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Kazumi Giichi

Name: Kazumi Giichi
Character Type: Justice Vigilante, The People's Hero, Ninja
Affiliation: N!NJ4
Age: 23
Birthday: March 23
Right Handed

Appearance: A tall, subtle apperance, standing at 6`1" and weighing just over 210 lbs. His skin is slightly tanned from months of training, but his eyes show that he seems to have spent years in darkness. His hair is an unremarkable brown that lies shortly above the nape of his neck, with a slight wildness that comes from never using a comb. His eyes are a striking black, leaving almost no difference between his iris and pupils. He`s almost always lost in crowds, unless looking for him, and usually ends up standing right next to them when found; he walks as though he has a purpose, no matter where he means to go, and grace that can lift him off at a moment's notice. Usually wears a pair of large cargo pants, a tight fitting shirt covered by a leather jacket, and the traditonal N!NJ4 mask (see Junpei).

Languages: Can speak, read, and write both Japanese and English fluently; can read and speak Chinese, Korean, Russian, and Arabic in a practical and somewhat miltant manner.

Weapons/Fighting Style:

A dented sign post (sign missing): Original sign post from 5 years ago, held more as a momento than weapon. Kazumi will take it with him if knowingly walking into a fight.

Fighting style: A predominantly boxing style, focusing on jabs and uppercuts; uses jabs to occasionaly grab opponents, so as to use Muay Thai style knee and elbow strikes at close range.

Special abilities/skills:

Focused foe: While focusing on one extremely dangerous foe, Kazumi can call upon on a reserve of strength that allows him to pull, throw, and strike things well beyond human limits. This is reduced to nothing but adrenaline in the prescence of an ANFG.

Chakra Wall Walk: With an almost menial thought, members of N!NJ4 can channel their chakra into their feet, allowing them to walk or run on almost any surface; some masters are believed to be able to run on water. Standing on a surface takes an extreme focus, so as to balance the whole body, making it last only minutes unless extremely disciplined. Kazumi has the ability to walk and run on solid surfaces and can hold a stand for one minute. This is non-existant inside ANFGs.


--5 years ago during the demon invasion--

Kazumi lived a peacful life in tokyo. One day he got off work early. While heading to his small apartment just past Nihon university in Saitama he noticed something very odd. Three people were running down an alley in fear of some large shimmering object.

Kazumi normally put these things into the back of his mind as a trick of the eyes. However, there were a large number of them today, and this was the first one others could see. He ducked towards the alley and saw two large cuts along an alley wall leaving almost no thought that this was a definite threat. Kazumi searched around the edges of the alley to see if he could find anything to use a weapon, and found an abandoned <no parking> sign that had been left to rust on the side; he picked it up, feeling the weight of it quickly and finding that it was heavy but bearable. He looked down the alley to see the full form of the threat in front of him. It was a monstrously large creature, with what appeared to be green scales as armor, two crab-like claws instead of hands, and horns spouting from its head.

This is the worst idea I`ve ever had, Kazumi thought as he ran down the alley, holding the post at his side. Kazumi felt a lightness come over him as he ran towards the creature; he took hold of the feeling and let it control him as he jumped, expecting only to scamble to grab something on the creature, but instead finding himself on the creatures shoulders. An ugly beast-like face covered in more scales greeted him as he looked down.

<Good afternoon beautiful.> Kazumi quickly looked at the three people cowering in the alley, and yelled <RUN!> as the creature began whipping its head back and forth, trying to shake its new prey loose. Kazumi brought the sign out of front of him as he fell to his stomach on the creatures back, hoping to wrap the post around its neck, but instead caught a horn and was thrown to the ground as the creature bucked again. Kazumi felt the impact, but didn't feel the pain, as the creature hunched over him and began to try and bite him; Kazumi ducked his head to the left, then the right, and finally brought up the post to take the bite for him. The creature fought with him over the post, jaw wide and drooling as it inched closer.

<You should really brush more often, it might solve that bad breath!> Kazumi taunted as he brought up his legs to kick it in the eyes. The creature reeled back; covered its eyes with its two small arms on its chest and threw its clawed arms to the outside, making it seem even bigger. Kazumi took notice of the large gap between its two legs, made a quick plan, and moved. Kazumi ran for the gap, holding the post behind his back with both hands; he felt a claw strike behind him as he got under the creatures chest, nearly hitting a leg, and then Kazumi felt an arm wrenching resistance as the post locked itself between the creatures legs. Kazumi released his hand and quickly turned around so that he was facing the ass of the creature; he grabbed hold again and began to pull with all his might, the feeling of lightness coming over him once again as the creature's feet began to slide backwards, and he grunted out <have a nice trip...>. The creatures feet lifted off the ground as it began to fall forward, crashing with a thunderous roar. <...SEE YOU NEXT FALL>. Thinking the fight was over, Kazumi flipped out his phone and began dialing the police. As he lifted the phone to his ear, he was eye to eye with beast again as it lifted a claw-hand and back handed him out of the alley and into the street. There was no painless feeling this time; that hurt, and it hurt a lot. The creature began unfolding its legs, reaching its full height as it walked out of the alley way, approaching Kazumi with a distinct glare of hatred.

I knew this was bad idea. The beast left the alley. I hope those people are ok, 'cause I`m not. The creature began to take its first steps into the street as a tank round exploded on its side; Kazumi rolled his head to the left to see an Abrams with the letters FGTL on the front rolling down the street as if it belonged there. It continued moving forward, towards both him and the creature, giving no signs of stopping; just as the tread was 5 feet from him he felt someone quickly lift and carry him away from the street.

<You fought bravely, young one.> Kazumi opened his eyes to see a man with a facemask carrying him. His eyes and hair were greyed with age <Not many fight a Glabrezu alone and live to tell the tale.>

<Well I don`t think getting a tank involved counts as taking it out alone.> Kazumi gave a small chuckle, but twinges in pain at the act <Oh, it hurts to laugh. Why does it hurt to laugh?>

<It broke five of your ribs, and it looks like it was close to puncturing a lung; also, it looks as though it broke your right arm, so you're gonna have to learn how to strike with your left while you train.> The old man answered.


<Oh, that's right. Welcome to N!NJ4.>

Thank you Arella and Notsonoble for the help editting
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