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the bar

the bar (note, NO CAPS) is the small drinking establishment started by Saeko upon her return to Tokyo. It's completely unlike the Cave of Evil that was once Saeko's favorite haunt. The music is quiet and fairly gloomy, the public space small, the pickings somewhat slim, and there is no Waltah. The only thing it has in common with the CoE is the dress code. Saeko's patrons and decor tend to still be fairly gothy in nature.
Just who those patrons are is unclear. They don't tend to encourage much familiarity.

the bar is located in the Ota region of Tokyo, not far from Kamata Station and Kamata Elementary School. (Yuki attends the associated yochien, or preschool.) It doesn't advertise, and is easily missed when walking by. In many ways it seems more a speakeasy than a pub.

The only permanent residents are Saeko and Yuki.

The exterior of the bar is very non-descript. It's on ground floor of a drab building, not far from a somewhat boring appliance store. It could easily be mistaken as a service entrance for the shop, as it is unmarked and the door kept closed.

Inside it's not much more descript. The bar is an abused wood that defies categorization, showing signs of long abuse. Behind the bar are the typical shelves of booze and a large mirror that hasn't been washed since some time before Saeko took possession of it. Around the main room are booths and tables, poorly lit and barely serviceable. There are a few private rooms and booths, though Saeko is known to discourage their use through poorer service than usual.

Next to the cleaning closet and sole toilet in the back is a stairway that leads up to the second story. It is here that Saeko and Yuki live. The rooms are modest. There is a single bed room where Saeko sleeps on traditional futons and Yuki uses a child sized bed. A modest but clean kitchen gives a stark contrast to the dingy bar below. The living room is comfortable for two people, with a TV (for Yuki to watch shows) against one wall and a small shrine opposite. Miho and Inari are both enshrined as kami of equal status. Beside that is a modest butsudan with pictures of a dark miko and a maid.