen." She bowed slightly. "<I am out of Coke. Please have this for free while I go get more.>"

The man grunted and took the glass, looking singularly unaffected by the lack of Coke.

Saeko quickly walked into the back of the bar, then climbed the stairs hidden behind the bathroom. At the top she opened a door and stepped through.

"Yuki-chan," she called.

"Okaasan!" The young girl ran over and hugged Saeko's leg. Smiling, Saeko bent down and placed a kiss on the girl's head. "<I need to run to the store. I'll be back in just a few moments.>" Her face grew stern for a moment. "<Lock the door, there's a customer downstairs.>"


"<And don't watch too much TV.>"


Saeko shooed her daughter away, picked up a light jacket and, tossing it over her bare shoulders, stepped back out of the small apartment before heading off into the night.


The glare Arella was leveling at the pair of newcomers in Lackey's was a thing to behold; they had taken a seat at a table, instead of the bar, and it seemed to her they must have chosen the one furthest away just to annoy her. If they thought she was bringing them more than one round, they had another thing coming.

"<Your beer,>" the ex-magical girl monotoned, setting the bottles down on the table before promptly returning to her place behind the bar. Idiot n00bs.

"<Hey, Arella, could I get a scotch on the rocks, please?>" one of her regulars asked - nicely, as he knew she might otherwise ignore him.

With a final glare at the newcomers, Arella turned her attention to the regulars sitting around the bar - her preferred customers, even if that just meant they didn't annoy her quite so much. A few seconds later, the requested drink went sliding across the counter-top, coming to a stop directly in front of the customer.

"<Cheers!>" the man said, raising the glass to her.

"<Keep your cheers to yourself,>" was her only reply, as she moved further down the bar to help someone else.


Saeko paused. She'd been past Lackey's before, but always by day when she had no customers. It was in an entirely different part of Tokyo prefecture than her bar, but she had a particular fondness for a corner store in Chiba and it's attractive young female clerk. Passing Lackey's made it a fifteen minute trip by wing, instead of thirty.

She'd never taken an interest in the place before. It was just another bar in a city full of bars, competing with her bar for the surliest set of customers. Tonight she had not expected to be any different. But then she'd gotten the scent of something she'd been careful to avoid for so long...

Folding her wings, she dropped to the ground and pushed the door aside to walk in. She hadn't eaten properly in more than four years, and something inside felt very, very delicious. Despair was always a fine dish.

The bar was dimly lit - enough so that its somewhat rundown nature wasn't immediately apparent. It also dulled the not-quite-shoulder-length golden blonde hair of its bar tender, who was utterly ignoring the summons of the annoying n00bs at the table.

"<Refill?>" she asked one of her regulars instead.

Saeko's eyes swept the bar, though she already knew where her potential meal was. The gloomy, desperately tired emotions radiated like a signal flare from behind the bar. A feral smile crossed her face and she floated across the floor, popping her hips with every step so that her short black skirt gave the most tempting of flounces. A depression like that which she stocked would stand no chance of being warmed by such a display, but depending on its owner a splash of envy might be added to the seasoning.

She slipped onto the stool at the end and began measuring her prey up. The boots were a charming little bit of defiance at the ends of bared shins. A nearly form fitting black dress, longer in back than the front, covered up a healthy and athletic turn of leg before clinging to a hip Saeko could happily stare at for some time. A thin, firm waist led up to a chest with modest but well accounted for breasts. Hungrily Saeko's eyes traced the graceful neck and caressed the blonde hair...

Saeko snarled.

Arella's blue eyes shot down to the end of the bar at the sound, and immediately opened wide with panic as she recognized her old friend. Then she almost seemed to shut down, as her face went blank and her eyes grew distant and cold. Saeko couldn't have recognized her; surely, if she pretended not to know her, she would eventually go away, and they would never see each other again. She would be safe.

"<What d'you want?>" the blonde asked her, with her usual lack of caring. The n00bs were still calling for another round, but she couldn't even hear them anymore.

