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The Followers of Great Teacher Largo



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The Followers of Great Teacher Largo

Leader: Skorpion.

Basic Gist:
A combination of an industrial powerhouse, technological R&D, and a mercenary company, with a dash of mad engineer.

Unclear. Business interests are split between manufacturing of military equipment, and using it in the service of anyone who'll pay enough. They've been involved in various activities in the past, from saving the world to inter-faction prank warfare.

Corporate state. The FGTL bought out the Principality of Sealand shortly before the demon invasion, and used it's UN-recognised status and their considerable forces to leverage itself into existence as an independent state.

Mary the Receptionist - A slightly ditzy catgirl. Somewhat disorganised and prone to fluster, but gets the job done.
Short, with red hair usually worn in a short ponytail. Most often seen in a smart suit, with sensible flat-heeled shoes. Her cat ears and tail are the same colour as her hair.

Strider - Commander of FGTL forces. In many ways a typical Largoist; he likes fast cars, shooting things, and blowing things up. He's also a very good officer, who takes care of the men under his command, and works to solve issues between them and the rest of the faction. He reports directly to Skorpion. Tall, well-spoken, and with an upper-class english accent unless under stress, when he switches to an east-end London accent.

The Sargeant - Not 'a' Sargeant. 'The' Sargeant. Claims to be in his late thirties, but this is widely believed among the troops to be a blatant lie. In actuality, he's immmortal and has served as a sargeant in every major conflict since the invention of warfare. A damn good sargeant, even if he tends to bawl out new recruits in Roman latin.

Troopers - Recruited from the armies of the world. The disaffected, the discharged-for-recklessness, the drunk-on-duty, the politically unreliable, and the downsized, the FGTL welcomes them all. United by their love of a steady paycheck, shooting things, toys, and drinking b33r, they're a formidable force, if a little over-enthusiastic and boisterous at times.
Equipment: Assault rifles, grenades, sidearm, bayonet, and body armour are standard. Other kit is often used, but varies depending on personal taste. Tastes vary from the bare minimum right up to hyperspace containers full of tools and gadgetry.
Transport: In non-combat situations, they usually use armoured 4*4s. In combat, they use a variety of light and heavy armoured vehicles.

Specialists - Pilots, drivers, demolition experts, and the like. Troopers with something special that sets them apart from the rest.

Techies - Nerds, usually wearing lab-coats over jeans and T-shirts. They perform most of the research in the FGTL, as well as general gofer work for anyone doing research. Their speech is so laden with technical terms, slang, in-jokes and obscure references that it's practically a language in and of itself.

Administrative staff - Generic suits and pencil-pushers. They do the paperwork that keeps the FGTL running and in business. Interchangeable, generic, and omnipresent wherever there's paper.

The TPCD - The TPCD take a dim view to FGTL forces roaming the city, but can't legally do anything about it due to diplomatic immunity. This doesn't stop incidents from happening, but means all-out war between the two is all but impossible.

The LDG - Mihoist faction, but has been quiet since the demon invasion was repelled. Listed anyway because 'Mihoists are sneaky, and they might just be hiding'.

Saeko - Known to taunt FGTL forces in the city, simply for the joy of it.

The USA - Skorpion escaped from one of their top-secret research facility. The faction is harbouring multiple fugitives from US justice, dealing with the former soviet union, selling arms all but indiscriminately, and has a history of trolling US forces in or near japan.

Street furniture - Mostly speed cameras and parking meters, but large signs are also at threat of reprisal.

Birds - The consensus among FGTL forces is 'if it flies, it does'. It's unknown whether this is due to a specific grudge, or simply over-zealous application of air supremacy.

A short, squat structure in southwest tokyo surrounded by what was once parkland, but is now wilderness. The wilderness is partly intentional, but mostly due to the ground being sown with mines.

Other properties:
A large airfield and port across the bay, around Kimitsu. This was once a Wong Industries facility, but was taken over by the FGTL and flattened. Two long runways, with a shorter third one in the center. Relatively sparse on buildings for an airfield; only a few hangars and a control tower. Most of the storage is underground, accessed through gigantic lifts inside the hangars.
Also on the site is a large factory, where most of their complex manufacturing takes place.

An iron mine and steel mill in south america. Staffed partly by kemonomimi smuggled out through the railroad, with locals making up the majority of the workforce.

An ammunition factory in the Ukraine. Bought long before the demon invasion, and upgraded to the point where it can produce practically any ammunition in bulk. The vast majority of it's output is used by the FGTL.
Skorpion [FGTL]
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Re: The Followers of Great Teacher Largo

FGTL Equipment:


Ground vehicles:

Armoured SUVs - Like a hummvee crossed with a van, these are powerful capable vehicles, able to comfortably transport a fire-team of four troopers in the back, with room to move around and fire out the windows. They can carry twice that number if nobody needs to move, however. Equipped with a roof hatch and ring mount for a machinegun or grenade launcher as standard. Weapon usage varies on the taste of the crew.
Surprisingly fast for their size and weight.

