Post Wed May 18, 2016 12:19 pm

Megatoko: the Clans Omake Theater Presents!

A "What if...?" Scenario

On a roof top in Downtown Megatokyo...

The scene before us the deep twilight of approaching darkness. The street lamps flicker and iluminate casting both light and shadows. A lone individual stands at the corner on a roof top.

I never thought this would happen to me. I get it, most don't, but for me? It must be some kind of a joke.

The camera pans to show long blue hair and a pink ribbon fluttering in the wind, the individual remains in shadow.

I wasn't a student. I wasn't a teacher. Hell, I wasn't even a full time employee.

A billboard lights up, an advertisement for the local Anna Millers. The lights reflect on our mystery character, revealing a proper maid's outfit, in pink and a white, and a jewl incrusted handle.

I'm the part time janitor. But here I am. In this ridiculous outfit. Standing on this roof top. Waiting for those guys down there.

The woman leaps from the roof top, landing on one knee, arm outstretched, her's wand revealed to be a magical push-broom. Our hero declared her actions are for love and justice as she quite literally swept the first thug of his feet. The next one was informed how his evil doer ways are a blight on this poor city, one that she will scrub out as her broom transforms in to a mop and sent him to the floor, wet and smelling faintly of lavender. As the third and final thug reached for a knfe, he found him self raised off his feet and placed gently in a dumpster, which was then filled with all the trash and refuse littering the alley way via the power of our hero's broom turned mop turned vacuum cleaner.

In the presence of evil I am the Custodian of Compassion, Warrior Maid Temporary-Janitor-chan~!

The camera pans to watch out hero exit the alley way, a burst of light, song and implied nudity later, we see another blue haired woman walking down the street. She is dressed in boots, tight leather pants and tank top.

Otherwise I am Katrina Canto, and I really hate this bullshit.
DarTan: The Unspeakable Cook.
Katrina: Bitch, She Eats People
Mimi: Varying Shades of Gray and A Concerning Amount of Red.
Ahab: Hail, Huntsmaster.
Stone: His Rap Sheet Is Better Than Wrapping Papper.