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Primrose Callahan

Name: Primrose Callahan

Nicknames: Prim, Rosie

Character Type: Magical Girl

Affiliation: Cute Magical Girls of Yuki-sama

Age: 15

Birthday: April 12

Magical Girl Identity: Evenstar Princess

Theme Song: Ordinary Girl

Prim is very pretty, with apple green eyes, honey-gold hair, pale skin, a smattering of freckles across her nose, and a perfect little cupid's-bow mouth. She stands at a little over five feet, and has a slender (yet curvy) build; she very much hopes to grow a few more inches, but her uncle warns that her mother wasn't much taller.

She loves lipgloss, and is rarely seen without some on (preferably in pink, and sparkly); likewise, her nails are almost always painted, even if only with a clear gloss. Favourite colours to wear include pale pinks and purples. Prim also never wears high heels, in spite of being rather short, much preferring ballet flats or something similar.

-A cast-iron frying pan, adorned with pink and purple ribbons (kept in weaponspace)
-A croquet mallet, adorned with pink and purple ribbons (kept in weaponspace)

Special Abilities:
Prim has always been very intuitive about the moods of the people and animals around her, but now that her magical girl abilities have surfaced, she's a full-blown empath, able to sense (and even influence) the emotions of others. Tying into this is her affinity for animals, with whom she is able to communicate to an impressive degree - they will even follow her commands, though she's far more likely to make requests. Even without any communication, animals seem to be drawn to her, and trust her immediately.

In addition to being able to feel the emotions of others, Prim can also feel when they are in pain; her magical girl abilities allow her to not only absorb the pain of others, but also to heal their wounds - a type of magic that she has taken to instinctively.

Born in Cape Breton Island, Nova Scotia, Prim spent the first four years of her life in a charming little house overlooking the sea with her parents, until they were killed in a traffic collision and she was sent to live with her Uncle George in Toronto, Ontario. She remembers very little about her parents, but sometimes dreams about her mother holding her or singing her to sleep; her most prized possessions are the pearl earings, necklace, and ring she inherited from her mother, and a first-edition copy of Harper Lee's To Kill A Mockingbird that belonged to her father.

It was in Toronto that Prim met her best friend Charlie, and the two girls began taking Irish Stepdancing lessons together. Closer than sisters, it was also Charlie's mom who helped her through puberty and gave her the talks that her Uncle George couldn't (not to mention took the girls shopping).

Prim was 13 when her uncle was offered (and accepted) a job opportunity in Tokyo, and she doesn't begrudge him the move, though she does miss Charlie something awful. She picked up Japanese quickly enough, and was even able to make some new friends - that is, until she was revealed to be a magical girl.

In-Thread History:
See MttC Wiki.

Important Relationships:
Uncle George: Prim's uncle on her father's side, and her sole guardian and caretaker. George is a confirmed bachelor and dedicated to his work (which involves computers); it was for his job that they moved to Tokyo two years ago. He's at a bit of a loss as to how best to raise a teenaged girl, but he does his best and Prim loves him for it. Uncle George is also the only person allowed to call her Rosie.

Charlie: Charlotte was Prim's best friend back in Chicago, and they still keep in touch. They used to take Irish Stepdancing classes together.

Fun Facts:
-Her cellphone is a light shade of lavender/purple, and currently has Jordin Sparks' One Step At A Time as the ringtone.

-English is her first language, but she's picked up Japanese fairly well and has little trouble making herself understood.

-Prim has been doing Irish Stepdancing since she was five, and is quite talented.

-She has a lovely singing voice, and loves to play the piano (even if she isn't particularly good at it).

-She loves animals, and wants to be a veterinarian when she grows up.

-Prim is a devout Christian, and goes to church with her uncle every Sunday.

-She can't decide whether wisteria purple or carnation pink is her favourite colour.

Current Playlist:
See MttC Wiki.