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Just Another Day In Prohibition Megatokyo



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Re: Just Another Day In Prohibition Megatokyo

Moms and Misunderstandings
And cookies. Can't forget the cookies.

Timestamp: sometime after Housecat
Location: the Manor
Authors: Oblivion and Arella

Tiffaney had been in her room, boredly watching a television show with Sparky, when an idea hit her. She picked up her phone and called Devin, the sudden movement causing Sparky to give her a curious look.

Devin, who had finished constructing his ten HSFEs the previous day, was planning blueprints for a more combat oriented mechanical hound. "I think I will allow this one speech." He figured, right before his phone started ringing. He pulled the phone from his pocket. "Devin speaking, Skorpion quit hacking my system."

"Huh?" Was Tiffaney's rather confused response.

"He's bugged your phone, and I don't want to even try to back-hack that abomination of a security system he has for fear of my computer bursting into flames then promptly exploding..." Devin explained with much disdain.

"Ok sweetie, tell your 'friend' I'm coming over." Tiffaney said, letting Devin be Devin.

"Okay?" Devin said as he rose from his chair and opened his door to Whisp's room, only to very nearly have her collide with him on the way out.

"Dev!" an unusually excited Whisp exclaimed, catching herself just before she ran into him. "Dev, you have to see this show I found online, it's awesome!"

"Okay?" Devin said with his phone still to his ear.

"Is that her?" Tiffany asked.

"Yes." Devin said as he remembered what he wanted to tell her. "Mom's coming over."

"Okay," the teen girl agreed, without fully processing what he'd actually said; she was still riding on the high of her discovery. "Now come see RWBY, it's awesome!" Grabbing his free hand, Whisp then dragged him into her room and over to the laptop she'd claimed during one of her foraging trips through the Manor.

"I gotta go mom." Devin said hastily.

"Bye sweetie." Tiffaney said before he hung up. "Now to get some ingredients and spread the good news!"


"Hi Lexi!" Tiffaney cheered with a bag for ingredients around her arm and Sparky by her feet with his tail wagging happily.

"Hi mom, where are you going?" Alexis asked with her right ear tilted as it does.

"I'm going to see Devie and his girlfriend!" Tiffaney declared excitedly.

"Devin's got a girlfriend? Who knew the end of days would come so soon." Alexis said with a sigh.


"Hello Evie!" Tiffaney said with an enthusiastic wave.

"Oh, hello mom. What brings you here?" Evangeline said as she waited for her five hundred and thirty six cookies to finish as she battered dough for more.

"Just grabbing a few extra things for when I go see Devie's girlfriend." Tiffaney said as she gathered ingredients for cookies.

"Devin's got a girlfriend? That's so cute!" Evangeline said with a smile as she continued to batter the dough.


"Johny!" Tiffaney called as she wrapped him in a hug.

"Hello mother... I smell flour, are you baking?"Johnathan asked as he examined the bag.

"Yup, I'm gonna bake some cookies for Devie and his girlfriend!" Tiffaney said as she pet his ears.

"Girlfriend? I assure you that you have misunderstood something, to come to such a conclusion." Johnathan stated.

"Nope!" Tiffaney said as she continued along her way.


Tiffaney pulled up to park in front of the Manor. She pulled out a small piece of paper and checked the address. "The large magical presence should give it away, but better safe than sorry." She took a moment to confirm she was correct before she cut off the engine, grabbed her bag, and headed to the front door to ring the bell.


Devin's ears perked at the sound of the doorbell. "That's probably mom. Do you want to come with me to get the door?"

"Sure," Whisp promptly agreed with a shrug (and a rather whistful glance at her laptop, and the awesomeness that was RWBY on the screen). "Is she really gonna bake stuff for us?" The Manor provided plenty of food, after all, but it just wasn't quite the same as home-made goodies. Mind, Whisp couldn't really remember home-made goodies, so she didn't yet know the difference.

"Yes, trust me it's worth the wait." Devin said as he lead Whisp to the front door and promptly opened it.

"Hello sweetie!" Tiffaney said as she wrapped him in a hug.

"Hi mom." Devin said as she returned her embrace.

Tiffaney looked up to see Whisp hanging back a few paces and watching the reunion curiously. "Is that her?" She said as she examined Whisp approvingly; she was a pretty little thing, with long purple-black hair and amethyst eyes. The teen was also wearing a depicting a kitten with bat wings, a , and knee-high purple and black striped stockings - unconventional, perhaps, but the style suited her.

"Yes." Devin replied.

"Hi," Whisp tried, a bit uncertainly; she couldn't remember ever meeting someone's mother before.

"You don't have to be shy dear." Tiffaney said as she released Devin to give Whisp a hug while Sparky ran into the manor and hopped into Devin's arms.

"Hello Sparky, you appear to be functioning well." Devin said as he examined the pup, who gave him a bark of approval. He turned to the girls, snapping a quick picture with his phone before pocketing it.

Suddenly finding herself enveloped in a hug, Whisp froze for a very noticeable and awkward few minutes, before even more awkwardly attempting to return the gesture. She really, really wasn't used to being touched, and she definitely wasn't used to hugs.

"You're so adorable!" Tiffaney squealed in a magical girl-esque fashion, before releasing her. "But you probably want those cookies. Would you lead me to a kitchen please?" She asked politely as Devin walked to her side with Sparky in hands.

"Um, ok," the teen girl agreed, still clearly feeling a bit thrown by the hug (not to mention the squealing). Suddenly feigning sternness, she then looked up at the ceiling and pointed threateningly. "Manor, kitchen," Whisp ordered, before moving to try the nearest door.

"Brraaiiiinns," Bob moaned from a nearby branch in the hallway.

"No, Bob, you're not allowed in the kitchen," the teen then idly reminded him. "Same goes for you, Fred." Fred being perched atop Bob's head, and looking like he might want to follow her.

As it turned out, the door did indeed lead to the kitchen, which immediately earned the wall an approving pat from the girl who had declared herself its mistress.

"Impressive. Not every day you meet such a young necromancer." Tiffaney commented before entering the kitchen and placing her supplies along the counter top. "So, Whisp tell me about yourself." She said as she readied her mixing bowl, proceeding to mix the sugar and butter together into a paste-like substance.

"Well, I'm not just a necromancer," the teen rather gleefully announced, having always taken great pride in her magic - that was something she could talk about. "I can also do magic! In fact, I didn't even know I was a necromancer until I got here, and Bob starting following me around, and then Saeko got me to try raising my own zombie. Normally I just use elemental magic, and it's lots of fun." To demonstrate, she shot a small arc of lightning from one hand to the other.

"You certainly have an aptitude for magic." Tiffany said while she mixed a bit of cake flour into the bowl and stirred, adding chocolate chips as she did so. "Where do you go to school?"

Devin had taken a seat at the corner of the room and began running a diagnostics check on Sparky.

Whisp beamed at the compliment. "I don't go to school," she admitted. "I mean, the Instigators taught me what they thought was necessary before I ran away, and I suppose I must have gone to school before they pulled me out of the game, unless I was being home schooled or something, but then after I ran away I was just on the run, so I couldn't really go to school then." This, of course, raised more questions than it actually answered, but she'd always had something of a bad habit of assuming people already knew things. She also chose this moment to hop up onto the nearby counter, from which she proceeded to energetically swing her stocking-clad feet.

"From the game huh? Devin?" Tiffaney said as the glanced to Devin for a summary.

"She's a video game character from the game Endgames; from my understanding, she was born of someone that the group known as the Instigators sees as a type of deity. Upon investigation into said group, I have discovered that they had full intention to sacrifice her to said deity, though I still don't quite know how they got her here." Devin almost mechanically responded as he went over Sparky's systems.

"I see. You should attend CMGY Academy, we have a full magical curriculum, and you could even wind up with me as one or more of your teachers." Tiffaney informed whilst scooping the dough onto a tray with an ice cream scoop.

Whisp looked thoughtful at this. On the one hand, a magical school sounded kinda awesome, and she did get kinda bored just hanging around the Manor sometimes... but on the other, she wasn't sure she wanted to do something so mundane as go to school.

"You really should go to school; it's what you learn in your youth that is with you for the rest of your life." Tiffaney said in the mom voice. "And besides, Devin already has a couple college degrees."

"Homeschooling with mom made the real college courses easy." Devin said, to inform Whisp of how it occurred.

Of course, the mom voice seemed to trigger something almost sulky in the teen girl. "Well, then why doesn't Dev have to go to regular school too," she sulked, knowing full well this had already been answered, but saying it anyway. She didn't wanna go alone.

"He will be." Tiffaney said in a friendly tone as she patted Whisp's head.

"What?" Devin said raising his head and perking his head in surprise. "I've already attained several higher levels of learning, why would I need to attend a high school?"

"Because you need to learn how to interact with people sweetie." Tiffaney said as she moved the cookie tray to the oven to bake, setting a timer for a half hour.

"I-" Devin started before being cut off by the mom look. "Yes mom."

"Good." Tiffaney said with a warm smile.

Looking a bit happier about things now, Whisp then asked, "Can Dev go to the magic school too, then?"

"That's actually a good idea, Devie hasn't had practice in magic." Tiffaney said while looking to Whisp with a smile.

"This is true, though I don't see what use I-" Another mom look saw to Devin's statement being cut short.

"Knowledge is power~." Tiffaney chimed.

"Can Dev do magic too?" Whisp asked curiously, because she certainly couldn't recall seeing him do so.

Devin conjured a small flame on the tip of his finger as a response, though it was a short time before it exploded, leaving a thin layer of soot on his face as well as a look of mild irritation. "Damn."

This earned a rather delighted giggle from Whisp, who promptly conjured her own small flame in imitation - though instead of exploding, she made hers leave her finger to dance about the air before eventually dismissing it with a flick of her finger. "I guess we can go to school together, then," she agreed, clearly not minding that idea.

"I can make a fully animatronic stealth droid with the capability of speech and learning." Devin said as he wiped soot from his face. "I also made this." He continued while pointing to Sparky, who barked at him to quell his pride.

"Good. Do you have a way to get there, or do you want me to pick you up?" Tiffaney offered as she leaned over the counter.

"Where is it?" Whisp (rather reasonably) wanted to know, only for something rather worrying to occur to her. "What if the Instigators find me there?"

"A short drive from the city, and if they do, I'll crush them myself." The cheerfulness in Tiffaney's voice carried a protective maternal tone to it.

For some reason, it was that maternal tone that made Whisp feel better. "Okay," she agreed. "We'll probably need a ride, then." She paused for a moment as a thought occurred to her, then asked, "Can my zombies come? And Fred?"

"We could write Fred off as a familiar, but I don't think we'll be able to bring the zombies. They'll stink up my car." Tiffaney wrapped Whisp in another hug. "As long as I'm around, you'll never need to worry about Instigators."

"I've already outfitted the Manor with several defensive measures... With it's approval." Devin informed to reinforce his mother's claim.

"Okay," Whisp agreed cheerfully, still not overly familiar with the whole 'thank you' thing. "What kinda stuff will we learn at the school? Oooooooooh~ do you think they could teach me to fight like Ruby? I wanna be able to fight like Ruby!" The teen might have already been fangirling a bit.

Tiffaney looked to Devin for assistance.

"Scythe-rifle and exceptionally fast." Devin stated. "Recoils enough to propel a human teenager at roughly twenty miles per hour..."

"There are magicks that can increase your foot speed, and Devin can probably make you that scythe-rifle-thingy." Tiffaney said as she released the teen and continued to lean on the counter.

An actual squeak of excitement escaped the teen at that. "Can you really?" she asked Dev, wide-eyed.

"Yes, though that kind of recoil would break any bone having anything to do with the firing of the weapon." Devin said as he raised an eyebrow to the squeal.

"You'd be surprised what magic can do." Tiffaney informed with a raised finger.

Whisp could (clearly) barely contain her excitement now. "Will you make me one? Please? And can you make it so it does that cool foldy thing and everything?"

"I don't see any reason not to. I'll add it to the project list." Devin said with a shrug as he finished Sparky's diagnostics, allowing him to hop off his lap and run over to Whisp, barking happily.

"How are you feeling Sparky?" Tiffaney asked, resulting in an excited bark from the pup in question.

"Thank you!" Whisp managed to remember to tell Dev this time, smiling brilliantly at him. She wasn't entirely sure what to do about the barking puppy, having never encountered one before.

"He wants you to pet him sweetie." Tiffaney informed as Sparky looked at Whisp, panting excitedly.

"Oh," the teen acknowledged, looking a bit confused for a moment before obediently sliding off the counter to kneel on the floor and offer Sparky a few hesitant pats. "Hello puppy," she greeted, somewhat apprehensively.

Sparky sat down and moved his head to match the movements of her hand. "Awww, he likes you!" Tiffaney said excitedly.

"How can you tell?" Whisp wanted to know (because she wanted to know everything), revelling a bit over just how soft he was.

Sparky laid on his back to demand a belly rub, his tail wagging against the floor. "Look at him, he loves it." Behind Tiffaney an alarm sounded. "Cookies are done." She put on an oven mit and pulled out the cookies, filling the room with the aroma of freshly baked cookies before placing them on the counter. "They're still hot, so you have to wait a couple minutes."

Obediently rubbing the puppy's belly, nothing in the world could have kept Whisp from breathing in that amazing smell and letting out an appreciative sigh. Okay, freshly baked cookies were officially the greatest smell of all time. "How many minutes is a couple minutes?"

"About three." Tiffaney estimated as Sparky wiggled under her hand.

The teen made a noise that clearly said she didn't want to wait that long, only to end up giggling a bit over Sparky who was quickly reclaiming her attention.

"Sparky the everfriendly." Devin commented as he watched the pup get showered in attention.

Tiffaney decided that now was a good time to have a short chat with Devin, walking over, and taking a seat next to him. "So what have you been up to?"

"Building things, so nothing much different than before." Devin stated as he shifted his attention to his mother.

"And you have been eating?" Tiffaney said with concern as she gently pet his head.

"I have." Devin replied, comforted by the petting.

"Are you happy here?" Tiffaney said as she wrapped him in a hug.

"It certainly isn't boring, so yes, I'd say." Devin said as he returned the gesture.

"I was so worried!" Tiffaney said as she squeezed him, not tightly enough to hurt him, but still tightly. "You should have called sooner!"

"I'm sorry mom. I didn't mean to worry you." Devin said imitating a gentle tone to the best of his ability.

"Is it three minutes yet?" Whisp very nearly whined, unable to stand smelling the cookies and not getting to eat them.

Tiffaney released Devin to check her watch. "They should be good to eat now." She said as she got up and walked to the counter, with Devin following behind her.

Whisp was up on her feet and claiming a cookie in an instant, immediately taking a bite... and that was just the best damn thing she'd ever tasted. Making some noises of appreciation, she promptly claimed several of them before heading over to sit at the table with them, munching all the while.

"I told you they were good." Devin said confidently as he took a few for himself, munching on one as he took a seat at the table.

"You two are so cute together!" Tiffaney declared excitedly as she watched the two eat their cookies.

This lead to Whisp giving Dev a look that seemed to ask if that was supposed to mean something, and if so, what.

Devin, who also didn't understand what Tiffaney meant, simply shrugged in response.

Giving a shrug of her own, Whisp decided not to worry about it, and returned to her cookies.


Tiffaney is bored so she decides to visit Whisp and Devin.
Tiffaney spreads the news of Devin's 'girlfriend'.
Tiffaney meets Whisp and thinks she's adorable.
Tiffaney compliments Whisp's magical abilities and suggests she start school.
Devin has to go too, because he's bad at magic.
You can't take zombies to school Whisp! DX
Tiffaney tries to learn about Whisp and Devin clarifies.
Whisp wants to fight like Ruby and has Devin make her a Crescent Rose.
Sparky wants attention from Whisp, and gets it.
Worried mom talk for Devin.
Cookies and misunderstandings!
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Re: Just Another Day In Prohibition Megatokyo

Characters: Kor, Skorpion.
Locations: Various.
Authors: Skorpy, DT.
Spelling corrections: Elle.


Skorpion stepped away from the car, taking careful aim at seemingly nothing. The arrow launched with a clatter and a solid *thunk*, followed by a hiss as the bowstring returned automatically. The arrow sailed upwards, arcing away over the city. Skorpion nodded with satisfaction, got back in the car, and drove away.


A few minutes later, an arrow punched through the glass of Kor's window, embedding itself eight inches deep in the wall opposite. The elderly man look up from manufacturing a pen-pistol, "Oh, mail," he stood up from his desk and retrieved the note.

"Sources tell me that Raven has uncovered a plot to create a weaponised, directed ANFG. If so, I want it, and I want their operation shut down. I'd prefer if you and her manage to do this sneakily, because I don't want to have to tear the underworld apart with airstrikes and artillery to get at it. That would ruin my distribution network, after all."

Kor nodded to himself, he aslo suspected his source might be Skorpion's source. Because of course it was the FGTL, who else would deliver mail by crossbow? Kor quickly typed up a note in reply. "Shouldn't be hard. Already have a name that may be involved." He then fed it through a shredder and attached each strip to a carrier pigeon. After about two hours, a flock of pigeons was entering the targeting zone over the FGTL head quarters and Kor was busily tracking names and locations.

The defenses, as usual, were alert. So were the guards around the rooftops. Railguns, anti-aircraft guns, and gatling cannons opened up on the birds, accompanied by rifle fire from the troopers. The carrier pigeons, having been raised around the FGTL, evaded most of it. Most. The few hits that they did take were enough to send them spiraling down.

Skorpion scratched his head in confusion, looking at the mass of shredded strips. Then an Idea struck him.

The scanner beeped and complained. Skorpion aimed a kick at it, and the machine cheeped softly, starting to process the mass of paper in the hopper.

"Ah, good." Skorpion grinned, and headed off for his labs, on the way rolling up the pile of printouts and dumping it into a burning server case, keeping one to scrawl a message on the back of.

Skorpion loaded the round into the artillery cannon with ease, before tapping at the tablet bolted to the weapon. The gun swung around with a whine of electric motors, before barking once.

The shell landed with a *crunch*, crashing through layers of floors and ceilings to land next to the crossbow bolt fired earlier.

"Good. Get to it, and there's store credit in it for you. I have included some extra ammunition for you and some more arrows for Raven as an advance. This shell will self-destruct in 20 seconds. Please recycle any shrapnel. Also, your roof leaks."

"Well, I was looking to get out of this lease anyway," Kor muttered as he got his important things, all of which already in a bug-out-bag and exited the building. As he raised his hand and yelled for a taxi, a large explosion drowned him out and dusted the road with debris. When one stopped to avoid a particularly large chunk of apartment, Kor got in the back seat and gave the cabbie an address before pulling out a burner phone and pressing a speed dial number. "Tango Zebra Foxtrot. Target niner zero one one six four." Kor turned off the phone and chucked it out the window before giving the cabby an entirely different address on the other side of town.


In geosyncrous orbit above the city was a comminucations satalite. It was a prototybe designed in a joint venture between DHL and and the United States Airforce, but after launching it, it was deemed too costly to operate after DHL went under and the satalite was left in space to rot. However, it was still fully functional and the default passwords had never been changed. As the comand was radioed in, a large rotating cylinder turned to lock into a bolt and chamber. With a pneumatic hiss a plunger fired a tungsten rod out of the chamber towards the earth below. As it hurtled through the atmosphere, more and more of the protective shell was burned off due to the extreme heat until it reached about 30,000 feet and was the size of a one liter bottle.

The bottle sized canister approached the roof directly above Skorpion's office at a speed far greater than any of the weapons systems could track. It plowed through the landing strip and various levels of everything, self sharpening like a depleted uranium round until it droped neatly on the deak of the leader of the FGTL. In it's current state, the canister was no larger than a can of soda and it opened up in a rather similar fasion. Inside was a fortune cookie. Skoprion opened the cookie and pulled out a small peice of paper. On one side simply read "OK" on the other it proclaimed "Learn Chinese: Zi Hui. Self Destruct. Your lucky numbers are: 5, 4, 3, 2, 1" and then the note went up in a puff of teriyaki scented smoke.

Skorpion looked at the note, then up at the succession of holes through his ceiling and HQ. "Nuke-proof my arse! If some goddamn kinetic penetrator punches through here, I need a new goddamn office." He paused, looking at his coat rack. "And somewhere else to store my goddamn nukes."


