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Just Another Day In Prohibition Megatokyo



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Re: Just Another Day In Prohibition Megatokyo

Whisp and Devin Finally Go Home

Timestamp: still the same day as Whisp and Devin Go To School and Whisp And Devin Get To Class (Finally)
Location: CMGY Academy, Tiff's car, the Manor
Authors: Arella, Oblivion

"So, where are we supposed to meet your mom? Back at the car?" Whisp wanted to know as she and Dev made their way out of gym class. She almost seemed to be glowing after a good, solid hour of physical activity - she didn't know the first thing about badminton, of course, but she was damn good at hitting things (including birdies, with racquettes), and she knew it. Plus, hitting things was almost as good a stress reliever as kicking them!

Devin on the other hand, was in misery; it wasn't that he was bad at sports, he just hated it. "I think the car would be a good idea, but she said she may be a bit late, something about consent forms..."

"That's okay, we can still wait for her by the car," the teen girl declared, once more claiming Devin's hand and proceeding to lead the way. Her first ever day of school had been long, but she'd survived, and the after-lunch classes had proved vastly more successful and provided a much-needed ego boost.

"Works for me, though it's probably locked." Devin said with a shrug as Whisp led him to the vehicle. "So, how's being a cat treating you?"

For the briefest of moments, Whisp actually looked confused, as though she'd forgotten about the ears and tail she was currently sporting (which she had); then her Ruby-red tail gave a flick, and the matching ears twitched as she once again became aware of them. "It's cool!" she declared, before promptly hopping up onto the hood of the car as they reached it and making herself comfortable. "Did you always have your ears and tail? Or did your mom give them to you?" the eternally curious girl then wanted to know.

"I'm pretty sure I was born with them, though I never asked." Devin said allowing his tail to sway briefly. "You look good with a tail." He said in an attempted compliment.

"Thanks!" she actually managed to remember to say, sounding pleased, before reaching up to scratch an itch behind one of her kitty ears - something which quickly had her purring, much to even her own surprise.

Devin's ears twitched at the sound. "Are you okay?" He asked as he curiously approached.

Whisp's only response was a sudden bit of giggling to accompany the purring as she discovered just what scritches must feel like to cats - they were nice!

Devin leaned over the hood of the SUV next to her. "What is it?" He asked as he gazed at her and tilted an ear to the side in curiosity. This, of course, lead to Whisp promptly abandoning her own kitty ears to impulsively try scritching his instead.

Devin tensed for a moment before relaxing and beginning to purr himself; he normally didn't like people touching his ears, but this actually felt quite nice. He tilted his head to the side to allow her to reach easier and closed his eyes, while Whisp giggled some more, feeling pleased with herself.

"Oooh~." Tiffaney cooed, sounding rather impressed. "You're quite good, Devie doesn't even let me touch his ears."

Upon realizing they were no longer alone, Whisp quickly pulled her hand back, looking oddly guilty for reasons utterly beyond her, and blushing a little for the same reason.

Devin's ears perked and he opened his eyes, looking dazed for a moment before stretching in a cat-like matter. He cracked his neck, then looked oddly content.

"You certainly have a way with him." Tiffaney said as she swayed her tail joyfully, with a wide grin.

This rather predictably earned a confused look from the teen girl as she wondered what that meant, followed by her turning to Devin for an answer to her unspoken question.

"Sweetie, I'm saying you make him happy." Tiffaney said as she unlocked the SUV and climbed into the driver's seat, buckling up, then starting the vehicle.

Devin snapped out of his contented trance and looked to Whisp in confusion, but the girl could only shrug - she didn't understand it any better than he did. She then, of course, hopped down off the car to reclaim her previous seat inside, Devin following after her to reclaim his.

"You two are adorable, but how was your first day of school? Make any friends?" Tiffaney then decided to ask.

"Um... we met Yakashima and Kawasaki?" Whisp offered, rather uncertainly; given how long it had taken her and Dev to decide they were friends, she certainly wasn't about to count anyone she'd just met that day as one.

"Yaka-chan and Kawa-chan are nice girls. Kawa-chan can be a bit clumsy, but I've heard you two found that out over lunch." Tiffaney said as she pulled out of the parking space and began the drive to the Manor.

Whisp now gave Dev a rather nervous look, clearly wondering if she was about to get in trouble again.

Tiffaney caught on to the look Whisp was giving Devin. "You're not in trouble, sweetie. Trust me, I know the kinda trouble a teenage girl can stir up with magic all too well." She said fondly.

"I didn't mean to," the poor girl said, looking vaguely upset about the whole thing still, even if she wasn't in trouble; she was also now rather resolutely staring down at the car floor.

Devin grabbed Whisp's hand in an attempt to comfort her, and she accepted it gladly, even as it caused a strange warmth to blossom in her chest.

"You know, I was a bit of a troublemaker growing up, too." Tiffaney said with a smile, glancing to Whisp in the mirror for a moment before returning her attention to the road.

Tightening her own hold on Dev's hand, Whisp rewarded him with a small smile of thanks before her curiosity kicked in. "What did you do?" she wanted to know, sounding better, but perhaps not quite herself yet.

Tiffaney giggled. "Like I said, teenage girls can stir up quite a bit of trouble. I was always trying to help, but things would always get messed up, but they'd always work out in the end." She let out a reminiscent sigh.

"What's science for?" the actual teen girl suddenly asked, now that she was feeling better; the question had been bothering her all day, after all.

"Have you ever looked at a lightbulb and wondered, what magic is this run by? The answer is electricity. Electricity is a scientific discovery that humans have learned to harness and produce through multiple means. Science is used to create infinite possibilities, even without magic." Tiffaney explained.

"Well... what do I need it for?" Whisp still wanted to know; she didn't like science, if only because it was unfamiliar to her and she therefore wasn't good at it.

Tiffaney took a moment to think. "Movies are recorded through a product of science." She said as she gave Whisp another glance through the mirror.

"I don't need to understand how in order to watch them, though," was the teen's prompt rebuttal.

"You're a product of science." Tiffaney then added.

"I'm a product of magic," Whisp corrected, though she supposed technology might have been involved as well. Then, for the sake of the argument, she also added, "But even if I was a product of science, I still wouldn't need to understand it in order to exist."

"Science isn't about need, it's about want!" Tiffaney exclaimed. "You see, magic and science are two sides of the same coin. I don't know about others, but I can't settle for just understanding one. Why, with magic and science it's quite possible to live long enough to understand the greatest why mankind has ever faced. 'Why are we here?' There are theories and beliefs, but no human can say for certain what spawned us, where our souls were forged, and even after knowing that, there is so much more to learn." She once more glanced back to Whisp, who was making a decidedly teenaged and obstinate face.

"But why do I have to learn it?" she sulked.

"Foundational skills; only the ignorant dance about wielding a power they don't have the foggiest comprehension of." Tiffaney stated. "And you wouldn't fall under that catagory, especially if you're going to be dating my boy."

Whisp looked over to Dev, clearly seeking clarification on that last bit, only to find that he was asleep... and that she didn't know how else to go about getting an answer to her silent question.

"Science is fun sweetie, you just have to give it a chance." Tiffaney concluded.

Whisp just sulked in response.

"So, Grayson, huh?" Tiffaney asked. "Have you two been promised? If so, it's a bit too early for that."

Whisp just blinked in confusion, not having the faintest idea what that meant. "What's that mean?" she finally asked, prodding Devin's foot with her own in a rather desperate attempt to avoid having what would no doubt be a confusing conversation without him.

Devin stirred into a state of half-sleep. "What is it?" He muttered before yawning.

"Promised to be married, of course!" Tiffaney exclaimed.

"Why would we do that?" the teen girl asked in response, having a vague notion of what marriage was, at least. Her hold on Dev's hand tightened almost nervously for reasons she didn't understand; she almost felt as though she was in danger of getting in trouble again for some reason.

"When two lovers feel as though their relationship will last to that point, they make a promise to be wed, usually sealing this deal with a ring, though it's not necessary." Tiffaney informed.

Devin looked to Tiffaney with confusion, though he was blushing heavily.

"What is she talking about?" a similarly blushing Whisp mouthed to him.

"I think she thinks we are going to get married or something." Devin whispered to Whisp.

"Why?" the girl whispered back, wide-eyed, confused, and blushing.

"Because you two act like such a good couple!" Tiffaney said as she twitched her kitty ears.

It was at this point that Whisp seemed to largely give up on understanding the confusing conversation, and instead decided to rest her head on Devin's shoulder - something which also served to hide her face, as her temporarily Ruby-red hair fell down to cover it.

"Mom, we aren't a 'couple'." Devin attempted to explain.

"Oh, but you are. You just don't know it yet." Tiffaney said with a smile, allowing the conversation to end there.

"Do we still need to go shopping for school things?" Whisp asked, deciding to redirect the conversation towards something she better understood.

"I took care of that for you sweetie, you don't have to worry about it." Tiffaney said with a smile.

"Okay," the girl consented, forgetting yet again to say thank you. "Do we need to do anything else?"

"Just wake up on time for me to pick you up, pay attention in class, and do your homework if you get it." Tiffaney listed. "Student life is easy, you just gotta get in the flow of things."

"When do we have school again?" Whisp wondered aloud, not having yet grasped that this was an every day thing (or at least a five-days-a-week thing, anyway).

"You will have school every day, with the exception of Saturday and Sunday, plus breaks every now and again." Tiffaney informed.

The teen girl frowned a bit as she thought about this. "Is that a lot? It seems like a lot," she commented, not realizing that yes, five days a week was totally normal.

"Most of the schools around Tokyo consist of a six day week, with very few breaks, so considering your location, you're quite lucky." Tiffaney said with a happy smile.

"Does it always start so early?" Whisp wanted to know next, a hint of complaint in her voice; she was a teenager, after all, and mornings sucked.

"Yup!" Tiffaney exclaimed.

Whisp let out a groan of complaint, resting her head against Dev's shoulder again.

Devin yawned and leaned his head against Whisp's.

"Don't worry, it'll be fun!" Tiffaney chimed cheerfully.

"But it's soooooo early," the young girl outright complained now, a bit of a whine creeping into her voice. "And I'm tired."

"Feel free to sleep in the car; there's still a bit of a drive left. Though, for the future I would suggest going to bed earlier." Tiffaney said in an understanding voice.

Whisp's only response was to further make herself comfortable, still using Dev as a pillow and now perhaps a bit of a teddy bear as well, before promptly falling asleep.

Devin managed to stay awake a couple more minutes before falling asleep as well.

Tiffaney smiled to the two as she drove, staying silent for the rest of the trip back to the Manor. Upon arrival at the Manor, Tiffaney looked back to the unknowing couple and thought of how to wake them up without startling them. "Sweeties, you're home." She said in a soft and gentle tone.

Whisp mumbled something that might have been "go away," before further nestling against Dev and returning to a deeper sleep.

Tiffaney thought for a moment on the best approach for this situation. "I can bake you some cookies." She then offered; they did do well on their first day.

This was greeted by some more, less coherent mumbling (although it might have included something about pancakes, for some reason), and further snuggling; Dev was comfy, and Whisp didn't wanna get up.

Tiffaney let out a sigh as she turned off the SUV. She exited the vehicle and opened the door to Whisp before giving her a gentle nudge. Of course, this just resulted in the stubborn teen clinging to Dev with something akin to a death-grip, as though afraid she was about to be removed from him when she was so comfy.

Tiffaney smiled gently before nudging Devin, who mumbled a bit and half opened an eye.

"You're home, you can sleep inside if you want." Tiffaney said quietly.

Deving gave a groan of complaint before gently stroaking Whisp's Ruby-red hair. "Hey, Whisp." He said with a yawn. "Wanna watch a movie or something?"

"'k," the teen girl sleepily agreed, making absolutely no move to actually release him and exit the car.

Devin sighed before moving out of the car and picking Wisp up, carrying her in the bridal position. "Goodbye, mom."

Tiffaney smile cheerfully. "See you tomorrow sweeties!" She called as she closed the SUV door, climbed into the drivers seat, and drove away.

Whisp, meanwhile, was suddenly very much awake thanks to having suddenly found herself being carried (which she was fairly certain had never happened to her before); rather than struggling or insisting that she be let down, however, her amethyst eyes had merely gone wide as she took it all in and tried to determine how she felt about it (and eventually concluded that she wasn't sure, but it at least wasn't horrible, so she wouldn't object just yet).

"Can we watch more RWBY?" she finally asked.

Maybe it was because he was tired, but Devin looked to Whisp with an uncharacteristically gentle smile. "Of course we can." He said as he approached the front door, which opened for him.

"Wanna order pizza again?" Whisp suggested, once more claiming his shoulder for a pillow, allowing her to hear his gentle heartbeat.

"Sure." Devin said, feeling oddly comfortable. "You can pet my ears when we get to the living room if you want." Devin walked through the door, taking the first available door in the building (which of course lead to the living/multimedia room, because that's where Whisp wanted to be, and the Manor thought they were being cute).

"And then we can have a nap," the teen girl decided, as though they'd meant to just finish planning the rest of their evening and she (of course) got the final say on the matter.

"Then we can have a nap." Devin repeated as he set her down on the couch, moving a stray hair from her face before ordering the pizzas and starting RWBY. He then moved to claim a seat next to Whisp, who in turn claimed him as a pillow yet again.

Of course, their nap ended up being less of a nap and more of a "fell asleep together on the couch" sorta thing - but at least they both managed to get some sleep before another day of school.

-Dev and Whisp go back to the SUV, but Tiffaney has paperwork to fill out.
-Whisp discovers the magic of kitty ear scritches.
-Tiffaney embarrasses the unknowing couple on the ride back to the Manor.
-Science is important, Whisp!
-More embarrassing the unknowing couple (they're so adorable!).
-The couple falls asleep.
-Tiffaney can't wake Whisp so she has Devin try.
-When he fails he just picks her up and carries her.
-RWBY, pizza, and sleeping on the couch for them!


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Re: Just Another Day In Prohibition Megatokyo

A Sleepy Surprise

Timestamp: Friday to early Saturday.
Location: FGTL HQ.
Authors: Skorpion, Oblivion, Arella.
[Warning: Suggestive themes.]

Alexis walked down the hall to Rekko's room, holding a small box wrapped in a single red bow, and humming happily to herself as her tail wagged behind her. Before she knew it, she was standing in front of Rekko's door. "Rekko!" She called as she moved the box behind her back and knocked. After a few seconds of no response, she knocked again. "Rekko?"

When there was no response, she puffed out her cheeks in irritation before pocketing the box and returning to her room; it wasn't long, however, until she returned with a small bag.

She knelt down in front of the door, using the contents of the bag to pick the lock. A minute or two passed before the lock clicked into unlocking, which gave Alexis a triumphant smile. "Gotcha!" She declared as she packed her tools and opened the door, checking the room before grabbing her bag and entering. "Rekko?" She said again once inside, only to find out the room was empty. She folded her ears back in disappointment, before perking them up at an idea. She closed the door and sat in his chair leaving the bag by the door, holding the box in her hands again.

She waited for about a half hour before getting bored and deciding to explore Rekko's room. She examined the room for a few minutes before moving to his closet and opening the door to look at some of his outfits. After finding a hoodie she liked and promptly put on, she looked around a little more before sitting on his bed with her little box in hand. She stayed like this for about an hour before she found herself laying down and dozing off. In her final act before sleep claimed her, she grabbed one of Rekko's pillows and snuggled up to it, never letting go of her little box.


A few hours later, Rekko stepped up to his door, resting his forehead against the cool metal briefly as he went to unlock the door. On finding it already unlocked, he stepped back to nudge the door open slowly with his foot.

When the door failed to explode or drop things, he stepped inside, placing his duffel bag quietly by the doorframe. As he looked around, he noticed the closet door slightly open, various items moved, and, finally, the Alexis curled up on the bed. He smiled softly, closing the door slowly so as not to wake her, and stepped over to the bed to fondle her ears softly as she slept. "<Came to see me, huh? Sorry I wasn't about; had to fill in for another crew after they clipped a building and grounded themselves for a week.>" He sat down on the bed, yawning as he shed his jacket and boots. "<Not sure how you got in; I must have left the door unlocked or something.>" He yawned again, weighing his options.

On one hand, he could wake her up, and deal with a cutely groggy Alexis for a while, before her usual energy clashed with his currently tired state.

On the other, he was tired, his bed was quite comfortable, and there was an Alexis already in it.

Another yawn, and he made his mind up, shedding his shirt and socks to settle on the bed next to her and snuggling close.

As her ears were fondled Alexis' tail slowly patted against the bed in her sleep. When Rekko climbed onto the bed and snuggled with her, she released the pillow and box in favor of snuggling closer to him, smiling happily. "I love you, Rekko." She whispered quietly without waking up.

Rekko smiled softly, wrapping an arm around her waist. "<Love you too, Lexi.>"


It was about four hours before Alexis began to reluctantly wake up. She nuzzled Rekko's chest and adjusted herself a little in an attempt to get in to a position where she could fall asleep again. When that failed she lazily opened her eyes to see Rekko cuddling with her. "Am I dreaming?" She asked before yawning. After a few moments she gently rested a hand on his cheek and smiled.

Rekko's eyes fluttered as the hand touched his cheek. "<Ma... Lexi? What time is it?>"

Alexis pressed her lips against his for a moment. "I don't know. " It was then that she realized why she came to Rekko's room in the first place. "Oh, I got you something!" She said excitedly as she scanned the bed for the box.

Rekko blinked, returning the kiss briefly before she moved away. "<Um. The box? Bedside table?>"

Alexis climbed over Rekko to claim the box, checking to make sure he didn't peek before sitting on top of the blankets with her tail wagging happily. "Here!" She declared with a smile as she offered the box to him.

Rekko took the box, opening it carefully and peering inside it, trying to suppress a yawn. "Shiny."

Alexis watched him open the box with a mixture of fear and excitement. "I got myself one to match, see?" She pulled a small, silver, half-heart necklace with an 'R' engraved on it from under her shirt, that match the one with an 'A' in the box, sounding slightly worried.

Rekko pulled the necklace out by the chain, holding it up to the light. As it span gently, he caught sight of the 'A' engraved on it, and sighed softly before pulling Alexis over into a hug. "I love it. I'll wear it all the time."

Alexis' eyes brightened instantly while she hugged him in return. "I'm glad you like it." She said as her tail wagged behind her. "Are you sure it's not too cheesy?"

Rekko chuckled. "<If it were any cheesier, it would be melted and served on a pizza. But it's feelings that matter, not style. I'll wear it. And if anyone makes fun, you can shoot them for me, okay?>"

Alexis nodded, looking as though she was just given a fighter jet. "<Thank you!>" She cheered happily before kissing him passionately.

Rekko returned the kiss with gusto, holding her close as his hand reached up to stroke her ears softly. "<No, thank you.>"

Alexis broke the kiss and grinned. "<I'm keeping this hoodie. Unless you want to take it from me.>" She teased as she pawed at his chest, her tail swaying behind her.

Rekko chuckled, grinning back. "<It looks better on you, I have to say.>"

"<Oh? You're no fun.>" Alexis giggled as she wrapped her arms around his neck and looked him in his eyes, still grinning.

Rekko chuckled, leaning in to kiss her again, his arms moving down to slide the hoodie up and off her. "<I can be plenty fun. I just think it looks better on you~>"

Rekko's comment kicked Alexis' heart into overdrive as the hoodie was removed and tossed aside, her cheeks a bright red.

Rekko grinned as he broke the kiss, moving down to kiss softly at her neck, a hand sliding down to caress her tail. "<It looks much better off, though.>"

Alexis' body slightly trembled as Rekko's hand made contact with her tail. Her ears folded back and she gave a small gasp.

Rekko chuckled, stroking his hand down the length of her tail. "<That's so adorable.>"

"S-shut up." Alexis said, her tail instinctively trying to shake free as a she tilted her head to allow him easier access to her neck, still trembling.

"<You seem to like it, though...>" Rekko continued to work at her neck and tail, his free hand capturing an ear to rub it softly.

She wrapped her arms around him as she let out another gasp. "It's because it's you." She confessed as the room seemed to get warmer.

"<I'm flattered.>" Rekko shifted a little, moving his attentions further down her neck, and changing his work on her tail. "<You really protest far too much, you know.>"

"If-if I made it easy; it wouldn't be any-" Alexis was cut off by a small moan. "Fun." She finished, wondering why the room had gotten so hot.

Rekko snickered softly. "<Just relax and enjoy yourself, okay?>"

"Don't be too rough." Alexis said nervously (This was her first time after all.).

Rekko moved up, kissing her softly on the lips. "Don't worry, I'll be gentle."


Rekko lay back, chuckling softly as Alexis nestled against him, stroking her hair and ears. "<Enjoy yourself, puppy?>"

Alexis gave him a quick kiss before returning to nestling against his chest, giggling softly. "<Did you?>"

Rekko grinned, leaning down to kiss the tip of an ear softly. "<Of course. How could I not, with such an enthusiastic partner?>"

Alexis' ear twitched in response. "<A little enthusiasm goes a long way.>" She took a moment to think on his previous statement. "<I suppose you're gonna be calling me puppy from now on, huh?>"

Rekko chuckled. "<As your boyfriend, I reserve the right to give you a cutesy pet name. And besides, you do act awfully dog-like sometimes. It's adorable.>"

Alexis' ears perked. "<How do I act dog-like?>" She asked as her right ear tilted to the side, a look of genuine curiosity upon her face.

Rekko cracked up into laughter, reaching out to fondle her ears. "<You... You really don't realize it, do you...>"

"<Realize what? What's so funny?>" Alexis asked, not understanding why he was laughing. She folded her ears back and gave him a puppy dog look that demanded an answer.

Rekko laughed harder, struggling for breath. "<It's... You... Ohgods...>"

"Tell me!" Alexis demanded, forgetting to speak Japanese. She perked her ears; the fur on her tail standing on end when this warranted more laughter. She grabbed his shoulders and lightly bit his neck, giving a genuine low growl, though her tail was swaying as she did so.

