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The Mikawa Clan

One of Japan's older surviving clans, the Mikawa are probably best known for their ancestor's attempt to seize a good portion of Medieval Japan with an army of demons. They haven't changed much over the years - their rivals and enemies still have a tendency to turn up dead (or simply disappear altogether) - but they have become more subtle, making it all but impossible to trace these incidents back to them.

The Mikawa Clan is matriarchal, always tracing its line through the females, as that's the only way to be truly certain they're Mikawa. As a result, men typically take on their wives' names upon marrying into the clan.

The Mikawa have been known to produce very powerful spiritualists, and children begin their training as onmyouji and kuro miko/dark mages at an early age. They are well versed in the use of dark magic and demonology, and some clan members have shown great skill in the art of divination as well. The most powerful living member of the clan was Mikawa Sayuri, before she left at the end of Sad Factions In Snow.

Noteworthy Clan Members:
Mikawa Azami: a powerful kuro miko and onmyouji, and founder of the clan. Some say she sold her soul to a demon in exchange for her powers, but the validity of this is unknown. Deceased.

Mikawa Takeshi: a very powerful dark mage, but unremarkable onmyouji. He attempted to seize control of a good portion of Medieval Japan with an army of demons, and very nearly succeeded. Deceased.

Mikawa Katsumi: Sayuri's mother and previous head of the Mikawa Clan. She was the second most powerful living onmyouji and kuro miko in the Clan, bested only by her eldest daughter. Deep down, she resented Sayuri for this. Defeated and killed by Sayuri.

Mikawa Tsuyoshi: Sayuri's father. Though coming from a powerful clan himself, he took his wife's name upon marrying into the family. He wasn't an onmyouji, but did possess impressive power as a dark mage. Killed by Shiri.

Mikawa Yuichi: Sayuri's older brother. He was his mother's intended heir, but that didn't make him any less of an idiot so far as Sayuri was concerned. Killed by Shiri.

Mikawa Shoji: Sayuri's twin brother and best friend. He died a few days after their 13th birthday, leaving her to face their family alone - and was killed by Shiri, as per Death's orders.

Mikawa Sayuri: the most powerful living onmyouji and kuro miko in the clan. She left them after a brief stint as clan head, but continues to use their name (both because it has a delightful way of opening doors in high-society throughout the world, and because it keeps the government from wondering where all her money comes from).

Mikawa Momoko: Sayuri's younger sister. Her greatest power lay in her irresistable beauty, which had been magically enhanced since she was five years old. Killed by Shiri.

Mikawa Chikako: Sayuri's "baby" sister. Her powers were unremarkable and showed no sign of improving, and she possessed a weak spirit. As the "baby" of the family, she was quite spoiled in spite of this. Killed by Shiri.

Mikawa Kaoru: Known as Niigata Kaoru outside the family, in order to properly keep up appearances as Hikaru's wife. Kaoru is Sayuri's cousin (the daughter of Katsumi's younger sister), and the current leader of the Mikawa Clan; she is also ruling over the Niigata Clan through her husband, whom she has been controlling through the careful use of magic and potions since their honeymoon. Nowhere near as powerful an onmyouji or kuro miko as her cousin, she is nonetheless dangerously clever, and knows exactly how best to use what powers she does possess.

Mikawa Naoko: The first-born daughter of Niigata Hikaru and Kaoru, but she rarely ever bothers to use her father's family name. In spite of being female (while the Niigata are a patriarchal clan), and younger than her twin brother by several minutes, Naoko is being groomed to rule both the Niigata and Mikawa clans as per Mikawa tradition. Her abilities are roughly equal to her mother's, and she's no less clever (albeit more than a little spoiled, and extremely proud). Naoko is roughly the same age as Amaya.

Mikawa Kazuo: The first-born child of Niigata Hikaru and Kaoru (and several minutes older than his twin sister, Naoko), Kazuo uses both family names depending on which serves him best at any given moment. He resents his sister's being chosen as heir over him, and it has made him a bitter and angry boy. Kazuo is roughly the same age as Amaya.