Skorpion knows about the directed ANFGs. Somehow.
He sends a message to Kor, saying that he wants it. By crossbow.
And that he'd get it himself, if it wouldn't take out the whole underworld distribution network with it.
(Attack helicopters are sort of messy, y'see.)
Largoists hate pigeons.
Kor needs a change of apartment.
Skorp needs a new office, because someone under-protected his current one.
Skorpion [FGTL]
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Re: Just Another Day In Prohibition Megatokyo

Whisp and Devin Go To School

Timestamp: after Moms and Misunderstandings, beginning in the whee hours of the morning.
Location: the Manor and CMGY Academy
Authors: Arella, Oblivion, and Skorp

It was at about four o'clock in the morning that Whisp finally got around to knocking on Devin's door. She'd been up all night, sleep proving utterly impossible to attain when she knew her very first day of school (ever!) loomed on the horizon that was the next morning; a search of the Manor had turned up everything she needed to put together a real Ruby outfit to wear (red cape and all), she'd showered, brushed her hair until it gleamed, painted her nails ruby red to match her new outfit, rewatched all of RWBY, eaten several more cookies and a pint of strawberry ice cream, cleaned her room for about ten minutes before losing interest in the chore, and even started playing Mass Effect, but now she was back to being bored and restless, and required someone else to help distract her.

That most people would be sleeping at 4am, and she therefore probably shouldn't be knocking on Dev's door, didn't remotely occur to her.

The familiar sound of shoe hitting desk followed by plastic wheels against wood was sounded as Devin rolled to the door and promptly opened it. "I see the knocking was real this time." He said as he scanned the hall suspiciously. "Oh, right, come in." He kicked the doorframe to roll back to his desk. "Do you need something?"

"I'm bored, and I can't sleep," the teenaged girl complained and she sauntered inside and made herself comfortable (she was actually beginning to get used to being in a boy's room, now). "What are you supposed to do to get ready for school? What d'you think going to school's like?" The poor girl was nervous, though she would never admit it.

"I don't know... Pencils? Maybe paper." Devin was about as familiar with public schools as Whisp herself. "I'll... Check the internet." He said as he turned around and googled what was needed for school. "Okay. Paper, pens, pencils, uniforms provided, notebooks, textbooks also provided, shoulderbag, or backpack..." He let out a sigh. "What a bother."

"How are we supposed to get all of that before we leave? The stores are closed," Whisp worried.

"There is only one option..." Devin stood from his chair. "We loot bedrooms!"

"I've already done that several times," she admitted, "And I've never seen any backpacks or notebooks and things. Unless you count fancy looking journals and diaries."

"And the only things I can order wouldn't get here until it's too late." Devin sighed again. "I can't think of anything..."

"Maybe... maybe they won't expect us to have everything for tomorrow? And then we could stop and get supplies after?" Whisp suggested, strangely finding herself trying to be comforting, in spite of being worried herself.

"Maybe." Devin said as the turret beeped. He pointed to it accusingly. "Quiet you."

"What's it saying?" Whisp (of course) wanted to know.

"It... Laughs." Devin said, though the turret was incapable of processing anything further than shoot or don't shoot as it scanned the room tirelessly.

"No laughing at Dev!" the teen promptly scolded it, pointing threateningly.

The turret shifted to aim at the source of the sudden movement, giving a questioning beep before returning to its usual routine.

"Damnit Sasha." Said an absent minded Devin, who was on day three of not sleeping. "School things. Right. Wanna look for loose paper?"

Whisp gave a small shrug. "Okay," she agreed, before producing a cookie seemingly from nowhere and offering it to Devin. "Cookie?"

"Yes." Devin said as he took the offered cookie. "Wait..." Devin thought for a moment. "Thank you." He took a bite before opening his door to a basketball court. "Really? Three times in a row?" He said to the ceiling.

"Bad Manor!" his companion promptly scolded, glaring up at the ceiling herself. "No basketball courts! We're looking for paper and pens and things, for school!" She then promptly closed the door and opened it again, remembering this as Aneko's method for finding places; this time, it opened up on a regular hallway. "Better," she acknowledged.

"You should probably lead the way." Devin offered as he checked the time on his phone. "We have less than two hours before mom gets here." He cautioned.

Whisp's eyes promptly widened in alarm and surprise. "Should we maybe get dressed first, and then go looking for supplies, then?"

Devin sniffed his hoodie and promptly moved his head away, folding back his ears. "That'd probably be a good idea..." He said as he removed the offending hoodie and tossed it into a corner.

"Okay, I'll meet you back here then," the teen girl agreed, before racing off to change out of her pajamas and into her Ruby outfit!

* * *

As the duo searched their fourth room, Devin's phone began to ring. "Crap." He called before answering. "Skorpion, I'm serious about the hacking. Hello?"

"Sweetie you really should just talk to him directly." Tiffaney said with a sigh. "Anyway~, I'm here to pick you up!"

"We'll be right out." Devin said before hanging up. "She's here." He deadfully informed, folding back his ears in an uncharacteristic display of emotion.

Whisp looked vaguely worried about this for a moment, before seeming to shake the mood off. "We'll be okay," she promised instead, grabbing his hand without really stopping to think about it, and promptly leading the way towards the front door.

"Right." Devin nodded as Whisp lead him to the front door. As the door opened, the natural light automatically disagreed with Devin, causing him to raise his hand to cast a shadow over his eyes until they adjusted.

Tiffaney beeped her horn twice to get the attention of the teens. "Awwww, they're holding hands!" Tiffaney thought sweetly to herself, even as Whisp proceeded to half lead and half drag Devin over to the vehicle; just before the front door could close itself behind them, Fred the undead falcon came swooping out to take up residence on the girl's shoulder. With her undead companion on her shoulder, and little black coffin-shaped backpack (containing the Necrowombicon, and headphones and an mp3 player containing music from RWBY and Babymetal), Whisp, at least, was all ready to go.

"Hello sweeties~!" Tiffaney said cheerfully. "I picked you up some notebooks, pencils, and things." Tiffaney took a moment to examine Whisp's outfit. "Aww, you look adorable!" She complimented. "But we'll still need to get you fitted for a uniform before classes start."

Whisp's beaming at the compliment quickly morphed into a bit of a sulk at that. "You mean I can't wear my Ruby outfit?" she clarified, as she climbed into the back seat of the car.

"I'm sorry sweetie." Tiffaney said apologetically. "And do buckle up."

"Look on the bright side. She took care of our supply crisis." Devin commented before he climbed into the back next to Whisp and buckled up.

Still feeling a bit sulky about this whole uniform thing (she was at least wearing her Ruby outfit for today, no way was she budging on that), Whisp buckled her seat belt. A few minutes passed in silence, before she remembered something. "Thank you," she finally said, referring to the supplies.

"Not a problem sweetie." Tiffaney chimed as she began the drive to CMGY Academy. "How did you sleep?" She asked as she glanced at the duo in the rear view mirror.

"It was... Good?" Devin said in a manner that had it sounding more like a question.

"Wait, when did you sleep?" a confused looking Whisp then wanted to know. "You didn't look like you'd been sleeping at four, and I know I didn't sleep, like, at all, and you definitely didn't sleep after that."

Tiffaney giggled. "It looks like you've been sold out." She said in a cheerful tone.

"Indeed." Devin said with a sigh.

"You two really need to get your rest, or you won't grow properly." Tiffany lightly scolded in the mom voice.

"I tried!" the teen girl defended. "But I didn't know how to get ready for school, or what it would be like, or anything, and I couldn't stop thinking about it, so then I stopped trying and just tried to find something to do, but that didn't work very well, either." Whisp looked mildly surprised with herself after all that, as though she hadn't expected or meant to say quite so much. Maybe she was over-tired now?

"Nerves got the best of you, huh?" Tiffaney said in a more concerned voice. "Don't worry, it'll get better after the first day."

"What's it gonna be like?" the poor girl was rather desperate to know; she genuinely had no idea what she was about to walk into, unless it proved to be just like Beacon Academy in RWBY.

"A school consisting mostly of magical girls and such will certainly leave you without a dull moment." Tiffaney said as she drove in a manner that would confuse anyone who was familiar with Largoist driving. "And as far as classes are concerned, pay attention to the teacher and you'll turn out fine."

"Okay," Whisp attempted to agree, only for most of it to be lost to a big yawn. She then seemed to consider something for a moment, before turning to Devin. "Dev, do you make a good pillow?" she asked.

"I don't know what that means." Was Devin's response as he gave her a confused look that caused Tiffaney to giggle.

Apparently, Whisp's definition of clarifying largely consisted of just going ahead and doing what she'd been hinting at, and she promptly claimed his shoulder as a pillow, making herself comfortable. "Hold still," she instructed, once she'd found a position that was comfortable enough for a nap.

"Very well." Devin said, doing as instructed; it was an odd sensation, but not a bad one.

It took at most a minute for the girl to fall into a deep enough sleep to begin snoring quietly (and adorably); she had been very tired, after all.

"So what were you doing last night?" Tiffaney asked as she looked to them in the rear view mirror.

"Tinkering and looking for school supplies." Devin responded.

After a moment of looking at him, Tiffaney deduced that he was telling the truth and continued about her drive.

* * *

Upon parking in the CMGY Academy parking lot, Tiffaney looked back to see the teens asleep and leaning against each other. "Aww." She said softly before taking a picture. "We're here." She said in a louder but gentle tone to awaken the slumbering teens.

This promptly caused Whisp to jump about a foot in the air, even still buckled in as she was, and whack her head on the ceiling of the car (running from Instigators had a tendency to make one a bit jumpy, after all). Fred then made some bird noises that sounded concerned, while Whisp lightly placed both hands atop her head and muttered, "Owwwwww..."

Which in turn caused Devin himself to jump, his ears perked and the hairs on his tail standing on end. Though he didn't hit the ceiling, he did try to stand, which resulted in him being pulled back to the seat by the seatbelt. "Who's attacking?!" He called as he examined the vehicle in panic.

The sudden stirring of people caused Sparky, who had been asleep in the passenger seat, to bark excitedly at the teens. "I'm sorry; I didn't mean to startle you." Tiffaney said with concern.

Part of Whisp wanted to deny she'd been startled, but she rather suspected the cat was already out of the bag there as she continued to hold her head and began to feel something that might have been embarrassment (a theory which was rather supported by the faint hint of a blush appearing on her pale skin). Fred now made a noise which rather sounded like laughter, and one hand left the teen's head to point threateningly at him. "Hush up, you."

Upon seeing Whisp's blushing face, Tiffaney couldn't help but let out a small giggle, as Sparky fixated his curious view upon Fred.

Devin, who had just realized they were not under attack, had begun to flatten the hairs on his tail back down.

"Grab your things kids. It's time for your first day of school!" Tiffaney said as she disembarked the vehicle, followed shortly by Sparky.

Of course, it was only as they were disembarking the vehicle that Whisp realized (and voiced), "...We forgot to eat breakfast."

"There should be some snacks packed in with the lunches in your bags, you can eat them while we wait for Lucius-sensei." Tiffaney said in her usual cheerful voice. "Oh, and when we are at school I'm Jawoh-sensei, ok?"

Devin nodded in agreement as he waited for Tiffaney to lead the way.

Lucius took that moment to wander up to the car, having recognised it instantly as a Largoist vehicle, despite it being relatively well-driven and without having any stray scorchmarks or blood splatter on it. 'Moshi-moshi, Jawoh-sensei. These the two new students you mentioned to me? Yer wee bairn Devin and his girlfriend, aye?'

"Wark!" Fred declared from his newly reclaimed perch atop Whisp's shoulder.

Lucius leaned down to eye the undead bird. 'Not ye again.'

Whisp blinked at that, looking understandably confused. "You know Fred?"

Lucius nodded. 'Aye. Run intae him a few times. Often literally, as the scunner cannae look where he's going afore plowin intae traffic.'

"What's a scunner?" the teen girl wanted to know next.

'Nae a word fer girls your age, lass.' Lucius wagged a finger gently, before turning to usher her into the school. 'C'mon, yer new class is waiting for ye. Donnae want tae keep them waiting.'

As a result, Whisp rather stubbornly added the word to her vocabulary to make a point of using later (and maybe get Devin to look up for her). "So... do we just show up at a class? Or do we have to... do something first?" she asked.

Lucius chuckled softly. 'Come with me, an' I'll introduce ye tae yer classmates afore homeroom. Then ye can introduce yeself formally tae the class an' ye homeroom teacher, before lessons start.'

Whisp was suddenly looking to Devin with poorly concealed panic at the thought of being thrust in front of a bunch of strangers, her hand instinctively reaching for his to keep from having to go through it alone.

Lucius raised an eyebrow at her reaction; apparently he had an introvert on his hands.

Devin let out a sigh of bother when he heard that he would need to introduce himself to his peers, and upon seeing Whisp's panicked expression he simply shrugged. "Worst comes to worst we can be social outcasts together." Was the most comforting thing he could think to say. It was perhaps a little ironic, then, that Whisp actually did find that comforting (even moreso now that she had hold of his hand, and he couldn't disappear).

"Who's gonna be their homeroom teacher?" Tiffaney asked in her usual friendly manner.

Lucius tugged out a sheaf of paperwork, looking closely at it. 'Um... I think it's me, actually. Along with...' He squinted at the paper, turning it landscape to squint at it some more. 'Damn squiggly language... Oh gods, along with Kawasaki and Yakashima. Does that bird eat things?"

It seemed to take Whisp a minute to realize he was referring to Fred, at which point she exchanged a questioning look with said bird before turning back to Lucius and assuring, "Not unless I tell him to."

Fred warked in agreement; he was a good zombie falcon, after all.

Lucius nodded. "Well, no attacking other animal companions, then. We've had awful trouble with Yakashima's weasel. He insists it's his right to kill and eat things."

The teen girl seemed to think about this a moment, then offered, "Want Fred to eat him then?"

Lucius sighed and facepalmed. 'Nae, nae, that would be the same problem. Ye cannae just go eating people's friends, lass, ye ken?'

"But you said he keeps trying to eat everyone else's friends," she pointed out (quite logically). "He wouldn't be able to keep doing that if Fred ate him." Problem solved! she didn't say, but it was pretty clear she was thinking it.

'But that would make FRED the problem, lass.' He sighed. 'You sound disturbingly like Skorp, lassie.'

Whisp just looked at Fred again, not having the faintest idea who or what Skorp was. "But Fred wouldn't try and eat anyone else," she said, not quite understanding how this would make him a problem.

'Nae, but Fluffy would be dead, which is just as bad. We're trying to teach him not tae be a racist scunner, and tae tolerate other races.' He sighed again, and ushered them towards the schoolyard. 'I'll introduce ye tae Kawasaki and Yakashima first. They're fair experienced magical girls, an' friendly tae boot.'

Whisp's hold on Devin's hand promptly tightened, even as she whispered to Fred not to eat the weasel (for some reason she still wasn't clear on).

"We'll be fine." Devin assured even though he himself was equally nervous.

"Well I'll just leave the three of you to it then." Tiffaney said as she waved her hand to the trio. "And I'll see you two in my class at third period. I'll be substituting your magic teacher today." She said as she began off to her class. "I think I'll teach the kids about glamours."

Lucius waved as she headed off. 'Have fun! As for ye two...' He turned to Whisp and Devin. 'Small groups first, since ye're nae used tae people. But nae dawling tae skip it, ken?'

"What?" Whisp rather rudely asked, not having understood a good bit of that.

Lucius sighed, rolling his eyes. 'Move yer arse!'

Devin shrugged to Whisp and followed after the scots-cat-man, even as the girl began to rather pointedly slow her steps and dawdle.

Lucius looked back and sighed. After considering and discarding the idea of simply picking Whisp up and carrying her, he merely pointed at her, causing a spark to leap across to her and zap her lightly. 'I mean it, lass. C'mon, or ye'll miss the point of being here in the first place.'

"Hey!" the teenaged girl promptly objected, before sending her own little bolt of lightning back at him, because she didn't know you couldn't do that to a headmaster.

Meanwhile, Devin was quietly tapping away on his phone, looking up every now and again to avoid unnecessary collisions.

Lucius simply directed the bolt to the flagpole, sighing in exasperation. Teenagers. 'Alright, a few ground rules for ye.' He pointed to Whisp. 'Nae using magic on teachers unless asked.' He then turned to point to Devin. 'No phones in class. Ye'll both need uniforms, an' look where ye're going.'

Devin shrugged and continued tapping on his phone, using his peripherals to look in the direction he was walking, after all, he wasn't in class quite yet.

Lucius reached out, and Devin's phone flew up out of his hands to land in Lucius'. 'Ye can have it back at the end o' the day, laddie.'

"So much for that buisness transaction." Devin said with a dissapointed sigh, after all he still had to make HSFEs for Saeko.

"And we don't have uniforms yet, so I'm staying in this today," Whisp insisted, debating whether it would be worth using her magic on him again if it meant actually hitting him this time (she didn't like to miss, after all).

Lucius sighed. 'For today, aye. Tomorrow, ye're getting a uniform. An' don't even think about doing it again, or ye'll earn yeself a detention.'

"What's a detention?" was the next inevitable question.

'Keeping ye here after school finishes. Nae magic, phone, or talking."

"But you can't keep me after school, I go home with Dev and his mom, and it'd be rude if you made them wait for me," she (quite logically, if she said so herself) argued.

'Nae lass. It'd be rude for YOU tae cause them tae have to wait for ye, because ye got yerself a detention. Or maybe they'll make ye walk home. It's a long way back tae the city, especially when the buses have already left.'

This, of course, lead to Whisp casting a questioning look at Devin, as though to ask if they could really do that.

Devin reached into the pocket of his jeans to produce a different phone and once more consulted Google. "Looks like they can." He said as he returned the phone to its original pocket. "I'd wait, especially after seeing this guy on traffic cams."

Deciding that this wouldn't be so bad, if Dev would wait for her, Whisp decided not to worry too much about it. "Okay," she agreed, smiling at the boy. "Though I still think making a girl stay after school is rude."

Lucius chuckled. 'Lass, ye donnae know 'rude'. Back when I was a wee lad, ye could get caned fer that sort of attitude. Teachers used tae be a wee bit pit oot by a bit of lip from a young'un.'

"So, when you were in school you got beat with canes? Why did you not fight back?" Devin asked, the concept of simply submitting to physical harm made no sense to him.

'Adults were bigger an' stronger, lad, and had all the authority. Now, I didn't like tha' much myself, so I didnae go tae school much. Spent most o' my time out with my granda in the hills.' Lucius shrugged. 'But tha's a bad example, laddie.'

As he shepherded the teenagers towards the school, a commotion broke out among the various clumps of students, and a snake shot out from one, moving unusually fast for a snake. That was most likely due to the small brown shape chasing it, closely followed by a pair of magical girls sprinting to catch up with them.

Lucius sighed, reaching down to scoop up the animals as they approached, one in each hand. 'Fluffy, ye've been TOLD about trying tae eat Howard. By Arella, no less.'

There was a hiss from his other hand, and Howard the Snake looked at Lucius, beady eyes fixing on him. "Merely a ruse, young man. An escape and pursuit freed our erstwhile handlers from their trap of social etiquette to assist the newcomers."

Lucius gave the snake a Look, ears sticking out to the side. 'Ye're havering. Ye're pretending tae be eaten tae get the girls tae pay attention?'

The snake nodded, as much as a snake could, accompanied by Fluffy in the other hand. "Indubitably. Now, observe as they approach! Such poise, such grace! Such..."

There was a thud as Kawasaki tripped, instinctively grabbing for Yakashima and dragging her down into the dust as well.

"Oh dear. I'm sure she'll be fine. I'd shrug, but I don't have arms, let alone shoulders."

"Graceful as a car crash." Devin commented, making an attempt at humor, though his monotoned voice rather ruined it.

Whisp still giggled, so it wasn't a total loss, at least, and Devin's apparent success had him smile at Whisp.

Yakashima untangled herself and stood up, brushing the dirt off her with a frown. "<You didn't need to drag me down as well, you idiot! Now I look as bad as you do, and in front of the newbies, no less!>"

Kawasaki clambered to her feet, pouting somewhat as she brushed herself clean, not quite succeeding as well as Yakashima. "Gomenasai! <It's not like I MEAN to. I can't help it...>" She sighed, and turned to Devin and Whisp, speaking in (half-Japanese half-Scottish) accented and slightly slow English. "Ohayo~ Welcome to the Cute Magical Girls of Yuki-sama Academy, n00bs! I am Kawasaki-san, and this here is Yakashima-san. Lucius-sensei has told us to help you 'settle in', but I'm nae sure what that means, y'ken?"

Yakashima nodded, bowing politely before speaking up in somewhat better English, with less accent. "Welcome, newcomers. I apologise for my partner's terrible English; she learns too much from music and Lucius-sensei, and not enough from the textbooks. And for her impoliteness, clumsiness, her snake's provocations of Fluffy-sama, and various other offenses she may not have committed yet."

Kawasaki frowned. "<Hey!>"

Yakashima continued on regardless, ignoring her. "You are in class 4C with us, so if you can accompany us, we shall introduce you to the other students."

"Um... hi?" Whisp tried, her own social capabilities able to take her that far, at least. Meanwhile, her hold on Devin's hand tightened some more, as though she was afraid he might disappear on her.