Rekko pulled away gently, petting her ears gently as he finally managed to stop laughing. "<Your ears, your tail, the way you act... You're just like a puppy sometimes, is all.>"

"<Is that a bad thing?>" Alexis then asked.

Rekko shook his head, smiling. "<Far from it. It's part of your charm.>"

Alexis grinned widely as a response. "<I love you.>" She said as she nuzzled her face into his chest.

Rekko smiled, holding her close and stroking her hair. "<Love you too, Puppy.>"

"Rekko?" Alexis asked, sounding like she wanted to say something important.

"Yes?" Rekko leaned down, kissing her ears softly.

"<I'm hungry.>" Alexis stated, giggling as he kissed her ears.

Rekko sighed softly, rolling his eyes. "<Well, let's get dressed and go scrounge something to eat. I don't really keep food in here, what with the callouts when I'm on duty. Had a tendency to just get forgotten.>"

"Noooooo." Alexis protested; she wanted to eat, but she was comfortable and feeling lazy.

Rekko chuckled softly. "<Fine, I'll go fetch us some food. You stay curled up here, and I'll be back for you in a few minutes, okay?>"

Alexis smiled triumphantly. "Okay!" She took a moment to think. "<Don't trip on the tool bag by the door.>" She pointed out.

Rekko looked over to the toolbag in question, reaching out to tug his pants off it. "<Why is there a toolbag by my door, Lexi?>"

"<How else was I supposed to get in? You locked the door.>" Alexis said as though breaking in was the perfectly logical thing to do given the circumstances.

Rekko facepalmed. "<I knew I hadn't left it unlocked. Generally, you wait until someone's back to let you in.

"<And ruin the surprise? Never.>" Alexis said as she sat up and watched him with a smile, covering her chest with the blanket.

Rekko rolled his eyes; he was just going to have to get used to her infiltrating everywhere. "<You still shouldn't go around picking locks all over the place. This isn't a fantasy RPG; people take issue to their stuff going missing.>" He sighed as he pulled his pants on, reaching into the pockets to adjust their contents.

"<Yours is the only room I've been breaking into.>" Alexis said with a sly grin. "<... And I've only been stealing a chocolate or two.>" She said, sounding slightly guilty.

"<Oh, that was you? I thought I had a ROUS problem, or a stray conscience or something.>" Rekko grinned, tugging his shirt on and opening the door. "<You stay put, Puppy. I'll be back to feed you in a while.>"

"Hai." Alexis chimed before laying down and pulling the covers over herself.

Rekko waved as he slipped out, closing the door gently and humming to himself as he headed off, a spring in his step where there wasn't before.

As she waited for Rekko to come back, thoughts of their time together kept returning to her mind. She smiled and snuggled into Rekko's bed, feeling accomplished.


Rekko returned a few minutes later, bearing trays of food. He struggled briefly with the door, eventually backing through it and nudging it closed with his foot. "<I have braved the wilds, and returned with food as tribute to your beauty.>" He bowed dramatically, before setting the trays down on the bed.

Alexis was standing by the counter with a small piece of chocolate in her hand, once more wearing the hoodie (though this time without pants). After he had set down the tray she wrapped him in a hug, putting the chocolate between her lips before kissing him.

Rekko returned the kiss, reaching down under the hoodie to cup her backside, giving a firm squeeze. "<Miss me?>"

Alexis jumped a bit, her ears and tail perking. "<How could I not?>" She said with a sly grin as she wrapped her arms around his neck, her tail swaying from side to side.

Rekko grinned, kissing her again softly. "<Almost as much as you missed snacking, huh?>"

Alexis giggled. "Almost." She released him to sit on the bed, being careful not to knock anything over.

Rekko grinned, settling next to her and the food. He'd assembled a variety of finger foods, along with a few small pots of sauce. "Dig in."

Alexis grinned widely before taking a bit of the closest sandwich she could get. "<You sure like finger food, don't you?>" She asked after she finished her first bite.

Rekko shrugged. "<Regular food is best when you have a table handy. There isn't one in here unless you count the desk, and there wasn't one out in the woods.>" He picked up a little sausage roll, tossing it into the air before catching it in his mouth. "<Besides, it's apparently lunchtime, so finger food is all that was there. I found you some steak, though.>"

Alexis' ears perked at the mentioning of her favorite food. "<Where?>" She asked as she examined the tray for the food in question.

Rekko grinned, uncovering a plate in the center of one of the trays, revealing a freshly-grilled steak. "<I'm surprised you didn't smell it.>"

"<Nobody's perfect.>" Alexis said as quickly finished the sandwich to grab the steak plate and began to happily eat it with a fork and knife at an above average pace.

Rekko chuckled, leaning back against the wall to munch his way through a plate of snackfood. "<You must have hollow legs or something, to put that much food away.>"

"<You think I eat a lot, look at Skorp.>" Alexis said between mouthfuls, a bit of steak juice at the edge of her lips.

Rekko nodded, considering that. "<Good point. Just don't take to drinking those ridiculous energy concoctions of his. You'll have a heart attack or something.>"

"<I tried the coffee once and was wired for hours.>" Alexis said with a grin before eating a sandwich after decimating the steak.

Rekko chuckled. "<That stuff's great, though. Half the pilots drink it by the gallon to stay awake on long flights. The rest are either able to fly aircraft in their sleep, or just don't seem to need sleep at all.>" He shrugged. "<Slightly scary when you think about it, really.>"

"<Largoists, what can ya do?>" Alexis said with a shrug as she finished her second sandwich.

Rekko sighed. "<Joined up is what I could do. At least now I can stop them doing too much damage to themselves, and I don't have to deal with culturally-ingrained racism all the time.>" He paused, considering. "<Well. Most of the time. It's a bit pro-metahuman in here at times, but I think that's mostly from Skorp forgetting other people can't tank like he does.>"

"<The guy casually tossed a cannon at me expecting me to catch it as easily as he was carrying it, so I'd say he does forget that not everyone is as freakishly powerful as him.>" Alexis explained. "<He's a cool guy though, that was a badass damn cannon.>"

Rekko nodded sagely. "<Well, everyone loves cannons, don't they? Especially Largoists.>"

Alexis smiled gently. "<I hope I never have to leave this place; it's fun, the people are nice, and I have you.>"

Rekko smiled back, reaching over to pet her. "<You'll have me no matter where you go, I think. This place was mostly a career choice rather than an ideological one; if you go, I'm going with you. Someone has to patch you up, after all.>"

"<Thank you, Rekko.>" Alexis said as she leaned her head against his shoulder. "<Just don't do anything reckless if something bad happens to me. I don't want you to get hurt because of me.>"

Rekko sighed, petting her softly. "<Puppy, I'm a combat medic. Doing reckless things to save people is part of the job. And if I didn't do that, we wouldn't have met as I pulled you out of a riot, would we?>"

"<I know...>" Alexis wrapped her arms around his arm. "<But you can still try, right?>" She gave his arm a small squeeze, her ears folded back.

Rekko leaned down, kissing her forehead softly. "<I'll try not to get hurt, yes. Having someone to come back to helps a lot, with that.>"

"<Good. I may not always be here when you come back, but I'll be sure to make up for it when I am.>" Alexis said with a smile. "<But you gotta do the same.>"

Rekko nodded. "<I shall. Don't you worry about that.>" He stretched, looking around the room. "<I should probably tidy up in here if you're going to be here more often. No more bachelor clutter.>"

"<But if you clean up you might notice when I move things.>" Alexis teased with a giggle, her tail wagging slightly.

Rekko chuckled. "<That's another reason to. Can't have you disrupting the feng shui of the room, after all.>" He waved to the shelf, where a selection of Final Fantasy action figures had been rearranged and re-posed.

"<Fine, I'll find other ways to amuse myself when I feel like breaking and entering.>" Alexis gave Rekko a quick kiss.

Rekko grinned, returning the kiss gently. "I'll get a console set up for you, or something."

"Cool!" Alexis said excitedly. "I'll pwn all of the n00bs!" She declared with a raised fist, her tail wagging at a pace to match her mood.

Rekko chuckled, wrapping an arm around her and giving her a squeeze. "<So cute when you're excited. Which reminds me, we have a date at the weekend.>"

"<Really? Where are we going?>" Alexis asked, looking at him with bright eyes and perked ears.

Rekko grinned, pointing upwards. "<Up. Then down again, but mostly up. Skorp wants you to brush up on paradrops, and assigned me to teach you. Even loaned us an aircraft for the day, so we can make a proper date of it.>"

"<Up?>" Alexis asked, sounding slightly nervous.

Rekko nodded. "<Up. We're going to be jumping out of an aeroplane, and you're going to learn to fly.>"

"<I can fly any aircraft I want.>" Alexis assured, she didn't like heights and jumping out of a perfectly good aircraft seemed weird (even by her standards).

Rekko chuckled. "<Ahh, but this isn't flying in an aircraft. We'll be working with wingsuits.>"

"<Do we have to? I don't want to fall again.>" Alexis said, sounding afraid.

Rekko sighed softly. "<Falling is the entire point of it, but you'll be in control. We kind of do have to, though, but I'll be there with you to hold your hand if you need it. Okay?>"

Alexis as silent for a moment before coming to a conclusion. "... Okay." She conceded with great hesitation.

Rekko grinned. "<Good. I'll make it up to you afterwards. Maybe we can go eat out someplace for dinner.>"

"<Someplace with good food?>" Alexis asked, her ears slowly perking up as she spoke.

Rekko nodded. "<Nice American diner. Steaks, burgers, icecream, whatever you want. Wait, what do you mean, fall 'again'? Is that anything to do with that scar?>"

Alexis' ears folded back again as she remembered. "I was- <A couple years ago I was thrown out of a three story window and... Died. Well, kinda died, I landed on a fence and Eva said that my heart had stopped beating for a couple minutes by the time she got to me, then she went and almost died to bring me back... Two months. She was in a coma for two months because of me.>" Tears formed in her eyes as she spoke. "<It was scary. I couldn't move, the pain, everything fading away. I never want to fall again... Never.>" She withdrew her knees into her arms and began to sob.

Rekko tugged her close, wrapping his arms around her tightly. "Shh, it's okay. <I'll be there with you, and you'll have a chute. And no spikes either.>" He sighed softly. "<I'm sorry. I'm not any good at this comforting thing. Just shhh, it'll be okay.>"

"It's ok, just... Let me stay like this for a while." Alexis said as she gripped Rekko's shirt and buried her face into his side as she wept. "And could you, pet my ears?"

Rekko obliged, stroking her ears softly, his other hand rubbing her back.

After a few minutes Alexis stopped sobbing and was contentedly resting her head against Rekko's chest. "<Thank you.>" She said, feeling a lot better.

Rekko snored lightly, propped against the wall.

Alexis looked up to see him asleep and giggled, before kissing his cheek and nuzzling up against him to fall asleep herself.

---The next morning---

Alexis gave Rekko a quick kiss. "<Thank you for letting me stay the night.>" She said as she stood just outside his doorframe, wearing her new hoodie and holding her toolbag.

Rekko grinned, reaching up to fondle her ears again. "<The pleasure's all mine, puppy.>"

"<I'll visit again soon, okay?>" Alexis said with a smile, growing fond of her new pet name.

"<You do that. Just don't make me wait too long, okay?>"

"<Trust me, I'll be back before you know it.>" Alexis said, waving as she walked back to her own room.

Rekko waved, closing the door once she'd passed the corner. "<What have I gotten myself into?>"

Alexis turned the corner feeling absolutely giddy. She didn't know why, but she wanted to tell someone about yesterday. "Victoria?" She considered before almost instantly dismissing the thought. "I know! I'll call Arella, but what do I say?" She spent the rest of the trip thinking about how to tell her, but by the time she was in her room she felt it would be better to wing it. She sat on her bed and pulled out her phone, selecting Arella from the contacts list, then holding the phone to her head as it rang.

"Hello?" a rather breathless (and perhaps even somewhat exhilarated sounding) Arella answered on the other end, having only just got back to the change room of her favourite ballet studio after a good few hours of dancing - she hadn't even had a chance to get her ballet slippers off yet.

"Hey Elle. Ummm." Alexis said nervously as she pondered how to actually tell her. "I went to Rekko's yesterday and gave him that necklace." Alexis said, deciding to start at the beginning.

"Oooh, did he like it?" the ex-magical girl (really!) wanted to know, betting that he did. She also went ahead and took a seat on the nearby bench to begin removing her ballet slippers one-handed.

"Mmhmm! He said he'd wear it everywhere!" Alexis said, audibly cheering up. "I broke into his room to wait for him, but wound up falling asleep on his bed."

Arella giggled at that. "Awww, that's cute! What happened when he found you there?"

"I don't know, but when I woke up we were cuddling." She informed, sounding gleeful at the event. "I gave him the necklace, then... we..." Alexis' cheeks turned a bright red as the nervousness returned. "We, ummm. Did... Well..." Her frequent pauses offered no clear way to tell Arella. Her eyes looking around the room, as if expecting a script to appear out of nowhere. "You know..."

The delighted squeal that escaped Arella rather suggested she had at least some idea where this was going anyway. "You didn't!" she declared, sounding rather gleeful herself. "Like... all the way, or just, y'know, some of the way?"

Alexis jumped at the squeal. "W-was I not supposed to go all the way?" She then asked, sounding worried that she messed up. "Rekko seemed so happy, there's no way I could have messed up!" she thought to herself.

Another very excited squeal. "Ohmigod, how was it? What was it like?" the ex-magical girl demanded, sounding utterly delighted, more than a little curious, and perhaps just a little bit jealous. She had also forgotten about removing her ballet slippers, leaving her with one on and one off.

"It was strange, not a bad strange, but I never felt anything like it before." Alexis said, before starting with details. "It hurt at first, but he promised it'd go away, and he was being so gentle. He asked me if I wanted to stop, but I shook my head. After a bit the pain was going away, and it started to feel a different kind of strange. The room was so warm, and his body against mine... Caressing me... Telling me he loved me..." She trailed off as flashbacks played in her head. "I'm sorry, was that too much information?" She asked as she snapped out of her daydream.

"Nope!" Arella was quick to reassure, before diving into the questions she (of course) had. "Did it hurt very much? Or for very long? Ohmigod, did you... you know..." Even alone in the change room, she blushed, struggling to find a way to ask without actually using the word orgasm, because the word seemed kinda embarrassing for some reason.

"Well, it wasn't much compared to getting shot, and I have a pretty high pain tolerance. I think it only hurt for a couple minutes..." Alexis said shyly. "Ummm, did I what?" She then asked, twirling her hair around the pointer finger of her free hand with still red cheeks.

"You know..." Arella tried again, only to realize she was going to have to say it and take a quick look around the room to make sure she was really alone before finally whispering, "orgasm." This was promptly followed by the totally-ex-magical girl turning a brilliant shade of red that shouldn't have even been possible.

Upon Arella saying the word, Alexis' cheeks turned a shade that rivaled hers. She hesitantly nodded, before realizing she'd have to say it. "Mmhmm." She mumbled, checking the door to make sure no one was spying on her.

Arella now giggled in that embarrassed way inherent in all females. "How was it?" she asked amidst the giggles.

"I don't know how to explain it... it was like my head went all fuzzy and I was floating on a cloud. It felt... Amazing. " She said as she fell back to lay on her bed and stared at the ceiling.

More giggling, even as the ex-magical girl became more serious for a moment (because awkward and embarrassing!). "And you don't regret it or anything?" she asked, because Alexis was her friend and she had to make sure.

"No." Alexis said sounding a bit confused by the question. "I'm actually happy I did." She said with a fond smile.

"Good!" Arella told her, finally managing to remember to actually remove her other ballet slipper. Then something else rather important occurred to her. "Did you use protection?"

"You mean one of those con-dom things? Yes. Rekko told me he had to." Alexis explained.

Arella breathed a sigh of relief. "Good," she told her. "It's a bit early for babies, after all." Understatement!

"Yeah, I don't think I'm ready for any pups." Alexis agreed. "Actually, can I ask you a serious question?"

"Of course!"

"Do you think I act dog-like?" The wolfgirl then asked, sounding completely serious.

"Maybe?" the ex-magical offered, more than a little uncertainly. "I mean, dogs can act kinda people-like, too, I think. But your ears and tail definitely act like proper dog ears and tails, which is actually really cute." She paused a moment, before finally asking. "Did that make sense?"

Alexis nodded. "Yeah, I understand. Thanks!" She smiled. "What are ya up to?"

"Just finished some dancing," Arella replied, laying back on the bench she'd been sitting on and rather absently making herself comfortable.

"Mind if I come over some time to hang out? We could invite Shin if you want." Alexis asked, tilting her ear to hear the phone better.

"Sure!" the ex-magical girl promptly agreed. "Did you wanna do anything in particular, or just hang out?"

"I dunno, spend the night maybe?" Alexis offered. "Yeah, I could spend the night! We could order pizza, maybe watch a movie." She said excitedly as her tail began to wag.

This was followed by the briefest of thoughtful pauses on Arella's end, followed by a rather overly excited, "We could watch Game of Thrones!"

"That sounds awesome!" Alexis declared with equal excitement, her tail wagging cheerfully.


Alexis goes to visit Rekko to give him a gift.
He's not there, and this makes her upset.
She gets her tools, and returns to pick the lock.
Upon entry she decides to wait for him to come back.
She is quick to get bored however, and decides to explore.
Upon finding a hoodie she likes, she promptly claims it as her own.
Rekko's taking a super long time, so she curls up on his bed and falls asleep.
A few hours later Rekko comes home to find his door unlocked.
It's not a trap, but hey, look, an Alexis.
An internal debate leads to Rekko cuddling up to Alexis and falling asleep.
Alexis tells Rekko she loves him in her sleep. (Awww!)
They wake up and Alexis gives Rekko his gift.
Rekko likes his gift.
Alexis teases Rekko a bit and things start to get a little 'heated'.
After the couple is done, Rekko gets Alexis a new Pet name.
Rekko says Alexis acts dog-like, and Alexis doesn't understand how.
This causes laughter, which causes Rekko to get bitten.
Alexis is hungry, like, really hungry.
Alexis doesn't want Rekko to get hurt, and he agrees to try.
Turns out Alexis has been breaking into Rekko's room quite a bit.
Rekko learns why Alexis is afraid of heights.
The next morning Alexis goes to her room and tells Arella about what happened.
Alexis' really nervous about it but Arella's excited.
Arella demands details which Alexis shyly provides.
Alexis doesn't regret it and protection was used. (No puppies for those two just yet.)
Arella agrees; Alexis acts dog-like sometimes.
The two plan a sleepover!
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Re: Just Another Day In Prohibition Megatokyo

Title: A Drive
Location: Tokyo Streets, near a park
Time: Mid day
Character(s): Hitoshi Sugimoto
Author(s): Notsonoble, Canto Anathema

Hitoshi stepped down from the podium his people had erected in the park for today. His speech seemed to go over well with the crowd. Several of the propaganda group were now handing out fliers and taking contact information for distributing more material at later dates. He smirked at the handful of TPCD and MPD uniforms he noticed in the crowd. They'd wandered in late, but all seemed there for the rally, not in any official function as officers. He'd even seen a few go back and fill out contact info before he'd finished. He made a note to keep an eye on those, trained eager men and women would be potential recruits for his strike teams. That was if they got through the screening process.

"Sugimoto-sama?" A man inquired politely, appearing in Hitoshi's path. Upon being acknowledged by Hitoshi's gaze, the man bowed slightly. "<Might I have a moment of your time. Privately.>"

"<That depends. Who might you be?>" Hitoshi paused to face the man.

"<A supporter.>" The man assured. "<I was at your speech a few weeks ago and took the liberty of bringing you to the attention of my employer. He would very much like to speak with you.>"

Hitoshi nodded, This well dressed, and he is a go-fer. Seems I've attracted some attention. "<Lead on then.>"

Another bow and they were gliding through the crowd, Hitoshi slowing as needed. The man appeared most understanding and never moved to far ahead. Soon, they were just outside the park. A car waited.

Hitoshi waited for the man to enter the car, then joined him in the seat. Once the doors closed and the vehicle began moving he spoke, "<So which politico are we to visit?>" He didn't bother with this man's name. Even if this turned into repeat meetings, he doubted this man would remain his contact.

There was a faint clinking on the glass that separated the driver from the passenger seats and, once it was clear the sound had drawn Hitoshi's attention, the glass glowered and the driver spoke.

"<I am. It's a pleasure to meet you, Sugimoto-san, and it has been most reassuring to hear others of your caliber speaking out about the state of our city.>"

The voice was unmistakable, especially these days. Former-councilman Noboru Sato - former in name only, the polls were indicating he was soon to hold the title properly once again. If not more.

"<Thank you, Sato-san. It's only the truth, however. This city is in danger, and people need to be informed of it.>" Hitoshi responded in a tone not quite as humble as his words suggested. "<Is there something specific you would like to discuss?>"

"<Ah, to point the point, I see. You do have your rally to get back to, I know.>" The politician said.

"<My part in todays Rally is mostly over, but even with that there's organization and planning work to be done. It seems there's always something to do when you're pushing for change.>"

"<Tell me, Sugimoto-san, what does your 'change' require?>"

Hitoshi thought for a moment about the question, not entirely sure how to answer. Eventually he decided to answer both interpretations his mind brought forward. "<In the long run, for the streets and shops to be safe. Safe for a man to run a business without worrying some creature will bring it down around him. Right now, it needs voices, and funds. I've spent most of my initial funding on the public face, and the necessary... groundwork. The rallies and propaganda should continue fund itself, but our emergency funds aren't where I'd like them.>"

"<An honest and forthright answer.>" Sato said. He smiled and, taking one hand from the wheel, gestured to his subordinate sitting alongside Hitoshi. The man took a card from his suit pocket and offered it. "<Go there.>" Sato said, not as explanation. Hitoshi could hear the authority in it. "<It is a small club and that card will grant you entrance and a chance to meet various voices in this city. All of them will be eager to meet you and, if you pass muster, help you out financially as well.>"

Hitoshi took the card, "<Should I bring a lieutenant along?>" he placed a small emphasis on the particular term for subordinate.

