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Viola Winchester

Name: Viola Winchester

Nicknames: Vi, Boss

Character Type: , , /Boss

Affiliation: The Valkyries

Age: 26-ish?

Birthday: None of your business.

Theme Song:

Viola is 5'6" tall, with a deceptively slender frame which rather belies the musculature and sheer stubborn strength within. She also has purportedly fabulous legs, and a very nice bust which she isn't at all opposed to using to her advantage when necessary. Her hair is kept cropped in a cute little bob that reaches just beneath her chin, and is dyed a rather garish shade of purple, though her dark eyebrows suggest her natural colour is equally as dark, if nothing else. Vi also never leaves the Valkyries base without her equally garish purple contacts, though the gang at least has seen her without them; her natural eye colour is a blue-grey, which is far more grey than blue.

She likes to wear heels, especially of the booted variety, and frequently wears skirts, no matter how inappropriate the activity. Black and purple are her most frequently worn colours, she prefers silver to gold, and her nails are usually painted the same shade of purple her merc band uses for their logo. Vi's greatest extravagance is, surprisingly, her underthings, which almost always match and tend to be of the black and lacey variety. It makes her feel sexy.

As with the rest of the Valkyries, Vi has their official tattoed on the right side of her neck. She also has a full-sized set of valkyrie wings tattooed on her back, and a smattering of stars around her left eye.

Lots of them. Seriously, she isn't picky. The rocket launcher is likely her favourite, though. Closely followed by her sniper rifle.

Viola also always has at least two combat knives on her person, and keeps some emergency throwing knives in her bra. Any attempt to divest her of the latter is likely to lead to the loss of a hand.

Special Abilities:
None. No, really - she's a completely normal human. The closest she gets is extensive combat and weapons training from a very early age, and that's just how she was raised.

She really doesn't think that's any of your business.

Whatever it is though, she's definitely running from it. Viola likely isn't even her real name.

Important Relationships:
Emily (Em): The Valkyries' tech specialist and hacker, and Viola's best friend. In fact, she may be Vi's first best friend ever. She can be very easily distracted by her computers, and very single-minded while working on them. She's also far less effective in combat than the rest of the team, in spite of Vi's training.

Michael: In charge of recon and intelligence for the Valkyries, and a talented sniper. Also a good friend and drinking buddy of Vi's; they have a surprisingly healthy "friends with benefits" arrangement, which works out well for both of them. Even if the rest of the team does like to give him a hard time about it on occassion (all in good fun, of course).

Rose: The official Valkyries pilot; she specializes in helicopters, but can fly just about anything if given enough time to study the controls. Rose is very cool-headed, loyal, and has a great deal of confidence in her boss.

Melanie (Mel): Another member of the Valkyries, and seemingly the most appreciative of Vi's sense of humour.

Samantha (Sam): The Valkyries' explosives expert, and a bit of an adrenaline or action junkie.

Kelsey (Kels): A member of the Valkyries.

Daniel (Dan): The Valkyries' official driver; the man's an artist behind the wheel of a car. Not bad in combat, either.

Fun Facts:
-Vi is a total - did you really expect otherwise?

-Her loyalty towards her people is of the sort. Seriously, you do not mess with her Valkyries.

-Purple is her favourite colour. In case you couldn't tell.

- is her favourite beer, meat lover's (pepperoni, sausage, beef, ham, and bacon, obviously) her favourite pizza, and Saints Row her favourite game franchise. So far as she's concerned, they all go together perfectly, and frequently feature within the Valkyries' home base.

-No matter their origins, Vi has trained each of her Valkyries personally. They all know better than to ask who trained her.

-Viola has very eclectic music tastes, her playlists typically combining classical, rock, hip hop, pop, and various other types of music. No, she doesn't think that's in any way weird, and why shouldn't she have something like the Bradenburg Concerto No. 3 sandwiched between Queen's Don't Stop Me Now and The Dø's Queen Dot Kong?

-Excessive swearing helps to keep her from panicking when things go wrong; it isn't so much an actively nervous response as an anti-panic one, and it seems to work fairly well.

-Vi is, at the heart of it all, a survivor. Don't expect her to be easily removed, and definitely don't expect her to ever just roll over and die.

-Thoroughly accustomed to the dick measuring contests that seem to permeate the mercenary business, Vi is more than capable of holding her own. As one rival declared, she has "damn impressive balls" - and not just for a woman.

- is what she sounds like.

-And is the precise moment her character was born. Her aim is better than her author's, though...

-Wanna know what her actual, character not author, current playlist sounds like? Just click !