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Just Another Day In Prohibition Megatokyo



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Re: Just Another Day In Prohibition Megatokyo

All OOC Post:

I'm pretty much out of the loop until sometime after the 2 or 3 October. Sorry guys...

I know that kinda tanks Sugimoto's plot for a while, but when I get back I'll get to devote some time to it again.


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Re: Just Another Day In Prohibition Megatokyo

Title: Family Honor
Location: Somewhere off the coast of Japan
Timestamp: A few days after the convoy riot

Yanagimoto was a proud name. It had already been heaped with honor before his great grand-uncle had been borne. Yanagimoto Ryusaku had further glorified the name in the great war that had torn the Pacific apart, and sealing that glory with his choice to sink beneath the waves with the ship he commanded in June of 1942. When Yanagimoto Haruto was old enough to begin thinking about his future, there was never a question. He would go to sea and further honor the Yanagimoto name.

He'd made no bones whatsoever about where his politics lay. Even as a junior officer he'd been unafraid to deride the choice of "Maritime Self Defense Force" as a substitute for the real word for what he was serving in, the Japanese Navy. His contempt for the post war structure of things was no less hidden in terms of Article 9's declaration that Japan could never fight anything but purely defensive actions. As far as he was concerned, Japan was one of the world's most powerful nations, it had a very good navy, and it had not just the right, but the obligation to use it to the best advantage of the people.

The fact that there were powerful elements in the government and the MSDF were made clear to him by his first command. Most new commanders of MSDF ships would get a smaller, older vessel to make mistakes with before being trusted with anything truly significant. The great-grand nephew of Yanagimoto Ryusaku, however, had been given no less an assignment than the namesake of his distinguished relative's last command.

<i>Soryu</i> was considerably smaller than the aircraft carrier that had first borne that name. She was a third the length of that grand machine of war, a sixth the tonage, and didn't carry a single airplane.

Never-the-less, she had firepower that could eclipse anything that her illustrious predecessor could have launched against the American fleet at Midway. Though the nation of Japan had sworn never to develop nuclear weapons of her own, that didn't mean it was incapable of the task, and <i>Soryu</i> had the capability of carrying up to 30 nuclear tipped Harpoon missiles.

Today she bore none of those poisonous unleashers of Hell in her 6 torpedo tubes. What she did have was standard tipped Type 89 torpedoes. These undersea weapons were capable of ripping all but the hardiest of ships in two, and even those that could survive one of them would struggle to survive two. He had one in each of six tubes, ready to be launched at a moment's notice should his orders give him a target.

The orders laying on the desk in his small cabin held just such orders. He tucked the sheet of paper back into the envelope it had emerged from and glanced over at the photo on the bulkhead in its expensive frame and permanently afixed black ribbon. After a moment he scooped up the envelope, locked it back in his safe, and headed for the bridge of Japan's most illustrious submarine.

Deep beneath the Pacific Ocean, entombed within the strange stone city of R'lyeh, lies dormant a being of unimaginable power.
At more shallow depths another power lurks, with orders that don't bode well.


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Status Reports and Aquatic Warfare or Where Did The Crew Go?

DarTan: The Unspeakable Cook.
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Mimi: Varying Shades of Gray and A Concerning Amount of Red.
Ahab: Hail, Huntsmaster.
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Re: Just Another Day In Prohibition Megatokyo

Title: It's A Trap!
Locations: FGTL HQ, CATastrophe Club
Timestamp: around three days after Starting to Worry...
Authors: Skorpion and Oblivion
Characters: Rekko, Johnathan, Lucius, Skorpion.

"<Ah, there she is. I'll just sneak up and surprise her.>" Rekko grinned to himself as he snuck up behind Alexis, bringing his hand back to smack her firmly on the rump.

Johnathan (who had suddenly felt a firm slap across his backside) turned around on reflex and grabbed Rekko's throat firmly. Staring into his eyes with a look that held no remorse. "What kind of attack was that?" He asked as he checked the area that Rekko's hand had struck for explosives.

Rekko's eyes shot wide open, his grin vanishing in an instant. "<Ack! I thought you were Lexi! Sorry!>"

"<Why do you mean to attack my sister?>" Johnathan then asked, loosening, but not releasing his grasp. The look in his eyes suggesting that he was serious.

Rekko struggled, trying to back away from Johhnathan. "<She's my girlfriend, I would never attack her! I was just trying to surprise her...>"

"<So, you were engaging in 'joking around'?>" Johnathan release his grasp upon Rekko's throat. "<Apologies. I am unfamiliar with such customs. I hope I caused you no lasting harm.>" He said as he returned to his usual demeanor.

Rekko bowed politely, rubbing his neck. "<Sorry. You, ah, look somewhat similar to her, so...>"

"<I understand. My sister and I are identical, so it is often that I be mistaken for her. I hope that my outburst can be forgiven.>" Johnathan bowed humbly.

Rekko bowed again. "<Please, forgive me for mistaking the two of you.>"

"<It is no trouble. I am used to being confused for my sister.>" Johnathan stood straight and offered Rekko his hand. "<Shall we move past this misunderstanding?>"

Rekko nodded, accepting the hand and shaking firmly.


"Lexi!" Skorpion reached into his bag, producing a long, thick package. "Here's the barrels you wanted for your cannon." He tossed it to her down the corridor, the bundle moving in a nearly flat trajectory.

Johnathan sidestepped the bundle, catching it as it flew past him. "Would you like me to deliver them to her?" He asked as a small gust from the thrown bundle blew past him.

Skorpion paused, halfway through slinging a box of ammunition. "Wait, what? Deliver them to..." He peered at Johnathan. "Huh. Sorry, mistook you for Lexi. But yeah, if you could drop them off with her, that'd be great."

"As you wish. Is there anything else I am needed for?" Johnathan then asked, as he approached Skorpion to retrieve the ammo box in a more normal manner.

Skorpion thought briefly, before handing him a small tablet. "There is, actually. If you could clear some of these sidequests for me, that'd be helpful."

Johnathan scrolled through the list, before slipping the tablet into his trench coat. "I shall attend to them after my delivery." He bowed before picking up the ammo box and walking away.


Rekko snuck up, leaning down and capturing Alexis' ear in his mouth, nibbling gently while he reached around her.

The hair on Johnathan's neck stood on end as he dashed forward to escape Rekko's grasp, turning swiftly. "What was- oh, Rekko. <Is this another "joking around" thing?>" He asked as he rubbed his ear to get rid of the feeling of it being touched by someone else.

Rekko sighed, mentally cursing his inability to tell the two apart. "<I am sorry. I mistook you again.>"

"<Please refrain from doing so any further. I don't like whatever it was you just did to me.>" Johnathan said, continuing to rub his ear for a few second before pulling a tablet from his trench coat to check his progress.

Rekko sighed again. "<Lexi likes it just fine, but okay...>" He turned and wandered off, grumbling to himself about identical twins.


'Aye, braw wolfy lassie, nice tae see ye again!' Lucius grinned at (not)Alexis from across the room, quickly slipping his way through the crowded floor to approach her. 'How're ye settlin' in tae Largoism?' He leered down at her, reaching an arm around her shoulder as his tail snuck around.

"I am settling fine? Skorpion sent me here on a sidequest. What is it you require?" Johnathan asked, figuring this was just part of what a normal person would consider being friendliness.

Lucius frowned slightly as his tail encountered something unexpected. He patted the chest of the wolf'girl', confirming his suspicions. 'Ye're not 'Lexis, are ye? Brother?'

"Correct." Johnathan confirmed, looking to Lucius with a confused expression. "Is something wrong?"

Lucius shrugged; unexpected, but a wolf boy was fine too. 'Aye, 's fine. Howsabout we go somewhere semi-private, an'...' Lucius looked up as something swished past his ear, catching the eye of a blue-haired girl across the room. 'Ah, nevermind. I'm bein' summoned. Tell ye sister I said hi, would ye?' Lucius patted John on the backside before disengaging from him, and making his way off through the crowd.


Rekko spotted a distinctive pair of ears as he walked towards the lift to the flight deck, and diverted to follow them. On closing with them, he reached out, turning (he hoped) Alexis around by her shoulder and moving in to kiss her. After making contact, he blinked and pulled away. "<Dammit, AGAIN?>"

"<Why?>" Johnathan asked as he wiped his mouth with his sleeve. "<Are we that hard to tell apart? And that was my first kiss I'll have you know!>" He said, actually sounding angry this time.

"<Yes, yes you are. One of you really should get a haircut or some hair dye or something.>" Rekko rolled his eyes. "<And it was only a matter of time before that Victoria girl that's always sniffing around after you took it anyway...>"

"<What do you mean by that?>" Johnathan asked, sounding genuinely curious. "<There is no way she would think of me like that. We've been allies since childhood, and she's like family to me.>"

Rekko sighed. Kids these days.. "<She follows you around everywhere. She doesn't date anyone else. She keeps pestering Lexi about you. She swoons when you so much as look her way. But you don't notice, even with that catsuit she wears that hides practically nothing.>"

Johnathan looked to the floor with his wars folded back; now that it had been pointed out, it did seem off. "<Are you sure that isn't just how she acts?>" He asked without looking up. "<I mean, aren't I too... Girlish?>"

Rekko shook his head. "<I'm sure. You're used to her, but as an outsider, I can see it plain as day. Otherwise, it's not so much you acting girly as Lexi acting all tomboyish to give you a skewed baseline. Just ask her on a date sometime. Go see a movie, take her out to dinner, then sit and watch the sunset over the bay.>"

"<What do I do if I make a mistake?>" Johnathan asked as he returned to looking Rekko in the eyes (though with much less confidence than before).

"<It depends on the mistake, but an apology will generally suffice. Make it up to her, as well. Also, show up to the date with something she'll like. Flowers are traditional, but she doesn't seem the flowers type of girl. Ask Lexi, maybe. Anyway. The trick is to make them not seem like mistakes. Like a cat falling off a fence; you meant to do that. Wing it, run with it.>"

"<I'll... Try.>" Johnathan said nervously. "<Should I try now, or wait?>"

Rekko considered that option briefly. "<Sure. No time like the present. She's probably lurking around here somewhere.>" He paused as his phone chirped from his pocket. "<And I'm due out on patrol. You go ask her, let me know how it goes, okay?>"

"<I'll do what I can.>" Johnathan said in a calm tone that did well to hide his inner panic. "<Stay safe.>" He said with a wave.

Rekko chuckled. "<You haven't seen Jack's flying. You too. Just make sure you give her something nice when you pick her up, okay?>"

"<I think I know something she would enjoy.>" Johnathan said as he cupped his chin with his thumb and pointer finger to think.

Rekko waved as he trotted off to the flight deck, his phone buzzing insistently.


"Lexi!" Skorpion called out as he spied a set of ears across the cafeteria. As he neared, he realized he'd confused the two. Again. "Okay, John. You'll do too. How're the sidequests coming along? Got my package from Lola?"

"<I am on the last three.>" Johnathan reached into his trench coat and pulled out a small bag, before pulling a large box from the small bag. "Is this it?"

Skorpion nodded, reaching out to take the box. "Indeed it is, thank you. How'd the rest go? You found that guy yet?"

"The one who signed my tibia, or the one on the list?" Johnathan asked in an attempted joke as he returned the small bag to his coat.

Skorpion rolled his eyes. "The one on the list. I'm pretty sure I know where the first guy is, and I'm going to have him blown up as soon as he steps out of that nuclear bunker he's hiding in."

"One off of my personal list I would suppose. The man whose death you have tasked me with is dead, and the body has been disposed as instructed. No deviations, no witnesses." Johnathan said, speaking as though it were part of a normal routine.

Skorpion nodded. "Good. Another mob boss out of town, and his funding to the electoral campaigns should have been stopped. I'll check up on that later, though..." He paused thoughtfully, looking up to the ceiling. "You think it'd be worth getting hold of Devin to sort that out?"

"Knowing him, he's probably using electoral funding to finance his personal projects, so it may serve as an easier means to find out." Johnathan suggested as he checked the tablet he had been given.

Skorpion nodded. "Seems about right. Reminds me of someone I used to know, just spread over less states by now." He sighed wistfully. "Ah, good times. At least until the FBI caught up. Then it was just kinda brutal." He waved a hand dismissively. "Water under the bridge, though I'm impressed that they managed to get a woodchipper approved for use on an aircraft."

"I doubt the FBI could catch up to Devin... He asks that you stop hacking him by the way." Johnathan stood from his table. "I suppose I should complete my remaining objectives, unless you have updates for me?"

Skorpion shook his head. "Well, he's not wandering around the continental US, hacking government buildings by patching into their hardlines. Wireless access has made everything laughably insecure. And, of course, the fact that he's telling me to stop only means I should do it more. And no."

"Very well, then I shall take my leave." Johnathan turned and walked out of the room to finish the last objectives on his list.

Skorpion waved, and turned back to the small jet engine he was assembling, and the lunch he was inhaling at the sane time.


Rekko checked carefully before approaching; he was positive he'd actually found Alexis this time. He reached out and tapped her on the shoulder; romantic gestures were going to have to take a back seat until he learned to tell the two apart.