Saeko stalked down the bar to Arella. Her hunger tore at her, but even in her sudden shock and anger she could keep it firmly in check. She leaned over the bar, getting into Arella's space, fists planted on the counter-top. "<I want to know what...>"

She bit back what she was about to say, then changed it. "I want to know what you are doing here?" After five years away from the language, the English words sounded strange to her.

Not taking her eyes off the dark magical girl, Arella grabbed a bottle and poured herself a quick Polar shot, downed it, and then slammed the glass back down on the counter with the motions of an expert. "I'm working," was all she said in response.

Saeko's greyblack eyes narrowed. "I can see that." She slipped onto a stool and drummed the fingers of one hand on the bar. "And just how many drinks have you worked in?"

Arella opened her mouth to insist that was her first, but one of her regulars beat her to it.

"Just two - it's been a slow night," he said, earning a death glare from the girl behind the bar.

"I see." Saeko sighed. She sat back on the stool. She contemplated Arella quietly for a moment. Then she leaned forward once again, her face mere inches from Arella's. "Just what has become of you, Arella Silverstone?"

"I grew up," the ex-magical girl replied, her monotone back. She attempted to help herself to another shot, but discovered the glass was missing.

"No," Saeko said. She dropped the glass she was holding, letting it shatter on the floor. "I don't think you did. I think you've learned that the world is not a soft and fluffy place, and found a place to hide." She gestured at the bottle in Arella's hand.

"And I don't think it's any of your business," Arella informed her coldly, before taking a swig right out of the bottle. "Now, are you going to order something, or not? I'm working, here."

Saeko slowly stood up, drawing herself to her full height. Next to many people, Saeko would not be considered very tall. Next to Arella, though, she had a considerable height advantage. She looked down and, with steel in her voice, announced, "Not anymore, imouto. You just quit."

"Excuse me?" Arella's voice was like ice, her blue eyes narrowed dangerously.

"You heard me," Saeko replied, voice cold. "I walked in here because I could taste prey. It was a calling to my deepest needs. I was ready to feast, and feast deeply. You know what I do to my meals. You know what I crave. What I NEED." Her voice became almost inaudible, even in the silence of a bar that had quickly become aware that something was very, very wrong. "You know what I am. What happens to my prey." With a sudden gust of emotion to momentarily overpower the suppression field and send every member of the bar scurrying for the door, Saeko screamed, "YOU WOULD HAVE WELCOMED IT." Saeko took a deep breath, clearly fighting to calm herself. "You are coming with me, little sister, before you do something completely unworthy of you."

Arella hadn't felt anything like the anger that suddenly filled her in a long time.

"FINE! You want to know what happened? You really want to know?!" the once-angelic young woman practically screamed. "I found out that all my friends are monsters, AND THAT I'M THE WORST MONSTER OF ALL! NOW GET OUT!" And with that, she turned to storm off into the back room. She needed to get drunk - now.

Angry, Saeko stalked after Arella. She forced open the door Arella had slammed behind her. "You want me to leave?" Saeko grinned, though there was no pleasure in it. "Fine. I am a monster. I know it. You know it. Remember, Arella. Remember what I am. Use that knowledge and make me." She unfurled her wings suddenly, filling the space and stirring up a powerful wind that battered at Arella.

Looming over the girl, she snapped downward until her face was nearly buried in Arella's neck. "Oh, but you can't, can you? Where's your pretty little trinket, little girl? Did you find out that Warrior Elle was strong, and become afraid that she's the real person, and you just her pathetic little shadow?"

Arella's eyes were suddenly wide and terrified as she backed away from the winged girl. "Don't," she choked out, barely loud enough to be heard.

"Don't what?" Saeko crept forward, matching Arella's retreat step for step. "Don't remind you? Don't torment you?" She smiled unkindly. "Don't wake her up? That's what you fear, isn't it?"

Suddenly Saeko backed off. She furled her wings and turned her face to the side, no longer fixing eyes that had gone solid black on Arella. She settled on top of a crate and drew up her knees to her chest, her skirt barely providing decency.

