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Name: Shiori (No surname at this time)

Occupation: Gym Teacher, Non-Magical Defense Teacher, [CLASSIFIED!]

Age: 22, but physically 20.

Physical Description: Shiori is a 5'11" snow-leopard kemonomimi. Standard fur coloration on the ears and tail, albeit reversed. LONG fluffy tail, kinda distracting to folks. Very much toned, life of exercise and training will do that. Very fair skin, best parts of her Japanese and Western heritages in both complexion and facial features. Due to her nanites, she stopped aging at 20. A note, she only has the kitty ears, not both kitty and human. Bust is...prodigious. Current estimates are Heavy EE to Large F. Few have been allowed to measure, and those that have have noted that they are [CLASSIFIED CLASSIFIED CLASSIFIED I WILL HARM THE PERSON WHO THOUGHT IT OK TO PUT THIS HERE CLASSIFIED!] and under no circumstances are to continue doing so.

In the US, a supersoldier program involving the use of an untested batch of nanites was introduced approximately 20 years ago. The nanites were theorized to bring, at minimum, a degree of accelerated healing as well as increased strength and reflexes. A select group of orphans, under the condition that they would be raised well and without the normal complications of such a program (to as best as the military could manage), were chosen to be a part of this experiment. As the infusions were conducted, several discoveries were made. First, the nanites refused to bond with any male recipient. No harm was done to the boys, but they simply did not receive any benefit, and the nanites safely removed themselves from their systems. Second, the nanites further refused to bond with anyone over the age of 4, for reasons unknown to even the creators of the micro machines.

Shiori was part of the first group chosen, at the tender age of 2. Like the others that the nanites bonded to, the effects were clear almost instantly. Her strength was increased beyond normal means, with in days being able to lift her handlers with ease. As she and the other girls grew, the scientists noticed a third factor about the machines. They had a hint of sentience, a hive mind within each body, and seemed to have chosen to bond only with those that seemed to have a certain degree of...heroism in their personalities. Further, the nanites actually seemed to realize the ages of their hosts and decreased the more destructive parts of their abilities.

24 girls were chosen overall, but while all of them displayed the same traits of speed, strength and healing, there were subtle differences between each one. Shiori was noted specifically to be much faster in healing, which caused her muscles to grow stronger, and further increased her physical capabilities. Aside from the nanite-helped abilities, Shiori also displayed a knack for all things Western-based Mech, to the point where her knowledge over time has become second to none. She has since developed micro-sized mechs that she has dubbed her Spider Force, and continues to craft (and name) many of them to this day. Otherwise, Shiori has a fair amount of knowledge overall, in the civilian sense, but due to her extreme focus on hand-to-hand combat as well as her mechs, her arms capabilities are lacking. Namely, anything much higher than a handgun and she has little-to-no experience.

Her life as a super-soldier-child wasn't all that bad. She wasn't totally lonely, what with 23 sisters running around, a throng of scientists helping, checking, and otherwise doting on them 24/7, as well as a select group of soldiers chosen for their good personalities and attention to detail. That said, she had nothing in the way of contact to other parts of the world, save for when she was allowed or needed to go into the public, or when a foreign dignitary was granted a chance to look into the project. These forays were few and far between, and as such, she has a hard time talking to people outside of where she was raised. Add to this, she always had a fair bit of shyness to her, despite her otherwise bombastic and enthusiastic personality. Frankly put, she is better with "situations" than "people", but Shiori has been doing her best to get over this. Notably, she does much better with children and students, having been the "older sister" to about 15 other girls. Her recent jobs as a teacher and [CLASSIFIED!] have been helpful in this regard.

In regards to the program, it has been discontinued for approximately 4 years now. The nanites still have no known limits to what they could or could not do, and thanks to the way the girls were raised, with the scientists, soldiers and all higher personnel involved with the program having refused to do any testing that could potentially permanently hurt, or worse kill, any of their charges, they are likely not going to be known. Combined with the fact that it was discovered that the nanites only gave their full strength to those that had aged normally, as well as the cost of producing these largely prototypical devices, the program became far too expensive to continue past the first 4 batches of girls. That said, while no more new girls were introduced, the current ones were kept on to continue the study of the devices. Trained, raised, the 24 proved that the nanites COULD work as a super-soldier maker, but they simply took too long and were overall too unpredictable.