Alexis turned to face Rekko, instantly putting on her Johnathan impression that she had disguised herself for. "<Oh, Rekko. Good to meet you again.>" She said, her voice indistinguishable from Johnathan's.

Rekko sighed, sagging a little. "<Again? I swear, you're everywhere today...>"

"<The more places I can be seemingly at once, the harder it is to be tracked.>" Alexis explained. "<Do you require my assistance?>"

Rekko rolled his eyes. "<I was looking for Lexi, actually. Have you...>" He trailed off, peering closely. "<Wait a minute. You ARE Lexi, aren't you?>"

Alexis giggled. "<Got'cha!>" Her tail swayed as her voice returned to normal. "<The look on your face was totally worth strapping down my chest again!>"

Rekko rolled his eyes again, before kissing her. "<That does it. I'm getting you something so I can tell you apart from your brother easier.>"

Alexis returned the kiss. "<Oh, and what will that be?>" She asked as her tail contently swayed.

Rekko thought briefly, nodding to himself. "<For one thing, maybe a hair clip, or some nice-smelling shampoo. Otherwise, maybe a haircut? You've come here to make a new start, so why not a new look?>"

"<I was actually thinking of growing my hair out a bit more, unless you'd prefer it short.>" Alexis said as she fidgeted with her hair. "<Either way is fine by me, as long as you don't wind up making out with my brother by accedent.>" She said jokingly with a laugh.

Rekko blushed slightly. "<That's what I'm hoping to avoid, in fact. Longer hair would be nice, though, but maybe a little styling first...>" He trailed off, a grin spreading over his face as a plan formed. "<I know just the guy for that, actually. Strange guy, fruity as a cake, but he'll love you. Works wonders on hair. I just hope he'll deal with me, what with being a factionist now and all.>"

"<Styling, huh? Never thought of that; it sounds nice though.>" Alexis said with a smile. "<And if he doesn't like you for being a factionist; I don't think he'd like me either.>"

Rekko shrugged. "<He never liked factionists or the factions much. I haven't seen him since I left the force, though; he was ex-wife's hairdresser mostly. Mine just needs a buzzcut every so often to fit the helmets, and anyone can do that, so I just never bothered with the memories the place might have dragged up. Or dealing with the gossiping hens that are his regulars.>"

"<If you don't like it there, I could always call Arella.>" Alexis offered, for she would much rather avoid seeing Rekko uncomfortable. "<Magical girls are probably natural hairstylists.>"

Rekko chuckled softly. "<I daresay Arella'd take you to him anyway. He always had a thing for blondes, so he'd probably have killed to get his hands on her. Otherwise, I'm sure the magical girls at the Academy will know someone. Maybe you can get information out of those two that hang around here occasionally?>"

"<Kawasaki, and Yakashima? I'm sure they'd help out if they could. They're nice pups.>" Alexis said with a smile. "<Either way, I think I may check out a stylist, and you'd better notice too!>" She said, feigning a stern voice and poking his chest, before giggling.

Rekko nodded, saluting sharply. "Yes'm. <I will indeed. Just make sure they watch those ears of yours.>" He reached up, softly stroking the ears in question. "<Won't do to have them trimmed off. Even if they will grow back now.>"

"<I'm planning to die of old age with all of my original body parts.>" Alexis said, as she leaned her head towards his hand while he stroked her ears.

Rekko chuckled softly as he continued petting her ears. "<Even though you've gained an extra one. But that's not a bad plan, y'know? Maybe one I'd like to be part of, if jumping out of helicopters into combat zones doesn't get me first.>"

"<How about a promise? If we don't wind up getting ourselves killed, we gotta grow old together!>" Alexis offered while blushing deeply.

Rekko grinned, leaning in to nudge his forehead against hers. "<You're on. If Largoism doesn't get us first, we'll stay together.>"

Alexis offered a pinky and gave him a kiss. "<This means you gotta try extra hard not to get shot!>"

Rekko nodded, curling his finger around hers as he returned the kiss. "<Already am. I even started wearing my armour properly and everything.>"

Alexis smiled. "<It's a deal!>" She said happily as her tail wagged cheerfully, and her ears perked.


Rekko spots Alexis and decides to give her a playful spank.
Only it's not Alexis it's Johnathan, who confuses it for an attack and grabs him by the neck.
Rekko explains and Johnathan proceeds to let him go.

Skorpion hands Lexi some new cannon barrels.
Only it's Johnathan.
Mind delivering these heavy objects anyway?
Oh, and have some sidequests while you're at it.

Rekko sneaks up on Alexis, for surprise ear nibbles.
Only that's not Lexi.
Stop that. Really.

Lucius spots a familiar pair of wolf ears while out on the town.
And goes in for the grope.
Wait, that's not Alexis.
A wolfboy is fine too.
Unfortunately (or fortunately), he is summoned by Kat before he makes with the molestation.

Rekko spots Alexis, and goes for a surprise kiss!
Only it's not Alexis.
Seeing a pattern here?
He just took John's first kiss. Oops.
And then proceeds to explain that Victoria is following John about because she likes him.
No, really. Get it through your thick skull and ask her out already.
Make sure you pick her up with a gift.

Skorpion calls Alexis over.
No, that's not her.
John will do fine.
How's the list of fetch quests and murders going?
Ooh, a package.
Devin wants Skorp to stop trying to hack him.
Skorpion refuses on principle.
Back to lunch and engineering.

Rekko gets John again.
No, actually, this is just Alexis doing an impersonation.
Damn twins!
Rekko proposes Lexi get her hair styled, and grow it out.
And a promise to stay together, if Largoism doesn't get them first.
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Re: Just Another Day In Prohibition Megatokyo

Bunny on the Warpath!
Location: The ORAZ Cathedral.
Authors: Skorpy, DT.
Characters: DarkTan, Lola.
Timestamp: After the closure of the Cathedral and associated properties.

Lola stretched, eyeing herself in the mirror. Platform boots, fishnet tights, tight short shorts, a light jacket, and not a lot else. She grinned, and headed down to the CATastrophe club.

A short walk later, she was confronted with a sign reading 'CLOSED - AUTHORISED ACCESS ONLY'. A peek through the restricted door gave her a view of a club empty apart from a few regulars, outnumbered by the dancers, bouncers, and bar staff. A check of the cameras on her phone showed her a line outside, blocked off by a closed door. It also showed a rampaging fursuit lurking outside a security booth, but she ignored that. Her club was CLOSED?!? Nobody had told her about this.

She stomped into DarkTan's office, kicking the door open without bothering to work the handle. A quick hop got her onto the desk, where she slid to a halt on the scattered paperwork. "DARKTAN CANTO, WHAT THE HELL IS GOING ON?" She yelled at the desk's occupant, leaning down to look him in eye eye. "Apparently, my club is CLOSED. I can't make money with a closed club, you idiot! I have overheads! Staff to pay! How the hell am I going to do that without any CUSTOMERS?"

DarkTan pointed to a video screen showing the protest outside the parking lot, which was now gathering police officers, no doubt to protect the "peaceful" protesters. "That's what's going on, well part of it," DarkTan explained the to irate bunny. "We have half a dozen under cover cops thrown out of your club too. Another five in the catacombs. Over three dozen attempts to hack in to our system and there is a UAV circling us."

Lola glared at him. "At least let my regulars in! I need to make SOME money. Also, at least one of those undercover cops was feeding us information on the TPCD. Also also..." She stomped on the desk, causing the remote control to bounce up (among with making other things bounce), and caught it to change channels to a different screen, showing the UAV above it. As it orbited, another UAV slid in behind it before blowing it out the sky with gunfire.

"They'll just put up another one, and probably arm it," DarkTan said as he oogled the bouncy, "And as for the cop, Mimi was friendly with us too, and she got shot for it. And your regulars do have acc- You have been giving out the key cards right?" He arched an eyebrow.

Lola shook her head, ears swishing side to side above it. "Nope. Printer keeps breaking down, the readers keep breaking, and the system's never been the same since you spilled hellfire chilli on the keyboard." She paused, leaning back down to him, her jacket swinging open. "FIX IT!"

DarkTan openly oogled, momentarily hypnotized by the view, "Right, more chilli. Er...boobies...readers! I'll fix the readers," He stammered and stuttered.

Lola grinned, leaning down a little further, shifting her weight from side to side, wiggling her hips as she did so as her tail wiggled mischievously. "<Also, find my regulars from the crowd and have them ushered in the side entrance. I know which ones are good.>"

DarkTan nodded slowly, eyes following that which was swaying in front of him.

Lola's grin widened, watching DarkTan's eyes following her. "Also, free dances and 'no rules' night, because it's regulars-only."

"Wait, wait, wait," DarkTan was broken from his reverie, "Tonight? Can we move that to tomorrow night? Got a cooking show tonight."

Lola shook her head. "Maybe extend it if the lockdown has to continue. We've gotta get tips out of them SOMEHOW, and they can only drink so much." She paused, head canting slightly. "Wait. You already get free dances!"

DarkTan looked like the damphir with his hand in something significantly more adult orientated than a cookie jar, "Busted," he chuckled, "Deal. And I'll get the card machines sorted out today." He looked up and leaned back in his chair, "Any other concerns?"

"Sorted out NOW." Lola corrected, tapping her foot impatiently. "Also, security needs a brush-up. Some kid with a terrible fake ID and a London accent managed to get hold of one of your keycards, and snuck into the club from the Cathedral."

DarkTan frowned, "Stone should he heading up all access from inside the Cathedral. I'll see what's going on there. And a London accent?" DarkTan looked at her like it was the more preposterous things he had ever heard, "Was he lost?"

Lola shook her head. "Looked like he was exactly where he wanted to be. At least, until I had him thrown out. Looked kinda familiar, though. Like he should have had kitty ears or something."

"Kitty ears?" DarkTan looked thoughtful, then waved a hand as if dismissing his thoughts, "I'll get a nerd on the card and I'll get Stone on security's back. And Kat can go sort out the regulars and boot out anyone that doesn't beling. She's been dying to try out a new combat style she picked up."

Lola nodded. "Tell her not to abuse the casuals too much. Unless they like it. And tell her to quit molesting my dancers backstage, as well." With that, she turned on her heel; bending slightly to wiggle her tail at DarkTan before hopping off the desk. "Baibaii~"

DarkTan grinned as he watched her go before starting to stand up, "Ow!" He stopped suddenly and looked down, "No, you're gonna have to wait. We have work to do," he adjusted his pants, stood up, and exited the office.

Lola giggled as she headed down the corridor, pausing to call back over her shoulder. "Come find me after closing time~"

"Oh, you bet I will," DarkTan grinned before setting off to take care of business.


Club's closed.
Lola is PISSED.
She takes matters up with DarkTan, by way of standin on his desk.
And shouting.
She proceeds to tease DarkTan to get her way.
Regulars only?
Free dances and no rules night!
Someone's managed to sneak into the club.
Katrina's dispatched to sort the regulars.
Some more teasing.
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Re: Just Another Day In Prohibition Megatokyo

Title: Who's Afraid of The Big Bad Wolf?
Location: A street, a store, an alley, a sushi bar, and ice cream stand, and a park.
Authors: Skorpion and Oblivion.
Timestamp: A few days before "It's A Trap!"

Johnathan had been walking along a shopping street wearing a black trenchcoat that did not conceal his tail. It did, however, contain his swords which he had stored in weaponspace, as well as the armor he was wearing under it. He was not there to shop, so much as to watch people interact with one another.

In his observation period of five hours he had come to one conclusion; people were strange creatures. He saw a girl and boy who appeared to be within their late teens, sitting on a bench and holding hand though neither was guiding the other to any specific location, they talked and laughed over menial observations, and kept kissing for some reason.

Johnathan sighed as he took to observing others, only to find nothing the past five hours hadn't provided. Some children laughed and skipped out of stores, with new possessions in hand, others cried and pointed back to the stores as they left empty-handed, whilst a few left as they came, with nothing but a smile. Men in suits continued to walk hastily toward whatever destination they had in mind, business talking over the phone as they did. Teenage boys oogled at teenage girls, who either took it in stride, hrumf-ed and walked away, or called out 'hentai baka' and threw a heavy object that they had seemingly acquired from nowhere.

His observation of passersby continued for another half hour before he heard a woman scream. "<Stop! Thief!>" Not a minute later and a man with a purse in hand was sprinting at Johnathan.

Just as the thief was running past him Johnathan outstretched his arm and caught him in a closeline, rendering the thief unconscious before he even hit the ground. When the thief didn't get back up, Johnathan retrieved the purse and walked in the direction the thief was running from.

It wasn't long before a woman ran up to him. "<Did you see a man with a purse run though here?>" the woman asked in a panic.

<"I took care of it.>" Johnathan responded plainly before offering the woman her bag.

"<Thank you!>" The woman said as she reached for the bag, hesitating when she saw Johnathan's ears, though she was quick to shake it off before retrieving her bag. "<Sorry.>"

"<No need to apologize. My kind are not looked upon kindly as of late.>" Johnathan stated factually as he looked the woman in the eyes, without contempt or anger.

"<No, I do need to apologize! It's wrong to be afraid of someone just because they're different, and I should know better!>" The woman bowed her head to Johnathan. "<I'm sorry!>"

"<I assure you, it is no trouble.>" Johnathan said as he watched the confusing woman.