"I am a monster, sister. I won't pretend otherwise. We all are. The young woman at the corner store secretly dreams of killing every one of her customers. It's a way to cope with the fact that she feels she will never have the life she dreamed of. She'll never do it of course, but I can taste those dreams. The man sitting at the bar? He's a monster, too. He secretly craves the abuse you dish out every evening, as it's a change from the dull simpering woman he doesn't want to go home to. But he goes home to her at the end of the day anyway." Saeko looked sidelong at Arella. "We are, every one of us, monsters."

"But think, little sister. Not all monsters are evil. What is a sheep dog but a monster who has the discipline to guard a flock instead of savage it? A good monster. I know I am a monster, and not a good one. I won't insult you by pretending otherwise. I know that Elle is too. But I also know that there is a difference. I do what I do because I like being a monster. I choose to be that willingly. But Elle... I don't know everything she did. I don't know who twisted her into such a state as we saw there at the end. But I do know this. Everything she did, she did because she is a sheep dog who wants to protect you. I hope that someday you will make peace with that, and will find that you are strong enough, and disciplined enough to be able to be the shepherd that guides her to guard the flock, rather than seeing every sheep as a wolf in disguise."

Saeko stood and turned to the door. "I don't know if you will ever find that. But I do know one thing." She hefted a bottle of scotch from a shelf. "You'll never find it inside one of these." She dropped the bottle on the floor, coating it in broken glass and expensive booze, then stepped back out into the empty bar.

Arella began to cry, much as she had upon waking that day, and slowly sank to the floor with her arms wrapped around herself.

Saeko could hear the quiet sobs, and could taste the grief that had replaced the previous despair. Grief was something less tasty for her, but she felt relief at it nonetheless. Grief was not a numb waiting for oblivion.

She turned and tiptoed softly through the door. She knelt down behind Arella and wrapped first her arms, then her wings around the girl, pulling her tight.

Instinctively moving closer to the offer of comfort, Arella continued to cry on her big sister's shoulder, though she did not remove her own arms from where they were currently wrapped around herself.

"<I killed okaasan,>" she finally, finally confessed to someone other than her cat, her voice full of all the fear, sorrow, and self-loathing she felt, before letting the sobs take over.

There was a pregnant pause, and then Saeko surprised herself with a rueful chuckle. "Elle killed okaasan." She pulled Arella in tighter. "I don't blame her. Mother was always one tough bitch."

Arella's sobs just increased in volume, as she began to sound increasingly hysterical. For once, the ANFGs proved to be a good thing, for without them her emotions would have wreaked havoc on the weather.

Smiling, Saeko began to softly sing and rock Arella in her arms. Really, little sisters and young daughters could be shockingly alike at times. You just had to let them cry themselves out, then get them milk and cookies.

And a snot rag. I'll need to clean that sleeve off.

Arella did eventually manage to cry herself out, and was left feeling exhausted. And in need of a drink.

"You aren't gonna let me have another drink, are you," she complained.

"Nope." Saeko nodded in an almost motherly fashion. "And you are quitting this job." She tightened her arms a small amount. "No arguments. You are coming home with me so I can keep an eye on you while you dry out. The day you can become more dangerous to me than to yourself, you can have a drink and move out."

"But... my cat..." the young woman protested, unwilling to abandon Ash. "And my clothes and everything..."

"I'm a monster, not heartless. Of course you can bring the cat and your clothes." Saeko paused a moment. "The clothes are optional." Her hand brushed Arella's hip.

Arella immediately turned a vibrant shade of red, as if to prove her old self wasn't completely gone. "Can... can we go get my things now, then? I don't think any of my customers are coming back... and I don't... really want to be here anymore."

