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"A looser definition of hoboism requires only: transience, moochery, troubles with local authorities, and a habit of spontaneous narration."

Character Type:
Wandering Sage/Eloquent Hobo

Things He Likes Quite a Bit:
People, traveling, local flavor

Things He Doesn’t Like so Much:
That feeling you get when you're about to sneeze but don't

Physical Description:
A man of moderate height and sturdy build, "Korosu" is, first and foremost, probably not his real name. He's not Japanese by any stretch but what he is remains up for debate. He has features that seem heavily European but skin and hair that come from what may be a strong Mid-Eastern or Indian heritage. In the end, wherever he goes, he looks the part of an exotic outsider. His general attire do not help his fitting in either: from his thick and drooping black beard (the few lines of grey hinting at his otherwise elusive age), to his motley assortment of clothes that he's picked up along the way, down to his commonly bare feet, he definitely tends to look the vagrant.

Despite his 'otherness' and generally ramshackle appearance, Korosu is a pleasant and talkative fellow. While his loud laughter may be off-putting at first, he generally tries to find a way to put people at ease. He does have a sincere and serious mind in him though and, despite his jovial tone, he generally means exactly what he says.

A people person, before anything else, but he carries numerous trinkets, tattoos, and baubles of magical nature. What he is capable of depends greatly on what nick-knacks he has on his person at the moment and what rituals he can remember off the top of his head. That said, most of them are practically mundane.

Korosu has (or will have) only just arrived in the city, making his way across the country in his usual meandering ways.

Fun Facts:
- He often bathes! Just wherever he can.
- He sometimes wears glasses! It makes him look intellectual.
- He rarely shaves! His beard is permanently attached to his face.