"<You gotta let me make it up to you!>" The woman said before her phone beeped, which caused her to hastily check it. "<Oh no! I'm gonna be late!>" The woman said as she began to run off. "<Thanks again!>" She called out as she ran in a panic.

Johnathan shrugged before continuing to observe the people along the street with half-interest. He continued walking down the street, when an ostrich burst through the glass of a small shop with a bag of money around it's neck and began running at him. As the ostrich thrust it's head forward to peck him, he grabbed it by the throat and flipped the giant bird onto it's back, maintaining his graps until it lost consciousness. "Strange." He said as a luchadore yelled something about disgrace in Spanish before riding away on the back of another ostrich.

Johnathan removed the bag from the ostrich's neck and returned it to the shop owner from which it was stolen.

"<Come to taunt me now?!>" Yelled the old man behind the counter before realizing that it was not a luchadore with his money, but a wolfboy. "<How did you get that?>" He then asked with a raised eyebrow as he took the bag and checked to make sure the returned amount was correct.

"<I took care of it.>" Johnathan responded plainly as he began to pick up items that had been scattered to the floor, and place them where the belonged.

"<Hey, wait! You don't need to do that!>" The old man said with a hand outstretched to Johnathan. "<I can't let you clean my store right after you returned my stolen money!>" The man left his counter to assist in picking up the mess.

"<I have no plans.>" Johnathan replied as he continued to clean, making it clear that there was no room for argument.

"<Kids.>" The old man said with a good natured laugh.

An hour had passed and anything that the two could fix or clean had been tidied up.

Outside, a magical girl sped past on a bicycle, waving an axe and screaming at the top of her voice about love and justice and dying nobly in battle, chasing a stray ostrich with a fox clinging to it for dear life. The two zoomed back and forth a few times, with no difference in the screaming other than pauses for breath. On the fourth pass, the fox managed to steer the ostrich into an oncoming bus, sending it sprawling long enough for the magical girl on the bike to stop and scream at it directly, the ostrich's feathers rippling. As the ostrich got up and tried to peck at her, the magical girl inhaled deeply, holding her breath momentarily before letting out an ear-splitting yell that sent the ostrich tumbling head over feet into the store it had robbed earlier.

Johnathan looked to the bird with an expression that only a highly experienced killer could manage. "I just cleaned that." He said in a voice that invoked instinctive fear into the bird. He drew his blades from his coat and crossed them against the base of it's head. "You will help clean this, or I will kill you."

The fox detached from the ostrich to scamper behind a shelf as Johnathan approached. This was followed by a flash of light, and a teenage girl in sparkly hotpants, thigh-high socks, and an elaborate ruffled jacket walked out. "<Dude, it's an ostrich. It can't even hold a broom. No hands, see?>"

The bell above the door jingled as the other magical girl walked in, blonde hair flowing in a non-existent wind. She paused as she saw Johnathan threatening the ostrich, arm raised in greeting. "Hail, fellow vigilante!" She paused, regarding the scene, before frowning. "<That is like, TOTALLY my kill! I totally chased it down and everything! No fair!>"

Johnathan looked to the duo, the look of death lining for a brief moment before his expression returned to it's usual lack of emotion. "<If it's your kill, then kill it.>" He said as he moved the blades away, only to replace them with a boot. "<Your foe is helpless, how will you strike?>"

The blonde magical girl looked to the ostrich, to John, then to her friend. "<This is, like, totally one of those moral dilemma things.> Y'ken?"

The girl with the hotpants nodded. "Aye. <This is exactly what Lucius-sensei was talking about the other day. Killing is bad, but it's a damn ostrich. It's not sentient or anything, and you know it'll go back to breaking things, clawing, and pecking once it's up again.>"

The blonde considered her options, hefting her axe. "<I hear there's good eating on an ostrich, though... And those tail feathers would look GREAT on a hat...>"

The other girl; a petite brunette, sighed. "<You can't just kill it because you want to eat it.>"

The blonde shook her head. "Naw. <The dogboy, like, totally questioned my honor. I either have to kill it, him, or myself, and I'm not meant to kill people. And if I killed myself, I wouldn't get to Valhalla with a glorious death in battle...>"

The brunette sighed again, rubbing her temples with her fingertips. "<If you must...>"

The blonde nodded enthusiastically. "<I TOTALLY do.>" She grinned at Johnathan, before kneeling down and swinging for the ostrich's neck.

"<But you're cleaning the mess.>" Johnathan informed as the axe was brought down.

The axe stopped abruptly in mid-air. "<I'm WHAT?!?>" The girl looked up at John, fire in her eyes. "<I am NOT. I think you'll find I'm above such tasks as cleaning blood from floors.>" She let out a 'hmph' and turned away.

The brunette rolled her eyes. "No y'aint. <You scrub and wash the floors with the rest of us after classes. And Lucius-sensei hit you with lightning last time you tried to claim that. How about we compromise? Drag it outside and murder it, then you clean up anything that splatters in here?>"

The blonde considered the offer briefly, before seizing the ostrich by the neck and wrestling the bird outside, squawking, flailing. and flapping vestigial wings. Once they were outside, there was a mighty crack of thunder as the axe fell down, and a colorful spray of red splattered nearby parked cars and the shop's window.

"<Now that that is dealt with, the two of you can help clean this broken glass.>" Johnathan said plainly as he watched the blood splatter with no remorse, his swords still in hand.

The brunette nodded, producing a broom from out of nowhere and starting to sweep up. The blonde, meanwhile, looked mournfully at the dead ostrich, and wandered off into a back room to locate a mop. "<Make sure nobody steals that thing. I killed it, I get to eat it!>"

Johnathan nodded and returned his swords to his coat. "<I am to assume that the two of you are from CMGY Academy?>" Johnathan said as he retrieved the broom he had used to clean the previous mess from behind the counter.

"<Kids these days... Always making expensive messes.>" Said the shop owner who sat in a chair to rest his legs.

The brunette nodded as she swept the glass into a pile. "Aye, that we are. <We're taking patrol routes as homework, and we've been chasing that guy with the birds all day.>"

The blonde emerged triumphantly from the cupboard, brandishing the mop like a spear as she headed outside to wipe the blood from the windows.

"<I see. I am Johnathan Edward Havloc, son of Tiffaney Sharyman Jawoh. If I am correct, she is an instructor at your school.>" Johnathan said as an introduction while sweeping glass and feathers into a dustpan.

The brunette thought briefly, before nodding. "Aye, I know Tiff-Sensei." She bowed politely, bringing her feet together neatly as she did so. "<I am Suzuki Ayano, and over there is Haruka Miyu. Pleased to meet you, Havloc-san.>"

"<Likewise.>" Johnathan responded, with a bow of his own. "<Would you happen to know Devin Greyson as well?>" He then asked, curious to know how much of his family these girls were familiar with.

The brunette (Now positively identified as Suzuki-san), scratched her head thoughtfully. "<Catboy, hangs out with that creepy girl, talks to Kawasaki and Yakashima? I haven't met him yet, but I think he's in non-magical self-defense on tuesday...>" She grinned as an idea came over her. "<Got anything we can tease him with?>"

"<Why would you wish to antagonize my brother?>" Johnathan asked with genuine curiosity. "<I suppose hacking his computer system would peeve him, though he'd probably run everything you own that's online in anyway into the ground, so to speak.>" He placed a hand on his chin as he thought.

Ayano shrugged. "<Because teasing people is fun. I'm no good at computers, though. And certainly not as good as he is; Lucius-sensei keeps calling him out of class to fix the network.>" She shrugged again, returning her attention to sweeping.

"<I see.>" Johnathan thought as he swept up another pile of dust, glass, and feathers. "<He doesn't like most people touching his ears, and dislikes country music.>"

Ayano nodded, before sneezing from the swirling dust. There was a brief wide-eyed pause before she vanished; the broom clattering to the ground next to a pile of clothing with a fox in the middle.

Johnathan looked to the fox with a confused expression before looking at his right hand and flexing his thumb. "Still opposable." He noted to himself. "<What happened?>" He asked Miyu, now that he had confirmed he too, wasn't an animal... Or at least completely an animal... He's still a wolfboy alright, jeeze!

Miyu rolled her eyes. "<Her magic is, like, totally unstable. She, like turns totally into a fox, and it's totally at, like the worst moments.>" She wandered over, reaching down to scoop up the fallen clothing. "<Not usually this bad, though. She, like, normally keeps her clothes, y'know?>" She reached out absently to pet the fox, gaining a snap of teeth and a growl. "<If you could, like, turn around, that'd be great, yeah?>"

"<There is a large window that's open for passersby to see through. Take her to the bathroom.>" Johnathan advised as he swept up the last pile of broken glass. "<The glass is cleared.>" He said to the shop owner.

"<Thank you for your help you three, insurance will take care of the rest.>" The shopkeep said with a smile.

The girl (and fox) nodded, heading to the back room briefly, before returning with Ayano adjusting her jacket and frowning. "<I hate it when that happens. SO embarrassing.>"

"<Welcome back.>" Johnathan said, turning away from the shopkeep. "<I would prefer embarrassment to combustion.>" He said, thinking back on all the times he caught fire due to prolonged combat.

The girls nodded, looking around the store, Miyu taking particular interest in a display of gundam kits.

Johnathan looked to the display that had captured the girl's attention. "<I take it you are fond of machines?>"

She nodded as she peered at the display, before picking up a kit and examining the back of the package with interest. "<Yes... My brother got me into these things when I was younger, but I have WAY more of them than he does, now.>"

Ayano snorted. "<Mostly because he got into that weird western wargame.>" She raised her axe ceilingwards. "BLOOD FOR THE BLOOD GOD! ONWARDS! FOR THE EMPEROR!"

Miyu winced, holding her hands over her ears. "<Indoor Voice, Ayano!>"

Johnathan looked to the viking esque magical girl curiously for a moment. "<Devin enjoys machines as well. If you ask him, he may construct something for you.>" He said as he returned his attention to Miyu.

Miyu nodded. "<Interesting... Maybe I should talk to him, then. Maybe he'll even let me touch his kitty ears? They look so soft...>"

Ayano rolled her eyes. "<You just like catboys. I remember you nearly got caught fondling Lucius sensei's tail one time.>"

Miyu blushed, fox ears springing from her head. "<I was NOT! I was merely adjusting it so nobody would step on it while he was sleeping!>"

"<Regarldess, I cannot tell you whether or not he will allow you to pet him.>" Johnathan informed. "<Though expressing an interest in machinery may reflect positively upon him.>"

Miyu nodded, still blushing. "<So, maybe if I make him a really nice gadget, he'll let me pet him?>"

Ayano sighed. "<We have to get back on patrol, Miyu. C'mon.>"

"<Mayhaps I should join you for a time. Watching normal people has long since grown stale.>" Johnathan offered while spending a moment to look outside.

The girls looked at each other, then ducked behind a shelf for a brief whispered conversation.

"<He's kinda cute, and he's armed, but he's one of those Largoists we were warned about.>"

"<Yeah, but he seems nice.>"

"<How's he gonna keep up? He can't fly!>"

"<Neither can you.>"

"Touche. <We should bring him, then.>"

"<Alrighty. Maybe he'll let me pet his ears...>"

"<And you say I'm bad about catboys.>"

The girls popped up from behind the shelves, wearing near-identical grins. "<You can come, if you can keep up with us.>"

"<Very well, take the lead.>" Johnathan said as he stepped out of the store. "<I am quite eager to see how capable my mother's students are in combat.>"

The girls nodded, fist-bumping each other before jogging out the store and back to the bike.

Johnathan followed behind the two, raising an eyebrow at the bicycle, before dismissing any questions. "<Where are we heading?>"

Ayano consulted a sheet of paper produced from a pocket, before pointing in a seemingly random direction. "<Thataway. We're, like, totally on patrol, so we have to hit up a specific route to, like watch for criminals and stuff.>"

Miyu nodded. "<Totally. It's, like, totally bodacious if we catch any of them, too. We totally get, like, extra marks on the homework for it.>"

Ayano nodded enthusiastically, before pausing and glaring at Miyu. "<Are you making fun again?>"

Miyu shook her head, looking surprisingly innocent.

"<I am to assume they are to be captured alive? For some reason people here appear to be uneasy with simply killing their marks.>" Johnathan said, while pondering why people didn't seem to accept murder as easily as him.

Miyu frowned. "<Lucius-sensei says killing people is bad, especially when you have the choice not to. Also, we're magical girls. We fight for Love and Justice, not death and killing and woe!>" She produced a staff from nowhere, twirling it above her head before setting one end in the ground. "<That, and Lucius-sensei says that killing people means people are more likely to try and kill us. And that we should leave the killing to people like the Largoists.>"

"<I have been trained to kill since I was younger than you. It is what I am good at, but if you wish for me to stay my blade from claiming lives on this venture, tell me now...>" Johnathan asked in a voice that was void of emotion. "<Also, please tell me. What is 'love'? I've heard the word, but I can't understand it.>" He asked, sounding sincere as he asked.