"Right away." Saeko gave Arella a squeeze, then stole a bottle of Coke off a shelf. "<Besides,>" she said, slipping back into Japanese. "<I have someone you should meet.>"

Arella seemed very quiet and subdued during the walk to her apartment, but not necessarily in a bad way. The moment she unlocked the door, however, an excited ball of grey fur was there, rubbing against her leg and asking for attention; the ex-magical girl couldn't help but smile as she scooped her furry friend up into her arms.

"This is Ash," she told Saeko, making room for her to step into the apartment.

There was the slightest of hesitations in Saeko, one that most would be forgiven for not noticing, and then Saeko was doing her best to glomp the kitty while crooning and oohing. It took over a minute to straighten this situation to where Arella was not fully captured in the kitty worship as well.

Leaving Ash to Saeko, Arella set about quickly packing up some of her things. Clothes, underwear, toiletries, and her collection of Game of Thrones DVDs and George R. R. Martin's books all went into her old red suitcase. Another bag was quickly filled with Ash's things, before she pulled out the cat-carrier and reclaimed Ash to shut her inside with some treats. If her eyes had a tendency to drift towards her alcohol collection, well... that was hardly her fault.

Saeko glanced around as Arella joined her. "<Do you have everything?>"

"<Almost,>" the blonde replied, as she moved to reclaim her dance bag from the closet. "<Now I do.>"

Saeko peered at Arella. She crossed her arms over her chest. "<Remember who I am. It's very hard to bluff me.>"

"<Bluff you? I don't...>" Had Saeko guessed she was thinking about going for the Sourpuss jello shots in the fridge?

Saeko traced the path of Arella's eyes as they wandered to her fridge. "Not the booze." She frowned. "<I will carry it if you do not want to handle it. But we will not leave your amulet behind for someone to find.>"

Arella sighed. "<I'll still keep the apartment - can't we just leave it for now?>" She much preferred it where it was - under the floorboards, under her bed.

Sighing, Saeko nodded her head. "<For now.>" She held open the door, and Arella obediently walked through, albeit with a whistful look back at the fridge. She'd used raspberry Sourpuss for those jello shots...

Back outside, Saeko quickly hailed down a taxi, using far less skin to do so than once she might have. She leaned over and gave the driver directions to the bar, then sat back, idly watching the city pass by.

Ash wasn't remotely happy about being in her cat-carrier, and was letting Arella know it by mewling plaintively at her - something that just about broke the ex-magical girl's heart, even though she knew it was only temporary. "I'm sorry, Ash - just a little longer, and you can come out, okay? I'm sorry," she said soothingly, sticking a finger into the carrier to pet the creature as best she could.

"We'll be there shortly," Saeko smiled. "In fact, there's her school. We're just around the block."

Obedient to Saeko's statement, the cab pulled up in front of the loading-dock-like doors that were the front entrance to the bar. She stepped out of the taxi, then opened the door, leaving it ajar for Arella. She quickly stepped over to the bar and produced the bottle of Coke, adding it to the drink she had poured over half an hour earlier. "Sumimassen."

Carefully closing the door behind her, Arella promptly let Ash out of the carrier; Ash, for her part, immediately demanded she be picked up and petted, and Arella obliged.

"You work in a bar," the blonde stated, her voice lacking tone and inflection; she couldn't decide if she was annoyed or not.

"And so do you," Saeko agreed. "<The first step in learning discipline, is learning to resist temptation.>" Saeko grinned.

Before Arella could decide quite how to respond to Saeko's obvious glee, a tiny voice spoke up. "Okaasan?"

Saeko's grin suddenly became a smile that couldn't have been more natural. "Yuki-chan." She waved over the little girl, then picked her up. "<I thought I told you to lock the door,>" Saeko scolded.

"<He's nice.>" Yuki replied.

At the bar, the sullen man actually smiled briefly before returning to staring at his drink.

Saeko gave it up and turned back to Arella.

"Congratulations. You're an aunt."

Arella blinked. Then blinked some more. Then she opened her mouth, as if to say something, only to realize she didn't know what, and close it again. Finally, she managed to gather her wits together enough to say, "<Hello, Yuki-chan. I'm Arella, and this is Ash.>"

Yuki pondered Arella for a moment, and then did what children often do. She reached to grab the kitty, whether the kitty was okay with this or not.