Support trucks - Armoured high-sided pickup trucks with stabilised weapon mounts in the back, manned by heavily armoured troopers. Either fire-support systems such as autocannons and multiple machineguns, or specialised weapons like anti-tank missiles, recoilless rifles, or surface-to-air missiles. Able to pick targets and fire even while moving over rough ground at high speeds.

Staff cars - Classic american land-barges and muscle cars, as well as assorted soviet limousines, and a few british classics. Restored, armoured and modified for performance, usually including an engine swap with the standard 800HP 5.5L V8 engine developed and built by the FGTL. Larger and longer vehicles are fitted with four-wheel steering to make it around corners.

Skorpion's projects - Small sports cars modified in unusual ways as testbeds or experiments. For example, a Lotus Elise modified first to take a turbine engine and active aerodynamics, then retrofitted with a standard V8. Ridiculously fast, and sticks to the ground like it's been glued there.
Other projects are similar; often left half-finished before being modified into something else.


Light - Motocross bikes. Fast, and capable off-road and indoors. Most often used for scouting or courier duties, or transporting snipers up buildings when helicopters are unavailable.

Fast - Sport bikes and superbikes. Not as manouverable as the lighter bikes, but much faster on the road. Often used as long-distance couriers and convoy escort.

Heavy - Cruisers and touring bikes. Sturdy, solid platforms for firing from, and comfortable for long distances. Used for convoy escort, and support of lighter forces.

Super-heavy - ATVs, modified snowmobiles, and so forth. Anything heavier than a motorcycle but still ridden like one. Easily capable of carrying a gunner and the driver, and used for support of high-speed operations.

Articulated - Western-style articulated trucks. Tractor units are generally armoured and up-engined, with a roof hatch and ring mount like the SUVs. Operated with a crew of two to keep driving for as long as possible between stops. Trailers are lightly modified, with an armoured conduit for air lines and cabling, and reinforced tires. They always travel in convoy of at least three trucks, along with escorts and support vehicles. They don't tend to stop for anything unimportant like red lights, traffic, or roadblocks.

Rigid-body - Military-style trucks, usually imported from the former soviet union. Mostly used for hauling things off-road and cross country. Mostly used in the FGTL's south american interests, but some still see use in Tokyo.

Heavy equipment transports - Big articulated trucks, with an additional trailer behind. Either a single tank or two lighter vehicles per trailer. Based on the MZKT 74135 Volat

Former Soviet Union tanks make up the bulk of Largoist forces in this category. T-72s, T-80s, T-90s, and some older models. All are modified with Largoist engines and electronics, including active defense systems and upgraded armour.

Combat Support:
The BMPT72 has been adopted in this role. Able to lay down cannon and missile fire while based on a MBT chassis, it's a good fit with the FGTL's talent for urban combat.

Light tanks:
Most of this category is the CVR(T) family from britain, or the PT-76 from the soviet union. A few Cadillac-gage Stingray tanks as well, but not many in comparison to the rest.

BMP-2 and BMP-3.

Originally, the FGTL started out with the Stryker/Mowag Piranha series of vehicles. Attrition has depleted them, so they've been replaced slowly with BTR-80s, with BTR-90s as fire support.
Additionally, various tracked APCs are used. There's no uniform acquisition of them, with examples simply picked up and upgraded whenever needed. Due to Largoist tendencies and age, no two are ever quite the same.
The BMD family are also used in airborne operations.

Self-propelled - The ShKH Zuzana 2 is most common, being based on the Tatra chassis the FGTL is familiar with, and fully compatible with their western towed guns.

Towed - The M119/L119 howitzer sees the most use, being light and easily portable; both towed behind vehicles and slung underneath a helicopter. The M198 howitzer is also used, having been picked up on the surplus market.

Anti-aicraft - Primarily the SA-19 9K22 Tunguska system, for providing air cover over a local area. These are supplemented by the SA-22 Pantsir-S1 system, and the SA-21 S-400 Triumf system for long range cover. Removal of enemy aircraft is primarily done by their FGTL air wing, but missiles and guns make for fine insurance policies.

MZKT-79921 - An ICBM transporter. The FGTL only has a few examples, one of which has been converted into a mobile command and control facility. The rest are deployed in south america, modified to launch payloads into orbit.

Experimentals - The FGTL has been known to convert tank chassis into experimental weapons carriers, from railguns to plasma cannons and large lasers.



The Mil Mi-17 is the FGTL's primary tactical transport helicopter. Upgraded in typical FGTL fashion, with uprated engines, light armour, and electronics upgrades.

The Mil Mi-26 is used as a heavy airlifter, along with the CH-47 Chinook. The former was simply purchased from Russia, and the latter have mostly been stolen, or acquired through third parties.

The Westland Lynx is also operated as a light transport, mostly for moving small teams of specialists around. They also see some use in scouting, when fitted with sensor masts.