Ayano frowned slightly. "<In that case, no killing. Unless it's, like, the only way to save us, or yourself, or innocents. Because self-defense is okay.>" She paused. "<And no blowing things up, either!>" She pointed a finger at John, wagging it at him. "<We know what you Largoists are like. Always with the bombs and the gunfire and the driving through walls.>"

"<I have forsaken firearms in favor of melee weapons, and I shall abide by your request. I still don't know what this 'love' thing is.>" Johnathan said, still sounding completely serious.

Ayano gave Miyu a sidelong glance. "<He wants to know what love is.>"

Miyu smirked, looking back at her. "<He wants us to show him, I think.>"

The girls sniggered briefly, before collapsing into fits of giggles.

"<What is it that you find humorous? >" Johnathan asked, feeling like he missed one of those 'joke' things.

The girls managed to pull themselves together long enough to pull out their phones, tapping away briefly until Miyu held hers up to John, showing him a music video. [forum witchcraft] https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=raNGeq3_DtM [/forum witchcraft]

"<I don't understand.>" Johnathan asked, it didn't seem to make much sense to him.

The girls sighed, rolling their eyes in unison.

"<What?>" Johnathan asked before giving up. "<If you don't wish to tell me, then we may as well get started with this patrol.>"

Miyu sighed again, attempting to explain as she bobbed a foot off the ground, Ayano unshackling her bike from a nearby lamppost. "I canne jus' explain tha', y'ken? <It's complicated. And involves feelings and people and stuff. And I get the feeling you're not too good at people and feelings, are you?>" She peered closely at John, leaning in for a better look at him. "<It's written all over your aura. 'Not good at people'.>"

"<I always assumed that my aura told stories of death, murder, and being augmented on a table since the age of four.>" Johnathan said with a shrug. "<Are you ready.>"

"<Auras show who you are, not your tragic backstory. Although it does say there is one.>" Miyu shrugged as Ayano tucked the multitude of cable locks into her pocketspace and mounted up. "<But yeah. Ready. Hopefully, it'll be quiet and we can grab some lunch at a cafe or something.>"

"<I wouldn't call it tragic, things like that simply happen.>" Johnathan said as though his situation was entirely normal. "<On your lead.>"

"<Not to most people, they don't.>" Miyu shrugged, and started to head off on their designated patrol route while Ayano built up speed, Johnathan following on foot, close behind her.

After a while, they'd dealt with a hit and run, stopped a mugging, and prevented the installation of an ANFG. Ayano stood up on the pedals of her bike as they approached a nest of dark alleys, peering into the shadows. After a few seconds, she grinned wildly, drawing her axe and pedaling swiftly off into an alleyway. "<SURPRISE ATTACK!>"

Miyu sighed. "<Johnathan, you back her up; make sure she doesn't get surrounded and dragged down. I'll go around the back to flank them and provide covering fire.>"

"<Understood.>" Johnathan drew his swords and followed after Ayano.

Ayano charged into the middle of the mob of pro-humans, scattering them in a bow wave. After impacting, she slid to a halt in the center of the group. A quick backflip separated her from the bike, and she brought her axe down onto the head of the nearest thug, somehow bludgeoning him with it rather than slicing him in two. The mob closed around her as she ducked a kanabo swung overhead.

Johnathan was quick to catch up, cutting down a few thugs that were in his way in a non - lethal manner. "<You should avoid charging into large groups. Numbers are a factor in any battle.>"

Ayano smacked a thug in the face with her axe, sending him into a perfect backflip. "<Yes, but a true warrior doesn't skulk around chipping away at the edges of her enemy. You must charge in where they are weakest, strike hard, and strike fast!>" She reached behind to parry a spiked chain, tugging on it to slam the wielder into a dumpster. "<And besides. I have backup, and you're here to help out as well.>"

"<None of that matters if you die.>" Johnathan placed his blades into his coat for a moment before drawing them back out with the scabbards locked over the blades. He then dashed between two thugs, breaking their knees caps as he passed.

Ayano frowned, swinging the thug-on-a-chain the other way to clobber another thug. "<Then I shall die gloriously in battle, as befits a true warrior!>"

"<Save the die on the field bravado for when you don't have people who want you to come back.>" Johnathan jabbed a thug in the sternum with his left sword, causing a loud cracking noise. He then sidestepped a pipe before bringing his right scabbard up to break the attacker's jaw. "<And not all deaths in battle are glorious, or befit a true warrior.>"

Ayano turned to regard John, swinging her thug-flail skywards before releasing it. "<Have you no sense of honor? Valhalla awaits all who die in battle, as said by Odin, god of war!>"

"<I fight to live, not to die. Whether by blade, hammer, or gun, I refuse to fall until those whom I have made my targets each die, by my blade, Alexis' guns, or Skorpion's army. As long as their lives are cut short, I will be satisfied.>" Johnathan said; his intent clear in his tone as he broke a thugs arm, kicking him into another before turning around and bringing his sword down on the shoulder of another, dislocating it instantly.

Ayano nodded, shifting to kick a thug in the groin before turning and kicking him in the face as he doubled over. A thug charging from the side was picked off by a bolt of energy from above just before he could swing, and Ayano stepped on him as she moved to suplex the first thug, now clutching at his groin in agony. "<A different kind of honor, I suppose.>" She grunted as she landed, the thug hitting the ground with a solid thud. "<Besides. While dying in battle is glorious, I am not honor-bound to actually do so. Merely, I am to put my own safety aside in the service of others.>" Around them, Miyu picked off the last few thugs as they turned to flee, with magic-infused arrows.

Johnathan returned his swords to his coat. "<As long as you do not seek out death. It would be a waste for one of your potential to die at such a young age.>" He said in an attempt at kindness.

Ayano nodded. "<I cannot protect others if I am not around, after all. Death should not be sought; merely accepted should it be inevitable.>"

"<I agree, though for the sake of your friend, avoid being quite as reckless.>" Johnathan advised.

Ayano nodded, shaking her axe off before stashing it in weaponspace. "<Perhaps. She does, however, seem to excel at keeping enemies off my back.>"

From above, Miyu waved, before dumping the bound form of the thugs' lookout from the rooftop. "<That's all of them~>"

"<Do we wait for law enforcement, call them and leave, or does Lucius have a procedure?>" Johnathan asked as a thug who grabbed his leg was swiftly met with a boot to the head, knocking the poor sod unconcious.

Ayano thought briefly, before pulling out an exercise book from pocket space and thumbing through it. "<Ah, here we are. Apparently, calling them and leaving is the done thing, or just wait for the sirens. 'Largoist forces can substitute for law enforcement on occasion as well.', however.>" She looked up, peering at Johnathan. "<Do you count as 'Largoist Forces'? I mean, there's only one of you, and you're on foot...>"

"<I've fought better trained in larger numbers. I will remain here and ensure none leave this alley until allied support arrives to detain them. Should you ever require my support, call headquarters and request me, I shall arrive shortly thereafter if available.>" Johnathan pulled out his phone to call Mary, awaiting a response from the girls before dialing the number.

Ayano pouted. "<You're not gonna join us for lunch? We were gonna find this totally awesome sushi bar...>"

Johnathan looked to her, and for some reason felt an obligation to make to pouting cease. "<If it will end the pouting, I will attend. However we must ensure these people are detained first.>"

Ayano bounced happily before wrapping Johnathan in a brief but tight hug. "Yaaaay!~"

Behind her, Miyu dropped down from the rooftop, bouncing from fire escape to windowsill to air conditioning unit before touching down on the floor lightly, phone pressed to her ear. "<Yes, I'd like to report a crime in progress. There's this bunch of pro-human thugs in an alleyway... No, they're alive. No, I didn't do it myself! No, I won't make a witness statement... Yes, okay.>" She hung up with a distinct 'hmph', and turned her attention to Ayano and John. "<So, are you joining us for lunch?>"

"<Yes. Who did you call?>" Johnathan asked as he kicked a hand away from his boot.

"<Police hotline. Who else? Largoists would just turn them over to the police after shooting a few anyway, and the TPCD would call our parents.>" Miyu grumbled at the audacity of the latter, as Ayano led the way out of the alleyway, a spring in her step as she pushed her bike along, paying no mind to the thugs she was treading on, and gaining the occasional groan of pain as her high-heeled boots came down on somewhere painful.

"<It will suffice. Where do you intend to eat?>" Johnathan followed after her, avoiding stepping on bodies as he did.

Miyu followed the two, stepping neatly between the fallen thugs, other than a quick but vicious stomp on a hand reaching for her leg. "<Sushi bar near the docks. It's really close to where the boats come in, so the fish is always super fresh.>"

"<It sounds suitable enough. Care to take the lead once more?>" Johnathan said as he checked his wallet. "<I suppose I can pay for your meals as well. Though if you two eat anything like my sister this will be the last time.>"

The girls looked to each other, grins spreading over their faces.


After a short trip, they arrived at a small sushi bar, the girls still looking at each other and giggling every so often.

Ayano looked up at the sign and grinned, before heading to a "<We're here!~ Miyu, go grab us a spot at the counter while I lock my bike up, K?>"

Miyu nodded, heading for the door as Ayano started attaching locks and shackles to fasten her bike to a nearby railing.

"<Your giggling leads me to believe you are planning something.>" Johnathan stated as he waited for Ayano by the door.

Miyu smiled innocently up at Johnathan. "<Of course not. Why would you think we'd do anything like that?>"

"<Because you are behaving as my sister would, and I feel this is a bad sign.>" Johnathan informed as he looked down to the girl with a skeptical expression.

Dammit. He's a smart one. And I can't just distract him like Ayano does; I don't have the boobs for that. Miyu sighed softly; feigned innocence was obviously not going to cut it. She tried pouting a little, batting her eyelashes.

"<You two eat a copious amount of food don't you? >" Johnathan then asked, for he cared more about the truth than a pouty face.

"<Mayyyybe...>" Miyu pouted more, contemplating turning on the wibbles if the pouting didn't help.

"<Why must every female I know eat a small village's worth of food?>" Johnathan asked, more to himself than anyone.

"<Because you, like, hang with magical girls and Largoists?>" Ayano chimed in from behind him.

"<I suppose I'm drawn to chaos.>" Johnathan said with a sigh. "<Let's go in.>"

Miyu smiled brightly, any semblance of pouting or wibbling vanishing instantly as she headed in, claiming a space at the counter. Ayano followed her in, taking a nearby seat and waving Johnathan in to take the seat between them.

Johnathan let out another sigh, before claiming the offered seat. "<I do not know what is good here, so would one of you mind ordering something cheap for me?>"

Miyu grinned, pointing to the conveyor belt in front of them, and the tablet in front of each seat. "<It's conveyor belt sushi, so you can try small portions of stuff.>"

Ayano nodded, already tapping away at her tablet, ordering various dishes.

"<I see...>" Johnathan looked at the tablet, before ordering the cheapest selection on the menu.

Miyu smiled brightly, before setting about ordering a modest selection of dishes; she had to watch her figure, after all, unlike the bottomless pit that was Ayano.

Ayano, for her part, finally finished her selection, and set to watching the belt like a hawk.

Johnathan looked to Ayano's tablet to see the extensive assortment of food that she had ordered. "<Are you sure you haven't come into contact with Skorpion's nanites?>"

Ayano looked at him, puzzlement written over her face. "<His WHAT? Like, what are you implying? Is that, like, a crack about my weight?>"

"<No, I am simply stating that if you can actually eat all of what you just ordered, you could potentially eat a small village into bankruptcy.>" Johnathan clarified. "<My sister eats the same way, so I thought it was for similar circumstances.>"

Ayano shrugged. "<I have a big appetite, okay? My mother says I have hollow legs, and Tiff-sensei says that the magic runs off my metabolism. Like, whatever THAT means...>" She perked up as the first of the dishes made their way along the conveyor, watching them like a hawk.

"<So your situation is similar to my sister's.>" Johnathan said as he glanced towards the approaching food. "<It means that your magic is fueled by what you consume. >"

Ayano nodded, eagerly siezing the first of her dishes and digging in with a very un-ladylike manner. "<Something like that, yeah...>"

Miyu giggled softly, eating somewhat more daintily than her friend. "<Of course, biking everywhere at speed probably helps. Didn't you get banned from the track team for beating all the boys?>"

Ayano swallowed, before pouting. "<I kicked their asses fair and square! Not my fault they're a bunch of pasty layabouts who wouldn't know a good workout if it hit them in the face!>"

Johnathan simply nodded and set about eating his meal (which was comparatively small to both of the girls') at a slow and steady pace.

After a while, Ayano was surrounded by empty plates, patting her stomach gently as she eyed the icecream stand across the street.

Miyu, for her part, was finishing off the last of her meal, savouring it carefully.

Johnathan had finished eating and had begun paying for the meals. "<Well, that delayed me from purchasing a vehicle for a while.>"

The girls looked at each other, then at John. "<Aren't you, like, a Largoist? You should totally borrow one of theirs.>"

Miyu nodded. "<Tiff-sensei does it all the time, and Lucius-sensei did it that time the bus broke down on the way to an archery contest.>"

"<There are times when it could benefit me to not appear as a Largoist. Certain jobs require an approach more subtle than an armored SUV plowing through a wall.>" Johnathan said with a sigh.