Ash gave Arella a look that seemed to say 'why have you done this to me?' as the small child grabbed her, but she didn't run away - so long as the girl was gentle, she could put up with it. Arella, meanwhile, was looking at Saeko.

"When?" was all she asked.

"After it all went wrong." Saeko shrugged. She glanced down to her daughter. "<Yuki, be polite.>"

Yuki squeezed the kitty to her chest as she looked Arella over. "<Hello Aunt Arella. It is good to meet you. Please take good care of me.>"

"<I'll do my best, Yuki-chan,>" the ex-magical girl promised, suddenly terrified that she would fail this child somehow. What good could she possibly do, when she was such a wreck? Yuki would probably be better off without her there.

Yuki suddenly let go of Ash and buried her face in Saeko's chest. Saeko tutted, patting the girl's head, then turned back to Arella. "Stop that." She then set Yuki back down."<Go back upstairs. Okaasan will be up soon.>"

The little girl hurried off to the stairs, tossing a quick glance back over her shoulder before disappearing up them.

"If you have time to mope, you have time to work," Saeko said. She pointed to a sink full of dirty mugs. "Off you go."

Giving Saeko a rather nasty look, Arella nonetheless did as she was told. "And just how is my working here better than my working at Lackey's?" she complained, washing the mugs.

"I love you, Imouto-chan," Saeko said, picking up a cloth and beginning to wipe down the bar. "Your old boss was a jerk."

They worked in silence for a short bit, and then Saeko sighed and stretched.

"Arella?" She turned and gave the girl a hug at the sink. "It's good to see you again."

Arella was quiet a moment, finding that she was unsure of how to respond; she'd been avoiding getting close to people for too long. Finally... "You too, oneechan."

-Saeko is working at the bar. They're out of Coke, so she goes out to get some.
-Passing Lackey's, she senses some tasty dark emotions coming from inside, and goes in for a snack.
-Turns out the emotions are coming from Arella. Saeko is not remotely happy about this.
-Arella tends to do a bit of drinking on the job. Saeko isn't happy about that, either.
-Saeko makes Arella angry, and they scream at each other a bit. This is actually a good thing, because Saeko's got Arella feeling something again.
-When Saeko gets threatening, Arella becomes afraid of Elle getting out again.
-Arella cries, and Saeko comforts her.
-Arella admits to having killed Aneko. Saeko is surprisingly not mad (but she also knows that Aneko can come back, while Arella doesn't).
-Saeko decides that Arella is quitting her job at Lackey's, and coming to stay with her. Ash the cat is welcome to come as well.
-Arella meets Yuki.
-Arella is now working at the bar instead of Lackey's.


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Re: Just Another Day In Prohibition Megatokyo

Just Because I'm Paranoid....

Timestamp: Not 10 Minutes after "Magical Girls and Broken Things"
Location: Lackey's
Author: This Guy

Korinth Atwater wasn't much to look at to the average person. He was pushing 60, grey hair, small bald spot, perhaps abnormally fit for his demographic. That and he spent more time watching reflections in the plate glass window's then he did where he was actually walking. Of course, one such as himself didn't need to know exactly where he was walking to get where he was going.

His favorite evening destination was just around the corner. A small, run down bar named Lackey's. Kor liked it because it was dimly lit, out of the way, catered mostly to regulars and had one exit. The bar tender wasn't bad on the eyes either, if a bit surly. And she couldn't quite reach the bottle of cheap whiskey someone had inexplicably put on the highest shelf all by itself. No one ever ordered it either so thankfully it was always there.

Kor pushed open the door to find the bar completely empty. He narrowed his eyes, as he drew a suppressed pistol with one had and gently closed the door with the other. After a quick sweep of the building he noticed some signs of a slight struggle, he then went to his booth and pulled out his cell phone. His phone was a technological Ctuthlu of a device who's description cannot fit in this post alone. It looked a smart phone had been feeding on it's "dumb" predecessors.