Fluffy wriggled out of Lucius' grip and pounced on Whisp, sniffing her closely. "<She speaks, at least.>"

"<Well, of course I speak, I am a person, obviously,>" the teen then objected, feeling a bit insulted - but still switching to Japanese, as that was what the weasel had used. "<Don't make me regret telling Fred not to eat you, 'cause he'd totally do it, too.>"

Fred warked at this, presumably in agreement.

Fluffy hmph-ed. "<I've destroyed lesser beasts than you. You're nothing more than a mobile museum specimen.>" He nibbled at a strand of Whisp's hair. then leaped over onto Devin. "<This one, however, is much more interesting. Is he another of your familiars?>"

"<Dev's my friend,>" Whisp corrected, sounding more than a little protective of the boy.

"<Friend, hm?>" Fluffy sniffed at Devin's ear, while Yakashima tried to coax him back to her. "<And yet, you're clinging to him like a teddy bear. You're not used to people, are you?>"

The girl's hold on Devin's hand tightened some more, while her face grew rather red (either in anger or embarrassment, or possibly both, not even she knew for sure) and she opened her mouth to say something scathing... only to think better of it for once. "<No,>" Whisp admitted, seeming to wilt a bit.

Fluffy nodded. "<Understandable. If your First Day Of School is this late, there's usually a reason for it. I do hope we're able to socialise you soon, though. You seem to have an incredible amount of power, even if you're not really a magical girl like the rest. And your familiar here makes a fine steed.>"

"<Stop instigating, rodent.>" Devin said as he picked Fluffy up by the scruff of his neck. "<I feel a better name for you would be Napoleon. >"

Fluffy wriggled as he was picked up, Kawasaki giggling in the background. "<UNHAND ME, YOU KNAVE! Instigating is what I DO! That is why I am here! The sole reason for my presence on this backwater planet!>"

"<So, it's a punishment, then?>" Whisp inquired. "<If we're so backwater, you can't be bothering to spy on us or anything, after all.>" She understood instigators, after all - with or without the capital I.

"<I am not a spy! I'm an investigator, here to scout for talent. And I have found talent, in Yakashima-chan over there. She's highly competent, but young and untrained in the magic I gifted her with. She's also incredibly sensible and pragmatic, despite her choice in friends.>"

But this, of course, just made Whisp suspicious. "<And just what do you plan to do with the talent you find, then?>" she demanded, looking mildly threatening; far more threatening was the unconscious response of her magic, already more than a bit wild, roiling in the air around her in case she should decide she needed it - but she wasn't particularly aware of that.

"<Classified information. Even I don't know it. I was just told to seek out and empower talent, and to await further orders.>" Fluffy pouted as best he could. "<Rude of them, really.>"

"<And if it turns out your masters plan on dragging her away from her home and using her as some sort of sacrifice?>"

"<Why, I would protest that as a waste! A mere sacrifice is not good enough for Yakashima-chan.>" He sighed. "<I am not here to debate ethics with you, however. I am here to investigate you, and encourage you to get moving and get you introduced to people.>"

Devin's tail gave a catlike sway as an amused grin spread across his face. "You amuse me, Napoleon."

"<Do NOT compare me to that power-mad dwarf!>" Fluffy preened himself. "Lord Admiral Nelson is much more my style, I find."

He turned to Whisp, who had sidled up closer to him and seemed to be muttering something about nobody investigating her and having had enough of instigators, thank you. "Don't let little Napoleon bother you." He held Fluffy a little higher. "Apologize for upsetting her or I'll put your brain into a robot."

Fluffy looked him in the eye. "You wouldn't. You'd be in detention for a YEAR, at least!"

"Worth it. Imagine the discovery." Devin said as he closely examined the measurements of Fluffy's skull with the expression of a mad scientist he had seen in a movie with Whisp. "What would your functionality be? Tunneling, deep sea exploration, mouse catcher?"

Fluffy glared at him. "Fine. I apologise. I did not mean to offend the lady, merely inspect her for compatibility with my charge. You are, however, unusually talkative for a familiar."

"He's not a familiar, he's my friend!" Whisp said again, stomping her foot a bit this time.

Fluffy sniggered. "I'm merely needling you, my dear."

"Well, it's very rude, so stop it," the girl ordered, glacing to Devin as though for confirmation that this was, in fact, rude.

"I need to make me some of these 'familiars'." Devin thought aloud before setting Fluffy upon the ground. "Behave yourself and I won't make you Fluffy two point o." Seeing her glance he shrugged.

Fluffy scampered off to climb back onto Yakashima, who was starting to get impatient. "<Are you done badgering them yet? Yes? Good.>" She turned to Whisp and Devin, bowing again. "<I feel I must also apologise for my familiar. He has a lot of airs and graces for a magical ferret.>"

"<What exactly does he do aside from talk?>" Devin had never seen a familiar before and was rather curious, his ears perking to express this.

"<Well, he provided my powers, and I need him to do the transformations to access them.>" Yakashima smiled, before raising her hand into the air and going through a traditional magical girl transformation sequence, including the usual lights, music, and implied nudity. When it finished, she was dressed in a fancier, frillier, and skimpier version of her school uniform, and holding a very large polearm with an energy blade on the end. "<See? We're not really supposed to do it in school because it's disruptive, though.>"

"<So... do you have to do that to use your magic?>" Whisp then had to ask, the concept seeming more than a little strange to her.

"<To properly use it, yes.>" Yakashima twirled the polearm, before snapping her fingers and dismissing it and the costume, returning to her school uniform. "<Although it doesn't usually take that long. If I really NEED it, it can just turn on pretty much instantly, but I seem to need to spend a certain amount of time doing the transformation sometimes, like I have time to use up or something.>" She shrugged.

"<That's weird,>" Whisp rather tactlessly observed, very much used to being able to use her magic whenever she wanted.

"<You're weird.>" Interjected Kawasaki, as she shuffled closer to Yakashima. "<And Yaka-chan just doesn't understand about filler, for some reason. It's like how we sometimes have to spend hours just rambling aimlessly about nothing, before suddenly leaping forward with a revalation!>" She nodded, crossing her arms across her chest and adopting a stereotypical 'gangsta' pose. "Yea, bruv. Innit."

At a loss as to how to respond to that, Whisp turned once more to Devin for help.

"<I refuse to respond to that.>" Devin said, referring to Kawasaki's attempted quote. "<But I suppose everyone uses magic differently.>"

Kawasaki nodded. "<I suppose they do, but this is fairly normal here.>" She eyed Devin carefully. "<Can... Can I touch your ears?>"

And all of a sudden, Whisp was looking decidedly grumpy.

"Umm, er." Devin stuttered before looking to Whisp as if it were her decision. "Why is she mad?"

Yakashima sighed. "<He's obviously her protector, Kawa-chan. He's marked territory, and you'll probably get zapped for petting him.>"

Kawasaki whined. "<But they look so soft and fluffy!>"

Yakashima rolled her eyes, sighing. "<Maybe ask her instead?>"

Kawasaki nodded, brightening up. "<Ah... Newcomer-san, may I pet your boy's ears?>"

Whisp blinked a few times, surprised to find that it was suddenly up to her... and that she really didn't want her to. "<...No.>" she finally answered, looking as surprised as she felt by the revelation.

Kawasaki pouted. "Awww."

"<And my name is Whisp,>" the teen added as an afterthought, not having cared for being called 'Newcomer-san'.

Kawasaki and Yakashima bowed again. "Pleased to meet you, Whisp-san." They chorused, before exchanging looks. Yakashima spoke up again. "<I am Yakashima, and klutzy the clown over there is Kawasaki. My ferret here is Fluffy, and Kawasaki's snake is called Howard. What's your boy's name?>"

Whisp looked at Devin again, clearly wondering if she should answer, or let him.

Devin looked to Whisp to confirm if he should answer. "Devin Greyson. I am one of Jawoh-sensei's children."

The girls nodded. "Nice to meet you, Greyson-san." There was a pause, before Kawasaki spoke up. "<If you're Jawoh-sensei's son, then why isn't your surname Jawoh like hers?>"

"<The ones who were responsible for my birth were the Greysons... Not that I've ever met them. During my time as a test subject in a government lab I adopted her as a mother figure, and after spending my life up until recently being poked and prodded with knives and needles I, along with my kin and mother, escaped.>" Devin stated factually.

The girls nodded understandingly, before pulling out their phones to look up a few of the words he'd just used.

Lucius chuckled softly. 'Nice tae see ye're getting along. It's time fer ye tae get tae yer homeroom, though.'

"Is that what just happened?" Whisp then asked Devin in a whisper, not entirely convinced that had been 'getting along', though she didn't know what else it would be, either.

"I think so. They don't look mad or anything. " Devin whispered back, though in all honesty he had no idea.

"Oh, we're all mad here. I'm mad, you're mad, the Scotsman is mad..." Howard the Snake chimed in.

"How can you talk when you don't have lips?" Whisp (rather rudely) wanted to know.

"You manage to talk perfectly well without engaging your brain, so you'd be surprised what magic can do."

"I do too use my brain!" the teenaged girl objected.

"Telepathy?" Devin guessed.

"Magic, dear boy." Howard's tongue flicked out, and he hissed.

"What kind of magic?" Devin then asked, (frankly, he prefered the snake over the rodent).

"<Vaguely-defined magical magic.>"

"<Not quite the answer I was looking for, but I still like you more then the weasel.>"

Howard hissed again, before sliding out of Lucius' grasp and back to Kawasaki. "<I'm not surprised. He's a little bit racist.>"

Devin shrugged. "<Which way is homeroom?>" He then asked Lucius.

Lucius paused while he translated to English in his head, before pointing. 'That way, then turn right, an' third door on the left. Or ye can just follow me.'

Devin looked to Whisp as if to ask which she preferred, and earned a shrug in response - though she did move ever slightly, as if to follow Lucius. She was also still holding his hand.

-Whisp and Dev don't know anything about going to a proper school, including what supplies they might need.
-They also don't sleep the night before their first day - rare for Whisp, not so rare for Dev.
-Tiff picks them up to take them to school, still believing they're dating.
-Whisp has taken to holding Devin's hand. Awww!
-They also fall asleep on the way to school, using each other as pillows. Double awwwww!
-They meet Headmaster Lucius, who says no cell phones (sorry Dev!) and no using magic on the teachers (sorry Whisp!). Whisp also learns what detention is - who wants to bet she gets one before the week is out? XD
-Whisp and Dev meet Yakashima and Kawasaki, and their familiars.
-No, Kawasaki cannot touch Dev's ears. 'Cause Whisp says so.
-To class!

Summary of the Summary:
-Whisp and Devin are now attending CMGY Academy.


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Re: Just Another Day In Prohibition Megatokyo

(Recommended Listening: Politikill, Skinny Puppy, Mythmaker)

1st Cavalry IFV Laager
Yokota Air Base
1722, Local Time...

15th Armored Infantry's Mech Killers dismounted their tracks, walking away from the two Brads and the Stryker, the drivers pulling into designated parking spots.

"Well, that was pointless..." Corporal Sharde mused, cradling his M-240G over his shoulders.

"So the first time was a bust. Get over it." Corporal Hannigan replied, watching mechanics approach their tracks as the crews walked away from them. "At least Valdez is gettin' the hang of the roads."

"Barely. He almost plowed over a street light on the way back." Specialist Switalski said. "I wanna transfer over to Sergeant Durant's track..."

"No fuckin' way, Contradiction." Corporal SWAT Officer said. "You an' me ride in the same track cuz when we find that machine then we're crankin' steel, right?"

"Yeah... Right..." Switalski stammered. "Okay, you're right. Gotta keep our team together."

"Platoon, attention!" First Sergeant Topper called out, Lieutenant Crowley taking his gloves off.

"Well, not our most eventful patrol, but certainly not without merit." he started, Lieutenant Yoshihiko standing behind him. "Although I do expect a certain Corporal will get the RIGHT OF WAY OF THE ROAD DOWN PAT SOON!"

"Hey, s'not my fault, sir! These guys drive ass backwards like!" he replied. "Ahh, no offense, el-tee..."

"Again, none taken..." Lieutenant Yoshihiko sighed.

"Now, go get some rest. We start bright and early tomorrow morning." Crowley said. "Zero five hundred wakeup, PT, chow, then back on the road."

"'Everyday is exactly the same! Everyday is exactly the same!'" Hannigan started singing.

"Secure that shit, Corporal!" Sergeant Karolinski snarled.

"Thank you, Sergeant." Crowley said. "Platoon, attention! Dismissed." That said the soldiers dispersed, heading to the armory first to turn in a few high explosive weapons, specifically a number of M-72 LAW rockets, AT-4s, an M-3 Carl Gustav with several 84mm rounds, and enough C-4 to potentially remodel Mount Rushmore to look like the original lineup of Black Sabbath. Once at the barracks the soldiers pretty much did their own thing, a few making for the Post Exchange to get junk food and necessities for the week (read, Ripits, socks, and Slim Jims.) Lieutenants Crowley and Yoshihiko and First Sergeant Topper, however, went to report to Major Wylder.

"No sign of it, but it is just the first day of patrol." Crowley said, the Major jotting notes down. "If it does crop up we'll at least be ready."

"That is a good thing, however do be advised all Mech Killers, regardless of patrol rotation, have been instructed to act as a QRF* for the Metropolitan Police and SDF in the event of another anfag overloading." he said, tossing his pen away and taking another out of a box on the folding table he was using as his desk.

"Why not First Division? This is their turf, ain't it?" Topper asked.

"This is, however the fact that our Mech Killers, Army and Marine alike, will be out and about makes them more desirable as first responders in the event of another riot."

"What, they think twelve guys and three AFVs is enough to dissuade a fuckton of angry people who may or may not have torches and pitchforks?" Topper observed.

"Twelve highly trained warfighters and three heavily armed weapons platforms with the ability to call in equally heavily armed air support and, if need be, artillery." Jenks said, clasping his hands together and tapping his index fingers together. "Of course the last thing I want to see in the headlines is 'American artillery claims Japanese lives.'"

"You're telling me... I've seen those tetrapods both here and at Camp Nerima." Yoshihiko remarked.

"Rules of engagement, sir. Weapons will be tight." Jenks said as he resumed taking notes. "If you have nothing more then you are dismissed."

"Roger that, sir. Tomorrow's always a new day." Lieutenant Crowley said as the three took their leave. They passed Captain Ramirez-Kisaragi on their way out.

"Hey, Major, I had a question I wanted to ask..." Ei said, the Major setting his pen down.

"And that might be?"

"Well... I've got family in town and since we're not gonna be part of the exercises..." Major Wylder sighed then went back to writing notes.

"You know the procedures, Captain. Submit a pass request and it will go up the chain of command, as it should. When you get it back then maybe you can take leave. Given the current geopolitical situation I will be thoroughly surprised if you're granted a pass." he stated, in a very matter of fact manner.

"I just wanted to run it by your first, sir..." Jenks looked up briefly then back at his notes.

"I see... Have you anything else, Captain?"

"No sir."

"Then you're dismissed..." Eikichi sketched a half salute then left Jenks' ad hoc office. The Major stopped what he was doing and opened a can of fifty cal, taking his bottle of Jameson out and taking a quick swig before getting back to work.


(Recommended Listening: Unmanned, Dismantled, Exit)

Chambers Field
Naval Station Norfolk
Norfolk, Virginia
0339, US Eastern Time...

Norfolk had been a mess since the blast. Many radar systems were still down, necessitating the use of two Aegis Destroyers parked in the Cheasapeake as makeshift air traffic control backed up by an E-3B Sentry from Langley Air Force Base. Marines from Naval Amphibious Base Little Creek and soldiers from Fort Eustiss had been sent in to provide security and cleanup. Augmenting the regular gamut of FBI investigators and CIA agents were sailors from 2nd EOD out of NAB Little Creek. They had gathered and pored over the wreckage of the truck bombs, looking for any and all signs of who the maker might be, something they did quite well in Afghanistan.

"Hey, I need an agent here!" Petty Officer First Class Wilson called out from where he had gathered surviving components into what looked like part of a bomb. A pair of men wearing windbreakers with 'FBI' in bright, yellow letters joined him as well as a third wearing a black suit and tie.

"Find something?" Agent Kennard asked as another sailor approached.

"Oh hell yeah I did." Wilson replied. "This is definitely nothing like we've seen in the 'Stan. In fact it is shit that would make the bomb makers over there jizz their pants."

"Could you clarify?" Agent Dolan said.

"I can just by looking at it." Chief Carson said, picking up a component. "Al Queda likes to use off the shelf components, parts you can find anywhere."

"This isn't anything I've seen in all the bombs we've detonated or defused."

"What about the claim?" Kennard asked, another sailor walking up.

"A feint, possibly. Given how many of the fucks we blow up with drones something like this is, again, only something they can dream of."

"Hey, what about the EMP they said wrecked the base?" Wilson asked.

"That's something else they wish they had. This is someone else' work altogether."

"Chief, before I submit my report, do you think you have an idea who the aggressors are?" the CIA agent, one Agent Dylan Larson, asked. Chief Carson took a deep breath and looked up at a passing CH-53 Sea Stallion.

"I have no fucking clue."

"Thank you, Chief." Agent Larson said, turning and walking off. Once he was out of earshot he took out a rather large flip phone and dialed a number, waiting for the voice to say 'SECURE' before it began to ring.

"Report..." the voice at the other end said.

"2nd EOD says it wasn't al Queda just by looking at the bomb components." Larson said, covering his off ear as another helo flew past.

"Our man in Kabul says much of the same. They're concentrating on Coalition forces and most overseas ops they have going on are in Africa and Iraq. One of our informants said that the top AQ brass was surprised to hear of the attack." the voice replied.

"Sounds about right. I just wish I had more data."

"It'll come. I'll have this new data put in today's NIE**."

"Roger that, sir." Larson replied.

"You're doing good work out there. Out..." Larson closed the phone then started walking back. They could rule out one enemy but that didn't quite tell them exactly who was behind it. Of course that's why they pored over the evidence.


-The Mech Killers RTB.
-A very fruitless patrol.
-Eikichi has family in town.
-Procedure is procedure.
-Investigations of the blast.
-Not dhurka bombs.

*QRF: Quick Reaction Force. The expected reaction time is five minutes from the first call to action.
*NIE: National Intelligence Estimate. These are documents related to particular national security issues and prepared for policymakers.


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Re: Just Another Day In Prohibition Megatokyo

TimeStamp: A Day that Starts with T. Tuesday? Thursday? Today? Tomorrow?
Location: the bar
Authors: DT, Sareth

Windows on the street rattled as Mimi roared past in her Baracuda. The off duty officer noticed a small bar ahead and decided that was as good a place as any to get a drink and relocate her thoughts from recent events. She pulled in to a near by parking space, opting to just hop the curb instead of taking the time to parallel park the muscle car. Mimi stepped out of the car, adjusted her badge and off-duty peice to be less noticable but not invisable and cross the street to the bar. As she reached for the door, she had a odd feeling come over her. Dimissing it with a shrug, she opened the door and entered.

"<Welcome, honored guest,>" came the voice of the woman behind the bar. Though the words were a traditional greeting, the voice expressing them was slightly withering. The owner of the voice was looking toward Mimi, a slight scowl on her face making it look almost as severe as the cut of the kimono the woman wore. "<What can I make for you?>"

"<Sake to start,>" Mimi replied as she took a seat at the bar, "<You look familiar.>" Mimi eyed the bartender as she tried to place her.

"<I get that alot,>" the woman replied. She pulled a traditional jar out from under the bar, poured out some of the clear liquid inside into a small saucer and quickly heated it over a sterno. Setting the warmed sake in front of Mimi, she turned and studiously began cleaning things that had her facing away from the off duty cop.

Mimi sipped the sake and began to ponder recent events. It was exactly the opposite of why she came there but she couldn't shake the look of pure terror that the...she didn't know what to call him, he was certianly no cop as far she was concerned. Then she had accidentally done the same thing to Lucius, but it didn't seem to faze him. Before she knew it, the sake was gone. "Ugh," Mimi held her head in his hands, "<How about something stronger?>"

The mama-san arched an eyebrow, then pulled several bottles down from the back wall. She went to work mixing and soon produced a [url="http://mybestcocktails.com/recipe-119-Corpse-Reviver-No.2.html"]dangerous little concoction[/url]. "<Here.>"

Mimi accepted the drink and took a sip. "Mmmm, tasty," However, it was still not having the desired effect. Now she was focusing on her newly aquired powers and trying to figure out the best way to control them. She ovbiously wasn't doing that great of a job if she was randomly giving people lasting mental truama. Even if they deserved it. And especially if it's better than what she really wanted to do. And wow this drink is giving her ideas. All sorts of horrible things she could have done. Which makes her a good person for not doing them, right?