The subordinate raised an eyebrow but Sato only shook his head, "<No. These aren't men you'll need to lean on, or even show a little muscle. Your devotion to the cause, Sugimoto-san, is enough for them.>"

"<No leaning, I know I'm still small fish. I just didn't want to come off as unprepared.>" Hitoshi waved it off. "<No offense meant.>"

"<None at all.>" The older politician affirmed. The car gently came to a stop, idling at a different entrance to the original park. With a quick efficiency, the subordinate exited and was moving around to the passenger's side.

In the moment they were alone in the car, Sato spoke.

"<Hitoshi-kun, I trust whatever you hope to achieve is for the best of the city and not personal.>"

"<I won't lie, there's some personal reasons why I organized the rally and my group, instead of being someone who goes to them. I do this because I think it's the best for the city.>" And because my family deserves vengeance. He didn't say aloud. "<Someone else would be doing it if not me. I just started out of seeing the need now, instead of whenever that someone else would have.>"

"<I am glad to hear that.>" The door swung open, the subordinate bowing deeply as he held it for Sugimoto. Sato gave a rumbling chuckle and said, "<I wish you the best, Sugimoto-san. It has been a pleasure making your acquaintance.>"

Hitoshi Sugimoto stepped out of the car door that had been opened, then leaned back in. "<The pleasure was mine, good luck on your endeavors.>"


-Sugimoto is holding an Anti-Meta Rally
-It seems to be going well
-Someone approaches him, and asks him to meet with someone
-Its Sato!
-Vague discussions
-Sato provides Sugimoto with an address
-Signs of a plot that might be thick enough to stir, maybe... let it simmer some more


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Re: Just Another Day In Prohibition Megatokyo

Title: A Judgement
Location: A gentlemans club
Time: A night or two after A Drive
Character(s): Sugimoto group
Author(s): Sareth, Notsonoble

Hitoshi Sugimoto stood across the street from the address on the buisness card. He listened to the voice on the other end of the phone. Then spoke, "Alright, I'm going in. If I haven't contacted you in an hour, open the contengency alpha envelope." He killed the call, tucked the phone in his pocket and started across the street.

The bouncer standing at the doorway gave the invitation he was offered more than just a cursory inspection. In fact, he lingered over his examination of it long enough to allow some doubt to grow in Hitoshi's mind. Eventually, however, he gave a grunt and opened the door behind him.

Inside, the club was clearly one of society. The trappings were rich. The music and lights were typical of a club, but somehow still conveyed the picture of a place for the idle rich. The dance floor was made of mirrors expensive enough to not be marred by the dancers hammering it with feet clad in shoes that cost more than many yearly sallaries. The bar was made of a wood that screamed of unnecessary expense. The bottles on the wall behind the bar implied that the owner of the establishment felt that 12 year scotch was a plebian drink.

A man in a very expensive suit was waiting by the enterance. "<Sugimoto-san?>"

"<I see I'm underdressed, but yes. I am Sugimoto.>" Hitoshi bowed slightly.

The man returned the bow. "<Please, come this way. They are expecting you.>" The suited man turned and led Sugimoto to a private room. The place harkened back to the gentlemen's clubs of Victorian London, with well stuffed leather arm chairs and small tables that screamed of luxury.

Old, western money. Probably part of why the city has let freaks loose amongst themselves. but if they're willing to help me purge them, I'll make nice and say the right things. Hitoshi thought with while following the man.

"<Sugimoto-san? Please have a seat.>" A man with a suit heads and shoulders above anyone else's in understated wealth gestured across from him. "<Would you care for a drink?>"

Hitsohi sat in the chair, he was a small man even by japaneese standards, the chair dwarfed him, but the solem look in his face took any comical overtones out of the scene. "<Thank you, mister...>" He let the dead air ask his question.

"<Please, call me saibankan.>" The man smiled. "<But this is not about me. It is about you. You are a man of conviction.>"

A waiter came by and set a drink down next to Hitoshi. He took it and bowed his head.

"<I see, well. What does the saibankan wish me to present of myself?>" He replied and took a sip of the liqour.

"<Let's start with why? What has you concerned about those creatures plaguing our society?>"

"<The destruction they bring. Even those who try to make peace eventually fail, bringing their fiercer enemies or baser natures to bare down on us.>" He answered firmly, and then took another sip.

"<It's personal, isn't it?>"

"<My involvement is personal, I'll admit that. However, its something that needs doing, for the better of humanity, and Japan. My nation is my cause, my history is my drive.>" He said with more calm, and a smile.

"<I assure you, the fact it is personal does not concern me.>" The man took a sip of his drink. "<But it does show the depths of your passion. I've heard some of your speeches. They are clearly for public consumption. So tell me. Here. There is no 'public' to have to tiptoe around. If you could do what you most desire about this, what would that be?>"

Hitoshi looked at the man who called himself judge over his glass. Then finished his drink in one final swig. Then sat the glass down on the table and locked eyes. "<I would drive them out, expose their cohorts for traitors, and destroy all they tainted. Then, I would do to them what they've done to us. Never again would a wife, child, brother, or parent burn at the hands of some freak.>" His voice was flat, and cold. There was no raving.


"<I have associates, who have not shown up at more than their first rally, some were with me beforehand, and have not been seen with me in public. There names I promised never to mention. We already gather equipment, knowledge, and weapons for the coming days. I would start with them. Beyond our first strike at the filth, we only have a general plan of operations. One can not predict an enemy, so instead we train for situations we can come up with ourselves, and prepare as a militia.>" He wasn't comfortable explaining anything in detail to this man, but if the man was what he thought he was details weren't what he was looking for anyway.

"<I see. And you have everything you need now?>"

"<Not completely. The funds gathered by the rallys still to small for any redirection of capital to go unnoticed. My personal funds provided a good setup for the militia, but maintaining training, continued aquisitions of equipment is turning out to be almost as expensive as the initial groundwork. Additionally, gathering militia from the rallys at this point still involves some pretty strengent screening. So while manpower is growing, its at a slow rate. I was hoping the cadre of rally runners I built publicly would help increase numbers and funds, but it's not working out that way.>"

"<Is that all you require? That is easily attended to.>" The judge pulled a card out of his pocket and held it out. Hitoshi could see an address written on it. "<That should be more than adequate.>"

Hitoshi shrugged, "<Funds and people are the base for all projects. As one or the other increases, it opens oprotunities to increase both, and then details of type are focused on from there. When should I visit this location?>"

"<Whenever you please. It is secure, I assure you.>"

"<Thank you.>" He slipped the card into a coat pocket. "<How may I recipricate?>"

"<There is no need for that. You have come highly recommended. I... and my associates, are unable to act as openly as we could wish simply because of our stations. It is... shameful. But that means we can only act through others. We have chosen you to do what we cannot.>"

"<I see, anything specific then? Mutual long term goals are always reason to work together, but I'm not blind to my supporters needing particular tasks to take priority.>" Hitoshi offered while rising.

"<Hmm. What is the American phrase? Ah, yes.>" The judge rose from his chair and straightened his tie. "Give them Hell."

"<Oh, I intend to, fire and all.>" he smirked as he turned to leave.

The judge said nothing as he watched him walk out.

-Sugimoto visits Sato's "Associates"
-Sealed Orders
-Luxury, and western money
-A judge
-Sugimoto's found acceptible
-Next address


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Re: Just Another Day In Prohibition Megatokyo

PR0M07!0N 7!M3!
Location: FGTL HQ
Characters: Skorpion, Alexis.
Authors: Skorpy. Oblivion
Timestamp: After the convoy attack.

"So." Skorpion leaned over his desk, which was still littered with power tools, having been welded back together after the message strike. "Do you know why you're here, Alexis?"

Alexis folded her ears back. "Is this about breaking into Rekko's room all the time?" She asked, sounding guilty.

Skorpion blinked; he hadn't seen THAT. "What? Why were you... Nevermind. Not specifically, although you probably shouldn't it. This is about the convoy that got attacked, while you were leading it."

"Oh!" Alexis' ears perked to their usual position and a smile spread across her face. "What do ya wanna know?"

"I want to know what happened." Skorpion said, counting off on his fingers. I've seen the news footage, and what was pulled from CCTV before it was destroyed. And I've seen the helmet-cam footage. However, I want your view of it." He pointed at Alexis, before sitting back down in his seat, which creaked in protest. "Oh, quit complaining."

"I think we were set up." Alexis said, putting on a serious expression. "The media's portraying us as the aggressors isn't it?"

Skorpion nodded. "Of course it is. They've got a spokesman from the TPCD on air, but Rekko told me one of their people was shot by sniper fire. Sniper fire that wasn't ours, I might add, because she kept her arm. And the news footage conveniently shows our air assets pounding a city block into rubble."

"We support metas, which makes us the enemies of a lot of people, though this time we managed to bring the US with us; it doesn't change the fact that some politically powerful people want the world to see us as a massive terrorist organization." Alexis leaned back into her chair.

Skorpion nodded. "Of course they would say that. I'm harboring what, five recent escapees from their care, I've been a thorn in their side personally for decades now, and I've even outlasted that jerk Saddam. Oh, and there's another of their projects kicking around the place still, one teaching at Lucius' academy, and Lucius himself is a wanted terrorist. You know he blew up an oil refinery?" He sighed. "Of course we're the villains here. Despite the US forces shooting as many 'innocent civilians' as we did, if not more." Skorpion raised his hands, making finger quotes. "So, what actually happened to start it?"

"Well I didn't notice at first but it all started when pretty much every non-meta collapsed." Alexis reported. "After that, someone on a roof fired a rocket at the truck behind me."

Skorpion nodded. "That's what the footage shows as well. Any idea what caused it?"

Alexis shook her head. "I dunno, but something blasted an ANFG at the same time, which is why I think we were set up."

"Alright. I caught most of the next few minutes, but did you see where the artillery came from?" Skorpion frowned, pointing to the wall. Said wall lit up with a still image of the artillery fire, coming from out of frame. "Someone disabled the cameras further down."

"I'm sorry, but no." Alexis said regretfully. "I'm glad I managed to stop those mechs from shooting the troops though."

"That was a good move; I've seen those things chew through our forces before, and they get expensive fast." Skorpion sighed, remembering the time he helped kidnap Miho. "You think they can be trusted further? They're American military, but they didn't seem to toe the line with the TPCD."

"I don't think so. America's easily pressured, due to them constantly wanting to be the 'hero', so I wouldn't trust them to remain neutral, much less friendly..." Alexis paused for a moment. "Plus I stole one of their mechs."

Skorpion grinned widely. "Indeed you did. Sadly, it's still in bits in the workshops, but I'm sure we'll have it figured out soon enough. Might even get a pretty penny for the blueprints from Russia, should they stop trying to invade my factory. Anyway, accounts from the troops say you took charge, negotiated with the superior force, and helped direct the initial airstrikes. True?"

"Well, I let an enthusiastic trooper designate one of the strikes, but the rest is true." Alexis said with a surprised look. It really seemed like a lot more in hindsight.

"Then there's helping a TPCD officer while under sniper fire, that was probably intended for you." Skorpion snapped his fingers, the image on the wall changing to a shot of the building the snipers had fired from. "Investigation found the snipers wearing TPCD-issue gear."

Alexis' eyes grew wide for a moment before returning to her previous expression. "Do you think they were impostors?" She then asked, hoping she was right.

Skorpion shook his head, holding up a rifle he'd produced from behind his desk. "Standard-issue TPCD weaponry, not available to civilians, manufactured here in Japan so it can't be exported. If they were fakes, it was an inside job supplying them anyway."

"That's horrible!" Then Alexis though for a moment. "Does this mean the TPCD wants me dead?"

Skorpion shook his head. "More likely, they wanted you down and wounded, and not in control of the situation. They know as well as I do that Largoists get twitchy. Between that, the human wave attacks, and the army surplus artillery, they were trying pretty hard to unsettle them, if not wipe them out entirely." He sighed. "Did the kemonomimi make it through okay? And how about Arella?"

"Arella used her shield to protect the kemonomimi, and as insurance I had a few of the more heavily armoured vehicles move to act as cover for the transport. I don't think any of them were physically hurt." Alexis reported, sounding relieved at the fact.

Skorpion nodded. "Good. We can replace equipment, but not people. Especially not innocent civilians. Anyway." He grinned again. "In light of recent events, then, I have good news for you."

Alexis' ears perked and she leaned forward with bright eyes, her tail wagging with anticipation.

Skorpion chuckled to himself, bringing a small box out from under the desk. "I'm pleased to announce..."

Alexis leaned forward even further as she smiled widely, her eyes trained on the box.

Skorpion opened the box slowly, revealing a set of badges. Behind Alexis, he noticed her chair get batted aside by her wagging tail. "You're being promoted. Congratulations, Sergeant Jawoh." He held the box out to her.

Alexis stood from the chair as it fell to claim the box. "Really?!" She asked excitedly as she examined the badges. "They're so cool." She said as her tail wagged freely and rapidly behind her.

Skorpion grinned proudly, reaching out to pat her head gently. "You earned it. I'll assign you to a squad before your next mission."

Alexis then wrapped Skorpion in a hug. "Thank you!" She said with delight and accomplishment in her voice.

Skorpion chuckled as he returned the hug, lifting her off the ground briefly. "No need to thank me; you made all the effort. Keep it up, and you might be officer material."

"You really think so?" Alexis asked as she looked up to see his face.

Skorpion nodded. "The troops listen to you, you know what you're doing, and you keep calm in a crisis. When it comes down to it, that's really all officers need."

"I'll make ya proud pa-err. Skorp." Alexis said, blushing slightly before releasing him.

Skorpion patted her ears once more, petting them briefly. "You go do that. Also, one last thing."

"Yeah?" Alexis said, perking her ears in interest.

"Stop breaking into your boyfriend's room. If you want a key, I'll get you a key, but you'll damage the lock if you keep it up." Skorpion grinned to take the sting out of the comment.

Alexis smiled back. "It won't be as fun... But I'll take the key." She said with a giggle.

"Oh, and give this to your brother, will you?" Skorpion tossed her a sword case from behind the desk. "I've been too busy with this mess to play delivery boy, and you've earned yourself a few days of rest before your date at the weekend."

Alexis caught the case and looked to Skorp with a grin. "Gotcha boss!" And with that, she jogged out of the room.


Skorpion calls Alexis into his office.
No, not for breaking into Rekko's room.
He wants to know her side of what happened to the convoy.
She explains.
And her opinions are asked.
She's promoted! Sargeant Alexis Maryann Jawoh!
Also, quit picking locks, it damages them.
And hand this sword to your brother.
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Re: Just Another Day In Prohibition Megatokyo

Shit Hits The Fan
Location: Outskirts of Tokyo.
Characters: Saeko, Devin, Alexis, US Mecha, Largoist NPCs, Mimi, TPCD NPCs, prohuman extremists, Rekko, Arella, a couple of ORAZ NPCs.
Authors: Sareth, Skorpy, Elle, Oblivion, Darktan, Arsenal.
Timestamp: After Saeko has her stuff made.

Saeko flitted into the garden hidden inside the Manor with her usual, casual ease. Giant black wings, the red highlights barely illuminated by the nearly full moon, scooped gracefully to stop her decent. She gently touched a single bare toe on the top of a large rock beside a thing that went clonk before relaxing into a fully terrestrial state.

She stepped down from the stone and walked into the Manor almost as though she was stalking something.

In truth, she was.

Inside, she eased a door open. There was no hesitation in her movement, but even the Manor seemed to sense that Saeko was channeling something dark and predatory. There was no run around. The door opened silently to the precise location she was looking for.

She padded in silently. Her bare feet made not a wisp of noise on the floor, her wings not a rustle in the air. She stepped up, wraithlike, behind the chair occupied by her first stop of the night.

"Hello, Devin."

The sentry in his room locked on the sudden noise with an alert beep, returning to it's routine shortly after finding out the intruder was Saeko, meanwhile Devin was fast asleep, his face resting upon his desk, with what looked to be the makings of a combination of a scythe and a sniper rifle a short distance away from him on the same desk.

Her hand came down, ever so softly, on the back of his head, caressing it. The woman's lips curled into a smile no wholly sane being could accomplish.

"Poor thing. Have you been working too hard? Are you only able to catch sleep when the obsessions aren't strong enough to fight your exhaustion?" Her hand tightened on the back of his neck, and she began to cackle as the lights slowly lost their power to hold back the darkness. "Mad genius is a beautiful thing to behold, isn't it?"

Single handedly she lifted Devin out of his chair by her clutch on the back of his neck. "And it's mine! All mine! AWAKE, MY GENIUS!"

Meanwhile Devin had been yelling for her to let him go from the moment her grip tightend on the back of his neck. "GOD DAMN IT, CAN YOU EVEN HEAR ME?!" He yelled as he attempted to regain his footing upon the ground.

"I hear you," Saeko purred. She settled Devin on his feet. "I hear you, and know your works. Are my little toys ready?"

"Yes, they are. Could you please release my neck? It kinda hurts." Devin said, still angry about being awakened to near murder.

Saeko released her grip, then leaned in too quickly for Devin to react. Her lips brushed his forehead. "Of course, my dear." Then she leaned back, her spine ramrod straight, her hands perched on hips displayed by the gothic outfit she had bedecked herself in. "Show me."

"Right." Devin said as he rubbed the back of his neck and opened his closet door. Said door led to a large garage filled with assorted machines. "That's rare." He commented as he walked in. "Right over there, next to the MAC prototypes." He pointed to eleven HSFEs, one separated from the others and all near a group of partially constructed mechanical wolves, which were outfitted with a variety of blades and firearm.

"Brilliant," Saeko purred. She trailed fingers lightly along the case of one of the more completed wolves, while slinking over towards the HSFEs. She picked one up, examining it. "How long will they remain active?"

"Twelve minutes and they will automatically shut down; I don't want them overheating on me." Devin said as he leaned against the HSFE that had been separated from the others. "I'm working on the heat sink with this one and it can't be fielded."

"Marvelous." Saeko walked around one of the nearly human-tall devices, admiring it. "That's all the time I need. Oh, this will be so fun!" She turned back to Devin. "Thank you, dear. Now. Be a sweetheart and open the garage door please."

Without a word Devin pushed a button on a remote he had been keeping in his pocket and the garage door opened. "If that's all you need me for, I've got school tomorrow and should probably sleep in a bed."

Saeko held up a hand. She reached into a pocket that somehow managed to be completely invisible to observation, and produced two 10,000 yen notes. "After school, take Whisp someplace nice." She handed over the notes even as Tsubasa and Onna began loading up a "borrowed" truck with HSFEs.

Devin accepted the notes, and with a confused expression, moved them to his pocket and exited through the door they had entered. "Do try not to break them." He said as he closed the door.

"Honeybun, breaking things is what I do," Saeko cackled.


The truck rolled to a stop along a fairly broad avenue. Saeko stepped out of the passenger side and took in the buildings to either side. "<Good sightlines. Defensible positions in case of ambush.>" She checkedthe skyline. "<Clean lines for indirect fire from the compound and plenty of airspace for air support.>" She eyed the low buildings and the objects lining the street. "<A large number of observation points, but not particularly good ambush positions. Nowhere near as bad as the bridge across the bay.>" She consulted a map. "<And right between the airfield and FGTL HQ.>"

She smirked.

"<This is the spot.>"

Tsubasa and Onna jumped out of the truck and immediately began hefting HSFEs out of the back. Shouldering them, they began marching towards ideally situated bushes along the road, scattering them over the course of two miles.

As a last touch, Saeko herself set the small charge on the only ANFG in the area, and tripped the timer.

As Saeko climbed into the truck to sit beside Onna, she smiled. "Good luck, Skorpion."


Mimi's phone suddenly started blaring out "Benzin" by Rammstien and she knew a sense of impending doom. "Stone, what is it?" She demanded as she answered the phone.

"Remember how I told you the convoy was cutting through the mall parking lot?" Came the RaZian's voice, "Well, I added another word to that on accident."

"You're coming through the mall, aren't you," Mimi said with an unnatural sort of calm for that sort of thing. It was almost like she expected it.

"Yep," Stone replied, "Just checked the maps."

"I'm in the middle of a counterfieting investigation here," she did a very good job on controling her volume, "We've been on this guy a month. Drive around it."

"Is that the high dollar brand name boots?"

"You've got to be kidding me," the TPD officer groaned.

"It's not me, but they came from the water park," He put emphasis on the last two word.

Mimi got the meaning instantly, "Hell, well there goes that op. Do I have time for a Cinnabon?"

"We're approaching Sears right now, so if the line is short you should be okay."

Mimi snapped the phone shut, called in the abort for the op and put her badge on the outside pocket of her coat as she made her way to the food court. By the time she reached it, the line was empty as she could already hear the screams and breaking glass, "Gimme two to go please."

"ANARCHY!" Yelled the wolfgirl on a grenade machinegun mounted on the the back of the SUV at the front of the convoy, which was currently driving through the mall.

Mimi tapped her foot as she waited for her cinnamon glazed pastries. People were running and screaming behind her. the boy at the counter looked behind the officer with panic in his eyes. "That convoy will be the least of your problem if you leave before I get my cinnabon," she glared at him.

"...Kay," the boy replied as he quickly got her food then ran away.

"Kids thee days," she muttered as she took a bite and watched the lead SUV roar past.

Alexis caught a glance at the TCPD badge as the SUV passed by. "<Hi, miss officer!>" She called out while waving excitedly to Mimi, her tail wagging as she did so.