After a few taps, he was viewing silent video footage from the view of the aforementioned whiskey. The footage consisted of still frames taken every two and half seconds with no audio. For the most part it was a normal evening, until two new comers decided to take the table across from his booth. After deciding they were obviously assassins and sent to kill him he skipped ahead and noticed a girl walk in, who proved to have wings. A argument followed, what he had originally assumed were signs of a struggle were actually signs of that argument. He could see the patrons leavings, the newbies lingering to the end just before Arella and the winged girl left.

"Well," Kor muttered, "Guess I'll have to pour my own drink." He started towards the bar before stopping, "Cant see the shelves that good, spooks could have poisoned the stock," He stood thinking for a moment. "Better torch it, only way to be safe." As he climbed behind the bar looking for the highest proof alcohols to use as an accelerent, several patrons walked in and ordered drinks. Kor stared blankly for a second as two more entered before resigning himself to fate and pouring their drinks.

The next four hours dragged on for an eternity as Kor weighed the pros and cons of shooting everyone and then burning the place down. Before two long he was left with one extremely drunk patron that had fallen off the bar stool with a cigarette in his mouth. Kor took the opportunity to start the blaze with a line of scotch going from the drunk to the shelves. He rigged a latex glove full of water over the man with a line stretching to shelves so it would be sure to break and wake him. The perfect fall guy. With that Kor left the building in search of a new haunt.

Someone is paranoid.
Also taking advantage of the vertically challenged to keep tabs on his favorite bar.
Said favorite bar is now on fire.
Hopefully the drunk wakes up and the Fire Department shows up.
Someone needs a new bar.
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Re: Just Another Day In Prohibition Megatokyo

Blood Stains and Bonding, Part I

Timestamp: A little before noon, on a Tuesday. Or is it Wednesday?
Location: All the Perfumes of Arabia
Authors: Arella and Ameryll

Sayuri sighed with contentment as she stepped outside the airport and was greeted with a refreshing breeze; as much as she loved to travel, and as beautiful as the French countryside was this time of year, there was truly no place like home.

"<Wake up, Sweetheart,>" she gently urged the little girl currently balanced on her left hip. "<We have some errands to run before we head home, and I can't carry you the whole time.>"

Amaya made a small noise of protest as she attempted to further hide her face against her mother; it was too bright, and she didn't want to wake up yet.

Sayuri smiled fondly down at the child, even as she sighed at her stubbornness; their flight had been a long one - perhaps too long for a girl Amaya's age, still.

"<Can I help you, Miss?>" a young man offered, taking note of her balancing a child, said child's little black backpack, a black purse, and a black garment bag in one arm, and pulling along a wheeled dark purple suitcase with the other.

"<Thank you,>" Sayuri told him sincerely, offering a grateful smile. "<I could use a taxi, if it's not too much trouble.>"

As the polite stranger hastened to signal one for her, she turned her attention once more to the precious girl in her arms. "<I really do need you to wake up, Amaya, Dear Heart. You won't be able to sleep tonight, if you don't.>"

Another protesting murmur, though her face wasn't quite so hidden as before; she was trying, at least.

"<Here, let me get that for you,>" the young man offered upon his return, gesturing towards her suitcase.

"<Thank you,>" Sayuri told him again, allowing him to relieve her of the bag and load it into the trunk of the taxi, as she turned her attention towards securing her daughter in the vehicle and setting down the remainder of her burden on the floor of the back seat. Bidding the kind stranger farewell, she took a seat beside the sleepy-but-beginning-wake young girl. "<All the Perfumes of Arabia, on the outskirts of the Hollows, please,>" she instructed the driver; she'd heard good things about their ability to remove stains - and their policy of not asking questions about them.

The store's sign certainly seemed promising, when she saw it: "All the Perfumes of Arabia, No-Questions-Asked, Dry Cleaning and Clothing Repair. So clean, even your conscience won't know what you did last night." The rather unruly-looking vehicle parked on the curb was something of an eye-sore, but she wouldn't hold that against them.

