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Tali Sullivan

Name: Talitha Jawoh

Nicknames: Tali

Character Type: , , , , ,

Affiliation: Cute Magical Girl's of Yuki-sama, Followers of Great Teacher Largo, Principality of Sealand

Age: 16

Birthday: July 29

Magical Girl Identity: Tali Texas (Tex for short)

Theme Song: . No, wait, . Ooooh, no, ! WAIT, no, ! One of those, anyway.

The first thing most people notice about Tali is her wild mane of ridiculously thick, long blonde hair which absolutely no one is ever allowed to touch. Seriously, she takes great pride in her hair, and anyone messing with it would have to have a death wish (unless they happen to be Elsie, in which case it's okay, 'cause Elsie). The second thing they typically notice is either her purple (lilac, to be exact) eyes, or the fact that she is incredibly well built for a 16-year-old (something that is helped along by the fact that she's also incredibly fit). She's of fairly average height, though most would swear she seems taller from the sheer force of her personality, and has a surprisingly ladylike peaches-and-cream complexion. She also totally has her mother's nose.

Tali can typically be seen in either jeans or skater skirts and tops which vary from comfy, oversized sweaters to tiny little tanktops that bare her midriff, and almost always wears combat boots (though she has them in a wide variety of colours, to go with different outfits). Her ears are pierced but often left unadorned, and she wears very little jewelry - and absolutely no makeup (not that she needs it).

As Tali Texas, she wears a lightly armoured magical girl costume in a golden shade of apricot and black. For more serious fights, she also has full armour in gold and light purple.

-shotgun gauntlets she made herself
-a pair of her own take on Mass Effect's omni-blades
-modified Barrett XM109
-modified Heckler & Koch MP7
-combat knife
-anti-vampire combat knife
-various other guns
-lots of rocket launchers
-and grenade launchers

Special Equipment:
-custom motorbike she built herself, in the same colours as her combat armour
-wrist holo-computer she helped design, typically used for hacking on the fly
-interactive holo-computer system she uses when designing new equipment

Special Abilities:
Tali possesses superhuman strength and speed, further enhanced by her own frequent practice and workouts. More notable, however, is the fact that every hit she takes only serves to make her stronger; she can even direct the force of a hit back on her opponent. Bullets and blades can still be a concern, however.

She also has an extremely high IQ, which she often uses to design and build her own equipment, and run various experiments. Given her parentage, there really wasn't any way she wasn't going to end up ridiculously smart, but that doesn't make it any less impressive.


Important Relationships:
Elsie: The niece who's more like a sister, Tali has designated herself as being responsible for keeping her safe. The two have been pretty much inseparable from the moment Elsie was born, and are unquestionably best friends.

Skorpion: The dad with whom she has frequent battles of will, and tends to have trouble disciplining her on account of her particular brand of trouble often managing to turn out awesome.

Tiffaney: The mom who really, really likes hugging. And spending time together. And has a lot less trouble grounding Tali when she deserves it.

Devin: The big brother who supplies Tali with the equipment her parents actually won't let her have. Their bantering is familiar and affectionate, and they get along very well, even with the huge age gap.

Shiori: The cool older friend who's technically old enough to be her mom, and also used to be Elsie's frequent babysitter. She's tough and kick-ass, which means Tali totally idolizes her.

Fun Facts:
-Tali enjoys kick-boxing as a way to relax and unwind.

-She's fluent in English, Japanese, and Russian, and can more-or-less manage a conversation in a few other languages as well.

-Back at home, she has a pet raptor named Yang. Yang is awesome.

-She's brimming with self-confidence and is a natural leader. She's also extremely stubborn.

-She idolizes Agent Texas of Red vs. Blue, and Yang of RWBY. And the Sheperd she created while playing Arella's old Mass Effect games. And a few others as well, but spoilers.

-Tali's a lot more tactically-minded than most magical girls, and has no problem attacking an unprepared or unaware opponent. She's also willing to kill if necessary.

-She will absolutely .

-In spite of her age and the attention she tends to command from her male classmates, Tali has shown little to no interest in dating - she's got better things to do (experiments to run, equipment to design and build, bad guys to punch) and doesn't need the added distraction.

-She tends to swear rather frequently. Luckily, she also happens to be the only person Elsie allows to get away with it.

-She is extremely protective of Elsie.

-Tali's a big fan of .

-She can successfuly fly and land a helicopter.

-She has Jarvis on her phone instead of Siri. She jacked him from Iron Man, okay? He sounds cool!