Mimi waved back with the cinnabon, "<And call in 3...2...1,>" Her phone beeped, "Saneki," she answered. "<Convoy through the mall? Yeah, I'm en route. Noise? Oh, that, car wash. Yep. Right on them.>" Mimi finished her cinnabon and headed out to her cruiser.

Alexis smiled at the return of her wave before looking forward and ducking into the SUV as they clipped through a corner store then smashed through a fountain, the rest of the convoy shortly behind. "I love being a Largoist." She said in a satisfied tone as she popped back out to hold the grenade machinegun again.

Mimi tosssed her trash in a bin and slid behind the wheel of her cruiser, fired up the engine and flicked on her lights. After strapping in and making sure her shotgun was loose in its holder she tore out of the parking lot and kept pace with the convoy but one block over from them.

Alexis heard the siren- it was pretty obvious it was after the convoy- under normal circumstances she would pull over. However, not only was she not the one driving, but she was also on the first mission she was actually in charge of. "Sorry officers." She said to herself as she looked forward; she wouldn't shoot if she didn't have to, but she would also do everything in her power not to let Skorpion down.

Further back in the convoy, Arella was playing supervisor in a shipping container full of unaccompanied children and teenaged kemonomimis. The youngest - a little wolf girl named Eiko, who had proudly proclaimed herself to be three and a half - had begun to cry upon hearing the sirens, and was now securely nestled in the mostly-ex-magical girl's lap and being thoroughly comforted.

The small group of teen nekomimis suddenly deciding to rather loudly disparage the police was rather decidedly unhelpful, however. Much to Arella's surprise, she didn't even get the chance to tell them off for it, though - the moment she began to glare in their direction, a ten-year-old nekomimi (the younger sister of one of the teens, if she remembered correctly), piped up.

"<Oooh, you're gonna get it in a minute,>" the catgirl declared rather gleefully. "<You're making the magical girl mad.>"

Honestly, how did they always know? Did she have 'magical girl' stamped on her forehead or something, and only she couldn't see it? But it certainly served to quiet the teens, the threat of upsetting a magical girl proving more then enough to prevent disaster (or at least Arella yelling).

"<Why don't you go back to your DSs?>" the EX-magical girl (thankyouverymuch) suggested instead, amidst her cooing to little Eiko; she'd brought the devices and a selection of games to help keep the older ones occupied, after all.

The teens grumbled, but went back to their games regardless; soon reverting to the taunting and bantering usual to teenagers at play.


The convoy continued on at the typical Largoist breakneck pace, staying away from tall buildings and alleyways, and the escorts using the wide roads to full effect. Traffic, for the most part, flowed around the convoy like a fluid, with the exception of the odd parked car being crushed by an APC or ramped off by one of the motorcyclists.

As it rolled along, eyes watched. The police trailed after the convoy, sirens wailing and lights flashing. The low buildings to either side of the road hid spooks, spies, agents, and intelligence personel of a variety of nations stared through video records, binocs, and the occasional sniper rifle. Passersby scrambled towards doorways and side alleys, ensuring they were clear of any errant Largoist drivers.

It was a typical Largoist convoy op.

Then three things happened at once.

The first of the three was the powering up of all of the HSFEs. As the last of the convoy vehicles entered the two mile stretch of road Saeko had planted her toys on, a red light on each of the devices flashed from red to green. The area was suddenly flooded with the effect Devin had so carefully crafted.

The second was that the explosive device Saeko had planted detonated. The ANFG was shredded, spraying bits of metal over the area as the tower it was mounted to began collapsing. The suppression field collapsed even more quickly.

The third thing to happen simultaniously came along with, and as a consequence of, the first two. Suddenly, every human within several blocks of the convoy reeled, their heads stricken by sudden, nausea inducing pain and all of the strength leaving their limbs. Just as suddenly, every meta-human and kemonomimi felt strong.

One second later, Saeko's hopes were fulfilled. In pain, with a quaking stomach and feeling like even breathing was a chore, a former military agent from Iran reacted with the knowledge he'd gained in the '80s. "{GAS!}" he screamed, and pulled the trigger on his RPG.


"RPG!" Jim-Bo yelled, giving Stone the second he needed to cut the wheel hard to the left and save their lives. It did not, however, give him enough time to avoid the explosive altogether. The round struck the right rear wheel of the light reconnaissance vehicle they were driving, flipping it up, end over end, until it slide across the road on its roof. The two men hadn't had time to realize they had headaches until the upended Panhard came to rest against a vending machine.

Stone crawled out from his door, coughing from the smoke that was now rolling out of the vehicle, "Gotta move," He gasped, "Work, legs!" He yelled at the offending appendages. They had no response.

Jim-Bob wriggled out after him, "Son of a bitch! They got Steve!" He staggered to his feet and dragged Stone away from the now flaming vehicle to take cover behind a parked car.

"Who the hell shot at us?" Stone winced, "And what is this headache?" His limbs felt like lead and he could hardly see. The RaZian shook his head to clear it, thinking it nothing more than another concussion, that makes fifteen and counting.

"That roof," Jim-Bob pointed with great difficulty, "First one pops up gets mounted to my wall." He looked down the reflex sights of his modified rifle, wincing a little as he did so.

The convoy piled up, caught between the effects of the explosion and the fields. APCs skidded to a halt across the road, turrets turning to scan the surrounding buildings, or moving this way and that in confusion.

Trucks jackknifed trying to avoid the explosion and the stopped APCs, some crashing into each other, or demolishing parked cars and walls with their armoured bulk.

Outriders crashed; some missing landings, some simply unable to keep balance, and one modified snowmobile being flattened under a container toppling from the back of a truck, before exploding.

Smoke soon filled the streets, between smoke projectors, smoke grenades, and secondary fires started as twitchy human and overpowered Kemonomimi Largoists opened fire on windows with small arms.

Behind the convoy, traffic piled up, some skidding into the back of the convoy to cause more damage, the rest merely blocking the road and the Largoists' retreat. Radio chatter filled the airwaves as Largoist troops struggled to remember their training.

"We're under fire!"

"<My leg! It's trapped my leg!>"

">Which way is up again?<"

"We need air support!"

"{It's just like Kabul all over again! For the Motherland!}"


Mimi felt a brief flash of acheyness before suddenly feeling much, much better. Then she saw the flash of an RPG. "<The hell was that?!>" She ripped her wheel sliding through an intersection, and cutting off a school bus as driver gave her the finger. The modified Skyline slid around the corner just in time to see Stone and Jim-Bob crawling out of their vehicle. She took in the chaos the convoy had become in an instant as she slid to a stop and exited her vehicle, shotgun in hand. "<All units, requesting back up! Largoist convoy is under attack!>"

"<Who is the convoy attacking?>" Came the dispatcher's voice through the radio.

"<The convoy is under attack! Unknown party!>" Mimi yelled back a split second before gun shots rang out. The officer ducked behind a fliped over vehicle and scanned the area, "<Shots fired!>" She saw someone on a roof top take aim in her direction and let a buckshot round off at them, "<Officer in need of assistance!>" She fired off another round, "I knew I should have gotten an AK off of Skorp when we were there," She muttered.


Seeing the vehicle directly behind her get hit with an RPG, Alexis immediately ordered. "Pull over! Get anyone you can to help that crash!" She hopped out of the turret and leapt to the back of the SUV to take a rifle. She then activated her eye and zoomed in on the iron sights; she carefully aimed and released two rounds on the man who fired the RPG, the rounds penetrating through each shoulder. "Use the vehicles for cover, wait 'til you have a clear shot!" She ordered as she sprinted to the vehicle that contained Arella and the kids. "Elle, how're the kids doin'?"

Arella didn't respond right away, instead allowing the wailing of terrified young children to answer for her - everyone under 10 or so seemed to be crying, and she currently had five additional kids trying to climb in her lap, where Eiko was still clinging to her. The only quiet ones were the teens, who seemed to be trying to hide their own fear behind a wall of silence and feigned nonchalance.

"Nobody's hurt!" the ex-magical girl finally called back.

"Do what you can to keep them calm; I'm gonna bring the others under control!" Alexis said before running back to the panicking Largoists, Arella's yelled demand that she be careful following after her. "Target down, cease fire, tend to the wounded, and prepare for a second attack!"

The Largoists rallied, fire slowly trailing off as they switched to recovering people from the wrecks. There were a few small secondary explosions, and the occasional exchange of fire as they worked, but, for Largoists, that was fairly normal.

"Good, I need you and you, to move vehicles into makeshift cover." Alexis said as she pointed to a dogboy and a foxboy, due to them appearing to be fine. "Whatever this is, it seems to only be affecting humans."

The 'volunteers' nodded, scampering off to the nearest vehicles. The first started moving with some crunching of gears and excessive revving of engines, before shooting forwards to slam into the truck in front of it. The second moved with somewhat more restraint, maneuvering an SUV carefully to block the container with Arella in.


Stone noticed an MTPD badge behind another vehicle and called out, "Saneki! That you?"

"Yeah!" came back the reply, "The hell are you guys doing? A little messy ain't it? Even for you."

"Fuck if I know," Stone called back, "Get over here, we'll cover ya!"

Mimi peeked up and fired off another round at the roofline before moving over to Stone and Jim-Bob, "You look like shit," was her greeting.

"Concussions," Jim-Bob replied and handed Mimi a bag full of 12 gauge slugs, "You might need those."

"Thanks, who's in change?"

"Alexis," Stone replied, "Wolfgirl, next truck up. With the mark 19."

Mimi nodded, remembering her from the mall, "I'll make my way up there when things quiet down."


Meanwhile, a few blocks away, headband-wearing humans stopped a truck in the middle of the street, causing a series of angry honking until they disembarked, waving AK47s as they pulled the tarpaulin from the back of the truck, revealing a set of rails with rockets already mounted on them. The honking trailed off quickly, followed by the street clearing rapidly.

As the truck was prepared, a man pulled a large black box off the back, carrying it to the other side of the street and proceeding to tear open a street light with a crowbar to patch the box into the wiring.


"We're still taking fire!" A Largoist trooper turned, taking aim and firing at a figure in a window. "Where the hell is our air support?"

"We ain't GETTING no air support, man! One RPG means there's more around! Didn't you learn anything from Afghanistan?"

"{I learned plenty. Like which rocks not to take a leak on, and that you Americans are unscrupulous bastards when it comes to providing people with weapons.}"

"Shut up, Ivan. Nobody wants to hear about your lithium incident again. Or the one with the giant lizard."

Mimi turned to Stone, "I could actually stand to hear about the giant lizard."

"Trust me," Stone replied, "You don't."

Meanwhile, the convoy had turned into a stalemate, of sorts, broken by the occasional exchange of gunfire. After a while, a pack of ostriches ran through the wreckage, pursued by a Luchador yelling in Spanish about treason and betrayal.


"<Clear! Fire at will!>"

The headband-wearers hid behind a traffic barrier as the rockets started to fire, arcing through the air towards the roadblocked convoy. Black smoke billowed as more launched, filling the street.

Across the street, the box hummed to life. Drivers in nearby streets jabbed angrily at their radios as the signal dropped. Pedestrians for blocks around trailed off conversations before staring at their phones incredulously. Networks failed, lights dimmed, and chaos started to spread.

"<Jamming is active! Repeat, we are jamming!>"

"<I hope those factionite scum like jamming too. Prepare the next volley! Banzai!>"



The first explosion came as a surprise, striking a building and showering the convoy with rubble and shrapnel. The next was less of a surprise, striking a building on the other side. Then the rockets started landing in the street, exploding amongst the vehicles. Civilian vehicles caught in the blockage were quickly turned to flaming scrap by the explosions, shrapnel clattered from armour, punched through tires, and sliced into unprotected flesh.

"I'm hit!"

"<Man down!>"

"{Take cover, you fools!}"

"<He's right! Use the vehicles as cover!>"

"<Get on the radio, we need air support!>" Alexis yelled as Largoists scrambled for cover, taking an opportunity to shoot a couple of anti-meta extremists.

"<On the way! Called earlier when the RPGs hit, choppers inbound from HQ, fast-movers on standby!>"

"<We're being jammed! We're trying to power through it, but we're still low on reception.>"

"<Damn! Hold out 'till the choppers get here, and make sure nothing happened to the kids!>" Alexis called out while eyeing a vehicle that a couple extremists where taking cover behind. "<Can someone get me a rocket launcher?>"

"Roger that. Hold the line! You, give me that! And some of those, too! Open those crates, no point saving it if we lose everything else!" A trooper ran up next to Alexis, offering her a crate of LAWs. "Plenty to go around, Miss."

"It's like Christmas morning." Alexis said with a smile as she took a LAW and fired it at the truck she had been observing, reducing it to a flaming pile of scrap, "Thanks." She said as she dropped the expended LAW.

The trooper saluted, grinning at the explosion and fireball. "Think nothing of it. I'd off my helmet, but combat, y'know? Air support says 15 minutes on the chopper, half an hour or more for the fast-movers, but we can have some strikes in five if we have a location for them." He ducked as a chunk of axle flew overhead, before turning to the troops behind him. "Get those containers secured! Keep the kids inside, some protection is better than none. And keep your heads DOWN! Don't want to lose them!"

"I want green smoke on them at the first sign of allied aircraft! If we can't radio 'em, we're gonna have to signal 'em." Alexis said as she glanced to the sky, before returning her attention to the battle.

The trooper nodded, searching through the grenades festooning his webbing, before pulling one out, yanking the pin, and drop-kicking it over at the extremists bringing up a machinegun behind a wrecked bus, smacking one of them in the face and causing him to drop the gun. "GOAL!" He punched the air in triumph, before following it up with a frag grenade as the smoke started to billow.

"Nice shot!" Alexis called out as she watched the frag detonate. "I think you broke his nose with that smoke, not that you would be able to tell after the frag."

The trooper grinned. "Wouldn't surprise me. I was a striker back in the day. Sort of how I ended up here; I nailed the goalie at an inter-service charity game, right in front of the press box. Didn't go down well. Especially when it turned out he was an admiral." He brought his rifle up, taking aim at a window and firing a short burst, dropping a figure raising a rifle of it's own. "But, hey. Better pay here, more benefits, even if I do get shot at more often."

Behind them, a streak of light cut across the street from a sniper set up in a wrecked bus, punching a hole through a building and causing a small explosion as it hit a mortar team on the roof.

Alexis gave a satisfied grin at the pace of the battle, even with the remaining mortars they were still holding well, and air support by this point was roughly two minutes away.


Mimi had been making her way to the apparent leader when she heard the first rocket stream past and slam into a building. She dropped and rolled under a truck as debris rained down. She had just exited the undercarriage of the vehicle when a particularly large piece of building smashed into it and cracked the frame. "<Shit!>" The officer yelled as she noticed her shotgun was not coming out from under the aforementioned truck.

"And some of those, too! Open those crates, no point saving it if we lose everything else!" Mimi heard someone yelling out orders and assumed it to be the wolf girl Stone and Jim-Bob had pointed out. She drew her pistol and continued to make her way towards the front of the convoy while keeping an eye on the buildings and Largoists returning fire.

"Hey! She only has a pistol," A solder carrying one end of a crate pointed out with a nod in Mimi's direction.

"We should give her a cannon," her partner agreed, "<Officer lady person! You seem to be helping us and in need of a weapon!>" The two called out in badly-accented Japanese.

Mimi perked up and noticed the two soldiers, "I speak English, and anything you can spare would be quite use-" she fired three shots in to a building across the street, causing someone with a scoped rifle to fall through the window and into the roof of a cab, "-ful."

The two looked at each other, before one of them tossed her a large machinegun. "Take that, lady. You know what you're doing, looks like, so take that. Fire support, take some of them out, just don't die or anything."

The other nodded, tossing her a helmet from another crate. "And put that on. The sight probably won't work without calibration, but it's still protection."

Mimi caught the two with a small amount of difficulty, but swung the firearm up quickly when they noticed a cluster or men with RPG's on the roof top and opened fire. The 7.62x54R rounds tore through the men, raining weapons and bits and peices on the ground below. "Oh fuck the hell yes!" Mimi cackled and went off in search of more targets, trying to move in the general direction of the aforementioned wolf-girl.


"Affirmative, control. Heading in to provide support." The pilot cut the connection and banked his Tornado, turning to the point the navigator had marked on his display. "Let's go help out our people down there. Tally ho!" He nudged the stick gently, sending the plane into a dive as the wings snapped back fully.

In the back, the navigator tabbed through screens, switching on systems and selecting weapons. "We have smoke, we have a target. No comms, hostile ECM in effect. Bastards."


The street fell quiet, marked only by the crackle of fires and the distant noise of Tokyo going about it's business. The exchanges of gunfire had stopped.

The reason for this was apparent after a brief few seconds; the extremist position marked with green smoke was suddenly engulfed in small explosions as it was hit by cannon fire. This was followed shortly afterwards by a whistling noise, and then a loud explosion.

As the echoes of the explosion died, the street was filled with the roar of jet engines as the Tornado swept overhead at low level before climbing up again, afterburners lit.

"That got those assholes! Forward! Take their position! Covering fire!"

"{I love air support!}"

"<Go go go!>"

Largoist troops swarmed forwards, vaulting from cover while the extremists were still reacting to the explosion. Return fire was sporadic, swiftly suppressed by sniper and machinegun fire. As troops reached the freshly-bombed position, they stopped short of the new crater, taking cover behind piles of debris and an overturned vehicle. The reason for this was apparent after a short while, as a screaming figure ran from a nearby building, swinging a katana. He crumpled halfway as a bright line passed through him, followed by a crackle of displaced air and sonic booms.

Alexis watched as the opposition was blown apart and overrun, her grin of satisfaction letting those around her know how pleased she was with this success. "Sticks and stones may break my bones, but airstrikes will always win." She sat down on the ground and leaned against a tire of the SUV she had been taking cover behind. "If this keeps up, Skorp'll take the world faster than even he may think." She chuckled and glanced back at the vehicle that was containing Arella and the kids. It appeard to be pretty much unscathed; it had also been enveloped by a spherical black shield, courtesy of the totally(-no-really)-ex-magical girl, at some point. "Hey, are comms still down?" She asked, turning her attention to the nearest able Largoist.

The trooper nodded. "Seems that wasn't the jammers. We'll have to move out and take it out, probably from where the rockets came down the street." He pointed down to the cloud of smoke down the street. "Although... You got a laser designator on you, kid? Maybe we can get another airstrike out of them to get rid of the jamming."

Alexis reached into a pocket on her armour, producing a small laser designator. She looked at it for a couple seconds before tossing it to the trooper. "Go to town... And don't miss."

"Awesome!" The trooper grinned like a child with a new toy, dancing from foot to foot and hugging Alexis, before calming down to aim the designator. He hunched over the device, centering the dot on a lamppost just outside the smoke as his tongue stuck from the corner of his mouth. "Almost there... Perfect!"


"Sir, an E-2C Hawkeye from the G-Dub has a track on a fast mover." a sergeant said from his console at 1st Cav's CP. General Rosoft came over to look at the track.

"We got visual?" he asked.

"The drone's repositioning, or at least trying to. That radar bird says there's heavy jamming in the area. Okay, here we go." the Sergeant typed in a few commands, video coming up. "Swing wing bird. Too big to be a Tomcat."

"'Cuz it's not a Tomcat. It's a Panavia Tornado, British bird. See, it's only got one tail fin, whereas the Tomcat has-" Rosoft stopped talking and concentrated on the screen, seeing a puff of smoke coming off the Tornado. "Shots fired. Call it in."

"Nerima Garrison, this is 1st Cav CP at Yokota, got eyes on a fast mover in flight shooting at something on the ground."

"1st Cav CP, this is Nerima. We hear the same from MPD assets on the ground." the radio operator at Nerima said. "Do you have QRF?" The sergeant looked at Rosoft.

"Tell him we're air dropping Lancers." the general said.

"Nerima, we're air deploying combat mecha. Requesting air escort. Failing that we'll have our own up there."

"1st Cav, we cannot abide your request for air escort." The sergeant looked to Rosoft again.

"What Nerima don't know won't hurt them." he said, picking up a handset and dialing a number.

"Nerima, we copy, deploying assets now." the sergeant said, killing the connection before looking to Rosoft.

"Captain Waters this is Brigadier General Rosoft from 1st Cav at Yokota. I need to know if you can line up some Hornets for a CAP." Across the base the Lancers of 15th AI strode out of their hangar, eight CH-47M Chinook Chiefs hovering nearby. They had four AH-64D Longbow Apaches orbiting in a cover pattern.

"Platoon, the mission is to investigate an ECM dead zone and find out why a particularly misplaced ground attack craft fired on unknown targets." Major Wylder said as his Lancer was winched up. Armored Convoy, Archetype, Sturm, Barrage, and Chainlink, with a new quadcopter drone to replace the one that was lost, were first to be hoisted. Georgi, Chainsaw EX, and Brawl were last to be hoisted, as they were the super heavies of the platoons, the shock troopers. Due to their weight they couldn't be dropped in the same manner as Medium Bipeds or stock Heavy Bipeds. This was particularly true of Brawl as testing had shown that doing the 'Alabama Slider' with a tank-like threw the tracks and damaged the suspension. Models made after that had better suspension, however the 'Slider' was still out of the question for air deployment.


"ECM is still there, sir, but we have a dot. Shall we take another run and hope they've found the jammer this time?"

The pilot considered his options as he pulled out of the climb, rolling back the right way up. "Sure, why not. More strafing, too?"

The navigator giggled eagerly. "Ooh, I do like a good strafing run. Maybe one of those new-fangled cluster bombs?"

The pilot raised a thumb over the cockpit divider, before swinging around for another dive. "Splendid idea! Commencing attack run. Tally ho!"


"CP, this is Sky Guard 1, moving to DZ." the lead pilot reported, the Chinook Chiefs accelerating. The Longbows on escort matched their speed.

"Sky Guard, CP, roger that. Break, Dback Lead, sitrep."