"<Please wait for us, this should only take a few minutes,>" the lovely young woman requested of the driver, and he nodded in response.

Amaya was able to climb out of the vehicle herself this time, though she was still blinking her emerald green eyes sleepily; she was the spitting image of her mother, with the same eyes, silky black hair, pale skin, and delicate features. Claiming Sayuri's free hand (the other now held her purse and the black garment bag), the two made their way into the shop.

There was a small black dragon sitting behind the counter. Amaya let out a little squeal of delight, instantly awake now, and abandoned her mother's hand to rush over to the counter for a better look.

"<Momma, look! They have a dragon, too!>" the young girl exclaimed in excitement, bouncing a bit in an attempt to better see over the counter-top. "<Hello, Dragon!>" she greeted with a wave.

The small dragon, for her part, had grown used to the attention of children and didn't react particularly to the bouncing, excited ball of small girl. The dragon instead twisted around so that her nametag ("Azusa") was visible among her black scales and peered over the counter at the small child with her big gold and black eyes.

"<Hi Azusa!>" Amaya amended, almost but not quite getting the pronunciation right. "<Can you talk? Ooh, is this your store? I didn't know dragons could own stores!>"

Coming to stand behind her daughter, Sayuri lightly placed a hand atop the child's head to stop her bouncing. "<Azusa,>" she corrected, having no trouble with the pronunciation. "<And I don't believe dragons can own stores at present; she's likely just keeping an eye on the place while her mistress is in the back room.>"

Azusa fixed the adult with a disappointed stare and a flick of her forked tongue before uncoiling her tail to press one of two buttons on the wall next to her. The resulting bell sound came from behind the dragon, though it was muffled due to the floor between the two new arrivals and the chime.

"Coming!" a woman's voice answered, and a few seconds later a door behind the counter swung open, and a woman with pale skin and knee length brown hair came through. She was dressed in a black dress with red accents, and wore a red apron with sewing tools sticking out of the various pockets - scissors, measuring tape, and a pin cushion were visible upon cursory inspection. On her chest, she wore a golden name tag that proclaimed her to be "Anaryn." She was carrying a young girl approximately the same age as Amaya on her hip, who had similarly thick brown hair, though it only came down to her shoulders. She had a few purple barrettes in her hair, keeping the mop of hair out of her eyes, and she wore a black dress with purple accents; her feet were bare.

Anaryn walked up next to the dragon, who took the opportunity to slink off the chair. "<Thank you, Azusa,>" the woman said to the dragon. The black dragon fixed the seamstress with a bored stare before slinking off towards the back. "<Don't wander off, Azusa!>" she called after the dragon.

"<Sorry about that.>" Anaryn offered Amaya a smile; it was nice to see other children her own daughter's age. "<She doesn't like staying cooped up in here.>"

To Sayuri she then said with a cheery smile, "<Welcome to All the Perfumes of Arabia. How can we help you?>"

Amaya's face had lit up at the sight of another girl around her age, and she waved to her now while waiting rather impatiently for the grown-ups to finish talking. Maybe they could be friends!

Returning the smile, Sayuri placed the black garment bag she was carrying on the counter. "<I was hoping you might be able to get some blood stains out of my favorite dress,>" she admitted, still feeling more than a little irate about the mess; her employers had failed to mention her target was immune to most poisons, and she'd been forced to improvise - something she normally didn't mind, provided it didn't mean ruining her dress.

Lilith looked up at her mother, who gave her a squeeze, and she turned her attention back to Amaya and waved nervously. Anaryn put Lilith down on the stool behind the cash register to free up her hands, but Lilith promptly slid off the chair and came to stand behind the counter. Only her head was visible over the tall surface. She tilted her head to watch the other little girl.

