Post Mon Mar 03, 2014 12:02 pm

ORAZ Yamamoto Building

The Yamamoto building is located deep in the commerce sector of MegaTokyo, well within the range of an Anime Nullification Field. The top floor is still owned by the Rent-A-Zilla CEO Hoshi Yamamoto, and is, by a convoluted line of succession, under control of ORAZ.

The top 20 floors are all new, rebuilt after the demon invasion, though a lot of the floors are empty, having not been refilled after the destruction.

The building juts up out of the city like a monolith, standing 60 stories high. It is not the fanciest of buildings, but it looks modern enough to pass for interesting. The most notable thing about it is the top 20 floors, since the rebuild, were built on a 90 degree turn, as if someone just took the top 20 floors, picked them up, and turned them a quarter turn, the placed them back down.

It's close proximity to a subway line and an ANFG makes it a pretty nice place for mundane plebs to work.


Rent-A-Zilla Corporation -Top floor.

The Bakeria - Bottom floor.
A bakery.

Hats and More - Bottom floor.
A shop with lots of hats.

(Above the bottom floor is mostly just office space and not many retail shops)

There are still 59 floors of space that anyone could use if they wanted to.