"1st Cav CP, this is Dback lead, going feet dry in five mikes. Will move to CAP and hold position." Dback Lead was the flight leader for VFA-102 'Diamondbacks,' a strike fighter squadron from Carrier Air Wing Five of the USS George Washington (CVN-73), affectionately known as the 'G-Dub.'

"CP copies." The helo squadron flew fast and high, the Chinooks descending slightly.

"CP, Sky Guard 1, disengaging transport in three, two, one..." The first five Lancers were dropped off in the 'Slider,' boosters firing off to slow their descent. Concrete spidewebbed and buckled in some places.

"CP, Alpha Raptor, we're on site. Establising a perimeter." Jenks reported as the last three Chinooks descended before disengaging transport on the super heavies. Georgi, Chainsaw EX, and Brawl were now on deck.

"CP copies. Alpha Raptor, scout the area and report in. If that Tornado attacks then you are cleared to shoot it down."

"Alpha Raptor Copies. Break, Junkpile, find the source of the jamming and fix it. Machinegun Kid, cover him."

"Junkpile copies..." Pyle replied, activating his SLQ-32 and searching for the source.

"MG Kid copies!" Pash said, Barrage falling in behind Chainlink.

"Killing Machine, get to a perch and cover us."

"I dunno, sir, right here seems good enough." Hayden snarked.

"Move, sergeant..." Hayden chuckled as he turned Sturm around and started walking him away from the DZ, active camouflage engaging. "Halfback, move on ahead."

"Da, major." Khukov replied, moving Georgi past Armored Convoy and Archetype.

"Report your findings and engage if anything decides to take a potshot at you."

"And us, sir?" Ei asked. He and Sergeant Major Mackall were the only other without tasking, Brawl and his crew not withstanding.

"What else? We follow Georgi. Brawl will move in as needed." the Major replied. That said the three remaining bipeds advanced in Georgi's footsteps.


The cloud of smoke was beginning to dissipate as the sound of jets returned, along with a repeat of the strafing. This was followed by a cloud of small objects, which plunged into the cloud before exploding. Bits of truck, street, and street furniture were hurled from the cloud and over the surrounding area, a few barely missing the aircraft as it swooped low. After a few seconds, a cylindrical object slammed into the edge of the smoke, flattening a man staggering around holding a spear.


"<Comms are open, repeat, comms are open!>"

"Good! Send word to HQ, get us those choppers already!"

Alexis grinned widely as the ground shook from the force of the explosion. "Nice shot." She stood and raised her hand to him for a high-five. "Though, I'm gonna need that back."

The trooper returned the high-five, before (reluctantly) returning the designator, pouting slightly. "Ah, well. They've gone anyway. Doubt we're going to get anything that precise for a while. Ground support goes in for more dakka, rather than precise booms." He shrugged, turning his attention back to the surroundings.

Alexis placed the designator back into its pocket. "Nothin' wrong with a bit of dakka. Hell, I wish I had my cannon right now." She observed her surroundings. "Our enemy is stupid and desperate; keep on edge."

The trooper saluted, returning his attention to scannning the rooftops.

Behind them, another trooper ran up carrying a radio. "Chopper support inbound! HQ says to hold position, and await medevac, recovery and reinforcements." He paused for breath, and to trip over a chunk of still-smoking rubble, faceplanting into the street by Alexis' feet. "Also, watch your footing."

"Rodge." Alexis said as she readied her rifle. "Too bad we left A5H at home; it'd be funny to watch them scramble for cover from her."


The Tornado swept low over the city, occasionally banking to avoid a radio aerial, or pulling around a tall building.

"I say, that went fairly well."

"Oh, of course! Back to base, though. More fuel, more bombs, and maybe a spot of tea."

The pilot opened his mouth to reply, before shutting it rapidly as he maneuvered around a pack of abnormally large helicopters. "I say, those aren't ours!"


A tall, cloaked figure pounded his fist on the desk he was standing at, cracking it. "<I don't CARE how much is exploding! They're trapped, and they're vulnerable, and they're hiding those freaks! Get EVERYONE. Guns, mortars, the lot! Send in children with pointed sticks if you have to! GET THEM! Get them NOW, get them DEAD, and call the damn press already. Get some news choppers up there.>"

He paused briefly, growling slightly under his breath. "<So what? If they get shot down, more good PR for us. I don't care how many of those vultures die out there.>"


Georgi stepped over (really partially on) an abadoned car, triggering the alarm and alerting anyone who could still hear of his presence.

"Upizdysh..." Khukov swore. "Major, I just stepped on a car. Stealth is out of the question."

"Read you lima charlie, Halfback. Proceed with caution." Jenks replied. Khukov went to continue his forward progress, grimacing as a headache had come up from out of nowhere. Sure, he hadn't hydrated as much as he really should have but he had a CamelBak hanging from his seat, the tube where he could grab it. He reached for the tube to take a sip.

He could not move his hand. Georgi slowed to a stop, standing in full view of all sides in the conflict, especially that GAU-8/B Avenger cannon in the Lancer's hands.

"M-major, I have lost motor control..." he managed to report.

"Is there a systems failure? Have you run BITE?" Jenks asked. He too was feeling a headache coming on.

"Nyet... It is not a systems anomaly. I can't move MY body..."

"Major, this is Georgi." the AI reported. "Pulse and vitals are irregular."

"Sir, I report the same." Armored Convoy said, Jenks looking at the right peripheral screen. An orange tinted warning was flashing just above the thermostat that read 'PILOT ERROR.'

What is going on? the Major wondered. "Platoon, fall back... Reverse course, now." he ordered, moving to bring Convoy's shotgun up for cover and finding that while he could think about what he wanted to do he could not physically react.

"Sir, I can't move either." Mackall chimed in.

"Major, no dice. Can't even initiate a Neural Handshake." Ei reported.

"Hey, what's goin' on up there? You guys all suffer malfunctions?" Master Sergeant Rage asked. He and his crew felt minor headaches but thought nothing of it just yet.

"Negative... It's something else..."


"Look, sir! Giant robots!"

The officer in question raised binoculars, peering through them at the Lancers as their approach faltered. "Yanks. I heard they were supporting the TPCD as advisors, but didn't think they were prepared to deploy combat troops." He lowered the binoculars, looking around. "Get that wolfgirl over here... Alexis, wasn't it? She's the one who nicked one off them last week. I need to know what she knows about them." He paused, reaching out to grab the trooper by the shoulder. "And relay this to everyone: 'Do NOT fire on the mecha unless they open fire first. Prepare for them doing so, but do not initiate a firefight with giant fucking robots.' Okay?"

The trooper nodded, before running off to fetch Alexis.

Alexis had just blown up a window that she was taking fire from with a grenade launcher when she saw a trooper running at her. "Something to report?" She assumed as she perked her ears.

The trooper skidded to a halt, saluting. "Yes'm! We have US mechs inbound, and we are NOT, repeat NOT to fire on them. The boss over there..." He pointed to the officer with the binoculars, currently shouting into a radio. "Wants to know what you know on the mechs, since you jacked one a while back."

"Great. Leave it to good ol' North America to bury their noses in other people's business. " Alexis sighed. "A .50 to the eyes can blind 'em and a big chunck of C-four at the base of the legs should be enough to cripple 'em..." Alexis pondered for a minute. "You know what, take me to 'em. Keep some snipers on stand-by just in case. I'm gonna see if I can get them to nob off, or at least not shoot us."

The trooper nodded, tapping out notes on the keyboard tethered to his armour with a lanyard. "Roger that." He looked around, setting eyes on an abandoned and relatively unscathed vehicle that had, once, been a snowmobile. Since then, however, a Largoist had gotten hold of it, adding wheels, a bigger engine, and a different track. "Walking is for pussies." He remarked as he approached it, reaching out to take hold of the handlebars and clamber on. "Hop on, I'll take us over to them."

Alexis folded her ears back as she looked at the vehicle; if she wasn't in a hurry she would have refused. "Fine." She muttered, climbing on board behind the trooper.

The trooper grinned, unfolding a white flag from his pocket and handing it to Alexis. "Hold that up as we approach, so they won't shoot us. As for your next question, I used to be in the French Foreign Legion. They issued white flags in case we encountered a hostile force." He shrugged, before kicking the engine into life and speeding off towards the mechs.

Alexis clung on for dear life with one arm as she raised the flag over her head with the other, deciding to ignore the stereotype.

The trooper simply whooped, grinning as he gunned the throttle, the snowmobile rearing up on the track, throwing up a rooster-tail of dust and debris.


"Major, I'm taking control." Convoy said, manual systems disengaging, the AI taking over. "CP, this is Armored Convoy. Pilots are incapacitated by means unknown."

"Convoy, CP, can you clarify?" the sergeant at Yokota asked.

"Negative. We are withdrawing to the DZ to eject our pilots." Convoy said as he, Chainsaw EX, Georgi, and Archetype turned around.

"Convoy, this is Gunsight." General Rosoft said, getting onto the line. "I need a no-bullshit assessment: Are the pilots combat ineffective?"

"That is affirmative, Gunsight. Pilots are combat ineffective." Convoy replied - The AIs learned tactics and combat from their pilots, while maintaining the welfare of the pilots was one of the few subroutines that was preprogrammed into them. That, and possibly (most definitely not) one about subjugating humanity in the event of some arbitrary prerequisites being met.

"Lemme talk to the Major." Rosoft said.


"Major, are you confident in your AI? I need a no-bullshit assessment." There was a pause.

"I have nothing but faith in mine and the AIs of my squadmates, sir. I support Convoy's decision and will take the blame if anything goes wrong." Jenks replied.

"Fair enough. I'm callin' Yokosuka, get a MEDIVAC up." Jenks closed his eyes and took a breath, hearing the whine of jumpjets.

"Lancers, egress to DZ!" Convoy ordered.

"Hey, we can't exactly turn around here!" Road Rage said over the radio. Brawl had been given no choice but to drive over numerous abandoned cars, through street lights, and through a pedestrian catwalk because the city streets were never made with the foresight to accomodate for something the size of a tank-like.

"Then lay down rearguard. We'll meet you at the DZ." Convoy said before boosting over Brawl, Chainsaw and Achetype following suit. Georgi had a delay, his boosters building up thrust. It almost resembled a shuttle launch when they fired off, smoke choking the street as he 'jumped.'

"Guts, back us up..." Rage sighed.

"Al atras!" Guttierez said as he threw the transmission into reverse, the tank-like beeping as it went the way it came. No sooner had the lancers landed at the DZ than they found their headaches subsiding and control of their bodies returning.

"CP, this is Alpa Raptor. I can move again." Major Wylder reported.

"CP, Arsenal. I report the same." Ei said, trying to take control back. "Dani, why are you overriding still?"

"Because, you're 'combat ineffective'." she replied.

"You just want to fight, dont' you..."

"You are correct, sir!" she replied in her best Ed McMahon impersonation. Eikichi sighed and unbuckled his harness before opening a stowage bin and taking out an MCH helmet and a SCAR-16 with underbarrel EGLM. He popped his hatch and climbed out, finding Jenks, Sergeant Major, and Khukov already dismounted. They had small arms ready, M-16s and MP-5s.

"Wait, where's Pash and Pyle?" he asked. He was answered when Barrage and Chainlink touched down nearby, Barrage landing on a pickup truck.

"My bad! Thought I had the trajectory right!" the C. sastrei said. Barrage and Chainlink's hatches popped, Pash and Pyle egressing.

"Specialist, did you at least find the source of the jamming?" Major Wylder asked as the two soldiers descended their respective mounts.

"Didn't need to sir. Someone popped it for us." Pyle replied. "But what do we do now? We can't seriously be sending the AIs in."

"We are. It's our only COA right now." Jenks replied as Brawl finished backing up. His crew disembarked, Road Rage, O'Grady, and Guts coming up with MP-5s in hand.

"Sir, we ain't let th' AIs cut loose before." Road Rage said. "You sure about this?" On paper an AI controlled Lancer was supposed to be about as capable as one with both pilot and AI in control, however it was theorized that the AIs actually held back for fear of putting the pilots in danger, composite armor and damage control systems notwithstanding. No one had ever let one, let along eight, Lancers off the tether that was their pilots.

"Best Case scenario they do their job. Worst case scenario, they do their job then go Skynet on us." Jenks said, the Lancers milling about. Only Barrage and Brawl had weapons up and scanning for targets. "This might be a watershed moment. Who knows."

"Right, right. So now we're just a buncha poorly trained legs, walkin' among giants?" Rage didn't like to be unbuttoned in a combat zone. No tanker likes it.

"Get to cover and hold your position. That's all we can really do." Sergeant Major Mackall said as he lit up a cigarette.

"Point taken... DIBS ON THE 7/11!" Rage shouted, running for the convenience store, his crew following. The rest of 15th AI's pilots moved to reinforce it, Khukov flipping a car over and Pash setting up his SAW. Jenks keyed his radio.

"CP, Alpha Raptor. We won't need that MEDIVAC but do bear in mind that we have established a fortified position at the DZ." he reported.

"Alpha Raptor, CP, acknowledged. Break, Convoy, what's your status?"

"Moving back to the front." Convoy said. He, Archetype, Barrage, Chainlink, and Chainsaw 'bounced' back to where Georgi had stopped. Georgi, on the other hand, had to run.

The biggest drawback of being such a heavy, bipedal weapons platform is that after the original MECHALTs were done Georgi's boosters were rendered inoperable. A later MECHALT restored them, adding a few extra boosters which were leftovers from a NASA Mars lander.

"Georgi, get behind me! I don't stagger when I take fire!" Brawl shouted, changing lanes and crushing more cars and obstacles as he accelerated.

"Be my guest! I hate running anyway!" the Bull T. rex replied, slowing down as they approached where Khukov initially lost motor control.

"Lancers, fan out! Rules of Engagement are in effect!" Convoy shouted, knocking a moving truck out of his way and cocking his shotgun.


"Sir, AEWACS reports US Navy activity. Heavy-lift choppers and jet fighters." The co-pilot of the lead chopper remarked, poking at the data displayed on his MFD. "Our air support is inbound; a few fast-movers from HQ, and Frogfoots have been scrambled from the airfield. Artillery support is available should we need it, as well"

The pilot nodded. "Acknowledged. ETA about five minutes. We..." He stopped talking abruptly, tugging on the controls as a quarted of Harriers streaked through the formation of helicopters. "Bastards."

The formation continued on despite the disruption; a core of Mi-17 and Ka-25 transports escorted by Mi-24 and Ka-50 attack helicopters. Rotors thudded and beat the air into submission as they hugged the ground; the combined rotor wash conspiring to overturn small cars, flip skirts, and utterly destroy hairstyles.

Ahead of them, another column of smoke rose up as something was bombed, followed by a plume of dust as a building collapsed in on itself.


Back at FGTL HQ, another convoy was assembling. This time, instead of loaded trucks, it was centered around a pair of tank transporters, hauling double trailers of armoured recovery vehicles and combat engineering tractors. Another was loaded with a pair of BMPT support vehicles; tanks with the main cannon replaced with an array of autocannons, missile packs, and grenade launchers. With a chorus of grinding gears, revving engines, and whining turbochargers, it headed out, accompanied by a small cloud of exhaust fumes.


Convoy saw the flags, clear as day.

"Lancers, weapons tight!" he ordered, fellow AI keeping weapons up but safed.

"What's this? The meat don't wanna play? They worried we'll play too rough?" Dani said. "C'mon, I want this to be a ruse. I wanna see pink mist!"

"Stand down, Dani. They are extending an olive branch of peace. We must hear them out." Convoy said, stepping over a wrecked AFV and holding his shotgun above his head to confront the Largoists. "My weapons are safe. No harm will come to you!"

After the snowmobile halted, Alexis hopped off it and brushed herself down. "And mine are useless anyway." She responded promptly. "I am Alexis Maryann Havloc of the Principality of Sealand; I came to inform you that this is a fight we didn't start, and that we are capable of dealing with this ourselves."

"Honest assessment: it looks like you had your afts handed to you seven ways from Sunday." Convoy said, surveying the wrecked vehicles and surrounding damage. "We can extract you if you need it. The helos that brought us in are still in a cover pattern."

Alexis looked back to the rubble for a moment. "For the most part we did that, though for some reason all of our non-metas are paralyzed, are your pilots okay?"

"We withdrew to eject them." he replied. "They're holding an EZ where we were deployed."

"Hey, Big Bot, I don't think they need to know that..." Barrage said, looking over his shoulder. He was scanning the skies.

"She asked. The fewer lies told the better. After all we have no reason to hide anything from them."

"Tch... Meat dies the same way..." Dani snarked. She was then hit from behind by Georgi with the Avenger cannon.

"They are lesser than we. As such we must use our power to protect the weak." he said in a thick Ukrainian accent.

"Suit yourself... I jus' wanna kill something. We're fully loaded, fully armored, full fuckin' throttle! Why send us out if we don't get to kill something?" she asked.

"You will stand down immediately, Dani. Super prototype or not, I will put you down myself if you step out of line again." Convoy cautioned.

"I don't know if this is an insult, but I'm starting to feel like I'm in a transformers movie..." Alexis said rather idly. "Either way, if you're gonna stick around, avoid shooting our convoy. We're transporing civilians."

"I understand." he said to her. To his Lancers he ordered, "Platoon, establish a perimeter. Brawl, Barrage, scan for inbound and defend."

"Moving!" Barrage said, moving around Georgi and taking up a position among the convoy wreckage. "Barrage, Operation 2! Scanning for air contacts!" Brawl backed into a store front then drove into another, repeating the major renovations until he was facing the way he came.

"Man, city council's gonna shit themselves..." he said, rolling over more cars. "In position!"

"Georgi, Dani, establish a patrol pattern. Move to respond to hostiles as they come."

"Moving." Georgi replied, turning to set up a field of fire down a street. Dani, without words, ran past Barrage and did the same down another side street.

"Chainlink, on me."

"Whatcha need?" Convoy looked at Alexis.

"I may need your radio frequencies in order to coordinate- Hold on a second. I'm forgetting something. Someone..." Convoy stopped. Nine miles away Hayden walked out of a public restroom, cigar in the corner of his mouth. Sturm was taking up three parking spots, having converted the two cars already parked there into ultracompact, flat models.

"Sturm, I'm gonna hit a 7-11. You want anything?" Hayden asked, looking for something that resembled a convenience store.

"You really should button up. Or at least have a radio with you." Sturm cautioned. "Remember what happened at Khyber? When you got down to have a philosophical discussion with a dying man who most likely couldn't understand you because he spoke Dhurka Dhurka?" Hayden paused to take a puff of his cigar.

"I remember that... Okay, fine. I'll get a radio." the sniper said, climbing up Sturm's leg then up the torso. He descended into the cockpit and buttoned up, hearing the radio chirping.

"...Machine, what is your status?" Convoy asked. Hayden keyed his radio.

"Major, this is Killing Machine. Hope you're not pranking me again." Hayden said, reinserting the leads to his suit, his vitals displayed on the right peripheral screen.

"Sergeant, this is no prank. I need to know if you can provide fire support." Convoy asked. Hayden checked his HUD.

"Yeah, if I had a picture. Lemme piggyback a drone. Sturm?"

"Scan initialized. Found one." Sturm replied as a picture showed up on the main screen.

"I see you guys. Wanna give me targets as they come?"

"Will do. If you're compromised then head for alternate EZ." Convoy cautioned.

"I know the drill, Big Bot. Just call down the thunder and I'll reap the whirlwind." Hayden replied, gripping his aiming stick and elevating the M-199.

"No, they're not gonna shoot us this time... Yes, I'm gonna tell them about the air support. Snipers, shift your attentions to the dumbasses with the swords and spears." Alexis perked her ears once she realized that the mechs were actually paying attention to her and lowered the radio she had borrowed from the snowmobile. "Right, we've got some air support inbound and I've told them not to fire on you, they're reckless, but effective so they may get a little close; trust me though, that's normal." She though for a moment. "I already know the answer to this, but eh, what the hell? Would any of you mind letting me pilot ya?"

"I am disinclined to aquiesce your request." Convoy said.

"Hahahah- no..." Brawl said next.

"No. You have cooties." Chainlink replied.

"Request denied. I don't even know you." Georgi said.

"None for me, thanks." Barrage said. All optics went to Dani.

"Ahem... Not just no, but hell no, fuck no, and HELL THE FUCK NO, I CALL SHENANNIGANS ON THAT BULLSHIT!" she snarled back.

"Thank you psycho bitch..." Barrage said, going back to scanning for targets.

Alexis laughed. "I like you mechs." She hopped back on the snowmobile and waved to the group. "Have a good one!" She called out as the snowmobile sped off. After a small distance she once more raised the radio to her head. "For the last time, you can't blow them up! Stick to the damn extremists!"

"Convoy, I hate to be the bearer of bad news but I'm seeing a lot of indigenous personnel converging on your position." Hayden reported, watching the video feed from the drone. There were several large crowds headed for the site.

"Lancers, we have hostiles inbound, and lots of them." Convoy said to the others.

"Convoy, one more thing. I can't make out weapons among them. Nothin' that would scratch you guys, any way. Recommned less lethal." Hayden added, trying to zoom in more.

"Acknowledged, break, Who has LRAD?" The LRAD, or Long Range Acoustic Device, was a sonic weapon developed to send messages, warnings, and harmful, pain inducing tones over long distances. It was used by military and law enforcement agencies and at some airports to deter wildlife from approaching runways. A variant existed that could be mounted under the barrels of either the GAR-65 chain rifle or the GBR-14 battle rifle.

"Got one, switching out." Georgi reported, dropping the Avenger cannon. The rotary hangar swivelled a GBR-14A1 up into place, the Lancer grabbing it and bringing it to bear.

"Didn't bring one. Got LOSAT on my '65. Unless maybe someone wants to donate theirs." she said. "Though I'm happy to put 'em through the meat grinder."

"What is with you? Chainlink, take her place on the line. Dani. On. Me." Convoy ordered. The two Lancers changed positions, Dani taking her time to approach.