The Mil Mi-24 Hind is the primary attack helicopter in the FGTL, upgraded to a modern standard with electronics, engines, and composite armour. Notably, only half have been fitted with the shorter wings to allow hovering out of ground effect, with the rest left with the longer wings for greater lift at speed. All have been fitted with door guns operated by the flight engineer in the cabin, as well as a machinegun in a remote turret under the tail.
They are primarily used as pure attack helicopters, but often make use of their transport capacity as well.

They are supplemented by the Mi-28 Havoc, and the Ka-50 Hokum, Ka-52, and Ka-50-2 Erdogan. The lighter Ka-50s and variants are used to compliment the larger Hinds and Havocs, their speed and agility combined with the heavy punch of the larger helicopters. There are a few AH-1 Cobras in the inventory, but most have since been lost, or traded to the Russians.

747 Freighters are used for the majority of the FGTL's air freight. Upgraded to the -800 standard, they're fast, efficient, and relatively cheap to fix. And best of all, there's no problem with size or attracting suspicion when landing them at an airport.

The Il-76 is the second most common airlifter, mostly used for delivering vehicles to be driven off, or for large airdrops. Also used are the A-50 AEWACS variant, and Il-78 mid-air refueling tankers.

The C-130 and An-12 tactical airlifters are used interchangably, having been upgraded with identical engines and electronics packages. These are most often seen delivering items by airdrop, and onto short or unprepared landing sites.

The An-70 has also been entering service with the FGTL in small numbers, this being the first large aircraft built with their involvement.

They also operate a single An-124 heavy airlifter.

Fighter/ground attack:
Harrier 2 and Sea Harrier aircraft are operated from FGTL HQ itself, which is outfitted with a short runway and ski ramp to allow for their use. A squadron of four are on alert at all times for quick-response airstrikes.

The bulk of the fighter force is made up of Su-27 variants, from the Su-27 itself up to Su-35 and Su-37 interceptors, with Su-30 MKIs obtained in a deal with India. They also operate a few Su-47s when needed, and some Su-34 strike fighters.

For smaller fighters, the MiG-29 and MiG-31 see use, alongside a few F-16s, and F-20 Tigersharks.

Panavia Tornados are used as both long-range patrol aircraft with the F4 variant, and the GR4s as strike aircraft, along with the SEPECAT Jaguar.
The Su-25 Frogfoot also sees use as a heavy strike aircraft, saturating areas with rocket and cannon fire as needed.

The MiG-21 also sees a lot of use, mostly as unmanned drone aircraft, or simply as cruise missiles to threaten shipping. The few manned examples used are mostly as testbeds and training.

UAVs - Many designs are used, often thrown skywards in prototype form. They vary from conventional UAVs to hybrid craft that can transform and track a target overland and indoors. There is also competition amongst FGTL engineers to make the smallest effective UAVs without losing them in cluttered work areas.
Skorpion [FGTL]
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Re: The Followers of Great Teacher Largo

Services offered:

Classic vehicles restored and modified to Largoist standards. Either provide the donor vehicle, or pay a premium for them to source one. Takes a few weeks, but they're built to customer specifications.

Ex-soviet armoured vehicles delivered on demand for common examples, but with longer wait times for rarer vehicles.

Armoured SUVs delivered from stock, or customised to order.

Weapons and ammunition:
Delivered on demand from their extensive stocks, even for rarer examples. As the patent holders for the Pancor Jackhammer automatic shotgun, they're the exclusive suppliers of it. Buy one today, shut those annoying birds up!

Ammunition delivered in all quantities, from a few clips or a couple of boxes, up to enough bullets to wage a war. Larger orders take longer to deliver, and are less flexible in where they can be delivered to.

Ammunition can also be delivered singly, in all cases. Just call up and designate a target, and your purchase will be delivered to it. You can designate a set time, or simply request it ASAP. Precision and timing costs more. Available in all sizes, from a delivery dart, right up to cluster munitions, or a fuel-air explosive dropped from a transport plane. Nuclear, chemical, and biological weapons are NOT available, no matter how much you pay.
Now the exclusive supplier of air-dropped mines, due to international treaty. Defend your lawn today!

Anime, manga, pocky, and even Mountain Dew or moonshine. Available by delivery, collection, or through the extensive retail network.
The FGTL does NOT offer narcotics or prescription drugs.

Can be ordered at a specific time and place. More precision and accuracy adds more cost, and may add to the minimum time to delivery. All deliveries of goods must be signed for in person, witnessed by the delivery operative. Also available are deliveries to your phone signal, for when you really don't know where you are.
Harm to delivery systems or operatives will be added to your bill. You break it, or them, you bought it.
Warning: Not liable for collateral damage incurred during deliveries. This includes roofs.

Arranged at FGTL HQ, or at distribution locations around the city.

For yourself or others. Helicopter, ground vehicle, or low-flying aircraft, simply make your choice ahead of time. Specify a drop-off location, or simply leave the destination blank and be taken to the exclusive holding area.

Placing your order:
Either drop by FGTL HQ in person for a consultation on your needs, use the dedicated 24/7 call center (available in many languages), or simply log onto the website, fill out the forms, and select your order from the menus.
Skorpion [FGTL]
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