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Wallace Cabot

Author/Owner: Arella

Name: Wallace Cabot

Nicknames: Wally

Character Type: Vampire Gentleman

Wallace has the pale colouring typical of a vampire, very ordinary brown hair, and captivating eyes a shade of blue so dark they almost look black. He stands at about 6'2, and possesses a lean but muscular build.

He always dresses nicely, and likely doesn't even own a pair of jeans - it's always a nice pair of slacks, a pressed shirt, and a well-cut jacket for him.

Wallace was once a very well-to-do bachelor on the East Coast of the United States, who was made into a vampire during the late 1800s, when he was in his early 30s. As a vampire, he spent many years travelling abroad before eventually settling into the Hollows in Megatokyo, Japan - the one place in the world where he could openly be what he was.

Present Details:
Wallace has rather more of a conscience than many of his fellow vampires, and when he learned of their plans to unleash the angel Elle at the expense of Arella's physical and mental well-being, he took steps to prevent them from succeeding. Of course, this also meant he needed to gain her trust very quickly, and if this meant using a few of his vampiric skills to help things along, well, so be it.

Of course, the better he came to know Arella, the more protective he felt about her, and the more desperately he tried to keep her safe; he even began to fall in love with her, and of course she was already head over heels in love with him.

Unfortunately for him, just about everyone who isn't Arella seems to want to kill him, and he's even had the misfortune of earning a personal visit from Aneko (of whom he is now thoroughly terrified). Under Aneko's orders, he has been hunting down and killing the vampires responsible for the plot against Arella.

Important Relationships:
Arella: Wallace's girlfriend. She lets him feed on her (asks him to, really), and her blood tastes divine; it also allows him to see her memories, granting him a greater knowledge of her than would be possible for almost anyone else. He is also rather enjoying teasing her, though he's really delaying things because he knows just how little experience she has and doesn't want to risk scaring her away.