"<Say, can I ask you a question?>" Mimi didn't bother waiting for permission, "<If I, er someone, could have removed someone elses internal organs and oranged them in to a gortesque zen garden, but instead just gave them last mental truama, are they still a bad person?>"

For the first time Mama-san reacted with something other than a dower scowl. She arched an eyebrow, her lips pouting thoughtfully. "<'Bad' is such a loose term. I shall simply ask if he needed his bowels and stomach forcibly removed as repayment for a wrong done you?>"

"<Not me,>" Mimi said, <"There was a girl. She was helpless. And he, well lets just say he had less than gentlemanly intentions towards her.>" Mimi finished her drink.

"<And you refrained?>" The scowl was back.

"<Actually I didn't get that idea until this,>" she pointed at the empty glass, "<I'm a cop, I have rules...But I m1ay have crossed one of them,>" She sighed, "<To be completely honest, I don't even know what I did to him.>"

"<He suffered?>"

"<Still is as far as I know,>" Mimi shrugged, "<Not to change subject, but that was good. What else you got?>"

The smile returned to Mama-san's face. She turned and pulled out more bottles. The labels read "Jaegermeister", "Pepperment Schnapps", and "Cinnamon Schnapps". Equal amounts of each went into a glass, with ice, and was slid in front of the confused police officer. "<On the house,>" the woman said.

Mimi sniffed the beverage and her eyes watered, she shruged and took a sip. Her eyes went wide and she stiffeled a cough, "Whoa," she blinked several times and took another sip, "<I have a new favorite bar~>"

"<You need a place a bit more classy than this.>" Mama-san shrugged. "<This isn't the best neighborhood for police.>"

The officer started to shrug then stopped suddenly, "<I remember where I saw you before. Didn't recognize you with clothes on,>" she blurted out, "<Also not covered in blood. Kimono is rather complmentary though.>"

The smile was gone. Mama-san's voice was gentle, but her eyes, solid black, gave the lie to it. "<Like I said. This isn't the best neighborhood for the police.>"

Mimi tilted her head to the side and looked right in those onyx pools, "<I don't see any RAVERS or maleviolent food iteams about, so it's significantly further upscale from my old hangouts,>" came her reply. There was no tone of challange in her voice, just the simple statement of fact.

"<Around here it's not the food you have to worry about, human.>"

The office laughed at that. "<Human?>" She asked though her chuckles, "<I highly doubt that applies to people like us,>" at the word "us" several shadows flickered though the lights never changed, "<We who have held the book can hardly be considered human can we?>"

For the first time the mercurial barkeeper looked taken aback. Coal black eyes narrowed, examining Mimi closely. "<Who are you?>"

"<Kamimila Saneki,>" was her reply, "<Formerly of the Church.>"

"<The Church is dead.>"

"<Yeah, I was away for that,>" Mimi replied, "<Actually I was away for a long time before that.>" The officer looked at her drink and took another sip, "<I thought The Lady had rejected me and I left. I was wrong.>"

Mama-san shook her head. "<That was probably for the best, then.>"

"<Well I'm here at least,>" Mimi responded, "<I'm also guessing Whisp hasn't said anything either then huh?>"

Startled for the second time in as many minutes, mama-san shook her head. "<Nooooooo.>"

The officer pondered this for a moment, "<What does that say about us then?>"

"<That we, or at least I, need to have a chat with that girl.>"

"<Did she at least tell you about the ice cream?>" Mimi asked, the alcohol not quite making her tipsy, but more along the lines of making her not care about stuff that actually mattered.

Mama-san shook her head, looking exasperated. "<Teenagers.>" She shother eyes upwards, as though looking at something on the second story. "<I am not looking forward to that stage.>"

Mimi chuckled, instantly understanding both the look and the lament, "<Don't have the problem myself,>" she said, "<Also, that's some manor the Manor is.>"

"<It always has been.>"

Mimi didn't have much to say to that, she couldn't imagine the Manor having ever been anything but. "<By the way, where is Whisp from? She has an odd method of greeting people.>"

A sigh came as the answer. The woman behind the bar looked cross, an expression she seemed to carry often. "<She's not from around here.>"

Mimi facepalmed, "<Doh, she already told me,>" the woman shook her head to attempt to clear the pepperment cob webs, "<This stuff is really good.>"


"Hai," Mimi replied quickly and held up the glass, "<Like I said, new farovite bar.>"

"<If you insist. You likely will die here, you might as well enjoy yourself first.>"

"<Excellent idea,>" Mimi agreed.

Another drink was mixed and set before Mimi. Mama-san leaned back against the back of the bar, watching the woman.

The other woman sipped the drink and relaxed on her stool, "<So, what do you know about The Book?>" Mimi asked suddenly.

"<That it has answers. That it knows quite a bit about the divide between life and death, and how fluid the boundry is. That it is a source of power into which Miho-sama placed a piece of her own soul.>"

"<Did you ever see the original?">

"<No. It has been lost to us.>"

Mimi was silent for a moment before whispering to her self, "<Maybe that's why I heard it...>"

Mama-san arched an eyebrow.

"<Sorry, booze makes me mumble sometimes,>" was her lame apology.

"<Isn't that true of most of us?>"

"<I imagine so,>" Mimi agreed, "<So...how did you find out about the copy?>"

"<My mistress had it.>" The woman sighed, and poured herself a shot of khalua, then downed it neat.

"<Your mistress?>"


Mimi had heard the name before but had never met the miko herself and knew very little about her. She had hoever see her in the OCSB on at least one occasion. "<Was she there when...>" Mimi's voice trailed off, the question hanging in the air.

An arched eyebrow was her only answer.

Mimi's inebreated mind could only direct her hands to make an "explody" motion.

"<Mahou-sama is no longer.>"

Mimi looked rather embarrassed at her method of asking and looked down with her hands folded on the bar, "<I'm sorry to hear that..>"

Mama-san shrugged noncommitally. "<It is what it is.>"

"<So what do you do,>" Mimi paused as she looked back up at Saeko, "<Now? Other than this, of course.>" the officer motioned to the bar around her.

"<I kill cops.>"

"<All of them or just the dirty ones?>" Mimi was officially drunk enough to start bluring ethical lines. Not that she felt she had much room to talk after what she did herself.

"<There's a difference?>" The voice was conversational.There was no emotion behind it, simply a barkeep discussing something topical with a patron. "<If you aren't actively beating and harrassing my kind, you are turning a blind eye. You are all the same. Abusive, vile, weak, cowardly freaks who don't know your place.>"

"<No,>" Mimi shook her head and then instantly regretted at the room continued to vibrate after she had stopped. "<There are some good ones out there,>" She thought of Yuuta and her fellow officers on the Street Crimes Unit, "<Not enough. But we aren't all like that. Not everyone is that asshole I....took care of.>" She knew it was a loosing fight, there were far to few decents cops it seemed, "<At least try not to kill them.>"

The shopkeeper cocked her head to the side. "<Why?>"

"<Because they are the ones that,>" She paused, looking for the right words and only finding the lyrics to late 90's anime theme songs, "<I wanna yell outn Sailor Moon right but I think I'm looking for support.>"

"<A point of law, if you please.>" Mama-san poured herself another shot. "<If you arrive at a murder and discover someone was there the whole time, standing and watching it. They could have stopped it but didn't. By allowing it to happen are they not guilty of at least being an accessory to murder, if not an actual accomplice?>"

"<The one's that don't do anything? Yes,>" Mimi nodded in agreement, "<But the one's who did step in, only to be beaten side, are they?>" Mimi finished her drink, looking at Saeko through the empty glass before setting it down with much more concintration than most people would exercise, "<And you have a very nice rack.>" She hicupped.

Mama-san laughed. "<I will make you a deal, police woman. Prove to me that there are cops who have been beaten for stopping the abuse of my kind, and I will let you see that rack.>" She leaned forward, her eyes flashing a challenge. "<Up close. Close enough to touch, if you like.>"

The officer blinked, both in confusion and at the proposal itself. She did the simple math in her head before declaring, "<Challange accepted!>" Mimi planted her hand on the bar and stood up with one foot firmly on the ground and the other firmly entrenched in the bar stool. In the blink of an eye she was on her ass looking at the ceiling. "<Perhapns it will have to wait until tomorrow...This is a very nice floor as well.>"

Mama-san sighed. She walked back around the bar and bent down over Mimi. Her hand tangled in the collar of Mimi's shirt, and then the drunk police woman was drug over to the door and out onto the sidewalk. A convenient taxi pulled to the side with the bar tender's wave.

Mimi was uncerimoniously dumped in the back of the cab in a less than tidy pile. She felt the heat of the woman's breath against her ear.

"<Don't come back.>"

Mimi pouted out the window a little as the cab drove away.


Mimi shows up at the bar.
She proceeds to get snokered in spite of Saeko suggesting that this is a Bad Place For Her.
Mimi figures out who Saeko is, but doesn't do anything about it.
Saeko figures out what Mimi is, but doesn't do anything about it.
Nobody is dead yet, which is a bit of a surprise, all things considered.


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Re: Just Another Day In Prohibition Megatokyo

Title: True Forms
Location: The Bar
Time: After the as yet unposted shopping incident involving Shinyai, Alexis, Victoria, and Arella
Character(s): Shinyai, Saeko, NPCs
Author(s): Notsonoble, Sareth

Shinyai walked up to the door of the bar, and wondered, knowing now that the woman she was about to speak to again was no planar force like in her old world, if she was imposing on the woman.

Silly, you're here about a job, and you know she just lost one "employee". One part of her brain scolded.

Yeah, but that was family. She may not want to deal with it, it's not like you've seen the place so swamped that she couldn't handle it alone. another defended.

Shinyai went back and forth some more in her head outside the door.

The door slid open. Saeko was standing there, looking ever so slightly cross, though there was a twinkle in her grey eyes. "<Are you coming in, or are you going to keep brooding out on my doorstep? You're making Yuki antsy.>"

At that moment, Shinyai realized she wasn't just here looking for work. "<Sorry, miss Saeko. I think I'll come in.>" Shinyai didn't wait for Saeko to move before stepping into the door jam, craving closeness.

Smiling, Saeko closed the door behind her, then walked over to the bar. She gave a nod to Onna and Tsubasa, the perpetual customers, that left them with expressions of mild bemusement.

Behind the bar, she grabbed a glass. "<What would you like, Shinyai-san?>"

Shinyai stuck her hand in the pocket of her new long coat and felt how many bills she still had. Then she realized she still didn't know what things were called here, "<Something warm, sweet, and you feel all the way down.>"

"<Well,>" Saeko turned to the mirror behind the bar. She pulled down a glass bottle that had never been opened. "<This isn't quite sweet, and certainly should not be warm, but you will most certainly feel it.>" She poured a finger of the contents into the glass, then bent under the bar to bring up another, smaller bottle, filling the glass with the rest of it. "<Tell me what you think.>"

Shinyai picked up the glass, and smelt cinnamon like heat, and took a gulp. The drink went down well, and she savored the feeling to pull her away from the brooding. "<Thanks for that.>" She looked up to see Saeko's reaction, but her eyes slowed their travel at the sight of Saeko leaning on the bar, chin rested on palm, and a clear view down the top. Shinyai's eyes continued up to Saekos black eyes and broad grin, and Shinyai felt a heat that had nothing to do with the Whiskey.

Saeko casually waved away the thanks with her free hand. "<My pleasure.>" She stood back up straight, then turned and made herself a drink as well. Setting it on the bar, she turned back to Shinyai. "<What brings you to my den of ill repute today?>"

The question cleared Shinyai's head a little, and she shook it clearer Crazy woman! she thought to herself. "<Well, I actually came looking for work.>" She said quietly suddenly back to nervous brooding.

Saeko's eyes widened mildly. "<We're not really a den of ill repute, you know.>"

Shinyai's lurched back as if she'd been struck, "<No, I meant... I know you lost your bartender... oh hell.>" Shinyai went to pull her cash out of her pocket and stand up. Stupid woman, you were better off fighting demons. Can't even settle well into a part of this "modern-civilization" with people who aren't human.

"<Sit down,>" Saeko laughed. "<I was teasing.>" Saeko smiled gently. "<So you want to bar tend?>"

"<Honestly, I don't know a thrice-damned thing about bar tending, but after the ups and downs of today...>" She finished her drink. "<I don't know.>"

The smile was gone, replaced with a look that was both personal concern and something more. Something darker. "<What happened?>"

"<The landlady came this morning while I was trying to clean up after the fight. She gave me half the rent I'd payed for this month, and asked me to leave. I argued, but apparently someone had threatened her and other tenants if I or some of the other meta's who stood up to this shit stayed. I tried to argue to stay, but she was damned scared by something. So now I'm unemployed, and probably unhousable in this wretched city.>"

There was a moment of silence, during which Saeko rested her elbows on the bar, clasping her hands together, and planted her chin atop them. Her eyes were mostly black. After a moment she stirred.

"<Shinyai, do you know who I am?>"

"<Beyond a mind-numbingly attractive woman barkeep who just happens to have wings and a knack for reading me? Not really. When we first met, I thought you might be an angel or demon of some sort. That doesn't explain being Arella's sister though. I'm pretty sure that was you covered in blood naked on the TV a while back.>" Shinyai shrugged, then winced as the shrug caused the hilt of the katana she'd moved from her bag of holding to under her jacket poked her in the rib.

Quietly, Saeko straightened up again and walked out from behind the bar. She disappeared down the hall in the back, returning moments later. A binder settled softly on the bar in front of Shinyai. "<Open it.>"

Shinyai looked at the binder, and did as requested. She the headlines of newspaper clipping after newspaper clipping. The drink turned in her stomach a few times, but she kept on. "<Not exactly what I expected, but not the first time I found someone's past littered with blood and pain.>" She looked up to Saeko.

"<It's not the past,>" Saeko said quietly.

"<You didn't exactly throw me on the street when I walked in here last week.>" Shinyai replied.

"<You're one of us.>" Saeko looked over to the booth where the perpetual customers tended to sit. She gave a nod. The two rose and came over. "<Show her.>"

In a mere moment, one eye-blink to the next, the two no longer looked remotely human. Onna's skin had become a white that was almost blue, as ice crackled around her, slowly creating a slick in a light reflecting sheen on the floor. Shinyai's drink, a strong alcohol, froze as the woman casually reached over and touched the glass. She smiled, and there was nothing humane about the smile.

And Tsubasa...

Only his shape remained vaguely human. A raven head stared at Shinyai from behind a sharp beak as black wings stretched across the bar. When he spoke, it came out as a croak, his Japanese a form so formal and ancient Saeko had to translate to the woman from another plain of existence.

"<He is a tengu, an ancient race of warriors in the mountains. He has grown tired of having to retreat further back into the mountains every year to avoid human encroachment. He has decided to encroach right back. And she, is Yuki-Onna. The personal embodiment of death by freezing. She is here because she likes the killing.>"

Saeko shrugged, letting her wings tear through the back of her expensive kimonos. "<And I am Sable Princess Saeko.>" Saeko smiled, then leaned back down to catch Shinyai's grey eyes with her solid back ones. "<Do you still want that job?>"

Shinyai looked at the three, the Tengu was no real shock. The Yuki-Onna was new though. Saeko was back to the stunning creature she met that night with the child. She stood, and shrugged off her new jacket, and filled out her loose blouse and baggy pants as she took her original kitsune form. Damn, where's Laurelni when I need him to talk me out of a bad spot. "<I am Kitsune. I come from a land where my kind are feared, and sometimes hunted. I've spilled the blood of man, elf, dwarf, demon, and things I can't even describe anymore with this sword. I've enjoyed the fight, the hunt of an enemy. However, I've never had the craving to kill for the sake of killing.>"

"<I won't ask you to. But know that those who come here are here because we are tired of humans trying to drive us out of our own homes. If you are going to bar tend here, that is who you will serve.>"

Shinyai looked Sakeo in the eye, No fear girl, time to see if this is the woman you want. No secrets. "<What of humans who have no quarrel with us? Are they welcome among you, or your patrons when about their lives away from here?>"

"<Killing them would be a waste of resources and time,>" Saeko shrugged. "<And call attention we don't want away from the attention we do want.>"

"<And if Yuki wanted human friends, or grew up attracted to them in the future? Would that be okay? Or could you bring yourself fight along side humans to defend their homes if they meant you no harm, but couldn't handle the threat to their places alone?>"

"<Don't you understand?> Saeko, for once, looked tired. "<I want her to have those choices. But now? In the world she is growing up in?>"

Saeko looked away, then turned to the bar. She poured herself a straight shot of the whiskey. "<This is for her.>"

Shinyai relaxed a little, "<Okay, one of us should quit posturing. I didn't come here to challenge anyone's beliefs or goals. I think perhaps I've upset us all.>"

"<You have nothing to apologize for. And a job if you want it. You know where the apartment is and have seen the sleeping arrangements.>" Saeko let her wings return, leaving behind torn cloth and pale, soft flesh. "<It's up to you.>"

"<I'm afraid I was quite serious when I said I don't actually know anything about bar tending.>" Shinyai shrugged. "<Especially in a world where there are so many stills and ale's are shipped out like wines. If you don't mind teaching a freeloader to do her job for a bit. I'll take it.>" Shinyai sat down, and slumped. "<What a day...>" She looked at Saeko.

"<What a day,>" Saeko echoed.

Shinyai finished her drink, and motioned for the other two patrons to sit at the bar. She wasn't sure this is where she should be, but she was too tired to go anywhere else. Here, at least, she was still welcome, or perhaps simply tolerated.

-Shinyai goes back to the bar, she thinks she's job hunting
-Shinyai figures out something other than employment is what interests her at the bar
-Saeko and other patrons reveal their true physical forms, and nature
-Shinyai isn't so bothered by the physical
-The mentality of the group wigs her out though
-Shinyai tries to keep the job hunt from turning into yet another fight for her life
-Heads cool, Shinyai is offered the job anyway
-Shinyai's doesn't expect Saeko's welcome to last all that long, but will take what she can get at this point


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Once Upon a Time in Mexico...or was it Guetamala?

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Re: Just Another Day In Prohibition Megatokyo

Let Slip The Dogs of War.
Timestamp: Within a week of 'Whisp and Devin Go To School'
Location: Manor, streets near Yokota Air Base, and Yokota Air base proper
Authors: AresenalXA4, Oblivion

Devin had been sitting in the garage, tinkering with his Mechanized Assault Canines for two days straight; in said time he had made great strides and had finished one MAC for each class and decided to name them accordingly. "Unit Zero-One, your designation is Deadlock.
"Rat-tat-bang." The heavy assault MAC, outfitted with mounted a M-32 grenade launcher, a single M-134 vulcan minigun, and who was also the largest of the five MACs standing before Devin.

"Unit Zero-Two, you shall be known as Low Vis." Devin said as he pointed to a smaller, more slick version of the previous MAC.

"I see, my name is a reference to my designation as a stealth unit. Humorous." Said the steath MAC, which was equipped with nine milimeter gun ports on it's head, tazers, an assortment of blades, and active camouflage.

"Indeed. Zero-Three, Longshot." Devin stated as he moved his finger to the next in line.

"Imaginative, I like it." Said the MAC who was brandishing a Barrett .50 mounted to it's hull as well as nine milimeter gun ports similar to those on Low Vis, as well as a two foot blade along it's back.

"Zero-Four, Carbine." Devin moved his finger to the second to last MAC, that was lined up in front of him.

"Understood." The light assault MAC who had two FS2000 assault rifles mounted to it's back, which had been modified to be fed rounds from it's torso, a small blade upon it's hip, along with a set of five grenades.

"Zero-Five, you are Crackdown." Devin said as he pointed to the last MAC in line. The MAC who had an AA-12 and a mine launcher mounted to it's back nodded in response.

"I am Devin, as you already know, I've created you. Now I hate to send you out to the field so soon after initial activation, but their is a riot over near Yokota and I want the five of you to make sure those rioters remain relatively unharmed. Understood?" Devin said as he sat in his chair and admired his work.

"Acknowledged." Said the five MACs in unison.

"Excellent, I've uploaded coordinates to your GPS. Deploy." Said Devin as he opened the garage door and watched the MACs run out to their destination.


1st Cavalry CP
Yokota Air Base.
1404, Local Time...

Brigadier Rosoft watched the overheads from a Global Hawk UAV that had been launched from Okinawa the day before. It was originally intended to assist Mech Killers in spotting the stolen Lancer however recent events necessitated them being used to guide QRF and local law enforcement, as needed.

"Sergeant, those rioters are awfully close." he observed, leaning against his console.

"The Metropolitan Police have yet to send anyone to marshal them away from us." the airman replied, keeping his eyes glued to his console.

"I don't like it. Get me Colonel Austin. I want to see what assets we have." he ordered. The colonel arrived in short order, Rosoft bringing him up to speed.

"We've got an MP battalion here but driving them out there... There's bound to be roadblocks, most likely made of overturned cars, burning debris-"

"I've been to the Mog, colonel. I know what kind of roadblocks you mean." he replied, thinking back to when he was in the back of Sergeant Strucker's Humm Vee, trying to reach Micke Durant's crash site and finding every road into the city blocked. "The other option that gives me is dropping a Lancer or two with less lethal weapons. Is that a viable option?"

