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Elsie Stark

Name: Elspeth Ogilvy

Nicknames: Elsie, Elsiebeth

Character Type: Magical Girl Warrior, Kid from the Future

Affiliation: Cute Magical Girl's of Yuki-sama

Age: 13

Birthday: April 1

Magical Girl Identity: Sugar Plum Princess

Theme Song: One Step At A Time

Elsie is rather small for her age, but is also clearly still growing, and possesses the unmistakable build and grace of movement of a dancer. Her often beribboned golden blonde hair is long, very nearly reaching her waist, and tends to fall in gentle (and completely natural) curls about her shoulders. Her eyes are a pure, deep blue, and have a tendency to reveal exactly what she thinks and feels at any given moment. The spitting image of her mother at the same age, Elsie is magically cute and will likely never look her age.

Being the dancer that she is, Elsie can often be seen wearing both dresses and shoes modeled after her typical ballet-wear, with her all-time favourite pair of shoes actually allowing for en pointe dancing. She also enjoys the Sweet Lolita style, and dresses in general, and can typically be seen in either pink or white and red. Oh, and she owns a great many tutus and ballet slippers.

As the Sugar Plum Princess, she wears a pink and gold tutu with matching, fairy-like gloves and pink en pointe ballet slippers, and a pink and gold crown adorns her head.

-A pink and gold staff with a weighted heart at one end, which she often uses to whack people with. In spite of this weight discrepancy, she can also use it as a bo staff with more than a little skill, AND as a prop for dancing. Oh, and it has a magical attack, and works as a focus for her powers.

Special Abilities:
With the help of her staff, the Sugar Plum Princess can shoot sparkly balls of pinkish-gold magic at her enemies to incapacitate them. The blue stone on the heart-adorned end of the staff can also create a brilliant light which she uses to blind and disorient her foes.

Without the help of her staff, she can also create a spherical shield of pink and gold magic around herself, though the staff is necessary for her to maintain it for any great length of time, and she isn't yet strong enough to use it unless in her magical girl form.

Elsie possesses some healing abilities, though she isn't strong enough yet to handle anything major, and she cannot use them on herself. The healing process also draws upon her own energy to work, making it anywhere from tiring to downright exhausting, and it is entirely possible that she could end up killing herself to save another if the injury were severe enough and she pushed herself too hard.

As with most magical girls, she's faster and at least a little bit stronger than most humans, and she can jump impressive distances.

And no, she can't fly yet.


In-Thread History:
See MttC Wiki.

Important Relationships:
Tomoe: The first person Elsie met upon ending up in the past, and her new friend.

Lucius: Elsie's not-yet-papa. Whom she can't let know is her future-papa. And doesn't really act like her papa. Lucius really, REALLY makes her miss her actual papa.

Skorpion: Elsie's not-yet-grandad. But at least he knows who she really is, and who he's going to be to her, so she gets occasional hugs. Much, MUCH needed hugs.

Tali: Her bestest friend in the whole wide universe. Elsie and Tali have been inseparable pretty much since Elsie was born, and Tali always looks out for her. She's also the one who clocks people in the nose if they make Elsie cry, though that was mostly when they were younger.

Future-Arella: Her mama, and quite possibly most favourite person in the whole wide world. Elsie adores her mother, and takes after her to an almost eerie extent.

Future-Lucius: Elsie's papa, and a source of great fun. And laughter. Because some things never change. He calls her Elsiebeth.

Future-Katrina: Elsie's Auntie Kat, for lack of a better title. In fact, Kat is the only one who actually gets the title of aunt, in spite of not actually being one. Elsie especially loves her stories, though she doesn't always understand them.

Future-Skorpion: Her grandad. Elsie isn't remotely shy about demanding hugs from him, and he's gotten pretty used to giving them by now.

Fun Facts:
-Elsie is fluent in English, Japanese, Scottish-English, and Scottish-Gaelic. And yes, she knows exactly what Lucius is saying when he curses in Gaelic. Shame on him!

-Since she didn't get a familiar upon becoming a magical girl, her grandad (Skorp) and grandmum made her one in the form of Haro-chan - a pink sphere which can typically be found hovering protectively around her, but can also change into a pink pterodactyl when going into battle.

-Elsie's favorite stuffed animal is a big pink bunny stuffie named Snuggle Bunny, given to her by her mother. Unfortunately, Snuggle Bunny is still back in the future. Or still with her mother, depending on how you look at it.

-Her favorite colours are pink and gold, which just so happen to be the colours of both her aura and her magic.

-Elsie is a dancer, specializing in classical ballet and Scottish highland dancing. She also enjoys figure skating, cheerleading, and singing, and can play the piano fairly well.

-Her trademark hair ribbon is patterned after Clan Ogilvy's tartan, though she's had to stop wearing it since ending up in the past (spoilers, and all that).

-She's terrified of the reapers from Doctor Who, to the point where she had nightmares about them even before she ended up accidentally traveling through time. Firefly's reavers are scarier, though.

-She’s an atrocious liar. Seriously, she should never even attempt it, it's that bad.

-Instead of saying some magic words to begin her magical girl transformation sequence (like most magical girls), Elsie sings a few notes of music. She also lacks a transformation trinket, with her staff appearing before her as she sings the final note instead seeming to serve this purpose.

-Like her mother, Elsie doesn't call her attacks as a magical girl, either.

-She chose the alias of Elsie Stark because of A Song of Ice and Fire's House Stark, and Auntie Kat's stories about Tony Stark. And also because she can never seem to remember to answer to a different first name.

-In spite of her typical dancer's grace, Elsie has a pretty major clumsy streak - it just never seems to hit while she's dancing.

Current Playlist:
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