"Problems, Big Bot?" she asked, sarcasm in her voice.

"Plenty, all of them beginning and ending with you." he replied. Dani chuckled as Chainsaw approached them.

"Big Bot, we've got three LRADs and several avenues of approach." the heavy reported. "We're shit outta luck on a shit river without a paddle."

"I'm aware of that. Chainsaw, in the worst case scenario I want you to deploy the Nightmare. As a weapon of intimidation only." Convoy requested. The 'Nightmare' was the Grind Nightmare, a series of industrial chainsaws mated to a work fixture and, in turn, mated to a Lancer. It was meant to rend armor plating asunder and looked more like what tree huggers think loggers use to kill the forest.

"Jesus, you wanna make them shit themselves or awaken suppressed memories of nightmares induced by The Texas Chainsaw Massacre? Either way I'll standby." Chainsaw replied, his left arm popping off and crushing a previously untouched car. A crane arm came out and plucked the M-61A4 Vulcan cannon from his remaining hand and pulled it out of the way as the chainsaw cluster extended and attached to the right arm, the saws arranging themselves in a circular pattern.

"Hey, how come he gets to go Leatherface and I have to stand down? I thought you said 'less lethal!" Dani complained.

"Presence is less lethal and part of the Use of Force Continuum. Or did you purge that from your data banks?"

"No, it's there. I'd just-"

"CONTACTS!" Brawl shouted, backing up a little. He fired off a few smoke grenades in the hopes that it would dissuade the surging mob.

"Moving with LRAD!" Georgi shouted, relocating and directing the acoustic weapon at the crowd. It let off a warbling tone that most merely hearing would find annoying. Those on the business end would find something else entirely.


The extremists came in two waves; one screaming, charging mass wielding edged weapons and shotguns, the other armed with longer-ranged weapons and moving into the buildings around the approach routes to advance unseen.

The initial charge was met with the LRADs, staggering the sections of the crowd it was pointed at, and stalling the main advance as more pushed into and over them, and into the weapon's area of effect.

The Largoist forces started to open fire; heavy weapons first, followed by rifle fire and the occasional blast of magic from mages. The crowd had nearly reached the makeshift barricades before they were interrupted by another unbearably loud noise.

Said noise was not another sonic weapon. Instead, it was a cacophony of rotor blades pounding the air as the Largoist helicopters pulled overhead, accompanied by pounding heavy metal being blasted from speakers mounted on various hardpoints. The crowd was finally stalled by cannon fire raking between them and the Largoist forces, bringing them to an uneasy halt.

"Huh? Ooh, I know this song!" Brawl mused. "Walk on home, boy!"

The stalemate was brief, as a salvo of rockets launched from windows and rooftops nearby, trails snaking towards the helicopters. Defense systems kicked in, spraying the air with buckshot as pilots took evasive action. Some of the rockets curved; heatseekers homing in on flares or engine exhausts.


"Convoy, you have to do something." Hayden reported, wanting desperately to support them as best he could and not just as a spotter. "There's too many there for LRADs."

"He's right, y'know." Dani said.

"We have to show restraint." Convoy begant to counter. Dani dropped her '65 and grabbed him by the armor plating on his torso, yanking him close and getting in his face.

"I get it. You want to protect the meat. But you are going to have to KILL meat to SAVE meat." she snarled, more rockets arcing up. "You know I'm right. You know that I. Am. Painfully. Right."


Meanwhile, airspace above the convoy was getting crowded. The attack helicopters had started making attack runs on the buildings the RPG fire had come from, while the transports were struggling to gain height and space to evade. Another salvo arced out, this time scoring a number of hits, sending an Mi-17 spinning to the ground as it's tail rotor vanished in a puff of shrapnel. The Harriers returned, demolishing another building as they dove on it from four directions at once while spewing rockets, streaking through the smoke before heading back towards FGTL HQ. As the smoke billowed up from fresh explosions, a Ka-25 dropped swiftly to street level, landing heavily and disgorging troopers.


Rekko stuffed his phone back into a pocket under his armour, before vaulting from the chopper after the troopers, medkit in his arms. As rifle fire started to hit the ground around him, he sprinted to take cover behind the downed chopper and check for injured crew while trying to fight the fires.


As the rockets stopped, transports set down on rooftops and patches of cleared street to exchange fresh combat-ready troops with the wounded. Every so often, a pulse from the HSFGs hit the newcomers, causing helicopters to waver in the air, and the occasional fall from a rope.


As if by some unheard signal, the charge began again, pushing through and over the barricades, with a few lines diverting entirely to charge the assembled mechs.

"Better choose fast." Dani suggested, picking her rifle back up. Convoy was torn.

"Sir, ten more feet and I go loud!" Brawl shouted, backing up more.

"Lancers... Free fire..." Convoy relented, sadness in his voice.

"That's the spirit. Oh, if you don't get some kills in I'll be sure to get some for you." Dani sneered, taking her place.

"BACK OFF!" Brawl roared, his Mk 44s opening up and shredding the wall of people with a fusilade of 25mm Armor Piercing High Explosive Incendiary Tracers. Georgi, in the meantime, ran to recover his Avenger cannon. He grabbed it and swung it up, a man with a spear less than ten feet away.

"Ty troop!" You're dead! The cannon roared, the man reduced to gristle and mist. The people behind him fared no better, the mix of PGB-14/B and PGU-13/B rounds rending flesh, blood, and metal asunder. Hayden watched the slaughter unfold, the mass still surging.

"Holy fucking shitdicks." the sniper mused, watching Dani reduce a wave to ground beef with her Vulcan. "I can't even begin to tell you how unfair this is."

"Ja. However Convoy was backed into a corner. He's too soft." Sturm replied. "I blame his upbringing."

"Point. CP, CP, this is Kiling Machine." Hayden reported.

"Killing Machine, CP."

"Total SNAFU. Less lethal weapons have failed to slow the mobs. I repeat, less lethal weapons failed. Those people surging are in a fucking meat grinder." There was a pause.

"CP copies..." Hayden sighed, leaning back in his seat.

"This is gonna look oh so fuckin' lovely on CNN."

After she disembarked from the snowmobile near where she was picked up, Alexis watched as helicopters fired and were fired upon, seeing non-metas fall to something unknown. "Cut non-meta support! Something's fucking with them!" She ordered over the radio as she turned her attention to the mechs. She wasn't surprised to see how effective they were in combat, and anyone looking would know (after all she'd been on the dealing end of one before, and that was all she needed to know what it would be like for those on the recieving end).

"Son of a bitch. Convoy, they just keep coming!" Chainlink shouted, deploying a pair of turrets from his launcher and swapping it out for a Vulcan. The turrets were armed with a pair of M-2HB fifty caliber machine guns. Chainlink had set them to read IFF, a safety feature when operating with American soldiers.

Of which none of the surging crowd was. The two machine guns opened up, spraying the crowd with M-33 ball ammunition and M-17 tracers. The effect, combined with Chainlink's GAR-65 and M-61 Vulcan, was like something out of a first person shooter, albeit one with extremely high specs to account for the particle effects and clutter created by bodies piling up.


Meanwhile, a Mitsubishi Fuso truck bearing the marks of the MT:CD's Specal Assault Team pulled up to a suitable large just outside riot turned paste factory. The engine was killed and a sniper team exited the vehicle and took to the building. One of the spotters shot out the glass doors with his side arm and covered the entry way until the rest of the team entered and made for the stair well.

A small explosion was heard as the locked door to the top floor was blown off its hinges and sent across the room. Three snipers carrying their rifles and their three spotters armed with high powered binoculars and pistols got in to position. Two guards began carefully removing windows to give access to the chaos outside with out giving away positions before covering the doorway for hostiles.

"<This is Fingers to Hand, we are in position.>

"<Rodger Fingers. Hand acknowledges. Targets present?>"

"<Affirmative Hand, targets are plentiful.>"

"<Head wants high value targets only. Do not waste time with grunts.>"


<"Fire at will.>"




Will was knocked flat as a bullet smacked into his helmet. "I've been hit! Man down! I... I think I've gone blind!"

Rekko looked over as the officer was shot, before running over to prize the man's helmet off from where it had been jammed down over his eyes from the force of the impact. "You're fine, sir. Keep your head down next time. <Walk it off, you big baby.>"


Behind the horde of extremists, more trucks pulled up. Mounted with the rocket packs from decommissioned Type 75 rocket launch systems, they had been recently provided to the extremists by a shadowy yet rich and connected figure. The crews leaped out as the missiles raised to a firing position, fleeing for nearby buildings as the rockets started to launch in salvos. Smoke and fire filled the street, destroying abandoned cars and scorching the surface from the roadway. The rockets streamed over the remains of the melee troops, half heading for the convoy while the rest steered towards the assembled mechs.

"Rockets... ROCKETS!!!" Barrage shouetd, a bell ringing and an alarm wailing. He turned in their direction and opened fire, both M-61A4s sending streams of sabots, tracers showing the flight path to the incoming rounds.

The tracers from the mechs were soon joined by the active defense systems mounted on the Largoist vehicles and helicopters, struggling to shoot down rockets far larger than they'd been designed to counter.

The reaction from the attack helicopters above the convoy was immediate; as soon as the first rockets launched, they moved to start unloading cannon and rockets into the launchers and the surrounding area.

Hayden watched the rocket launch, subsequent intercept, and return fire from friendly helos. However, a few survived the return fire.

"Convoy, Killing Machine, got eyes on two launchers, gonna engage." he reported, feeding the data from the drone to Sturm to get the best shot.

"Killing Machine, Convoy, I read you Lima Charlie. We cannot allow them time to reload." the AI reported, Hayden doing the math in his head.

"First round!" he shouted, the M-199 barking, sending a 155mm High Explosive Point Detonating round screaming out the barrel. It was an older M-107 projectile, one of mountains the US Army still had in it's stockpile, soon to be replaced by the newer M-795. That first round arced high, barely missing a helo as it reached it's apex then nosed downard, the launch crew unaware. The smoke created by the detonation and secondary explosions was extremely hard to miss.

"Wooo, nice hit!" Barrage shouted, a second mushroom cloud joining the first.

"Killing Machine, Convoy, can you confirm additional launchers in the area?"

"Convoy, Killing Machine, negative but I'll keep eyes open." Hayden replied, lighting a fresh cigar.

"Must you? My systems are sensitive." Sturm admonished the sniper. Hayden unbuckled his harness, then popped the hatch.

"That better for you, sweetheart?"


Back at FGTL HQ, alarms sounded. The artillery guns in the courtyard were surrounded by activity as the counterbattery radar built onto the regular radar system. The guns were rotated before firing, sending a steady stream of rounds towards the rocket launches detected.


As the return artillery fire arced over the city, a flight of Su-25 Frogfoot ground-attack aircraft approached the battle, wings laden with rockets and cannon pods.

"Air support inbound. Requesting targets; which clusterfuck are we aiming at? Repeat, request targets, which clusterfuck do we bomb?"

Alexis blocked a katana between her bayonets, she then pulled one pistol away alowing the enemy blade to slide along the other as she directed it away and thrusted the first one to her enemy's throat, though he managed to back away from the blade, he could not escape the bullet that followed it up. She then casually whistled as she pulled a laser designator from a pocket and pointed it at an extremist who seemed to be relaying orders from a radio as the man lay on the ground, spending his last few seconds of life holding his throat and trying to breathe.

"Acknowledged. Bringing the rain."

The squadron separated, circling the battlefield, aircraft taking it in turns to strafe the designated area with rocket and cannon fire, occasionally dropping a bomb on concentrations of forces. As they started to take fire from buildings, they strafed and bombed those as well, as the artillery fire started to fall.

Before long, the area was reduced to little more than rubble being turned into increasingly smaller chunks of rubble by more explosions.


Mimi had finally fought her way to the wolfgirl, barking (pun completely intended) orders, rifle whipped a guy with a pair of sais running up behind her and yelled out "Officer Saneki, Street Crimes, we need to evac now!" she kicked the guy as he attampted to get back up.

"Oh, hello officer." Alexis said cheerfully, completely unphased by the airstrike. "Can I help you with something? If so it may have to wait, we're kinda getting shot at right now."

"I've noticed," Mimi put a round through the leg of the man, "<Stay down, damnit.> You people need to evac before this clusterfuck gets any worse. CD is gonna paint this like an act of war against Japan." She shot the guy in the other leg, "<How many weapons are you carrying? Shit!>"

"I know. Evac's on the way, but in the mean time there isn't much we can do aside from defend ourselves." Alexis said with a shrug. "Though I'm surprised how many of them are willing to die for this. Their boss must be one evil bastard to kill all these men."

"Hatred and elitism know no bounds. <Oh, for fuck's sake.>" Mimi put two rounds in tothe chest of the man as she saw him pull out a quad barreled derringer. "<Just had to prove me right huh?> Idiot."

"Stupid reasons to die." Alexis said as a group of extremists were mowed down by machinegun fire. "You seem to be fine. Magical girl?" She then asked out of curiosity.

"Not exactly, former-Mihoist," the officer replied, "Ex-CoM, its complicated."

"Ever consider Largoism? You seem like you'd be good at it." Alexis commented. "Anyway, we'd pull out of here if we could and I can't do much to fix it." She sighed.

"Oh, that was just because he's like the twentieth guy and it's starting to get on my nerves," Mimi lied.

"The potential is still there." Alexis grinned. "Though for some reason, I'm skeptical to any other law enforcement believing we didn't start this."

"Well they have my report," Mimi paused to let loose a barrage of gunfire at a man holding an RPG in the only building with a roof. He fell backwards and fired, making it the newest building without a roof, "Which is starting to concern me 'cause I'M THE ONLY ONE HERE!" Mimi's eye twitched a little and she cleared her throat. "Sorry."

"Wouldn't be surprised if the boys in blue were paid off. Hell I'm expecting news choppers at any minute." Alexis pulled a .22 rifle from the back seat of the nearby SUV. "So I'm gonna use this to supress the media."

"I didn't think the FGTL had bullets that small," the officer made a show of peering at the gun, "Is this what happens when you leave seven six two alone with romantic music?"

"Dunno." Alexis loaded a round. "But I had to buy it from a shady guy in a trench coat who seemed really happy to get rid of it."

"Probably hot," Mimi shrugged, "I'll check the serials later."

"I'll be sure to turn it over when this is done." Alexis said as she rested it on her shoulder and scanned the skies.


"Hey, Big Bot, right and left arm ammunition down to thirty percent." Brawl reported, the hull mounted CIWS guns opening fire with fifty caliber SLAP (Saboted Light Armor Penetrators) rounds, tearing more bodies apart. Brawl had an M-61A4 on the right rotary hangar and a GBR-14 Battle Rifle on the left, in addition to a pair of GAU-25 Equalizer cannons installed in the forearms.

"Right arm purging!" Dani called as she tossed her GAR-65 aside and held her hand up for the M-230 chaingun to move into position, snatching it up and bringing it to bear. "Left arm fifty percent!"

"Right arm purging, left arm thirty percent! Big Bot, we are gonna need a resupply!" Chainlink reported, keeping the Vulcan trained on the crowd and firing, an M-230 moving into place. The shoulder mounted Typhoon had ran dry two minutes prior and was just clicking now. The first two turrets he deployed had ran dry and destroyed themselves with installed thermite charges. Chainsaw had taken position with his Vulcan, having stowed the Grind Nightmare.

"Right, I'm calling it. AP, AP!" the heavy called out, his grenade launchers ripple firing. The AP Canisters hung in the air for a short period before showering a wide area with superheated submunitions, the likes of which were intended to melt through the top layer of tank armor. Against flesh and blood, it was like feeding twigs to a woodchipper. What few people were furthest away from the area of effect were either covered in gristle, or lost a few parts here and there. They had no time to react as no sooner had the bomblets done their job, than a fresh Vulcan cannon opened up, making a grisly gulash out of the mob.

"Why do they choose to throw away their lives so recklessly? Why?" Convoy pondered. He had yet to expend any munitions.


As the fields started to falter and drop, the noise from overhead changed slightly, as news choppers pulled overhead, spotlights punching through the smoke and dust.

Meanwhile, the relief convoy pulled to a halt a few blocks from the fight. Vehicles were dismounted from trailers, and supporting fire laid down into the rear of the mob as they trundled forwards, lowering dozer blades to clear a path through the rubble. The explosions continued as they pushed aside chunks of concrete and undetonated submunitions, and as the extremists opened fire on the newcomers. One vehicle paused to fire a stubby, wide-barreled turret weapon into a building, bringing it down around the extremists inside.

Behind the CEVs, a BMPT started chewing up the few buildings still standing with cannon fire and grenades, occasionally firing missiles to knock down sections of structure.

A cheer rose from the assembled Largoists as the first of the vehicles breached the wall of rubble around the convoy, squashing a few extremists into the bargain. As the remainder penetrated, they pulled aside to allow APCs through the gap, and for the few vehicles still operational to pull out.

Alexis let out a sigh of relief. "Ok everybody, evacuate now!" She called before directing troops to the APCs.


"Right arm, left arm, ammo at thirty percent..." Brawl reported, the crowds no longer surging. There were piles of parts and gristle strewn out before him. "This was a close one..."

"Primary weapon purging..." Georgi said, tossing the GAU-8/B aside, the GBR-14 coming back up. He grabbed it and cocked his head at a group that was trying to rally. "Tvuyo maht, they're persistent." He took a wide stance and zeroed in a wrecked car near them. The M-102 105mm howitzer in his chest cavity fired, the spent powder casing ejecting out the back and landing on a car, going through the windshield. The target went airborne, the humans scrambling and running back the way they came.

"CP, Convoy. Situation contained, repeat, situation contained." Convoy reported, surveying the scene.

"Convoy, CP, copy. Sky Guard on standby for extract."

"Affirmative." Convoy replied. He gave the surrounding area another once over. "Such waste... We could have done the same without such wanton destruction... These friendlies, if that, are too dangerous..."

"Sir, squishies are evacing." Dani said, watching them run for their rides. Convoy turned to look, if only to see them off.


"<This is finger, we may have found convoy leader.>"

"<Hand copies, probability?>"

There was a pause as the sniper evaluated the movements of the wolf-girl near the cop. She appearented to be directing personell towards the newly opened escape path. <Ninety percent. Possible friendly in the area.>"

"<Take the shot. Collateral damage is excusable.>"

"<Negative, friendly is blocking shot.>"

"<Take the shot, that's an order.>"



One of the spotters turned and drew his pistol, putting a round in the back of the non-complying sniper's head.

"This is Finger 2, target acquired. Taking the shot.>" He zeroed in the on the officer. Flesh wound, low down; would take her out of the picture and he would use muzzle climb to re-acquire the Largoist commander for a kill shot. He took up slacks on the trigger and making final adjustments based on input from his spotter. He exhaled slowly and-

The building shuddered as a Largoist dozer hit unexploded ordinance. The shot went high, striking the officer in the shoulder.


"About time they-" Mimi was cut off by what felt like a hot knife entering just above her shoulderblade and poking out her chest. She looked down and saw the beginnings of a red stain seeping out from under her coat. There was a noticable bulge in her badge, nearly in the center.

She slowly turned around and looked directly at the building the shot had come from.


"<Uhh...G-guys...I think we've been compromised,>" the sniper stammed out.

"<That's not possible,>" a spotter replied.

"<She is looking right at me.>"

"<There's no way in h-OH GOD!>" the spotter saw something he could never actually explain as his sniper's shadow seemed to stand up off the floor and literally punch right through the mans face, shattering the scope in the process.


The dispatch looked at her console with a horrified expression. The last coherent words she heard was the possibility of the op being compromised and opinions concerning that. Then there was the screaming. She distinctly heard the shattering of glass followed by what could have been the sound of a very large orange being juiced. Then silence. She picked up the phone and dialed, her hands shaking. "S-sir... the m-mission f-failed... total loss. Y-yes sir." She hung up the phone and exited the room.


Convoy saw the shot and immediately moved in to cover the officer.

"Any station this net, this is Armored Convoy of 15th Armored Infantry, 1st Cavlary! I am reporting an officer down, I say again, I am reporting officer down!" he reported as he took a knee over Mimi, the left leg shield splaying out to provide cover. "I say again, any station this net, I have an officer down!" Georgi was quick to move in support of Convoy, scanning for targets. Hayden, hearing the call began to scour the area for a sniper hide.

"Big Bot, I got nothin', repeat, have no sign of the shooter anywhere." he said, wanting to punch the shooter's ticket with a hundred and fifty five mikes of Hotel Echo.

"Keep scanning. The shooter is somewhere nearby!" Convoy said, finally hearing a reply.

A reply he could not understand.

"Whoever is on this net, I cannot understand you. You need to speak English."

"Convoy, CP, we're scrambling a MEDIVAC now, state number of casualties?" the sergeant at Yokota asked.

"CP, Convoy, have one, say again, one casualty. One MPD officer down to sniper fire." the AI replied. "LZ may still be hot."

"CP copies, break, Avengers, I want eyes open for that sniper, copy?"

"CP, Avenger Lead, I copy. Break, Avengers, move in!" the lead Longbow pilot said. The four AH-64Ds moved from a cover pattern closer to roof level to search for the sniper.

"Avenger Lead, Avenger 2, I've got a news bird in my way."

"So fly around him. Break, CP, Avenger lead, can someone get the airspace clear? Too many noncom birds out!"

"CP copies. Break, CP, Convoy, have MEDIVAC inbound from the G-Dub. ETA, ten mikes."

"Convoy copies." the AI replied. "Officer, we have a helo inbound to extract you, ETA ten mikes." he said to Mimi.

The moment Alexis saw the stain she rushed to support Mimi, making sure she didn't fall. "Shit!" She cursed as she held up her radio. "I need a medic behind the mech who's using itself as a shield!" She demanded in a voice that offered no room for argument.

