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Name: Azemar Berenger Wilhelm (Zeit)
Title: Seeker of Blood
Character Type: Temporal Agent
Race: Humane Vampire
Affiliation: Chronos
Rank: S-7 (of 12(technically 13))
Age: ???
Birthday: Forgot
Left hand dominant

Appearance (Facade):

Zeit is a pale, brown haired, green eyed (he sometime messes up the eye colour) Caucasian male that is average by most present European standards. He always wears a pair of Guess GU 1818 glasses that seem to sit perfectly on his face despite any movement. He usually slouches and wears a nostalgic smile. He usually wears a black hoodie paired with a random t-shirt, blue jeans, and sneakers.

Appearance (True):

Azemar is pale with long silver hair, red eyes, and a slender build. He fixes his posture and takes off his glasses. He wears a black Victorian era tailcoat that trails down to the back of his knees with a red vest, white undershirt, a white ascot, white gloves, and black trousers with Victorian styled boots that help with movement.


English, German, French, Russian, Japanese, and Chinese.

Weapons and fighting:

A brass hilted Saber
Alexander's Cannons (Beams that fire from cracks in time and space around him)
A black Scythe (It's an old friend's and he barely ever uses it)
His Blood orb

Zeit normally leads off combat by putting a barrier around himself and trying to resolve it by using Alexander's cannons. If this fails he'll summon his blood orb and drop his disguise to fight seriously (As much as he hates it).

Special Abilities:

Blood magic

Character Relations:

Skorpion: Always was hard to get past the "Him not liking me" phase.
Brittany: Co-worker to be, depending on the timeline.
Elsie: Troublemaker, but I gotta keep her safe.
Tali: Troublemaker, but I gotta keep her safe.


Lazing around
Appearing unannounced


Lazing around
Nothing happening


Putting in effort ... illgi&qo=1
"I heard you like bullets. So i put some bullets, in my bullets, so I can shoot'cha... While I shoot'cha!"