"It is, actually. I can pull one of our Raptors from perimeter security. The normally carry a '65 with an LRAD, a shield, and a GBR. We just have to add tear gas to their grenade launchers." Colonel Austin replied.

"Any undergo recent MECHALTs? I know the stock models don't have shoulder boxes." The base model LM-21 Utahraptor ostrommaysorum was built to be as light as possible but still be able to stand up to small arms fire and light cannons. For Afghanistan and Iraq many were fitted with Mech Urban Survival Kits, improving their frontal armor, leg armor, and pilot survivability. Some recent A3 models and a few older A2s had undergone a MECHALT to install an armored box on the left shoulder, enabling them to carry missiles, guns, etc. Yokota had only one MECHALT machine and it was down for regular maintenance.

"One, but it's OOC."

"So give me what you got. I'll have two of my own brought online just in case. Light ones." Unfortunately the only light ones were a medium biped geared for Electronic Warfare and a heavy Sniper type that had a lot of armor stripped and replaced with PCMS to minimize it's radar cross section.

"Alright. I'll send the order out and get one of ours going. Hopefully it's going to be a whole lot of nothing." Colonel Austin said as he picked up a phone and sent the order out. Across the base a pilot walked out to his Lancer, a robin's egg blue machine with MP battalion markings and the Air Force roundel on the shoulders. Any casual observer would have also noticed the Decepticon sigil on the sides of the head. The pilot, Chief Master Sergeant Eli Martinez, had been briefed on the situation and had made sure his Lancer, Barricade, had been properly outfitted. The M-243 grenade launchers had been loaded with a mix of smoke and CS tear gas and the GAR-65 had been fitted with an LRAD emitter. It was an acoustic weapon that emitted a low frequency tone that affected the inner ear. Prolonged exposure could cause hearing damage and, at certain frequencies, cause loss of bowel control.

"Weapons tight, chief!" an airman on the ground shouted as a CH-47M hovered over the Lancer, winching equipment lowering.

"It's just a riot. Couple rounds of tear gas and a concentrated wave of sound ought to be enough." Martinez said as he descended into his machine and bolted the hatch. The startup was routine. The winching was routine. The flight over was routine.

"CP, this is Sky Guard 2-6, one mile from DZ."

"CP confirms. Good luck out there."

"Roger that. Disengaging transport in three... two... one!" Barricade dropped like a brick, boosters kicking in to slow it's descent. Unfortunately Sky Guard had been off by a few yards, resulting in Barricade upending two cars on his touchdown.

"Sky Guard, you dropped me on a couple cars!" Martinez reported over the radio.

"I hope they're in Good Hands." the helo pilot replied with a chuckle.

"Very funny... CP, this is Guard Dog Actual. Moving to AOR." Martinez reported in, walking away from the cars. He had a Mk 119 mod 4 shield in his Lancer's left hand and a '65 in the right hand. A GBR-14A1 was stowed in the shoulder hangar should he need a stronger punch. Given the composition of the rioters that may not even be necessary.

Back at Yokota word had reached Major Wylder that his 'lightest' were to go on standby. Of course one of the pilots thought it rightly absurd and was expressing his feelings on the matter.

"Major, is CP out of it's fucking mind? Sturm is a sniper platform." Sergeant First Class Arcturus said, crewmen already changing out the AP canisters for tear gas rounds and switching out the M-199 Sniper Cannon and M-61A4 Vulcan for a GSR-76 and a GAR-65A4 with under-barrel LRAD emitter.

"Sturm is also lighter than Georgi." the Major replied, signing off on the new ordinance.

"Georgi is a shock weapon. Send him and Khukov out." Jenks looked at Hayden.

"Think about what you just said. Especially the 'shock weapon' part." Hayden thought about it and could only visualize a pile of gristle that was probably an angry mob before it came up against the business end of a GAU-8/B Avenger cannon.

"Okay, point taken... Who's my backup?"

"Specialist Pyle and Chainlink."

"I almost want to ask why not Pash and Barrage but I then start to think of a pile of gristle that was an angry mob until two Vulcan cannons violently rearranged it with a wall of 'fuck you.'" Hayden mused. "So Pyle it is. He taking that turret launcher of his?"

"Yes. We're loading it with Mk 19s and tear gas rounds. That's rearguard only." Jenks replied, the beat of two Chinook Chiefs getting louder outside.

"Alright. I really don't like this. Absolutely positively do not like this. But I'll go with it because as a soldier when push comes to shove, I get shoved." Hayden said, walking to Sturm and climbing up the mecha's left leg.

"Fortunately I'm aware that when you, in particular, get shoved, you knife them back." Jenks said to no one in particular as both Lancers rose and marched outside, guidied to a marshaling area by a ground crewman.


Meanwhile the MACs had arrived at their destination. "I see no law enforcement-Scratch that. Mecha just landed on two cars with all the grace of a train wreck." Commented Longshot as he examined the figure through the optic feed put forth by it's rifle from the roof of a nearby building that put him above the mecha's line of sight. "U.S. made, light armor. I advise targeting legs."
"Blow up it's legs? Got it." Said Deadlock from an alley as Low Vis faded from sight to stalk the target.

"I advise we wait until an opportunity presents itself." Advised Carbine as he monitored Longshot's visual feed. Crackdown silently stalked the alleys near Barricade and prepared to launch mines as needed.

"CP, Guard Dog Actual, I am four hundred meters from hostiles. Will start with tear gas once I'm close enough." Martinez reported, deploying the shield and flipping a few switches to prime two of his grenade launchers.

"Guard Dog Actual, CP, read you lima charlie. Remember, weapons tight."

"Roger that. I doubt any of them have RPGs among them. Out."

"Would you believe it if they had torches and pitchforks?" Barricade asked.

"Very funny. Anything they'd have would be a pittance against us." Martinez replied. "All the same, I'd rather not shoot live rounds today."

"No police brutality. Got it. Time to maximum effective range of grenad launchers: one minute." Martinez kept his fingers on the switches, looking at his primary and secondary cameras. "This is too cut and dry. We just pop CS and watch them scatter. Better than the alternative."

"Maximum effective range met." Barricade announced.

"CP, Guard Dog Actual, popping tear gas. Say again, popping tear gas!" Martinez reported as he flipped a pair of switches. On the outside any observer would have seen two of the M-243 grenade launchers ignite, a puff of smoke signalling their deployment. The grenades arced up and ignited, spraying tear gas before they touched down.

"CP copies. Report state of mob."

"Wind's carrying the smoke their way. I'll hang back for now." Martinez replied.

"Roger that, Guard Dog. Keep us posted."

Seeing the tear gas canisters being launched Crackdown launched several mines at Barricade's feet and Lockdown leapt into the street and fired a grenade that detonated on the mines, creating a chain reaction of explosions around the mecha. Low Vis saw this as an opportunity jumped off a wall and latched to Barricade's back. He began climbing up, creating an eerie tapping sound from his claws contacting the hull as he did. Carbine leapt onto the street and began moving to the target. Taking cover as frequently as possible. The attack came as a shock to both Martinez and Barricade.

"CP, CP, under attack by unknown number of hostiles!" Martinez reported, wheeling his Lancer around to face the enemy.

"Structural integrity in right leg compromised, recommend evacuation!" Barricade advised. Martinez could hear the sound of something climbing his Lancer and did the only thing that made sense.

He fired off his Lancer's boosters however because he was pitching to the right at the time his angle of ascent was off and out of control. As Barricade took off Low Vis hopped from the hull and analyzed it's trajectory. "Target removed from combat." He determined as he dashed behind a truck.

"Acknowledged." Carbine noted as he moved along a series of cars parked along the road.

"The rioters are dispersing." Advised Longshot from his rooftop while Lockdown moved back into the alley he leapt from.

"Expect more." Lockdown advised as he loaded more rounds to his grenade launcher.

"What the hell are those..." Brigadier Rosoft said as he watched the video feed. Martinez and Barricade had landed in a storefront two blocks away. Already a helo was up and out to recover him.

"I wish I had an answer, sir." Colonel Austin replied. Brigadier Rosoft picked up his handset and keyed it.

"Killing Machine, Junkpile, you're up. Got one man down. I don't want two more down." he said. "If you can then disable one of those and bring it back."

"Roger that." Hayden replied, the helos carrying him and Specialist Pyle picking up speed.

"Disengaging transport in three... two... one..." Both Lancers fell in the same manner as Martinez', however they landed with much more grace. Chainlink reached back and placed the turret launcher onto the shoulder hangar, an M-230LF chaingun rotating into place for the Lancer to grab. In his right hand was the GAR-65 chaingun.

"CP, this is Killing Machine. We're on target. Going radar invisible." Hayden reported. From Rosoft's view of the battlefield Sturm disappeared, active camouflage cloaking all thirty feet and twenty one tons of weapons platform.

"CP, Junkpile. Deploying drone." Specialist Pyle reported as Chainlink took a knee. The drone pad opened up to reveal a quad rotor UAV, Pyle letting go of the control sticks and picking up a controller that looked vaguely like the kind used with the Playstation 3. He took control of the drone and sent it airborne, watching it's camera. The CP could see much of the same video feed, the drone rising above the rooftops then above the power lines.

"CP, eyes on hostile, count one- Wait one... Count four..." he reported, moving the drone to try and get a better view. "Killing Machine, do you see this?"

"Got eyes on it real good." Hayden replied. He was passing by Martinez' Lancer, two airmen from a UH-60 Black Hawk hooking winching equipment to it in order to recover it. Had there not been two helos above then they may have been able to hear the slow footfalls of the cloaked Lancer. As it was the only sign of it was the rocking of parked cars close to the machine as it made it's approach. "Oh yeah, I see you up there. CP, Killing Machine. I can confirm four targets. One's up high on a rooftop. Looks like a sniper on overwatch."

"Killing Machine, CP, do you have a clear shot?" Hayden slowly adjusted the right stick, bringing the GSR-76 up and carefully drawing a bead.

"CP, I have a clear shot... Gonna have to make it count." he said. "Junkpile, I may need close in support as soon as I take the shot."

"Roger. Recovering drone." Pyle replied, turning the drone around and flying it back. Hayden saw the gun elevate.

"Pyle, screw the drone!" One shot came from the target, the drone going offline. Hayden had taken his eyes away from his camera for long enough to lose his target. "CP, lost target, lost the shot. Realigning..."

"Drone destroyed, relocate!" Longshot called out as he hopped from rooftop to rooftop, to lose any line of sight that was on him.

"Acknowledged." Confirmed the rest of the MACs. Lockdown dashed down the alley and met up with Crackdown, while Carbine dashed into a building and climbed to the second floor. Low Vis continued to stalk the sidewalks, watching for so much as a turned stone to represent the location of their new enemy.

"Junkpile, CP, you've got incoming."

"Roger. Popping smoke." Pyle said, flipping two switches on his console. The grenades arced up and detonated in mid air, laying down a smoke screen. "Chainlink, weapons free on the Typhoon."

"Understood." The Typhoon was a Mk 38 mod 2 based on a similar weapon in use with the US Navy. It was a variation of the M-242 Bushmaster chaingun with remote control and was used against small boats and low, slow fliers. On Lancers it was intended as a point defense weapon to engage ground targets.

"Junkpile, I'm stealthing to a support position. Break, Sky Guard, do you still have boots on the ground?"

"Killing Machine, we just recovered our crewmen. Winching Guard Dog Actual now." the helo pilot replied.

"Winch faster, there's gonna be a firefight here." Hayden advised, catching a brief glimpse of one of the targets. "Junkpile, I got an idea. Chainlink, Sturm, you're not going to like it."

"Do I ever like your ideas?" Sturm deadpanned.

"I'll take what I can get."

"Broadcast jamming energy." Hayden advised.

"Yeah, I don't like it..." Chainlink said. Pyle flipped a safety cap from a series of switches and flipped them in sequence. Anyone nearby would have lost wifi, phone signals, and digital cable reception, if the box hadn't exploded by now. The CP also lost some visual, the area under the effects distorting and blurring.

"Broadcasting at sixty percent... Sarge, I can't aim manually like you can..."

"Good enough time to learn." Hayden replied.

As comms went dead Longshot maintained his position and observed the field. Lockdown looked to Crackdown. "The crowds have vacated. I recommend evacuation." The suggestion warranted a nod from Crackdown before Lockdown fired off mores code for 'fall back' with his M-134, Crackdown fired a round from his AA-12 in response and the duo fled.

"Clever." Commented Longshot as he hopped from the roof to a smaller roof, then an alley before firing off a round and evacuating. Low Vis whipped his tail to the side in frustration and retreated without a sound, he had just discovered that he hated having the hunt interrupted.

"Acknowledged." Said Carbine as he trotted down the stairs, he was too close to the road to fire off a round and needed to vacate to an alley, where a mecha couldn't fit. Hayden watched his screens, Sturm training his own Mk 38 from the right shoulder. He continued to move carefully. All radio chatter had turned to static under the effects of the jamming field.

"C'mon, show yourself. You came out here for a fight. Don't run off now." he mused, rounding a corner. Pyle, on the other hand, had put himself into a corner, giving himself a wide field of fire on the left and the right. He was lamenting the fact that his Mk 19 turrets had tear gas rounds instead of the usual HEDP grenades. Then again it wouldn't have made much of a difference as IFF and some targeting was being jammed. He could only look at his screens, paranoia increasing.

Then the MACs started shooting. Pyle jumped and pulled both triggers, firing the M-230 down one street and the '65 down the other.

"Pyle, what the fuck!?" Hayden snarled, ducking behind cover. Anyone who would have been looking his way would have seen the Lancer appear then disappear briefly.

"It would appear as though one of them suffers from a nervous disorder." Carbine noted as he moved to the doorway and examined the street before moving to take cover behind a truck to plot a path to the nearest alleyway. Hayden keyed his radio, getting nothing but static. Still he tried to hail Pyle.

"Pyle. Pyle! PYLE, YOU CAN TURN THE JAMMER OFF NOW!" he shouted. "God dammit, I hate it when my ideas turn into double edge swords... Gonna have to do this manually." Hayden undid his harness and pulled the leads that jacked into his suit to allow the AI to monitor his vitals.

"Hayden, what are you doing?" Sturm asked, the sniper opening a bin and taking out an M-21 rifle.

"I am going to tell Pyle to secure the jammer so we can report in." he replied, popping the hatch and getting out. Any observer would have been perplexed to see a man seemingly appear from out of nowhere. Hayden slammed the hatch shut, the Lancer's form appearing then disappearing again.

"Fuck me..." he swore, looking down. He could see clear to the ground despite knowing that there was no clear way to the ground. "Y'know what, fuck it. I'm jumping."

And jump he did, clipping the left knee and landing on the trunk of a car, face first.

"Du scheist micht an! Shit! Fucking, fucking, fucking shit!" he swore, rolling off the car and getting to his feet. "Sturm, cover me!"

"Jawhol... Covering..." Sturm replied as he followed his pilot.

Carbine observed the event unfold before him with curiosity. "Disembarkment? Are they aware of our retreat?" He asked himself as he approached Hayden cautiously, barely maintaining line of sight. "He is either being followed, or foolish." he determined as he continued to observe.

Hayden completely ignored doctrine, making himself a very visible target as he ran down the street, finally finding Pyle. He could see piles of spent brass and a few cars with holes in them.

"Pyle! Hey, you sorry ass, piss poor excuse for a-"

"Sarge, what the hell are you doing exposed!?" Pyle shouted via the Lancer's PA.

"Turn off the jammer! Radio's dead because of it!" Hayden shouted, climbing ontop of a car and pointing at his ear. "Can you at least hear me now?"

"Oh, okay... Disengaging jammer." Pyle said, reaching over and securing the SLQ32. Hayden jumped down from the car and closed the distance between himself and the Lancer. "Okay, what the fuck? You weren't shot at and yet it looks like you had a one sided shoot out at the OK Corral. Wanna explain?"

"I... got scared..." Hayden was about to say something then stopped.

"Okay, I'll give you that one. Fine... Let's do a sweep then call it in." he said, walking back to where he presumed Sturm was.

Carbine's rifles trained on Hayden as he walked. "Curious." He said to himself before dashing across the street to further observe Hayden's behavior. The moment he regained connection with the other MACs they began to update one another.

Hayden stopped in the middle of the street and looked right.

"Hey, cover me... I'm gettin' a snack..." he said, turning and walking to a convenience store. He pushed the door open and looked around. Whoever had been there had either left when the riot started or went to join the riot. Hayden didn't care either way as he pored over the shelves. He looked for anything that might have looked familiar, anything that could be found in any 7-11, Quick Trip, or Race Track back home. "Fuckin' labels... I don't read squiggly..." He kept looking, finally finding something he was familiar with: Jack Links Beef Jerky, though with Japanese writing instead of English. A further search yielded a largish can of Coca Cola. He went to the register and took his wallet out, leaving a ten dollar bill on the counter. Of course the shop keeper wouldn't know what to do with it because nothing was rung up, plus he couldn't take dollars. He could only take yen. Hayden walked back out, popping open the soda and ripping the bag open.

"Pyle, sweep over there... I'll be along shortly..." Hayden said, taking a seat on a car trunk as he snacked. Pyle could only look at him with shock, as could the personnel at the CP.

"What is he doing?" Colonel Austin asked, the drone operator zooming in on Hayden.

"He's taking a break. It's all the same his Lancer is somewhere near there. Where, I don't know. IFF went off when he cloaked." Rosoft said.

"You're going to let this happen? For all we know he stole that." Austin said.

"I know that man. He's one of Major Wylder's. He's a wild card but at least he's an honorable man. So I have no doubt he left some money on the counter." Rosoft replied.

"Sir, they don't take dollars off base..."

"Minor details, Colonel. Minor details..."

"I like this one." Commented Longshot. "No fucks given."

"I like the one that freaked out." Said Lockdown in response.

Carbine leapt behind another car that had been slightly closer, despite him knowing that remaining in the area was a bad idea, but the longer he stayed, the more data he could collect.

"Carbine, evacuate." Advised Low Vis who sounded more than a little cross; stealth was his thing, after all.

Hayden chewed the jerky, sipping at his coke for a bit then froze. He had that feeling he got whenever he felt someone had compromised his position. That feeling where it feels like the hairs on the back of your neck are standing on end. Like when you marathon Marble Hornets for a couple hours in the middle of the night then go to bed but can't sleep because you think Slenderman is looking at you through the windows and you can't sleep cuz you're scared shitless and thinking 'why the fuck did I marathon Marble Hornets before going to bed? Stupid, stupid, stupid!'

Yeah, that's what Hayden felt. He slowly set the coke down and slowly grabbed his rifle, charging it and disengaging the safety.

"Sturm? Possible contact!" he shouted.

Carbine withdrew behind the car he was currently hiding behind before dashing back along the same series of vehicles he had used to get as close as he was. He knew it was foolish to have stayed for so long. At every vehicle he stopped to observe the hostile search pattern.

Hayden ducked behind the car, weapon shouldered. It was at this point he wished he had grabbed a radio before leaving Sturm. However Sturm had already taken the liberty of radioing Pyle and recalling him. The EW specialist was back around the corner, waiting to round it on Sturm's order. The AI that was Sturm didn't like the position Hayden had put himself into. He kept his position at the end of the street and saw it. One little glint of movement and metal.

"CP, Sturm... Count one hostile. Will engage..." he reported, leveling the GSR with the car the thing was using for cover. The 57mm rifle was loaded with Mk 295 mod 0 ammunition, rounds used in the US Navy's Mk 110 57mm deck gun on the Freedom and Independence class Littoral Combat Ships. However it had yet to receive the MECHALTs to use programmable ammunition and was instead left with Point Detonating rounds.

Which was all Sturm needed.

"Hol dich der Teufel..." Sturm said as he locked the car as his target and fired. The act of firing disengaged the optical camouflage, revealing his position but also engaged the Typhoon on his right shoulder which began peppering Carbine's position with 25mm Armor Piercing High Explosive Incendiary Tracers.

"CONTACT!" Hayden shouted, staying under cover.

"CP, CP, engaging one hostile, say again, engaging one hostile!" Pyle reported in, rounding the corner and keeping his weapons trained down range.

The force of the initial explosion propelled Carbine through a near wall; his sudden endangerment caused what remained of the pack to halt in their tracks. "The enemy is too much for us to handle, continue evacuation." Carbine announced as he stood, external plating dropping to the floor as he did. He waited for the explosions to die down before dashing out again, using cars to break line of sight whenever possible.

Hayden reached up and grabbed the bag of jerkey, jamming it into a mag pouch then reached for the coke, finding it somehow blown away by an errant round.

"Shit... Pyle, cover me! I'm running for Sturm!" he shouted. Before Pyle could reply he rose and made a break for his Lancer.

"Contact!" Pyle shouted, briefly catching a glimpse of Carbine and walking 25mm and 30mm rounds behind it, tearing parts of cars off as he did so.