"On it!" Rekko dropped the man whose arm he'd been setting, pausing only to pick up his medical kit as he sprinted towards the mechs, dodging between Largoists, moving vehicles, and chunks of rubble. More than once, he had to dive out the way, or throw himself flat to avoid being knocked down by Largoist driving.

By the time he reached Alexis, he was out of breath, dusty, and streaked with oil and blood from a small cut on his forehead. "Who... Who is hurt?"

Mimi coughed up some blood as a response to the medic's inquiry.

"Rekko, she's been shot!" Alexis said in panic.

"<Not you, for once? That's nothing short of a miracle.>" Rekko slid to a halt next to Mimi, his boots sliding through the carpet of shell casings covering the street. "<Hey, you're TPCD, right?>" he said to Mimi, as he opened the medical kit and set to work cutting away her uniform around the entry and exit wounds. "<I used to be with them. What division are you in? I was in medevac choppers.>" He prattled, mostly to keep her focused on something other than the pain. His hands worked swiftly, seemingly totally divorced from his talking.

"<Street Crimes, and ow damnit! That's still tender,>" Mimi swore as she was getting patched up. "<Don't lose that,>" she pointed to her badge with her good hand.

Rekko sighed. "<Don't worry, I know how important the badge is. I guess you're kinda out of your depth here, huh? Okay, this is going to sting a bit.>" He reached into the bag, producing a spray bottle of antiseptic and spritzing both sides of the wound with it.

Mimi grimaced and clenched her teeth so hard Alexis could probably hear stress cracks, "Gah I wish I hadn't killed them all already 'cause I REALLY WANNA KILL THEM AGAIN!" She was appearently displeased with current situation. "<And I need to give the badge to someone,>" she said after the pain faded a bit.

"Oi, big guy!" Alexis called to Convoy. "Could you get your bots to cover the evacuation?"

"Wait one." he said to Alexis. "CP, Conovy. Personnel on the ground are requesting escort out of the AOR. Orders?"

"CP, Convoy, negative that request. Word from up top you are to extract as soon as the MEDIVAC picks up your pilots."

"Would the Avengers be permitted to provide escort?" he asked, regarding the Longbows that had escorted them in.

"Negative. Gunsight says we're in for a major geopolitical shitstorm." Convoy shook his head.

"Convoy copies..." he replied. "Ma'am, I am afraid I have orders to extract ten minutes ago. It is something out of my control."

"I understand. Thank you for what help you could give." Alexis said before turning her attention to Rekko. "The mechs are leaving, we gotta move her to someplace with better cover!"

Rekko nodded. "<She's walking wounded, at least. I don't suppose we can just load her into a Largoist vehicle, because they'd fire her on the spot for that.>" He switched the spray bottle for a pair of needle-nose pliers. "<Just hold on a second.>" He reached into the exit wound, extracting the bullet and the remains of the badge before dropping it into a plastic bag. "<There any buildings still standing around here?>"

"<Fuck her bosses, she's been shot! Let's get her inside an APC while the iron giant's still here!>" She said as she scanned the area for any melee units.

Rekko nodded. "<And trust their driving? I don't think so.>" He reached into his pocket, uncapping and lighting a flare one-handed before tossing it atop the nearest rubble pile. "<I'll have Jack pick us up; he's a nutcase, but he's a reliable nutcase in a helicopter, and...>" He was cut off by an explosion, as one of the Su-25s was hit by a missile. "<And we really need to get out of here. I've seen that happen before, and it only makes them mad. Hold still a moment, will you?>" He dropped the pliers back into his bag, producing a jet injector, pressing it briefly next to the wound before applying bandages.

"As long as she doesn't get hurt worse, and none of us die." Alexis agreed.

"<That tingles,>" Mimi commented, wincing as she had to move her arm to allow Rekko to finish bandaging her up, "<Lemme see that bullet.>"

Rekko sighed, holding up the bag containing the bullet and her badge, now virtually fused from the force of impact. "<You're lucky I had pliers on me; that's one messy exit wound. Also, side effects of treatment may be tingling, burning pain, unusual growths, and a very small possibility of turning into a cyborg super-soldier. If that happens, seek medical advice at once and do not attempt suicide.>" He sighed. "<Sorry, standard disclaimer there.>"

Mimi took the bag with her good arm and inspected it closer. He last name and badge number were still clearly readable. "<I need to stop at the bar.>"

Rekko rolled his eyes. "<No, no you don't. You're wounded, and you need rest, not alcohol. And besides.>" He pointed upwards, to where a helicopter was hovering overhead, rotors blasting the dust and smoke away from them. "<Our ride's here.>"

"<If he can pick me up here, he can drop me down and pick me up there,>" Mimi growled a little, "<I need to drop this off at the bar.>"

"<It. Can. Wait.>" Rekko sighed, waving the helicopter over to land in the cleared patch next to them. "<We're going to get you some proper medical attention, something to cope with the blood loss, and then maybe you can go run errands.>"

"<the bar first,>" Mimi gave a look that could strike fear in to the hearts of even the most battle hardened mercenary, "<Someone owes me some titties.>"

Rekko glared back, with the power of a long-suffering medic. "<Boobs can wait. Medical care cannot.>" He pushed her into the helicopter, turning to offer a hand to Alexis. "<Lexi, you staying to make sure everyone gets out, or do you want to help restrain her?>"

"<I'm sorry, but I'm responsible for the well being of these troops. I'll evacuate with the last APC. Stay safe, both of you.>" And with that, Alexis went of to assist injured into the APCs, and instruct the uninjured to do the same.

Rekko saluted as she turned away, watching her leave, tail swaying gently. "Yes ma'am." He turned back to Mimi, and clambered up into the helicopter with her to join her among the wounded being ferried back to HQ.

"<Got a crossbow handy?>" the wounded cop asked randomly.

"<Yes, but I'm not about to loan my grappling hook to someone in shock. Why do you want one?>"

"Air mail," was her reply.

Rekko gave her another Look, and pulled a pill bottle from a pouch attached to his armour. After opening it, he shook out a pair of pills and offered them to her. "<If you hadn't noticed, we're in a helicopter. You're not using a crossbow in here, it'll kill everyone. Take these before you get any worse.>"

"<But the door opens,>" Mimi stubbornly pointed at it.

Rekko reached out, sliding the door shut. "<Sit down before you fall down. You've been shot, you're slipping into shock, and I have an emergency baseball bat for reluctant cases like yourself.>"

Mimi grumbled something and giving him a baseball bat before she took her pills and sat down. Then promptly passed right out.

Rekko settled on his jump seat, reaching around to wave to the pilot. "Take her up, Jack."


After a long while, the street was mostly empty. The buildings were gone and cleared, the Largoist vehicles had been hauled off for repairs, and even the spent casings had been scooped up. The last of the Largoist tanks trundled away, finally allowing TPCD labors and cleanup crews into the street.

"Platoon, withdraw to EZ." Convoy said, his fellow Lancers commencing their ecavuation. A TPCD Labor began to approach them.

"<You, in the mecha, power down immediately!>" the officer ordered, Convoy stopping as his comrades boosted off. Except for Brawl and Georgi, the latter running and the former driving.

"I don't understand you. You need to speak English." Convoy requested, the officer drawing near.

"<Power down and eject, now!>" Convoy brought his GBR-14 up and deployed the LRAD on the officer, holding it until he tipped his machine over.

"Convoy, CP, what the hell just happened?" the sergeant at Yokota asked.

"Let the record show that an officer was being uncooperative with me, and I neutralized him with less lethal measures." the AI replied, turning and boosting off.

"CP... copies...?"

Saeko is up to Mischief again.
Devin fell asleep working on said mischief.
Saeko goes all mad scientist.
Devin is not amused.
Saeko picks up her new toys, and flutters off to play with them.

'Playing with them' means setting up HSFGs to catch a Largoist convoy. Then hiding somewhere.

The convoy arrives, taking a shortcut through a mall. ANARCHY!
Alexis is, naturally, at the front on a grenade machinegun.
Mimi is at said mall, buying snacks.
As the mall is destroyed, she follows.
Being a Largoist is AWESOME.

In the convoy, Arella is minding kemonomimi kids.
And teenagers, who make the (totally not a) magical girl mad. GLARE.

The convoy encounters Trouble.
HSFEs (not Holy Shit Field Emitters, but something else Field Emitters)
Oh, and a bomb. Kaboom!
Chaos ensues. Well. More chaotic chaos.
And someone fires an RPG.

The ORAZians in the convoy promptly crash while trying to evade.
The convoy stops, and is soon blocked in by the blockage in front, and itself behind.
And then more civilian traffic.
Everything starts to fall apart as drivers are affected by the HSFEs, everyone gets twitchy.

Mimi reports on the convoy being attacked.
Dispatch assumes, naturally, they're the aggressors.
Mimi clarifies.

Alexis takes charge, and starts giving orders.
Arella protects the children.

Mimi meets the ORAZians, and is directed to Alexis.

Japanese army stuff. WTF?
The extremists are jamming.
They hope you like jamming, too.

Largoists call for air support.
Nobody wants to hear about Ivan's giant lizard story.
Or why not to pee on lithium-bearing rocks.

The rocket artillery fires!
And the jamming starts.

Rockets fall like rain.
Wolfgirl finds a rocket tube.
Die, extremist scum!

Smoke and frag grenades to attract air support.
Mimi takes cover under a truck.
Someone hands her a Russian machinegun for fire support, after she demonstrates she can shoot.
And a helmet, because they're breaking open some crates of weapons to safeguard the rest of the shipment; Guns can be replaced, people cannot.

Snipers take out a mortar team, with a railgun. Pew pew!

Largoist air support inbound! A Panavia Tornado.
They strafe and bomb the indicated position.
Largoist forces storm the bombed position to clear it.
And encounter a madman with a katana.

Alexis checks on Arella, who is hiding behind her shield with the kiddies.
She then marks the rocket artillery for being bombed.
Cluster bomb? SPLENDID idea, old chap. Tally ho!

The Americans pick up the air support and explosion, and drop mechs in.

Comms are open!
Alexis displays understanding of the difference between 'dakka' and 'boom'.
Choppers inbound~

Largoist air support nearly hits the choppers that had dropped the mechs off.

He's angry.
He orders more people in.
Who cares if the news choppers get shot down?

US mecha step on things. Things like cars.
There goes stealth.
As if you can be stealthy in anything that size.
The HSFEs affect their pilots!

Do NOT fire on the mecha!
No, really, don't.
Alexis is ferried to the mechs to liase, by a Largoist trooper on a snowmobile.
Waving a white flag of truce provided by said trooper, because he used to serve in the French Foreign Legion.
White flags are apparently standard issue because of the French bit, in case you need to surrender in a hurry.

The US mechs jettison their pilots and are turned loose on the AI.
Which is rare and unusual and new thinking.
Lots of technical terms.

Largoist choppers arrive!
As well as the initial air support; Harriers from FGTL HQ.
A convoy from HQ heads out on the ground, as well.
Full of stuff to recover vehicles.

Alexis explains things to the mechs.
She has a middle name, apparently.
It doesn't fit her.
Friction between the mechs.
More collateral damage! Stomp stomp stomp.
The mechs won't let Alexis ride in them. :-(
The extremists come back!
In force!

Sonic weapons only have so much effect.
But the charge stalls.
RPG barrage!
Heading for the choppers!
Oh dear.

More bombing!
Chaos in the air as the rockets break up the formation.

Rekko the Medic drops down and starts medic-ing.

The charge begins again.
The mechs start using actually lethal weaponry.
Chunky salsa!

TPCD snipers!
Fire at Will!
Will gets shot. Luckily, his helmet blocks the shot.

Moar rocket artillery!
The mechs try to shoot it down, while the attack choppers tear up the surrounding area.
Return fire from FGTL HQ, as well. Hooray for artillery.
The rest of the air support arrives. Ground attack aircraft!
The area's taking a real pounding.
Not a lot is still standing by now.

Mimi finds Alexis (finally)
Extremists refuse to recognise when they've been shot.
The bloodbath from the mechs continues.

The relief convoy arrives, and starts to carve through the rubble and debris.
Largoist forces start to withdraw.

TPCD snipers line up a shot on Alexis and Mimi.
One refuses to shoot, and gets summarily executed for it.
Mimi is shot in the shoulder, because boom.
Then the snipers are murdered by shadows, because Mihoist.

The mechs call for evac for Mimi.
Alexis calls for a medic, and Rekko comes running.
OMG, it's not Alexis wounded?
Rekko sets to work on Mimi.
Alexis gets the mechs to cover Largoist evac.

No, Mimi, you cannot go to the bar.
And screw trusting Largoist driving with wounded.
So, Rekko calls for his pilot.
NO, Mimi, you CANNOT go to the bar!
Nor can you borrow the grappling hook crossbow.
Sit down before I have to use the Emergency Baseball Bat.
Alexis stays to assist evac.

The TPCD arrives. FINALLY.
And is permitted onto the scene by Largoist tanks only after they're done.
Who runs this town, again?
One of the US mechs knocks over a TPCD labor while they walk off.


Summary summary:
Largoist convoy attacked.
By extremists.
Largoist air support and artillery chews up the area.
US mechs watch the whole thing without doing much.
Mimi gets shot by the TPCD
The convoy is eventually extracted.

Summary summary summary:
Boom boom, dakka dakka dakka, boom.
TPCD bad, m'kay?


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Re: Just Another Day In Prohibition Megatokyo

Title: Women
Location: The Bar
Time: After SHTF
Character(s): Saeko, Mimi, Shinyai
Author(s): Sareth, Darktan, Notsonoble

The bar was quiet. Onna and Tsubasa were quietly playing a card game for forfeits in the corner booth, as evidenced by the welts Onna kept raising on his wrist after each trick. Saeko was polishing the bar and looking distinctly bored, but disinterested in doing anything about it. It was in the middle of the day, when customers were few, children were in school, and there was no real reason for the bar to be open.

"<Stop letting her win,>" Saeko muttered.

"<I am a warrior. My honor would not permit me to let her win.>" Tsubasa looked cross.

"<At least put the ace back in the deck when you're done. You're getting shoe marks on it.>"

Onna looked cross and administered a welt that looked even more painful than the previous ones.

Suddenly there came a tapping, as of someone gently rapping, rapping on the barroom door.

"'Tis some visitor," Saeko muttered, "tapping at my chamber door - Only this, and nothing more."

Tsubasa rolled his eyes. "<If you start calling me a raven...>"

Ignoring both of them, Onna stood and walked to the door, opening it. She stepped aside immediately, as if to say that the place was open and that should have been obvious in spite of the bar having no sign announcing its hours.

Mimi stood in the doorway dressed in civilian attire, thought perhaps a little more gothy than most. She was holding a clear plastic bag in one hand, the other still in a sling. However, she did not enter. "<This is for Saeko,>" she said, holding up the bag.

"<I can taste your presence, you know,>" Saeko called. "<Onna is no doorman. Come in and give me what you have brought, police woman.>"

Mimi entered and moved to the bar, setting the bag down. "<I dare say I've won our little wager.>"

Saeko picked the bag up, with it's bullet marred badge inside. She examined it casually before setting it back down in a very deliberate motion. "<How did you come by your wound, police woman?>"

"<I'm sure you heard about the incident with the Largoists and unknowns a couple days ago?>" Mimi didn't really wait for her to respond, everyone had heard of it by now, "<Had a convoy pinned down, civilians, metas, kids. I was first responder. Then I was shot by a CD sniper team.>" Her expression turned a little dark at the end.

Impassive, Saeko nodded. "<I imagine your superiors have had much to say to you about this.>"

"<Not yet,>" Mimi replied, "<Been in FGTL's infirmary. My station's the next stop. Haven't actually decided what I'm gonna do when I get there though. Chief may be a hard ass, but he's clean.>"

"<What is your name, police woman?>"

"Saneki Kamimila."

"Saneki Kamimila," Saeko repeated. She reached up and tugged the front of her kimono open, then let the top fall from her shoulders so that it dangled from the tight obi about her stomach. "<Perhaps you might be more careful in the future. My chest should not require hospitalization.>"

Mimi just stared for a moment, slightly lost in the sight. To be honest, she had expected to be ejected from the bar once again. The furthest thing from her mind was that the owner would strip to her waist in the middle of the establishment. "<Those are much nicer than I had anticipated,>" she finally spoke, "<And it wasn't exactly planned this way.>"

"<Planning?>" Saeko laughed. "<When did planning ever come into any of this?>" Saeko turned her back on Mimi, the mirror ensuring nothing was lost to view by the move. She began fixing a drink. "<So. You were shot by your own defending nekomimi. What will you do now, Saneki-san?>" She turned and set the drink in front of Mimi.

"<I haven't decided yet,>" Mimi replied, "<And you can call me Mimi, I think we're past formalities at this point,>" Mimi picked up the drink and gestured to Saeko's current state of attire and took a sip.

"<You are far from the first to see these, Mimi.>


"to see these, Mimi>" Shinyai came down the stairs to start her shift as bartender for the night and looked up at the sound of conversation. Saeko was topless leaned over the bar talking to someone. Shinyai had gone to carrying her sword and placing it under the bar of late. So there was a very clear thud-plink as her hand released the sword and her jaw slacked in suprise.

"<Hello Shinyai,>" Saeko said casually. "<Have you met Officer Saneki? It seems she won a bet, using her own blood to do it.>"

Mimi turned at the thud to regard the kitsune on the stairs and sword on the floor, "<Hi,>" she said and "waved" to her with the glass.

Shinyai stared at the chest for a moment, then looked up to Saeko's face. "<But you said... this wasn't...>" she looked to Tsubasa and Onna who gave no sign of anything out of the ordinary. Then she turned back to face Saeko, and her eyes dropped a little, and her cheeks reddened. "<Well, if that's how it is here.>" Shinyai picked up her sword, remembered her home and walked to the bar pretending like everything was normal. Then she leaned down below the bar to put her sword away and considered the patrons. Then shrugged, and took off her own top.

"Mmmmm," Saeko hummed, smiling. She made no attempted to look even the slightest bit ashamed of her very frank visual molestation of Shinyai's chest. "<Remind me to give you a bonus later.>" A hand came up and quite casually tugged gently at one of Shinyai's ears.

Onna made a raspberry sound and walked back over to her seat at the booth.

Mimi blinked a few times, taking in the view of not one, but two pairs of magnificent breasts. She sipped her drink rather deliberately. Damn shoulder... she thought to herself, mentally cursing her inability to join them.

The smile on Saeko's face twisted into something a bit predatory. She slid next to Shinyai. "<Oh dear. I think she likes what she sees,>" Saeko purred into Shinyai's ear. She pressed herself to Shinyai's side, one hand reaching up to caress one of the fox-girl's scarred breasts. "<Someone's closeted, I think. Don't you?>"

This time Tsubasa made the disgusted sound and went back to his seat.

Shinyai dropped the glass she was cleaning, but her reflexes caught it before it went completely over the bar. She looked at Saeko with a "Not just anybody gets to play the way you do right now". Then turned back to Mimi and smiled, "<What are you having?>"

"<No closets,>" Mimi replied, rather obviously ooggling the two. She wasn't so distracted that she didn't notice a slight shift in Saeko's demeanor. "<Just haven't found anyone.>"

Saeko stepped away from Shinyai, her movement not as graceful as usual. Her voice was slightly subdued. "<You may never get the chance.>" She shook herself and began pulling her kimono back into place. Her voice grew more forceful again. "<You may have bled for kemonomimi, but you are still an officer. You know who and what I am. Do you see the conflict in this?>"

Mimi set down the empty glass and took a seat on a stool, "<Yeah, I actually wanted to ask you something about that. If you don't mind of course,>" She leaned on her good arm, "<I don't think it's too personal.>"

Shinyai reached down and put her top back on. She wasn't sure if she really wanted to hear what was coming next, so she went around and checked on the other patrons drinks.

Saeko shrugged. "<I can always kill you if I don't like it.>"

"<Well, since it's about that sort of thing,>" Mimi paused, "<Ever painted a room with someone else? Well, six or eight someone elses?>"

"<Many times.>"

"<How'd the first time go?>"

Saeko gave an enigmatic little smile. "<That depends entirely on what you would count as my first time.>"

"<I'm not sure I understand how there couldn't be a clear first time for one to paint a room with entrails,>" Mimi said, sounding and looking somewhat confused.

"<You would be amazed,>" Saeko replied. "<But if I had to pick...>"

Saeko paused, tightening her obi to cover a moment of thought. "<We... Yes, I suppose 'I' would not be right. We suffered. For a very long time. No one cared about what was right for us. We were simply their toys. Their experiments. We were things to them. When we got free and they sent a team to bring us back... Yes, I suppose that was as much me as that other.>" Saeko suddenly turned jet black eyes on Mimi. "<It felt like justice.>"

Mimi pondered this for a moment, "<Yes, I suppose it did feel like that at the time,>" she agreed with a nod, "<What about after?>"

"<Do you know what a dark magical girl is, Mimi?>"

"<Not exactly, but I'm starting to form a picture.>"

"<You may as well ask an infant how she felt after her first solid food.>" Saeko shrugged. "<I am what I am. A creature of darkness. I feast on the things that humans flee from but can never outrun because they are internal. But you...>" Saeko contemplated Mimi. "<You, I think, have a choice to make. Do not mistake this situation. There is a war coming. Which side will you be on? Will you be Officer Saneki? Or Mimi the Mihoist?>"

Saeko made a second drink. "<For now, I'll give you the time to answer that for yourself. And Mimi, if you decide to come here as Officer Saneki, I will kill you.>"

Mimi nodded in acknowledgement, "<I've felt that choice coming since I felt The Book,>" she paused, "<Those officers that shot me? They were simply following orders. One of them had already been killed before another took the shot. Know what I felt after they told me it was CD that did it?>" She paused just long enough to make one assume it was a question meant to be answered, "<Not a damn thing.>" She took out some money to pay for the drink. "<I'll be seeing you around Sable Knight,>" a shadow creeped up her bad arm and removed the brace. She moved the arm around a few times before standing, "Ja ne," she waved and moved towards the door.