Shiori herself was the catalyst to the benevolent end to the program. At the age of 12, having taken her favorite mech out without permission, she was in an incident which involved an known rogue immortal, a refinery, a vampire, and her mech that ended up imploding due to circumstances beyond her and the man's control. After 8 days of rescuers digging through the rubble, they finally found her. Or rather, what was left of her: A torso, with her head, right arm, most of left arm, both legs, and most of her chest completely obliterated. Fearing the worst, the crews transported her remains to her base...and a seventh discovery was made. Not only did the nanites manage to preserve what little flesh remained, but the moment they "sensed" that she was no longer in a position of danger they...rebuilt her. It took a while, because this was the most extensive damage they had ever repaired before, but lo, Shiori was brought back. She lost a few days worth of memory, before the incident, but she was alive and whole nonetheless. Initially unshaken, at the age of 17 she looked through the details of the incident and became very aware of how close she came to being...gone. After a few months of debating with herself, an opportunity presented itself, and with a soldier willing to "look the other way", Shiori slipped into the night and out into the world. Naturally, the higher ups involved found out, but instead of going the usual maniacal route of hunting her down, simply let her go with their blessing, a stipend that continues to this day, as well as continued contact. Within the year, the program was shut down fully, with the girls and all involved allowed to go the direction they felt necessary. Many of them immersed themselves back into other secret projects, and have yet to be heard of. Shiori still has contact with a few girls from the program, as well as the head general and a few of his subordinates.

After a few year's worth of travel, Shiori found herself in the middle of Japan. Relatively broke thanks to some reckless spending, alone, and pretty lost at this point, she gained a rather lucky break. A being by the name of Skorpion tracked her down, and found out about her situation. He called in a favor to Lucius to get her a job at the CMGY academy. There she has taken up the mantle of Gym Teacher, and recently the Non-Magical Self Defense Class. Her continued work in the Spider Force has created a line of rather adorable spider-bots that roam the school, repairing everything they can get their appendages on, and (mostly) avoiding the MG's tendencies to adopt anything small and cute. Further, Shiori has since developed her own danger-room-esque facility, complete with all the apparatuses necessary to train the MGs in the academy. Rumor has it, it can do more than that....

In the present, Shiori is continuing her work in her classes, and trying her best to get the girls (and boys) to understand the importance of non-magical self defense, her mech work...and her dealings with the anti-anime crowds. Recently, she has gotten herself involved with the kemonomimi-underground, by utilizing [CLASSIFIED CLASSIFIED CLASSIFIED] who have recently ensured the success of several dozen rescues. To ensure said success, Shiori has lately been involved with [CLASSIFIED OMG CLASSIFIED!] and has become a smashing success when she appears.

-Super Strength. Able to lift a few tons, able to pull or push far more.
-Super Agility.
-Super Reflexes. Combined with her heightened agility and her teacher position, she has gotten to the point where she can even snag would-be "teleporters" out of the air. Has been used several times to nab attempted skivers.
-Super Jumping. Think original-Superman style. "Able to leap the tallest buildings in a single bound."
-Ungodly Healing. Barring certain circumstances, able to heal injuries near instantly, and able to come back from incredibly fatal circumstances with no known limitations.
-Second-to-none Level of Knowledge in all things Western Mech, including the microsizing, repair, upkeep and programming of such. Even the Japanese Mech are within her purview.
-With said Western Mech knowledge, her technology is able to endure if not ignore the effects of the anti-anime field to a certain degree, be it the mega-sized or micro-sized mechs.
-Impressive Knowledge of hand-to-hand combat, with focuses on Boxing, Kick-Boxing, and a certain degree of martial arts.

