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Growing Pains

Timestamp: About 11 years before Just Another Day In Prohibition Megatokyo
Location: Silverstone Residence, Boston, Massachusetts, USA
Authors: Arella

It was just as the smell of baking cookies began to fill the house that the front door finally opened to admit Mrs Silverstone's beloved daughter - late, again.

"Welcome home, my dearest," the mother greeted from the kitchen, checking on her cookies to see that they didn't burn.

But there was no reply - and Mrs Silverstone could have sworn she heard someone sniffling.

"Arella?" she inquired, concerned. "Darling?"

Still nothing. Leaving her baking, Mrs Silverstone quickly made her way to the front hall, where she found her daughter - soaking wet from the rain, bleeding from a cut on her arm, and struggling not to cry.

"Why, darling, whatever happened?" the kind and loving woman gasped, rushing to take her child into her arms.

Her battle lost, Arella began to cry the moment she felt her mother's arms around her. She was cold and wet and frightened, and her arm hurt something awful, but she knew that she was safe now. Holding her close to her chest, her mother quickly lead her into the kitchen, grabbing a few towels from the closet along the way, and settled them both into the big green chair Mr Silverstone liked to use.

"My poor little angel," Mrs Silverstone said softly, holding one towel against her daughter's wound while using the other to help dry her off, now that she had her sitting in her lap.

Arella rested her now only slightly damp head upon her mother's shoulder, mostly finished with her crying now (though still sniffling a bit). Her mother held her close, humming gently as she rocked her back and forth. The cut on her arm had almost completely stopped bleeding by now, but the first-aid kit could wait until her precious child was calm again.

Mrs Silverstone knew that her daughter would not tell her what had happened - she rarely did when these things happened, now. But she didn't let it bother her; Arella would tell her when she was ready, and for now she was content knowing that her little girl still came to her after. She was growing up so fast...

"Thank you, mama," Arella murmured into her mother's shoulder.

Mrs Silverstone smiled and gently tucked her daughter's golden locks behind her ear. "You're welcome, my love," she said softly, planting a kiss atop her head.

-A glimpse into the life of a young Arella and her mother.
-Coming home from a magical girl mission that didn't go as well as it could have, Arella is comforted by her mother.
-Not much to say, really - I wrote this years ago, in response to a prompt. It's short, but I still like it.