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Suzume Kobayashi

Work in progress

F-2 Mecha Mesume cyborg experiment worked on by her father.
Years ago, when evidence of the landwarrior projects was leaked, a few people in japan looked for a counter. Cybernetics was considered, and one project took it to an extreme. That project was led by Ishida Kobayashi, it was called Mukui no tsubasa Retribution's Wings.

The project, like many cybernetic projects of the east, were a mixture of augmentation and restoration. The plan was to take wounded JSDF and build the mecha onto them. Once it reached the stage that allowed early human experimentation, Ishida offered up his daughter, who was paralyzed below the neck in an accident before she could join the JSDF as she had always wanted.

Funding was cut, and just before the implementation of ANFGs, the project was ordered scrapped and purged, completely.

Ishida barely had time to move his daughter's unconscious nearly complete body to a secondary location he'd built himself, he died with the rest of the scientists, his assistant on the surgery table pretending to be Suzume when the men with flamethrowers charged in and torched the operating room.

For two years robotic caretakers finished Suzume's implants and kept her alive in an induced coma. When they went to wake her, the fields prevented her implants from functioning beyond the most basic level. She woke alone, part human, part aircraft. The robotic caretakers still tending to her and providing her with factual, but emotionless, accounts of what happened, and the current state of the surface.