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Canine Assault Units

There are currently 5 operational C.A.D.s

Unit 01 Deadlock:
Heavy assault unit, outfitted with mounted a M-32 grenade launcher, a single M134 minigun, a directional energy barrier.
Speaks like Sarge from Red vs Blue and acts like him too.

Unit 02 Low Vis:
Stealth unit, equipped with silenced nine millimeter gun ports on it's head, tasers, an assortment of blades, and active camouflage.
He may not look it... But he's judging you. He likes to abuse active camouflage to prank and scare people.

Unit 03 Longshot:
Sniper unit, equipped with a Barrett .50 mounted to it's hull as well as nine milimeter gun ports on it's head, and flash bang ejection ports.
Can and will convert the highest spot of anywhere he's positioned for a extended period of time into a sniper nest. Uses his rifle to track unaware passing vehicles.

Unit 04 Carbine:
Light assault Unit with two FS2000 assault rifles mounted to it's back, which had been modified to be fed rounds from it's torso, a small blade upon it's hip, along with a set of five grenades.
Probably the most normal of the group. "Procured" by the US military and works under Leutenant Ei, he likes 80's rock, bad jokes, and lingering around maintenance workers.

Unit 05 Crackdown:
Demolitions Unit Outfitted with an AA-12 mounted on it's back next to a mine launcher that can convert into a grenade launcher, has 12 ports along its sides to launch guided missiles from.
He's quiet, but has a heart of gold... Figuratively. Voted most likely to allow a Magical Girl to decorate them without protest. ... illgi&qo=1
"I heard you like bullets. So i put some bullets, in my bullets, so I can shoot'cha... While I shoot'cha!"