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Maiko Gintama

Name: Maiko Gintama
Nicknames: Mai-chan
Character Type: Android
Affiliation: Tensai Shindou (Not really an affiliation, she just listens to what he tells her to do), Seemingly factionless
Age: 4 months old
Birthday: April 3, 2014 (First activation date where further repairs and tinkering were not required.)
Theme Song: Real me – Ayumi Hamasaki -

Standing at only 4'9” tall Maiko isn't a very imposing figure. She has short red hair and icy blues ices. The hair is made out of synthetic fibers but it has the look, sheen, and feel of natural hair. Anyone gazing at her eyes for too long, might notice there's something not quite right about them. Yes they too are very convincing but they don't always reflect light the way a human eye would, and deeper still there's a tiny flaw in the left one. It does not interfere with the model's functionality. For the most part Maiko's body would seem cold to the touch, save for near the core of her body located in the chest. The simulated skin is subject to wear and tear. Everyday used is usually not an issue but combat situations definitely have the potential for exposing Maiko for what she truly is.

She tends to wear a school uniform consisting of a short black skirt with box pleats, a green sleeveless shirt and a green and white jacket with an insignia just below the left shoulder. This of course included white cotton socks and sneakers. Maiko isn't overly concerned with adornments but she has been programmed to keep all the things covered that a normal school girl should (Even though she's not entirely sure why she should). Sometimes she will utilize a hair clip to keep stray strands from covering any vital sensors but beyond that not much else.


Electrical shocks – She can redirect the electrical current coursing within her and channel it into a target. This will result of a decrease in power in other functions but there isn't a huge delay in switching the electricity back and forth.

Rocket punch – Her hands can be launched forward to either punch an opponent or grab ahold of something. The hands remained tethered to her body via long cables.

She is able to use more conventional weapons, but there hasn't been a reason for her to.

Her body. She is able to kick and punch like a normal human plus her tough titanium body would make it all the worse.

Special Abilities:
Electromagnetic field – Continuing the trend of being able to manipulate electricity, she doesn't have to use it for offensive purposes. This field can shield her or her creator from an oncoming assault.

Rocket boots – When it's just easier to fly or to try and evade.

Infared sensors – She can detect heat sources, and identify a variety of species or technological devices the heat signatures match. This can be fooled if temperatures in the immediate area are too hot, or if someone deploys oh.. say.. a fire extinguisher.

Imaging technology – This helps her identify people by her version of “sight”, and using a memory stick any images not discarded in normal operations can be printed off for others to see!

Being only a few months old, Maiko doesn't have an extensive backstory. She was constructed in bits in pieces over the years, with manner trials and errors. Strangely, most of the people that were instrumental in her construction she is no longer in contact with. The reasoning for this is not something that is known to Maiko, and her programming has been altered so that she only answers to Tensai Shindou now.

Important Relationships:
Tensai Shindou – One of the people who was instrumental in her construction. The way he treats her and interacts with her is mixed. Sometimes he acts more like a brother than a “creator”, especially when the two are in public. That being said anyone would notice that they do not share the same last name. He seems to be a bit protective of her, and she of him. She may be a machine but he treats her with some level of respect. Othertimes, he treats her like a computer, asking her to compile data for him, etc etc.. in a more businesslike and serious fashion.

The other creators – For the most part they've been deleted from her memory but some bytes of information evaded the wipe. She is curious about them, but so far has obediently refrained from looking into it.

Fun Facts:
Maiko is able to translate a variety of languages..... er.. some more accurately than others. Think Google translation on the languages she's not as well programmed for.....

Her knowledge banks can be updated if material is supplied, and because of which she can “remember” a good deal more than an average human. The drawback being.. this data can be damaged, corrupted, or the parts can simply break down and need to be replaced. SO! She can “forget” things faster than others too!

Despite being an android she is not completely emotionless. On the contrary, she is often more emotive than Tensai himself... so much so it might have you questioning whose the robot and whose the human! Maiko is generally upbeat and curious about the world around her. She might know of many things but experiencing them is something different.

She is supposed to be posing as a human as not to draw attention to herself, but Maiko is.... not the best at hiding who she is.

Maiko does not need to eat (lol obviously).. but it's another one of those things that makes it hard to blend in.

She enjoys learning new things, and watching the behaviors of various organisms. Small furry creatures are right up there.

When it comes to games like chess, checkers, sudoku..... she can be frightfully quick at solving them. She is not in fact... trying to cheat... but how can she not since she is essentially a humanoid computer! She has been advised to throw as many matches as she wins... something she took too literally. If you play four rounds she will lose 2 out of the 4.... if it's 6 … she'll lose 3 out of 6. It's an odd pattern a normal person might pick up on. If the number is odd.. then she can get fidgety and try to encourage her companion for “just one more round!”.

Maiko is short for “My Computer”.

The kanji used to spell her name translates roughly to “every” “girl”. Showing that maybe someone was a little obsessed with this project... and didn't really make time for anyone outside the lab.

The last name translates to “silver” “soul”. The word Tamashii is abbreviated like computer was before. The silver refers to the silver shell that hides underneath the skin. Soul refers to how the android is able to grow and adapt to some degree on her own.. as if she had a soul.