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Kamimila Saneki

Name: Kamimila "Mimi" Saneki
Age: 30ish? I think? I ran the numbers once before don't remember now :P
Appearance: Long silver hair, looks suspiciously like Erika Dressing rather gothy as of late.

Abilities: Drives like a maniac. No seriously, even DT get's scared. Police weapons, tactics and combat training. Martial arts training prior to the police academy. Ability to control shadows to make solid weapons or other items from them. Can teleport through shadows and has shown the ability to transport others through the shadows to some effect.

History: Mimi was once a member of the Church of Miho, well a junior member. The CoM was the only family she ever knew. One the day she was to become a full member of the CoM, through the ceremony of placing one's hands on the original Necrowombicon, the power imparted to her actually sent her flying out of the church and in to another building. She awoke two days later in the UFL confused and completely misunderstanding what had happened. She had believed that Miho had turned her back on her and the Church had abandoned her. She decided to take revenge on the imagined slight and left MT to learn the skill she would need.

Upon her return, a chance conversation with Knightwalker AK revealed the truth of what happened that fateful day years before. The 'Wombicon imparted a power so vast to her that had she been trained, it would have rivaled the leadership of the CoM at the time. An offer of training was made and Mimi promised to consider it. She had fully intended to return to her family in the church but due to reasons never explained, (I fell off the internet), she never did.

Sometime prior to the Demon Invasion, she turned to the MT:PD and because a police officer. In the five years between the Invasion and Prohibition she rose through the ranks and moved to the MT:CD Street Crimes Unit taking on racers, trafficking and gang activity. And passing on the occasional bit of info to the FGTL or ORAZ.

One day she happened to hear something calling to her that felt so familiar she found herself calling Miho's name. The "sound" led her to the Manor and Whisp where she came in contact with a perfect copy of the 'Wombicon. This brought awareness to her latent power and even some hints as to what it could do. Mimi began to experiment with it.

Mimi was on of the good cops that didn't take advantage of the metas. This made her a liability to the corrupt officers of the CD and finally a target during the Largoist Convoy attack. She was shot in an attempt to take out Alexis. Her powers flared to a intensely powerful level and the entire sniper team was plastered over the walls of the room they were using. This caused her to leave the MT:CD and turn a vigilante of sort, hunting down corrupt cops on the payroll of a Yakuza Boss named Ozu. This brought out the unlikely pairing up with Saeko which is pretty self explanatory.

She is now living in the Manor with Whisp and Devin.

Former Alliances: CoM, MT:CD

Current Alliances: FGTL, ORAZ

Relationships: Skorpion - Weapons Supplier. DarkTan, Katrina, Lola- Friend, shares information. Lucius - Probably groped her. Whisp - Friend, Devin - Keeps trying to hire her. Saeko - significant other.
DarTan: The Unspeakable Cook.
Katrina: Bitch, She Eats People
Mimi: Varying Shades of Gray and A Concerning Amount of Red.
Ahab: Hail, Huntsmaster.
Stone: His Rap Sheet Is Better Than Wrapping Papper.