Seeing Pyle as a zone that wouldn't be fired upon Carbine made a sharp one-eighty, rounds eviscerating the vehicle he would have taken cover behind if not for the action. He dashed to Pyle followed closely by the barrage, after catching up with Pyle he moved so that he was solidly behind him. "I apologize for this course of action."

"Chainlink, jump!" Sturm shouted, aiming both weapons at Pyle. Chainlink took control completely from Pyle and fired off his boosters, jumping back and over the building behind him. The, now exposed, Carbine continued his dash, taking a sharp turn at a corner, more plating flying off as he did so. "Curses." He muttered as the corner he just took blew up, forcing him off his feet and to his side, skidding a short while before rolling to his feet again. "Damage high." He said as he smashed through a door and hid against a wall.

Hayden made his way back to Sturm, ducking under falling shell casings as guns blazed. He climbed up and got back into the cockpit, securing his rifle and taking control back.

"CP, CP, got... contact on the run. Will attempt to capture." he said, strapping back in. "Pyle, you okay over there?"

"Yeah... Getting back to my feet..." he replied, pushing out of the crater that was a storefront. "CP, Junkpile, requesting air support..."

"Junkpile, CP, all we've got are Black Hawks with miniguns."

"CP, Killing Machine, we'll take it..." Hayden said as he rounded the corner, guns trained downrange. "CP, Killing Machine, contact lost. Beginning sweep..." Chainlink brought up the rear as Hayden and Sturm took point, poring over parked cars and alleys.

"CP, Junkpile, do you have any boots to spare?"

"Junkpile, CP, negative that request. Got you a bird up and inbound, eta, three mikes."

"Roger that. Continuing sweep..."

Carbine took a grenade and tossed it to the building across the street to use as a distraction, as his more damaged leg began to spark.

"CP, CP, contact left!" Hayden shouted, blowing another car away. "Where's that helo?"

"Killing Machine, this is Oka Nieba 6-2, on station and orbiting. We'll keep eyes on the alleys." the newly arrived Black Hawk reported, going into a cover pattern.

"Killing Machine acknowledges. You see hide or hair of it you pop him. You pepper him good. Season him to within an inch of his life!" Hayden said, coming slightly unhinged.

"Killing Machine, Junkpile, lemme take point. That rifle of yours is hardly conducive to a sweep." Pyle suggested. Hayden stepped aside to let Pyle pass, weapons up and sweeping the store fronts and streets. Hayden hung back, letting Sturm sweep the area with the Typhoon.

"CP, Junkpile, no sign of contact. He has to be here somewhere." Pyle reported.

"CP, Oka Nieba 6-2, no dice. Will continue sweep."

"CP copies."

The sound of helicopters was not a calming sound for Carbine to hear, however as the grenade detonated he dashed along the sidewalk, hoping the explosion would get more attention than him.

"Wilks, I see it!" one of the gunners shouted, pointing out past his minigun.

"CP, CP, one of my gunners has eyes on target. Engaging!" Oka nieba reported, the port minigun blazing. Pyle caught the unmistakable sound, that die motherfucker, die song of the minigun.


"I hear it. Step aside..." Hayden said, boosting over Pyle and Chainlink and landing a half block behind Carbine. "Full auto, Sturm! ROCK AND ROLL!" Handheld weapons and the Typhoon blazed, tracers lighting up cars and storefronts with tracers and high explosive rounds.

Carbines dash was hastily crippled under a surge of minigun fire, explosions once more saw to him leaving the ground. He impacted against a wall and slammed to the ground, using the only leg that wasn't damaged beyond use or removed entirely to drag himself behind a dumpster.

"CP, Oka Nieba 6-2. Target is in an alley and appears to be combat ineffective. Cannot confirm for certain." the pilot reported. Hayden disengaged his straps and grabbed his rifle again. This time he grabbed a radio before popping his hatch.

"CP, Killing Machine. I'm dismounting to acquire." he said over the radio, jumping down from Sturm much more successfully than the last time. He approached the alley carefully, Sturm training the '65 down the alley just in case.

"Hey, you dead or alive over there?" he called out. "Yea or nay. Or I could see if maybe there's some arty that could wipe the area clean. Y'know, some Hotel Echo to make things interesting."

The sound of metal hitting the ground was heard, followed by the sound of rounds clanging against the ground, without the bang that would usually accompany it.

"CP, Killing Machine. Contact is combat ineffective. Say again, contact is combat ineffective." he reported, walking into the alley.

"CP confirms. Break, Oka Nieba 6-2, can you land to recover?"

"Negative, I don't see any clearings nearby." the pilot replied.

"Roger that. Maintain cover pattern." Hayden came up on Carbine and looked him over.

"Jesus, Mary, and Joseph, what the fuck are you? Shit, the Major would think you were a Transformer or somethin'..." Hayden mused. "Killing Machine, Pyle, get down here. I need an extra set of hands..."

"I am a Mechanized Assault Canine, Unit Zero-Two, designation Carbine." Carbine said as he lay, crippled upon the ground.

"Carbine, was it? Now I know craftsmanship when I see it and you are certainly a piece of work." he mused, Pyle coming down the alley with an M-4A1. "Specialist, what do you make of this?"
"What... what is it?" he asked, wide eyed.

"It says it's name is 'Carbine' and that he's some kind of mechanized combat unit." Hayden replied. "You got your tablet with you? Maybe diagnose or snoop around it's hard drive?"

"Yeah... Carbine, ahh... do you have an... interface...?" the EW specialist asked.

"Yes." A spark, notably larger than the others went off in Carbine's torso region. "No." He corrected, giving up on any movement. "But if you wish to attain access to my hard drive, I will inform you that I must turn over any compromising information to the pack. Do you understand?"

"Yeah... I understand fully." Pyle said, taking his tablet out and a pair of wires with USB cables. "Let me know when you're done. I can jury rig an interface."

"Seriously? You're gonna let a lead as to where this thing came from slip out of our hands?" Hayden asked.

"It'll take me too long to rig an interface. Even if he didn't tell us he'd still probably have the transfer and wipe done." Pyle replied.

"Suit yourself..."

"Thank you. The pack respects your understanding." Carbine said as he began deleting the data that would expose Devin. "Transfer complete, severing connection."

"Goodbye, Carbine." Said Lockdown remorsefully.

"Farewell, Brother." Said Low Vis.

"We'll see you soon, buddy." Said Longshot.

"The pack will remember." Said Crackdown.

Then silence. The pack was gone, Carbine was alone. "All relevent information removed." There was remorse in his voice, yet acceptance as well.

Pyle reached out and pet Carbine. "It had to be hard... Severing a connetion like that..." he mused. "We've got AIs. Maybe they can be a new pack?"

"Are you shitting me?" Hayden swore as Pyle started work on a jury rigged interface.

"Listen, Carbine, I have to pull some plating away. Can you run a self diagnostic and let me know which wires attach to your CPU?" Pyle asked, unfolding a multi-tool.

"Understood." Said Carbine before providing the information requested, offering no resistance. "You are quite persistent." He said to Hayden.

"I'm a pragmatist. And an asshole." Hayden replied.

"Okay, if we get you back to base could we repair you or would we have to put you in a new body?" Pyle asked. "Like maybe a Talon SWORD drone or a Big Dog that we'd probably have to steal from 2nd Battalion, 1st Marines."

"Him, in a Big Dog? That'd be a like a downgrade!" Hayden remarked.

"Then could you fix him?"

"Pyle, this is more than just body work. It's servomotors and shit that I don't normally do." he said, taking the bag of jerky out of a mag pouch and munching. "But... Maybe I could give it a go. After all, it's always good to learn new things. See, the day you stop learning is the day you die."

"My creator could restore me to full functionality if that is a goal you desire to attain... Unfortunately I seem to have lost all data on how to contact him... Her? My apologies, my data may have been corrupted." Said Carbine, who no longer had memory of deleting his own data.

"In that case... We have the technology... We can rebuild him..." Hayden joked.

"Completely unnecessary and yet very appropriate for the situation..." Pyle said, unplugging his tablet. "Carbine, we're going to take you back. I'll... Ask to keep you. So you don't go into storage... Or something..."

"Right... Pyle, grab a... grab something. Something tells me he's heavy." Hayden said, discarding the snack bag and going to grab Carbine's foreleg. "Yep, he's heavy..."

"Take me back where?" Carbine asked as Hayden pulled upon his remaining foreleg. "Why was the first unit attacking those people?"

"He... was trying to... break up a riot..." Hayden managed, pulling Carbine a good foot before leaning against a wall. "Fuck it, Sturm, break in and drag him out!" Sturm stowed his weapons on the shoulder hangar then forced himself into the alley, knocking masonry and brick lose and out of his way. Inside of the shops would be no better, objects on walls knocked over until he got in far enough to wrap his hand around Carbine and bring him out. Once done Hayden walked back out, Pyle trailing.

"Okay, to answer your question fully, Guard Dog Actual was asked to respond to a riot because they were uncomfortably close to Yokota Air Base." he explained, taking a pack of cigarettes out and lighting on up. "He had CS tear gas and an LRAD emitter to achieve that mission."

"Then he came under attack and the Specialist and I were asked to respond. Fast forward and here we are talking to you."

"From what I observed they were merely protesting unethical treatment towards them. I noticed no violence other than a few pushes and shoves. Are they lesser?" Carbine then asked, for he had no knowledge on human social structure.

"I wouldn't say lesser. But to answer your question, after what happened in Benghazi I don't think command is going to take any chances." he mused, taking a drag on his cigarette and blowing smoke rings. "Hell, the shit that led to the US Embassy being attacked in Iran started as a protest. Actually, I shouldn't mention Benghazi as there was no riot. It was just a bunch of angry fucks with guns."

"Warning, the material you are inhaling is hazardous to your long term health, I advise that you cease inhaling that material as soon as you can." Carbine advised with an alerted tone.

"You don't even know that I'm already dead." he replied.


"Nothing. On that note, there are far worse things." he said. "Like brain stem gliomas. Did you know people aren't supposed to survive those?"

"There is a capable doctor who could potentially assist you with your condition... Apologies, any further data is missing." Carbine Said regrettably.

"We'll think of something. Right, Sarge?" Pyle asked, a pair of Chinook Chief helos approaching.

"Anie's got experience with ambulatory systems, though I think being a Lancer mechanic is a slightly larger scale than this." Hayden replied, putting his cigarette out on his boot sole. "Stilll, we ought to let her take a look at Carbine. Might be intrigued."

"Who is this, Anie?" Carbine then asked, as loose plating fell from his body.

"She's a tech rep from General Dynamics. Really knows her shit. Took fire with us when we were in the 'Stan." Hayde replied. "Pyle, you wanna carry him or should I?"

"You've got Sturm's weapons stowed. Better you carry him." Pyle replied. Hayden shrugged then began ascending Sturm, Pyle doing the same.

"You're making nice with a thing that tried to kill you. Why?" Sturm asked as Hayden strapped back in and reconnected the leads to his suit.

"He wiped his databanks. Doesn't remember his creator or anything. He's a clean slate." Hayden said as he adjusted the sticks, pulling Carbine in close to the Lancer body as the first of the cargo helos began lowering it's winches. Sturm was first then Chainlink.

"CP, Sky Guard 2-4, recovery complete." the lead pilot reported.

"CP acknowledges, RTB." The two cargo choppers and the Black Hawk flew back to Yokota. Meeting them were three Humm Vees and a wall of armed Airmen.

"Overreaction much?" Pyle asked Hayden as the winches were disengage after touchdown, the helos reeling them in and moving to a designated parking spot.

"Unwarranted. Hang on, there's our Major." Hayden said, spotting their platoon leader casually walking up, the giant that was First Sergeant Khukov flanking him. "Sturm, set Carbine down. We've got some s'plainin' t'do."

"Shoulda let me frag him. But too late for that." Sturm replied, carefully placing Carbine on the ground then stepping back.

"Terminating me would not change the fact that you need to report to your superiors." Carbine informed as he watched the major approach. "Greetings, I am a Mechanized Assault Canine. Unit zero-two, designation Carbine."

Before the Major could say anything a Lieutenant stepped in his way.

"Sir, we've been ordered to recover this machine. Colonel August's orders." the officer said. Jenks simply tilted his head to one side.

"Funny. Last I recall the word of a Brigadier General trumped the word of a Colonel." he said, several airmen having taken their eyes off Carbine and the Lancers and looking at Khukov.

"The word came from CINCPAC." Jenks nodded then put an arm around the Lieutenant's shoulders and turned him to face Khukov.

"Do you see that man there? Hard not to, I know. But do understand that I am going to take the machine brought to us by my men." he said. "If you stand in my way then I will let that man bend and twist you in ways the human body was not meant to be bent or twisted in."

"I have seen the end results in Iraq and Afghanistan. See, where most men have a moral compass he seemingly has none. He does what he does because he wants to."

"Are... Are you threatening me, Major?" Jenks looked up at Khukov.

<"First Sergeant, this man just made some disparaging remarks about your mother."> Jenks said in Ukrainian. Khukov looked the Lieutenant in the eye and narrowed his eyes.

"Now, will you be so kind as to allow me to take possession of this machine, as per Brigadier Rosoft's orders or do I have to leave you in the bear paw sized hands of my First Sergeant?"

"P-platoon, stand down!" the Lieutenant said, his voice cracking.

"That's what I thought." Jenks said with a smile the likes of which could make a baby cry. He pulled his radio from his belt and keyed it. "Anie, we need a flatbed, preferably in Humm Vee flavor."

"Get me somethin'?" the tech rep asked.

"You could say that. Out." Jenks clipped the radio back to his belt and approached SFC Arcturus and Specialist Pyle. "I'll debrief you later. Get your machines back to the hangar." Hayden watched the Major turn and walk back the way he came, the MPs dispersing. He then took a knee over Carbine.

"That's our boss. Four eyes and no soul." he said with a grin. "Of course he'll fight for us. We just have to do the same for him."

Carbine, who had been silently observing up to this point looked to Hayden. "Understood. It would seem that he and I have a common ground."

"What part, the no soul or the other part?" Hayden asked.

"The prior." Carbine answered.

"Well, yeah. The thing about the moral compass actually doesn't apply to Top Khukov but to the Major." Hayden said, looking up and seeing a Humm Vee approach. "There's a lot of shit he's done that- Well. Let's just say his file's probly blacked out except for his time at West Point and when he came to 1st Cav." The Humm Vee pulled up and backed up to where Carbine and Hayden was, the driver's side door opening. A coveralls clad figure hopped down and walked up.

"Oh yeah, this is nice... Really nice." CW03 Anie Sims (US Army, ret) said as she took a knee over Carbine and looked him over. "Massive external damage. The body work will be easy but their rest is gonna be a bitch and a half. Hayden, think you can help me with supply procurement?"

"And risk tarnishing my good name?" Hayden asked. "Challenge accepted."

"Good. Now gimme a hand in picking him up." she said, pulling on a pair of Mechanix gloves then turning to Khukov. "Top Sergeant, I need those bear paws you call dick skinners."

"They're hardly the size of bear paws." Khukov said as he walked over. The three stooped over and picked Carbine up, muscling him into the back of the Humm Vee.

"Okay. We'll put him up on blocks and study what's left of the legs. Then we'll figure out where to go from there." Anie said, taking the gloves off then climbing into the back to strap Carbine down. Hayden pat Carbine.

"Hear that, buddy. We're gonna get you walkin' again." He said, turning and walking back to Sturm. As he did so he started to hum 'These Shoes were Made for Walking.'

"To be able to walk again would be nice." Carbine said while being strapped down. "Anie, I have come to understand my continued functionality rests with you for the time being. Please refrain from unnecessarily terminating me."

"I wouldn't dream of it." she replied, securing the first lockstrap then starting the second. "Besides, I'm gonna need your input to fix you. End user feedback is the best way to achieve desired results."

"Your reasoning is sound." Carbine commented. "My designation is Carbine; it is a pleasure to meet you."

"Anie Sims, or just Anie." she said. "Alright, let's get you to the hangar an' see what's under the hood." That said Anie got back into the driver's seat and started for the hangar 15th Armored Infantry was using, Khukov walking with Sturm and Chainlink.


-Devin completes and names his MACs.
-Field Test
-Meanwhile, at Yokota Air Base, the brass are uncomfortable with how close a riot is.
-MP Battalion sends out one of their Lancers, weapons tight, less lethal weapons only.
-Two MACs, one Mecha.
-Reinforcements have arrived.
-Drone shot down.
-Cat and mouse game.
-MACs spook Pyle with gunfire, All State premiums rise.
-Manual contact.
-Petty theft and no fucks given.
-Sturm gets to shoot something.
-MAC compromised and shot at.
-Black Hawk on site, MAC cornered.
-Under and alone with fewer and fewer options.
-Capture and RTB.
-Interservice rivalry.
-Bear paws for hands.
-Carbine is in good hands.


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Re: Just Another Day In Prohibition Megatokyo

Title: Girls Gotta look good
Location: Various Tokyo markets
Time: Sometime after Sitting on a Rooftop, a Saturday
Character(s): Victoria, Shinyai, Arella, and Alexis, NPCs
Author(s): Notsonoble, Oblivion, Lonestar, Arella

"<Here, it's half your rent money. I need the rest for repairs.>" said older woman as she handed Shinyai 5000¥. "<I'm sorry, but you have to go.>"


"<No, You're too bad for the neighborhood!>"

"<Because I have ears and a tail?>" Shinyai growled at the woman, who until her return from the last attack had been fairly tolerant.

The woman sighed, "<No, because they come and tear the place up. Because they threaten other tenants! This was a safe place!>"

"<You think kicking me out will stop them?!>"

The woman stood there for a moment, and finally turned away. "<Collect your things, don't worry about the key, I'm buying new locks.>" She stepped back into the office and closed the door.


It was roughly noon and the FGTL was maintaining it's usual level of activity. Alexis had figured that not only had she ruined her only dress and would need a replacement, but that Victoria was probably sick of the printed clothes as well. To her, the sensible thing to do was to ask Arella for shopping help again. She picked up her new light blue phone and fiddled with the layout she wasn't used to until she was calling Arella.

"Hello?" a familiar voice promptly answered.

"Hi Elle!" Alexis said excitedly. "Would you mind taking a me and a friend of mine shopping later?" She then asked cheerfully.

A faint sound of excitement may have escaped the ex-magical girl at this. "Of course! Who's your friend? And where and when did you wanna meet?"

"Her name's Victoria and she's a friend of mine from my lab days." Alexis pondered for a moment. "Do you want to meet at that frozen yogurt place in an hour or two?"

"Sure! I'll meet you guys there~"

"Sweet! Thanks!" Alexis said with her tail wagging excitedly behind her. "See ya then!" Alexis hung up and began to get ready for the trip.


After her talk with Arella, Alexis had decided to see how Victoria had been settling in FGTL and pick her up for the trip. It was a moderate walk down the hall that saw her to Victoria's door. "Hey Puss, you busy?" She asked in a casual tone, through the door as she knocked.

Victoria opened the door, revealing herself to be naked from the waist up. "I just finished."

"Half-naked and coated in sweat. Glad I wasn't early." Alexis said with a chuckle. "Mind if I come in, or do you have company?"

"I don't think he'll mind." Victoria said walking to her bathroom.

"You're kidding." Alexis said as she cautiously entered the room, avoiding sight of the bed just to be safe.

"Give him attention or he'll get pissy." Victoria shut the door and stripped the rest of the way.

"What?" Alexis asked, with red cheeks and a shocked expression. A soft meow sounded behind her, which caused her ears to perk at the distinctly feline sound. She turned slowly, and looked to the bed to see a cat laying down in the center on the bed. She moved to sit on the bed and provided the kitty with much attention, cooing praises to him.

"I'm thinking of calling him Bandit, since the fucker keeps trying to steal my panties." Victoria yelled through the door as she turned the shower on.

"Serves ya right fer bein' pervy all the time." Alexis yelled back as she dutifully continued to attend to the kitty.

The kitty hopped on her shoulder, and then on the table next to the bed, and promptly dropped a .50 round in Victoria's empty water glass. Then looked at Alexis, and started cleaning his ears.

Alexis' right ear tilted to the side in curiosity. "What?" She asked as she opened her coat out of a habit to examine several rows of pockets, each fitted to contain a set of five .50 cal handgun rounds. After a few seconds she noticed that a single bullet was missing from the fourth pocket in, on the third row down. "Aren't you a clever boy." She said as she reclaimed her round and placed it where it belonged, before moving her hand to pet him, only to realize he was gone. "Huh?" She examined the room for the feline culprit.

He was no where to be seen. Then she felt something brush her cheek, only to see the cat on her shoulder, with a pistol magazine between his teeth.

Alexis instinctively checked the other side of her jacket which had fifteen pockets fitted for spare magazines for her glocks, with five P22 magazines below them. She counted over her magazines and noticed one of her glock magazines was missing. "I need that." She said, as she petted the cat with one hand and attempted to reclaim her magazine with the other.