"<True, Largoists don't do subtle. But, I suppose, if they did subtle they wouldn't really be Largoists, would they?>" Miyu mused as she got up from the table, stretching.

"<They'd totally be Mihoists. Sneaky and subtle and, like, TOTALLY creepy.>"

"<Getting to an objective that doesn't require you to kill everyone undetected has proven useful to me on several occasions.>" Johnathan explained.

"<How un-Largoist of you. Do you at least blow things up after you leave?>" Miyu queried, a hint of amusement in her voice.

"<Not all the time. I'm sorry if you find me to be a boring Largoist.>" Johnathan said apologetically, bowing his head slightly.

Ayano giggled. "<You're, like, way better than most of them already. You speak Japanese, you're totally polite, and you're not super loud like most of them.>" She stood up on the footrest of her stool, reaching over to pet Johnathan's ears. "<And these are kinda cute too.>"

Johnathan tilted his head in the direction of Ayano with all of the mannerisms of a well trained dog. "<I thank you for your complements.>"

Ayano continued to pet his ears, grinning to herself as Miyu tried not to giggle too much. "<Let's go for icecream; Ayano needs her sugar, after all. We'll treat you, since you paid for lunch.>" Remarked Miyu.

"<There's no need for that. I shall pay for my own.>" Johnathan said, to try to prevent them from spending money on him.

"<Don't worry about it.>" Miyu reassured him. "<Icecream won't stretch us too much. And besides...>" She winked conspiratorially. "<Ayano took down a parking meter before we bumped into you. Turns out, if you smack enough thugs with them, they break open like a donkey.>"

"<You two are more like my sister than I originally thought.>" Johnathan said with what could have been a chuckle. "<Very well, I shall follow.>"

Miyu lead the way to the door, turning back as she opened it. "<Ayano, let go of his ears. Walking now, petting later, okay?>"

Ayano pouted, but hopped off her stool to skip over to Miyu.

Johnathan finished paying for the meals before following after Ayano.

Miyu led the way across the street, using the crossing like a normal person rather than just flying or traffic-hopping. Once on the other side, she scampered over to the icecream stand to start choosing her order.

Johnathan exited the store to see the crosswalk light had turned red, so instead of waiting he merely jumped over the street to join Miyu.

Miyu finally decided on a (very) large chocolate icecream with strawberry sauce and lots of sprinkles. "<Impressive. I wouldn't have bothered stopping traffic if I'd known you could do THAT.>"

Ayano was next in line, ordering a stack of various flavors, virtually coated in chocolate sauce.

Johnathan order a small vanilla ice cream in a cone. "<Where should we sit?>" He asked before taking a lick from his ice cream.

Miyu pointed with her spoon to a small park down the street. "Mmmph." She said around a mouthful of icecream, a little sauce dribbling from the corner of her mouth. "Mmph mm nng."

Ayano nodded sagely. "<Mmmph it is, then. I think she means, like, 'find some benches or a nice patch of grass', though.>"

"<Sounds good to me.>" Johnathan nodded, before heading in the direction the Miyu had pointed.

Miyu and Ayano followed, icecreams steadily decreasing in size as they walked. After a short while, they reached the small park in question, where the afternoon sunlight was falling on a patch of grass bordered by trees and benches. One corner was taken up by an older couple practicing martial arts slowly, but the rest was empty.

Johnathan picked a tree with adequate shade and sat down to continue eating his ice cream. "<Do both of you have familiars?>" He asked in an attempt at small talk.

The girls settled next to him, Ayano leaning back against the tree as Miyu settled down cross-legged. "<Ayano does.>" Prompted Miyu; pointing with her spoon. "<But apparently only she can hear or see it.>"

Ayano nodded, blushing slightly as she swallowed a mouthful of icecream. "<They thought I was crazy for the longest time. Even I did; I just ignored it until it's warnings started coming true.>" She pointed to a patch of grass next to Miyu, which was pressed down by apparently nothing. "<It's over there, by the way; lazing in the sunshine.>"

Johnathan looked to the patch of depressed grass for a moment. "<I see. It is good that you came to realize what it really was.>"

Ayano nodded again, reaching out to pet the invisible creature. "<Yup. I just wish other people could see it, so I could be more sure of it. As it is, an invisible purple imp is just sort of embarrassing to tell people about...>" She trailed off, looking to the patch of grass, then blushed furiously. "<No! I do NOT.>" She sighed, turning her head away from the creature. "<Rude little thing sometimes.>"

"<What did it say?>" Johnathan asked before biting into the cone of his ice cream.

Ayano flushed again, looking down at her icecream. "<Not something I want to repeat.>"

Miyu giggled. "<Giving you advice on boys again, is it?>" She flicked sauce from her spoon at the patch of grass, where it stuck to something but quickly faded from view. "<Like streaming on a bad signal; same thing over and over again.>"

"<I don't understand.>" Johnathan said, before finishing the rest of his cone. "<What is wrong with advice?>"

Ayano sighed, still blushing slightly. "<Advice is welcome when it's GOOD advice, and given politely. It's advice is neither.>"

"<What kind of advice does it give?>" Johnathan then asked out of curiosity.

Ayano blushed again; her icecream seemed to be very interesting. "<I'm not going to repeat it. It's suggesting things that are just not proper to do with someone I've only just met.>" She glared at the patch of grass, which had shifted position slightly. "<I have woodworking class tomorrow, and it'd be a shame if you accidentally got knocked into a band-saw.>"

"<If you do not wish to repeat it I understand; I will simply do without knowing.>" Johnathan said before laying back into the ground to stare at the sky, with a view that was partially blocked by the tree.

As the girls finished their icecreams, they reverted to their normal selves with a brief flash of white light, auras dying down to leave them in casual clothing that let them laze in the sun without crumpling frills or trim.


After a while, Ayano started to snore softly, having dozed off in the warm sunlight. Miyu giggled quietly, producing a marker and grinning wickedly. "<Want to help doodle on her?>"

"<Why would you draw on the sleeping body of your friend?>" Johnathan asked, for he for one would not like people drawing on him as he slept.

"<Because it's funny to watch people not notice they have stuff drawn on them?>" Offered Miyu, uncapping the marker and drawing a mustache on Ayano.

"<Oh, I see.>" Johnathan gave a nod as he watched Miyu draw on her friend. "<But I would still rather not.>"

Miyu shrugged, adding a goatee and a pirate eye-patch before capping the marker again.

"<Classy.>" Johnathan commented with a sigh. "<Will it at least wash off?>"

Miyu nodded. "<After a while. I'm not a complete sadist.>"

"<That is good to know.>" Johnathan looked to the sky to find the position of the sun. "<Should you two be heading home soon?>"

Miyu looked up, then checked her phone. "<Damn, you're right. We have the rest of our homework to do. Ayano!>" She nudged her friend roughly, who gave a very unladylike snort and rolled over. Another nudge and some shaking, and Ayano roused, slightly.

"<Whaat?>" She grumbled, blinking.

"<We're late.>" Miyu pointed out, showing her the time on her phone.

Ayano yawned, straightening up. "A wizard is never late. He arrives precisely when he is meant to. <Or at least that's what Lucius-sensei says.>"

Miyu sighed. "<We have English homework to do, and some for Science.>"

Ayano groaned; she hated homework that didn't involve cracking heads. "<I bet Thor never had to deal with homework.>"

Miyu rolled her eyes. "<No, and Loki outsmarted him all the time because of it. Now come on, we don't want to be late for dinner.>"

The mention of food perked Ayano up considerably. "<Good point. It's curry night, as well.>"

Miyu chuckled softly, standing up and stretching. "<Plus, we need to get ahead on homework before the sleepover at the weekend. Remember?>"

Ayano nodded, standing up slowly as she regained her bearings. "<Damn, I still need to get my sleeping bag washed. We'd better go, then.>" She turned to Johnathan, reaching down to pat his head gently. "<Bai bai, Johnathan-san. Hopefully we'll meet again sometime.>"

"<If you ever need me, try calling HQ.>" Johnathan said before waving. "<Watch for ambushes.>"

Ayano nodded again. "<We always do. That's why we keep the secret identity thing going, after all.>"

Miyu reached in to pat Johnathan as well, bowing politely. "Oyasumi, Johnathan--san. <You watch for ambushes as well; there's a lot of hate for factionists lately.>"

"<I thank you for your concern.>" Johnathan stood to bow back to the girls. "<Fair well.>"

The girls waved, before heading off to collect Ayano's bike and make their way home.

Johnathan watched the girls leave, before sitting down against the tree to let the rest of the evening pass by quietly.



Johnathan has been watching 'normal' people for five hours.
People are weird.
Casual crime stopping!
Johnathan returns the stolen purse.
Guess not every non-meta is raciest.
The lady is late and runs off hastily.
Ostriches, and luchadores!
Surprisingly uneventful.
Johnathan returns stolen money to the store owner.
A misunderstanding, followed by cleaning.
So much for clean.
Two magical girls arrive on the scene! With another ostrich!
Johnathan provides death threats to a rude ostrich.
Something called a "moral dilemma."
Johnathan was going to let the viking magical girl kill the ostrich, but she'd need to clean the mess.
Compromises, and she kills it outside.
Cleaning broken glass over small talk and introductions.
A sneeze turns Miyu into a fox.
Don't worry Johnathan, you're still humanoid.

In the event that you ever find yourself involuntarily shapeshifted into a fox or any other animal for a short period of time, make sure you are in a secluded area when you change back, so that you may clothe yourself without worry of prying eyes. This has been a Public Service Announcement brought to you by Oblivion.

Moar small talk!
Why does every teenage girl in MegaTokyo wanna pet Devin's ears?
(Because they look so soft and fluffy, that's why!)
Johnathan wishes to join the girls on their patrol.
He's cute, so he can come. Maybe he'll let Ayano pet his ears.
No killing, got it.
Johnathan doesn't understand the concept of love.
Turns out that Johnathan can keep up with a magical girl on a bicycle while on foot.
Because it's more surprising if you shout it.
Death is to be accepted, not sought out.
Johnathan doesn't like when the enemy touches him.

Lucius-sensei says to leave them for the police or Largoist forces.
Is Johnathan 'Largoist Forces'?
Nah, there's only one of him.
Miyu phones the police. They're suspicious.
No it wasn't me!
How about lunch?

Conveyor belt sushi~
Johnathan is wise to feigned innocence.
Some vulnerability to pouting, though.
Ayano takes offense to a remark about her eating habits.
Hollow legs. Magic runs off the metabolism. Teenage hormones.
Either way, that's a lot of sushi.

Ayano eats Johnathan's savings. Whoops.
Just, like, borrow a vehicle from the Largoists.
Subtlety is un-Largoist anyway!
Ayano pets the doge ears. Fuzzy!
Dessert time. ICECREAM.

On the girls, this time.
They took out a parking meter for lunch money.
And smacked some guys with it until it broke open.
Johnathan dispenses with the green cross code, and just leaps over the street.

Icecream GET. Off to the park.
So, you have familiars?
Miyu does not.
Ayano has an invisible purple imp, only visible and audible to her.
No, really, it's sitting over there.
She's not insane! They checked!
It does, however, give some very blunt and forward advice about boys. Bad imp!
A brief lesson in advice-giving for John.

Lazing in the sun!
A nap for Ayano.
Miyu doodles on her.
Oh crap, it's getting late.
And they have HOMEWORK.
And have to get ahead of it before a sleepover.
Goodbye ear-pets, and the girls acquire him as a contact in the FGTL.
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Re: Just Another Day In Prohibition Megatokyo


Authors: Skorpy, Elle
Characters: Lucius, Arella/Raven
Location: the CMGY Academy
Timestamp: after 'OTP Reunited'

Lucius was jerked out of his mid-afternoon nap by the phone on his desk ringing. He sat up, shifting his legs off the desk and reaching for the phone.

On finding that said phone wasn't there, he stood up to look for it, before falling down, legs tangled by the cable wrapped around his ankles and tail. As he reached down to answer it, it stopped ringing. He sighed, and set about untangling his ankles. Halfway through, it rang again, and he was able to answer it without too much issue. 'Aye? What, now? Tell her tae wait, y'ken? Argh. <Sorry, receptionist-san. Tell visitor-chan to wait, okay? I'll be out in a little bit. No, I wasn't na... Fine, I was, but that doesn't... You're not helping!>' He growled, hanging up the phone and extracting his ankles from the cabling before standing up. A quick check in the mirror over the sink to make sure his hair and ears were in order, and he padded to the door, phone still trailing from his tail.


"I'm never going to get used to you speaking Japanese," the (totally) ex-magical girl waiting for him commented rather cheekily. Arella was back at the academy, this time dressed in a cute but casual little and blue jeans, along with an adorable pair of she hadn't been able to resist (even if they didn't really match).

Lucius shrugged. 'I had tae learn, an' I've been picking it up from the girls as I go. How're ye doing?'

"A bit bored," Arella admitted. "That teaching position still open?"

Lucius grinned, stepping forward to hug her tightly. 'Aye, it is. Be good tae have ye on board.'

This time, she managed to return to the hug with less of a delay; she was slowly beginning to get used to them again. "So, what am I teaching?" she asked upon release, before rather teasingly adding, "Non-Scottish English?"

