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The Valkyries

Name: The Valkyries

Type: Mercenary Company

Official Logo: . In purple.

Leader: Viola Winchester

The Valkyries first appeared in Japan, already fully formed, about two years ago, and are swiftly making their way through the ranks of preferred mercenary companies. They will accept contracts from anyone, though associations with the United States and its citizens are extremely rare, and all contracts are accepted on a case-by-case basis, with leader Viola always having the final say. The origins of their starting finances, equipment, or indeed most of their members are largely unknown, but they're damn good at what they do, and their small size makes them a considerably less expensive alternative to most companies of a similar nature.

Viola Winchester: Leader and founder of the Valkyries. And very clearly American.

Emily (Em) Peterson: The company's tech specialist and hacker. She can be very easily distracted by her computers, and very single-minded while working on them. The least effective in combat, for obvious reasons, though she has received training. American.

Michael Bailey: In charge of recon and intelligence, and a talented sniper. Not bad in a close-quarters fight, either. Frequently razzes his boss, and the rest of the team as well. Something about his accent suggests Canadian origins (well, that and the fact that he's fluent in Quebecois French).

Rose Taylor: The official Valkyries pilot; she specializes in helicopters, but can fly just about anything if given enough time to study the controls. Rose is very cool-headed, loyal, and has a great deal of confidence in her boss. The British accent is very telling.

Melanie (Mel) Williams: Another member of the Valkyries. Possibly Canadian.

Samantha (Sam) Miller: The Valkyries' explosives expert, and a bit of an adrenaline or action junkie. American.

Kelsey (Kels) McAdams: A member of the Valkyries. Her accent pretty clearly labels her a Bostonian.

Daniel (Dan) Jones: The Valkyries' official driver; the man's an artist behind the wheel of a car. Not bad in combat, either. He could be from either Canada or the US, it's hard to tell; possibly his background includes both.

-When Viola tells her Valkyries to ride, it means retreat and fall back to base.

-All members of the Valkyries have the company logo tattooed on the right side or back of their neck. It's a definite sign of just how committed they are to the group, and perhaps even suggests they've been together as a team longer than the world's been aware of them.