Anaryn carefully picked up the garment bag and hung it on a hook behind the counter. She gestured to the zipper. "<Is it alright if I inspect the damage out here?>" Most of the residents of the Hollows wouldn't think twice about showing blood stains off in public, but some people preferred that Anaryn keep it out of sight, out of mind. She suspected this customer wouldn't mind since she'd described the situation aloud, but best to check.

"<Go right ahead,>" Sayuri assured her; the garment bag had merely been to avoid awkward questions at the airport. Anaryn unzipped the bag and flipped it back to hold the dress up to the light; inside was a lovely emerald green gown with gold brocade trimmings, though the front of the bodice had been badly stained by an arterial spray.

Amaya, meanwhile, had decided to ignore the grown-up talk and gave the girl on the other side of the counter her full attention. "<Hi,>" she greeted with a rather shy smile; she didn't spend much time around other children her age. "<My name's Amaya, and I'm five years old. What's your name?>"

Lilith bit her lip before explaining, "<Mama and Azusa call me Lilith and daddy calls me Lily.>"

Anaryn studied the dress under the store light. It was a shame to see such a mess on such a pretty dress. After a moment, she sniffed the stain. "<I think I have something that'll get this out. How soon do you need it clean by?>" she asked before returning it to the garment bag and sitting down on the stool Lilith had vacated. She grabbed a memo-pad with one hand and a pen with the other.

"<Wonderful! Would next week be too soon?>" Sayuri asked, anxious to have her favorite dress back.

"<Ooooh, that's a pretty name!>" Amaya told Lilith. "<Do you like Lily or Lilith better?">

Lilith thought about it, but before she gave an answer, Anaryn put a hand on her daughter's shoulder and gave it a squeeze. "It's okay, she's not a vampire." When Lilith looked questioningly up at her mother, Anaryn tapped her nose, before she returned to her conversation with Sayuri.

At Anaryn's words, Lilith visibly relaxed. She then moved around her mother to duck under the counter and come out where the other girl stood. "<I don't know. I guess Lilith.>"

Anaryn watched Lilith go for a moment, before turning back to Sayuri and offering a nod. "<I should have it clean by Sunday. Would you like to leave contact information in case my estimate changes? Or would you just like to come by after Sunday?>" Most dry cleaners wouldn't take an item without a name and a number to go with the item. One of Anaryn's greatest claims to fame was that all information exchange was optional. If a customer didn't leave their contact information, she couldn't be issued a warrant for that information if police ever expressed interest in an article of clothing, but it also meant if a customer forgot about said clothing it stayed with Anaryn until they remembered. She always left that choice with her customers.

"<I'll leave you my contact information,>" Sayuri responded, not particularly worried about the French police tracking her all the way to All the Perfumes of Arabia - especially when they still had no idea who she was, or that she was responsible (and likely never would). A light touch upon her daughter's head let her know that it was alright to continue to talk to Lilith, and they were in no rush, while she gave Anaryn her full name and phone number.

"<I'll call you Lilith, then,>" Amaya declared happily. "<I like your dragon! I have a dragon too, do you wanna see?>"

"<Sure! Azusa's not my dragon though, she's mom's. But she doesn't like it when people say she belongs to someone.>" Lilith turned to her mom. "<Can we go in back and find Azusa?>"

"<As long as she's not on her horde.>"

"<Yes, mama,>" Lilith said with a reluctant nod.

"<If that's alright with you?>" Anaryn asked Sayuri. At the same time she handed Sayuri a receipt with a number on it. She had the other half of the slip in her hand, waiting for Charlotte.

"<Of course,>" Sayuri consented, tucking the receipt away in her purse. "<Don't forget to mind your manners, Amaya.>"

-Sayuri and her daughter return from France, where she murdered someone. For work. Because Sayuri's an assassin now.
-They go to All the Perfumes of Arabia, in the hope that Anaryn will be able to remove some blood stains from Sayuri's favorite dress, and meet Anaryn and her daughter Lilith.
-Amaya and Lilith become friends!


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Re: Just Another Day In Prohibition Megatokyo

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Re: Just Another Day In Prohibition Megatokyo


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