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Marina Archer


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Affiliation: her brother

Age: 19

Birthday: October 22

Theme Song:

Marina is a pretty little thing, petite and slender and appearing much younger than her 19 years. Her long, light brown hair is easily likened to the colour of brown sugar and wonderfully soft to touch, while her large, doe-like eyes are a warm and gentle shade of honey-gold. Her pale skin burns easily, leading to constant reminders from her brother to wear sunscreen.

Since her rescue, Marina seems to have lost the bounce she once had in her step, and her more playful way of moving and emoting, becoming quiet and subdued. She moves as one desperately trying to avoid drawing attention, and tends to hold herself in a way that hints at her fear of being touched or touching other people. She also rather steadfastly refuses to meet anyone's eyes.

She prefers skirts and dresses to pants, and can most often be found in pastels. She has also taken to wearing gloves to prevent her from touching anyone, even by accident, and her brother has since started to bring back new ones for her almost every time he goes out.

Special Abilities:
Marina possesses what is known as touch magic. Fully realized, touch magic can allow a person to see, alter, create, and erase memories, read and influence the thoughts and actions, temporarily gain the magical abilities, and even drain the lifeforce of anyone they happen to be touching - but Marina is far from mastering her abilities, and in fact has trouble controlling them. As a result, she's afraid to let anyone touch her or come into contact with her bare skin in any way, lest she end up hurting them by accident (though her brother is allowed to hug her still, provided he is very, very careful, and even that took time for her to allow).

The Archer's grew up with very little money, and lived in a very bad part of town. Their father took off when Marina was still a baby, and their mother was a waitress, working as many hours as she could in order to provide for her children (though she still always did her best to make time for them when she was at home). Eight years older than his baby sister, Jason began to steal early on in an attempt to help out (initially without his mother's knowing about it), and quickly found that he had something of a knack for it.

Marina was five when their mother was diagnosed with cancer. With no medical insurance to cover the hospital bills, and their mother increasingly unable to work as her health failed, Jason took over as provider for the family and began stealing from (and for) increasingly important people in order to keep a roof over their heads, food on the table, and to pay for as much of their mother's treatment as possible. Unfortunately, their mother ended up passing away two years later, when Marina was seven and Jason 15, leaving the young teen to support his sister via his career as a now very high-class thief.

Having promised their mother that he wouldn't lose Marina to the state, Jason never reported the woman's death, but rather buried her himself and spent the next few years perpetuating the ruse that she was still alive.

When Marina was ten, her powers began to manifest at a rather alarming rate, making them all but impossible to hide and drawing the attention of certain government agencies, until one day she simply disappeared while on her way to school. Taken to a top secret government facility dedicated to the study and training of "unusually gifted youths" like her, Marina spent the next several years being poked and prodded and studied by scientists, while security watched and controlled every move she ever made. Talking was largely forbidden, as was the use of their "abilities" in any situation where they were not being ordered to do so as part of the program, and punishments for any and all rule breaking were severe. She and the other children were also sometimes pitted against each other as part of their so-called "training," which many did not survive.

In the end, Marina spent almost ten years living in a state of constant terror before her brother was finally able to track her down and rescue her, at which point they promptly fled the country. Whether or not he managed to rescue her before she'd been broken completely remains to be seen.

Important Relationships:
Jason: Marina's big brother (by eight years) and only living family; she positively adores him, and also tends to serve as his . After almost ten years apart, he's finally managed to her from the government agency that stole her as a child, and will do absolutely anything to keep her safe; Marina just hopes she isn't too broken to justify everything he's given up for her. Jason is the only one allowed to call her MarinaLina or Lina, with MarinaLina in particular only tending to come out when he's feeling especially affectionate towards her.

Fun (And Not-So-Fun) Facts:
-Marina is very likely suffering from PTSD after everything she went through at the hands of a certain government agency, and with good reason.

-She has frequent nightmares about her time in the "program for unusually gifted youths," and sometimes has trouble differentiating between her dreams and reality upon waking. This can lead to hysteria and violence as she attempts to defend herself, among other things.

-Though once a talkative child, Marina has been very quiet since her rescue - no doubt a result of the no talking rule from the program. She also seems to have become very shy, and studiously avoids meeting anyone's eyes.

-She has a breathtaking singing voice.

-Marina never finished the fifth grade, and has received no further education.

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