Lucius rolled his eyes. 'Maybe. History, magical combat, an' practical magic fer starters, though.' His tail twitched, attempting to surrepititously shake the phone cabling off, while Arella pretended not to notice and tried very hard to keep from laughing. 'Plus any clubs ye feel like.'

"Oooooh, what sorta clubs do you have?" the ex-magical girl-but-soon-to-be-teacher asked, her interest piqued.

Lucius chuckled softly. 'So far, we have the usual kendo an' track clubs. There's a literary appreciation club, but tha's a fair wee one. Computer science is a bit less so, mind. There's archery, marksmanship fer the girls wi' magical firearms, a club that doesnae do much except cause trouble wi' the other clubs an' drink tea, an' calligraphy.' He paused, scratching his chin thoughtfully, gaining the usual rasping noise. 'Oh, an' there's the cookery club and riddle club as well. An' a club fer recreating medieval siege weaponry, fer some reason.' He shrugged. 'Nae idea why, but I help them out wi' the carpentry an' help them get hold of supplies. Oh, an' cheerleading, but tha's more part of the sports teams.'

Looking both thoughtful and excited, Arella contemplated her options (with frequent reminders that no, she couldn't help out with all of them). "Well, I could definitely help out with archery and riddles," she finally decided. "Do the cheerleaders have a coach already?" this was asked with a bit of concern, as cheerleading could be dangerous, and definitely required a proper coach.

Lucius shook his head. 'Nae, they've been taking it in turns so far. Shiori tried tae, but she couldnae keep up wi' that much genki energy, even wi' her nanites.'

This, of course, earned a look of alarm - it was a miracle no one had been seriously injured yet! "I'd better take the cheerleading team too, then," she admitted - not that she minded, she'd loved her days as a cheerleader back in high school.

Lucius nodded. 'Then welcome aboard, lass. Think ye can take the deputy head position, tae? Things are getting a wee bit hectic between running the school an' keeping the students in line.'

Arella blinked, looking a bit surprised and perhaps the tiniest bit alarmed... only to take to the idea surprisingly quickly. "Deputy Headmistress?" she reiterated, to make sure she hadn't misunderstood. "Like McGonagall?" Something in her voice seemed to hint at an urge to giggle at the thought of playing Professor McGonagall at a school for magical girls - it was all terribly Harry Potter, and she kinda loved it.

Lucius nodded. 'Less o' the transforming into a cat, though. I can borrow a cane from Kat if ye want it, though. Nae much of a mistress wi'out a cane or a riding crop.' He grinned impetuously, continuing on before the joke could register. 'When can ye start, lass?'

"Um... any time?" was her rather uncertain response - she hadn't given that much thought, after all, but it wasn't like she was terribly busy apart from her superheroing.

Lucius' grin widened. 'Ah, good. I'll find ye an office an' get the paperwork signed. We can introduce ye tae the students tomorrow, an...' He ducked as a javelin shot overhead at speed, sticking in the wall opposite the window. 'An' have a word with the siege weapon club about aiming.' He sighed, tugging the offending projectile from the wall in a shower of plaster dust.

"So when are my classes? And the clubs?" Arella (quite reasonably) wanted to know. "Is there a dress code for teachers?"

'Tomorrow, I'll get ye a schedule. Clubs are after school; we can go introduce ye now if ye want. An' aye, there is somewhere. Smart casual, whatever tha' means.' He shrugged; he'd been wearing pretty much the same as he ever did for the teaching, just slightly smarter and not shredded and sewn back together. 'School starts at 8:45 sharp, ye should probably be here fer eight tae help corrall the students.'

"Okay," she agreed, rather cheerfully (she was already looking forward to the new adventure this would no doubt prove to be). "Any idea which clubs are meeting today?" Namely meaning which (if any) of her clubs were meeting, of course, so she could meet them.

'Aside from the siege weaponry? The troublemakers, whose official name I cannae pronounce, the literary club, computer science, track teams, an' cheerleaders.' An arrow sailed through the broken window, thudding into the wall next to the hole the javelin had left. 'An' the archery club too.'

And Arella immediately spied the problem. "Oh, but... how can I cover both cheerleading and archery if they're at the same time?" she asked, sounding rather disappointed - the cheerleaders would need help the most, so she would have to choose them if it came down to it, but she'd really liked the idea of helping the archery club (especially knowing that she had inspired its creation).

'Ye can probably mess wi' their schedules. Otherwise, ye're the magical girl around here. Use yer super-speed tae manage both at once, maybe move them closer together?' Lucius shrugged. 'Either way, we should probably head out afore we get a cheerleader through the window or something.'

Looking more than a little alarmed by this suggestion (even if he had meant it as a joke), the totally-ex-magical girl was the first out the door.

'Tha's the spirit, lass!' Lucius commented, heading over to the window to knock the last of the glass out before vaulting out. He knew from experience that he couldn't match Arella's speed on the ground, so cheating it was.

On landing gently, he headed to the nearest door to catch Arella on her way out, steering her to the field where the various ranged weaponry clubs had set up. '<Which bright spark decided to aim at the building?>'

The siege weapon crew huddled in confusion, milling around the ballista they had set up on the cricket square.


"<What's he saying?>"

"<We've been rumbled!>"

Lucius walked up, the weapon lifting up and slowly rotating in mid-air until it was pointed out over the fields, away from the building and the other clubs. He handed the projectile to the nearest magical girl, and frowned at her. '<Don't do it again. Windows are expensive. If you break any more, they come out of your budget.> Capiche?'

The magical girl nodded, eyes wide in surprise as Lucius walked off.

"<He can't really mean that, can he?>"

"<I think he did!>"

"<Maybe we SHOULD be more careful...>"

"<Stop talking nonsense.>"

Lucius carried on, snatching an arrow from the air as it sailed overhead from the archery club. '<And you lot! You're just as bad! I set up your butts in the right direction, USE THEM!>'

"<You certainly won't be able to stop the bad guys if you're shooting arrows behind you,>" Arella both kindly and teasingly pointed out. "<Victory via laughter never actually works, in my experience.>" This was followed by a knowing wink.

Lucius nodded to back her up, the magical girls (and a rare magical boy) stopping to gawk in astonishment at Arella.

"<Is that...>"

"<It can't be!>"

"<I heard she was dead?>"

"<She's RIGHT THERE, you know.>"

Lucius sighed; gossip everywhere. But Arella went ahead and cut right through it with a movie reference and the sort of cheerful volume only magical girls seemed capable of.

"I got better," she quoted with a grin, terrible accent and all.

Lucius facepalmed.

There was a wave of awe from the students; apparently their media studies classes WEREN'T totally irrelevant.

"I didn't vote for you."

"He's not the Messiah, he's just a very naughty boy!"

"Do we need to watch out for giant feet?"

"It was only a flesh wound?"

"Bah weep grahnah weep nini bom?"

"<Wrong movie, you idiot.>"

And now Arella was giggling, downright delighted with the group so far. "<So, how would you like some help with your archery?>" she finally asked.

"<Battered and deep fried, with a side of chips?>"

"<Yes please!>"

"<Does this mean we have to stop aiming at the cheerleaders?>"

"<Yes, you absolutely have to stop aiming at the cheerleaders,>" the ex-magical girl but new teacher informed in her stern magical girl voice.

The students nodded, pouting. A few attempted to wibble, even in the face of the legendary Magical Cute, but Arella just gave them a Look, and they promptly stopped.

"<Why don't you show me what you can do?>" she finally suggested.

The students nodded, turning to start loosing arrows at their archery butts. Most of them managed to hit the target, a few even managing to get within the rings. One or two arrows went astray, a pair of glasses were fired off by a stray bowstring, but the arrows at least went forwards.

"<Not bad!>" Arella assured them all, smiling and just generally looking all around pleased. "<Now, why don't you all take your stances again, but don't loose your arrows - I'll come around and give each of you some pointers.>"

The girls nodded, chorusing 'Haai~' as they started to arrange themselves again, drawing bows after the pair of glasses was retrieved.

As schoolgirl archery went, it wasn't terrible, but their stances were mostly sloppy or just plain not right, some bows weren't fully drawn, and a few were pointed almost skywards - but Arella just patiently went from student to student, correcting their stances and giving tips to help them aim as though she'd been doing it all her life. Finally, once everyone had been properly corrected, the totally-ex-magical girl (no, really!) gave the order. "<Fire!>"

The girls loosed their arrows in a volley, most of them getting somewhat near the target this time. This was met with cries of joy and accomplishment. After the shock died down, one of the girls raised a hand questioningly. "Ano... Arella-sensei? <Isn't it supposed to be 'loose' rather than 'fire'?>"

"<Yes,>" Arella-sensei (now that was going to take some getting used to) acknowledged. "<But it just doesn't feel right saying 'loose', without predeeding it with 'nock' and 'draw'. Good catch, though!>" she praised, before grinning and prompty ordering, "<Now, nock!>"

"Haihai~" The girls drew arrows from where they were jammed into the ground next to them, putting them to the string. A few arrows even swirled with magic as they were drawn out.

"<Draw!>" Arella commanded, feeling a bit giddy; she almost felt like she was in Westeros or something, maybe commanding the battle for the Wall.

The girls nodded, drawing almost in unison and raising their bows, as a faint crackle of magic filled the field.

"<Loose!>" The new teacher ordered, dangerously close to giggling over her giddiness now.

"HAI!" The girls loosed their arrows, filling the air with metal for a brief moment. Swiftly afterwards, the targets were saturated with arrows. Behind them, perfect silhouettes of the butts were picked out in stray arrows, aside from the holes where magically-charged arrows had shot clean through and out the other side.

Arella, meanwhile, succumbed to the need to giggle, though she still managed to get some praise out in the midst of it all. "<Well done!>"

The girls beamed with pride, lowering their bows to bounce excitedly, cheering enthusiastically.

Lucius looked up from where he'd been taking cover behind a storage shed. 'Impressive, lass. Ye got them all tae go in the same direction fer a change.'

And now it was Arella's turn to beam. "<I think we should have everyone hitting the bullseye by the end of the month,>" she declared, loud enough for the girls (and boy) to hear, to let them know she had faith in them.

Lucius cocked his ears questioningly. 'That'll be the day. Maybe I'll grow another tail by then, as well...' He sighed softly, shaking his head. Ever the idealist, that girl. '<Alright, then. Maybe we can have a little contest with the siege engine club then? Maybe a shootout of some kind?>'

"<What do you think?>" Arella-sensei asked, turning to the teens with a confident grin.

The girls (and boy) cheered loudly, raising their fists skywards. "Fight-o! Fight-o! Fight-o!"

"<Good idea,>" she finally told Lucius as she turned back to him, still with that same grin.

Lucius grinned back. '<You're on, then~>'

Lucius reached up as he turned around, catching another ballista bolt as it flew past his head. 'Oh fer... <STOP AIMING AT ME! AIM AT THE TARGET!>'

Arella finally succumbed to a gigglefit, and her archery club was quick to follow, thanks to the infectious nature of magical girl gigglefits - at least her club was already aiming at the targets!

Lucius sighed. 'I'll sort tha' out later. Let's go check on the cheerleaders, see if they haven't managed tae break their necks yet.'

Immediately sobering at the thought, Arella was quick to inform, "That really isn't funny, you know." Cheerleading was more dangerous than most people gave it credit for, after all, and broken necks were entirely possible - along with broken just-about-anything-else.

Lucius nodded. 'I wasnae joking, lass. Why d'ye think I want ye tae supervise them?' He set off across the field to the running track, which was set up around the short painted runway on the playing fields. 'They're nae allowed tae do the flips an' throws an' stuff without a coach, but they still end up wi' dislocated limbs an'...'

He was cut off by the bell sounding from behind them, and he breathed a sigh of relief. 'Another day with no hospital trips. I think I can chalk that up as a success, aye?'

"Definitely," Arella agreed. "We're also definitely going to have to figure out a new day for cheerleading practice, though - I think that's going to require my full attention."

Lucius nodded. 'Aye. I'll take a look at the rotas; having more staff should help wi' timings a fair bit.' He grinned, reaching over and tugging Arella into a brief hug. 'I have tae help clear up. Nice tae have ye back, though. See ye monday?'

"See you Monday," she agreed with a smile.

-Arella shows up at the CMGY Academy to see Lucius. About the job she was offered.
-A tour!
-She's going to take on magical combat, non-scottish English, history, and practical magic.
-As well as being deputy headmistress. (Riding crop optional.)
-Oh, look. Magical girls with an archery club. And a siege weapon club.
-Fierce rivals! So, a bet is made between Arella and Lucius.
-A contest! Whichever club wins, wins the bet.
-Archery versus medieval siege weaponry. Hope the track team isn't practicing that day.
-Arella agrees to sort out the cheerleaders, but then the bell rings.
-She starts monday!


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Re: Just Another Day In Prohibition Megatokyo

Combat Efficiency for Apartments, or Bathtime.
Location: Arella's apartment.
Characters: Kor, Skorp, Arella.
Authors: Skorpy, DT, Elle.
Timestamp: After the 'Bitches Love Gadgets'.