"Just keeping in practice, and the cafeteria's out of sandwich meat." Replied the cat once the magazine was out of his mouth. He hopped back down on the bed.

Alexis watched as the cat hopped to the bed. "You can talk?!" She yelled as she pointed accusingly to the cat in question, firmly gripping the magazine that was in the opposite hand.

"Well, now I can since I'm out of the shower. Why are you pointing at the cat?" Victoria asked as she walked out towel covering the bits Alexis found embarrassing.

"Not you, him! He just spoke to me, I swear it!" Alexis said as she continued to point to the cat in question.

The cat turned his head as close to upside down he could, then laid down to sprawl out belly-up, mewing cutely.

"I thought I was the one who had the mental breakdowns." Victoria said grabbing fresh panties from her foot locker.

"You're messing with me, aren't you?" Alexis said accusingly to Bandit as she place the magazine she was holding back where it belonged.

Bandit simply stared at her.

"So what were you wanting me for?" Victoria said slipping on the boring clothes Skorp had printed out.

"I thought you wanted to get clothes or something. Knowing you, those must make you miserable, not that I don't enjoy the sight of you in misery." Alexis said with a chuckle. "It really is nice to have you back though."

"THANK GOD!!" Victoria fell to her knees and hugged Alexis' legs. "And fuck you."

"Fuck you too." Alexis said as she patted Victoria's head. "Now, let's go." She said as she walked to the door, making sure she still had everything. "Oh, and we're gonna meet a friend at a frozen yogurt place in the shopping district."


Shinyai decided that between the eviction, and other dangers of the city, it was time to walk the streets more prepared. One can't walk through this town with a sword on her hip though. She wondered down the street deep in thought, and bumped into someone. "<Sorry>" She said as she stopped. The woman looked annoyed with the collision, and then Shinyai noticed her long and loose coat.

Hmm, looks like a wardrobe change might just do the trick. She looked around, and remembered a nicer shopping area down the street, and picked up her pace.


"God I feel good." Victoria said stepping outside of the store wearing a starry sky top, black skinny jeans, and a purple knitted cap. "How about you, Lex?"

Alexis stepped out of the store carrying several large bags reading "Candy" in each hand. "I'm not a pack-mule, carry your own stuff or get a boyfriend!" She offered the bags in her right hand to Victoria with a mildly agitated expression.

Victoria snatched the bags from Alexis' hand. "I could just borrow yours." She said before striding down the sidewalk looking for somewhere that served cobbler.

Shinyai was about to give up and head for the bar, she'd tried a few shops in Ueno, and found that long trench coats just weren't the thing right now. The few places that had one tried to mark it up at the counter. Even while the fields were down, her complexion, height, and hair color pointed her out as an outsider. So she'd moved on, now she was in a district with active ANFGs. Shops had been even worse since she couldn't hide her nature, but she spotted pair of ears walking out of a store with lots of bags. Maybe they'll know where to go... She picked up the pace again.

Alexis' ears perked as she caught sight of an on-coming foxgirl. "Redhead inbound." She advised to Victoria. "Need something?" She asked the person who was performing a slow charge towards her.

Common? Shinyai brushed the question of languages aside, "Yes actually. Sorry to interrupt. I've been running all day looking for a long coat, and when I saw someone else of mixed descent. I was hopping you knew which shops didn't raise their prices because someone had similar features." She pointed to her own ears.

"I use hats, they cover them up so I don't get looked at like I'm a freak. Well. I am, but that's beside the point." Victoria said, lifting her hat enough to show off her white ears.

"I'm afraid, like your friend here, that no hat or baggy hoodie will hide this." Shinyai stepped sideways to show the bushy tail that the ANFGs forced to manifest.

"To hell with hidin' it! Go loud and proud, and if they don't like it, break their jaw and ask again!" Alexis raised her free hand to the sky which attracted less than three seconds of attention from passersby.

Shinyai turned to the wolf woman, "Oh indeed, that and your coat are why I bothered to catch you two. I'm sick of this hooded sweater thing, but need to hide something... else." she said with a deliberate pause.

"So you want to conceal a weapon or two, huh." Alexis placed her free hand on her chin and pondered. "I can't remember where I got this one exactly, but it's on this strip. Had get it altered a bit to meet my needs, but what can ya do?"

"I just need something calf length, and a hole for the tail." Shinyai responded.

"I think there's a place down the way, but Puss here's been draggin' me all over the place." Alexis said as she pointed to Victoria with her thumb. "And we gotta meet someone. You can come if you want." Alexis offered.

Shinyai didn't have any better ideas, "Sure, lead on."

"This fro-yo better be good." Victoria commented as she started walking down the street.


The trio then headed to a frozen yogurt store down the street to meet up with Arella.

"Hi Elle!" Alexis called as she waved to her friend, who was sitting at a nearby table with an almost ridiculously large frozen yogurt before her (peach today, with actual peaches, cherries, raspberries, blueberries, milk chocolate chunks, crushed M&Ms, two vanilla wafer sticks, and a jammy dodger for toppings).

"Hi Alexis!" the (totally) ex-magical girl returned, abandoning her seat (and fro yo) for a moment to give the girl a hug. This done, she then turned to Shinyai, not seeming the least bit surprised to see her there (this was Megatokyo, after all). "Shinyai, it's nice to see you again," she greeted, friendly and genuinely pleased, but not nearly so familiar as she was with Alexis. And then it was Victoria's turn. "And you must be Victoria! My name's Arella, but you can call me Elle if you like. I like your ears!"

"Shinyai, huh. I'm sorry, I completely skipped introductions, didn't I?" Alexis said as she scratched the back of her head. "I'm Alexis, but you can call me Alex, or Lex." She said as she pointed to herself with her thumb. "This is Victoria, otherwise known as 'Puss'." She added, pointing to Victoria. "And I guess you already know Arella."

"Oh, we met not too long back; I wound up at her sister's place after a pretty rough tumble." Shinyai slid the sleeve of her hoodie back to show the still-bandaged arm. "It was an interesting encounter." She smiled, then turned back to Arella. "How is everyone at the bar?"

Interestingly, this question left Arella looking rather uncomfortable - she even fidgeted a bit. "I don't know," she was forced to admit. "Saeko and I had... a bit of a disagreement. And I left."

"Oh, I see." Shinyai paused, and considered mentioning her new lack of living quarters, then decided against it. "Well, we're looking for a few more clothing items, but I've been on my feet all day. Shall we join you for a bit before round two?"

Victoria was already halfway through the line with a bowl stacked with cookies, crumbled candy bars, and hot fudge. "I need to find dresses next, maybe we can find some for you as well Shinyai, and don't call me Puss." She said as she placed ludicrous amounts of caramel on her growing pile.

"You don't waste time when it comes to dessert, do you?" Alexis commented while she headed to the line to get a strawberry frozen yogurt with chocolate sauce and sprinkles.

Shinyai considered her pocket, then simply sat down. Her feet were too tired for a line anyway.

"Don't you like frozen yogurt?" Arella inquired, also reclaiming her seat in order to continue eating hers.

Victoria turned to the table after paying and saw Shinyai still sitting there. Thinking it would be nice of her, she grabbed an extra spoon and sat next to the fox girl. "Here you go, hope you like chocolate." She said before taking a large spoonful.

"Thanks. I just needed off my feet more than anything. I hit all the Ueno shopping districts before coming here." She went ahead and took the spoon and a few small nibbles.

"How's your arm?" Arella now asked Shinyai, seeing as the woman's lack of frozen yogurt had been taken care of for the time being.

"Sore, but I've got both my bracers under the wrapping, and the stitches quit bleeding." Shinyai replied. "I can't put weight on it yet either, and as long as I don't try to wield my sword single handed or let anyone bang it up again, I should be okay."

Alexis returned to the table after purchasing her yogurt, taking a seat next to Arella. "Hey, do you want me to give you a bit of my medkit?" She asked Shinyai as she pulled her med kit injector from her jacket.

Shinyai looked at Arella with a puzzled face.

"It's this injectioney thing from Skorp," the ex-magical girl (sort of) explained. "I'm not sure what it is, really, but it does work."

"Is it okay to do this long after the break?" It had been a few days since Shinyai had shown up at Saeko's.

"I dunno, but it worked for me when I had my ribs smashed up and my leg fractured during that ANFG overload; can't complain though, at least that pipe didn't cave in my skull." Alexis said casually. "So, you wanna give it a go?"

"They said this would heal completely, but take a while, so unless it'd be quicker..." Shinyai's voice trailed off.

"I was for the most part fixed up by the next day." Alexis commented to vouch for the speed. "You're wounds have already started to heal so you'll probably only need a tap."

"Well, by all means." She rolled up her sleeve and started unwrapping the arm. Once the bracers were loose, she unbuckled the top buckle, and lay the arm on the table to unbuckle the bottom one. She left it laying in the bracer to prevent it from moving.

Alexis smiled as she lined up the injector to Shinyai's arm and sprayed a small dose, then placed it back in her jacket. "There we go, you should start feeling better soon."

Shinyai closed everything back up and re-rapped the arm. "In case it still takes a while." She mentioned to interfere with the look starting to form on Alexis's face. She looked over to the almost empty bowls, and then took the final bite out of Victoria's. "Much better, shall we get going before places close?"

Alexis downed hers quickly and (through some miracle) did not get a brain freeze. "Sounds good to me!" She exclaimed with a smile.


-Shinyai's been truly evicted, due to the fights and damages
-Alexis checks on Victoria, she's half naked
-Bandit the Cat returns for a cameo
-Alexis wasn't ready, but then again who is
-Victoria wants better clothes, they decide to go find them
-Shinyai goes looking for something that'll hide her katana
-Shinyai runs into Alexis and Victoria
-I can fight happily now the pain is gone
-More shopping

Disclaimer: As ToP and PFKR are not active, no humanoids were pied in this post.

Part II coming soon! Watch these four really tear it up! Stay Tuned!


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Re: Just Another Day In Prohibition Megatokyo

Enter the Stallion!, or Horsing Around
Location: Kadena Air Base, Okinawa.
Authors: Skorpy, DT.
Characters: Lucius, Katrina.
Timestamp: A while after 'Bitches Love Gadgets',


Lucius stepped out of the shower, grabbing a towel and drying himself off as he padded over to look over the costume he'd assembled for the job. Modified black combats with a horse tail sticking out the back, and an internal pocket to conceal his own tail. A black leather duster, with spikes, flaming skull decorations, and patches of armour. Heavy boots. And, finally, a horse-head mask, modified a little so the ears could be controlled with his own. He laid them out on the unused bed in the hotel room, and sighed. 'This is fair ridiculous.'

He then walked to the window, pulling the curtain back to look out. Outside, he could just see the fences of the airbase in the distance, with a flight of fighters taking off from the runway. Lucius shut the curtain again, grumbling about the military-industrial complex.


'This was a bad idea. I cannae see shit.' Lucius grumbled, trying to adjust the horse mask so he could see out. After a short while, he remembered something and switched on the phone set into the mask's snout. With an electronic chime, a screen lit up between the badly-positioned eyeholes, showing the view from the camera looking through a hole in the mask. Lucius grinned. 'Much better.' His voice rang out in the hotel room, modulated and distorted by software on the phone. 'Oh, this is going to be FUN.'


There was a knock at the door followed by a high pitched voice, "<House keeping!>"

Lucius eyed the door warily, before pulling the mask off and padding over to open it. 'Ye're not due fer another few... Kat?'

Katrina was grinning on the other side of the door, "Aww, I was hoping you'd tell me to go away first. I had like a dozen jokes lined up for this," Then she noticed his outfit, more importantly the horse mask. "A horse mask? How do you even see out of that thing?"

Lucius chuckled, tugging her inside and kissing her deeply before starting to explain himself. 'I got a phone set up in there, fer a voice changer an' a screen. Otherwise, it ha' eyeholes.'

"Interesting....But why a horse mask?" She asked him with her head tilted to one side.

Lucius grinned. 'I'm The Stallion today, lass. Horse themed villain, so they won' trace me back tae me.'

Katrina rolled her eyes, then got a brilliant idea, "I could ride you in to battle!"

Lucius sighed. 'No. I'm meant tae be the villain, an' I got Lola to hook me up with a suitably stallion-ish ride anyway.'

"Aww, it would be fun," She stuck her tongue out at him, "Well then, need any help?"

Lucius considered his options briefly. 'Aye, I could use some help. Fancy being pony-girl fer the day?' He gestured to the nightstand, on which sat a second horse mask.

"Do I get to kick anyone in to next week?"

Lucius grinned. 'Aye, if ye want tae.'

"w00t!" Katrina exclaimed and picked up the mask, "I'll need something to go with it though. I didn't pack with becoming a villain in mind."

Lucius' grin widened. 'Fortunately, I packed with ye following me an' wanting in in mind.' He stepped back from her to open a case on the floor, revealing an Obviously Villainous Outfit similar to his, only in her size and more horse-themed.

"Hawt," Katrina immeadiatly stripped down and starts pulling out parts of the outfit. "A leather G-string? Really, Luc?" she twirled it around her finger.

Lucius shrugged. 'Ye like leather, an' I figured it'd look good between the corset an' thigh boots.'

"Hrmm, You do have a point there," She giggled and started to get dressed. "I'm keeping this cloak though."

Lucius chuckled softly, ogling her as she changed. 'Nae like I have much use fer clothing in your size, anyway. Ye should keep the maid outfit, too.'

Katrina giggled as she put the finishing touches on her outfit and donned the cloak and mask, "How do I look?"

Lucius' grin widened. 'Sexy an' villainous, and making me reconsider my schedule.'

"Oh, reeeally~?" Katrina asked as she wiggled her hip, "I'm sure we can find some extra time somewhere." She give him a sly wink.

Lucius grinned, pulling her close and kissing her, before bending her over the bed.


Lucius looked out the window, still purring lightly. 'Ah, our ride's here!'

"I'm bringing the crop with us," Katrina replied and rubbed her ass, "It should prove useful."

Lucius chuckled. 'I actually need tha' fer the ride.' He pointed out the window, to a small cart pulled by a team of figures that looked half human, half horse. 'Lola put me in touch wi' a ponygirl stable down here since she owed me a favour, an' I borrowed their cart fer the day.'

Katrina got a little shifty eyed at that, "Whole day?" she asked with a sly grin.

Lucius grinned. 'Maybe. Depends on how we get out of the hostage situation.'

"Well, lets get going then," the vampiress turned villianess adjusted her horse mask and headed for the door.

Lucius grinned, tugging his own mask on and heading out after her, adopting an overconfident villainous stride, and toting a shotgun.

Katrina flicked a knife at the elevator button and retrived it when the door opened with a ding. After putting it back with the rest that were strapped around her thigh, she pressed the ground floor button, "This music sucks."

Lucius nodded. 'It does.' He reached up to the speaker the tinny rendition of a Barry Manilow montage was issuing from and flicked it, causing it to short out with a shower of sparks. 'Problem solved.'



Lucius climbed cautiously into the cart, which creaked alarmingly as it settled under his weight. After settling his tail, he pattted the seat next to him for Katrina to mount up. 'Hop in.' The Horse Villaness did so, landing neatly beside him in the carriage.

Lucius grinned, taking the crop and whipping the lead ponygirl sharply, accompanying it with a sharp tug on the reins. 'Forward!' The cart started forwards, accompanied by a few moans, and soon picked up speed. As they pulled out onto the road, Lucius adjusted the steering until they were running straight, and settled back to enjoy the ride. 'Truly, the only way to travel.'

"The view is excellent," Katrina nodded in agreement. Well, partly in agreement, partly in following the view as it bobbed up and down.

'Oh, of course. And the scenery's not bad either.' Lucius reached into a pocket of his coat, producing a pair of chilled b33rs and handing one to Katrina. 'Drink?'

Katrina nodded and accepted the brew before sinking her fang in to the top and downing it quickly. "Ahhhh~ A fine beverage," she tossed the can out, where it struck a pedestrian, flooring them with a combination of the impact and shock.

Lucius chuckled, chugging his own can down before turning and hurling it through the windscreen of the oversized pickup truck tailgating them. 'So, we're going in fast and hard, before they have time to realise what's going on.'

"With or without lube?" Katrina asked, then giggled.

Lucius sighed, rolling his eyes dramatically, the snout of the mask flopping around as he did so. 'Go in, break as much equipment as possible, then march in and take hostages. Rough them up a little, and start making absurd demands. When they show up to take us down, flee. I was thinking upwards would make a fair escape route.'

"Okay," Katrina nodded, "Shouldn't be hard, just relieve a few guards of their weapons and use them."

Lucius grinned. 'I brought my own, courtesy of Skorp. An RPG for you, a big revolver grenade launcher for me, and various non-lethal arms. We neigh want to kill anyone, just cause a fuss.'

"You got me a rocket launcher?" Katrina asked, "I FUCKING LOVE ROCKET LAUNCHERS!" She was nearly bouncing in her seat. "Where's it at?"

Lucius grinned, hauling a launcher from his coat and handing it to her. 'You'll get the ammo once we're there. No collateral damage until we're at the base.'

Katrina gave him a pouty face, forgetting the mask did not show pouty faces. Eventually she realized she was just going to have to wait.

Lucius grinnned behind his mask.


Lucius pulled up to the main gate of the base, examining the signs. As the guards approached them, he climbed out the cart, waving for Katrina to do the same. 'Hail, puny humans! We ride here to send you a message!'

"And that message is," Katrina swept her cloak back with flourish and pointed the RPG at the empty guard house. "Boom!" She fired.

The guards dove for cover as the guard house exploded in a shower of flame and shrapnel. Lucius laughed maniacally as the shack burned, tearing the gate down with his telekinesis. 'Your barbed wire is an affront to equinity! I, THE STALLION, shall destroy your corrupt military-industrial complex! THE STALLION commands you to return to the land! Your civilisation, and your women, are forefeit!' More laughter, and Lucius strode on through the gate. As he passed the guards, one of them drew a pistol and started to aim. Without breaking stride, Lucius reached out and grabbed the man's hand, squeezing hard enough to cause an audible creaking of bone.

Katrina cackled maniaclly as she stood in front of an oncoming truck carrying reinforcements. She leaped in to the air a split second before the vehicle would have struck her before turning in a slow somersault. She looked up (or would have had she not been upside down) and saw the men exiting the vehicle to take cover where it was available. She aimed the rocket launcher again and fired at the truck as the driver bailed out. The vehicle exploded in ball of fire and diesel smoke as she landed just past it. "Next~!"

Lucius grinned, tossing the guard's sidearm in a long arc over towards the runway. 'Neigh, Ponygirl! This nightmare is not over yet! We must canter on, and show these humans the error of their ways! Imprisoning themselves behind wire does not make them like us!' He threw his head back, laughing again as he strode on, firing tear gas grenades at the various troopers huddled by the roadside, accompanied by the occasional cry of pain as one was hit. 'He'll live.'

"A pity," Katrina said as she kicked up a door to find several unarmed people behind it. "Anyone wanna try an' break me?" Katrina demanded, setting the RPG down to give them a "fair" chance.

One or two were particularly foolhardy, charging towards her. One was intercepted on the way by Lucius, who floored him with a headbutt, inadvertently crumpling his horsemask. Katrina simply caught the other one and held him up by his shirt collar. "Pffff, light weight," she then casually tossed him through a cubicle.

Lucius grinned, putting a grenade into the nearest airvent. 'Whinny-ed hostages. Check their calendar, Ponygirl! I hear they may be doing a tour for schoolchildren!'

Katrina moved over to the wall, shoving a few people out her way, some rougher than the others, until she found the calender.


"Yep, a horde of the wee bratling would be running about the open areas," Katrina called back to him.

Lucius grinned, before remebering he was wearing a mask. 'Good! We can trot over there and round them up later. First, however...' He brandished his grenade launcher, accidentally sending a tear gas grenade bouncing around the room. 'Whoops. First, we go kick over some buckets!' He turned and walked out the room, which was starting to slowly fill with tear gas from the vents and the stray grenade.

"Whee~" Katrina followed him out, but opted to dive out a windows rather than use the door. She rolled and stood up right next to a jeep as it rolled up. "Whoops," She yanked the driver and watched as the vehicle rolled in to another building, the rest of the men jumping out. She shrugs and tossed the driver back in to the tear gas-filled building she just exited.

Lucius stepped around to Katrina, shaking spent shells from the grenade launcher to litter the floor. 'Always look both ways, Ponygirl!' He stepped on a stray guard from the jeep, gaining a strangled protest as he started to load the grenade launcher with explosive shells. 'There are fighter aircraft over yonder, shall we kick them over before we need to rein ourselves in?'

"Hell yeah!" Katrina cheered and reached back in the window for her RPG. "Dibs on the first one!" She let a round fly, aiming for the fuel tanks.

