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Casey Hailstein

Name: Casey Hailstein

Character Type: Cute, brainy scientist with an unusually bad bad luck streak.

Affiliation: Formerly Erika Multinational, CEO of her own company.

Wiki Page:

Property: Fortune's Charms and Contraptions (?)

Age: ~29

Casey has shoulder length brown hair she usually keeps up in a ponytail. She's ~5'6" and wears glasses. She's often wearing jeans and a t-shirt.

Special Abilities:
Casey is either the luckiest person or the unluckiest person alive. She often ends up with good luck where all the steps along the road to said lucky break being unlucky for all intents and purposes.

Casey was born in Boston, MA where she was raised as the only child of a scientist and a businesswoman. It turns out her mother had genetically engineered her to be extremely lucky, though it had manifested sufficiently subtly that it took many years for her mother to realize she was actually extremely lucky. Her mother didn't realize it until after Casey had fled the US to Japan.

Casey has a bachelors and PhD from MIT. When she was working on her post-doc, she inadvertently invented a cold fusion generator and subsequently had to flee the country from the oil companies.

She then worked at Erika Multinational for several years before starting out on her own. While she was working at EM, she had been dating Fish, but after a few years he broke it off when he moved away from Japan. She's currently single.

After a few years at Erika Multinational, she decided to start her own company.

Important Relationships:
Ash (deceased): Friend and roommate.

KITTEN: Casey's black sports car, modeled losely based on KITT except KITTEN a) has a female voice b) has a cold fusion generator instead of a gas tank and c) she's a dodge stealth instead of a pontiac.

Fun Facts:
Casey was loosely inspired by the X-Files episode The Goldberg Variation and my step-father.
Writer of: Anaryn Summers, Lily Summers, and Casey Hailstein. Surrogate writer of Nicholas Summers until such a time as his author decides to return.
Owner of: "All the Perfumes of Arabia" No Questions Asked Dry-Cleaners