Shinyai came back around to the bar with a few empty glasses. Then noticed the woman was leaving. Despite an attempt to avoid the conversation she couldn't help but hearing some of it. She gave Saeko an "I need a moment." look. She felt this might be her last chance to check on someone for a while, someone she owed a favor. She shook her head towards the woman leaving the bar.

The nod Saeko gave Shinyai was surprisingly subdued. From the corner, Onna arched an eyebrow, but was quickly shushed by Tsubasa.


Shinyai set the glasses down and followed the woman out the door. "<Officer Saneki.>" she said once they were both outside.

Mimi paused from lighting her cigarette and turned around, "Mmm?"

Shinyai looked at the woman. "<I'm hoping you can pass word to an officer who seems to care for our kind, and listen to a word of advice.>"

"<Guessing you mean Yuuta?>" Mimi asked.

"<You know him, good. I think. Look, he's probably been to my place recently and noticed that I'm not there. Let him know that I'm not dead, and thank him for me.>" She replied.

"<Will do,>" Mimi nodded, "<Also, is he always paranoid?>"

"<Not that I noticed,>" she shrugged, "<just a good cop. We only talked a few times, and he warned me when some people that had attacked me before this all blew up had gotten back out of jail. They came again that night. The warning kept me alert, and alive.>"

"<He's a good cop, little jumpy lately, but a good cop none the less,>" Mimi said, "<I'll be sure to let him know how you are.>"

"<Thanks, and the other thing.>" She paused for a moment. "<I heard some of what you and Saeko talked about. I'm not really from here, but where I'm from what you people seem to call Magical girls seems pretty much like sorceress or priestesses. Many of the best armies of my world had sorceress or priestesses and their male counterparts in their ranks. Some kingdoms didn't. There was no sepereate police, like here, but those that took in those powerful crafters of magic instead of fearing them, and took in all races instead of only a few were thriving. Saeko asked you if you were going to be a cop or something else. I think what this world needs is some cops that are those priestesses and sorceresses. There's no reason the role has to be exclusive. Think about it.>"

Mimi nodded slowly, "<Okay, I will.>" She opened the door to her Baracuda and got in, "<Take care of your self,>" She waved and cranked up the old muscle car with a roar.

"<You do the same. The world needs more like you and Yuuta, especially after what seems to be coming. I hate it, but its not like I haven't seen it before.>" Shinyai turned and walked back into the bar with a wave.


Shinyai stepped back in and picked up the still dirty glasses. Then put them in the wash bin. "<Alright, who needs what next, and if you ask for something I haven't served you you better know whats in it.>"

Over in the corner, Tsubasa whispered something to Onna. The pale skinned woman stood and then walked out of the bar.

"<Shinyai-san,>" the tengu waved the foxgirl over.

"<Whacha need mountain man?>" Shinyai was in a good mood, and felt talkative and a little teasing.

"<Sit. Please.>"

Shinyai stepped to the far side of the booth and sat down. "<Have I offended Onna?>" she said half jokingly.

"<If you do, you'll know. Her wrath is wintery.>" Tsubasa sighed. "<To be honest I'm a little bit worried about you.>"

Shinyai tilted her head in silent question.

"<You have a bit of an effect on Misogi-sama.>"

"<I have noticed. I know it probably seems like I'm taking advantage of it, but it's not like she doesn't pull right back at me. I'm not just using my chest to keep a place over my head. At least, not intentionally. Of course, not counting since moving here, I haven't really felt appreciated at all. So I might be fooling myself just a bit.>" she shrugged, her mood fell. She'd figured out a few days ago that what really had been that bizarre draw to Saeko after the alley was that Saeko was really attractive, and the seemed to see her as something other than too freaky to be attractive. She'd really enjoyed being fondled, oogled, and the other things that'd happened. Could she just be craving the attention?

"<I think there's something at work here you may not be aware of. How should I...>" The big man sighed again. "<I found her on the side of a mountain far from this... civilized and modern place. When I found her she was unconscious and her pregnancy was only just starting to show.>"

"<I took her back to our village, but the people were not happy to see her. You need to understand. We have never been fond of the human world. Over the centuries we've been driven deeper and deeper into the mountains to try to avoid humanity. My people are resentful of any sign of the outside world.>"

Shinyai nodded and kept listening.

"<So I kept her in my own hut. She was unconscious for nearly three months. I had to feed her, clean her, and take care of her that entire time. I didn't even know her name. But none of the village women would even talk about her.>" He sighed again. "<Of course, when she finally did wake up she was far from human. That didn't satisfy anyone but me anyway. So she had no one to talk to but me during her pregnancy. Or when she went into labor and gave birth to Yuki. I even had to stitch her up when she tore. She had some very unladylike things to say that day, you can be sure.>"

He actually smiled a little at this, as though reliving a fond memory.

Damn, I'm invading. "<I didn't know, look I...>" She turned away from the man's face. "<I never meant to displace anyone. I came here because she'd said I was welcome. No one said that I might be-->"

"<Oh, be still,>" Tsubasa gruffed. "<You can't possibly think she and I are a thing. No, no...>" he tutted. "<The reason I bring this up is because I was the only person for her to talk to while she was at her most vulnerable. I learned a lot about her. Enough to have come down here at her request years after she left our village. Some of what I learned is about...>

He looked embarrassed, as though searching for words. "<Well, about her... habits.>"

"<The "I'm gonna strip in the middle of my own bar" habits?>" Shinyai asked.

"<I admit that takes some getting used to. Fortunately I've known Onna for a long time, so I've gotten used to women who defy clothing.>" He chuckled. "<No. I mean... well... A little bit of 'this and that.'">

"<Oh?>" she paused. "<This is where you tell me that perhaps she's not really all that into me. I'm just handy?>"

"<To the contrary. So, tell me. What do you think she's like?>"

"<Addictive. I guess that should actually scare me a little. From her soapbox when I asked for a job. She's exactly the kind of creature I would have been chasing down in protection of some village or was fighting before I fell in that portal that threw me here.>" she slumped a little. "<I know you just want a place for your people, and are willing to be ruthless about it. I can respect that. Then there's Onna, I'm pretty sure outside of the bar we'll be at each other's throats. Saeko has Yuki, and after what just happened. I'm not sure she'd really kill just because she can. I don't know what she meant about being an experiment, but I'd probably hate the people who locked me up and poked at me and bent my arm just to see if I screamed or bit or what. I guess I'm hoping that she realizes not all of the humans will do that. I've had my share of history with humans hating my kind, but even in that fight, there were humans standing at my side. I'd like her to see that. Sorry I'm ranting.>" She stopped and thought a bit. "<I think the one thing that makes me like her more than how good she is at getting me hot and bothered, or satisfying me after that, is how she keeps Yuki.>"

"<Yuki is an anchor for her. She keeps Misogi-sama in check. Or at least, aimed. And that is all to the good. If she had no guiding purpose...>" Tsubasa shook his head. "<The thing is she's had very few in her life she has truly felt safe with. Part of the curse of being a magical girl is a fear that you will never have family, friends... lovers.>"

"<Okay, I can see how that would worry you about her. I could potentially betray her, hurt her. Why does that worry you about me?" Shinyai responded.

"<Because that is not the least bit how she is thinking when she looks at you. And particularly when you look at her.>" Tsubasa sighed. "<She had a lover before. Another woman with the tail of a fox. She was devoted to her. She hung on her every word. The woman that often left Tokyo tormented and twisted, whom no one could tame would melt into a... Well.>" Tsubasa coughed. "<I don't know how you might upset her plans, or change her view. But I do know this. When she toys with you like she did just now, it is for an audience. It is because she wanted to torture the cop. If you and she ever were to... Well...>"

Tsubasa stared down into his empty cup. "<Don't expect her to be the one to push things. You reminder her too much of the only one who ever could make her... obedient.>"

Shinyai looked up to see if Saeko was still behind the bar. With relief she noticed that the object of the discussion was no where to be seen. "<This woman, I know enough about biology to know she's not Yuki's other parent. Who betrayed who?>"

"<Given her lover had been a woman like you?>" Tsubasa shrugged. "<Even I don't know the story of how that happened. I just know that the loss was exactly the sort of thing that dark magical girls fear above all other things.>"

"<I see.>" Shinyai looked at Tsubasa's glass, then snatched it. She stood and remade what he had before. Then came back and sat down. "<Here. Before I go running off and find her. Is there anything else you want to say?>" She said with a mixture of determination and gratitude.

"<Don't set her off.>"

"<I'll try. Don't leave. Either I'll come back down with a bag and in a hurry, I'll finish my shift, or she'll blow the top of the bar. If I'm not down in five minutes after you finish that, then come check on Yuki. If the building still has a roof, then don't open the approach the bedroom and you and Onna are probably on your own for drinks for the night, and Thanks.>" Shinyai headed for the stairs.

Tsubasa snorted. "<Women.>"

Stepping through the door, Onna gave him a dirty look.

"<Yes, I do include you in that.>"

Onna pulled down an eyelid without a sound, and Tsubasa laughed as Shinyai climbed the stairs.

-Mimi shows up at the bar with the badge
-Topless Saeko
-Shinyai comes down for her shift, this is awkward
-Shinyai decides to stop the awkwardness by also becoming topless
-Mimi's pretty happy with this except that she can't be topless with a bum shoulder
-Mimi and Saeko get back to serious miho angst clothes return
-Mimi reaches into that and fixes her shoulder, and leaves
-Saeko might not kill Mimi on sight next time?
-Shinyai asks about Yuuta and offers an opinion
-Tsubasa lectures Shinyai
-Shinyai pretty much explains that she'd like a lot more peaceful world than what she sees coming, and that by rights she'd be running from Saeko, but thinks maybe Saeko could be redeemed (maybe a bit naive, or blinded by bewbs, time will tell)
-Tsubasa vaguely explains Kit
-Shinyai decides to go talk to Saeko, explains that either Saeko will kick her out, kill her, or "that"


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Re: Just Another Day In Prohibition Megatokyo

Hello, Mimi.
Location: A coffee shop, near the bar.
Authors: Skorpy, Darktan.
Characters: Skorpion, Mimi.
Timestamp: After the convoy attack.

Mimi rubbed the bridge of her nose as she pondered her next move. Her talk with Saeko wasn't exactly what she wanted to hear, even if it was mostly what she already knew. The question now was simple: What was she going to do? She grumbled to her self about wanting a clear-cut choice and got up for a coffee refill.

As she returned, Skorpion was sitting in her chair. "Ah, there you are, Officer." He grinned, nudging out a second chair for her. "Do sit down. We have things to discuss."

Mimi nodded and stared at him, waiting for her chair.

Skorpion rolled his eyes, getting up and moving to the new seat, causing a groan of protest as he settled into it. "So. You were there as my convoy was attacked, were you not?"

Mimi sat down and sipped her coffee before answering, "Got the call from the station right after Stone gave me a heads up you were coming through the mall. Also selling counterfeit bags," she took another sip, "Followed one block over. Saw the RPG hit and called it in."

Skorpion nodded, sipping at his own bucket-sized cup of coffee. "Did you see who fired it?"

"Urban fatigues, combat helmet," Mimi replied, "Looked like an Americanized local."

"Interesting..." Skorpion scratched his chin thoughtfully as he sipped at his coffee. "Anyone can buy fatigues, but the helmet implies it was more organised. The same with the reverse-ANFG effect they reported." He looked up at Mimi again. "What happened after that, before the first artillery strike?"

"That ANFG thing affected some of them too. Gave me a tinge of a headache but then I started to feel great. Heard the tower got knocked out," the officer replied, "Tried making my way over to Alexis, didn't know her, heard she was in charge. Got a nice machine gun. Returned fire. Bunch of mechs showed up. Then it was pretty much a blood bath."

Skorpion nodded again, continuing to drain his coffee. "I heard you took out a few snipers, as well. Including the ones who shot you."

Mimi nodded, "Got one with the shotty. Horrible weapons for that application. Should have gotten that AK from ya. The Badger worked much better. How much for one of those?"

Skorpion smiled. "Just keep the one you took. Your work with it saved quite a few of my men, and we were able to use you as an excuse to keep the TPCD off the site until we were done, so they didn't pinch any of my equipment." He paused briefly, to take a long sip from his coffee. "So, what about the TPCD snipers that went after you and Alexis? Didn't know the TPCD went in for teamkilling."

Mimi's expression darkened, "Neither did I," was her cold reply, "Someone must know what I can do. I saw them through the shadows. I didn't kill all of them. One was already dead."

"Once a teamkiller, always a teamkiller." Skorpion nodded sagely. "Bunch of n00bs, if you ask me. Waste of good talent, AND perfectly good ammo." He drained the last of his coffee, before nodding over to the unmarked and somewhat dilapidated door across the street from the coffee shop. "Informing someone of your resignation, were you?"

Mimi grinned and stiffled a chuckle, "Won a bet," she answered somewhat cryptically.

Skorpion nodded sagely, a spoon jumping from the sugar bowl in the center of the table into his hand. "I was wondering where she'd been hiding. Thank you for your time, Officer. Or former Officer, as the case may be." He stood up and bowed before walking off, using the spoon to eat the sugary residue from the bottom of the cup.

"Haven't quit yet," Mimi replied, "'S what I was pondering in here. See ya around."

Skorpion waved, tossing the spoon over to a nearby table, where it stuck. "See you around... Officer. Thank you for the information."

He exited the bar, eyeing the door across the street speculatively. "Interesting choice of venue.."


Mimi is drinking coffee, in a cafe near the bar.
Skorpion steals her seat.
He then proceeds to plug her for information.
And opinions.
He tells her to keep the gun she was handed, by way of payment for help and information.
That's a lot of coffee.
Off to badger Saeko.
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There is a War Comming for Your Mind

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Mimi: Varying Shades of Gray and A Concerning Amount of Red.
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Re: Just Another Day In Prohibition Megatokyo

Aftermath: Into the Grey
Location: Yokota Air Base
Characters: 15th Armored Infantry
Timestamp: One week after SHTF and almost right before Lets Slip the Dogs of War

(Recommended Listening: Vale of Plenty, Hans Zimmer, Black Hawk Down)

"Platoon, as you were..." Major Wylder said as he entered the hangar, the platoon assembled. All were clad in ACUs, save for Hayden who wanted to be different, opting for his Multicam fatigues. "In light of recent events this unit, 15th Armored Infantry will cease to be an active part of 1st Armored Cavalry." That statement elicited murmuring from the members of the platoon, many wondering where they would be sent to or if they would be retained at all.

"We have two platoon related incidents now: Valdez hitting a pickup truck and a slaughter that makes the My Lai massacre look like a school yard brawl. This is what I would call a Grade A, triple distilled fuck-up." he said, pacing before the platoon. "However I would certainly have to say that my time as your platoon leader has been an interesting one. All the good times, the bad times, the ugly times..."

"The ugly times rhyme with 'Iraq.'" Hayden whispered to Pash.

"But all good things must come to an end. So, that said, by day's end 15th AI will cease to be an active unit within the United States Army and begin service elsewhere." Jenks saw a hand shoot up.

"Sir, but you said this unit isn't gonna be Army anymore." Topper observed.

"And it isn't." Jenks replied, facing the platoon. "As I said, this unit will cease to be active within the US Army by day's end and will be transferred over to Special Activities Division."

"Wait, we're gonna be spooks?" Lieutenant Crowley asked.

"Hardly. This unit will be turned into a Special Operation Group. Active yet inactive at the same time. But before that happens we will have to train." he said, pacing before them again. "There will be familiarization with Asymmetrical Warfare, weapons familiarization, and a driving course SO A CERTAIN CORPORAL DOESN'T REPEAT THE BRADLEY INCIDENT!"

"Hey, he hit me!" Valdez shouted. Jenks carried on.

"Of course that is only if you choose to come with. The options as they are:" He paused to hold a finger up. "One, you wake up at the barracks and muster up at admin to take a flight home in a C-17." Another finger came up. "Two, you wake up at the barracks and muster up here for a flight to destination unknown. That option is the most dangerous and would see you as completely deniable, completely expendable assets. The other, well. You'd go home. You'd go home and be sent to another unit. Perhaps your original unit, perhaps not. I don't know. The point is your career may well be over."

"Of course I won't force you to choose. That decision is yours and yours alone." Jenks paused to push his glasses up the bridge of his nose. "So what will it be?" There was silence in the hangar, the men and women of 15th Armored Infantry looking at their platoon leader. After a long silence First Sergeant Khukov stepped forward, pushing past Guerra and La Pointe.

"'...whoever sheds his blood with me today shall be my brother...'" the giant said, quoting Shakespeare. "We have shed plenty together, between Iraq and Afghanistan. There is no brotherhood, no bond stronger than that of soldiers such as us."

"That's one. Anyone else?" Jenks asked. Lieutenant Crowley stepped forward, taking a breath. Sergeant Major Mackall came next, followed by First Sergeant Topper, then Valdez.

The entire platoon had stepped forward, standing united.

"So the decision is made. Very well. Get some rest. Call your families. It may be the last chance you get to talk to them for a long while." he advised.

"Platoon, attention!" Captain Ramirez-Kisaragi called out.

"Dismissed..." Jenks said, soldiers filing out. He made his way to the ad hoc office he had been using in the hangar, taking a seat when his phone rang. "Wylder..."

"Major, this is Rosoft. I need you to bring your lightest online for riot control." the general said, Jenks taking a seat.

"General, the last time we deployed-"

"There was a fuckin' slaughter, I know. That's why I want Chainlink and Sturm."

"I'll get them kickstarted. Out." Jenks said, hanging up then going back out into the hangar. "Sergeant Arcturus, Specialist Pyle, mount up. Iraq load out, LRADs and light weapons only." Hayden looked at Jenks like he had been asked to murder one of his children. Already a support unit was moving in to install the recommended weapons.

"Major, is CP out of it's fucking mind? Sturm is a sniper platform." Sergeant First Class Arcturus said, crewmen already changing out the AP canisters for tear gas rounds and switching out the M-199 Sniper Cannon and M-61A4 Vulcan for a GSR-76 and a GAR-65A4 with under-barrel LRAD emitter.

"Sturm is also lighter than Georgi." the Major replied, signing off on the new ordinance.

"Georgi is a shock weapon. Send him and Khukov out." Jenks looked at Hayden.

"Think about what you just said. Especially the 'shock weapon' part." Hayden thought about it and could only visualize a pile of gristle that was probably an angry mob before it came up against the business end of a GAU-8/B Avenger cannon.

"Okay, point taken... Who's my backup?"

"Specialist Pyle and Chainlink."

"I almost want to ask why not Pash and Barrage but I then start to think of a pile of gristle that was an angry mob until two Vulcan cannons violently rearranged it with a wall of 'fuck you.'" Hayden mused. "So Pyle it is. He taking that turret launcher of his?"

"Yes. We're loading it with Mk 19s and tear gas rounds. That's rearguard only." Jenks replied, the beat of two Chinook Chiefs getting louder outside.

"Alright. I really don't like this. Absolutely positively do not like this. But I'll go with it because as a soldier when push comes to shove, I get shoved." Hayden said, walking to Sturm and climbing up the mecha's left leg.

"Fortunately I'm aware that when you, in particular, get shoved, you knife them back." Jenks said to no one in particular as both Lancers rose and marched outside, guidied to a marshaling area by a ground crewman. The Major watched a pair of Chinook Chiefs pick up both Lancers then turned to go back to his office, finding his way blocked by Captain Ramirez-Kisaragi. "Can I help you, Captain?"

"Actually, yes. There is a matter of a certain sheet of paper that I signed and submitted for review." he said, with a smile.

"Right, your leave request. What about it?"

"Well, we're not Army anymore, right?"

"By all technicalities, yes. Captain, are you serious..."

"All I need is a couple days, sir. Just a couple days." Eikichi said, a twinkle in his eyes. The major took his glasses off and rubbed his temples.

"I'll make some phone calls... But you will be making it to the Black Site under your own power, keep that in mind." he cautioned. Eikichi broke his military bearing and pulled the Major into a very deep embrace.

"I'll call my cousin-in-law. She lives in Omiya-ku in Saitama." he said, letting go of the Major. "I can't thank you enough, sir!"

"You're welcome, Captain..." Jenks said as the Captain practically skipped off. Jenks reset his glasses then started to walk out and away from the hangar, taking his flip phone out and dialing a specific number.


Camp Nerima
Nerima, Tokyo
1622, Local Time...

Lieutenant Kusanagi knocked on Major Watanabe's door, a very thin file in hand.

"<Enter.>" the Major said, Kusanagi entering and holding the file up.

"<This is what the Pentagon gave us.>" Kusanagi set the file on Watanabe's desk, the Major opening it. Several pages were blacked out.

"<Kusanagi, what the hell is this? Is this your idea of a joke?>" Kusanagi held his hands up.

"<I asked them the same thing. They told me to read the entirety of the first page.>" he replied. Watanabe did so, poring it over.

"<West Point graduate, Green Berets, 1st Armored Cavalry... And the rest is blacked out.>" Watanabe stopped to consider all the possibilities. "<We need to watch this man. He may be dangerous.>"

"<Understood. Do you need me for anything else or am I free to go?>"

"<Dismissed, Kusanagi.>" The Lieutenant gave a short bow then left the office. Major Watanabe looked the blacked out parts over again, trying to figure out just what the secret behind all those blacked out bars was. Every possibility gave him a shudder, like a cold tingle running down his spine. Watanabe then remembered the press conference from the traffic incident. Wylder's lack of emotion, his instantaneous rebuttals of the reporters' accusations, the matter-of-fact tone.

This Wylder... He is dangerous...


-15th AI musters up in the hangar.
-The platoon is no longer active in the US Army.
-The platoon is now active in Special Activities Division.
-Decisions, decisions.
-United we stand.
-Is this a tie in?
-Eikichi wants his leave.
-Watanabe receives the Major's file.
-What is Major Wylder?

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