Lucius chuckled. 'Chomping at the bit, are we?' He fired a grenade upwards, before watching it arc over strangely and impact in the nearest aircraft; A P3 Orion sat on a taxiway, trailing cabling like entrails.

"Hmmm...Hold this," Katrina handed the RPG to a guard that ran up behind them, before knocking him out and walking over to a plane. She picked one with missles and yanked the sidewinder off the wing. "Skeet shooting?" Katrina called back over to Lucius.

Lucius nodded, reaching out and picking up a gatling cannon from a nearby trolley. 'Pull!'

Katrina chucked the missile above several jets, as Lucius swung the cannon around to take aim. A few seconds of fiddling with wires, and he was spraying the air with high-explosive shells, eventually causing a small explosion as one hit the missile. 'Score!'

"w00t!" Katrina yelled.

Lucius turned, the cannon spraying shells over the readied aircraft, support vehicles, and building fronts as he did so. 'Any other ideas?'

"I found a box of grenades. You like baseball? Or is cricket more your thing?"

Lucius shrugged. 'Baseball, but it'd be cheating with telekinesis. Besides.' He reached out, grenade launcher in one hand, and fired at an F-15 in a hangar nearby. The grenade sailed through their air, striking the aircraft and detonating it. 'I brought my own.'

"Well, I've been curious about football, the US version," Katrina said as she pulled the pin and punted a frag into several parked vehicles.

Lucius shrugged. 'THE STALLION has no idea about armoured rugby. Besides, I think that's enough property damage for now. We need to get on with taking hostages, and making absurd demands, and demanding to see a diplomat.'

"I DEMAND A DIPLOMAT!" Katrina yelled at the nearest individual as she tossed the box of grenades behind a dumpster. The person in question merely pointed and wet himself. "Thank you~" Katrina gave him a pat on the head and headed in the direction he had pointed.

In said direction was a diplomat acting as a glorified tour guide for a class of children wearing oversized high-visibility vests. They ignored the chaos and explosions on the other side of the runway, right up until Lucius and Katrina approached, toting heavy weaponry.


"<Is that a superhero?>"

"<Too spiky. Gotta be a villain.>"

"<Awesome! I want her boots!>"

"<Why isn't she wearing pants?>"

"<Shut up and enjoy the view.>"


"I want kids like this someday," Katrina quipped before declaring, "HOSTAGE TIME, who wants to help tie up the tour guide?"

'Only, y'know, with fangs an' kitty ears an' superpowers.' Lucius snarked, as a few of the kids raised their hands to volunteer, one even holding aloft a roll of duct tape. The tour guide turned and ran, before being brought down by a thrown backpack and set upon by the children. He struggled briefly, until the children sat on his limbs and trussed him up like a turkey. 'I'm impressed, though.'

Katrina beamed with pride at her newfound surrogate children, even if it was only temporary. "They grow up so fast, don't they?" Then she turned to the children, "Alright boys and girls, which room had the biggest TV?"

There was some brief discussion, before one of them pointed to the control tower. "<There was a HUGE screen in there, lady!>"

Lucius facepalmed, and leaned down to heave the tour guide up onto his shoulder. 'Well, take the reins and lead on, my foals! You're all hostages now, because we need to make some demands from the government.' He sighed as the kids gave him blank looks. '<Take us to the screen. Horse puns. We need to threaten you to get stuff from the government.>'

The kids nodded in understanding and led the way, one of them reaching up to Katrina for a horsey-back ride.

Katrina picked up the young one and set him on her shoulders, "Who thinks we should demand ice cream?" A chorus of cheers was her answer as they marched to the control room. "Luc, next time, we arm the kids with nerf guns."

Lucius sighed. 'Codenames, remember! I'm The Stallion! Do you WANT SHIELD to be knocking down our door next week? But yeah, we do.' Lucius pulled the control tower's door from it's hinges, tossing it behind him onto the runway. 'I'd offer you a spot at the Academy, but I still don't trust you with the girls.' He fired a grenade into the building, wincing as it exploded. 'Aw, crap. Forgot I was using explosives. Keep the kids outside while I hide the bodies, will you?'

"C`mon, I`m great with kids," Katrina danced aroound with the giggling child on her shoulders. "Hey, who knows what a wedgie is?" The trussed up tour guide`s eyes went wide with worry.

'With kids, yeah. With high schoolers, your hands tend to wander, especially with those short uniform skirts. And I have enough trouble keeping the boys paying attention as it is, without you sneaking off to the bathrooms with them.' Lucius stepped inside the tower, setting about hiding the bodies in storage closets and the bloodstains under boxes and desks.

"Hey, I only go with the willing and the legal," Katrina retorted, then looked back to several questioning looks. "Ask your parents," Was her only reply.

'You're still distracting them from their studies, and setting unrealistic expectations.' Lucius taped the cupboards shut, before blasting a hole in the ceiling and tossing a tear gas grenade through. 'BEWARE, FOOLS, FOR THE STALLION HAS COME TO JUDGE YOU!'

The screams and complaints echoed through the room as Lucius rose up through the hole. A few workers managed to draw sidearms, but they were swiftly relieved of their weapons, beaten unconscious with office equipment, and piled in a corner. 'Ground floor's clear!'

"Semantics," Katrina waved her hand dismissively before hearding the children and one funny walking diplomat in to the building. "Alright, where`s that TV?"

'Up here in the break room. Some sc... fu...' Lucius trailed off, trying to think of a non-Scottish adjective that was suitable for children. 'Sodomite is hiding behind it, thinking it's cover. It's not, but I don't want to shoot through it.' There was a scream, a series of thuds, and a man flew, screaming and flailing, out of a window in an arc to land in a heap on the tarmac. 'All done!'

Several of the students raised score cards at the window, giving the man on the tarmac a 1, a 3 and a 2 for scores on his rather ungraceful dive and landing before the entire group entered the second floor. "<One guy had a Gamecube in his desk!>"

'Get them sat down, and I'll get the camera set up. Your Japanese is better than mine, so can you explain to them that they need to look fearful and have guns pointed at them while we're doing the video?' Lucius chuckled, heading up the stairway to the control room at the top of the building. 'NOW WHO'S DOING THE RIDING NOW, BITCHES?'

"<Okay kids, we`re going to make a movie here,>" Katrina explained to them, "<I want you guys to put on your best scaredy faces. Like a monster is comming for you. Okay?>"

The kids nodded, one raising a hand in question. "<Are you a monster?>"

"<Only if I have to be~>" Katrina said in a tone both soothing and horrifying.

Upstairs, Lucius was beating a man unconscious with his empty grenade launcher. Around him, the room was either on fire, shattered, or showering sparks everywhere, with what alarms he hadn't yanked out of their housings blaring loudly.

"Oh, Stallion~" Katrina called up to Lucius, "Stop playing and find me a camera."

Lucius sighed, dropping the last of the tower staff out the window and onto the heap. 'Hold your horses, woman! I have one here, I just want this place to be cleared of idiots with guns first. Bullets HURT.' He sighed, walking back down the stairs, dragging the commanding officer after him by his leg, the man's head hitting every step on the way down.

As he stepped into the room, he dumped the man in a corner to use both hands to pull out a large TV camera. Said camera was black, bulky, and had a bayonet fitted to the microphone. Lucius set the camera down on a table, aimed it with a set of iron sights glued to the top, and pushed the big, red button on the side before walking around in front of it.

Katrina was directing the children`s reactions off screen in a rather comical yet effective way. It`s hard to explain expression with a horse mask on your face.

'HUMANS, BEHOLD! I, the mighty Stallion, along with my fearsome asssistant Ponygirl have captured your puny military base! I have as hostages a group of your young, and one of your useless commanders! I also have a list of demands!'

He paused to pull out an ornate scroll. On releasing the lower cylinder, it fell down and bounced across the floor a ways before coming to a stop, still half unrolled. After a deep breath, he started to read from it, leaning down to yell into the camera, voice distorted by the phone and the mask. 'You must cease the oppression of our equine brothers! Free any captive horses at once! You must deliver to us a fully-fuelled airliner, capable of flying! No police of any sort are to enter this base! Any found in the building will be shot and kept as hostages! We demand a full apology from your United Nations, apologising for past oppression of horse-kind! We demand three tons of fresh hay, and two of straw! Complete cessation of the use of 'horsepower' to describe your vile propulsive technology! Five hundred liters of water, in a tanker painted orange! The release of the twelve members of the Asian Dawn movement held in Guantanamo bay! A full disclosure of the toiletries budget for the president of the United States of America, AT ONCE!' He paused for breath, looking around him. 'And also, twenty-five large cheese pizzas, fifty liters of icecream in assorted flavours delivered in a refrigerated truck, three full pallets of duct tape, and five liters of fine brandy, DELIVERED AT ONCE!' He finished with a flourish, before pushing the button to turn off the camera and sagging visibly. 'Ow. Glass of water, please?'

Katrina pulled a bottle out of....wait, where the hell was she hiding that? Ahem, Katrina tossed the aforemention bottle of ice cold water to Lucius. "The at once was a nice touch."

Lucius chuckled. 'Thanks. I spent a while working on it.' He paused, staring at the bottle, before turning and walking off to a closet to take his mask off and drink. He returned a short while later, adjusting the horse mask, and set about hooking the camera up to the transmitters in the tower. Half an hour and a few electric shocks later, one of the hostages piped up nervously. "<Stallion-san, would you like help with that?>"

"Hey Satallion, I got a nerdy-looking one that thinks you`ve had enough electricity and wants to help," Katrina called over to Lucius.

Lucius looked up, then strode dramatically over to the group, where he picked up the nerdy kid in question. After striding back, he set the kid down by the nest of wires. '<Make camera work through cables to broadcast signal.>'

"<Alright, where`s that Game Cube you guys found?>" Katrina asked the group, "<I', gonna whup ya on some Smash Brothers!>"

The kids passed the gamecube to the front, hooking it to the big TV with the sort of skill only children have with cables. Meanwhile, Lucius and the nerdy kid had managed to hook the camera up and set it transmitting.


A short while later, the control tower was lit up by a searchlight, accompanied by a booming, distorted voice from a loudhailer. "ATTENTION, MISTER THE STALLION! THIS IS THE POLICE! PUT DOWN YOUR WEAPONS AT ONCE, AND STEP AWAY FROM THE CHILDREN!"

Lucius sighed, wandering over to the window to squint out at the helicopter. 'I SAID NO COPS, JACKASSES!' He snarled through the mask, before reaching out, grenade launcher in hand. The helicopter lurched sharply away from the structure as Lucius fired, but the grenade arced through the air to strike the tail rotor, detaching it and sending the chopper to the ground with surprising speed. Lucius caught the loudhailer in his free hand as it dropped from the sky, bringing it to his mouth to yell through it at the survivors crawling from the wreckage. 'NO COPS MEANS NO COPS! MULES DON'T GOT MANURE ON ME! NOW GALLOP OFF HOME!'

"Did you actually just say that?" Katrina was distracted long enough for Shiek to get plasted to the screen, "Hey!" A chourus of laughter was their response.

Lucius shrugged, turning around to reply. 'HORSE THEME, HORSE PUNS, Y'KNOW?' He canted his head at the display of surprise, and lowered the loudhailer. 'Sorry. But I have a character to stick to.' He shrugged, before jumping as someone hammered on the door.

"<This is NOT the police! I have the food you requested! Please don't shoot me!>"

"<Alright kiddos, remember the flank and tackle manuever I showed you?>" Katrina asked the children. They all nodded. "<Alright, on my mark. 3...2," She yanked the door open suddenly, "MARK!"

The poor delivery man had no idea what was happening. One minute he was knocking at the door, the next there was a horde of what he could only describe later as giggling demons shoving him down the stairs and taking everything he had brought. He landed in an unceremonious heap at the landing and a 2,000 yen note fluttered down and landed on his chest. He caught a glimpse of a horse mask and leather g-string as the door slammed shut.

Lucius chuckled as the kids returned bearing loot. 'You really shouldn't abuse delivery drivers like that, but I guess we ARE evil.'

"He got a good tip and a nice view," Katrina argued, "I`d say I treated him rather well."

'That IS always a nice view, but the poor guy's probably got a concussion. Gotta keep up appearances, though. Speaking of which...' Lucius bent down to grab an assault rifle that'd fallen out of a closet, and fired it randomly out of the window on full auto.

As the echoes died down, there was a clamour from most of the boys and several of the girls wanting to try next.

Lucius sighed. '<No, you can't play with the guns. I'm the villain here, you're hostages.>'


A while later, the tower was lit up by a spotlight again, as an ambulance pulled up to start carting away the pile of unconscious guards. Amid much complaining from the paramedics, they soon started to haul them away for treatment. In the distance, helicopters circled overhead, mostly from television news.


After a few hours, the fizzy drinks had worn off, and the formerly-hyperactive kids were scattered on the floor like casualties of an earthquake, sleeping off the pizza intake and the sugar high. Lucius had strung up a hammock, and was dangling above the floor napping.
Katrina however, was trying for the fifth time to beat this boss on Metroid Prime. She hissed a curse as she failed yet again.

Lucius grumbled at the sudden light, rolling out of the hammock. Or, at least, he tried to roll out of it, ending up tangled up in it with a yowl of surprise, limbs sticking out at odd angles. Katrina silently cursed the presence of the children before helping Lucius out of the hammock.

"Not very graceful there, Stallion," She giggled.

Lucius hit the ground with a thud as the hammock relinquished it's hold. 'So hateful, yet so comfy.' He gave the hammock the finger, before ambling over to check out the window at the source of the light.

After a few seconds, he pulled out an SMG and shot the searchlight out so he could see better. 'Oh, fun. The hostage negotiators are here.'

"Did they bring the bus? Or was it a plane?" Katrina asked, "Actually, tell them we want a pair of motorcycles. I`ll take a chopper." She grinned.

Lucius chuckled. 'I'll add that to the list.' He straightened his horsemask, picking up the loudhailer before striding outside to address the helicopter. 'BEHOLD, PUNY HUMANS! I demand a paid of high-performance motorcycles in addition to my prior demands, as just tribute to horsekind!'

There was a pause, before a man leaning out of the helicopter with his own loudhailer replied. "OKAY. We'll get you what you asked for, as long as you let the children go. Can you do that for us?"

Lucius considered the offer, briefly. 'NEIGH! I SHALL NOT! You may have the remaining tower staff, but the children, and the diplomat, stay.'

"Okay, we can work with that. Send them out, and we'll get you the bikes. The airliner's going to take a while, and so will the political stuff, okay? We know you said 'at once', but things take time, okay?" The Voice paused. "And stop shooting down our helicopters! Can you do that for us?"

'NEIGH!' was the response. 'We said no police! You sent police! Any more police, and we start killing hostages!' Lucius turned on his heel and stalked back inside. 'I THINK THA...' He lowered the loudhailer as the children started to stir. 'I think that went well.'

"As long as they don`t send snipers for that last part," Katrina quipped.

Lucius shrugged. 'We're immortal anyway. Not like snipers bother us that much.'

"Yeah but think kids might freak over holes appearing in our heads," Katrina responded, "Not to mention it will ruin the masks."

'Ah, good point. Maybe we should block the windows off?' Lucius conceded.

"Can`t hurt," came her reply, "I saw a big roll of paper in that closet earlier."

Lucius nodded, and headed to search through the closets, dumping the various guards on the floor as he went. After a while, he paused, remembering something. 'Hang on, didn't I agree to send these guys out?'

"Yep, should probably get on that," Katrina stood up and started hauling guards over to the door.

Lucius set about papering over the windows, applying duct tape from a duct tape gun he pulled from his jacket. This, naturally, led to tape being applied everywhere but the windows at first, including over a few of the children.

Katrina facepalmed and gave Lucius a LQQK.

Lucius shrugged. 'One, that doesn't work too well through a mask. Two, this thing's useful as f...' He eyed the children, some of which were staggering around like sleepy zombies. 'As frak, and three...' He pointed the tape gun at Katrina and fired off a strip, taping her to the wall across her waist.

"We're taking that home," Katrina giggled.

Lucius chuckled. 'I'm surprised you didn't discover it already. How do you think I put all those posters up?' He swung the gun up onto his shoulder, inadvertently firing and pinning a child to the wall with it.

Katrina did her best not to laugh, and failed miserably. "The thought had crossed my mind."

Lucius shrugged, returning to the task of taping paper over the windows, pausing every so often to unload a closet, bind guards with tape, and toss them towards the door.

"Is that all of them?" the vampiress asked as she carried over four more.

Lucius paused to count, and checked the remaining closets. 'Yes, plus two who seemed to have been hiding in there beforehand.'

"Okay~" Katrina had loaded them all up in carts and proceded to roll them out the door and down the stairs. "Bai-bai! <Have a safe trip~>"


'AND ALSO, I DEMAND FIVE, NO TEN CASES OF ENERGY DRINKS!' Lucius lowered the loudhailer, turning to regard the children sat around Katrina as she read them a story. In the corner sat a bouncy castle, accompanied by a goat and a basket of kittens. Next to it laid a pile of discarded cans and pizza boxes. 'They still haven't made with the airliner, and they say they're appealing to higher authorities to get it. Looks like we don't have long.'

"Think we'll have to bail?" Katrina asked, "<And then the dragon ate the princess. This of course did not bode well with the princess. She picked up a stone and chucked it right at the dragons nose.>"

Lucius nodded. 'That was the plan all along. Airliner was just a diversion; set the controls, and escape while everyone's watching it. Plan B is going to be filling the kids with sugar, and setting them off like a grenade while we bike for it.'

"<What happened then?">" On of the girls, incidentally dressed up like a princess and wielding a cardboard sword Katrina had taught them to make earlier.

Katrina looked at the girl, "<The dragon sneezed out a great, big ball of fire and the princess hefted the Barret M82 .50 caliber sniper rifle the prince had dropped and chambered the next round.>" She had long since forgotten what the book actually said. Didn't help it was in German. "<The princess took aim and fired a depleted uranium, armour peircing round right in to the dragon's heart!>"

Lucius chuckled, and started to set about his preparations for their escape; packing things, double-checking the paper and tape on the windows, and shouting more nonsensical demands at the negotiators.

"<What's depleted uranium?>" One of the children asked.

Katinra just blinked in response.

"<It's a self shapening roiund used to punch through vehicular armour,>" The aforementioned nerdy kid piped up, "<When the bullet spins it gets sharper. Like a pencil in a sharpener.>"

This earned a collective "<Ohhhhh,>" came from the rest of the children.


Lucius handed out the energy drinks, saving a few cans for himself. As the kids sugared up and started to twitch and vibrate, he opened the door and tossed out a handful of confetti. The children stampeded after it in a blur of icecream-smeared faces, causing shouts of surprise from the assembled guards outside. Several of which were over run and trampled.

"They're so cute aren't they?" Katrina giggled from her vantage point.

Lucius nodded, moving to the bikes set up in the corner, and starting the engines. 'And there's our distraction. Get out of here, then lose the masks and the villain outfits.'

"Right," Katrina hopped on her bike and tore out ahead, giving everyone the finger as she rode with the front wheel in the air.

Lucius chuckled, pulling out a katana and slicing at the wall before mounting up. A quick telekinetic push, and the frozen concrete fractured and crumbled, leaving a sizable gap. 'Hi ho silver, awayy~'

Katrina suddenly found herself bathed in the white light of a helocopter's search light. "Have they no manners?" She muttered to herself before throwing a handful of knives at the chopper. Several stuck in the side of the craft, one shattering the lamp. "Score~" She fist pumped the air and continued riding.

Lucius leaned down, struggling to see as the horse mask's nose flapped in the wind. As the light went out, he reached up and yanked the mask off, before banking hard to avoid a chunk of F-15. 'Meet you at the hotel!'

"Right!" Katrina called back and waved with the horse mask. She peeled off in the oppisite direction from Luc and with a roar of the engine, vanished in to the night.


Lucius pulled up to the hotel a while later, clad in jeans and his usual jacket, still riding the bike provided by the negotiators. 'We're all over the news, lass. Time tae head back tae Tokyo.'

Katrina had pulled up about the same time, on a completely different bike, and naked. "Well, lemme get my clothes first. I didn't exactly have anywhere to carry extras."

Lucius eyed her, grinning widely. 'Maybe nae right away, though.'

Katrina grinned and dragged him back to their room by his collar.

Lucius is in Okinawa. (The city, not some catgirl by the same name.)
Obvious Villain Outfit. And a horse mask.
A stalker! No, it's just Katrina.
Not so unexpected. A villain outfit for her, too.
Impromptu villainous sex!

Elevator music sucks.
Unorthodox transport.
Drink driving?!? They really ARE villains.

The Stallion and Ponygirl attack Kadena Air Force Base!
Hostage taking.
Kat's good with kids.
Absurd demands, wanton destruction, more demands.

They're not going to bring the airliner.
Plan B.
Fly, you fools!
Kat goes streaking.
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