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Clayton Foster

Name: Clayton (Clay) Foster

Race: Confusing; a human bitten by two dhampirs and somehow turned in to something not quite vampire, not quite dhampir and certainly not human.

Appearance: mid-late teens. Short-ish, shaggy, black hair. Red retinas. Prefers loose comfortable clothing, regardless of it's actual appearence. Tends towards jeans and t-shirts, with random things on them. Likes to be as un-noticeable as possible. Master of blending into the crowd, and his appearance is not easily remembered. Only concession to function over form is his combat boots under his baggy-ish pants. Pair of slightly larger than normal canine teeth; they grow when needed.

Abilities: standard vampire fare. Can turn to mist, bat, or wolf. Is a friendly wolf. Can heal from injuries rapidly, but nothing like DarkTan's regenerative abilities, unless he feeds. Hypnosis; can make someone a thrall by feeding on them as well as read their memories like an open book. Doesn't need to feed like a normal vampire, he is able to chose either food or blood. Prefers to hunt as a wolf and eat that way, but MT offers precious little in that regard. Stronger than a human for his size, but nothing crazy. Can throw motorcycles, but not cars.

Personality: Still acts like a teenager despite being much older than that. Actual age is not particularly known. Likes girls, but still shy around them. Absolutely refuses to use his powers to get a date, but has no problem using them to woo a female and then take a nibble. Never feeds on guys. Likes almost every form of music, except barber shop quartets and country-rap, aka, crap. Not much of a gamer, technologically adept, but nothing crazy. Has a familiar scorpion that is usually on his person somewhere. The creature is extremely venomous and named Steve. He's a tinkerer and likes to build random things he finds on the internet just because he can.

Combat: primarily a hand to hand fighter, but will use anything in the vicinity as a weapon provided he can lift it. Likes to use his abilities of turning to a mist to essentially emulate the old Mortal Kombat "Teleport" move to confuse his opponents. Doesn't always win, but the ass kicking character build right?

History: He was runner in prohibition era USA for a large moonshine dispensary. When making a delivery, he met a beautiful woman with striking red eyes and long blue hair. It would have been a night to remember had he been able to remember it (Might expain his shyness with the ladies). He awoke with a headache and a small cut on his neck. A week later he thought he saw the same woman and followed her in to the woods. It turned out to be a man that was arguing with himself. Last thing he remembered was severe head pain and he awoke with a nearly identical cut just a couple inches above the first one. That night he passed out and didn't wake up for three days. When he did, he bit through his own tongue with his new fangs when he saw his red eyes in the mirror.

He managed to find a barely sympathetic priest once the old man found out a crucifix didn't bother the young man, nor did he require blood. Between the two, they determined he was something new, born to two half vampires. He decided to hunt down his sires, or as he began to think of them, his parents. Eventually he found one of them, DarkTan, on Oprah. Took him a while, but he managed to save up enough for the tip to Japan. Upon a night out hunting, he also saw the woman he had been looking for. Not able to believe his luck, he followed her, to find out where she lived. She was staying with a catboy, whom he decided to follow to see if he could learn more about the woman he considered to be a mother of sorts.

This has brought him to the CMGY Academy.
DarTan: The Unspeakable Cook.
Katrina: Bitch, She Eats People
Mimi: Varying Shades of Gray and A Concerning Amount of Red.
Ahab: Hail, Huntsmaster.
Stone: His Rap Sheet Is Better Than Wrapping Papper.