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Jasper A. Rhys (WiP)

Name: Jasper A. Rhys
Age: 15
Sex: Male
Birthday: January 3rd.
Height: 5'1
Nationality: British (Welsh)
Affiliation: (None currently)
Race: Manx Felinid-Humanoid.
Weapon Of Choice: N/A
Occupation: Weeaboo, Holidaymaker.
Skills: Gifted Engineer, knowledgeable on Machines and how to Operate them.
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Quickie Bio: a Happy-go-Lucky teenage boy from Wales, Jasper was orphaned at a young age due to complications and his father being a jerk, leaving Jasper to the mercy of several foster care families and orphanages, leading Jasper to at least one abusive home before he was transferred to a new one, despite this Jasper has a Suprisingly bright outlook on life, preferring to view the Silver Lining to every cloud... Currently on Holiday In Japan.

Additional Notes: Has a fondness for Anime and Manga of the Mecha genre, likes Prog Rock and Pop music, quite likes Sailing and Railways.