"Strange... She usually picks up after a few tries." Skorpion mused, before calling Arella again, to leave another 'answer your damn phone' message on her voicemail. After finding it full, he frowned. "And that just ain't right. Usually takes more messages than that. Where the hell is she... Aha! Gotta love the cell system." He grinned, heading up to the garage level to pick a ride.


Meanwhile, across town on a bus, Kor was busily hammering Arella's number into a burner phone and tracking it with the unholy conglomeration of cannibalised cellphones he kept on him. "Hasn't moved in a while now, still no answer," he muttered to himself before tossing the burner out the window and pulling the alert for the next stop. He would switch buses and head to the last known coordinates.


Skorpion pulled into the middle of the block, The Beast riding easily over kerbs, street furniture, and a rack of rental bikes to stop in a small shopping plaza. Pedestrians scattered as he stopped, the vehicle settling down on it's suspension. After a few seconds, an antenna popped up from the roof, sniffing around before settling on a direction. "Aha, she's over THERE!" The Beast rose up and started off in the direction indicated, demolishing the corner of a building en route.

On arrival, Skorpion took the rock star approach to parking, and parked in the 'compact' spaces. He stepped out of The Beast, stretching before stepping over the twisted pile of plastic and metal that the previous occupants of the spaces had been converted into, and stepped into the lobby. A glare silenced the security guard, and a swift kick disabled the security door, allowing him to start up the stairs.


Kor had his back to the stairs as he worked the lock with a set of tool, but he knew that stomp and creak of the stairs. "So I'm guessing you called too?" He asked before the pick slipped and nicked his finger, "Ow!"

Skorpion nodded. "Repeatedly. She's not moved in a while, no answer, and her voicemail's full early." He stepped around beside Kor, bracing himself to punch through the wall in order to reach around and unlock the door from the inside.

"Not very subtle, but effective," Kor observed as the door swung open, he put his tools back in to ALF and drew the absurdly large revolver he'd gotten from the FGTL as he entered the room. "My God...," He started, but drifted off as he took in the room. He paused just long enough for Skorpion to get the wrong idea before finishing his sentence, "This is a security nightmare!"

Skorpion looked around, sighing. "No stairs here, but yeah. Quite aside from being so easy to get in here..." He gestured to the door swinging open next to the hole in the wall. "Too open, windows too big, no cover, and some very poor lines of fire." He stepped in, ducking under the doorframe, cursing Japanese architecture under his breath as he did so. "And for someone who used to date a telekinetic, there's a LOT of heavy ornaments to be thrown."

"And line of sight from every building out there," Kor gestured out the window. "Foyer does hold a little promise against entry though. Well, for the first one or two."

Skorpion shook his head. "Security didn't even try to stop me, door was momentary resistance at best. Waiting for the lift would slow them down more than anything, and that's troubling." He nudged the couch with his foot, looking around. "Heat source from the bathroom. Lots of heat, steady, and seeping under the door." He reached into his coat, drawing his boltgun and spinning the cylinders around to high explosive rounds. "Should we engage?"

"I was thinking more of countermeasures, primer cord behind the pictures," Kor quipped as he covered the aforementioned doorway, "Wouldn't fire set off the alarms? And this kitchen is an ambush waiting to happen. Look at it!"

Skorpion nodded. "Metal everywhere, gas lines, electrical equipment... Ugh." He set eyes on Arella's coffeemaker, and frowned. "Ridiculous little thing. It's not even self-powered. How can you expect to make coffee without nuclear power?"

"We could always tap it in to the main grid, boost the amperage," Kor replied, "Which gives me an idea for the toast... can you detect any movement?"

"Not with the heat currents in the bathroom, no." Skorpion shrugged. "All I can see is warm. Although, these walls don't look very solid, so..." He paused, seeming to zone out momentarily.

In the street below, a radar dish rose from the roof of The Beast, pointing upwards and starting to hum. A pigeon crossing in front of it caught fire, squawking as it plummeted to the ground.

Skorpion snapped back to reality with a grin. "Some movement. Aside from the pipework, there's definitely someone in there. Good escape route in the pipe duct, though, so this place has something going for it."

Kor nodded, and shook his head to clear a buzzing sound, "I'll open the door, you cover it?"

Skorpion nodded, waving him forwards as he took aim at the door.

Meanwhile, in the bathroom, Arella suddenly found that her bathwater was heating up at a rather alarming rate for no discernible reason, eventually causing her to jump out of the tub with a surprised squeak, sending raspberry-scented bubbles flying all over the room (and even extinguishing a few of her candles).

Kor moved cautiously, but when he heard what sounded like a female in pain he hurriedly yanked the door open.

Skorpion's reaction was instant; he snapped his boltgun up to aim at the source of the scream, stepping sideways to see through the door. "Let her go, and we won't..."

Arella very definitely screamed now, even as she darted for a towel, pinkish bubbles valliantly hanging on in an attempt to protect her modesty as she did so. A few seconds later saw the towel firmly wrapped around her and her headphones removed (though music could still be faintly heard coming from them) as she turned a decidedly wrathful gaze upon the intruders.

"What the hell d'you think you're doing?!" she demanded, the fact that she was dripping water and bubbles and dressed in a towel doing nothing to diminish the sense of DANGER she radiated.

Skorpion hid the boltgun behind his back. "You weren't answering your phone..."

"I was taking a bath!"

Kor tossed his gun behind the door he was holding. "We got worried you were in trouble...." Kor looked every bit of a kindergartner with his hand in someone else's lunch bag, "Also this place is woefully inadequate in the defense catagory."

Skorpion nodded in agreement. "The walls are paper-thin, windows are far too big and not even slightly resistant to bullets, and your door..." He waved towards the door, before realising he was still holding a weapon in that hand and returning it to behind his back. "The lock was fine. Kept Kor busy for a while, but it just wasn't attached properly." A small explosion of candle wax behind Arella caused him to pause in order to shut the radar down again. "Not to mention the lack of radiation shielding."

"You broke into my apartment!" an extremely unhappy Arella exclaimed, apparently having missed most of that.

Skorpion nodded. "We were able to, that's the point! ANYONE could have broken in here and ambushed you! Especially with the sheer amount of appliances in here, and your magical background radiation." He waved with his non-gun-wielding arm to the kitchen, where the electric kettle had been reduced to a sparking, smoking puddle of plastic and metal by the radar scanning. "Whoops..."

"If that radiation can get in, anyone can see yours outside," Kor explained, "Not to mention that anyone with even the lowest powered scopes would have a field day with these sight lines," Kor gestured to the visible rooftops and balconies outside.

Skorpion turned to look out at said rooftops, taking the time to surreptitiously pass his boltgun to the other side so it was out of Arella's sight. "Do you even know who lives in any of those? I mean, that one..." He pointed out the window to a high apartment with a balcony and a nearby fire escape. "That's a prime example of the sort of place I used to use while scoping someone out for a hit, or laying low between them. Great lines of sight, balcony and fire escape for quick exits, and roof access on the building for emergencies."

"Come to think of it...I think I did scope a hit from that one..." Kor mused.

"Nobody is going to assassinate me in my apartment!" Arella argued, now sounding more exasperated than angry (she knew she couldn't hold those two to normal standards, after all).

"You can never be too cautious," Kor lowered his voice and looked about conspiratorially, "What with the secret identity and all..."

Skorpion nodded in agreement. "Plus, you never know. You're a magical girl, after all, and there's the whole anti-meta thing." Skorpion started to count off on his fingers. "There's DARPA. Who knows what Saeko will do next time; you know she was behind the whole convoy attack thing, right? Anyway. The rest of the US military will probably go after you to get to me. Or Tiffaney. Or her kids. Or Lucius, for that matter. Half the vampires in the city want you as a snack, and the rest for less savoury things." He shrugged, discovering he'd run out of fingers. "At least let us reinforce something."

"Or booby trap," Kor interjected with an unfortunate choice of words, considering Arella's current attire.

Skorpion raised an eyebrow, shooting Kor a look of warning.

Kor looked back, with the facial equivilant of "What'd I do?"

Skorpion glared back, with "You know what you did" in his eyes.

Kor arched both eyebrows with an utterly oblivious look.

Skorpion rolled his eyes in frustration.

"You're not booby-trapping my apartment!" the ex-magical girl objected, also missing the potential significance of the term. "Though... I suppose you could maybe reinforce some things. Within reason! And only with my permission!"

Skorpion nodded. "Alright. We'll start with the door and the exterior walls, then we'll move onto the inside. That couch is probably practically transparent to bullets, and you're SERIOUSLY lacking a security system."

Arella sighed with decidedly fond exasperation. "I don't suppose you could make me a batcave while you're at it," she joked, not remotely expecting such a thing to be possible. "Or a Ravencave, I suppose. Ravens nest? That sounds kinda cool, actually..."

Skorpion nodded. "It's possible. Not here, mind; this IS a rented apartment. But I'm sure we could find somewhere suitable. Or dump local property values, buy the place out, and start work on it then." He scratched his chin thoughtfully. "Do you get on with your neighbours?"

"I don't really know them," she admitted, not realizing just what he was suggesting at first. But then, of course, it hit her. "You can't kick people out of the building, this is their home too!"

Skorpion pouted a little. "Alright, no kicking. I'll just drop them, instead."

"Skoooorp," was her response, in a decidedly warning tone.

Skorpion sighed, rolling his eyes. "Fine, fine. They're probably better as human shields anyway. I think I can find somewhere in the Abandoned Warehouse district, or..." He snapped his fingers, grinning widely. "Up North, where the convoy got attacked! New construction going up there, property prices have dropped already, and I'm sure nobody will notice us adding to the holes instead of filling them in."

Arella nodded in assent, before suddenly looking excited. "Wait, so I'm actually getting a Ravens Nest?"

Skorpion nodded. "Aye... I mean yes." He cursed himself silently; he'd been spending too much time around Lucius lately.

This, of course, resulted in the inevitable squeal of excitement the likes of which only a magical girl was capable of, followed by Skorp practically being glomped by Arella.

Skorpion patted Arella's hair gently. "Ah, that reminds me. Here." He reached into his bookbag, producing a clipboard with a sheaf of papers clipped to it, and handed it to Arella. "Sign this for me."

Accepting the papers, the ex-magical girl set about unfolding them while giving Skorp a very curious look. "What is it?" she wanted to know.

"Adoption papers." Skorpion grinned. "You always wanted to be a princess, didn't you?"

Arella's lips parted slightly in surprise, and for a moment she couldn't seem to do anything but stare up at him in shock. As his words began to sink in, along with all he'd left unsaid, she could feel tears threatening - she was just that touched. And then, of course, he was being rewarded with a very big hug to convey what she didn't yet have the words for.

Skorpion grinned, wrapping his arms around her. "Welcome to the family. It's not a big family, but it's ours."

Kor had managed to miss the tender moment as he was pondering the defensive potential of the kitchen. He turned to offer a suggestion and noticed the magical girl attached to the super soldier. "Umm, I thought she was mad at us?" the old man blinked.

Skorpion grinned. "Fixed now. Bribed her with a superhero lair and being a princess."

"A lair?" Kor brightened, "We get to build her a lair?" He practically bounced at the prospect.

Skorpion nodded. "Over where my convoy was ambushed. Property prices have plummeted, so I've bought up a bunch of the area cheap. I figure we can stick something underneath it all without anyone caring."

"There should be a ramp in a fountain," Kor stated with a nod.

Skorpion nodded. "That's practically inevitable; damn things don't do corners at all well. It's only the sheer lack of bends in their native country that lets them procreate."

"A ramp, not rams," Kor corrected.

Skorpion's brow furrowed. "What, that floods the garage when she opens it?"

Kor waved his hand dismissively, "We can plumb that out," he replied.

"But won't that mean I get wet every time I leave on my ninja?" Arella asked, looking a little uncertain as to whether she'd followed all of that correctly, but also a bit concerned by the prospect of being soaked repeatedly.

"Details, details," Kor muttered, waving his hands as he clearing the air of something.

"Important details!" she objected. "I don't wanna be running around the city fighting crime while dripping wet - my skirt won't flap around dramatically at all, and I'd look significantly less cool."

"No fountains anyway; they're expensive things, and attract pigeons. And no daughter of mine is going to be besieged by pigeons." Skorpion pointed out.

Arella nodded in agreement, practically glowing at the new title of daughter.

"Wait...daughter?" Kor appearently missed that part.

Skorpion nodded, pointing to the clipboard. "Adoption papers. Her being an orphan is kinda my fault, and her previous adopted family vanished after the demon invasion, so I thought I'd make it official."

Kor nodded, "Always good to have family," he said.

"Of course. Especially if this means Arella is now Princess Arella of Sealand." Skorpion grinned proudly. "And if she's good, she may get her very own nuclear warhead."

This, of course, just caused her to look decidedly confused - how was a nuclear warhead supposed to be a reward? That sounded terrible.

Kor wiped a tear of pride from his eye.

Skorpion grinned wider, patting Arella on the head gently. "That's the right attitude. You don't USE weapons of mass destruction. They're a threat. It's like hostages; you threaten and bluster and maybe smack them around a little, but the instant you shoot one, the police come for you. Only with nukes, it's everyone else's nukes, and then everything's radioactive."

Arella facepalmed. Were all families as weird as hers always seemed to be?

