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Fujishima Yuuta

Name: Fujishima Yuuta

Character Type: PC TPD Cop

Age: 24

Birthdate: December 10th, 1991

Appearance: 5'7'' (170 cm); short brown hair; 143 lb (65kg), blue eyes

--Fujishima wears the all blue uniform of a motorcycle officer of TPD. However, since transfer to Ueno district, he's been moved to the evening bycicle patrol.


-Pre-MTTC Yuuta grew up as a child in the fictional Boktou district Sumida Ward. He was inspired to become a police officer by several of the officers he knew and considered friends growing up.

-MTTC (work in progress) Instead of a position in Sumida Ward, Yuuta's first station was as a patrol officer in a district boarding the factions. Near the end of the Demon Invasion he was transferred to Ueno.

Unlike a lot of officers, his run-ins with magical girls, cat and fox people were rather calm, from speeding tickets to questioning them in search for information, he'd found ears and tails made you no less a person.


His tolerance of anime-like people keeps him held back in Ueno. When a car-chase went bad and trashed his motorbike, it was replaced with a bicycle. "We simply don't have the funding to replace your bike." Was the excuse he got.

Fun Facts:
Yuuta is actually several nods to the Anime and Manga You're Under Arrest or Taiho Shichau zo. He's actually named after one of the Kindergartners from the series (who would be 25ish in 2017) and his birth date is the air date of the first episode involving the kids.