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Victoria Greenwich

Name: Victoria Greenwich

Operative Name: White Shadow

Subject Name: Charlie

Afilliation: none for now

POB: Richmond, Virginia


Appearance: 5'7" white cat ears, tail, and hair, emerald green eyes, fit body, and well endowed.

Casual: Victoria wears her white hair up hiding her ears and most of her hair in loose knitted purple hat. Likes to wear plaid shirts and skinny jeans loves an excuse to dress up.

White Shadow: Victoria wears a black cat suit with interwoven nano-machines similar to Dr. Jawoh's. She also wears a White cat mask that has both her transmitter and receiver built in. Her shoulder length hair is let down while working.

Preferred Gear: Two surpressed mini-uzis, a Tar-21, and two dirks that she keeps strapped to her thighs

Languages: English, Japanese, Russian, Spanish, French, Arabic, and Portugese


Eyes of Athena: Can call upon either the Eye of Artemis, or the Eye of Ares, eyes will turn to a steel gray during this.Suffers from draw backs at 1.5x rate and has the possibility of suffering from fits of hysteria, paranoia, and madness after use (about 20% chance).

Wisdom of War: It appears to her as though time stops, she can see percentages of hitting each target at within 10 meters this improves to provide percentages on hitting seperate areas of the body (yes its Vats), has the same draw backs as Gift of Guns and Way of the Warrior.

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Character Relations:

The Director: cold controlling father that put her up for the experiments.

Dr. Jawoh: Tries to be warm and kind to her but she keeps it professional between the two.

Eva: sees her as a project to break out her shell

Devin: Thinks he lame, constantly picks on him and calls him names.


Alexis: Annoying gun freak.


Going on solo missons
Annoying Alexis
Starring at Johnathan
Reading tabloids


Cute clothes
Causing Mayhem
Pop Music


Ugly people
Getting covered in blood
Sniping missions
Metal music

Interesting Info:
Tails and ears are sensitive to touch.
Has had to do "Naughty" missions

Title: It Was Just Bad Luck
Location: An Empty Restraunt Somewhere In Russia
Timestamp: 2 days after By The Grace Of PETA?
Characters: Victoria Greenwich and The Director
Author: Lonestar413
Warning contains scenes of Intense Violence and Gore

"{Words}" = Russian

"{So I say, I'll give you one hard reason to stay but your gonna have to put your hand in my pants to find it.}" Laughter erupted as the large russian man finished his joke. Victoria gave an ugly sneer through her mask as she watched from the rafters of the empty restraunt. His name was Boris Yohkov, he was the middle man between a meta smuggler in Japan and the CIA. The CIA was trying to recreate Dr. Jahwoh's work and The Director didn't think to kindly about that so he was having her put a stop to it.

"Control target is mostly isolated, permission to engage target and seven other potential hostiles?" whispered Victoria as she pulled a dirk from her thigh.

"Permission granted White Shadow, but keep your ears open The Director wants to talk to you." Responded the cold voice of the control operator.

"Roger that." Victoria held the dirk delicateley in two fingers as she dangled it above the targets head. She activated her Wisdom of War and saw that it was 87% chance chance of striking the target through the head. "We are within parameters, engaging in 3..2..1." She released the dirk and let it fall,

Boris buckled back with laughter and opened his eyes to see the shadow of a white face and the glint of metal speeding towards. He didn't feel the dirk enter his mouth, nor did he feel it puncure his throat and sever his spine, but he did feel cold.

Victoria dropped from the rafters and landed on the back of Boris' booth holding out her uzis. "{Alright everyone lets make this easy, you put your guns on the table and I'll put a bullet in your head.}" She identified them as three hostiles and four witnesses as the thugs pulled out their guns and the girls cowered in fear. Sorry ladies, no one can remember me. Victoria rolled behind the booth and opened fire.

"White shadow is this a bad time?" said a familiar voice

"No Director everyhing is under control, target is neutralized. Dealing with the the other hostiles now." She replied as she shot down a girl who was bolting for the doors.

"Very Well, I want to inform you that PETA found our base and allowed for the escape of 'The Family', this was 2 days ago. We believe most of them are still within the continental United States and we are dispatching agents to deal with them now." Said The Director.

"But...." replied Victoria as she shot a thug who in his death throws shot two of the girls still hiding in the booth.

"It seems Subject Epsilon has fled the country and his heading to Japan. You are to finish all current assignments and pursue her with deadly force, all other mission details will be sent to you. Over and out." Said The Director with a professionalism that chilled Victoria.

Love you too dad. Victoria popped up from the behind the booth and used her Artemis Eye to take out the last two thugs. She hopped over the booth and stood on the table examining her work. "{Not a bad day wouldn't you say so dear?}" she turned around and saw the last girl who had balled up in the booth laying between the body of Boris and another girl. "{It's just bad luck you had to be here.}" She shot a round between her eyes and let her sleep. "And it's very bad luck that little Alexis has me on her tail now." A wicked grin grew across Victoria's face as she walked out the front door into the night.

-The CIA is trying to recreate Dr. Jawoh's work
-Victoria Kills the middle man
-She takes a call from the Director while dealing with the thugs
-"The Family" has escaped but are staying inside the states
-Except Alexis who Victoria has to go hunt
-Victoria is meciless
There's only one man who would dare give me the raspberry: [pulls down helmet as camera zooms in on his face] Lone Starr!