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Apparent Age: Mid/late twenties
Height: 5’ 5”
Eyes: Yellow
Hair: Coffee brown
Character Theme: Poor Unfortunate Souls – Little Mermaid
Favorite Flavor of Ice Cream: Neapolitan

Things She Likes Quite a Bit
'Friendly' competition, stubborn people

Things She Doesn’t Like so Much

Tschim’s opinions are strong, her tongue is sharp and she’s better than you. Combined with her general inflexibility, that’s usually enough to make her the biggest bitch in the room.

Tschim is highly detail oriented. She speaks carefully, often too extravagantly for casual conversation, both especially so when making promises. Woe betides any who question her loyalty to an oath, although to be fair to the ill-speaker, her rules-fu game is stronger than anybody’s. She has no patience for weakness. Tschim is methodical, and always acts with intention… unless properly provoked. Howell is usually a good avenue to get her acting less than abrasively disciplined. Bratty children (and the definition of “child” here is flexible) probably falls a distant second.

She does, believe it or not, have a softer emotional underbelly. Good luck ever finding it, though.

Physical Description:
At an average height with above average hip-waist ratio (among other measurements), to say that Tschim is a bombshell might be underselling her a bit. Her hair falls in large curls to the small of her back, usually at least. If one was paying attention, they might notice a difference of an inch one way or the other from time to time and that the ends of her curls dissipate like trails of smoke.

She’s causing as much trouble as she can manage, and that is not an inconsiderable amount. She’s completely disinterested in the Megatokyo racial tensions, to be entirely honest.