"Everything being radioactive is bad," Kor nodded, "Ruins the flavor of most things too."

"Couldn't I just get a tiara instead?" she asked, a bit weakly as she knew her current audience.

"Sure, that too."

"Only if it's combat efficient," Kor chimed in.

Skorpion thought briefly. "Sharpened, balanced for throwing, maybe a small charge in it?"

Kor nodded, "Possibly geo-tracking for air support."

Arella just facepalmed again - she really should have seen that coming.


Skorp and Kor critiquing Arella's apartment for combat efficiency, and getting in trouble having broken in.
Even bubbles will strive to protect Arella. Or at least her modesty.
No booby traps allowed, but a bit of reinforcement might be okay.
Arella will also be getting her very own Raven's Nest! It's like the Batcave, but for Raven.
Arella is, finally, a princess.
Radiation is bad, m'kay?
Tiaras are better. Especially the sparkly ones.
Without explosives.
Skorpion [FGTL]
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Re: Just Another Day In Prohibition Megatokyo

Location: South China Sea
Timestamp: The sun was probably up.
Authors: Sareth, DarkTan, with Guest Appearance by Arsenal for random naval jargon and explody bits.

The Hayabusa and the Wakataka wouldn't ordinarily have ventured nearly so close to Roanapur as they currently were. For that matter, neither would the Kumejima. Neither the two patrol vessels nor the mine sweeper were particularly afraid of the riffraff of that demented blight on the shores of the South China Sea. Roanapur held many dangers to most, but to armed warships they were little more than an inconvenience. It was simply that the three vessels were usually employed much closer to home in the islands controlled by Japan but claimed by many of the nationalistic players of the region.

Today, however, they were just barely over the horizon from the harbor. Sharp eyes could even pick out the head of the Buddha in the mouth if they knew where to look. Possibly their presence was alarming to the criminals and smugglers that ran the place. More likely it simply pissed them off. But for the three JMSDF ships, Roanapur was not their problem.

Their problem was the radar blip thirty miles further out to sea. A very large object, it clearly was a ship far larger than anything that ordinarily would come close to a bay known for its pirate bands. It clearly didn't belong. It also wasn't headed for Roanapur, but past it. And that meant the three ships were out of proper position.

The order went out by signal light so as to not alert the vessel they had come for. Full speed ahead. Intercept! In seconds giant roostertails of water billowed up behind the fantails of the three ships as their screws bit into the water, and the Buddha's head fell behind.


"Capitan!" the first mate called out, "Three vessels have left Roanapur and are falling in behind us."

Ahab stroked his beard less chin in thought. He looked at the radar, the three ships were just entering range. "Aye, too small for merchants an' too large for pirates from Roanapur," Ahab pondered out loud, "Not tha' any from tha' hole could be tha' stupid." The Capitan leaned back in his chair, "Helmsman, keep speed. Kristal, ready th' crew."

The first mate flipped a switch and punched a button. The lights in the cabin dimmed and changed to a orange glow. Across the ship a similar change took place next to a low lone alarm. Crew members moved to assigned stations, but no weapons systems were activated yet.

"We wait an' see," Ahab said from his chair.


Despite having a crew twice the size of the two patrol boats, Kumejima was a tiny vessel with a weak engine. She quickly fell behind her two greyhound cousins. Those two were soon running at 46 knots, a distance opening up between them as one raced to get ahead of the STFU and the other behind. It wasn't long before the two vessels both could see the behemoth on the horizon.

The Hayabusa closed first. Trying merely to catch up it was soon within a few miles of the tail of the STFU. While her sister continued to race ahead, a loud speaker coughed to life on the patrol vessel's superstructure. "Attention! Attention!" shouted the accented voice. "You are to stop your engines and prepare to be boarded!" The message then repeated in Japanese, followed by Cantonese, then Mandarin, and ending in Malay.


Ahab did not like what he heard. The fact that he had crushed the armrest of his seat attested to that. "Boarded?" He repeated, rage at the edge of his voice. He grabbed a mic and flicked the switch so hard it broke, "Under what authoritah do ye be threatin' to board my ship?" He demanded over anyone that might have a radio with in range.

The first mate knew her captain and knew this would not end well. She flipped another switched and pressed another button. The bridge lights went to red and across the ship red lights flashed all other lighting was forced on for ease of moving through the ship. On deck, crew members raced out and took up battle stations near suspiciously cut circles in the deck that ringed the outer edges.


The Japanese answer to Ahab's question was simple and to the point. Aboard the Wakataka, now starting to pull ahead of the STFU, the 76mm gun in the forward mount swiveled and fired. Seconds later the round detonated 100 yards ahead of the STFU's bow with a roar and a gout of water.

"Stand to!" came the shouted order from the military vessel.

There was a brief moment of silence across the radio. If one was listening closely, then they could probably hear Ahab taking slow, deliberate breaths. "FIRE AT WILL," he suddenly roared. Thirteen ports on the starboard side of the ship slammed down as the barrels of twelve antitank guns extended out and barked in unison. The sudden snap of the gun rolling back and snapping against their chains could be felt through the entire ship. On the deck hatches opened up and reconditioned Russian GShG machines guns raised up. The crew of the starboard guns taking aim in the direction of the offending craft.

Modern anti-tank guns were designed to be able to penetrate the skins of modern main battle tanks. Many of these tanks bore armor up to 900mm thick and designed to stop the best weapons man could devise. In a contest between the two, it was anyone's bet which would win.

Against the two inch thick hull of the unarmored Wakataka it was a case of overkill. While three of the shots missed completely, the other nine struck home. Four of those, meant to smash a tank, found the sides of the Japanese ship too thin and blew completely through it without detonating. The remaining five, however, did exactly what they were meant to do.

Wakataka disintegrated in a ball of fire.

For a stunned moment, nothing happened aside from the splashing of the remnants of the ship and her 21 crewmen. But then minds had the chance to catch up to the action. Behind the STFU the Hayabusa heeled over sharply in a skew turn.

The other patrol ship wasn't running away. Her turn had nothing to do with what might be justifiable fear. She was simply moving to best utilize a threat far bigger than a single 72 mm deck gun.

Fifteen seconds after the turn began four SSM-1B ship to ship missiles leapt upward on the start of a hyperbolic arc. Designed for combat at ranges of up to 80 miles, the missiles had to fly high in the air to be able to begin to turn back towards their massive target without striking the sea first. After a flight of nearly two miles straight up the missiles turned and four warheads of nearly 500 lbs each began to hurtle downward at the STFU.

The gunners ringing the deck of the STFU immediately opened fire on the incoming missiles while a few others fired chaff rockets in to the air. Two of the missiles exploded in the air shortly before the gunners abandoned their weapons for cover. The first mates voice rang out over the 1MC to take cover and brace for impact.

The other two missiles found their marks, boring through two layers of cargo containers before detonating. Shrapnel splashed about around the STFU, some gouging holes in the deck and the superstructure. A few windows would have to be replaced and maybe an antenna array. Any casual observer would think the missile hits to be a kill shot, even a mission kill. But they didn't go far enough.

Twas but a flesh wound.

Ahab was furious. No one touched his boat. Ever. He grabbed a different radio, since his was broken and stuck on the open channel, "Staytus repor'," he demanded.

"Two injuries, four guns lost, zero deaths sir," came the reply, "One of the hatches is blocked and other side is locked in."

"An' th' rabbits?" Ahab asked.

"Wait one, sir," there was the noise of metal being shoved around, a fire extinguisher could be heard and some shouting, "Present and accounted for, sir. I have control."

"Set 'em loose."

"Aye, sir," came the final reply. The doors of two shipping containers had to be cut open and and were thrown from the aft of the ship. Inside each were three twenty-one inch torpedo tubes holding Mk VII torpedoes. Once the debris was cleared, one was fired from each container.

Mk VII torpedoes weren't much as far as torpedoes went. They were, frankly, ancient.

They had also been intended for taking on cruisers and battleships. They were unguided, point and shoot weapons, but at the range that hardly mattered. Only three miles off, the little patrol boat barely dodged one only to run smack into the other. In an instant the front 100 feet of the ship disappeared, and tons of seawater were shoved into the hull by the forward moment of the now bow-less wreck. The ship quickly began leaning forward into the water as though deliberately diving, and two dozen men leapt into the water.

The slow moving minesweeper could easily have been excused for turning around and running at this point. It's captain was made of sterner stuff. The 20mm gun on the bow was ordered to be swept skyward and locked in place, its crew ordered to make a point of being seen leaving the gun. It dashed into the location of the rapidly sinking wreck of the Hayabusa and tossing life jackets and other floatation devices in the water.

The ship's com buzzed and Ahab picked it up, "Sir, we have a kill. Third ship has stopped to assist, guns are up and crew has abandoned them."

"Aye," Ahab replied, "Keep th' rabbits at the ready," he set down the radio, "Ahead full," he ordered as the cargo ship slowly picked up speed. They were going to put as much space between them and the last ship as possible as fast as possible.

It was too soon to rest easy. Ahab's order would have been wise if the final act of the event had been unleashed from the surface. Unfortunately, it had not. No one on the bridge had any warning when the bridge suddenly lifted powerfully beneath them, tossing crew members about like rag dolls before reversing direction, falling out from under the crew to suspend them briefly in space before crashing down a second time.

Ahab was the only one in his seat, the rest of the crew was climbing back to their stations, "Ack-tive sonar!" the Capitan demanded, "Arre we aground?"

"Negative sir!"

"Wot th' bloddy 'ell 'appened?!" Ahab demanded.

The intercom rang as if to answer, "We're hit!" came the crewman's cry, "Midships, taking on water. Lost Santa and half the helpers."

Ahab looked ashen. They just stuck a mortal blow to the ship, but he wasn't quite ready to go down yet. "Set the rigging," he ordered through the intercom and then turned to his helmsman, "Set course for Roanapur. We'll be safe if we reach th' bay."

Below the ship, several devices that resembled ballista, loaded with what could have easily been mistaken for a harpoon, fired cables down the length of the hull, over the gap in the keel, and out the bow. Once they pierced the skin, prongs popped out, anchoring them in place and high powered winches pulled the steel cables taught. The ship groaned as it's own weight fought against the newly installed cable brace to tear it's self apart. Above deck, the remaining crane was holding one container and welding it like a wrecking ball, knocking the other empty containers in to the sea. The operator had nearly succeeded in clearing the deck before the crane's mooring finally gave way. It seemed it was never designed to swing an object that weighed several tons around like a child with a wifle ball bat. The lizardy looking member of the crew landed and rolled just as the crane gave in to the momentum of the container and fell in to the ocean as well. The ship gave another groan as it's course was altered before she dutifully started to the (relative) safety of worse place ever to ship wreck.

She even made it most of the way. By the time the cables finally snapped and the ship's bow ripped itself free from the stern they were within sight of the buildings of Roanapur, and the crew had sufficiently freed up life boats to know they could make it the rest of the way. Knowing where they were headed, they had also stowed enough weaponry in the life boats to require respect. The STFU submerged beneath the waves in two gigantic pieces as small boats began racing from the shore, already sensing an opportunity for fat pickings only a scuba dive away.


20 miles out to sea, a large metal tube cruised along 200 feet beneath the waves. An officer removed headphones and ducked his head around a short bulkhead. "<Captain. She's hitting the bottom now.>"

Captain Yanagimoto gave no reply. He'd broken the ship, just as he'd hoped to do, but the loss of the two surface ships he was nominally in support of smarted. Perhaps he'd avenged his family on those aboard the ship, but that ship had been in the employ of enemies to the state still living within Japan, and they had proven capable of arming a mere garbage scow with dangerous weaponry. There was blood still to be avenged, and he wouldn't rest until he'd seen the job done.

"<Secure torpedo tube doors. Set course for Yokihama.>"

He pulled his hat low over his eyes and headed for his cabin.


Ahab stood in a life boat looking back at the OCS STFU as one might watch a dying friend. The speed boats and other craft from the shore gave them space, not only for the amount of automatic weapons pointing at them, but respect for the man who had fought but ultimately lost. There was a few respectful hails from the criminals and assorted riff raff. Finally Ahab spoke, "A pox," a said quietly, before glaring further out to see, "A POX UPON YE AN' YE HOUSE AN' TH' HOUSE OF YE FATHERS AND YE SONS!" He bellowed in rage.


Three war ships are waiting for something.
And not in a very friendly neighborhood.
Target acquired, the hunt begins.

The "target" is the STFU.
And they have noticed.
Battle stations!
A demand is made.
And questioned.
And re-stated with force.
Allow me to retort.

Second ship takes appropriate action.
Four missiles is too much.
No really, they only stopped two.
Damage sustained. No lives lost. The ship continues.
Return fire.

Final boat moves in to assist.
Full speed ahead.
The shot that broke the ships back.
Ahab points the boat to the nearest harbor.
Roanapur. The aforementioned not friendly neighborhood.
She finally gives up and sinks.
Most of the crew is alive and accounted for.

Kill confirmed.
Vengeance was had? Perhaps.
Many lives were lost in the attempt none the less.
And they have added to those that must be avenged.

Ahab watches the loss of his ship.
And finds his White Whale.
Only this one is black and steel.

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