-Still a little shy with people overall due to upbringing
-Healing has no KNOWN limitations. If there is a situation she would not be able to survive, she would have to guess beforehand.
-Nanites go haywire in the anti-anime fields, induced or natural. A short distance into the field causes the nanites to make the normal levels of headaches even worse, and causes severe overall body-ache. Normal powers persist. Being in close proximity to the center of the field can and will make them shut down entirely, meaning no nanite-granted abilities will be present. One removed from the field, no matter the distance traveled into it, the nanites will reactivate and repair any damages incurred in the interim.
-With the nanites having fused with her cells, Shiori is far denser than any normal person. As such, her weight is affected appropriately, and she incapable of swimming for more than a few seconds before density drags her down. Further, while in the middle of the anti-anime fields, the full....effects of her prodigious bust, hampered by the increased density AND the fact that the nanites chose those areas to congregate for their internalized production, become pronounced and very likely will incapacitate her until removed from the field. Her continued physical training in spite of her granted abilities helps mitigate this to a certain degree.
-Low knowledge of any arms higher than standard sized handguns. Can make a good guess as to how to use them, but overall too confident in her mech and hand-to-hand combat.
-All of her abilities, due to the Western influences inherent, are very much affected by physics. When she does her super jumps, the more powerful ones will leave craters both when she leaps and when she lands. If she punches too hard and fast, shock waves will be produced, and so forth. With her caring personality and training, this means she will likely hold back far more than most.
-Aside from her Kemonomimi heritage, has no magic in her system whatsoever.
-Very VERY VERY inexperienced with relationships.

-Lucius: Probably one of the few friends she has at the moment. Also her boss.

-Elsie: Beanpole of an MG, Shiori has noticed a fair bit of capability in the girl, provided Elsie can ever get out of that clumsy stage. And she has noticed that Elsie seems to know about her in a more...temporal sense. Keeps that observation to herself though.

-Kawasaki: Good student, although like Elsie a bit clumsy. Gonna be working with both of them to help with that problem.

-Yakashima: Another good student, though not too impressed with her continued energy-drink-concentrate ring.

-Miyu: Kinda protective over this student if just because she poofs into a fox when scared or startled. Gets frustrating when trying to teach though. Shiori helps keep Miyu's more embarrassing side effects from the changes from occurring.

-Ayano: Probably the best in her class, what with her natural non-magical talents. With what Shiori's heard her and others say, and seen her over-doing things, the teacher has been planning something special...

-Arella: Has had a little bit of contact with her, through Lucius, but not much at this time of writing.

-Skorpion: Helped her get the job, but since then kinda vanished. Still swears she catches glimpses of him though.

-Devin: Does well enough in class, but is constantly either having to separate him from her Spider Force, or him from Whisp. Partner strategies are for later in the curriculum.

-Whisp: Hard to get a good feel on her, but nice enough person at least. Consistently getting her off of Devin so she can focus better.
Speaking of, helping her focus those shin-kicks of hers into proper defenses.

-Katrina: Has not interacted much with her either, but always has the sneaking suspicion that Kat leers a bit, studying. Otherwise, Kat tends to behave herself.

-Tiffaney: Has spoken to the fellow teacher a few times, but not often. Tiffaney has seemed to avoid her a little ever since Shiori divulged the source of her abilities, to Shiori's confusion. Avoidance problem solved, and now looking to be fast good friends.


Known Sisters:
-Brittany, Head, supposed 24
-Jillian, unknown, age frozen at 16
-Tasha, Legs, cheetahgirl, SUPERHERO
-Olivia, Unknown, Unknown.

Author's note:
The forum has a no-kill-other-chars-without-permission thing, but given Shiori's personal abilities, I'd like to add that you CAN kinda kill her if the Plot requires it. My only concessions are:
1) Do Not cause enough damage to cause memory loss. That happens from both head/brain loss and body loss greater than 30% combined.
2) Do Not cause true death, obviously. That would require reducing her body mass to no piece bigger'll say .01% of her current body mass. I will adjust the percentage for power-level requirements later if need be.

She'll be able to heal just fine otherwise, so so long as she doesn't get hit by the Worf Effect, if it needs to happen, let it NATURALLY happen. If the first needs to happen, contact me. If the second, DEFINITELY contact me.